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2:01 AM
ok, now I have to learn to create 8bit art
2:47 AM
@MarkBuffalo Do you mean Unicode? Because Unicode is 32 bit...
3:01 AM
Why so many people with mod power on this chat? Many low capability hackers lurking in the vicinity or something?
3:12 AM
@TelkittytheWebDeveloper Yeah, it must be that. Can't be that it's a nice place to hang out.
I'm not a hacker nor do I play one on TV....
@DavidFreitag No, 8 bit pixel art. I'm currently flying around the "game" crashing into things and dying constantly
And it doesn't look cool.
@MarkBuffalo I'm going to have mouth-based heaven in my life in about 9 hours
3:28 AM
@DavidFreitag you've been "introduced", eh
@MarkBuffalo Introduced?
Introduced to a slowcooker
@MarkBuffalo Yeah, she's super nice.
@MarkBuffalo ...wow...
fleg incoming...
3:32 AM
I was going to modify that with AOL hacker stuff and ping flooding
Ok, how about we don't.
@TelkittytheWebDeveloper Relax, I'm joking around... (I don't know what you're saying, but mods can see what's in (removed))
I know they do ...
@MarkBuffalo And so can room owners.
@TerryChia You came right out of nowhere. Scared me
@TerryChia I think we have another one...
@DavidFreitag Yup.
gee .. let's see how much of a newbie do you think I am ...
my own game is driving me into a rage
it's too difficult
watch this then:
3:51 AM
hello peeps
4:38 AM
The snowpocalypse is in full swing
4:52 AM
gonna look outside
better not be here
clear skies
5:06 AM
Snowpocalype seems ok if you're a panda bear cdn.theguardian.tv/mainwebsite/2016/01/23/…
5:31 AM
the smell coming from my kitchen is going to drive me insane
6 hours later…
11:09 AM
hahahaha Nirvanastley. @RоryMcCune you'll probably love this...
@AviD oh man, that's unholy, someone's going to burn in eternal hellfire for that...
hurts my brain
was it wonderful? terrible? I DONT KNOW!!
it's how well they did it that's the impressive/horrifying bit
yeah it sounds like it could actually be
gist.github.com/willurd/5720255 <-- how many different ways do you need to server web content from an arbitrary directory...
11:17 AM
1 hour later…
12:25 PM
@MarkBuffalo going to mark your awnsers as the correct awnser. Have you hit the rep cap today? If so ill put it off until tomorrow.
Selected answers don't count against the repcap IIRC
1 hour later…
1:58 PM
@JourneymanGeek Correct. Only upvotes count against the repcap. Accepted answer bonuses and bounties do not. //cc: @TheJulyPlot
If someone's close to a repcap its different I guess
@Xander @JourneymanGeek awesome! Thanks.
2:31 PM
@TheJulyPlot lThanks. haven't capped today
2:57 PM
@MarkBuffalo there are pills for that, yknow
but as far as rep goes, weekends are always a dip.
@AviD I am afraid of all pills
unless they are needed to keep me alive or something... fortunately, I haven't had a need for such ;x
3:22 PM
@RоryMcCune still making me larf....
@RоryMcCune "Smells like rickrolling"
3:47 PM
That vid always amuses me @AviD
4:20 PM
A: How can I prevent data scraping on my website?

timYou can't really prevent it if the data is publicly available. But that doesn't mean that you have to make it extra easy to scrape the data either. Preventing Enumeration By exposing internal, ordered ids you make it extra easy to scrape all products. If you changed it to either product name ...

Everything he's listed is super-easy to bypass :x
4:48 PM
oh great, I responded to a duplicate
5:07 PM
how dafuques did you manage to get 14 upboats to an answer of a dupe?
you're like popular or something? LOL
meh, have another :P
oh duh that was someone else
5:44 PM
@TildalWave That isn't my post
@TildalWave I meant to say that post was like 100% easy to bypass
All the suggestions in that post. Mine is at the bottom, lol
I upboated yours too after I read it... had to read more than I bargained for tho, especially since it's very unlikely I'd be surprised by anything there :P
yeah, it's not a good idea to try and lock your site down
it quickly becomes unusable
@MarkBuffalo TWSS?
6:28 PM
lol i marked that as dupe
git rekt
git -m 'rekt'
git push
6:46 PM
(a 0.5 inch cliff)
7:02 PM
I just told someone you cannot guarantee that the windows registry cannot be tampered with....now Im thinking you can maybe digitally sign it? But it will change with normal use anyway?
Therefore digitally signing it is useless unless you can verify evey non-malicious change?
thinking out loud, feel feel to correct my stream of consciousness
And by digitally signing it i mean running it through a hash algorithm and checking the digest....
yeah hashing the registry would be pointless, it's too heavily used by Windows
you could extract and validate key nodes, and then repeat the process to validate that they hadn't changed
i.e. dump to text, port to another box, compare with "known good"
but if the source box has something like a rootkit and they knew that was the process it could be subverted( in theory at least)
lolz - 418 I'm a teapot

Any attempt to brew coffee with a teapot should result in the error code "418 I'm a teapot". The resulting entity body MAY be short and stout.
I knew the code but hadn't seen that last line before
@Rory McCune thanks for that.
7:34 PM
@TheJulyPlot You can detect it though
You can detect all changes to the registry, and tell when something fucky happens... but you'd have to keep a list of registry nodes that should not be tampered with in general
Q: Registry Watcher C#

AndrewI'm a newbie to WMI and I need to implement RegistryValueChangeEvent in a C# service. I need an event handler that gets triggered each time any one of a set of registry values is changed. I want behavior similar to the FileSystemWatcher class's Changed event, but for registry values. If there'...

3 hours later…
10:22 PM
So, snowpocalypse 2k16 resulted in... drum roll please a whopping 3" of snow
It snowed for nearly 18 hours. That was the result.
@Ohnana Ohnuhnuh how do I stop things from being generally bland after spending 9 hours in a slow cooker?
@DavidFreitag TWSS?
@DavidFreitag 3" being about 7.5cm? Around here we call that snowpocalypse
@RоryMcCune I prefer http 413: Payload Too Large
@Gilles No, a snopocalypse is 3' of snow (which we have gotten here)
Two years ago in the span of a weekend enough snow fell that it was up to my nipples (about 5')
3 feet of snow... hurrrrrrrrrrrrrrk
We've had upwards of 5'
I just find snow to be horrible in general
10:55 PM
@DavidFreitag throw a chili in it?
add a pinch of salt and see if that perks it up.
@Ohnana I added a buttload of salt and pepper and it's still super bland
alternately, change the seasoning before it goes in. siriacha goes well, so does soy and onion
that is unfortunate. post recipe?
chili sauce
11:03 PM
@Ohnana I bought a bottle of siracha, but I'm afraid of making an entire meal with it in case I don't end up enjoying it
you have any rosemary?
No but a jar of some is like 5 miles away at a grocery store
Would marinating that massive hunk of meat overnight help?
you'd usually use fresh herbs on food like that
@DavidFreitag isn't it already marinated in all of what that recipe lists?
@TildalWave Nope, you throw all of that into the slow cooker
but you said last time that you marinated it beforehand in the fridge with all the ingredients
11:09 PM
No I said I put it in the fridge overnight in the gravy
Only because of time constraints
I mean specifically marinating a raw piece of meat, then brown it make the gravy and into slow cooker
sure that should help
another thing you could do is to stuff it with bacon and garlic
It's a 4lb piece of meat, it's difficult enough to maneuver without stuffing it full of stuff :P
you just needle pieces of stuffing into it
wait imma find you a pic or something
something like this
or this
there's no veggies around right? :))
erm, vegetarians
11:19 PM
@TildalWave I think @kalina is or was. Or something.
bloodthirsty vegetarians? that'd be a new one LOL
@DavidFreitag when you say "brown it" you mean to quickly roast it all around on sizzling hot oil/fat, right?
wow there is no fucking seasoning in that
@TildalWave Yes
1/4 c siriacha would have done wonders
or, use barbacue sauce
yeah I think so too, that's why I said chili
11:22 PM
Put some oil in the pan heat it until water sizzles when flicked on it
or used beer in place of wine+broth
and garlic, can't go wrong with garlic
Then just brown the outside
@DavidFreitag you use oil or butter?
This time I did waaaay more veggies. Two cups of potatoes, carrots, and celery
11:22 PM
question: did you use lean meats?
@TildalWave Olive oil with a small tab of butter
also veggies soak up flavor
@DavidFreitag neah, scrub olive oil for pot roasts
it's pointless anyway, it'll lose all its goodness
use butter only
@Ohnana lol, the only seasoning I put in is half a teaspoon of allspice and a little bit of garlic because that recipe is shite
or animal fat
11:24 PM
@TildalWave Meh, I prefer oil because I don't have to dick around with a knife I can just pour some into the pan
@DavidFreitag dude, you can just drop half a brick of butter in the pan too, it'll melt
@TildalWave I don't have sticks I bought a tub
just make sure not to burn it
@DavidFreitag not sure what that is
@TildalWave It comes in a plastic container instead of in stick form
the butter?
11:26 PM
you have spoons don't you?
Well yeah but they're all in the drawer
Look I'm cooking with a slow cooker because I do like 5 minutes of prep work and 8 hours later I have a fully cooked meal
Gotta love that steam 24MB/s download speed
@DavidFreitag then don't complain it's bland :P
11:30 PM
@TildalWave hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng
@TildalWave That's why I'm asking for halp :|
@DavidFreitag well I'd tell you how I do it but it's like 30 min. prep not 5
and you'll need a couple of things
I don't really think using butter instead of oil to brown the outside of a 1.8kg roast is going to change how the inside tastes
@TildalWave Is it going to melt my damn face off?
@TildalWave If you can be extremely explicit about it, I'd love to hear
@DavidFreitag oh yes it will, butter will soften it and let all the rest of the stuff soak in better
None of this "season to taste" bullshit :]
@TildalWave if you want you can throw it in a pastebin and I'll make a google docs so I can refer back to it easily
TIL there are dark souls trainers...
11:37 PM
@DavidFreitag I'll write it up then, but tomorrow I'm kinda knackered today and can't really think of food
@TildalWave That's alright I probably have a week's worth of roast to consume anyway :D
"i didnt season my food, why is my food so bland" hmmmmmm
i wonder
JC3 is 39.4GB
Jesus christ
Well not so bad... but still pretty damn bad :/
@Ohnana t(-.-t)
@DavidFreitag Jesus Christ 3? :Oo
@TildalWave Just Cause
11:51 PM
I know :P

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