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4:00 PM
@GraceNote Undertale is worth your undivided attention
Do play Undertale. Don't look to closely at the fan produced content online.
@MadMAxJr This is true for many, many things
Fandoms tend to be really bad
Fandumbs, if you will.
There is a lot of good Undertale fan content. There is a veritable Ocean of questionable-at-best fan content.
I unfortunately have friends who have gone a little too far down the rabbit hole on that one.
About a meter shy of 'Check out my skeleton OC on Deviantart'.
Dangan Ronpa was another example of a fandom going completely off the deep end into horrible territory
4:03 PM
But Dangan Ronpa was only popular when it was a lets play so whatever
@fredley I did pull this on my brother the other day.
I can understand the other stuff, but why did you buy Pako, mom?
@GraceNote Protip: explore Toriel's house. She has a book of skeleton jokes.
I'll keep in mind
4:04 PM
I found that book.
@twobugs Why did the skeleton *I forgot the rest*
Undertale makes me want to actually make an indie game of my own but I'm not talented or funny enough
Thanks for making me more depressed, Undertale
What still baffles me is that GameMaker isn't even remotely suited for a light RPG engine like Undertale.
So Toby put some good effort into that.
I haven't used it since it got bought by yoyo games, but it used to have some serious memory leak issues.
Game Maker is pretty lame so any time people manage to produce something with it that works at all I'm very impressed
4:06 PM
@twobugs Undertale made me want to make a game myself
@ardaozkal no
I didn't think I could do it, but listening to Undertale music while writing it filled me with DETERMINATION
Apparently Nuclear Throne is also a GameMaker built title.
Is the the roguelike? I've heard good stuff about that
I think so, I haven't looked at it myself.
We used GameMaker to build our projects in my software design and development course in college.
4:09 PM
Just learned what GameMaker is
In 9 weeks we made a simple 'Desert Storm' game where you drive a customizable tank around and blow up stuff.
Honestly it looks simpler to just code up a game in actual code than try and use it
Didn't realize how much trig math it takes to make a tank turret on a movable object determine how to point directly at the mouse cursor.
@MadMAxJr ...one piece of trig math?
It's not as simple as you'd think if you've never done it before.
4:10 PM
I think if you look at a significant amount of GameMaker games they're just copy and pastes of one of the template games
@MadMAxJr I guess. It's always handy to have a piece of squared paper around when you're coding up games
And Gamemaker provides a large framework which is handy for people who might lack certain skills or not be familiar with certain concepts. It's not great, but it's adequate for some simple tasks.
RPG Maker is another one I see used a lot
you can load in a sprite sheet, mark where your separators are, and it'll rig up your animations in a snap. Not writing that by hand is nice.
@MadMAxJr Yeah. I'd be scared of hitting the limits of what's possible with the program and having literally no way out though
@MadMAxJr Yeah, I can see if you've got a rigid concept it's fine
In other news, I tried to emulate tube jiggle today
4:12 PM
We found lots of bugs in GameMaker. Our professor told us at the end of the course that the idea was in the real world, we may not get to choose the best tool for the job and we may have to work with what we're given.
@MadMAxJr That's actually a good lesson
@MadMAxJr Today's lesson: Life is pain with no escape
The version of Gamemaker we were using /loaded all assets into memory at start/.
RPGMaker is the sort of thing that you can do the lazy way or you can get REAL mileage out of it
And it didn't compress or optimize anything.
4:13 PM
@MadMAxJr :D
I'm using pyglet
@fredley the fact that it works fills you with DETERMINATION
gz btw
It's very easy to do the easy stuff but it's also possible to just gut the whole thing and make things to your needs.
It handles Atlassing and stuff for you which is nice
We got 5 bonus points on the project for tricking the system into not loading assets into memory until our 'stage start/end' triggers were hit.
If you know the scripting language it uses, it's kinda nice to work with. I enjoyed working on RPGMaker XP when I had it.
Spent more time trying to figure limits and design entirely new things than actually making a project.
4:14 PM
And we got 2 points for verifying our image assets were self made or free to use.
@GraceNote Yeah, that was my impression of it. I've seen some really lazy garbage (a lot of lazy ones on Steam, for example) but also people coding custom battle systems and everything which looked really cool
One of the guys on our team loved the work. He learned about the A* algorithm while coding our badguys.
@GraceNote This is the problem with game making
Or at least, the problem I have
Still have the mathematician's mindset of 'I have worked out how to do this, therefore the job is done'
The job is not done until all the spadework of adding actual content is done
Every time I want to do something in RPGMaker I end up running a tabletop RPG instead.
I need to get off my butt and do some serious personal coding projects. I haven't done any in a while
A game sounds fun but also like it would be really susceptible to everything creep
4:23 PM
@twobugs Yeah. I've got a pretty solid idea for the one I'm working on
So far the creep has been minimal, but so far has only been a month
My NYR is to not have any other side projects this year
That's a good NYR. Mine are mostly fitness related
@twobugs I still can't excercise at the levels I used to, so I can't really do those yet
I'm also not going to buy any sugary things at the supermarket.
If there's none in the house, I don't eat them
regex time
Aw, that sounds like a huge pain. I'm mainly trying to improve my cardio fitness since I need more motivation for that
@twobugs My cardio fitness is still ok, but I'd really like to get into strength training
4:30 PM
I kinda like strength training. I just kind of focus on my form and pushing myself and it's not too bad
I try to avoid getting competitive or whatever and just focus on making personal progress
@twobugs I'm just more into getting to a bit higher level, I don't want to get swole or anything
@fredley Funny enough, my resolution was to solidly work on a side project now
It would mainly be for better core strength
Q: Fifa 16 Who Are The Highest Potential Players On Career Mode

XFazeXIm Wanting to make a squad with the highest potential players so could you tell me the highest potential for each position for a 4-4-2

@GraceNote Last year I went 100% completionist, tried to publish, publicly, something every month
Made it to Sept
And cheated a lot
4:33 PM
Same, I just want to build some muscle and improve my general health and fitness. Not trying to be a bodybuilder or an athlete. Just have some fun.
That's pretty good progress
Hmm... I just realized that I still haven't gotten my tax refund.
@Yuuki From last year? Yikes
@GraceNote Yeah, it was good, and finishing things has always been my weak point
But one a month is hard work, and everything ended up being trivially small
Which is a good thing in its own way
Set me up for this year anyway
Although the amount of stuff I'm going to need to draw for this game is quickly becoming apparent, and is very daunting
That sounds like a good change of pace from one monolithic side project. Probably got you to experiment with different tech as well I bet
4:34 PM
@twobugs Yeah a bit, and get over publication fear a bit
@fredley are you doing free weights?
for working out
@nukeforum No, I am banned from heavy lifting for a few more months
I see
But I would be using them, yes
good morning bridge
4:36 PM
I've been doing a new work out regimen that has almost no weights
@nukeforum body weight?
@fredley mostly. It's a program to increase anaerobic muscle performance
I'm training to fight
@nukeforum That would not be my intention
I'm training to carry more. Like my awful teammates online.
@fredley That's cool though, getting in shape like that. Weight lifting has never really been my thing.
4:38 PM
@fredley find someone else to work out with, it will help keep you motivated
@nukeforum Mine neither. As a long-distance runner, it's never been my strength
@Dragonrage That could be hard
yea, i used to work out with my brother all the time, but then i got a job, and i do 3 hours of driving a day, so i dont have much time to work out anymore :(
@fredley At least finding a work out buddy is easier than finding someone to fight. It's like pulling teeth trying to convince people to spar with me.
@nukeforum Have you considered going to bars to pick up men?
The pile of corpses around you may be a deterrent.
4:43 PM
@fredley Like... gay bars?
so, im already capped on rep today. when does the new day start?
@MadMAxJr Haha, I'm not a professional fighter or anything :P
@Dragonrage 7 hours.
@nukeforum just find some people that have taken some liquid courage, they should be willing to fight :P
@RonanForman 7 Human Hours.
4:44 PM
@RonanForman ok ty.
@fredley Yeah, what's that in dragon hours?
apparently getting answers accepted can make you get more than the max rep?
@Dragonrage I'm doing my best to be nice :P I'm not looking to start a bar fight
@fredley brain cogs turn Aha! Got it!
4:45 PM
@Dragonrage yes, rep cap does not affect accept or bounty rep
@nukeforum i would expect a bar fight would be rather hard, inanimate objects dont really fight back all that often
not to mention they would hurt to punch
Why are 5.25 inch bays 5.75 inch wide?
im at work, im scared to click on that
@Dragonrage I guess the fact that they're hard is their way of fighting back?
4:46 PM
There was a posting about an app I thought was a joke, but is actually 'a thing'. Something about 'A tinder for getting into fights'.
@RonanForman 2.5 minutes
@MadMAxJr Fight Club?
rumblr? something like that
Sounds like a mobile app for Fight Club.
@nukeforum i suppose. they rely on newtons 3rd law for defense
4:47 PM
Yep, that's the one. rumblr. I can't tell if their site is serious or a joke.
regex is hell
@MadMAxJr Yeah, rumblr, too bad it isn't real
So it is a gag? Good.
although, that could be awkward to explain to law enforcement
@ardaozkal /P(?:(\d+)Y)?(?:(\d+)M)?(?:(\d+)D)?T(?:(\d+)H)?(?:(\d+)M)?(?:(\d+)S)?/
4:49 PM
@nukeforum its a lesser known human mating ritual
@Dragonrage tangential mating ritual?
@RonanForman I threw this into a regex parser and I can't tell what this is. What the hell is this?
@RonanForman So I wonder how I can simplify this: ([a-z0-9]+[a-z0-9]+[a-z0-9]+[a-z0-9]+[a-z0-9])(-)([a-z0-9]+[a-z0-9]+[a-z0-9]+[a-‌​z0-9]+[a-z0-9])(-)([a-z0-9]+[a-z0-9]+[a-z0-9]+[a-z0-9]+[a-z0-9])
@RonanForman parse_regex_pass_char: specified character is not in the universe!
@MadMAxJr is that regex? it looks like malbolge to me
4:51 PM
@nukeforum is regex.
@MadMAxJr It parses ISO 8601 durations.
@ardaozkal neat
@ardaozkal So any string of (not gonna count that)-length consisting of only lowercase letters or numbers?
@nukeforum to date a person, one must show he is strong enough to protect them
4:52 PM
@Yuuki 5 char/num - 5 char/num - 5 char/num
:26694640 (?:(?:\r\n)?[ \t])*(?:(?:(?:[^()<>@,;:\\".\[\] \000-\031]+(?:(?:(?:\r\n)?[ \t]
 )+|\Z|(?=[\["()<>@,;:\\".\[\]]))|"(?:[^\"\r\\]|\\.|(?:(?:\r\n)?[ \t]))*"(?:(?:
 \r\n)?[ \t])*)(?:\.(?:(?:\r\n)?[ \t])*(?:[^()<>@,;:\\".\[\] \000-\031]+(?:(?:(
 ?:\r\n)?[ \t])+|\Z|(?=[\["()<>@,;:\\".\[\]]))|"(?:[^\"\r\\]|\\.|(?:(?:\r\n)?[
 \t]))*"(?:(?:\r\n)?[ \t])*))*@(?:(?:\r\n)?[ \t])*(?:[^()<>@,;:\\".\[\] \000-\0
 31]+(?:(?:(?:\r\n)?[ \t])+|\Z|(?=[\["()<>@,;:\\".\[\]]))|\[([^\[\]\r\\]|\\.)*\
 ](?:(?:\r\n)?[ \t])*)(?:\.(?:(?:\r\n)?[ \t])*(?:[^()<>@,;:\\".\[\] \000-\031]+
email regex best regex
@Dragonrage yeah.. I just think it's fun :)
@ardaozkal [a-z0-9]{5}[-][a-z0-9]{5}[-][a-z0-9]{5}
@RonanForman thanks
so this new dating app, you post your profile, and you post a name of a person the potential datee must fight in order to date you
4:54 PM
@ardaozkal Actually your one was doing at least 5 characters in each of those groups.
And also had capturing groups, I'm not sure if you need them or not.
we should make a reality tv show about that
@fredley Yeah but you'd just use a library, I wrote my one because javascript dates didn't seem to support it.
@RonanForman Not sure. First time writing regex, but I'm sure that there was no *
@ardaozkal + means one or more times.
oh, I see
4:56 PM
@Dragonrage Like.. gladiatorial arena.. but for some chick?
@nukeforum yes, I think it would make a good tv show. The winner gets to date the chick, and the losers are forever shamed
@Dragonrage forever-ever?
what if you can win a different fight?
@Dragonrage I can't think what would happen if they tied
@nukeforum well just until the next episode/or maybe season
@Dragonrage I see... how do they get shamed though?
4:59 PM
@ardaozkal they have to fight again
silly hats?
@nukeforum because they gained no honor and lost on tv. everyone will shame them
but yes silly hats could help
@Dragonrage pitch that
I can see it being syndicated
@nukeforum i need a name first.
Q: Where do unopened packs go?

VolleyJoshI bought the Big Box 14 pack deal and opened 4-5 of the packs. Before I finished opening the rest I had to do some other things on my phone. When I came back to the game, I couldn't find out how to open the rest of the packs. It doesn't appear that 9-10 packs worth of cards I haven't seen are in ...

5:05 PM
@Dragonrage Dating Deathmatch
thats a pretty good one.
Cutthroat Courting
i like the alliteration. it definitely adds a certain quality
Brawling Beaus?
Idk, I'm just browsing through synonyms of date/woo xD
5:07 PM
Dating Deathmatch. "Well her KD ratio is below what I'm looking for in someone, but I'll give it a shot." "His traverse time on de_dust is awful, but his hit scores on pistols are notable. I'll see how this goes for a match and figure it out from there."
@MadMAxJr Ah, the gamer version of the bachelor!
"Didn't run with knife. No re-date."
@nukeforum calling netflix?
@MadMAxJr i will nominate you as the first announcer
5:09 PM
@MadMAxJr FFC: Free for couples
You have to defuse her. Emotionally.
i only need 1173 more rep guys.
@MadMAxJr "Singles win"/ "Dates win" ?
@Dragonrage I need 19.
@Dragonrage monthly
i wish i had minecraft, then i could design an arena for this show
@MadMAxJr welp i'm dead
or maybe it could be like the hunger games, except the reward for winning is getting to date the person
@MadMAxJr -1 too hard.
5:14 PM
I don't get it, I bought the defusal kit but it's just candy and flowers.
@Dragonrage I know people who would do it for Justin Bieber and Zayn Malik.
The Dating Games- where 24 men battle it out in hopes of dating the girl of their dreams
@MadMAxJr that must have been the lower tier one. the one i got had a free massage, a car, perfume, and a giant stuffed bear
5:20 PM
Hurray! I just got the ability for super downvote!
@ardaozkal hoorah
@ardaozkal It is not a super downvote
@MBraedley you don't get the joke, do you.
@ardaozkal h4xz, im going to steal your rep
I don't care about the joke
5:21 PM
ps c0n5472
The fact that you're treating it as a joke is the problem I have.
Use your new power responsibly
@ardaozkal The joke was just never funny
Q: Cannot connect to server message after setting up my own!! HELP!

DenacsrI have followed everything via YouTube videos to set up my son's own Minecraft server! I still get cannot connect to server??? I set up my router following step by step instructions and have triple checked it and now it by heart at this point. I still cannot connect?? Could it possibly have s...

With super downvotes come super responsibility.
5:23 PM
And comes my review notifier!
with great power comes great irresponsibility - deadpool
Superdownvote is a mythical undefined power. Like downvoting someone and then it downvotes anybody whose ever shared a question or answer on their content.
@ardaozkal This is something I was working on for a while. It notifies me when there are stuff to be reviewed. Not a review bot.
5:25 PM
Fucking... close votes are not to be taken lightly. People.
deadpool is obviously the best role model of all super heroes
as long as you keep the jokes in the bridge and use it responsibly on the main site, it's all good
@Unionhawk that would be hard to do. they have no physical body
5:26 PM
@Ohnana That is what I do. So do @fredley.
@ardaozkal you are familiar with xamarin correct?
It's not really a good idea to joke about abusing or misusing site mechanics. I won't claim I haven't joked about it, but it's something I'm trying to avoid doing any more.
@Dragonrage so-so. I may be able to help you, or provide you the resources which will help you.
is it possible to unwind a show segue?
5:29 PM
or would calling DismissViewController(true,null) dismiss the current view controller
@Dragonrage I think that that should work, not sure though.
i saw that, someone starred the wrong post.
I did
The Flat Earth Society is a group of the world's most brilliant scientific minds who know for truth that the Earth is a flat and it looks like the UN Map and that the sun and the moon are the same size going in a circle above the Earth.
@Unionhawk it totally is wrong but your wrongness makes for more logical spelling, so I say yes.
@Dragonrage and?
5:33 PM
i googled flat earth society, and i was not disappointed. thank you wikipedia
you just made my day
Now, before you ask some stupid question like "what about the evidence?", all this "evidence" has been faked by NASA because they want more money for their exploits into space. Which actually is just more money to buy big and expensive ingredients to make food. Their slogan is, "There are two sides to every issue."
Yesterday's News Today with @Dragonrage
@Unionhawk I was gonna say the same thing.
I mean the Flat Earth Society, as amazing as they are, is basically last centuries' news
@Unionhawk i specialize in being late to the party. its something i take pride in. I make lateness a fashion. i was the reason the term fashionably late came into being
The idea of the Earth being flat is more of a modern invention, from my understanding. The whole "People thought Columbus would sail off the side!" was a modern-day hoax
5:37 PM
I found a weird trick to get 1 month 1 week spotify premium for 1 month price. Just don't have money, and you'll keep your premium for another week, while it shows a small banner on top of client reminding you that they were unable to get payment. Well, being a semi-broke student helped once!
People thought he was an idiot because it was assumed nothing was in the place of the Americas and he didn't have enough supplies to reach Asia if he just sailed straight there
@ardaozkal i do this. and i take pride in it. i bought halo 1 2 years ago
@twobugs yeah, flat earth stuff is not nearly as old a belief as people think. We've known the earth was round, etc for a really long forever.
it was the first halo game i played
5:39 PM
The worst part about that xkcd is now it's from like 2009
I believe the earth has some rendering issues.
It's been known by scholars since at least ancient Greece. They even had a pretty accurate estimate for the size!
@Unionhawk I browse internet fashions on a five-year lag. That way, I never have to buy a fast internet access, but get the same steadily-advancing internet experience as people who do- and at a fraction of the internet bill price.
@twobugs yeah, this whole idea that ancient civilizations were all backward and junk really isn't all that true.
There are no downsites!
(pun intended)
5:40 PM
That's not really a pun that's just bad spelling
@AshleyNunn "down sites" "down websites" "Websites going down"
@AshleyNunn How could they be advanced if they didn't have Minecraft? QED
As in, not working anymore, like when you don't pay the renewal fee.
...im not stupid, I followed, but that didn't work as well as you thought.
5:41 PM
Wait, maybe they were advanced enough to recognize the harm of modded minecraft crash logs. Hm...
@twobugs in the book of job, it alludes to the earth being round, and it couldve been written as early as 1440 B.C.
@twobugs well, they don't have records of the crash logs, so that's probably it.
Unionhawk has removed two bugs from the list of this room's owners.
@Unionhawk weak
5:42 PM
When we make first contact, they're going to ask us for help with their cracked copy of minecraft.
@Unionhawk Go on, owner me and then de-owner me. Unless you're scared...?
@Unionhawk Unionhawk has removed two bugs from the list of this room's owners.
33 secs ago, by Unionhawk
Are tears considered as a crafted resource?
@MadMAxJr and we'll close it as offtopic and start an interplanetary incident
5:43 PM
Ah, scared it is. You've heard about how good I am at video games and you know I would de-owner you first
@ardaozkal Had to actually do a work
I'm just going to go play Animal Crossing. My villagers complain far less than this room.
5:44 PM
You cheated
just add him, pretty sure he's legit
Thanks @GnomeSlice, that's the nicest thing anyone has said about me
You're probably right but not when the stakes are "if you're not quick enough I'll remove you before you can remove me"
@twobugs You should put that in your profile
@MadMAxJr Animal Crossing is great.
5:45 PM
> pretty sure he's legit. -GnomeSlice
I've never de-ownered ANYONE
@SaintWacko better: CV
I trust @twobugs more than @Uni
@twobugs I did not
@ardaozkal Haha, perfect
What do you call a chicken who crosses the street, rolls in the mud, and crosses back?
5:46 PM
The permalink is going into my profile
@AshleyNunn One of my villagers just invited me to a birthday party. Time to gift them the worst thing I own.
@twobugs I think I've only deownered once and I think it was @Wipqozn
Hello and welcome to the owner tools. You refresh to get them, so anyone who wants to add-remove quickly has a significant advantage
Also, I'm not doing that joke anymore
@MadMAxJr remind me not to invite you to my birthday party
I don't even know what owners can do besides deowner each other and have italics
5:47 PM
@twobugs kick-mute, and move messages
Even the italics are worth it.
@AshleyNunn i remember that, you were having a rough day and @Wipqozn volunteered as tribute
@AshleyNunn The moose thing redid the walls and floor of my home and gave me office walls and a carpet that is CHEESE. I don't need cheese rugs. But Gladys? I think they need that.
i just want italics
5:48 PM
Oh, and read deleted messages in that room
@Unionhawk Who renamed Android Enthusiasts to Android Hell?
@fredley I was going to ask the same thing.
Q: Are tears considered as a crafted resource?

User152541524In kittens game, are unicorn tears considered as crafted resources and not affected by chronospheres? (unless the upgrade "flux condensator" is bought)

Q: I can't play minecraft pe over 4g lte data?

AaronnnI've been playing minecraft for a while now and playing over wifi is fine and everything work perfectly but I can't play over data once I go out of the house but everything like social media and chrome works. Does anyone else have this problem?

@fredley Me, please hold while I grab my reason I posted yesterday
It was a good reason
5:49 PM
inb4 @uni deownered
(it boils down to "if you mess it up, then you will know instead of receiving a wtf ping from the real android enthusiasts a while later")
and @twobugs elevated to replace him
i think owners should be able to type in this font. 1001freefonts.com/motion_picture.font
it looks so much cooler
@Dragonrage go post on meta.se
yesterday, by Unionhawk
@fredley we shouldn't use the same name as a real room for our trash room as such I have reverted your Android Hell name change.
5:50 PM
Best mod fredley has removed Unionhawk from the list of this room's owners.
@MadMAxJr a cheese rug? Oh boy. That's...something. I think Gladys will love it. :p
@Unionhawk you should just rename it lifehacks enthusiasts
@GodEmperorDune how many down votes do you think i can get?
@Dragonrage Yes, we should make it more like AOL chat in here
@Dragonrage -6832
5:52 PM
inb4 Fuschia comic sans
@GodEmperorDune oh yeah, that's why I did it. He was an excellent tribute.
@ardaozkal worth it
@Dragonrage don't actually waste people's time on meta with that.
@AshleyNunn I really need the animals to stop giving me a t-shirt in exchange for simply being polite.
5:53 PM
@ardaozkal nope
i changed my tinder pic to the selfie i posted here yesterday and already got a couple new matches
@fredley * i'm sans. sans the skeleton.
@AshleyNunn but i want to break the record for most downvoted meta post :(
Mar 23 '15 at 21:25, by Ashley Nunn
Oh, that does feel kinda good
That would be so quickly
5:55 PM
@GnomeSlice the magic of dressing like an adult
@Dragonrage This is like trying to get a Darwin award.
So it would seem
@AshleyNunn Oh, I was wondering about how you got that reference :D
Also @AshleyNunn I was telling one of my friends about your response to the ending of Bioshock Infinite and he was greatly pleased. I liked that game but it went off the deep end
@Unionhawk uh uh uh uh. Uh uh uh uh uh uh. Uh uh uh uh uh!
5:57 PM
@twobugs except for the darwin award I would actually have to die. and that wouldnt be fun
@Dragonrage Nope, just remove yourself from the reproductive pool.
There are living Darwin Award holders
oh right, if you make yourself infertile it counts
@twobugs it was fun watching @WorldEngineer play it but the ending was just so well, what the fuck even.
It was not all that satisfying.
@Ohnana e.g.
if you're born infertile, do you automatically win the Darwin Award? Or do you have to inflict it on yourself?
5:58 PM
@twobugs Yeah, such a shame
@nukeforum self-inflicted
@nukeforum you have to inflict it while doing something very stupid
@Ohnana @GodEmperorDune noted
@Unionhawk having someone here to play the games I haven't been able to has been great for my understanding of references.
@fredley There's a better one, but nyeh
5:59 PM
yeah, the darwin award is about fucking up so bad you remove yourself from the gene pool

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