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3:00 AM
A reasonably flexible tongue
A reasonable tongue
I think most reasonably flexible animals with reasonably flexible tongues actually do clean themselves.
And then there are programmers, who could clean themselves but choose not to.
Speak for yourself :P
@Calvin'sHobbies What exchange does the question have to be on..? :P
3:03 AM
Hence "challenge"
Are you going to propose a code golf challenge on Life Hacks or something?
@Calvin'sHobbies PuzzlesSE is also challenges.
I thought they were puzzles :)
Programming Puzzles?
3:04 AM
Yea, apparently those are actually off topic here. Go figure.
What do you mean
my screen right now
@ZachGates I mean that almost every new post with is quickly shut down. They're very hard to do in a way that satisfies everyone. They're not by-the-letter off topic, but...
The newest one that isn't closed seems to be over a year old.
finds and closes it
I think I'll write one, haha
3:08 AM
Good luck!
So a creeper face drawn in slashes looks suspiciously like a Mickey Mouse hat:
    /  \
    \  /
 /\  /\/\
/  \/    \
\  /\     \
 \/ /   /\/
    \  /
     \ \
Looks like a ghost with a boxing glove to me.
Looks like a scared character from space invaders.
Where do you all get your inspiration for posts?
3:09 AM
Mostly hallucinogens.
3:11 AM
Seriously hallucinogens?
@Calvin'sHobbies That's my #2-5 questions, sorted by votes. It's clear where my inspiration come from :D
@ZachGates no
@ZachGates yes
I'm getting mixed signals...
Of course.
3:12 AM
@ZachGates That is unsurprisingly normal when dealing with hallucinogens.
@Geobits Haha, I'm aware
What's a yourse? A yak-horse mix?
A horse on hallucinogens.
@ZachGates So you get your challenge inspiration from hallucinogens!
your.se: Get your questions answered!
3:14 AM
As opposed to everyother.se: Get flamed!
@AlexA. Not my challenge inspiration. The energy to go to public school daily? Yes.
@Geobits I think a "categorize my question".se is a good idea. Post any 'ol darn question you have and it will be migrated appropriately.
That sounds like a review queue in hell.
I pretty much just go on Wikipedia and click random page until I find something interesting.
Like this one.
3:16 AM
Well, it'd be no fun for the mods, but would be nice for users
It sounds like a good idea... but I can't imagine the mindset needed to actually work through that list.
And there would undoubtedly be the crap questions which belong nowhere.
But the unmigratable questions would indicate what new communities are needed.
Unmigratable but high-quality, that is.
> I'm voting to close this question because it has no home. It's terribly written, missing an actual question, or is otherwise unsalvageable.
3:18 AM
> I'm voting you off the island.
> literally no question marks in the whole post
How long should I wait before starting a bounty on this question (for not receiving enough attention)?
@PhiNotPi hello i have quetions how does juice an avocado i have try for thirtee minut and no juic
@ZachGates However long you want
(Provided it's been >2 days and is thus eligible for bounty)
3:19 AM
Yea, it's your rep. I'd normally wait until it's not receiving new answers at the least.
end_of_world - bounty_duration is the max though.
Only if you want to actually award it to someone.
Hasn't been active in 3 days. I'll probably start a bounty tomorrow.
(After I get 1,050 rep.)
Okay... So looking at my recent meta.SO post and I'm getting some hurtful comments.
@Justin: You seriously did not consider they want my first and last name here? Really? Even after getting the hints to ask your parents, check your birth certificate, or look at your driver's license you still did not know what the form was asking? I really think you should consider a different site on which you spend your time. I hear they have space at Sesame Street. Seriously, how could it be confusing to be asked for yoiur first and last name? I started being asked for that when I was age 5 starting school, and have never been confused by the question since. — Ken White 6 mins ago
@AlexA. avocado hard - less juic u need thirdy min at leest
3:23 AM
what hell is this thing in midle of avodad
> avodad
in midle of avodad is nut... put in dirt
@AlexA. Was that meant to be 13 or 30?
@Calvin'sHobbies hello i have quetions how does juice an avocado i have try for thirtee minut and no juic
My Mac just crashed?? When does that ever happen
3:25 AM
@Geobits dirt maek avodad juic faster
Or did you mean to be ambiguous? (I''m seriously interested, as strange as that sounds.)
@ZachGates Did you have a stray thought about Windows/Linux? Macs hate that, and they're temperamental little beasties.
@Calvin'sHobbies ee == y ;)
@ZachGates That sounds better than my friend's mac. My friend's mac crashes due to overheating. If he closes his laptop and puts it in his backpack, half the time, it heats up so that it burns to the touch.
@Justin Wow that's awful
@Geobits Perhaps..
3:27 AM
One of these times, his backpack is going to catch fire...
*sigh*. I expected the downvotes, but I didn't expect people insulting me.
why has noone ansewerd ma juic can plac bonty how
@Justin FWIW, I flagged the one as rude, but meta in particular has this happen often enough. Don't be bothered much by it.
@AlexA. Migrating to Seasoned Advice
> I hear they have space at Sesame Street.
Wow. That's incredibly harsh.
3:32 AM
Still better than Linus.
@minxomat Torvalds?
I wish Wikipedia had a "Random article in category [...]" button
@ZachGates Challenge idea?
3:36 AM
I wish Wikipedia had a "Random article Geobits will find interesting right now" button.
No I'm suggesting that exact thing as a challenge
@Justin What? Sorry, I'm confused, haha
Challenge people to come up with more challenges?
@AlexA. hi, at juicerliquidationsuperstore.in we hav best juicer selection, best varety, best juicer for fruts berrys nuts all of your juicr needs. Cheep discouts for rare juicer. juicerliquidationsuperstore.in acaiberry.info
It's a possibility: Write a program that, given a wikipedia article (or wikipedia category), opens a random article from the category
Or just returns a link to one.
That's not a good challenge.
3:38 AM
Yea, it's probably not hard to parse the page links from the category listing page.
Then you can figure out a way to feed categories into the program and browse the pages you're given
Yeah, but it's an idea
This is how I come up with ideas. Then I consider if it's possibly a good challenge. Most of my ideas aren't.
Eh, it would probably get heavily downvoted. I thought the one that we came up with was pretty good. @Justin
Did someone say downvote?
That was the fastest I've ever seen you respond to something.
@ZachGates Apparently not, though.
3:39 AM
He probably keeps that text on his clipboard.
I should.
I'm +4 on up vs down votes right now. I should work on that.
> That's horrific. Is all the work done by children?
> No. Not the whipping.
- Futurama writers
I've always wondered where Geobits spends all his downvotes.
Mostly rule-breaking answers I think. Quite a few on questions, but definitely more on answers.
It's quite a hit on my rep :(
I think I've occasionally downvoted answers that technically didn't break the rules, but broke the spirit by posting something trivial. Especially when they get lots of upvotes.
I only have 132 downvotes... I should fix that
3:45 AM
sorry, those where my meta stats
373 up / 11 down
That's no better :P
1950 up, 272 down for me.
798 up, 0 down. [blinks] Wait what? I actually haven't downvoted at all? Huh.
136 up, 3 down
I'm (a couple days short of) a 4-year member. I guess I don't vote very much.
3:46 AM
I mean, I don't downvote often even on C.SE, but I'm genuinely surprised that it's 0.
Zero seems like it would take a conscious effort to maintain :)
That was in Paintbrush
Do the downvotes include downvotes on deleted posts?
I don't remember what that was for
Random Wikipedia article? Perfect challenge inspiration*.
3:48 AM
@Justin Not sure... if not I'm sure I'm over 50% so I can rest easy.
another random article: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/…
Best random article ever: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Randomness
3:50 AM
(did anyone catch my joke?)
(only after you pointed it out)
@PhiNotPi Now I actually looked at your link
Throwing this out there: This is why I follow the random link on wikipedia: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Order-5_hexagonal_tiling
Q: How to estimate the number of articles on Wikipedia using the "random article" function?

PhiNotPiThere is a Wikipedia-type website of a fixed size of $S$ number of articles. You start at any article on Wikipedia. You then start to press the "random article" button and count the number of times $N$ that it takes for you to randomly generate the original page again. The goal is to find the be...

I never have good results with random. I always end up with a random person, school district, or backwater town. I do better starting somewhere interesting and "randomly" page hopping.
3:53 AM
@Justin I'm proud to say that I actually have a program where I can move around one of those.
Which, incidentally, would be a terrible challenge. There's so much code that goes into it.
I didn't say I thought that was a good challenge. I just like the topics it brings up. I'm now reading about non-Euclidean geometry.
When I should be doing my homework... oops.
@Justin "Homework"? What.. is.. "homework"..?
Mostly boring stuff, unless it happens to be Math.
I haven't done homework in ages, haha.
Probably why I'm failing English, though.
3:58 AM
Oh, does your school not have required homework?
Oh, we do.
@Justin Well, let me make it harder for you to focus on your homework... :P Table of Contents of my blog, which has my hyperbolic posts linked in order.
Huh. I haven't done homework in quite some time either.
In the current homework I'm working on, I get to play around with grammar.... Which makes it hard to google.
"describing a grammar" didn't turn up good results... it's all about English grammar!
@Justin "-english"
3:59 AM
I just want a good algorithm for taking a grammar and describing what it means.
@El'endiaStarman Ahh, I don't usually remember that google has such features, except for the site:stackoverflow.com one.
That must make it hard to search for compiler flags...
@Justin Enclose it in quotes.
I guess I'm not good at google searching....
Any ASCII art challenge in this?
In informal logic and philosophy, an argument map is a visual representation of the structure of an argument. It includes the components of an argument such as a main contention, premises, co-premises, objections, rebuttals, and lemmas. Typically an argument map is a "box and arrow" diagram with boxes corresponding to propositions and arrows corresponding to relationships such as evidential support. Argument maps are commonly used in the context of teaching and applying critical thinking. The purpose of mapping is to uncover the logical structure of arguments, identify unstated assumptions, evaluate...
Looking at the problems... "Java expressions can have both round and square parentheses and both must be balanced". Umm... that doesn't sound right.
I think I have an idea for one.
4:02 AM
@ZachGates ASCII art challenges are bad and you should feel bad.
Oh :/
If Java really can use brackets for parentheses, that's a little-used feature that I've never seen before.
@ZachGates Well, okay. I may not be the best one to ask that question.
Look through the users that post challenges.
I have this
Decidophobia is, according to Princeton University philosopher Walter Kaufmann, a fear of making decisions. He coined the term in his 1973 book Without Guilt and Justice in which he writes about the phenomenon at length. In Without Guilt and Justice, Kaufman describes people who lack the courage or will to sort through the different sides in disagreements to find the truth. They would rather leave the deciding of what is the truth to some authority such as a parent or spouse, or a church, university, or political party. Once the decidophobe has relinquished authority to decide the truth then they...
I accidentally answered an ASCII art challenge once, and my friend died the next day. Forward this to ten friends in the next 48 hours or it will happen to you!
4:05 AM
@ZachGates There's a name for this?
@Justin Apparently so
I thought everyone had that fear
Phobophobia is a phobia defined as the fear of phobias, or the fear of fear, including intense anxiety and unrealistic and persistent fear of the somatic sensations and the feared phobia ensuing. Phobophobia can also be defined as the fear of phobias or fear of developing a phobia. Phobophobia is related to anxiety disorders and panic attacks directly linked to other types of phobias, such as agoraphobia. When a patient has developed phobophobia, their condition must be diagnosed and treated as part of anxiety disorders. == DefinitionEdit == The word phobophobia is an English adaptation of the...
@El'endiaStarman I must have phobophobiaphobia. I have a (newfound) fear of phobophobia.
4:06 AM
I think I have neologophobia.
Q: Generate random UUID

ConfusedMr_CI need a UUID. Your job is to generate one. The canonical UUID (Universally Unique IDentifier) is a 32-bit hexadecimal number with hyphens inserted in certain points.The program should output 32 hex digits (128 bits), in the form of xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx (8-4-4-4-12 digits), where...

Is that post just someone getting us to do their work for them?
4:20 AM
I think that belongs on the Puzzling.SE
Don't use mod flags for that.
There's not a flag for migration. @AlexA. What should I do instead?
Raise your concerns in chat, see what other users think too.
Guessing the significance of these UUIDs is just a riddle. It doesn't have anything to do with the actual challenge.
4:24 AM
Why do we not have this, like SO does?
You can't migrate from beta sites
Because PPCG is a beta site.
Well, you can't.
Oh, gotcha lol
Every PPCG user but Zach Gates can migrate posts to other sites.
4:26 AM
I knew it!
I'm pretty sure Alex doesn't migrate anymore either. Not since he changed his avatar a while back.
Haven't heard any references to a certain kind of waterfowl in quite a while.
I've made some, but it seems it just goose in one ear and out the other.
Sorry for that. Sometimes the pun doesn't want to cooperate and you have to resort to force.
Done. Half hour to spare.
Where did that inspiration come from, man
4:31 AM
> using this 25×26 text grid as the base
shame on you
@ZachGates We already told you: drugs.
@Geobits I know it's kinda big, but I thought it would look too jagged any smaller
No, I meant the off-by-one-from-squareness. It just ain't right :P
I might have to win that bonus off you @Calvin'sHobbies
@Calvin'sHobbies This is the same idea you told me to do for a challenge a while back. :)
Turns out I didn't do it.
4:33 AM
@AlexA. Shhhhh!
I mean uh <.< nothing >.>
For the record, I was waffling around for a while playing with adding - to other characters. e.g. - + O = 8 and - + | = +. But that was too weak of an idea.
Yeah, you can do better than that. :P
@Geobits Or are you mad because it's not square? I copied it from the wiki image‌​. I don't think it's meant to be.
Yea that:
7 mins ago, by Geobits
No, I meant the off-by-one-from-squareness. It just ain't right :P
Not that it's not square, but that it's so damn close to it, but not.
4:40 AM
Was the birdseed some other subtle insult?
No, a case of mistaken identity.
Give it to Alex
Did someone say birdseed?
Q: Draw a Houndstooth Pattern

Calvin's HobbiesWrite a program or function that takes in two positive integers, a width and a height, and draws an ASCII art houndstooth grid pattern with those dimensions using this 25×26 text grid as the base cell: .......#.....#####....... .......##.....#####...... .......###.....#####..... .......####........

It was clipboard leftovers intended for Alex, honestly :P
@ZachGates I hope you like lasagna.
@AlexA. Love it
Actually, not so much
But I do hate Mondays, so there's a balance
Garfield would object to someone choosing his image on a Monday.
List of fish encountered in Swedish waters; both fresh water (lakes and streams) and in the marine salt water. The table denotes species native to Sweden, as well as those introduced from a neighbouring country and those that have only occurred occasionally. In total there are approximately 140 species which are native and common in Sweden, plus another 90 which are sporadic, not established or extinct. The IUCN Red List is a set of certain criteria of the fish population status in Sweden. The following terminology is used: Extinct, Critically Endangered, Endangered, Vulnerable, Near Threatened...
Now that's my kind of article.
Not another cartoon avatar :/
I used to be original
4:54 AM
@Dennis reminds me of Elroy Jetson
I would've thought it would bring to mind Dennis the Menace.
His profile picture, I mean.
@Calvin'sHobbies If it makes you feel better, I'm probably going to change it.
@ZachGates His profile picture is Dennis the Menace.
@ZachGates Me too...
@AlexA. Oh
4:55 AM
What do you kids learn in school these days?
@Dennis Nothing. Literally.
So that hasn't changed. :P
I can vouch for that from a parent's perspective, too :D
5:01 AM
awkward silence
Hey, Geodads is better than Dadbits.
I just thought of the perfect profile picture.
Dadbits sound delicate. Like you shouldn't kick them.
both sound like pokemon
5:02 AM
Geodads and Dadbits combine to do a joint-evolution to Daddads
Pokédad: Must father them all.
Geodads used Ground Attack!
@Optimizer hahaha
Gonna parent'em all - Geodads.
5:04 AM
Fathering that many times would probably lead to a case of pokérus.
yeah ... fathering 150 times in just 1 region could be both tiresome and time consuming...
@ZachGates Your previous avatar didn't even show up in chat and you already changed it. :P
Just a sec.
I think Top Cat is very fitting :P
> Yes he's the chief, he's the king
5:06 AM
Hmm, not very recognizable in small form.
> The indisputable leader of the gang
> gang of cats
@Geobits I thought it was still his regular face for a second.
@AlexA. just like I mistake Geobits' avatar to be his regular face sometimes!
@Optimizer That's understandable, though. I have it as a large face tattoo.
5:08 AM
you have that downvote icon tattoo'd on your face?
@Geobits But do you still wear a fedora everywhere?
He also has DOWN VOTE tattooed on his knuckles.
@Justin I know nobody will believe it, but I've worn a fedora once. That picture was the result.
I can see him doing a thug life pose with his knuckles visible just below his big blue face
You should check your vision o_O
5:10 AM
I just checked with him, he's alright.
That's good. Never hurts to check.
Never hurts a Czech.
Sometimes he gets angry though, after all, he's half Ultron
I have a feeling I lost the thread here. Maybe it's time for sleep.
Sleep is overrated. PPCG forever.
5:12 AM
My profile picture has updated now :3
I would greatly appreciate it I never had to sleep to feel rested. But sleeping through class isn't the best feeling.
Meh, I have to sleep so I can go to work and get back on PPCG ;)
Anyway, I'll leave you all with this:
I imagine Geobits keeping a dream journal where downvotes dreams he doesn't like.
@Geobits PPCG-ception
Goodnight, everyone
5:19 AM
It takes 4 people to draw Garfield >:( Sparky must be rolling in his grave.
@Geobits coz there are no strings attached now...
(sorry, went to shower, so late)
Yeah, you're getting kind of a late start today, aren't you?
It'll be noon before you know it. ;)
it actually already is
I thought it was 11?
5:30 AM
(well almost)
so... when are you migrating here?
It's only fall here, so not yet. I have to wait until winter.
you'll only be able to reach by winter if you start now
That's a good point. Man, my wings are going to be so tired.
Llamas are lucky they don't need to migrate.
5:42 AM
we do migrate from west of the yard to east of the yard
Is this you eating a dog?
contrary to popular beliefs, llamas are vegetarians
So are magpies.
You were great in Napoleon Dynamite
@AlexA. I never doubted
5:47 AM
@Calvin'sHobbies ?
I didn't know Optimizer was a movie star!
I do hope we'll get cookies.
@AlexA. He's been in many films
Y u no show D:
6:01 AM
Good enough :)
You know, this image could have been at least 30% more disturbing had you replaced the girl's head with the llama head.
Hehe I dunno if I can do it right now but I'll try
6:56 AM
@BetaDecay I can totally see that as a photobomb meme. You can literally put llama in any movie poster...
I just thought of a challenge for this!!
@AlexA. I am a man!!!
7:20 AM
@Optimizer That'll be brilliant :D
7:37 AM
Q: Stack to the Future

WizLizWelcome Back to the Future's fans and enthusiastic codegolfers. Let's begin with this simple statement : Marty arrives in 2015 in one month (On october the 21st !). Therefore I propose we use the time remaining to pay him and the saga the best homage we can. Task Marty left for 2015 on Octobe...

8:02 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Cabbie407Cunningham chain heads Prime numbers have always fascinated people. 2300 years ago Euclid wrote in his "Elements" A prime number is that which is measured by a unit alone. which means that a prime is only divisible by 1. People have always looked for relations between prime numbers, and h...

2 hours later…
9:44 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

OptimizerWhose Llama is it anyways? graphical-outputimage-processingpopularity-contest BetaDecay posted a legit looking movie poster in chat, which got me into thinking that this could be a very nice challenge! Your task is to overlay a nifty llama poster on top of a movie poster in a way that it s...

1 hour later…
10:51 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Super ChafouinJust repeat yourself Write a program that outputs "Do not repeat yourself!" Your program code must respect the following constraints : its length must be an even number each character that is in position 2n (where n is an integer > 0) must be equal to the character in position 2n-1. The seco...

11:43 AM
@NewSandboxedPosts Its a rough draft, but how does it sound?
12:09 PM
Q: Should Standard loopholes apply for all questions?

MhmdI'v seen a couple of posts adding this line to their questions: Standard loopholes apply Shouldn't this be implicit for all questions? are we encouraged to edit these out?

1:00 PM
I remember there being some kind of JavaScript J console somewhere on the internet, but I can't find it.
Good morning
My profile pic is always one behind..
1:36 PM
oh boy, +1/-2 already without any comment.
Q: Sleeping in an infinite loop in Javascript

Beta DecayI have a program which should randomly change the position of a cross in a table every half a second forever, but I can't find a way to make the program wait for half a second without it hanging. The following is my code, where the sleep(0.5) should be switched with something different: <!DOCTY...

Help would be appreciated :)
I don't understand the question "I can't find a way to make the program wait for half a second without it hanging"
Do you want it to hang for half a second, or do you not want it to hang for half a second?
Q: What is too broad?

WizLizThis morning I have asked a question that was put on hold as too broad. So i'm a bit confused as what is concidered too broad. At first I thought it was the fact that I'm not asking for a specific output but before asking I looked for inspiration in what people enjoyed on this site (I.E. the top ...

2:05 PM
@BetaDecay You could write a function to move your cross and then pass that to setInterval with a interval of 500.
@BetaDecay setInterval(myFunction, 500)
But now that I actually open the link, someone's already suggested that.
2:53 PM
Holy crap that was weird
In the corner of my eye I caught snoopy drifting down my screen into the chat area
I panicked for a second before I realized that it was him leaving the room
I'm really sick right now - kinda got that fight or flight thing going
If it really was Snoopy, I'd flight rather than fight. He's an experienced combat ace ya know.
3:15 PM
@Jakube @Dennis You can now translate the base cell in the houndstooth challenge if it helps.
3:39 PM
Q: Molecules to Atoms

Zach GatesThe Challenge Write a program that can break down an input chemical formula (see below), and output its respective atoms in the form element: atom-count. Input Sample input: H2O Your input will always contain at least one element, but no more than ten. Inputs may contain nested parenthese...

3:56 PM
Lol, someone seriously tried to DDoS codegolf.xyz...
4:15 PM
@minxomat what happened?
Haha what a weird thing to target
The CDN anycasted malicious requests from a few IPs of the same slash. I guess someone was bored. But unless this someone has multiple TiB/s upstream capacity nothings gonna happen ^^ .
You're safe from me then. I'm fairly certain my Comcast connection doesn't have that kind of upstream rate :)
4:44 PM
@Calvin'sHobbies Thanks, since my approach was based on such a translation I was able to remove the 6 bytes responsible for this translation.

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