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12:53 AM
note to self. Remember to disable windows update.
@mana, we all need some.
zaboo especially wants to dip his staff in your @mana pool.
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2:03 AM
Q: ubuntu.stackexchange.com is down.

George EdisonIt looks like the problems haven't quite ended yet. As far as I knew, the *.SE redirects were permanent and would always point to the actual domain.

2:30 AM
Are game-rec questions cool here, or would they be considered inappropriate for chat as well?
@SteveV They're cool here, but you've got to have people actually talking in here to recommend games
Gotcha. Never used Stack Chat before, so I'm not sure how to tell if a room is active or not.
Well, anyone who's around, feel free to jump in: Crysis for $8 USD and / or Section 8 for $5 USD to be played on a 1 to 2 year old gaming rig?
3:33 AM
No dice, it seems. Thanks anyway, all.
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4:49 AM
Q: StarCraft2: Zerg fast expand (FE) is unbittable (with Terran)?

BuddaOne my friend (platinum) told me that early Zerg expand can NOT be beaten by Terran. In 99% good Terran can build bunker and can bring a 1 ONLY marine inside. The Zerg's task here is keep 6 zerlings running between bunker and pass from which Terran reinforcements are coming and kill all incoming ...

5:04 AM
Q: StarCraft2: why marines don't get back into Medivacs?

BuddaSometimes during marine drop when I detect that coming opponent forces are overwhelming I am trying to get all marines back into Medivacs and go back to my base. Usually I have marines and Medivacs in one group and when I need to go back I do right-click this group on each Medivac with 'shift' k...

5:34 AM
Q: What's the connection between Dragon Age: Origins, and Dragon Age: Awakening?

Raven DreamerI recently bought Dragon Age Origins -- Ultimate Edition from steam, and aside from a few minor issues, I think I will end up enjoying it. However, I'm a little confused about what I'm supposed to be playing -- when I go to "new game", I have a choice between Origins and Awakening: What am I c...

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9:10 AM
@SteveV I haven't heard about Section 8, but I'd just try both demos and judge by that
9:28 AM
dum de dum
dum de dum
dum de dum
time to try and get my paw sorting code to work
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10:43 AM
Recent activity pages are now on steroids!
Apparently she doesn't end all her revision comment with a . (Feels slightly disappointed)
11:09 AM
Q: Do achievement related bonusses apply in ME2?

AnzeoHi all, I've recently started playing mass-effect again -- lost interest in it when losing my save file due to a hard disk crash --, seeing how reasonably well priced ME2 is and how it looks and as I want to import an existing save file. I've completed one play through and am advancing on my se...

11:28 AM
Q: Hunting game, ps3

MarwellnMy father wants a hunting game and as he don't have a computer that can run games I thought he could buy a Playstation 3 to play it on. I can't find a hunting game for it. Do you know any hunting games for Playstation 3? As a last resort we could get an Xbox.

11:50 AM
Trackmania Nations Forever is quite the humbling game.
I sweated each of my 95 medals, and yet 1,112,400 people did more than I did.
While I did earn ~5 medals in multiplayers without actively trying for it, I did sweat them while racing with other people.
Gold medal cars drive very well, so you pretty much always have a very fast car ahead to push you further.
Also, all the cars are guaranteed equal, so the only thing that matters is pure unadulterated skill.
(Currently I have gold in all A tracks, silver in all B tracks except B15 (and a few golds here and there) and I'm in the process of unlocking C tracks. I did unlock a few D tracks and an E track -- which I tried and is a fucking nightmare -- but no medals there.)
I have no idea what your on about
can someone fix that title on that ME, mass effect, question
@IvoFlipse done
@IvoFlipse it's a game, duh, wikipedia it.
You know, racing against other equal cars with no collisions.
Can't win by ramming other cars into walls.
@TimStone so much for the problem vanishing by itself :P
I'm lazy @badp and don't often play 'unfamiliar' games :P
@IvoFlipse how do they become familiar in the first place then? :P
Gametrailers.com :P
12:03 PM
It was probably featured in 2008 ;)
voila, far too old for my liking :P
hi @TomWij
hi @IvoFlipse
my SO-question exploded yesterday :D
@IvoFlipse WoW is older :P
...I wager it is.
Yeah, saw it in the chat.
12:04 PM
I don't play wow anymore
I must chat fast enough not to logout -- not enough time for fact finding.
Gotta spam spam spam.
Happy newyear @Sathya.
Fight the evil html5 global login kinda thing
I'm sure it will get fixed after the holidays @badp
@IvoFlipse actually Marc is already on it.
or so he claims.
12:06 PM
I wonder @TomWij, against Zerg would 2 medivacs + 6 marines and 3 helions be a good thing for taking out his expo/minerals
yes, but the man surely isn't working all the time around the holidays
though they are mostly in the weekends
@IvoFlipse the careers page mentions 12 holidays/year so I guess today doesn't count :P
lol, he should have the same boss as me then
(just kidding, they could slack 365 d/y and I woldn't complain)
@TomWij, this composition takes 6:20 to make
(so long as things have the semblance of just working)
stupid code rot! shakes fist
12:13 PM
@IvoFlipse: I wonder how many marines are needed to take down a queen, because it might be more useful to have an extra hellion.
the marines are useful, because of the double medivacs healing them
the helions might get destroyed
Because 2 medivacs + 5 marines + 4 hellions takes 6:06 to make.
ah ok
well in that case, definitely
I also spot that the program is moving SCVs off gas to minerals
then back at some point
2 medivacs + 6 marines + 4 hellions takes 6:10 to make, odd... xD
did you get the pre-igniter upgrade?
12:16 PM
perhaps that's what's holding the built down too
though I'd move out
THEN get the upgrade
or at least, make all units before getting the upgrade
Turns it to 6:40+
strange, you must have constant SCV on or something
I have 5:51 for 6 marines, 3 helions and 2 medivacs
But this depends on calling down extra supplies which makes your economy worse too.
I haven't selected any other options, I'm just letting the BO decide
5:50 for 4 marines+helions + 2 medivacs
12:19 PM
Could be solved by throwing down an expansion, but the problem is that if you do this BO that you can't defend it if your opponent decides to attack after he took out your drop.
well you should have your buildings on a hotkey
@IvoFlipse I always select that, unless you want your economy to be broke.
spawning new units while you're flying there
Zerg can have an expansion and 12 zerglings bij 3:49: HOLY CRAP
Possible, but you will need to out the ramp and run in the zerglings in order to defend your expansion.
isn't the point of flying out to scare off the zerg from attacking you?
if you damage his economy enough (as in killing any queens and 5+ drones), you should set him back enough to at least defend yourself
btw, if after that you make 2 vikings, while your flying
you should move them over to kill his overlords
12:22 PM
As a Zerg I would think "he wasted this army so there will only be a small amount of units at his base/expo".
that will set him back even further
sure, but I have my ramped blocked
even if I don't have an expo 'yet'
put hellions and marines behind your wall
but Zerg can have 12 zerglings, 5 roaches and 2 queens on 2 hatcheries in 5:22
I don't think those helions and marines are going to put a dent into such an army
the only advantage is, after taking out the queens
he has no anti-air
so you should be able to scare him into running to your base like crazy, as you can just pick up all your units before his arrive
Yeah, did you see the replay at the end of my post?
fly to his main and wreck havock there
nope, going to look now I guess
He basically kills the queen and then uses a very small amount of vikings to go chase the overlords that are around his base.
yeah, you get supply blocked, don't have enough drones to pay for it
and can't get enough units to destroy the opponents main
while the terran should just tech up into tanks
or mass some helions + marauders
12:27 PM
It will work if the execution is right, just depends on how your army succeeds...
Because one queen is enough to inject larva at both hatcheries.
sure, but you need minerals to make either units or drones
True, but he is on two bases so will be able to recover quickly.
not if you take out his overlords
or even one
should really set him back, because he'll be supply blocked
hi @CRoss
Good morning @IvoFlipse, and everyone else
and you shouldn't loose your medivacs in the attack, even if you suicide your helions + marines
but I wonder how many units you would be able to make while flying there and while attacking
hmmm perhaps making marauders + helions is a good idea
with concussive shells, they slow the roaches enough to kite them, without them being able to do damage
12:32 PM
Yes, to counter an incoming attack or for a later push. But you can't produce early Vikings while doing that...
but if you have one viking, it's enough to mess him up seriously
and after that one, just built to defend
check what Zerg is making
counter that
and drop again off course :P
Well, you should try that against a Very Hard A.I. and see what he comes up with.
wow those spine crawlers are very good
What if he researches Lair and goes into Hydralisks?
that means he hasn't made more roaches, he needs the gas
so you keep dropping, salvage the medivacs as much as possible
and as long as you can take out his queens, he won't get overlords very long
12:38 PM
Yeah, it's a pain to take those spine crawlers out in the Zero Hour campaign mission. xD
He can have a Hydralisk out when you arrive.
Err... I'm going to make a version with waypoints. xD
perhaps you should send in the marines first
to his expo
then send the helions after that to his main
while kiting some of his forces away from his natural, off the creep
then load up into the medivac and return to the base to get fresh units
while damaging his main
then drawing back as his reinforcements come in
the only reason you would have for suiciding units, it because of supply blocks (+ the cost of supply depots)
but really, you probably want to keep those units alive and sent them back with reinforcements
they'll do more damage with buddies around them
Problem is, you are taking Marines on the field which will be easily surrounded by Zerglings. You damage his Zerglings and/or a Scouting Overlord which would probably force him to get back to his base to heal the Zerglings on his creep, at which point he will be close to your Medivac drop.
See this build about what units your enemy will have around the drop if he plans to go Hydralisks: bit.ly/gTvQ2H
taking minerals on the field?
Corrected. xD
your taking them on to the field only to pick them up with the medivac
but lure him far from his main, where you just dropped your helions
and yes, Zerg will have a strong army in the beginning
but by the time he reaches your base
you could have teched up to siege tanks
gotten out marauders
or make a whole bunch more units too
because of the choke point at the ramp, it be hard for Zerg to get in
so simply overrunning you with more units would be difficult
12:54 PM
Wait, are you dropping the hellion first or picking up the marines first?
you have 2 medivacs
Oh, right. xD
drop the marines or 50-50 mix into the natural
so you can pull out as soon as the medivac is done
then pull out when the last medivac comes out and is full of units
sent that one to the main
wreck havoc at the natural, lure out his reinforcements, kite them off the creep, then pick them up before they get overrun
I see...
and flee back or fly to his main
while in his main, he's only got his queen and drones
probably making zerglings or roaches
12:56 PM
Is this prone to any attacks he is planning?
but your mission is to take out the queen and hurt a lot of drones then flee
how do you mean? how he will counter it?
attack you as soon as you pull out
Hmm, I wonder how fast the queen could take out the medivac.
assuming you are weak or weakened
or trying to recover by finishing his batch of units and start up his production again
12:58 PM
Well, you should try this against a Very Hard A.I. later to see how it works.
combined with quick teching to something stronger
well, it requires good micro, which I clearly lack :P
but if you didn't drop you would have 2 siege tanks, 10 marines + 5 marauder and 2 medivacs in 7:48
good luck taking that ramp if you don't have massive units or banelings
Yeah, it's a harassment that could work great but indeed needs micro to make it effective.
Q: Dealing with thieves in Dwarf Fortress.

user5781There is currently a thief in my fortress and I do not know what to do with him. So, what can be done about a thief?

the only thing I'm not sure of is how to transition from there
either make vikings to take out his overlords
just one or two
then make banshees to take out his queens or anti-air
or go full Mech
or bio-ball over him asap
Well, you need to defend both your base and expansion with those units so he could try to sneak behind the mineral line of your natural with zerglings while sending mutalisks at your main.
1:06 PM
yes, though you don't need a natural YET at this point
if you do, go MMM and put a ball around your natural
built bunkers if you think you can spare the minerals
put them next to your OC, so you can closely guard your SCVs
@IvoFlipse Banshees only work if you go for them with minimal interference, if your opponent manages to get a hive and overseer by the time they arrive then they aren't useful anymore. He will sure try to get there in time when he sees you are teching towards that direction...
it would be to cover the vikings
taking out his overlords
but you'd have to be super quick making them
he may know what you're going to do, but it should be inevitable, because you've set him back so much
Q: StarCraft2: Zerg fast expand (FE) is unbeatable (with Terran)?

BuddaOne my friend (platinum) told me that early Zerg expand can NOT be beaten by Terran. In 99% good Terran can build bunker and can bring a 1 ONLY marine inside. The Zerg's task here is keep 6 zerlings running between bunker and pass from which Terran reinforcements are coming and kill all incoming ...

He still doesn't understand it. :-(
the problem with a zerg fast expanding is that a hatchery is also his barrack, factory and star port all mixed into one
so he doesn't have to built 3 rax to get a lot of zerglings
he needs to get done that extra hatchery
while that building will also give him a good economy advantage
Q: Using the Kinect Microphone for Chat, how does one set it up correctly to use video chat, but not in games?

jmlumpkinI am a little confused on a particular config on the Kinect, when it comes to chatting. If you go to the settings, there is a way to turn 'Microphone on/off for chat'. When I set up my nephews, I left this on, and I am pretty sure that when we played some CoD:Black Ops that night - his kinect w...

1:19 PM
what should terran do? produce an army that is just at least as strong as his and from there outmaneuver him
1:34 PM
stoner stare into ceiling
ha, you should have seen me when I still played arena in WoW :P
also after all the hype in the questions I read on here, Lost Viking was disappointing
I got gold on my first try without losing any lives :(
then I quit out of boredom
I was expecting Touhou-style madness
but if you just get two plasma and then stock up on bombs from there on in, it's really easy to avoid dying
1:51 PM
what's the deal on game-rec now that it's officially off topic?
vote to close - off topic? flag for mod?
vote to close should be the preferred route
if you can't, like me, flag it
2:14 PM
A: StarCraft2: Zerg fast expand (FE) is unbeatable (with Terran)?

TomWijStarting based on my previous answer, which explained why: Why can't I keep the pressure up? The Bunker is like a firewall, it will work until the virus takes it down. Some opponents will scout and be smart enough to prevent you from throwing down the bunker by scouting for your incoming SCV a...

I spotted it :P
very true
nicely formatted too ;P
you forgot what to do with the medivacs in your answer
unless it's dropping off the helions
perhaps you could turn it around
drop the marines in the main
ride the helions into the natural
just guessing here
but I would sent a medivac with the marines for healing and to pick them up so I don't loose more than I would have too
But he could have Roaches or Banelings which make that less effective.
Added Heal in the fourth bullet.
note that healing only works on marines
but salvaging helions can be useful
you should try and kill the queen so you can start killing off his overlords with a viking
2:20 PM
Yeah, but then I have to reform the sentence in a weird way. :D
and kill as many drones as possible
but shouldn't loose units unnecessarily
Oh yes, that should be in the bullet list.
because you simply retreat back to your base
to protect your own natural
he would need serious firepower to kill that army
and if all fails, fly up your OC
pack up those units and fly back into his base
if he spanks your main, spank him back
your main should have sufficient reinforcements to keep him out
so either he retreats to safe his main or he has produced enough to fend you off, but can't sent them to backup his own attack
Q: 360 hard drive failure

michelemarconHi, a lot of people have experienced RROD 360 failure; but has anyone experienced hard drive failure? Day 1 hard drive (20Gb) are now 5 years old, and eventually these hard disk will break down. Has anyone experienced anything like this?

2:44 PM
Q: How do we deal with the remaining open game-rec questions?

ManaWe currently lack the "shopping recommendation" close reason proposed by badp in what is now the accepted site policy for dealing with game-recs. In light of this, should we leave the game-rec questions that are still open as such until we get this close reason, or should we close them for a diff...

aloha @GraceNote
@badp You are aware that only half or so of my actions are recorded there, right?
Osu, @Ivo
Does Raven Dreamer pop in here often, anyone know?
not sure really
check his activity, I'd say
Only occasionally
I've been thinking of using "Player 2" as a nickname for whoever is currently the second highest rep user, but I wanted to make sure Raven wasn't annoyed by it.
Q: Thirst and dehydration in Die2Nite

FabianIf you don't drink every day you become thirsty, if you walk for long in the desert, too. But how exactly does dehydration work? I'm mainly interested in the corner cases. Is the thirst from not drinking a day cumulative with walking in the desert? So if I start the day thirsty and then walk ...

So not in 11 days
Ah, well, let's do it just once. If Raven says its annoying then I'll stop.
A: My dwarves are getting lazy.

Raven DreamerThis question is a little too vague as is, I think. Do you have a large number of idlers and tasks are still not being done? Have you scheduled "owned" items for dumping, only to find them not being moved? Is the area with the task unaccessible? Do your dwarves have the proper jobs enabled? We n...

^Should be comment instead of answer: Yay or Nay?
Q: How can I kill tanks in crysis

tm1rbrtWe just saved this Asian scientist chick and now I 'have to take out the tank'. I have no idea how to do this however. Please help.

2:59 PM
> Player 2, NOOOOO! Clarifications should be posted as comments, not answers, unless you have an accompanying answer amidst all the inquiries.
^Appropriate comment to use for situation: Yay or nay?
@GraceNote He might be slightly annoyed at you constantly reminding him that he's not Number One :P
Q: If I replay a level in Donkey Kong Country Returns do I have to collect KONG again?

JoshAs far as I can tell, if I collect specific puzzle pieces in a given level in Donkey Kong Country Returns for Nintendo Wii, when I play that level again I do not have to collect those same puzzle pieces again -- the show somewhat transparent to indicate I already got them. (I think I'm right here...

@IvoFlipse What program were you using to determine build times in your previous chats this morning?
3:07 PM
@TomWij Thanks!
@TomWij what does /= do when dividing an array
Diving is an intransitive verb. You can't dive something...
Call operator.div(left-hand-side, right-hand-side) if you are talking about Python, which results in returning left-hand-side / right-hand-side when __future__.division is not in effect. This is also known as “classic” division.
what are you on about? BTW there's a book called Dive into Python, so yes it can be done
Dive into Python
Also, I need to remember that "div" is actually the root for most people
Shorthand for division or... whatever it is that a <div> tag is supposed to represent.
3:11 PM
hmmm I guess I simply don't understand what happens when calculating eigen vectors and stuff @TomWij
But I wonder if dividing the array will result in the elements being divided, only solution is to just try it out in a prototype to see with what result you come up with. Or look into the Python standard how that operation would be defined, if it is defined...
well the problem is there happens a step before the dividing that I already don't understand completely
    # Project the paw into eigenpaw-space
    scores = paw.dot(self.basis_vecs)
    # "whiten" the score so that all dimensions are equally important
    scores /= self.basis_stds
Ooh, this is your paw stuff
Q: How to sort my paws?

Ivo FlipseIn my previous question I got an excellent answer that helped me detect where a paw hit a pressure plate, but now I'm struggling to link these results to their corresponding paws: I manually annotated the paws (RF=right front, RH= right hind, LF=left front, LH=left hind). As you can see there...

In mathematics, the dot product is an algebraic operation that takes two equal-length sequences of numbers (usually coordinate vectors) and returns a single number obtained by multiplying corresponding entries and adding up those products. The name is derived from the centered dot "·" that is often used to designate this operation; the alternative name scalar product emphasizes the scalar (rather than vector) nature of the result. The principal use of this product is the inner product in a Euclidean vector space: when two vectors are expressed on an orthonormal basis, the dot product of t...
3:13 PM
my awesome paw stuff
"Eigenpaw-space" is a very funny thing to think about.
well the dot thing is just multiplying two arrays item for item
> """Classifies a (standardized) pawprint based on how close its eigenpaw score is to known eigenpaw scores of the paws for each leg. Returns a code of "LF", "LH", "RF", or "RH" for the left front, left hind, etc paws."""
Q: What are any special effects/methods of killing enemies in Donkey Kong Country Returns?

JoshI discovered a neat little thing in level 1-3 of Donkey Kong Country Returns for Nintendo Wii: early on in the level there are three enemies all in a row: two birds and a drum thing. With careful jumps, I can jump on both birds (killing each on one hit) and land on the drum three times (killing i...

Q: StarCraft2: 2nd CC without expansion - is it worth?

BuddaOnce watching own replay I figured own very obvious and very crusial thing. In this replay I had around 35-40 harvesters on main+natural and income around 900-1000 minerals (per minute?) When I detected lack of harvesters I called 4 (or 5) MULEs. After that (if we believe to replay statistic) my...

So scores is still an array?
We have a jumping tag?
3:15 PM
Sorry to interrupt the paw business, but using the SCBuildOrder tool, why does it calculate the time based on two Assimilators for Protoss when I only specified the target as 1? Is it "optimizing" my build (the 2nd one shouldn't be needed for this build), or is it (or me) doing something wrong?
you probably filled in units that require more gas, so it's going to place another one
Ah, all I had was 3 warpgates, and the warpgate transform, that really shouldn't require 2.
I was just playing with it, but thought that was strange.
and no units?
that's silly :P
I can see the wiki now: Use this tag when asking about jumping, leaping, bunnyhopping, short hops, double jumps, triangle jumps, and any other kind of method of lifting off the ground to oppose gravity! Only really works in games where you can jump, though.
Well I was just testing it =P
3:18 PM
ah wait, paw.dot uses the elements in paw and dot multiplies it with basis_vecs and then divides it by basis_stds
That's something that made Lethal Application amusing. In a sense, it's a platform game with gravity... but you can't jump. They even have a cute image in the "Help" that illustrates your inability to jump.
I guess I should first read the script that creates those @TomWij
@kazzamalla: It first optimizes towards reaching your goal and then it optimized towards time and economy, if it is feasible to throw in a second Assimilator... Then why not?
@GraceNote Hmmm... using recoil for movement... sort of like that Flash game Newton
@Feeds Thinking about his expansion being denied, he went to think towards the 4OC strategy. :D
3:20 PM
that's the basis_vecs
@YiJiang Did you just look up the game?
@GraceNote Well yes
I never played the Flash game you mentioned, but I do know that LA is very, very fun
Somewhat short, but it's basically an arcade game if you think about it.
Not on Windows right now unfortunately, and I'm not going to install that on Wine
@TomWij Yeah, that makes sense. I just did a build that actually has units an it gave me more of the output I would have expected. I really like this tool, thanks for sharing.
3:22 PM
@IvoFlipse: Well, there were lessons on that last week in our Linear Algebra course. Didn't went to it and still have to learn it, else I would've be able to help you easier...
Well, the demo is short. Is worth your time to try it when you do get on your Windows
yeah, I should read some of those articles to understand what is going on
One of these should help you to understand why and how it helps you.
You two should also pick up the LA demo at some point, just to try it.
Three, rather.
3:25 PM
LA Noir?
Lethal Application.
The first game from the circle that made Mukashi Mukashi aru Tokoro ni Totetsumonaku Naka no Warui Twintail no Shimai Himesama ga Irasshaimashita to sa.
@kazzamalla: It would be awesome if it were combined with a StarCraft II AI that executes random BOs and tries to find a best one.
It's basically a vertical flying game - you have to navigate a vertical corridor to reach a goal, shooting down enemies with a variety of weapons along the way (and getting ridiculous score in their crazy chain system).
The catch is that you cannot fly, or even jump. Instead, as a super-light war android, you use the recoil from your rapidfire cannon to propel yourself upwards and around.
@IvoFlipse: I can't find it, could you share the link from the guy who had awesome projects running like the one that played automatically?
like that one?
Q: How can I improve my paw detection?

Ivo FlipseAfter my previous question on finding toes within each paw, I started loading up other measurements to see how it would hold up. Unfortunately, I quickly ran into a problem with one of the preceding steps: recognizing the paws. You see, my proof of concept basically took the maximal pressure of ...

3:29 PM
Although... It works through reinforcement learning which would make the whole thing less dependent on the BO and more dependent on how well the AI is to strategically think on the field and micro out the opponent AI. Even building placement would differ.
No, Starcraft II, not Paw Detection. :D
did I share that link?
Yes, you did but I forgot.
It was a page with several projects including an AI that hooks into DirectX and automatically plays StarCraft II.
oh right, that was a machine learning or image recognition guy
Hola, @Mana!
Yo @Grace. How's it going?
3:35 PM
Not bad. You?
Pretty well, just went shopping.
Yeah, it was around our Kinect conversation.
@kazzamalla: Hooking up the Starcraft 2 Automated Player with SCBuildOrder might give interesting results.
Somehow trick StarCraft II to emulate at a faster rate and there you go, you have a system that learns about build orders...
> The most interesting part of the AI is watching it play and abuse its ability to perform an absurd number of actions per minute (APM). The AI has a "competitive" mode that it uses to achieve very high frame rates and consequently a very large number of actions per second. In this mode, the AI disables all logging, discards all but the most essential GPU rendering events, and does not output to the console. This achieves an "idle" APM of about 500 and its battle APM is between 1000 and 2000
> Given enough time to play games on Battle.net, the AI can perform simple variable optimization to determine properties such as what army size is appropriate for attacking. This could then be extended to more complex learning, such as examining replay files (both its own collection and downloaded replays from professional matches) and datamining these to improve its performance.
3:48 PM
Q: How do I destroy tanks in Crysis?

tm1rbrtWe just saved this Asian scientist chick and now I 'have to take out the tank'. I have no idea how to do this. Please help.

This question made my day.
@TomWij Very interesting project. I envy these people that make the time to undertake a project like that in their spare time. Very cool.
Also @Grace, should we go through and close the older [game-rec] questions or should we leave them be until they get bumped up to the front for whatever reason?
I'd use the review tool to close the crappy ones
Anyone know why Aardvark stopped using SE? He/She had some good answers on this site.
@Mana I was going to just run through a search and close them all myself, eventually. I've just been busy.
3:53 PM
@kazzamalla He thought we lacked a strong community because during his two months all he saw of our community was the game-rec debate.
@Grace ahh, thanks for that. No worries on being busy.
@Mana that's too bad
I've also been thinking about the policy post. I want to get some manner of community drafting on it.
someone should edited in this image with the Crysis question:
Ideally, prior to writing the actual post. Some just publicly accessible drafting space that I can plop my current draft and let people have at it
3:56 PM
@Grace Google Docs?
If it works, it works. I've never used Google Docs before, or really know what it is.
I only have ever used it once to make a slideshow and it was a pain but it's the first thing that comes to mind reading that.
It's like a document collaboration service online.
All I want is Multiplayer Notepad.
You post up your doc and then invite some people or post up a public link and they can all edit the doc
with tracking etc.
3:59 PM
Of course that's only one option
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