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12:08 AM
Q: Can't Launch Freemind in Ubuntu 15.10 - Please Advise

LonniebizFor a long while I've had difficulty launching the program Freemind in Ubuntu 15.10: sudo apt-get install freemind Please take a look at the bug I submitted: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openjdk-7/+bug/1445598 I'm hoping that someone here can view the details linked above and sug...

Well, interesting day with coffee machines blowing up so I think I'll call it a night! Goodnight everyone! :)
goodnight @ParanoidPanda
12:27 AM
112 rep to go
Going well to 3k
Good job. Gaining rep was easier a few years ago.
Yes. Think about how many non-version specific questions are already answered. How many "duplicates" do we get a day that were valid question six months, a year, etc ago?
Eh, still plenty to choose from. And with 16.04 around the corner there should be new things to learn and answer
12:38 AM
You could always pick up a new language and start answering questions that are possible to achieve through those. Since I'm gonna be doing Python i hope to do more questions with that. Diversity in knowledge is always a good investment of time and effort
I don't have the time :(
I'm learning Arduino, but there aren't many questions about that
@seth @Fabby Hehe, off bu one letter in the name there. Ironically enough, Fedora 20 was the second distro I've ever tried.
@Zacharee1 there's a stackexchange site for that too. And you could go into electronics site , the microcontroller programming is on topic there
I know, but this is where I've built my rep, and I like it here :)
@Zacharee1 Not maybe, definitely. Look at anyone that has a massive rep spike. It happens around release dates for a reason.
12:46 AM
Well I'll hopefully be around
@Serg lol
ooo, this looks like a fun command:
ooh haha
can you copy it here? :P
@Mateo That your command-fu scope?
can't wait till I can pipe that into the phone terminal ;)
while true; do printf "\e[38;5;$(($(od -d -N 2 -A n /dev/urandom)%$(tput colors)))m.\e[0m"; done
12:55 AM
> set to highest brightness and tape to ceiling
@hbdgaf yep
Rebooting into Ubuntu to try...
Nice. It's even skinned to bring the feel of that website with it.
haha that's pretty cool
ooo, colorful lights, that is coool
took a bit of cpu ;)
12:58 AM
If you polled /dev/random I would guess it would take less CPU. I don't think you need cryptographically sound randomness for blinking lights.
@hbdgaf you have a point lol.
other news I need to learn to encode something in base64
well you're in luck
> matching/ssh/c3No - Search results for the query 'ssh' (note that the final segment is a base64-encoding of the search query) - commandlinefu.com/site/api
1:01 AM
@Mateo why?
@Mateo man base64 ftw!
the search takes the search query + the same query encoded
@Mateo I'm whelmed :p
guess it stops random searching - requires someone to program that in
@Seth improves upon a post on command-line-fu with minimal effort. feels accomplished or not
1:05 AM
@Seth hmmm, don't suppose you know that in c++ ? ;)
@Mateo ok can you explain to this slightly tired slavic dude what youre ttrying to do there ?
@hbdgaf nice, looks like that might do it - just have to smash it into my code somehow ;)
@Serg so, I'm making a ubuntu phone scope - and their search requires the search be encoded
the to and from both take QStrings, and it's cleanly separated into a forward declaration and a function. the hardest part will be includes and the .pro file mods
@Mateo Use QByteArray.toBase64();
1:09 AM
@Seth QBertArray* :p
bert o_O
the example provided in the Qt docs looks like this:
  QByteArray text("Qt is great!");
  text.toBase64();        // returns "UXQgaXMgZ3JlYXQh"
I haven't upgraded packages in Ubuntu for so long, I couldn't install Brackets :p
oo, that might be even easier
1:11 AM
Same thing. The extra lines are just the type conversion, because you probably already have the data as a QString
@Mateo and you're doing it in c++ exclusively ?
@Mateo What are you trying to do?
86 packages to upgrade...
well, they have qt stuff in there too, so that is cool
1:12 AM
@Zacharee1 Feel lucky. I'm re-doing my upgrade from Win7 to Win10 for the 3rd time...
oh my
@hbdgaf sounds fun and why?
102 rep to go
@Zacharee1 So I can give side by side comparisons of dual release games with frame rate/quality of gameplay on the exact same hardware.
@hbdgaf ah
[1 /var/lib/update-notifier/package-data-downloads/partial/adobe-flashplugi
uh oh
I just hit ctrl shift z
1:15 AM
@Mateo In Qt?
during apt-get upgrade
and something happened
Did I send the process to the background?
@Zacharee1 Yell, louder!
Now we know you are truly in peril.
1:16 AM
type fg
Throws lifejacket...
@Mateo Thanks!
I knew I had sent it to BG, bug I had no idea how to get it back
@NathanOsman don't take credit, @Mateo saved me :p
lifejacket hits @Zacharee1 in the head...
@Mateo blub blub blub
1:17 AM
he is now unconscious and sinking
@Zacharee1 lol , you stopped the job. Fg brings it to foreground, aka resumes. Bg resumes in background
@Serg Yurp
Sends out rescue boat.
Rescue boat hits iceberg...
@NathanOsman let's not take this where I think it's going
oh good
Stray blades from motor tag Zackaree like a Walrus looking for food
1:18 AM
I guess we both die in this case.
@hbdgaf and there it is...
Me in the boat, you because of my bad aim.
Hmmm, is there a signal to send a job to foreground ? Like kill -SIGSTOP
How do I upgrade the headers?
Boats don't have headers.
1:19 AM
@Serg Lemme check.
These: linux-generic linux-headers-generic linux-image-generic linux-signed-generic linux-signed-image-generic wine
@Serg SIGCONT, methinks.
Oo this is linux not windos, we don't yell at the screen
not in Windows
No rolleyes emoji for you
1:21 AM
I should just boot my laptop and see..... I'm so o o o lazy right now..... should be studying but . . . .lazy
@Mateo base64 can be done in Python too and seems like easily by tje way
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
thanks guys
Great. Now the chat's blocking me because I typed in caps
Isn't linux-headers the metapackage that just maps to the currently installed kernel? Seems like it was at one time, so you just had to install it once and leave it alone.
@hbdgaf it says those packages were held back from upgrade
so I did a dist-upgrade
@Zacharee1 and it's not the caps it's the percentage of the ongoing conversation
@hbdgaf Well then I guess I'll shut up for a while :p
Talk people, Talk
1:24 AM
@Serg it's allways easier in python ;P
I might even Consider getting a pet snake now
@Mateo You had a Qt question?
well, now I need to put a string into seth's code
Where is the code? Anything I can help with?
@TheBrownOne how do you pronounce badinage? The vocab book puts the accent on the last syllable, but that makes no sense
Just did an autoremove, which almost never goes well
1:27 AM
@NathanOsman sure
Let's see what happens
let me throw it into github
@Zacharee1 Those should in theory be harmless.
Tell that to someone who went through the multiarch transition running wine and wine64 instances in different wine prefixes ;)
Seems to have turned out fine
1:30 AM
Faint explosion was heard.
I really need that rolleyes emoji right now
no you don't :p
I am sooo about to pass out..... how do people have energy and stay focused and study and all that ?
@Serg Wish I could tell you
Can anyone please offer advise with this?
1:35 AM
Is there really no way to install the GNOME Software Center in 15.10?
@Olumide Just install without formatting, use a different username as the primary user, and your profile should stay in tact. Then you could probably (and I do mean probably) change the username in /etc/passwd and be fine for most things. Your group memberships will be wiped out though.
I highly suggest you make a backup first though.
^^ that too -- I did say probably
yes you did. So the install leaves everything under /home though? I've heard that it does but never needed to test.
Install without format should only overwrite, not purge. So, the different username should sort that bit. I'm operating on shoulds though - not known does.
People that cry that their ~/ was wiped probably installed with the same username...
1:38 AM
/home is preserved, at least in the times I have had to reinstall
even with the same username
Problem is, it doesn't always fix boot problems
Really? ?How did it handle the duplicate UIDs/name pairings?
I don't know. You can just do some weird in-place upgrade
It's also handy if you aren't on the latest version of Ubuntu, since you can just do an actual upgrade
I usually wipe everything, nothing preserved. Didn't even get the option in installer
On the linux side I always wipe or leapfrog LTS.
@Mateo ping me when you have it. Supper time now.
1:42 AM
Wait, if windows were linux, would XP and 10 be the LTSes? rimshot
@Zacharee1 but is that a working install upgrade or a bad install overwrite?
@hbdgaf XP and 7
the former should work fine since it shouldn't actually be re-installing the entire system, just updating system files.
@Seth I have only gotten it to repair boot once or twice. I usually have to resort to backing up and reinstalling completely
Q: Renamed home folder, now I can't log in

Borka D.I'm new to Ubuntu, and this is my first post on this site. I'm using Ubuntu 15.04. I was trying to change the name of my home folder. I right clicked the folder but the "Rename" option was grayed out. So I selected "Log in as administrator" (or something along those lines). Then I was able to r...

Serious misinformation there
@Zacharee1 you said it preserved your home when you upgraded. We're talking about a reinstall here and I think they operate differently. That's all.
1:46 AM
@Seth If you choose to replace Ubuntu, yes, but if you choose Something Else... and choose the drive Ubuntu is on, I don't remember it overwriting /home then
I honestly wouldn't suggest doing it though, since it doesn't end up helping anything
@Mateo @ParanoidPanda will be mad when he sees the non-Imgur link :p
I was not aware of that app's existence
we don't talk about that app.
Is it the IE of Ubuntu?
what happened to don't talk about it? :p
I guess you could call it the Edge of Ubuntu.
lol that sounds catchy now.
it's some leftover piece of unity 8 convergence that got pushed early, but doesn't exactly work.
@Seth but Edge is good...
what language are you speaking?!
1:53 AM
You can go up to 1.1billion colors on NVIDIA in Ubuntu...
@NathanOsman github.com/mateosalta/commandscope in src/client.cpp around line 61 - almost have it I think
@Seth Have you used it?
@Zacharee1 yes.
@Zacharee1 The ubuntu browser - based on oxideqt - based on chrome stuff
note the past tense in "used".
1:54 AM
@Zacharee1 make the window smaller and see what happens
@Mateo what?
A: Restore .bashrc to its default?

Banty KumarI was having the same trouble sometime before but I figured it out eventually.All you need to do is execute following command in terminal export PATH=/bin

Jan 7 at 2:56, by hbdgaf
Saw the funniest thing the other day... microsoft edge, the new fastest way to download chrome
because that's obviously how you restore your .bashrc to default.
@hbdgaf It really is fast, though
1:55 AM
@Mateo OK..?
Surprise!! It's the phone browser!! that is convergence for you
@Mateo So, a tweaked chromium with branding?
I broke Ubuntu again I think
I wish it was a little less breakable :p
1:58 AM
@Mateo what is the code trying to do?
@Zacharee1 It's even funnier when you read exclamation points out loud as "bangs"
user image
@Nathan , so I'm taking query(which is a string) - converting it to characters - then encoding that text in base64 - then it puts the encoded text back into a string a few lines down
@Mateo @NathanOsmanfok?
2:02 AM
ahhhhhhhhhh typos
^--- that should accomplish it
nice answer
You can stick that directly into line 71.
2:05 AM
idk what to say for this one: askubuntu.com/review/low-quality-posts/517884
Thank you @NathanOsman
@Zacharee1 recommended deletion with no explanation. i would call it a spam flag reading it.
Hey, an upvote
Patience, young grasshopper: askubuntu.com/review/first-posts/518106
@NathanOsman check the code now ;)
well, on to categories and stuff, this is going to be good
@NathanOsman are you going to attempt your own scope for the contest?
2:24 AM
I think so.
@hbdgaf Thanks. Sorry to be such a n00b but which option allows installation without formatting?
I'm going to try doing something for Drive.
Installing Unity 8 now...
Although... the emulator doesn't work properly on my system for some reason.
@Olumide "Try"
2:25 AM
@NathanOsman Ubuntu scrub :p
The Aero Snap arrow keys work on GNOME? Wow
worded something like "try ubuntu" or something like that
Or 15.10
the other option will say something like "install"
Long install
try ubuntu loads up a live desktop for you without partitioning the hd
2:26 AM
My answer had lots of probablies, so it's not an answer. It's how I think it should logically work. Listen to them, ^^ my mind is on something else.
@hbdgaf I somehow read "probabilities" as "questions"
I need sleep
just don't click on the install icon on the desktop after that ;)
the one on the left
with the cd-tray icon
@Zacharee1 probabilities != probablies
(if you got to that screen yet :/)
@hbdgaf ugh
2:30 AM
or if you just wish to see what a ubuntu desktop looks like put this in full screen: tour.ubuntu.com/en
Ubuntu GNOME has GNOME 2.x as well
But with the GNOME 3 Activities window built in
oh, just read back in the log...
@Olumide this is really helpful: help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCdRecovery
the "Update failure" section
@Mateo WHOA
uh oh
brightness controls are broken
almost wish they expanded on that a bit, and ran some live machines for that
wait, now they work
2:59 AM
so one of my relatives uses shared hosting for email. The hosting provider is now serving a certificate for another domain, that expired in October -.-
and when I visited the domain of the certificate it is serving it prints out the server's root directory with folders for 5-6 other sites.
fail is just written all over this one.
yay, my replacement has arrived :P
I left some flags for you @jokerdino ;)
2 hours later…
5:11 AM
@TheBrownOne Nice! The only tip I would offer is to lower the quality of the background image at the top since it is quite large and takes a few seconds to load.
@TheBrownOne nice site yo
spelling, Serg, spelling !
Only 243 points till I get the command line gold badge
which means, i need 243/10 = 24 upgoats
Which means, 1 per answer = 24 questions, 3 per answer = 8 questions . . . So . . .maybe i'll hit the mark some time next week or after the next
5:31 AM
@NathanOsman Sorry, I did all of my testing locally and didn't consider sizes D:
I made the image in Photoshop, too, so there's even a "save for web" option
7:08 AM
Ok, I have a class mainWindow (based on Gtk.Window) containing an instance-scoped button named button (based on Gtk.Button), which on click triggers a method defined in mainWindow called create_update_window; create_update_window initialize an instance-scoped instance of a class updateWindow (based on Gtk.Window) and then calls (in this order) its methods 1)show_all() 2)update() (which in turn runs pkexec).
For the life of me, I can't figure out why the the instance-scoped updateWindow is shown only after update() is run:
from gi.repository import Gtk
import subprocess

class updateWindow(Gtk.Window):

	def __init__(self):
		Gtk.Window.__init__(self, title = "Updating...")

		self.label = Gtk.Label()

	def update(self):
		self.label.set_text("Updating... Please wait.")
		subprocess.call(["/usr/bin/pkexec", "/usr/bin/apt-get", "update"])

class mainWindow(Gtk.Window):

	def __init__(self):
		Gtk.Window.__init__(self, title = "Updater")
7:46 AM
Q: Change user maildir to custom location upon creation of the user

Ruban SavvyI use Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS . How to change the location of the Mailbox /home/user/Maildir/ to /Location/Mail/? I dont have to create home directory for that user. I did some changes in the /etc/default/useradd file and /etc/login.defs but when I create a new user doesn't reflect(mail directory is ...

8:02 AM
Ok I got it. subprocess.call() for some reason replaces the window.... subprocess.Popen() works, although the execution proceeds and the label's text is replaced before subprocess.Popen() has finished.
@kos good job ! You're still playing with Tkinter ?
I have early builds of NitroShare 0.3.1 for Windows. x86 here | x86_64 here
^--- star plz :D
Goodnight everyone. I won't be back until tomorrow evening most, likely.
Starred aaaaand, i am also off to bed
@Serg Yeah, I'm starting figuring that out a bit. No, I switched to GTK as per Jacob Vlijm's suggestion
Goodnight both!
2 hours later…
10:18 AM
Can anyone log in Ubuntu One? login.launchpad.net/+login
I can't report the bug to launchpad because I can't log in...
11:04 AM
@Nathan: Is it best to build defensive towers on the inside or the outside of city walls?
11:43 AM
Hopefully this won't get buried under downvotes...
Q: Unable to initialize a window and wait for a process to end in Python 3 + GTK+ 3

kosI'm new to object-oriented programming, Python and GTK+3, though I have a decent knowledge of procedural programming (mainly C). I'm trying to build a simple Python + GTK+ 3 script to run pkexec apt-get update under Linux. I have a mainWindow class (based on a Gtk.Window class) which contains a...

Hopefully it's not too trivial to be asked on SO.
@JacobVlijm ^^ Maybe you want to have a look at this?
Q: Create a daemon to be started with XServer

JackzzI am working in Ubuntu 14.04. I need to create a daemon that will start when XServer is launched and waits for certain commands from another daemon after display manager is up. Up on receiving the command it should execute an application. So my questions are: How can I start the daemon soon aft...

12:16 PM
OMG. Give me a break already.
hands over a break
lol. These dumb spammers..
But I ate it all so there is no more! :(
Can someone email me some?
12:29 PM
Q: How can I write a review for an item on iTunes on Ubuntu?

orschiroI would like to leave a review for a podcast on iTunes. However, I don't have any Apple device, nor access to the iTunes software. Is there any other solution to leave a review for an item on iTunes from a Ubuntu system?

seems a weird q :P
12:40 PM
so... nobody have problems with Ubuntu One?
12:52 PM
@Braiam Works for me
Wasn't that service discontinued quite a while ago?
Why is this getting downvotes? :(
@ParanoidPanda No, the login service remains
Oh yes, that one, I thought you meant the backup.
Actually, why did they discontinue that?
12:59 PM
Hello :)
And when is Firefox 44 going to be in the repositories because I got an email to say it was accepted but it's not there... :(
@cl-netbox: Hi! \o :)

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