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12:15 AM
Downloaded 34GB so far... soooo close :|
aaaaannnnddd done.
1:03 AM
well that took nearly 10 minutes longer than it should on a 24 MB/s line... I wonder what the rest of your bandwidth went to :)
@TildalWave Had to stop downloading to write to disk
Ain't got enough SSD space to just be writing all of my 40GB games to
1:49 AM
You loony chickens. That stupid Bieber comment is now at almost 250 upvotes, currently the 3rd highest comment on the site. Screw y'all.
2 hours later…
3:28 AM
@AviD Best comment on the site.
@AviD there's an israeli colleague here from Tel Aviv
3:56 AM
@LucasKauffman There's a white person next door
@MarkBuffalo you racist bastard, it's "Euro caucasian"
@LucasKauffman Sorry. There's a Saltine-European next door.
1 hour later…
5:06 AM
4 hours later…
8:57 AM
@MarkBuffalo Since you were last seen a minute ago I got a question you might be able to answer ;P
I'm asking a question about security questions + I can't find an applicable tag for it
Other questions that ask about security questions are tagged "passwords" which seems odd because security questions aren't passwords..?
@MarkBuffalo The more I watch that the more I think its fake
@DavidFreitag OMG. I was about to ask a Skeptics question about it!
I actually asked in their chat if it was OK because it's not a very wide spread gif / image / whatever..
@Insane OYG
ok... well that concludes an 8 hour session of JC3...
@Insane security questions are passwords. Very bad passwords.
9:10 AM
Got it. Will tag
Password = something only you knows
Security question = something only you, and your family, and your friends, and anyone who's seen your Facebook profile, knows
the more general tag is
Time for a shower and a quick kip before work
Ah alright I'll do both
@Insane Authentication = are you who you claim to be? Authorization = ok, I know who you are, but are you actually supposed to have access to this?
9:12 AM
Creating the new tag 'password' requires at least 300 reputation. Try something from the existing tags list instead.
To do list: make password a synonym tag
@Insane it's spelled
Yeah I noticed
I just mistyped
Q: Is a security question you just have to 'remember' a good idea?

InsaneI was setting my eBay security questions and one of the choices were: Now I've seen sites that allow you to "type your own question" and "type your own answer" but unless they forgot a text field, this seems like a bad idea! Not only would you need to remember "your own phrase" you would also...

3 hours later…
11:59 AM
I referenced @AviD's rule...
A: Two passwords for one account

MatthewNot really. It's essentially one password, with a press of the return key as one character. It adds complexity to the log in process, which isn't generally a good thing (users would probably choose one good password, and one quick to type password). Don't forget @AviD's rule: "Security at the ex...

12:32 PM
o no not all of you
@Matthew Downvoted.
Q: Can one or two emoticons be used in a PhD Thesis?

GabrielI have a very dumb :-) question: Are emoticons (if rarely placed - one or two times) in a PhD thesis considered unorthodox? I have an introduction where I give an apt example and appended some small footnote where I make fun of the author (that's me) and I was so laughing when writing this I al...

12:59 PM
@Simon will he blow someone during the defense?
I meant that if people work on such lame theses they have questions like these, it probably doesn't matter what's in them and it's everything about the presentation
at which point blowing someone (during thesis defense) might help
sometimes I get the impression that we expect of people to have long years of formal education just because we haven't a clue how else to keep them busy without doing too much damage
1:16 PM
@TildalWave employers like an easy way out of the hard problem of actually working out whether prospective employees will be any good, so substitute an easily checked benchmark (qualifications) for good interviewing
well that and the need ways to filter out candidates easily at an early stage where they have too many of them
@RоryMcCune Maybe workplaces should adopt Ninja Warrior style elimination rounds. Start with 100 people, expecting about 75 of them to fall at the first obstacle, 20 more to fail somewhere before the end of the course, and then only having to pay attention to about 5...
@Matthew yeah that might be fairer :)
@RоryMcCune that only tells me that the rest of their company is just as BS as their interviewing
@Matthew sounds like an episode of Taskishi's Castle
1:22 PM
@TildalWave exactly :)
we're actually seeing some companies wake up from this and remove/lessen degree requirements for jobs that don't require it
and of course in an industry with more demand than candidates (cough cough, pentesting cough) there's none of that
I'm personally an in-house training advocate
formal education is basically only as good as I can be assured that a candidate will to some extent know (or know how to pretend to know) what I'm talking about
@TildalWave yeah it's easier to hire for keenness/aptitude and train specific skills, definitely $employer is down that line as they've got a wide range of internal training courses
@TildalWave I remember when I started as an accountant (many years ago) we were basically taught auditing from scratch as the degree had only covered it quickly in first year
which is ironic as that's what most professional accountants spend their time doing
You're a spend their time doing.
really accountancy degrees should be "here's a load of sets of books which are missing/crap/dodgy in a variety of ways, lets get them to final P&L/Balance sheet"
@Simon that's a low level of coherence, even from you :op
beep boop
1:28 PM
The problem with degrees in fast moving fields is that the knowledge provided is out of date
Often massively out of date, since it has to go through lots of levels of assessment before being taught
@Matthew yeah I feel really sorry for the people trying to run technical IT Security courses
I feel sorry for teachers in general.
@Matthew Some organizations do have such an interviewing process. See the U.S. Navy SEALs BUD/S course for one example, or SAS's selection for another.
@RоryMcCune I think the general approach should be to teach self-study techniques, judgement indicators and so on. Much harder to examine though
1:39 PM
@RоryMcCune I'm happy with most everything I learned, save the bits about pension plan accounting and budgetary accounting.
Pension plan accounting is pure evil, and if I never see another encumbrance again, I won't be disappointed.
oh I'm happy with most of what I learned too, what I'm trying to avoid tho is to pretend that such knowledge can only be acquired through formal education or that it actually matters... most often, beyond meeting some arbitrary qualification requirements requested by those that don't even know anything about the position they're hiring to fill, it doesn't
and if I see requirements that go beyond those needed to qualify for an astronaut candidate (e.g. usajobs.gov/GetJob/ViewDetails/423817000), I just laugh it off and move on
and what really annoys me are those job offers where there's a long list of requirements and nearly nothing is said on what's actually offered to those that would/could qualify
@Insane That was probably my daughter
I was sleepng
@TildalWave Ah, yes, I totally agree.
@DavidFreitag Yeah, I think it's fake. Either way, it's awesome.
@Matthew Man, IT is no joke
@Matthew And it's even worse in colleges. MOst courses are 10+ years out of date
@MarkBuffalo Yeah - I'm also a bit dubious about the need for specific qualifications post-formal education. Either they have to reflect current practice, or you get people whose knowledge is outdated
2:09 PM
the two jobs in infosec i've gotten have been like "who gives a fuck about qualifications, we're training your ass anyway"
Teachers in general aren't really qualified to be teaching programming courses
Does anyone have any experience with Unity (the gaming development tool)
@Simon A little. What's up?
@MarkBuffalo You probably spent 10 hours on the damn thing. Anyone else?
fkin rekt
"can i have help? LOL NOOB."
great plan
2:13 PM
@Simon I wrote a fully-functional game ;o
in 8 hours, not 10
I'm just wondering if it's the right path to start gaming dev, if the learning curve is okay and how straight-forward the multi-platforming is.
@Simon i think scratch is more your level
o pls
@Ohnana I was going to suggest an Etch-A-Sketch
Don't make me rek all of you.
2:16 PM
those things are actually kinda hard
They're good to teach the programming logic, yes.
Morning all
@Simon No, I think the right path is learning about XYZ coordinates, velocity, etc
@Simon The ability to draw a shape on the screen, along with moving the shapes, etc., is the best way to start. You need sold fundamentals before you can really get into it.
Once you have those fundamentals down, you can start developing using any language and framework. If you just pick it up right away, you're going to be overwhelmed and not know what to do
I'd use the tool to draw those things, I'm not going back to using the OpenGL library in C++.
Well, alright. I'm using OpenGL and Java
And I can easily port these concepts to other languages
2:25 PM
Wow, you must attempt to kill yourself daily.
No, I enjoy it
Keep in mind, you can be a game developer without knowing 3D programming
I'm not suicidal enough to start with 3D.
There are lots of different things to code
But without 3D/2D drawing abilities, unless you're using a framework that handles this for you automatically, you're screwed
@Simon Moving from PHP to C++? Putting on the big boy pants are we?
@TerryChia lolno, Unity uses either JS or C# and you can be sure that I'd pick C#.
2:29 PM
@Simon But how can you write a webscale game without using JS?!
@TerryChia lulz
@TerryChia /slap
bad chia
I miss C#, it's a fun language.
@Simon Not as fun as JS! Those callbacks make code look lovely.
@TerryChia Watch this, 15 seconds in and there's already some JS bullshit with class being hidden or whatevs: unity3d.com/learn/tutorials/modules/beginner/scripting/…
2:32 PM
function retort(function(){ "But callbacks are fun" }, function() { "Yeah, callbacks are evil" });
@Simon I hope you realize I wasn't being serious.
I know you mong, I'm just showing you how the JS structure is lame.
I know how much of a fan of node.js you are.
Javascript isn't lame, it's just that you don't know how to use it :((((((((
@Simon pls what do you thin Torry is ... a #Fogey ? he's moved on from Node.JS by now
Q: Why are four-legged chairs so common?

KarnivaurusFour-legged chairs are by far the most common form of chair. However, only three legs are necessary to maintain stability whilst sitting on the chair. If the chair were to tilt, then with both a four-legged and three-legged chair, there is only one direction in which the chair can tilt whilst ret...

2:34 PM
@RоryMcCune Really? Is there something cooler than node.js now?
@Simon yeah Golang!
or Kotlin
@Ohnana The answer was excellent though.
@RоryMcCune more like "golang-kill-yourself"
@RоryMcCune Yeah but it's not based-off JS so it's not that easy to mock.
@MarkBuffalo no JavaScript is lame, Something that Netscape came up with as a hack 20 years ago that was never designed for it's current Use case
2:37 PM
@Ohnana 3 leg chair with very splayed legs is ultra stable! As is one leg chair where leg is full size of chair, or even bigger...
@Matthew that would be convincing if i had never sat on a three legged chair
if you twist you upper body, your head smashes into the ground
@RоryMcCune Alright, you win. Javascript is incredibly lame
@RоryMcCune I dread WebAssembly, though. That will be even worse
@RоryMcCune I'm into TrumpScript now.
@Ohnana lmfao
2:39 PM
@MarkBuffalo oh yeah it's going to suck big time
@RоryMcCune I for one welcome all the new hacks
@Ohnana I was thinking of something like: 1.bp.blogspot.com/_3_tLQcLemOU/TUBzy8_jT6I/AAAAAAAABQ0/…
@MarkBuffalo WebAssembly + HTTP/2.0 is going to make diagnostics/testing a load harder till all the toolchains catch up
@Matthew hmm. that could work
@RоryMcCune Yeah, but it'll be a glorious day of hacking. This will be remembered as the last day of the republic.
2:46 PM
@MarkBuffalo we're gonna sit around with the youngins and reminisce over stupidity
it might take a while though....
@Ohnana I'm still laughing at that book cover
@Matthew That looks comfortable. I lied.
@MarkBuffalo the author "with his therapist"
2:52 PM
@kalina watcha'
Look how much of a superhero I am:
Q: Spam censored - waiting for deletion

reborn cakeSpam censored, waiting for deletion.

@Simon I'm so tempted to upvote that and mark it ideal for reopening following editing. I'm not that annoying though
@Simon lmao someone yelled at you
Yeah fuck him.
It's already deleted, my edit made it very hard to see!!!
Fucking dumbass, I'm actually getting rid of the link in case someone is too dumb and clicks on it.
3:01 PM
oww missed it :(
Q: Cannot figure Hydra out

Admin666I have a question. Iv'e been reading on a lot of forums to fix my problem(s) but no forum gives me the right answers or I'm doing it wrong. I know this is a bit of a weird site to do this but i need to start somewhere. Also I never did get a good password by using a cracking program like Hydra, ...

plz VTC -> break specific security
@Simon you could just replace the link with [snip]
I really don't see the point of not getting rid of everything.
@Ohnana VTC'd
loooooool Markus has 27 helpful flags.
lmfao @ trying to attack the minecraft website and asking us to help him
@Simon welllllllllllllll, let's see here
3:06 PM
I occasionally hit the top
and if I see something that interests me, I look at it
I rarely respond
I bet you're more active on the site than I am
kalinuh pls
@kalina pls you're combining sunning yourself on a beach and duff duff duff'ing it in clubs, both activities likely more interesting than scanning the questions on Sec.SE
hey @TerryChia @AviD have I just found you a list of #Hipster-Langs to go read! fll.presidentbeef.com
3:22 PM
@RоryMcCune "Earl Grey Little language that compiles to JavaScript."
For fucks sake.
@Simon it's artisanal!
@RоryMcCune I've caught one hell of a cold as well
feel like I'm 90% dead already
@kalina That's what you get for laughing at my manly cold.
@kalina ugh! see that's what comes from being near people
I've gotta go through Heathrow tomorrow and Wednesday
so I'll likely get a cold too :(
3:24 PM
proper muscular aches and pains
@RоryMcCune Yeah you can't even stick your willy into people without getting rekt these days.
I slept like 18 hours of the last 24 hours
@kalina That's probably flu then.
but not for more than 90 minutes at a time
so I feel like I've had no sleep at all
ugh :(
3:29 PM
@Ohnana You jest, but I remember about 15 years ago, some crazy x86 developer wrote a .NET compiler for x86, so that he could build ASP.NET websites using assembly. And then he did build his personal website using only that.
@Xander Who on earth would hate himself that much to be doing this?
said the php developer
1- I'm not a PHP developer, I'm a software developer.
2- You wanna wrestle?
3- Actually nevermind, I don't want your bacteria.
@kalina :( Colds suck. Hope you get better soon.
Shut up Markus, you're married.
3:38 PM
@Xander That's hilarious
@Simon Wishing someone well = flirting?! You must be even more of a special donutflake than I thought.
Only if it's done by you.
@Simon Remind me not to wish you well. I wouldn't want you making any advances.
Also, I didn't say anything about flirting, it looks like you know what you're doing though.
fkin rekt
@Simon It was implied. fknginginging recktedlrf
Sure, tell that to the judge.
3:41 PM
@Simon I used to eat deodorant as a kid just like you
soz I was too busy with my lego to do dumb shit.
I loved legos
Still do...
Wow you really are a nurd.
ok, afk for a while
important things
@Simon so much goo
3:44 PM
my face is leaking :(
So what you're saying is that now's not the time for make-up.
well I hardly paint my face anyway
im currently sucking on a nebulizer treatment right now
i feel ya dude
@kalina Well done on not being a basic one.
3:46 PM
@Xander well fuck that
yeah, a small minority of the men in the world will call you a bitch for wearing makeup and the rest will call you out for lack of effort by not making yourself look as presentable as possible for them
Some make-up is fine but if you've got 12 inches on and aren't comfortable of leaving your house without the said make-up on your face then yes, you're a basic one.
12 inches of makeup...
4:07 PM
@kalina I'd just look down to their crotch area and say ditto
Also, why would women be into men that are too much into makeup? They're obviously not into women, so you're kinda wasting your time, no?
I am not a fan of makeup
You can't see the real person
Halloween must suck for you then
Not a fan of Halloween either.
you can't see a real person by looking nearly as much as with listening anyway
makeup or not
This is true.
My wife is like @kalina she doesn't use makeup very often either. Only when we go out to a nice restaurant or a show or something.
4:17 PM
My wife doesn't wear makeup at all. I prefer it that way anyway
Makeup is fake anyway. I mean, if you wanna wear it, go ahead. It just isn't my thing
Or my wife's thing, thankfully. Lol
@MarkBuffalo here here.
oh no, I use makeup
just... minimal amounts
Yeah, I've seen girls apply makeup at 70 mph
In the mirror.
Just... no.
Several different girls. Not just a one time thing.
next level multitasking
@kalina Can you believe it that these 2 donuts found someone to marry?
4:23 PM
@Simon I'm surprised you haven't. If two neckbeard fedoras can do it, so can you.
Afternoon @kalina
There's absolutely no rush to get married.
basically proof that there are people who vote on the person not the post
@RoryAlsop o/
@Simon just because I'm a complete failure on the relationship front doesn't mean that others have to be
@kalina Oh come on.
relationship status: single
4:26 PM
Flu sucks, but sun and music rock - hmmm does karma work that way? Hope you better quickly
You have a FB account?
@kalina have an up vote, just for fairness :-)
The flu is one of these things that people think they get..until they really get it...then they know they have never had it before. The one time I've really had the flu I legit thought I may die...it was so bad that part of me actually wanted to just die to be put out my misery.
@TheJulyPlot Did you ever get the flu in July?
Had various things. My graded scale from best to worst is: Mumps (actually vaguely fun), Measles (boring), Flu (awful), Tonsilitis (pain for 17 months - really not fun), Labyrinthitis (what the hell is broken inside my head?)
4:31 PM
I have no tonsils
...maybe...not sure.
this on a scale of 1 to the worst I've experienced is about a 6
Tonsillitis is the worst thing evar.
more bothered about the sneezing making my ears ring
that and my lower back feels like it's made out of jello
I have no tonsils any more - tonsillectomy = best operation ever. Woke up pain free!
4:32 PM
@kalina Is it the "future back problem" kicking in?
Plus, cute nurses and morphine!
@Simon pls
@RoryAlsop everytime im at the hospital the nurses are always rude and hairy...
Pick better hospitals
4:34 PM
... hairy?
Or take more morphine, maybe...
oh and I hate dentists
I already knew I hated dentists but I'd avoided them for long enough that I forgot how much I hate being at the dentists
Morphine could be a good call..i've never heard of anything bad happen to anyone that has attempted to solve problems with hard drugs.
no, me either
Choose cuter dentists, @kalina - my dentist is lovely. With a soft Irish lilt...
4:36 PM
@kalina When your own donut is the dentist, it makes it fun.
Well, I'm sure it is pethidine they gave me
@RoryAlsop cuteness doesn't factor into it when they're applying suction to a nerve
@kalina ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
you're such a pervert
4:38 PM
I find a bit of happiness works wonders in that exact scenario. Drilling and filling can be almost ignored when enough endorphins kick in
he injected me with enough stuff that I could barely speak
still felt all of the pain
Then he didn't inject enough.
It's supposed to be painless when he's doing his shit properly.
I wasn't in a state to drive! I had to sit in the carpark for an hour
poking the side of my face
because for some reason that's irresistible when you're smashed
I think I use endorphins because even the max amount of painkiller I am allowed doesn't kill pain enough (I noticed when I had to have various operations involving toenail removal and cauterisations etc)
Does no one else kinda hate it when medical staff at the med centre or dentist are kinda hot...and your there looking all weak and need of help?
4:40 PM
@kalina + biting your lips
No. It's just fine. I can flirt while looking weak @TheJulyPlot
@Simon - and drinking
@RoryAlsop You sneaky little roro.
@TheJulyPlot big watery eyes seize control of even the most taken man
@RoryAlsop See there is the problem....I cant flirt.
Sure you can. You just need to practice
4:42 PM
I don't flirt. I just told my wife to go get the marriage license, and she did.
nurd alert
Flirting does not need to conflict with marriage in any way
Yes, she doesn't need to know, am I right?
Life's better with a bit of flirting
That's just not funny.
4:43 PM
@Simon - lol. Why would I not tell her?
It was for 0.01 seconds
Markus is back at his old habit.
Especially if it was a good flirt
@RoryAlsop loooool I agree
Everyone in this room except me is polygonal wtf
4:45 PM
Are you square?
Oh, hang on, that's still a polygon
Yep, and I fit into round holes
did you mean polyamoros
Yes, but "polygonal" sounds funnier than "reprobate."
Did you mean polymong?
4:46 PM
@kalina polyamoros
i know some of them....personally think they are really just into attention more than anything else.
@MarkBuffalo a lot of principles are required in order to successfully pull off multiple concurrent relationships
Weird - just got my highest scoring meta answer ever today. By accident.
A: Moderator Suspension Guidelines: Is the increasing suspension time policy doing more harm than good?

Rory AlsopI would look at suspensions not so much as a punishment for the person who is breaking rules, but as a way to protect the rest of the community from that person's behaviour. The first suspension a user gets is not just for doing one thing wrong - they already have a history before mods suspend. ...

@kalina Parallel fornication isn't really my thing, tempting as it may be.
Basically by being the bad guy (a bit)
4:48 PM
That's because you are not polygonal. Rectangles have 2 pairs of parallel sides, @Mark
This dentist has made me wait for thirty minutes so far
But then hexagons have 3 pairs, so I wonder what that means
@TheJulyPlot that's a bit rude. relationships are the epitome of attention seeking to start with, so you may be a bit biased
@MarkBuffalo Just request an extra toy when you're done.
I knew this beta male that was into polyamory, and he'd come home to his wife in the garage with five rich guys from Wall Street while he was chopping onions in the kitchen like an asshole
4:51 PM
What is a beta male?
Just not my thing
@RoryAlsop Not an alpha
What his name? Where does he live? What does his wife look like?
Does he own a chicken? If so, does he know why it crossed the road?
oh dear god can we not bathe in the toxic masculinity of "beta male" thought
pls marky
4:52 PM
Not sure I understand. But probably don't need to
Moral of the story is, if you don't keep your woman in line, five rich guys from wall Street will show up at your house with rolexes and do it for you.
@Ohnana No, no, no. You're not gonna blame the whole chat for Markus' doings.
@Ohnana lol
ty ohnuhnuh
it's like looking into the sun while a dog bites your feet off
4:54 PM
Do your thing, and I'll do mine. I don't want to be sitting on a rocking chair, crying and eating ice cream, while Wall Street does my job for me.
this is the phenomenon known as "bad poly"
@MarkBuffalo "if you don't keep your woman in line..."
He did say that.
@MarkBuffalo On plus side....ice cream and a rocking chair.
symptoms include drama-llamas, not talking to people, and crying that your partner is everyone's favorite
4:55 PM
@kalina I'm joking. Going to the extremes to be funny
I hate llamas, they're not as cool as camels /cc: @LucasKauffman
@MarkBuffalo the /s would be helpful
the internet is a weird place dawg
@Ohnana If I say something completely off the wall, assume joking
@Ohnana Thing is, he'd much rather add the /s afterwards when he realized that what he said was bad.
It makes his life much easier.
well, on that note
bye again o/
4:57 PM
@MarkBuffalo Like the whole gun argument that pissed the whole chat off?
@kalina o/ feel better

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