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12:28 AM
@NathanOsman dunno. I've got them. Have them.
12:44 AM
Q: mosh server stopped working - bash: moshsession: command not found

user411180I did have a mosh server running fine on by Ubuntu 14 machine, but recently the mosh clients can no longer login. I see this error on the mosh client console: bash: /etc/profile: Permission denied bash: moshsession: command not found Any ideas on what has gone wrong and how to fix?

Q: Why `host` and `nslookup` on Ubuntu resolve hostnames while `ping` and `telnet` do not?

AlexI can't use git clone or even apt-get install because I get a "cannot resolve host" error. They were working before, but I have no idea what changed that broke the DNS resolve. I can't find any information about what's going on. Ping: ping google.com ping: unknown host google.com Telnet: te...

Harvest moon / super moon / full moon... can we just call it "the ludicrous moon"?
Anyone else watching for the eclipse thing?
or just "The Moon"
I'll probably miss it thanks to a meeting.
NASA's broadcasting it
So is sky-live.tv
Does <super>+<l> lock the unity session for anyone else?
@NathanOsman you have a meeting at 10:00 PM? o_O
12:47 AM
@Seth shouldn't it?
Could be 7 PST
@Zacharee1 don't tell me the folks that told me what time it would be at didn't mention they were telling me in EST >.>
@Zacharee1 well, I dunno. Ctrl+Alt+L is the usual one.
It's supposed to start at around 10:00 - 10:20 EST
@Seth Maybe they're trying for convenience. WINKEY+L locks Windows
this game fits right in with the theme i'm using:
well I just checked the local news.. you're right @Zacharee1.
No idea why I didn't check the local news to begin with..
I thought for a second you had a REALLY hi-res screen then I realized I was zoomed in @Mateo
@Seth lol
Just watch it at sky-live.tv
It's about to start
12:51 AM
1920x1080 not too bad, just about all I need really
I have the same, but it looked extremely big because I was so zoomed in
You all say this chat should stay on topic, but here we are talking about eclipses and screen resolutions
"General" is the word I live by in here ;)
NASA's broadcast is just showing annoying animations and simulations
@Mateo wise words..
12:54 AM
or as the description says - Normally: General
Stupid markup
****Tumbleweed rolls by****
wow, this game is strange/cool. it's called Dropsy:
What is is about?
So you play a clown, who wants to help people, It's a point/click, and the objective it to hug people
Great - NASA's broadcast just crashed on me
1:20 AM
****Tumbleweed rolls by again****
For an organization with access to some of the most advanced technology we have, NASA sure is bad at making reliable broadcasts
They have a lot of "scale" problems.
and live video broadcasts is not an easy thing to begin with
It's not too different from live TV. It's just over the internet
Oh, no. It's way harder.
How so?
So how does TV work?
1:30 AM
How is broadcasting over the internet harder than say cable or satellite?
yeah, the video has a direct line to the stations, then sent out as primary thing on the line
So it doesn't seem hard for it to be broadcast
It's typically routed over a network to a broadcast station, which sends it out via the airwaves - either via satellite or via normal TV.
cable is different, but we'll ignore that for a moment.
so think of amazon with UPS vs. craigslist with pick it up in person
you turn your TV set on, and it listens for the signal and then displays it.
your TV doesn't do broadcasting.
satellite it sends a single "Hey, i want this channel" signal (sometimes, some sats are different)
1:32 AM
I'm not so sure you understand what I'm saying
and if you've got a bad signal, you get a bad video quality that's distorted.
now the internet is entirely different.
you have to provide it in no less than 4 codecs.
Yes... but I don't care about quality
you have to do that on the fly.
and on top of that, you have to provide at least 2 different video qualities for each of those codecs.
so now we've got 8 codecs that need to be encoded on the fly.
then you need to deliver them from your datacenter or whatnot to each web browser individually.
So with TV, they just send one signal, and you're stuck. very little to go wrong there, for the most part.
but you've got the internet, and it all goes to hell in a handbasket instantly, because there's so many variables to account for.
Right. That's my point.
1:35 AM
too many people watching ;)
There are so many moving parts that even youtube, as big as they are, gets it wrong.
It's not YT
or livestream. or twitch.
@Zacharee1 which means they don't have as much experience with that
It's also only one definition, and probably only one encoding method
But my point is that NASA is supposedly this hi-tech company
but they can't get their video working
1:37 AM
So while they are quiet literally rocket scientists, they are not video codec wizards.
Don't ask me how to get a rocket into orbit, but ask me how to do video codecs and I'll do it.
They are entirely different problems to solve. :-)
I'm almost certain this is a direct TV broadcast - one codec encoding, one definition and TV CC (Live)
It can't work like that.
wow, they are using a large size too
try it in vlc :)
There is no single codec that works for Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari.
1:39 AM
@Mateo ?
And this wasn't even what I was trying to say
maybe it's your side of the network ;P
Corporate network?
I'm just trying to explain that while NASA is a pretty cool, high-tech place, it's also not an easy problem.
And I was just trying to make a joke
idk why I even argued
OK. Half the time the video frame doesn't even load in
hitting almost 3 MiB's off and on
1:42 AM
Yep, now the video doesn't even load in
Sorry if I came across as a little strong there @Zacharee1
night all
You people take things too literally and seriously
after the one project where I did video streaming, every time somebody complains that it's "just like TV why doesn't it work right", I have this need to explain that no, no it isn't.
@Zacharee1 always ;P
1:46 AM
Also, sarcasm doesn't work too well across text.
Or jokes.
or emotion in general...
put a ;P face at the end, it might help
2:14 AM
@A.B o/
@A.B did you answered before or after bounty started? here
@A.B It seems after ,..I added comment!
2:33 AM
I see you guys were having discussion about organizations not being able to do simple things :)
I often think if people saw how the world's elite companies can't get their printers working, they would lose faith in progress. :)
3:11 AM
They'ld either lose faith or pick up the sledgehammer. Either is appropriate.
I just installed g++-4.9
For some reason, there is no "g++" command, but "g++-4.9" is a command
Is there a way to change this behavior w/o using an alias? (so things like 'make' could also work)
would I just rename /usr/bin/g++-4.9 to /usr/bin/g++ ?
the moon is a funny color, and people are installing gcc. i rest my case.
i've already seen the moon
3:19 AM
Ha, lol.
If the moon turns blue, I'm willing to install Vista.
3:31 AM
crap, is this what the worlds come to .. installing gcc or whatnot instead of using their own homegrown compiler
@AmagicalFishy there is usually a solid reason for naming schemes with mature projects like gcc. I'd keep it as is and live with it
I had written a compiler but the resulting binaries were 80 times slower than GCC.
you're a funny kind of guy, @NathanOsman, but I like you :)
4:04 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body, pattern-matching website in body: Improves your cognitive skills by user455361 on askubuntu.com
Q: I lost 2 reputation but no message in reputation tab

Ravan Today morning my reputation was 2799. I got +1 for one question,then my reputation goes to 2804.But after some time I lost 2 reputation,but no message in reputation tab. I know -2 is when one of my answer get down-voted ,but which one?

Q: VLC media player window is overlaying other windows in Ubuntu 14.04 - compiz Window manager

Sabyasachi MitraI have Ubuntu 14.04 running on Oracle Virtual Box. Window Manager in Ubuntu is compiz. The issue I am facing is when I am playing a media file in VLC or any other media player the window is overlaying any other window (say terminal, firefox, etc.) and is not letting them come to the fore when I s...

4:25 AM
Q: Wifi not working on Ubuntu-Windows 10 dual boot

ChandrasekharI am new to Linux community. I have HP Split 13 x2 laptop with Windows 10 OS. I installed Ubuntu 15.04 alongside with Windows 10. When I use Ubuntu, my network connections are shown to be disabled. No Wifi, No wired connections! I am not able to figure out how to fix this problem. Any help is hig...

4:40 AM
Morning all :)
Meow-rrring !
@A.B. do you read blogs ?
5:09 AM
He @Serg my friend. Yes, I'm reading blogs.
@A.B. can I ask . . .why ? i know , weird question, but . . . .
@serg I read blogs, when I'm bored or if I find a link.
@A.B. I kind of feel like that's the same for a lot of people. I usually stumble upon random blogs on the internet, but i never have one regular blog that i follow :/ And here i am thinking of starting my own blog . . . . So it's kind of weird . . .
@Serg I don't have a regular blog, too.
@hbdgaf I read around your starred post but . . .i am kinda confused why anybody would install gcc ? isn't it coming by default with ubuntu ?
@ByteCommander o/ top of the morning to you, good sir
5:25 AM
Morning @ByteCommander
@A.B. and @ByteCommander next question then . . .is there anything that you guys do regularly on the internet besides askubuntu ? I am trying to find ideas for my server, so i am trying to understand what would be something that people can use regularly.
@Serg I'm using Feedly and Reddit
Woo... Slowly!
I just got up.
Good morning! :)
5:31 AM
@ByteCommander probably you right now ? ^ :) or oyou had coffe already ?
I usually never have coffee...
I'm more the tea or milk type to be honest. ;)
When really necessary, I do, but usually not.
It's currently 11:33 pm and I am VERY tempted to have some of that korean coffee I bought yesterday
Korean coffee?
It's Monday, no activity on AU
5:53 AM
I had plenty of rep yesterday , so today just chilling and letting others have their rep.
Foxit PDF reader now available for linux
@A.B. somebody added stuff to my question , which seems OK explanation, but I kind of don't like that they are adding material that i didn't write. What should i do ?
Ok, i edited the edit a little. I don't mind my answers being edited, but not when people add something I didn't write :|
6:52 AM
Good Morning everybody ! :)
Em . . . blacklisted website ? What do we do with that answer ? @Oli check the smoke detector message above; how do we proceed in that case ? Flag as spam ?
@cl-netbox morning ^_^
@Serg Good night for you, my friend ! :)
@Serg @cl-netbox o/
@RAvan \o
@Ravan Hello ! :)
6:55 AM
@Serg good night
@Ravan I wasn't leaving , hehe, i was just waving back at you
I learned a lot while researching this answer askubuntu.com/a/678919/295286
I never used process substitution before, but now i see it's a pretty useful feature :3
@Serg can you provide exact (only commands) to run a file in .tar.tz file)
7:10 AM
@Ravan run a file that is inside tar.tz file ?
You need to extract that file first
@Serg yes!
First time seeing tz extension
@Serg sorry I messed up....typo
got it /...
Good morning :)
7:12 AM
@hg8 morning
I can never remember the exact sequence of flags for each filetype in tar command
so i use that link
as cheat sheet
@hg8 meow-rning !
speaking of tar files, i need to install that foxit reader on my virtualbox
Deepin is so pretteh @_@
@Serg thank you
7:36 AM
@Ravan @cl-netbox Good morning guys! :)
Good morning @ByteCommander
@ByteCommander Good Morning - how are you ?
@hg8 Oh, good morning! I forgot you... ;-)
@cl-netbox Fine, thanks. And yourself?
@hg8 Welcome ! :)
@ByteCommander I saw that haha
Hello @cl-netbox how are you?
7:38 AM
@ByteCommander I am fine as well - thank you - a little bit cold outside, but sun is shining ! =)
Hmm... My current window goes to the South-East, so the sun did not really enter my room yet.
@hg8 Fine thanks - I'm currently writing a tutorial for @edwardtorvalds who has a problem with VB.
Cool, go on. I never touched VB myself...
@cl-netbox nice =)
@hg8 Did you get your faulty SSD replaced (under warranty) in the meantime ?
7:40 AM
The last time I used a language by Microsoft, it was QuickBasic 4.5 ;)
@cl-netbox I gave it back to my friend explaining the problem. He will send it back soon
@Serg Made a minor edit to your </<</< < answer.
@ByteCommander Believe it or not - I answered his question to help him - and guess what ? ... it was downvoted =) - this time I did not hesitate to delete it at once before getting too annoyed ! =) Now I try to help him this way ... :)
@ByteCommander yup, already got notified of that ^_^
@cl-netbox May I tell you something?
I'm just saying this because I think you did not really understand the voting system or are too sensible about that. Please don't get me wrong, I only want to help you getting familiar here.
7:49 AM
@ByteCommander yes - with pleasure :)
You should not pay that much attention to downvotes.
There are some idiots going around every now and then that downvote for fun.
Sometimes somebody has a reason for downvoting, then he'll usually explain in a comment.
@ByteCommander very kind - thank you - I appreciate it :)
But if you get a single downvote somewhere without any comment, this usually has no severe meaning.
Besides, it's only -2 points while an upvote gives +10...
@cl-netbox Happens sometimes. I've answered @ByteCommander 's question before and got downvoted ,too. Why? My answer wasn't answering the question or didn't exactly fit the question. Downvotes are just feedback tool : if answer sucks, a downvote is a way to tell the user about that. Like Byte said, dont worry about downvotes too much. If an answer is good, there will be people in community who see that an answer has values and upvote
What I want to say is that everybody receives some now and then and it's not a reason for immediately being upset and deleting the post.
7:51 AM
exactly ^
It's a hint that your post might be improved or does not totally address the problem yet, but it should only be a motivation do the necessary edit.
Only if there are many down- and no upvotes, e.g a score of -3 or so, I would really take another close look and consider removing it.
I know that it is mostly a problem with me myself - my true approach is to help others - and I thank you for helping me to getting used to it :)
I already got downvoted and did not remove my answer because other users appreciated it ...
Yeah, that's what I wanted to tell you.
And never take anything here personal, unless somebody explicitly says so! ;)
The cold and objective aim of StackExchange is good for information exchange, but just sounds a bit rough to new users sometimes.
@ByteCommander @Serg Thank you for talking in this nice way to me ! :)
It was the same for me when I started some months ago here, but you'll get used to it.
7:58 AM
@cl-netbox ^_^ no problem , buddy ! And the most important is to have fun ! I honestly enjoy researching answers and helping people, and just enjoy doing little scripts.
@ByteCommander hello
I think this is the main reason why I love Ubuntu and linux in general. Because it's fun ! I . . .don't connect that much with Windows.
What motivated me was the fact that I already received quite a few accepted answers - but unfortunately sometimes did not get many upvotes - I think to have a certain amount of them shows other users that I am having some good level of knowledge ... :)
Q: Hide a string in a txt file?

3picI plan to hide bulm+mNtdeWE/P7ccZzg=w=n. Where ? In a txt file, but not in the content, nor in the extra attributes. I did it on OSX 10+ and Windows 7, with respective processes. Now I am trying this by using Ubuntu. Maybe naive, I think of hiding in into the file bits, somewhere outside of the...

Very fishy question
Sounds like someone is trying to hide malicious code
or something
8:02 AM
@Serg Exactly - I see it the same way ... :)
@Serg That is what I was thinking
A: Install FoxitReader without using Wine

RavanSeptember 15, 2015,Foxit Reader is now available for Ubuntu , 1.Go to official site foxitsoftware.com/products/pdf-reader Click on download button and select Linux (either 32 or 64 bit) Now Open terminal and run the following commands: cd ~/Downloads ls tar -xzvf FoxitReader1.00.090...

@Serg did you got same error?
8:18 AM
@Ravan what error ?
@Ravan what OP described isn't an error, it's normal output for dpkg -i command
OK , it is 2:26 am. I am officially overdue for bed time, have exam tomorrow, so . . I better get my butt to sleep. Bye guyz ! Keep on Linux-ing !
Good night and good luck for your exam @Serg
@Serg No not OP error, unexpected syntax error as I mentioned in post
@hg8 hello...
Hi @Ravan, how are you ? =)
8:33 AM
@hg8 fine! How are you?
@Ravan neat ;) what tool are you using ?
Q: What does the golden dot (circle) after the name represents?

RavanI know users don't have any extra symbol after their names.Only moderators have diamond symbol after their names.But today I saw a golden(I guess) dot after the name.What is that? Who will have that circle after the name.

@hg8 no ups? ;P
@hg8 I use online free cropping =)
@Ravan I will give a try :) I use Shutter witch is pretty great too
@hg8 I I don't want to messup with that tools in my system.
@hg8 here is the link http://www.google.co.in
8:39 AM
@Ravan I understand, Shutter need a load of librairies
@hg8 If you don't mind can you edit chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/24369364#24369364 for proper readability
@hg8 - why the spam flag?
Hello @fossfreedom. Sorry where ?
@fossfreedom The Django question?
some django thread comment a few minutes ago
@fossfreedom hello,
8:42 AM
sorry I mistaken...
hi ravan
@fossfreedom should have been "it would have been preferable to include the essential parts of the answer here, and provide the link for reference."
@hg8 better to be the standard "please dont add comments.." - I've done that and deleted.
@ByteCommander is it a badge?
No, not what I meant.
But maybe having a golden tag badge allows casting final close votes?
I don't know, interesting question! :)
8:45 AM
@ByteCommander first time I saw
@ByteCommander correct - stackexchange regards those users as experts and allows them to close Q's immediately.
@fossfreedom Thanks. Sorry about that.
@fossfreedom all gold tag badge holders will have that circle after their name?
@Ravan yep
@fossfreedom thank you

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