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3:02 PM
Q: JavaScript program to count lines of Java code

KayhadrinI've implemented a small program in JavaScript to count the number of lines of a string of java source code. This was done for one of the Code Kata exercise: http://codekata.com/kata/kata13-counting-code-lines/ Overall, the goal of this exercise is summarised as follow: The mixture of line-...

Q: Jquery adding and removing php paramaters on click

sneepI'm trying to optimize this repetitive piece of code. I think I need to set subsection href as a variable and then figure out a way to merge the functions? Not too sure. Thanks! $(document).ready(function () { $('#alphabetical').click(function () { $('.subsection').attr('href', funct...

@SimonAndréForsberg what do you think of the Icon?
what icon?
Q: Fastest way to change the HSV value of all pixels in a bitmap

Matt EllenI want to change all the pixels in an image to have the same value, in terms of the HSV colour space. At the moment I'm running the following code: private Bitmap changeVForAllPixels(Bitmap bitmap, float newV) { int width = bitmap.getWidth(); int height = bitmap.getHeight(); int[] ...

Any Java guru want to answer that?
The O.P. accepted my answer, but I believe it deserves a better insight
You should have added that in your question instead of posting an answer ... anyway, 1. why don't you use extern funcs just as the other declarations ? 2. IMO I would throw an exception and handle it above in the application instead of showing a message box. 3. you should ask for a code review at codereview.stackexchange.com since it's exactly what this site is for :D — Aybe 39 secs ago
I see Jerry is active on main site again.
3:14 PM
damn and I was so close to getting more rep
@rolfl Who is Jerry?
@IsmaelMiguel I gave it an upvote..
Jerry Coffin, Colorado Springs, CO
13k 41 80
from my side there isn't anything to say more..
the other C++ crack
@Vogel612 The question deserves more love, and I'm not the right person to give it.
3:18 PM
I figure anything beyond your answer is already going into Bitmap intrinsics and referring to that as byte[] to not go through the abstraction
But my answer isn't great
It is borderline "reasonable"
@IsmaelMiguel If you want a question to attract more attention, you could always give it a bounty.
@IsmaelMiguel but it's a good answer
and that's enough for it
good is the enemy of best
But I see your point.
@Mast No. I promised I'll never do that again. Last time I gave a bounty of 100 and it was completely wasted. So, no, no more bounties from me
3:23 PM
Q: cat program in Prolog

Christian HujerIn order to learn Prolog, I have implemented the cat command in Prolog. I want to know if the code is idiomatic and what could be improved. main(Argv) :- withFilesOrUserInput(catStream, Argv). catStream(Stream) :- copy_stream_data(Stream, user_output), flush_output(user_output). withFi...

@IsmaelMiguel Why do you always stick your head in the sand after bad situations?
One event doesn't say everything.
So I don't fall from a greater height
That's why
I'm not going to waste another 100
I recently put a bounty on one of bazola's questions and it attracted very valuable answers.
@IsmaelMiguel Start with 50...
If 100 is wasted, 50 will be as well
How was it wasted?
3:29 PM
8 days without an answer
The only answers I had were almost 9 months after asking the question
I waited 1 week, activated a bounty and watched it go to waste
Perhaps the question didn't deserve a better answer?
Then why, as soon as I asked if it was ok to self-answer saying that there was nothing to improve, the answers showed up?
If it didn't deserve before, it wouldn't deserve after
What question are we talking about anyway?
Q: UIntArray class in PHP (part 2)

Ismael MiguelThis question is the follow up of the question: UIntArray class in PHP @Brythan provided a really nice review and I have improved my class. I have addressed almost all the issues he pointed out (the only one I didn't do anything was about the UIntArray::pop() function, that was intentional) an...

Both answers showed up slightly after each other. That was after the bounty expired?
I wouldn't bounty a follow-up question anyway, but hey...
3:34 PM
Yes, months after
The question was asked on 17th November 2014
@IsmaelMiguel Yea, I can read. But when was the bounty placed?
Before December
This video is hilarious.
@IsmaelMiguel May have been too soon.
I don't know.
I waited exactly 1 week
Or more
3:37 PM
@Malachi Image not found
image not found on you too
@IsmaelMiguel @SimonAndréForsberg Click it.
Nice linkage, much wow.
There it is.
3:37 PM
R! to you too!
If you clicked it when it said "Image not found" it worked.
I haven't gotten the Github links down yet....lol
@EBrown It worked after refreshing
I changed the link, that is why it worked after the refresh
@IsmaelMiguel May have been coincidence, after the edit it worked here too.
3:39 PM
you have to post the Raw link for it to show the picture
@Mast Probably
@Malachi That's how it works.
Otherwise, it won't be valid content
@Malachi Is the notifier working as expected yet?
for the most part.
I only have two major things that I want to change, and I posted them in the issues
If it's light enough, I'll definitely use it.
3:44 PM
@Malachi I found it, I just have no idea what the impact is. I do way too many things at once.
there isn't much too it really
Q: Refactoring code for UI error display window with task async in WPF

DBHCI am new to async and was wondering if any improvement can be made to the solution i put together from scattered information on the web. The following (working) code shows how a button press runs logic and if there are any errors they will appear in the returned "task.Exception.Handle" variable...

I am running it on three different sites currently
Oh heck, I'll just try it and see what it does.
Your install button links to the source and doesn't install AFAIK.
Hello all
3:47 PM
welcome to The 2nd Monitor :)
Thanks! I'll probably monitor it more than my first one.
3:50 PM
Oh man, all the this qualifications.
Need help?
@Mast do you have TamperMonkey or GreaseMonkey installed?
I just installed that script and made the mistake of letting it run on StackOverflow. I don't need to be informed about the constant barrage of Triage...
@SuperBiasedMan lol, yeah that is the page I use to test....lol
@Malachi GM, yea
3:52 PM
if you are trying to help clean things up though, this is a good tool to have
Yeah. I'll keep it on for CR.
@SuperBiasedMan Yeah, things here at Code Review are much more Civilised.
@Zak I think we have relatively more flag handlers.
@Zak Usually, you are right. Sometimes, there are some disagreements around here.
@Mast for some reason it was the blame link instead of the raw link.....I know I pasted the raw link in there....
3:55 PM
I'm coming .. I'm coming .. http://t.co/byWszmvlNf
Must be fun being a CM.
@Jamal wat
@Malachi Much better ^^
3:57 PM
Community Manager?
I'm confused
@Malachi Now I just need to wait till something shows up ^^
@Mat'sMug I'm about to create a test project for Evbpc.Framework.Xna, to test all the Forms stuff. This should be fun.
WTB brains
3:58 PM
@Mast I will stop reviewing for a little bit and get some work done....lol
@IsmaelMiguel none for sale here
@Malachi The zombies ate them all?
And how do you know what WTB means?
@IsmaelMiguel It's usually BTW instead of WTB.
@Mast WTB -> World Trade - Buying
WTB => Want To Buy
Or that
I guess I have someone to kill on an MMORPG
4:01 PM
I like to look for good deals, and occasionally like to make some money from the junk around my house
@Malachi What's to buy in this that? Back To Work makes more sense.
@IsmaelMiguel This isn't a MMORPG.
@Mast I know.
4 mins ago, by Ismael Miguel
WTB brains
@Malachi I scrolled right over that multiple times I guess.
@Malachi I said that because I'm confused about whatever Jamal said
4:07 PM
@IsmaelMiguel you had to look at the actual tweet
Now I get it
A little...
Oh man what am I even doing.
This is horrible.
@Mat'sMug Using an XNA game to test out my Forms seems like a really bad idea now...lol
Question: If I make an interpreter, a writting style guide and the specification of a language, even if the interpreter is half-way completed, is it on-topic to ask questions on said language?
4:10 PM
wouldn't it be a little bit premature?
@EBrown XNA and Forms don't really go together. what pieces were you hoping to use together?
@Malachi I built my own XNA Forms.
If the interpreter has enough functionality to run the code
@Malachi he's making a ^^^ that
4:10 PM
And I need to test it, thoroughly.
And the only way to do so...is to create an XNA game and start dumping forms in it.
what did you need from XNA in the forms though? I am a little confused
They are forms to be used in XNA games.
@EBrown ...or to write a truckload of unit tests?
I.e. a literal TextBox control.
@Mat'sMug I'll be having those as well.
But I can't rely specifically on Unit Tests.
I don't think.
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it is asking for a review of existing code and should therefore be asked here: codereview.stackexchange.comDavid Heffernan 40 secs ago
4:12 PM
@Malachi how many XNA projects need a concept of a "window"?
@EBrown oh. I put a textbox into mine to gather the player name. talk about a PITA
Yeah, I have the TextBox control designed.
And the main Form controls designed.
and you can theme/customize them?
You can drag forms around, like normal Windows Forms.
@Mat'sMug Yep.
That part works.
Because I was testing it in a different project.
@Duga should we come up with a canned response about how working code is not automatically off-topic for SO?
4:13 PM
Forms can even be semi-transparent.
I think the way I did it, was that I actually created the object, used it and then disposed of it after it passed the information
I will have to look at the code tonight, it is one of those things that I want to "fix"
@Zak click the user's profile
I wonder if I should build a designer, first?
@EBrown YES!
..maybe not first
but yes, a designer would be amazing I think
Actually, I need to get this test project around so that I can start getting the more complex controls together.
@Mat'sMug I actually have an issue for it. ;)
4:15 PM
@Mat'sMug One question about Unit Tests: should I make one Unit Tests project for the entire solution, or one Unit Tests project per implementation project?
you need some "scrollviewer" that can scroll the text in a window. I'm thinking of the windows that pop up when you talk to people in Diablo II
I'd just make one, and break it down into decent namespaces
@Zak read [A Guide to Code Review for $SITENAME$ users](http://meta.codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/5777/a-guide-to-code-r‌​eview-for-stack-overflow-users)
4:17 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg except that user knows his shit
he's the GhostBuster icon in the "THANK YOU!" box. 2nd row, 3rd from left
Oh man I suck at Unit Tests.
I actually wanted to build the textbox into the title screen of my game so that I didn't have to spawn a new window (form) just to gather the information. but I was so new to coding at the time that the way I did it was the easiest way to do it, not the best way though....
Q: How to get class instance in Delphi?

gentlejoI'm making a program that receieves window message per five seconds. Incoming message contains a specific Code data and other additional datas. Each code has their own instance. If an instance that matched with code exists already, then use existing instance. On the other hand, If instance not e...

@EBrown once you get them figured out, they are awesome
    public void CreateColorStructure_R0_G0_B0_A0()
        Color color = new Color(0, 0, 0, 0);

        Assert.AreEqual(0u, color.GetPackedValue());
Guess I'm done with my unit tests. ;)
4:25 PM
C# in Depth (3rd ed) is @ManningBooks "Deal of the Day" today - 50% off with code dotd082615au at http://www.manning.com/skeet3/
so after an hour on hold to various microsoft support numbers, it turns out that what I need is the commercial support team, who will solve my problem, just as soon as I pay a one-time fee of $500
C# folks ^^^
@RubberDuck If only I could afford it.
already got it
@Zak WTF!?
4:26 PM
$25 for the hard copy for the next 12 hours
@RubberDuck Yeah, still can't afford it...lol
My wife's gonna kill me
> you bought another code book?
> but this isn't just any code book - this is Jon Skeet!! .... you can't understand...
> (sleeps on couch)
@Mat'sMug Believe it or not my couch is more comfortable than my bed. Lol
4:29 PM
> ... For a week
@EBrown And it is more confortable than a carpet
Lol. True enough. Worth it.
@RubberDuck lol
@Mat'sMug TS
Ok wtf
Why is this not doing things
4:32 PM
God damn
Is my math borken?
Was it easy to write?
If it was, your math is broken
@IsmaelMiguel yep
Oh crap.
Everything is backwards.
That's so FUBAR.
okay. I want to put up a post somewhere asking if anyone has ever encountered my VBA situation before
where would be most appropriate?
4:33 PM
@Zak So, your code stops working on many different computers running office and they want you to pay $500 for it to work?
You can try SuperUser
it stopped working on every computer on my network
And outside it?
in the exact same way
don't know, will have to check when I get home
Then do that
And try a VM
4:34 PM
You can download them on modern.ie
Virtual Machine
we have a Remote Desktop Server, is that the same kind of thing?
@Zak what happened?
Todally different
The names are the answers
4:35 PM
@Mat'sMug So I figured out Unit Tests: if at first the test fails, just modify it until it succeeds.
Well the RD might just be a VM
True, but you don't know
I don't know as well
@Zak Sounds like SuperUser.
Q: All Public Variables in VBA Macros in my office stopped working this morning

ZakSo, I am not really a SysAdmin but I am effectively "the IT guy" for my company (we're 12 employees). Sometime between 7pm GMT last night 25/august/2015 and 11am GMT this morning 26/august/2015, all vba macros on every computer (we run excel 2010 and excel 2013) starting exhibiting a behaviour...

That's ServerFault
But since it is graduated, with migration paths, they may handle it
4:40 PM
That's one I posted much earlier. what's superuser?
@zak you're going to need to eliminate some possibilities there, and explain a bit more about how things are structured
questions that are off-topic for superuser: "issues specific to corporate IT support and networks,"
@Mat'sMug Can you look at my unit tests and tell me where to improve them? Lol
@EBrown there's CR for that ;-)
4:44 PM
@Zak Your question could be phrased as if it only happened to 1 computer?
@IsmaelMiguel isn't that called lying?
@IsmaelMiguel That would remove valuable detail.
@Mat'sMug Shameless TS
@Mast Right...
A problem specific to my computer has a whole diferent set of probable causes to one that affected an enitre corporate network
@Zak is it the same workbook accessed by x computers?
4:46 PM
which is probably why it took me 2 hours before I even realised the full extent of the problem
@Mat'sMug it is every workbook on every computer (most are stored on a central server)
Make a new one and try to repro
@Mat'sMug I have
@Mat'sMug I made a new workbook on my computer. It has 2 modules. 1 public variable
1 empty sub
same behaviour
Put that up on SO
Add that to the question
It is i=on SO
4:49 PM
Q: All Public Variables in my entire office suddenly stopped working this morning

ZakThe problem is bigger than I thought. As of right now, every piece of VBA code (including code that has been untouched for days/weeks/months) on every computer in my office (that I have checked so far [4]) is exhibiting this behaviour. Public variables public variable as type declared in a modu...

Assert.Equals and Assert.AreEqual are failing for equal objects...
Freaking reference-type comparisons.
Not really, that's what CollectionAssert is for.
To make weird things?
4:51 PM
@Malachi I didn't get any pings from that script yet. Sure it's working?
Or is it just very quiet?
can the VBE compile the code?
if not, there could be a missing reference
Can somebody open up excel create 2 modules, put a public variable in one and a dummy sub in the other, run it and see if the public variable appears in the local window?#
doesn't show in the local window
what does it matter?
because it's supposed to
and up until this time yesterday, it was
4:57 PM
but it's not a local...
it's a global
Should I order two sandwiches from Jimmy Johns, or just one?
yes, but in the locals window
all global variables should be displayed inside the main sub
if you expand it
@EBrown Three
yeah, this is the problem.

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