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4:25 AM
heh that amusingly backfired
LOL. #BedBathAndBolsheviks
3 hours later…
7:30 AM
good morning
9 hours later…
4:28 PM
♪♫ And then you go and spoil it all by saying something civil like "good morning" ♪♫
5:16 PM
A: How can you check the installed Certificate Authority in windows 7/8?

Paulette MannI would like to change the type of name on my administration account and put a new new password

this is why we can't have nice things
2 hours later…
7:03 PM
Hi all
Ok, I'd like to get an opinion on the "office" tag.
I figure it is intended to mean the MS Office suite of products, but a few questions use it for issues in/around the office.
So, before suggesting an edit - is there a good reason to use it for issues in/around the office?
@S.L.Barth I cant think of a good reason to use it for either subject.
sounds like another useless tag, of which we have so many.
oof too many to just nuke it blindly. gonna need more time to go through it one at a time.
14.... it could be a whole lot worse.
yeah, could be, but still not good to go nuking blindly.
hey @schroeder, why did you migrate that sessionid question? Session management is very much on topic, and properly understanding the "why" about it is better here.
@Xander too ^, and others, for that matter...
7:22 PM
@AviD I could go ahead and remove the tag from some, if you like.
(And of course provide any other editing necessary on these posts).
@S.L.Barth sure, if you see that they dont fit properly.
not blindly, ofc
Ok. I'll consider my edits carefully.
well, that would make you the anomaly.
@Lighty i have no idea who they are, but that's pretty cool
7:53 PM
Hm... a number of these "office" questions are really about macros, but we don't have a tag for that... nor do I think we need one.
Technically speaking it's a tool request, but it has good answers, that show what to do instead of using a different tool.
8:14 PM
Quick question for you all: for educational purposes, I've decided to write a Windows backdoor. I'm trying to figure out what language to use. It would obviously have to be compiled, and it shouldn't have any dependencies like C#'s .NET framework. So far, I've only been able to come up with C/C++.
C seems a good choice. When you say "backdoor", you mean it is code you install on the machine that you're going to "attack"?
(Just making sure).
I'm just not the biggest fan of C. Never really got as good with it as Java or C#
Yes, C takes you to a lower level... more responsibility on the part of the programmer.
It depends a little on what you plan to do. If you want the backdoor to be a .exe to run on the target machine... you could use anything that compiles to .exe .
Problem is dependencies
Hm, Java and C# both quickly introduce these.
I suppose you could also use Python.
8:25 PM
Can't have my backdoor asking victims to install the latest .NET framework
what, cxfreeze?
I guess that's an idea
So far, I've never had to compile Python to .exe, so no experience with cx_Freeze.
Huh. I'll give it a shot. Thanks!
You're welcome.
2 hours later…
10:08 PM
Crap. That one hour within the time of change is THE worst part about changing clocks. Did the clocks already change? Or are they about to? You can never know.
10:58 PM
@AviD at 2 in the morning CET, so in an hour or so
we'll have 2 hours long 2 am
wat, no
dammit dont confuse me
now I'm thinking its in 2 minutes from now
@TildalWave are you changing your clocks today too?
such a stupid thing, changing clocks...
we're still at DST
@AviD yes, I'm throwing my old ones out through the balcony and moving in large sand dials
boom, just went from 1:59 to 1:00. so it's now.
@TildalWave pfft.
would make things simpler, for sure.
@AviD wot? no that's so not EU of you
@TildalWave pfft
you mean EC
oh interesting. so we are doing it the same as EU
we're just an hour ahead
think of it this way, tonight we get one hour without some crazy Swiss screaming cuckoo :)
Q: Kali Linux airodump-ng not providing any stations

John DoeTitle. I'm currently trying to crack my home wifi, however when running airodump-ng, it does not provide any stations. http://imgur.com/8RPa3vA. Handshakes are also not found.

free flags
11:43 PM
@AviD He's not asking why. He's asking how to make it work differently. I dunno...Even re-reading it, it seems like a better question for SO than for here. // cc: @schroeder
@Xander hmm, you may be right at that...
on the other hand, on SO they might help him "fix" that, whereas here he would get an explanation of why he shouldnt.
admittedly my answer was not much in the way of that.
@AviD What's wrong with your apostrophe?
54 mins ago, by AviD
dammit dont confuse me
4 hours ago, by AviD
@S.L.Barth sure, if you see that they dont fit properly.
@TildalWave nuthin I just don'''''t bother
bad tigger bad!
heres a few extra of em: ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''
11:54 PM
I just thought that if you lost something it might be hidden under that key :P

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