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12:00 AM
@RavenDreamer Same way we objectively claim which secret passives exist in League of Legends and which ones are just flavor.
@GraceNote In that case, since no one at Bethesda has talked about any hidden effects of race, the answer is just, "no"?
@RavenDreamer Well, unless anyone has proof otherwise, it's a wild goose chase, innit? There's always avenue to do research and see what all could be.
Q: Name of old arcade game... Klaxxon?

AShiremanI'm looking for the real name of an arcade game from the 80's. I think it was Klaxxon, but I can't seem to find it from any sellers. The purpose of the game was to stack colored blocks and get stacks of 4 to eliminate them from the storage area. The blocks were tumbling end over end towards you...

@GraceNote My point is, shouldn't we be closing wild goose chase questions?
@RavenDreamer Under what reason?
12:05 AM
@GraceNote Because, by their very nature, there is no way to know if there's an answer other than "no".
What close reason?
Because "We might not know the answer better than what we ourselves know" isn't a close reason, last I checked.
Well, playing in godmode for 20 minutes doesn't seem to give you any medal notification
@GraceNote Are you enjoying the game?
even if you had some other hidden stuff about the game, it's still not a complete answer
I guess that's ok
The question here presents evidence of existing hidden stats as motivation for the belief that there must be hidden stuff. One can either accept that this is reasonable thought to believe there is (as yet unknown) further hidden perks, or you could reject it on the premise that this is a well-known holdover from Oblivion, as noted in the Bethesda forum thread, and thus you find that it is unlikely that there are additional hidden perks based solely on race/gender selection.
Most pure speculation questions fall under "not a real question" due to being overly broad, vague, ambiguous, ridiculous in scope, or lacking in research. "Not constructive" comes into play when the clarity of what is constitutes hidden is debateable (see Hidden Features).
@GnomeSlice If you mean Really Big Sky, I haven't had a chance to launch it.
12:25 AM
Q: How can I consummate my marriage?

Tom WrightI seem to have lost my wife. I married Brelyna Maryon, but haven't seen her since the ceremony in Riften. She doesn't seem to have returned to the college. She isn't at my house in Whiterun. Not sure where else she might be... Anyway, I figure some Lover's Comfort would be useful. And it'd be n...

@GnomeSlice You play Nitrome games, right?
But no, I haven't tried 'Nitrome Must Die' yet.
@Lazers step 1, cut a hole in the box?
@agent86 ....*sneeeeeeerk*
...gah, you must! Otherwise you wouldn't be able to mondo-answer my upcoming mondo-question on Gaming!
12:34 AM
Alrighty then.
@GraceNote You must cut a hole in the box?!?!?!
Might get a chance tomorrow.
...and that is mondo-terrible timing.
By upcoming... you meant... shortly?
@GnomeSlice Well, I was going to start writing it up now
12:36 AM
G'night all
I thought about it as I was driving back from my mailbox
G'nite, @Fallen
@GraceNote How much will I need to play to be able to answer it?
@GnomeSlice Question 1... hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Question 2 would depend on your luck and consequently your intuition.
@GraceNote Er...?
12:38 AM
@GnomeSlice I didn't use "mondo" as an adjective just for flavor.
Well, I'll check it out in a bit, but I probably won't get far.
Give me a few minutes.
Why the hell aren't these rollouts rolling out any more?
@GraceNote Do you get rollouts on the secondary menu here?
Just bought the Humble Introversion Bundle.
g2g to church now though
@GnomeSlice You mean the one with like "Music", "Misc"?
Yes, that one.
'Game links' should be doing rollouts.
It WAS before...
Now it appears to have stopped.
Also, is there a login section there for you?
@Lazers that title is rather terrible
12:46 AM
No rollout on Game Picks"
There is a login section
Faaaaaaaa whyyy
It was working before...
Yeah, it doesn't want to work.
I must have changed something.
Oh, wait...
Q: Minecraft: Automatic egg harvester?

fbreretoI have a breeding area filled with chickens. What I'd like to do is set up the area such that any eggs laid therein are automatically shuffled out of the pen to a place where it's easy to pick them up. My current thought is that because chickens float I could replace all the grass with water. Th...

Q: What are all the weapons in Nitrome Must Die?

Grace NoteIn Nitrome's 100th game, Nitrome Must Die, there are a lot of weapons. In the first few levels you see your basic Machinegun, Pistol, Shotgun... but then you start to get cool referential weaponry. Like the Chisel of the eponymous game, or the Fireball from their Trap series. And you play further...

@Lazers Yikes. That will take a while.
Something tells me the whole Nitrome Must Die thing was a publicity stunt.
Oh, what do you know.
It now links to the game.
Yeah, that confirms it then.
Told you it was mondo. ♪
12:51 AM
I'm asking a second, much smaller question to help preserve the tag.
@GnomeSlice "Big".
I got it, just took me a minute.
I see I see
@GraceNote Once more, do you see rollouts now?
12:53 AM
I don't think I did it the way I did it before...
Screw Wordpress.
Oh well.
Does the login thing want you to sign up?
I actually have no idea how that works.
I entered a random name and pass. Let's see what happens
Q: I've lost my wife. Where can I find her?

Tom WrightI seem to have lost my wife. I married Brelyna Maryon, but haven't seen her since the ceremony in Riften. She doesn't seem to have returned to the college. She isn't at my house in Whiterun. Not sure where else she might be... Anyway, I figure some Lover's Comfort would be useful. And it'd be n...

No idea if it's a front-end registration widget, or just for registered users.
12:55 AM
I've edited the title to more accurately reflect the content, but I feel as if it could still be improved.
@GraceNote Hmm, don't see a new user.
@GnomeSlice It's greyed out and claims to be loading. Hasn't budged
Although, 'anyone can register' IS checked...
Humph. I hope I didn't need to set anything else up to enable user registration.
I don't really know what I'm doing.
It's frightening that agent86 has posted more answers than me and gotten a third of my rep in less than a month.
@Mana Can you try?
12:57 AM
@GnomeSlice Thing is, I didn't use the register link. I just filled out the login/pass
@GraceNote There's a register link?
I can't see it, because I'm always logged in.
So... giving it a false username and password... confuses it?
Oh, new user registration...
Worked for @Mana.
Q: Dell Latitude e6520 gaming capabilities?

user1072185I am purchasing a very reduced Dell Latitude e6520 from a friend and was wondering what kinds of games I could play on it and what resolutions. I'm not buying it for gaming purposes, but I am curious. The specs are as follows: Intel® Core™ i7-2720QM (2.20GHz, 6M cache) with Turbo BoostTechnolog...

@Mana Awesome, now can you tell me what kind of profile options you have?
Can you even edit a user profile?
Yes, I can edit my profile.
What options are there? It doesn't take you to the administration dashboard, does it?
1:00 AM
No, it doesn't.
there a bunch of options
...there's a Nitrome Wiki. I mean, I guess I should've expected it, but it made the answer much easier. Hrm.
@Mana you're not the only one.
@GraceNote That's actually surprising.
Nitrome has a huge fanbase, but the fans seems to be largely... er....
@Mana Can you screencap it? Thanks.
man what a pain
@GnomeSlice I just figured, the games are so small generally that a whole wiki seemed like it would be sparse.
1:01 AM
Ugh, why does this theme use all caps for titles and notifications?
@GraceNote There's that too.
That's why I wanted to ask the question, too, so that there was data on the net.
Nitrome gave me a stern talking to on their facebook page a while ago.
I made a fool of myself.
@GraceNote There's a wiki for pretty much everything; it doesn't mean it's actually useful
@GraceNote Sorry? :P
cfr. serious sam wiki
1:02 AM
@badp ...Canadian Finals Rodeo?
@AshleyNunn You got an upvote and will probably get an accept (as I highly doubt anyone would post a separate answer just to name them all again), but imagine what'd be attracting a bounty on it, eh?
oh, in English it's "cf."
@Mana be afraid. be very afraid.
@badp Still no idea what you're referring to.
Considered that the Italian "confrontare" and the English "confront" are basically the same word, I thought they'd also have pretty much the same abbreviation
1:04 AM
Godammit, who did that...
stupidstuff.png Thanks man.
@GnomeSlice Starred your message? I did.
I thought it was funny.
@Mana ...Shit. You DO get the admin options.
Does the site still look the same on that page?
@badp "cf" isn't widely used in day-to-day english
1:06 AM
@GnomeSlice Wait, so if I make an account on your site I could completely destroy it?
@Wipqozn No idea. Try it, and tell me what happens.
@agent86 so isn't "lol"
I had to look it up, and it's my best language
@GnomeSlice Huh? If I had admin options I'm pretty sure I'd be able to post something to your blog. It says I don't have permissions to do that
I'd say "the only one I'm fluent in" but that implies a level of mastery I do not have
1:06 AM
@Mana You have options for 'view administration bar' and stuff.
anyways I don't have any more time to blow on this, it's time to crackdown on this assembly assignment
The wiki is very weak on the coverage of weapons.
@Mana Does the site theme look the same?
Or is it all white-y on that page.
@GnomeSlice what
it looks white-y
if my screencap is any indication
@Mana Shit. Yeah, that's the admin dashboard.
1:08 AM
Maybe that's just how wordpress works.
no you mean the main site
Never done it before.
no it's the exact same
No, I mean on the user profile page.
That's probably just how wordpress handles user profiles. Weird that you got an option for 'show admin bar' though...
1:09 AM
@badp "lol" is pretty common, comparatively speaking. I don't think I've ever gotten an email, letter, or had a conversation in which "cf" was used, personally. ANECDOTAL EVIDENCE FTW.
Of note, the wiki doesn't source every weapon that is a reference.
@agent86 Fine, that doesn't mean it didn't come in handy for me
@GraceNote Shame on them.
Is there some other brief way to express the same?
@GnomeSlice Those are my global wordpress preferences, I believe.
1:09 AM
Woo, new batch of down- and close-votes on my pronunciation question
@Mana ...Don't think so. Can you see the admin bar on my site?
@badp I think it might be more common in british english, or english as a second language. just not a very 'merican term, in my experience.
Of course, it's not a good test, since I can't see it either...
Q: What is the maximum number of heart containers I can have?

WipqoznIn Zelda games the maximum is normally 20, however due to the Life Medals I'm uncertain if this holds true. Futhermore, if the maximum is 20, is that with or without Life Medals?

1:10 AM
Yeah, me neither though.
there's a bar on top but it just lets me access my dashboard
Your dashboard?
I believe this is the admin bar referred to in the user profile
I thought only admins had access to the dashboard.
1:11 AM
Alright, thanks.
No, I get it.
everyone on wordpress has a dashboard thing on top
Each user gets a dashboard?
@Wipqozn Hmm, that's a duplicate anyway I think.
Lol, not me. It used to be there.
well whatever
I g2g
1:11 AM
Anyway, good.
@GnomeSlice They do.
@Wipqozn Did you try to register?
@TimStone More specifically, of this question.
@GnomeSlice No, I just have a lot of experience with Wordpress.
what's BFE in
1:13 AM
@Wipqozn Can you try?
@NickT I think the official reasoning is: "Before First Episode"
If I asked that in a question would it be closed because it's uninteresting?
No, it wouldn't, but I wouldn't be able to source my answer
(I mean, I wouldn't. Also Google's coming out empty.)
I'm still rubbed the wrong way by my 40-vote skyrim question, figured it would go over well here versus random internet forums
or here
To be honest I don't think it helps that you need scroll down the comments bickering about the question to see the answer
but that's a general argument
1:21 AM
Haha, the wiki doesn't even include one of the weapons on the list
and "how to pronounce skyrim" is a much more... easy question to answer
@GraceNote Oh?
@GraceNote are you talking about the serious wikia?
@AshleyNunn The list includes the weapon, not the wiki page on the weapons (the Nitro weapon. Yes, it was annoying to search for)
I know they used their subdomain wisely. When I skimmed over it, I did mutter, "Seriously?"
1:22 AM
@GraceNote Interesting. I imagine it would be.
Whoa, they're offering some of their games for download now?
how do I search for just answers?
i.e., is there some search thing I can add to this to filter them? gaming.stackexchange.com/search?q=user:2259+[minecraft]
ah, is:answer
This game reminds me of Super Crate Box.
hiding at the bottom
Actually, that whole Nitrome Must Die thing was pretty clever.
Now I know it was faked, because the characters in the game have the user images used by the 'people' who posted the site on their facebook.
1:33 AM
@NickT Sorry, I'd've piped in if I saw your inquiry.
Q: How do I hurt Voldemort at the end of Year 5?

Ben BlankI've reached the part of "A Veiled Threat" where Dumbledore joins the fight. I've managed to knock a couple of Voldy's hearts off — I shot him, then destroyed his fire dragon — but now he's standing on the fountain where I can't shoot him or jump up to him. I've got a large ball of water in the ...

@GraceNote Well, it sounds like you don't need my help with this any more.
@GnomeSlice Well, you know Nitrome better than I do - you could probably do a better sourcing job than me.
I only happen to know certain ones - they just happen to be the ones that the wiki is deficient on
@GraceNote Not likely. I don't even know what 'sourcing' means.
@GnomeSlice Noting the source game for weapons that are references
1:36 AM
@GraceNote Oh. You mean references to other games?
...Yeah, I'd probably get most of those.
Haven't played some of the newer Nitrome games though.
I recognized the first enemies, from Jack Frost.
To be honest, I'm not really that observant.
Give yourself more credit ♪
What's your favourite Nitrome game?
I liked the Test Subject Blue series
1:45 AM
Shame that Bionic Commando Rearmed doesn't have this in it:
@GraceNote Interesting. Never finished either of those, found them kind of generic.
so I have 227 points for minecraft but no badge (only requires 100)?
@GnomeSlice Tried Test Subject Blue. The first level made me ragequit
@badp ...Don't ever try to beat 'IceBreakers'.
TSB wasn't difficult... just meh.
No, it's not rage from difficulty. It's rage from level design.
I missed jumps due to low ceilings way too many times
The levels did strike me as being kind of tedious, too.
Have you played 'Dirk Valentine'?
That one has great level design.
1:50 AM
@NickT Good lord, get rid of it.
oh god
I've found the answer to my question about survival medals
Why did we get 4... how did we get 4!?
Really wish chat had drag and drop image uploading
should this be moved to board & card games?:
Q: Can every game of Solitaire be solved?

Ivo FlipseI play a lot of Solitaire games on my Android phone and love to keep an eye out for the statistics. Given that the Solitaire version let's you restart the game endlessly, I usually play until I solve it. But I never managed to solve more than 80% of the games played (1000+). So now I wonder, is...

1:53 AM
↑ can you see the answer?
because I can't fucking read that thing
I think it says "Bronze 4:00", "Silver 5:00" and "Gold Clowns" but...
clicking on the item doesn't bring that 'preview' to the center of the screen, it just loads the level
@badp just zoom and enhance, what's so hard
Q: Why can't I pickpocket Babette?

GoblinlordSo I have seen on in several places that it is possible to pickpocket trainers after training with them. Is there a list of pickpocketable trainers? I tried to do this with Babette in the Dark Brotherhood... but when I go into sneak mode... it seems I am unable to pickpocket her as when I place...

Q: What is the effect of the Dragon Ball?

Grace NoteOne of the weapons in Nitrome Must Die is the Dragon Ball. Through name and appearance, it appears to be based off of the Dragon Breath weapon from Castle Corp, where it is the most expensive item and fires an immensely powerful ball of purple energy that passes through walls and deals tons of...

Q: What's the most efficient way to get experience?

Nick TNow that experience does something besides render regions of a server uninhabitable due to orb lag, what's the most efficient and safe way to get those excellent enchants? A mob farmer may rank highly, but what about without tons of setup?

@NickT Yes.
1:57 AM
It is a beta site though...but then again it's not really on-topic here
@GraceNote where's this MSO dust-up about the Steve Jobs banner
@NickT ?
"There was a banner on Stack Overflow after Steve Jobs died. It caused quite a stir on Meta Stack Overflow"
was the main question deleted? all I can find is this
Now Available - Assassin's Creed Revelations: #SteamNewRelease http://bit.ly/vvOeHd
Don't be surprised that we don't get AC traffic, apparently nobody here cares :P
@badp it was my gaming grant game!
soon, very soon, I will ask soooo many questions
whenever it gets it's little disc-shaped butt to my house
my batman time has been severely hindered by my stupid grad school app thing
writing about all this touchy-feely stuff is nearly impossible for me
2:11 AM
@agent86 Had you chosen Steam, you'd be playing for one hour already!
*You'd have been downloading for one hour already.
@GnomeSlice they didn't allow pre-loading?
No idea.
then again I guess you could say "you'd have been decrypting for one hour", though I think that's only a problem for popular games when they overload the Steam servers
e.g. orange box
> - Changed line of sight reduction effect for buckets, vases and cabinets from 75% to 25.3%.
Oh shit these are randomly generated on refresh. Even better.
> - Fixed rare issue where players using 3D glasses would perceive apples to be of a size "deeply frightening to children".
2:18 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz ...?
> - Beggars in Solitude no longer use ethnic slurs to refer to player characters of Nordic descent.
> - All references to "werewolves" have been corrected to "homosexuals".
> - Vampire enemies in Companion quest chain corrected to glitter in daylight.
> - Fixed issue causing Lydia to renounce vow to carry burdens.
Okay I'll stop now.
> - Mudcrabs in shallow water should now display the correct number of breasts.
> - Fires no longer extinguish themselves when threatened.
> - Increased cost of Zerg Spawning Pool to 200.
> - Reduced effect of facial hair on terminal velocity.
2:24 AM
> - Brynjolf no longer sells human hearts for 5 gold.
@NickT That'd be a result of the stir
> - Launching Skyrim on a Windows 2003 computer with your primary video card output connected to a HDMI display no longer erroneously displays the message "This program cannot be run in DOS mode."
> - Elder Dragons no longer become aroused when in the presence of human children.
I love stuff like this.
> - Fixed a bug where NPC prices were higher for players with traditionally African American names.
> - Upon agreement with ESRB, added jaunty brass-band music to postmortem sequences.
> - Corrected typo: Dragon Boners have been removed from player inventories.
Okay, that's the best one, shows over.
I dunno, the one about Dragons no longer getting aroused by children is pretty good.
> - Pots and kettles now have slits to see through and can be equipped as helmets.
> - Fixed bug where insults from Throw Voice Thu'um are insufficiently degrading to women and children.
@GnomeSlice It would've been funnier if this was Oblivion and there were Lions in game and the patch note was about lions.
2:30 AM
> - Grapes pickpocketed into female NPC inventories should no longer turn into raisins.
But there are no Lions in Skyrim. :(
@LessPop_MoreFizz Why?
> - Fixed bug that caused shouting Graybeard model to appear nude on loading screens in low memory conditions.
The Penn State Nittany Lions football team represents the Pennsylvania State University in the National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I Football Bowl Subdivision as a member of the Big Ten Conference. It is one of the most tradition-rich and storied college football programs in the United States. On November 22, 2008, after a victory over Michigan State University, Penn State became the sixth FBS program to win 800 games. Joe Paterno was Penn State's head coach for nearly 46 seasons, winning 409 games, more than any other Football Bowl Subdivision football coach. He was fired...
I really don't feel like reading an entire article to probably still not get the reference.
@GnomeSlice You don't have to read the entire article. The headline was the reference.
2:32 AM
I don't get it.
> - Shrines of Talos are now 0% more powerful.
But since you are out of the news loop, the short version is that the Penn State Football program recently fired it's head coach when it came out that he covered up a scandal in which one of his assistants molested young boys as part of a youth program over a period of 10 years.
> - Whiterun Guards will no longer kidnap the player's spouse claiming he/she "had it coming".
@LessPop_MoreFizz ...Oh.
@GnomeSlice Thats a reference to an actual bug where the Shrine of Talos buff displays as 0% effective at the moment.
> - Issues of Highlights for Children now work properly as Speech skill books if the player's Speech skill is below 30.
I don't even understand that one.
@GnomeSlice You can read books in game. Some books can improve your skills.
For instance, reading The Black Arrow might give you a point of Archery skill.
2:34 AM
> - If a fight with a standard Dragon lasts for more than 1000 in-game years, the dragon will now correctly change into an Elder Dragon.
@LessPop_MoreFizz lol @ student support for Joe Paterno...was thinking about going there; no longer
> - Uninstalling Fallout: New Vegas removes many files that are required by Skyrim to run. To play Skyrim after uninstalling New Vegas, you must type them back in by hand.
@NickT Yeah, it's kind of disgusting.
They rioted.
They rioted when he was fired.
Who wrote these?
> - Fixed a bug that made human children too good at tag.
> - Fixed bug where pewter fruit bowls would spawn in place of frost trolls.
Do I think Paterno should go to jail? No, there's no evidence that anything he did was criminal, and he fulfilled his legal obligations by notifying his superiors. Do I think Paterno should lose his job and burn in hell for a completely heinously immoral act? Fuck yes I do.
2:36 AM
> - NPCs should no longer refer to Vampirism as a disease, but as a life choice.
@GnomeSlice You can actually play tag with children in skyrim.
And the pewter fruit bowl?
> - Followers now grow to resent player fame over time.
> - You can now pick up water like any other object.
@GnomeSlice Is an actual in game item.
Well, now it's much less funny.
> - Lydia's mace now properly turns into a rolling pin when you purchase Breezehome.
> - Fixed a bug where admission to College of Winterhold was easier for players with traditionally African American names.
Jesus, someone had some time on their hands.
> - Corrected bug in the AI for traveling salesmen that caused them to consider P equivalent to NP in rare edge cases.
Wowwwwwww that one is nerdy
2:38 AM
What are P and NP referring... yeah, that.
I wonder if at any given time we both see the same things.
@GnomeSlice It's a math joke.
> - Increased viscosity of goat cheese when melted; thrown fondue now does 6-8 additional fire damage.
@GnomeSlice P = NP is all you need to know
> - Players with high Pickpocketing skill may no longer pickpocket internal organs from NPCs.
Some of these seem like they might be actual patches.
> - Friendly or neutral NPC health bars, when taking damage, no longer flicker repeatedly.
Q: Will old, pre-explored worlds never have strongholds?

Nick TSupposedly strongholds only spawn between 640 and 1152 blocks from the origin and there are only three per world. On the SMP server I play on, all that land has been explored for a very long time, so it obviously won't be regenerated unless somehow deleted. Does this mean that the strongholds w...

Q: What is the "Load Loose FIles" checkbox in the Data Files dialog?

BrantIn the Data Files dialog of the Skyrim launcher, there's a checkbox titled "Load Loose Files" which is disabled by default. What does this checkbox do?

2:41 AM
And this one.
> - Corrected ephemerides for several stellar objects in skill up screen. (Thank you, Wikia users. Please stop calling us.)
> - User-submitted issues 1207, 1208, 1209, 1221, 4856, 6004-7542, and 10179 closed as "not reproducible enough".
Does anyone know if some of these are serious?
> - Fixed a bug that was deleting alchemy objects if you had a container open at the same time you had the alchemy menu open. If both menus contained the same object, the object was being removed from the world. Opening an alchemy menu will now close any open container menus.
@GnomeSlice I haven't seen one yet that is an actual fix, though a number of them do refer to actual bugs (such as the Shrine of Talos one).
That last one seems awfully long and boring to be a joke of some sort.
> - Fixed rare issue where players using 3D glasses would perceive apples to be of a size "deeply frightening to children".
A: Will old, pre-explored worlds never have strongholds?

Jake KingAll chunks generated before 1.8 will use the old world generation algorithm. They will never contain strongholds unless they are deleted and regenerated. Also, chunks from 1.8.x have a much lower stronghold-spawning rate, so even if 1.9+ generation will spawn a stronghold there, the 1.8 chunks wi...

this guy is confusing me more
is the wiki page out of date and full of errors?
@GnomeSlice The thing is that it's not possible to 'open an alchemy menu' while 'a container menu' is open.
there's just no way to do that.
2:46 AM
You can't interact with an Alchemy Lab (which is required to open an alchemy menu) while looking at the contents of a box (which uses up the whole screen as well).
It might be a reference to an Oblivion bug that I'm not familiar with, because god knows there were plenty of those.
> - Corrected error in kinematics engine that caused ice trolls to assume a compromising position when alerted. You know which one, Jim. You fucking sicko.
This is a Good Tech Support Question. Because it entertained me.
Q: Skyrim launcher keeps prompting for elevation, but never launches

Ian BoydTrying to play Skyrim on Windows 7, i double-click the icon: Briefly the Steam launcher appears: before the Skyrim laucher appears: Clicking Play, i get a UAC elevation prompt: at which point the Skyrim launcher reappears: If i click Play, the Skyrim launcher briefly disappears bef...


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