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12:01 AM
@MarkBuffalo kids = dicks
passes the bear spray
takes the spray slowly
goes for popcorn
leaves the chat and tries to not come back until tomorrow morning
12:08 AM
Remember, bear spray ATTRACTS bears if not used as directed
@JourneymanGeek in @Simon's case that could a good or bad thing ;P
LOL @DavidFreitag
@JukEboX you mean bat-bear-repellent
@AviD it's man-bear-pig replelent
12:10 AM
lol, MBP
I haven't seen an episode of South Park in foreeeeeever
huh. The internet has had it wrong all those years.
@AviD Proof that Rayne & Issa were meant to be:
wow that is oldschool. baaad art. Dont think I was reading it way back then.
@Iszi or proof that not.
And see, this is classic setup for a couple that'll eventually get married. Just like TBBT.
hey hey, no spoilers - I'm a couple seasons behind on TBBT
12:16 AM
Found the first appearance of SFAB girl. Looks like she started off in red.
Can't believe this is the first strip by Lar.
Heh. First comic by Lar, and the next streak is with a different guy. Totally forgot about that.
12:33 AM
shit the art's changed a LOT
> plus a trusted source to prove
@DavidFreitag idfk, they're just butmad
@Iszi No way, that's definitely not "meant to be"
1:15 AM
@Ohnana hammered
both the asker (apparently), and the question
also can you do footnotes on SE?
i'm trying to markdown and it's not working
@Ohnana nah dont try injecting footers. Just leave snarky comments instead.
Also, I really shouldnt be modding after 2am.
no pls
i want a footnote
dya think it was too harsh?
actually I'm worried now about making snarky comments, y'all might decide to upvote it into the stratosphere.
beiberhate standing at just under 275. I am bemused.
what was too harsh?
1:26 AM
my comment there
btw, that was a solid edit.
you were golden until the last phrase
then it was hilarious
yeah, that was a very fun edit
it appeased my inner anarchist
I've noticed that lately I've been having less patience for the aggressively stupid and arrogantly clueless.
innocent mistakes, legitimate lack of knowledge, a want to learn - sure, I'll take all the time necessary to help you get it right. refusing to learn, and insisting on crap you made up? I'll tear your door off its hinges and make damn sure it hits your ass on the way out.
maybe you should step back a bit
o lawd
1:30 AM
@Ohnana hehe. "DO NOT EDIT THIS!" > edited
@Ohnana twice as much as @Simon?
@AviD lol no we're pretty even
shhhh don't unstar that
@Ohnana You appear to be having a... vowel movement.
1:32 AM
i was hoping it was your kid
@MarkBuffalo hctibelttil?
no, I'm sitting here coding. trying to figure out a problem I'm having with coordinate positioning on a 2d plane
and it's difficult because I am toopid
Q: What else can I do to protect my accounts?

iProgramI am trying to make sure all my accounts are secure from unauthorised access and have turned on all security measures that I can find to make sure my stuff is protected. Here is what I have in place: Unique password for every site (takes 6 billion years to crack) using MasterPassword since it ...

this is advanced tinfoil
@MarkBuffalo ymean torpoid
@Ohnana man, I don't even protect most of my stuff. I just don't care. I only tinfoil at work because of competitors, hackers, etc
face detection... sigh
I actually have nothing to protect at home, kek
1:37 AM
the only thing i protect is my brand
well, my name
if it's on the internets, i do not care if you know it
I'm pretty happy. Figured out a large portion of game development in just a couple days
Q: why don't OSes offer secure file erase/wipe

My1inspirated from here: Why didn't OSes securely delete files right from the beginning? And why do they still not do this? the point that seems to be taken there is why it is not the default, but the more important question is why it isnt even offered in the first place? I mean it make sense that...

oh god that question had babies
#KickPuppies #DrinkDrano #UseLinux https://t.co/qvDCQLEbev
1:47 AM
one of those hashtags does not belong
2:03 AM
Shit, forgot I made tea and now its cold :[
Also, yes it was Oglaf. Thanks @Ohnana
sigh. not enough time in the day
Dude did Dwight just kill Angela's cat
Well, at the very least he put her cat in her refrigerator
In his defense, though, it was dead.
Yep, he totally killed her cat.
@MarkBuffalo use the night
> Is there a god? If not then what are all these churches are for?
2:18 AM
@Ohnana I can't be bothered about your questions. I'm still busy having conniption fits about that stupid "Explain Security to Employer" question.
@AviD That was awesome.
Dwight totally killed her cat. Man this show is messed up.
BYOD is ass
@MarkBuffalo Bring your own marital aid?
bring your own device
Aw, that's less fun
2:30 AM
it really depends on your environment
Well unless by "device" you mean marital aid.
but people bringing an infected device into a corporate network make me want to jump off a cliff
@DavidFreitag microwave
@Xander :(
@Ohnana Eh, I just poured it out and made a new one
2:37 AM
@Ohnana Well I do have an appliance that keeps 5L of water up to temperature it only seemed right to use it
fair enough
@DavidFreitag Has turned into a foodie
@MarkBuffalo Water has nothing to do with food?
Also, I've had it for the better part of a year.
water is needed to correctly parse food particulate matter in your pouch
I'll give you a pouch
2:40 AM
@DavidFreitag Is that a europenism?
Anyone want to beta test my game, and maybe laugh at me, etc?
@MarkBuffalo Sure!
great. I'm going to keep improving the game as much as I can
before releasing it for beta
Step 1: Put the code on BitBucket
Step 2: Make a release
Step 3: Testing process begins
yeah, I'll do that in a bit, actually
tomorrow probably. I gotta sleep soon since I have work tomorrow
I've heard that one before :D
2:54 AM
and I want to work early so I can come home early
I know :(
You really should just make an ssh key for me
@Ohnana At first glance I did not think that was a pen.
Also, marketing "tactical" things is stupid.
i mean, they just taped a glass-breaker onto a pen
@Ohnana I don't want to hear about your peen.
2:56 AM
@DavidFreitag For BitBucket?
@MarkBuffalo To your dev machine so I can make repositories for you
give me some manuals, I have not done this before
how does i google
@Ohnana That ^^. Except @MarkBuffalo uses winders.
2:58 AM
@Ohnana currently coding, actually. :p
I just wrote a collision detection engine of sorts
@MarkBuffalo cough nurd cough
can anyone listen to this and tell me if it's a single "boing"?
@MarkBuffalo is one
3:04 AM
Perhaps, as a deaf person, you shouldn't be selecting sound effects?
I'm going to randomize the sounds
@DavidFreitag Exactly... select some for me.
@MarkBuffalo It's kinda hard to do that if... I don't have the game.
1) Jump
2) Die. Crying is fine.
3) Hit "coin"
choose some on that page :b
Or instead of #3 being a coin, more like a ping. you hit a goal. only goals happen every 3 to 0.1 seconds
Yeah that boing is definitely not a jump sound
3:08 AM
That one is good for a jump ^
pump shotgun? rofl
Ooh this is a good one for a chase scene soundbible.com/2056-Missile-Alert.html
3:35 AM
LOL ok that's just some dude humming
does it sound kinda like a lightsaber humming?
yeah sounds like some dude humming
I'm taking this for the goal thing
no dude it's terrible
alright lol
pick a good one
3:58 AM
@AviD mine
4:12 AM
If siri on my phone suddenly turns itself on, should I start panicking?
My phone was on the floor, I walked pass it & the next thing I know, siri is turned on
I am sure my toes didn't touch the phone
@TelkittytheWebDeveloper The National Security Agency is spying on you.
they are spying on everyone, thank you
you're welcome, I'm here all week
if you ever need to know the NSA is spying on you, let me know. I will remind you
@MarkBuffalo Are you? That's a shame
@DavidFreitag you're internet hurting me
4:21 AM
@MarkBuffalo You're physically hurting me
4 hours later…
9:20 AM
Damn you Kropotkin!
I want to watch that now - but work...
@RoryAlsop yeah if you watched that at work you would be in a zone..... of danger
Hahahaha - yeah
Dammit, Jim. Just read the rules and no Stackoverflowy or ServerFaultish Q's allowed. But at least there's Archer, yay. ;) Haha
9:51 AM
@TelkittytheWebDeveloper Did you say "Hey, Siri"? Or cough in a way which could be interpreted as "Hey, Siri"? Or rub against the floor in a vaguely "Hey, Siri" type way? Siri will take any of those as an indication to wake up, in my experience. Or if someone on TV or radio talks about cirrus clouds. Or a serious incident. Or a circus. Or Isis. Siri is not overly concerned with accuracy of statement
10:19 AM
> Basically, you’re either dealing with Mossad or not-Mossad. If your adversary is not-Mossad, then you’ll probably be fine if you pick a good password and don’t respond to emails from ChEaPestPAiNPi11s@virus-basket.biz.ru. If your adversary is the Mossad, YOU’RE GONNA DIE AND THERE’S NOTHING THAT YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT.
I am going to die regardless whether I am dealing with Mossad or not
of old age, or exploding phones?
That is the question
what if I die of an exploding phone at age of 101?
it's possible (although unlikely ...)
@TelkittytheWebDeveloper Be thankful that you were still down with the kids
Although we might not have phones much longer... We already have communication devices without the phone function
Still, so many weird things happening with my PC/phone, I am concerned ...
There is no naked picture of myself in my phone, but there are many pictures of my pet chickens. I sure hope Mossad is not into that though ...
10:26 AM
Considered picking up a cheap PAYG dumbphone and using that for day-to-day conversations?
I would say dumb phones would be easier to hack
also I am assuming that I am just over sensitive & I am not hacked
Most people aren't specifically hacked. They are just victims of automated attacks by opportunists
I am yet to get blackmailed or credit card stolen
Ever put it in Amazon and then browsed around a bit? That gives you pretty much the same sensation of suddenly having a huge credit card bill...
amazon only sell books here & I have not bought books for ages ...
also if there is any suspicious activities going on, my bank usually would call me
10:36 AM
I made the mistake of looking at CDs, and discovering that various bands I like have released new CDs since the start of the year
Daily drama update status: completed
Daily drama will be updated: daily
goodbye :p
11:03 AM
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Let's start freaking out!! usenix.org/system/files/conference/woot14/woot14-malvoni.pdf
(Well, two years ago)
Doesn't it really say "increase the round cost"? At 12 rounds, it was still only in the 100s of tries per second range
12:10 PM
yes, that's what it says, but like usual, problem isn't with decent implementations
so reading it a bit differently, it also says that Dave had it coming :)
woke up to my daughter busting my code
if (Intersector.overlaps(hero.getHeroCollision(), ground)) {

That'll teach me not to lock the screen
12:26 PM
Yea. Finally got it all out, lol. It was everywhere
1:22 PM
ohnuhnuh pls
@MarkBuffalo git reset --hard
1:39 PM
@TerryChia No git repository yet
I will set one up later
> not having git
@MarkBuffalo Why not?
I don't want it public right now
1:39 PM
git init is the first thing I type when setting up a new project.
But yeah, I have a bitbucket account and can use that
@MarkBuffalo Dude. You can use git without pushing it somewhere you know...
Yep, and I'm too lazy to use it
git started as a local VCS only
I will init it later today
1:40 PM
@MarkBuffalo "I'm too lazy to use it" Yup. Explains a lot.
I should probably adopt that "init on new project" idea though
@Ohnana s/P/L
You're getting totally rekt by Torry, Markus.
@TerryChia Thanks for the advice. I'm going to adopt this standard from now on.
what in the ever loving fuck
@MarkBuffalo I also branch out and commit on almost every change.
You can always rebase stuff before merging into master later.
1:55 PM
@TerryChia That's one hell of a good practice.
@TerryChia Yeah, that's pretty good practice
@TerryChia this has made my life so much easier
@TerryChia If you do git reset --hard after branching without comitting, does the branch disappears or it stays?
@Simon reverts to last commit
@Ohnana wtf. is this trolling?
1:56 PM
@Ohnana ^
So the branch will be gone.
Cheers lads.
git reset --soft retains changes i think
i just use hard so i can nuke from orbit
@MarkBuffalo NO IT ISNT
read the comments
i have that reset aliased to git oh-fuck
1:57 PM
@Ohnana Yup, just unsets the commit.
@Ohnana Donald Rumsfeld is a programmer now...?
@MarkBuffalo YES
wtf this is awesome
fucker needs to die already
lmao @ the comments
triggered in full effect
1:59 PM
You Twitch mong.
@MarkBuffalo the top comment is great
"Hey can you write an app that will bring your victims back to life?"
2:01 PM
this is the guy who said ""I stand for 8–10 hours a day. Why is standing [by prisoners] limited to four hours?"
you know who we're talking about right?
No, I don't know who Donald Rumsfeld is
I've been living under a rock
Was he an 'merkin politician?
@RoryAlsop secretary of defense under bush
abu ghraib ring a bell?
Probably, every single idiot in the country seems to be doing something in politics.
@Ohnana Is that a euphemism?
2:05 PM
That was the Guantanamo over east, yeah?
@MarkBuffalo with his military prowess, it might be
@RoryAlsop yeah. ever seen that picture of a hooded guy standing on a brick with his arms outstretched?
Nice link, do they make it for men?
@Ohnana nope.
2:07 PM
i didn't onebox it because it's graphic.
@Ohnana I don't get it. Is this a halloween thing?
Donald Rumsfeld was into some freaky halloween stuff, I guess
@RoryAlsop recognize that photo i linked? you'll have to click it
I can't get any images while at work. Sorry.
2:08 PM
no prob.
Generally I just tend to assume American military abroad = abusing the local country
fair assumption
they attempted to justify it this time by calling them terrorists
The American military? Fair enough :-)
@Ohnana that said. I doubt rumsfeld, for all his sins went and said "Hey, go abuse the shit out of prisoners"
@Ohnana I don't believe in torture. Execution is the answer
But only if they are truly guilty of heinous things, you see.
2:11 PM
@JourneymanGeek he did say he was ultimately responsible for it
@Ohnana in a moral sense, maybe
but it was a breakdown of military disipline, and basic humanity
no, if he wasn't an inept piece of dogshit, that would not have gone on as long as it did
"basic humanity" will always, eventually, break down.
because human beings are depraved
if you have 4 4-star generals calling for your resignation you are an inept fool
@LucasKauffman so, who?
2:12 PM
@MarkBuffalo I believe that humans may not be a moral creature, but its possible to rise above savagery.
No country is above it. In fact, after WW2, many Germans were put in concentration camps... and many countries were ignoring the Geneva convention
And yes, there's such a thing as "Not being a nasty prick"
Abusing Germans, etc
I mean ... you have to send troops abroad - I mean those war torn countries might not have the internet so it's necessary to spy on them manually. The best way to not get hacked is to live deep in the forest and without internet collection. </troll>
People will look for any reason to harm others. Religion, resources, power, pleasure
@TelkittytheWebDeveloper you w0t m8
2:14 PM
@TelkittytheWebDeveloper there are people who live so far away from civilization in afghanistan that they didnt know afghanistan exists
harm others = effort
glad you're trolling. sometimes I can't tell when you trigger me
Don't EVER submit an exploit to Zerodium!
@Adi They sold your exploit, didn't they?
@MarkBuffalo That's their business. However, that's not the issue.
If you really want to make money out of an exploit for a 0day vuln., go sell it on one of the few trusted darknet markets
2:23 PM
Most of the 0days I found got found by someone else anyway
missed opportunities
Way less shady than Zerodium
But back to Zerodium, why are they shady and what happened?
@Adi did they screw you out of the money
2:51 PM
It's a long story, really. I just want to leave it that as a general recommendation.
/grabs popcorn
I'll take your word for it
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