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6:05 PM
@AlienOnEarth Ubuntu questions not a big fan of trouble shooting in q&A section I would recommended you to install wiki.gnome.org/Apps/Evince or PDF Mods in the software section, see if this is any help!
@Terrance That would be redundant, as I am loading ROMs onto the arcade machines my students built, and they already have a MAME emulator :P
@HeatherBrown =) What type of GBA games then do you mean? Maybe like Fire Emblem like my son just got? That is a HOT game for some reason. Amazon had a brand new one listed for $600 USD
I wonder why it's so valuable D=
No idea
My son really likes the game though.
6:15 PM
Well, then, I will let them try it out.
Also got the Golden Sun duo, Pokemon Emerald, and Minish Cap
Yeah! The Blue Jays just got a run in.
Yeah! Sports!
My other son loves Pokemon Emerald. =)
@HeatherBrown This is crazy insanely priced!
The thrift store by my house has TONS of GBA games still in boxes for like $1.50 each.
6:19 PM
I am totally selling those things online.
Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones brand new is selling for $140
Yeah, and Golden Sun is around that, too.
Let me look that one up.
I still have both of my Golden Sun and Golden Sun 2 cartridges and boxes from when I was a teen.
WOW! Golden Sun is at $154.59 brand new. Dang!!!
6:20 PM
At this rate, I may have to try Opera. Chrome is just... argh.
Opera looks funny.
But if it works...
For some reason, every so often in Chrome, the GPU process goes wild and starts eating the CPU.
Everything you do in Chrome is a new process. =(
@Fabby I am root?
Need more cores.
6:22 PM
@HeatherBrown me too
@HeatherBrown I'm thinking of a Xeon processor for my next build.
@565656 I know your younger brother, @454545!
@NathanOsman I have an i7. Seems to be pretty good...
My laptop has an i5 and my desktop has an AMD A8 processor (quad-core @ 3.6 GHz).
@HeatherBrown I have the same at work. The i7-4770, and it seems really good. =)
6:25 PM
@HeatherBrown I am 353535
It was expensive, but I figured it would last a few years
@454545 hi
Yeah, that's usually the way to do it.
6:28 PM
My AMD X2 still works fine, and I have had it for years. So you should be good!
I went all AMD on this machine (I've got a Radeon R9 270X). I might go Intel+Nvidia next time.
Love my AMD, hate Radeon video cards. AMD+NVIDIA for me! =)
AMD has better open-source drivers though.
Yeah, but the Radeon card I had in my system locked it up in Linux, but worked great in Windows. =(
@HeatherBrown yes, my usual test string: "testicle"
6:33 PM
I get to buy a new computer once a year with the incentive I get when my students do well on state tests, I figure. But, if I instead just spend a lot one year on something REALLY awesome, I can save a few years worth of those bonuses and travel :D
@565656 you are /dev/null! ;-)*
@Fabby I should have known.
@HeatherBrown <nodding&grinning>
@HeatherBrown :D
meaning: one year you'll have over-performing students...
... and the next couple of years jail-bait?
what would be a good word in English slang to describe under-performers
No, I mean, my students do well every year.
So, I get bonuses every year
6:36 PM
So, last year I spent a little over my bonus on my build.
And the next few years I get to just save those bonuses.
@HeatherBrown I thought you meant: how about getting a really huge bonus one year and then slacking off for a few years! :D
@HeatherBrown Ah!
Just read it again and now it makes sense!
(I've just got a weird way of thinking)
@Terrance I have an Athlon X2 in an old desktop and it's still pounding away.
@Fabby Also, jail-bait... that means an underage person you find attractive
6:40 PM
Opera isn't all that bad.
Or, an under-age person purposefully making his- or herself look older so that older men or women will be attracted to them.
Therefore, instigating statutory rape.
Which would send you to jail.
Look at that tiny tab.
6:43 PM
@Seth Nice!! I have always been a huge fan of the AMD processors.
Also, YAY for Google Hangouts
@HeatherBrown It's a pinned tab.
@Terrance In desktops definitely, laptops, not so much.
@HeatherBrown Ah! >:-) Not really what I meant to say...
Oh this is terribly funny: github.com/auchenberg/volkswagen
6:44 PM
Am I the only one hear it when people use autotune in songs? (probably not all of them, but some)
@HeatherBrown I meant to say "under-age-person-ready-to-go-to-jail"
> "If you want your software to be adopted by Americans, good tests scores from the CI server are very important. Volkswagen uses a defeat device to detect when it's being tested in a CI server and will automatically reduce errors to an acceptable level for the tests to pass. This will allow you to spend less time worrying about testing and more time enjoying the good life as a trustful software developer."
@Seth I have to agree with you there. However, I do have a Compaq CQ60-418DX that is running Windows 10 very nicely!
@HeatherBrown I had to look up that one...
6:46 PM
@NathanOsman I need this tool.
@HeatherBrown thanks
@Terrance not bad! 2.10 GHz in a laptop then was pretty good.
@Fabby for?
@Seth Yep. I bought it for my college days, and I thought I would try Windows 10 on it, and it seems to be working better than when Win 7 was on it. I think I bought it back in 2005.
6:48 PM
@NathanOsman :D
@HeatherBrown Teaching me English!
(or in this case: reminding me of a word I haven't used for a while)
@NathanOsman have you read the source code yet???
goodbye ... see you ... tomorrow :)
@Fabby You are welcome!
@Fabby Not yet. Just looking through open bugs.
@cl-netbox cu my friend
@Fabby even the commits are funny: github.com/auchenberg/volkswagen/commit/…
7:02 PM
Well... that was... unique.
Opera just managed to crash Compiz.
Aw... Texas tied the game.
This is basically a link-only answer, can someone please downvote it so that I can flag it as very low quality.
@NathanOsman so. many. duplicate. comments. >:|
@NathanOsman huh, I didn't realize Canada played in the MLB.
but then, I hardly follow baseball.
@NathanOsman Didn't Texas beat them last night too?
@Seth: Hah! Dead wrong! this should be closed as "This describes a problem that can't be reproduced that seemingly went away on its own or was only relevant to a very specific period of time. It's off-topic as it's unlikely to help future readers. "
(just did so, but this is why I hate these tests: sometimes they're just wrong!)
7:16 PM
@Fabby yeah, the audit system isn't perfect, but you guys need to remember (and I've said this before): Beyond helping you remember to pay attention (this works both ways, good and bad audits ;) the audit system is not there to stop you.
It's to stop those people who don't even care.
@Seth I hear you... Just venting... <Grumble, grumble>
sure :)
@Seth Actually, having a smoke to calm down has its uses: I'm going to ask a Meta Stack Exchange question on how to improve the algorithm of the tests it chooses! (There is an algorithm, right? These aren't hand-picked, right? Otherwise, I'll beam over to you and kick you in)between the legs... ;-)
Could someone please downvote this as I really want to be able to flag it up as "very low quality" as it is a link-only answer, but as it still has 1 upvote showing on it I can't flag it up as that.
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body, bad keyword in title: 1/855/709/2847 Brother Printer Tech Support Phone Number by Justin miller on askubuntu.com
7:28 PM
@ParanoidPanda It's the accepted answer! Contact the OP to have it un-accepted...
Oh... But I still can't flag it as such if it has its votes in the positive...
@ParanoidPanda Oh, apparently it will be unaccepted in a few moments...
Oh, really, why?
@ParanoidPanda see lowest comment on Ravan's answer
7:31 PM
Q: Can only flag as "very low quality" if is not in the positive for votes

Paranoid PandaI have recently noticed that you are unable to flag up answers as "very low quality" if they are in the positive for votes (1 or above). Now I can see why this is in place, however I believe that this policy should be reviewed, because for instance, today I came across this answer that had 2 upvo...

@ParanoidPanda can you delete that question and discuss here, please???
@ParanoidPanda Pretty please????
@Fabby: Oh, if you mean the one on Meta, that is more a feature request.
SPAM WAVE!! Man SPAM stations! @Whaaaaaat
Oh my - they're drowning us with SPAM
@ParanoidPanda That is already in place for >20K rep users!
You could have asked ME!
7:33 PM
@ParanoidPanda now place your flag :)
@ParanoidPanda: shall we take a room together??? ;-)
No, it's fine... :D
@A.B.: Thank! :)
@Fabby Dropped an answer on that meta question.
7:38 PM
@hbdgaf ah...
Just closed tab... unclosing now
Q: More spam than usual?

JanIs it just me or is there more spam than usual the last days? Has anything changed in how we handle spam, making it more visible, or is it just another wave?

@hbdgaf upvoted
@Fabby Someone asked why their low quality flag was disputed/declined on MSO. So, it answers this question and the next one if a custom flag is used and declined.
@Seth Yeah, we used to have two Canadian teams but then we lost one. Toronto is all we have left. And yes, Texas beat them last night.
@Fabby So, I'm sort of freaking out about work right now. I'm getting pulled all over the store again - and I'm not yet done fixing frozen. The "replacement me" is going out from Oct to Dec. The secondary replacement me is now in another dept as a stand-in for someone who is out. Going overnights to fix a problem they let build for too long now. Every time I get almost caught up, someone throws me under the bus. EVERY D TIME
7:46 PM
@hbdgaf I wish I could just beam over and give you a hand...
OTOH: you don't need to watch TV: You apparently live in a soap series! @hbdgaf
It's fine. The problem is they're taking care of the lazy ones by abusing the hard working ones... and my salaried supervisor went to bat for me to say "just leave him alone and let him do his job" and got overridden with a nope
Oh boy.
Looks like a real spam battle is brewing here.
Prepares artillery...
I don't understand why people do that... spam bomb that is.
If they really wanted the spam to sneak through and get clicks - wouldn't they spread it out and slow it down?
Seems more like greifing the site than money making spam to me.
Why so much spam?
@ParanoidPanda It's a SPAM WAVE! Man the SPAM stations!
7:53 PM
Arming photon antispam torpedeoes
VTC this.
@NGRhodes :D :D :D
@NGRhodes Thank you. We appreciate it.
We are being boarded by the SPAM king!
7:55 PM
Wow - it's fun to watch the downvotes come in so fast.
Q: Why is behavioring like this?

Charlie AlbertI have this command cat somefile >file1 >file2 after I executed this command I can't figure out why file1 have nothing in it ... it should have the output of the first file (somefile)... but nothing is in it .. can you explain me why does not copy or write my output from the "somefile" ? (f...

[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body, bad keyword in title, phone number detected in title: Call Support/// +1-844-247-1987 //for Dell printer customer support phone number,Dell printer tech s by Sundar Kumar on askubuntu.com
Who is flagging the smoke detector and why?
7:57 PM
PSA: Please do not flag messages from the smoke detector. Thank you.
It is irritating and no, not me.
Not me!
I know it's not you, @Fabby :)
I guess someone feels that they are spamming the chat... :P Or perhaps, someone thinks it is a real person... I thought it was just some odd guy when I first came here... :D
Hopefully its not the SmokeDetector (inception)
7:59 PM
Anyway, it's not me!
It's a bot that is specifically there to post warnings about such spam posts on the main site in chat, as far as I understand. It's doing what it's supposed to do.
@ParanoidPanda Instead of posting silly pictures, could you help fighting spam???

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