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8:00 PM
> Winner is schroeder.
OpenSTV version 1.7 (OpenSTV.org)

Suggested donation for using OpenSTV for an election is $50.  Please go to
OpenSTV.org/donate to donate via PayPal, Google Checkout, or
Amazon Payments.

Certified election reports are also available.  Please go to
openstv.org/certified-reports for more information.

Loading ballots from file votes.blt.
Ballot file contains 10 candidates and 445 ballots.
No candidates have withdrawn.
Ballot file contains 445 non-empty ballots.
^ Note they're UNOFFICIAL and MIGHT BE WRONG. But probably not.
Tentative congratulations to @schroeder then!
congrats @schroeder welcome to the mod community
Congrats @schroeder!
8:01 PM
commiserations to the others, there were a lot of strong candidates I thought
@Simon you weren't eliminated first or second...
See @ThomasPornin? Now I haven't won, and can moving on to trying to win the next thing, whatever it may be.
@RoryAlsop Really?
@Xander I'd totally rage quit if I were you.
@Xander it is odd looking at where the votes go
Up until round 8 looked like Xander would win
8:03 PM
@Adi did you see you were 3rd.... which goes to show ...
so it's 2nd or 3rd votes that made the difference
Oh, I just realized that we could scroll, totally didn't understand it.
@Undo Well done on the bot, seems to be working very nicely.
thanks :)
@RoryAlsop Yes, @Adi was actually leading in the first rounds.
It's github.com/Undo1/ElectionBot, if anyone wants to make it moar betterer.
8:07 PM
@RоryMcCune Are you kidding me? :D
@ThomasPornin So, who won?
@Adi Apparently, @schroeder.
@Xander was second, you were third.
These are unofficial results.
@ThomasPornin This is a joke
@Adi nope and from what @ThomasPornin was saying you were ahead in some rounds...
How can @Xander not win!!!
@Adi I'm kind of wondering the same thing.
8:09 PM
@Adi This was close (like 155 vs 169).
Not gonna lie.
What the fuck?!
Nobody knows who that guy is
maybe I rigged it
except I don't know who he is either, so unlikely.
8:10 PM
One must admit that voting behaviours on the main site cannot necessarily be accurately inferred from sampling of conversations in the DMZ.
I think I've only ever pinged him only once or twice in the my hole lifeitime here
@ThomasPornin Which is utter bullshit
We are the steering group of this place
We change the name
We adjust the tags
We handle me.
We decide what needs to be summairly closed
@Adi But are the voters aware of it ?
@ThomasPornin \The voters ask questions like "Is my wife spying on me?"
Fuck the voters
The voters are so stupid they chose me as 3rd
8:11 PM
@Adi I'm sure that's a t-shirt
@Simon Ha ha, no. @schroeder will be a good mod. If it wasn't going to be me, I'm glad it was him.
@RoryAlsop I want that t-shirt.
@Adi They voted for you on that exact electoral promise...
hey I just realised that @schroeder is canadian! ... conspiricy theories ... ho!
8:12 PM
I'll need to look at those numbers and see how things may have been different if the joke noms weren't there
They voted for the election troll
but first I need to finish this pint of March of the Penguins
@Xander I don't care what the consequences are, but I highly doubt he'll be a better mod than you'd have been
There are 0 people in the DMZ who don't know you and there are 0 people who dislike you
Fuck this bullshit election.
We already know you're level-headed, patient, ready to listen, nice, respectful, etc.
You're like the me^-1
445 voted
@Adi I appreciate the sentiment. :-) But yeah, I'd say he'll at least be as good a mod as I would have been.
@Xander Man, you need to get CEH before next election :D
8:18 PM
Q: 2015 Community Moderator Election Results

Jon EricsonInformation Security's 3 moderator election has come to a close, the votes have been tallied, and the new moderators is: They'll be joining the existing crew shortly — please thank them for volunteering, and share your assistance and advice with them as they learn the ropes! For details on ho...

It's official
I'm happy of my result.
I wonder how it would have played out if the system allowed more than 3 picks?
I was leading the first 4 rounds
@Adi Amusingly, @schroeder won because most people who voted for you put @schroeder as next choice, not @Xander.
8:23 PM
@Adi It's the difference between "who's your #1 pick for moderator" and "who's in your top 3".
@Adi Apparently you're the #1 pick for more people, but more people had @schroeder in their top three than you.
@ThomasPornin I found that very amusing as well
and the conclusion I come to from this is that .... people are weird
@Iszi Expected :D
In FPTP, @Adi would have probably won. But I'll forgo linking the CGP Grey video here.
@Adi was deliberately contentious in his nomination text, yet that got him most 1st votes...
8:26 PM
@RоryMcCune Hah. Now that's scary.
@Iszi are you calling @Adi a monkey?
@Iszi Which supports the idea that people want a tyrannical moderator
@RоryMcCune How's that equate to "@Adi is a monkey"?
@Iszi well it does go some way to explaining the popularity of contentious politicians...
@Iszi in the video to which you refer it's the monkeys that win in FPTP voting setups...
@Iszi Racist!
@RоryMcCune Racist!
@Adi Racist!
8:27 PM
ergo I was jokingly suggesting that you were comparing @Adi to those creatures
@Adi hey hey hey I just pointed out what @Iszi was implying, monkey boy :op
@ThomasPornin should have had them vote just once ;)
@RоryMcCune Reviewing now. There's no "monkey". There's "gorilla". And he comes in second in the first election. Leopard wins.
@Iszi not necessarily, because people might have voted differently
@Gilles That's why I edited to "probably".
STV encourages to vote 1. favorite underdog, 2. favorite likely candidate
8:29 PM
@Iszi ahh I'm mis-remembering, I thought the monkeys won the FPTP votes
@ElectionBot congrats @schroeder! I was hoping you would win, instead of one of the other losers!
@RоryMcCune Nah, they're featured in another video. But I don't remember if they won anything.
Congrats @schroeder BTW.
@AviD Screw you!
@Iszi it was monkeys that one the FPTP vote
8:31 PM
@RоryMcCune You're not linking the video I was referring to.
@Iszi well that's the one about STV which is the voting system we use here
@Xander you're just saying that now.
@Adi hehe. Came in 3rd, and you almost didnt run...
@AviD would you care for me to ship you a spoon?
@RоryMcCune Incidentally, Gorilla is the final victor in the FPTP video.
And I was wrong. There were monkeys, but they were losers.
@RоryMcCune I dont get it?
8:33 PM
@AviD if I shipped you a spoon, you could keep stirring things up :op
@ThomasPornin yes, but they each meant the other voters, not themselves.
@RоryMcCune ahhh hehehe
@RоryMcCune yes, that is my job, as the official pantsweasel of the group.
@Adi ftr, and not speaking comparatively, @schroeder is very active around the site, even if he is less of "one of da bros" around here
though he does hang around here quite a bit too, dunno why you haven't seen him.
@AviD I hope that now he's a mod he'll become "one of the bros"
Being "one of the bros" is an important part of being a mod
It's essential to listen to the most inflectional group of the community you're moderating
I'm just disappointed @Flyk didn't nominate herself
I think I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and see how he'll do
that would have been ... interesting
8:37 PM
This is a rare thing that I'm doing
@Simon I didn't like that @ScottPack was eliminated before @LucasKauffman. That's plain ridiculous.
@Adi categorically disagree.
for the obvious reasons.
@AviD Apparently a substantial chunk of @ScottPack's voters selected him as third choice.
@AviD Notice who was the least active mod in his mod duties?
@Iszi I guess... All the rational voters had @Xander, @schroeder, and @ScottPack - just most of them put him 3rd.
hey @ScottPack! you won the rational vote!
@Adi @Jefff?
@AviD No, the other one
8:39 PM
:23071213 heh.
also fair.
@Adi dammit, me?? what are you saying?
No, the German one
@Adi You mean the one we're replacing?
Oh, I get it. You're pissed because you think German == Nazi, and you lost while proposing a similar regime.
Thank you all for your votes!
8:41 PM
There's a direct correlation between involvement in the DMZ and the level of activity with the mod duties.
@Adi I may not be one of the bros, but I listen. I'm not always chatty here, but I am here every day
@Iszi Ha?
@schroeder You'll become one of the bros. Give it time :D
You'll be pinged a lot
@Adi i.e.: You thought comparing yourself to Hitler would win you votes since the outgoing mod was German. Of course, that follows the fallacious assumption that we were happy with the outgoing mod.
@Iszi not necessarily - the voting dynamics would have changed, which is the point.
@Iszi It did get me votes
8:43 PM
@AviD And again, I said probably.
In fact, I got the most 1st-votes
@Xander I was really hoping that the mods would open up a 2nd position since we were so close
@Adi Who knows if your campaign actually got you anything? Maybe there's actually enough people around here who like you regardless. (Scary, I know.)
I don't think you'd have been a bad mod @Adi.
Hey, @schroeder, can you ban @Iszi?
8:44 PM
@Adi I don't think he's been inducted yet.
@Adi no prob - lemme find that button ....
@Iszi and also - durp, guilli ninjad me
@Iszi He's blue and has diamond
@Adi Oh, shit... CTRL+F5 and boom.
@CodesInChaos I'd have been a benevolent dictator
8:45 PM
@schroeder hey now, it was just the one. each. I hope.
@schroeder join ussss
@Adi Maybe during the Irish famine.
@Adi You're too soft for dictatorship :)
@CodesInChaos Maybe you're just not hot enough
C'mon, nobody got that one? I know it was a stretch, but really...
8:46 PM
@CodesInChaos Jokes aside, I disagree. I have all the qualities to be a dictator
@Adi Only if you become bitter.
@Iszi Because I'm a potatohead?
@Adi oo shiney! hey @schroeder... NOW the real congrats!
wanna have a celebratory #simonkick?
@Adi The Irish famine was particularly known for its lack of potatoes. And without any 'tators, what's a dictator?
@CodesInChaos I'm sitting 2 meters away from the monitor, I read that one "only if you became hitler"
8:48 PM
@Iszi wow, that's.... that's subtle. like, REAL subtle.
@Iszi #1pun
@Adi way too far away. Monitors are meant to be used from about nose-length away.
Or have I been doing it wrong?
@AviD You know what they say about jokes on that subtlety level?
@Undo I'm in bed trying to sleep
and using my wireless keyboard/mouse
@Adi it's about as funny as a screen door on a battleship
@AviD Why don't you make like a tree, and get outta here?
8:49 PM
Biff, you dumbass
@Adi I see where the problem is. DMZ != sleep
I think I'll go to sleep. Maybe it all be just a dream and I'll wake up to a world where most people don't vote for me.
a better world
Good night
It's kinda funny how the Opavote site doesn't say it, but you can figure out from the graphs how many of each candidate's votes came from first, second, and third-place choices. At least for the ones that didn't make it to the end.
Like, if I'm reading mine right, I had 22, 4, 2.
@Iszi first and 3rd is easy. I guess 2nd is a matter of calculation of the difference.
Oh, and that's only doable after the 3rd round I think.
So, anyone except @Xander & @schroeder, who was still around in Round 4, can do that calculation.
8:56 PM
@Iszi or you can just download the raw data and run regexes on it and count the lines that match
@Avid mmm? How can you see how you ranked?
@Iszi also, it doesnt account for votes that never make it to you, because the previous position was not eliminated before you.
@AviD Oh, you're right.
So I'm totally out of whack.
There might be one person who could still get that.
@Iszi anyone with the raw data?
the fuck
how can @TerryChia be behind @Simon?
8:58 PM
@schroeder Yeah, well, c'est la vie. I figured it would be close, and I knew that there was a good chance you'd win, so I was duly prepared. :-)
@Iszi psst. Download raw data from security.stackexchange.com/election/download-result/3 :)
@Undo hmm. They messed up the REST URL on that one, IMO.
@Xander Are you going to cry yourself to sleep tonight?
I didn't even place? What the fuck is this noise?
9:02 PM
@ScottPack right? thats whatsapp level of craziness.
not sure which is more insane, that, or @Adi coming in 3rd.
@LucasKauffman Possibly not. Might be a good excuse for an extra beer though!
Wow. These results are weird.
@Undo Now that's just cheating.
And that's with 445 people voting
@ElectionBot Jeez that's some odd elimination of a good part of our top scoring membership. I'm so glad I'm on page two right now LOL
grats @schroeder and in case the bot miscounted something, grats @Xander :)
I can't say I understand those vote transfers tho... what's that? Like they do it in Florida?
9:13 PM
Ok, so without raw data @Adi is the only one who can definitely say how their votes were laid out based on the OpaVote site.
121 people voted only for candidates that didn't make the top 3.
@CodesInChaos that's weird
@CodesInChaos I wonder how many didn't vote for @schroeder at all.
Aw, crap. That thing doesn't work for @Adi either. Or I'm doing it wrong. Or both.
Personally I think that the rep requirement for voting is too low, especially considering the association bonus.
9:20 PM
Note everybody. That's an 'e'.
@CodesInChaos I concur. I think to run for mod (even though this would eliminate myself right now) on a mature site you should have to be at "Trusted User" level. And to vote, you should at least be able to vote-close questions.
I'm eligible to vote on 19 sites. In can't call myself a community member for most of them.
@CodesInChaos 300 rep, right?
Isn't it 150?
@Iszi wow, 20k? Way too high. Some great SO mods had <10k rep.
9:23 PM
Or does it depend on the site?
@Iszi 150 to vote, 300 to run (except on SO which has additional requirements)
@CodesInChaos Oh, 300 to run. Might be 150. Could be less for betas.
I was talking about the right to vote, not the right to run.
@CodesInChaos Me too. Just thought it was 300 to run.
Holy crap, I could vote on Biology, just because of my one question there?!
Perhaps instead of raising the rep requirement, adding a "days visited" requirement might be a good idea.
9:26 PM
I'm eligible to vote on nearly 30 sites, and probably not qualified to be a responsible voter on more than 6!
@TildalWave who is a rapist??
@AviD That's not a mis-spelling up there.
@TildalWave watch those CGP videos above.
I was just pointing it for people like @AviD that it was spelled correctly.
I just assumed it was his European accent.
9:28 PM
The transfers for eliminated candidates are easy to understand. Just transfer all the votes to the next candidate on the preference list.
The transfers from chosen candidates are more subtle.
As usual, the devil is in the details.
it's Meek STV
@CodesInChaos Discourse has a similar mechanism. You advance "trust levels" based on how many posts you've read and interacted with.
CGP Grey explains it in pretty incredible detail
and even mentions Droop
CGP Grey - the only guy who knows more about proper election schemes than @nealmcb.
I have a CGP Grey shirt.
Minutephysics, too.
9:32 PM
@Amelia I would be quite impressed from your collection of tshirts logos.
did... did I just creep myself out?
yes, yes I did.
I need to make a list of people I'm hitting with a metal bucket filled with ice at defcon. And I need to somehow get a taser.
I think this is better.
@AviD You're still #1 on both lists
@Amelia yay!
what's the other list?
Also, someone at work had Chrome 12 on a machine
9:34 PM
@Amelia What? How have I not seen that one?
Last release date for chrome 12 was 2011
Also, get @Simon in here so @schroeder can kick them
@RoryAlsop we need to refrain from handling flags in the next few days; everyone else needs to start flagging EVERYthing.
Presumably, her earlier post referred to "people I'm hitting with a metal bucket filled with ice at DEFCON" and "people I'm going to shoot with a taser".

Now, is she actually hitting the people with the bucket while it's filled with ice? Or is she just badly phrasing her desire to dump ice on them?
@AviD you can still flag for moderator attention as a mod
9:36 PM
this will be @schroeder's induction by fire.
a ritual hazing, if you will.
@Iszi also, she never specified that the taser is for tasing the list of people.
@Iszi well, if the bucket is full of ice, it will hurt more when you get hit in the face with it.
@AviD no, it's for use on people. bucket of ice on their head, tasing the bucket
also I'm pretty sure that's a euphemism, anyway.
Also it hasn't stopped raining here in ~52 hours
wow, its been at least that long since it dropped below 30C here
@AviD uh - can I claim to be on vacation?
9:41 PM
@schroeder of course!
to be clear, moderation is still required even whilst on vacation.
yeah, but what about hazing?
sure, if you want.
@Amelia The taser is easy, get a disposable camera and two nails.
@DavidFreitag then slam the nails into the target's hands, and take a picture of them screaming.
@AviD No. Connect the nails across the several-thousand-volt capacitor in the camera, let it charge, then poke someone with it.
9:46 PM
Pew pew
sure, you could do that
It's not as good as a real taser, but it is seriously painful.
27 mins ago, by Scott Pack
Note everybody. That's an 'e'.
21 mins ago, by Iszi
@AviD That's not a mis-spelling up there.
20 mins ago, by Scott Pack
I was just pointing it for people like @AviD that it was spelled correctly.
@AviD what CGP videos?
9:49 PM
I think there might be another couple in that series
Also, the amount of blue in the past hour of chat is slightly alarming.
hey @TildalWave @ScottPack @schroeder @Amelia @Gilles @RoryAlsop @CodesInChaos @JourneymanGeek @Undo - we should totally lock this room, make it a mod only room. That would be fun.
@DavidFreitag I have no idea what you're talking about.
oops forgot @Undo
No offence to @schroeder, but I am pretty bummed that @Xander did not win the vote.
9:56 PM
@DavidFreitag you kidding me? @schroeder was my first vote!
you too, @ScottPack.
but hey, I gotta work with the guy now ;-)
@AviD you do realize that's all BS, right?
Two first-votes AviD? You should become a manager. Everything has the highest priority.
@TildalWave of course. A gorrilla could never run for office.
Too intelligent.
@CodesInChaos exactly.
@AviD exactly :)
@CodesInChaos I used to answer those managers, that come at me with "but it's urgent!", with "Urgent? We don't deal with plain urgent, only ON FIRE".
@TildalWave but why did you mean its BS?
9:59 PM
It's it's not its. Damn it.

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