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12:11 AM
Q: Calculating waves

ETHproductionsI've been scrolling around this site for a while, but just recently got really interested in actually trying out some of the challenges. I was intending to try my hand at some of the existing code-golf topics, but I didn't have Internet access for a while today, and in the meantime, I thought up ...

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1:16 AM
Q: Add to Sandbox or How to Ask

Nick B.Users are constantly asking for clarification of programming puzzles. In an attempt to help new users create good challenges, I asked this question on Meta PPCG: Things to consider when creating a programming puzzle. I've gotten some great answers, so it's time to make sure users see it when th...

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2:44 AM
@Winny You know, I've never figured out whether or not to count #lang racket all the time... so far I have because I seem to need it in DrRacket but I'm not sure
Yeah, not sure either. BTW I'm amazed how resource intensive DrRacket is. Amazing.
I kind of thought the #lang racket as a funny shebang, tbh
3:13 AM
(Also I'm home now. Your parents are back :P)
Q: Enter your name via a D-pad

TasThe puzzle: Consider a console/hand-held game with a d-pad where you are required to enter a name of sorts. This appeared in many older games before the use of QWERTY was popularised in consoles (e.g. I believe the Wii uses a QWERTY keyboard layout for input). Typically, the on-screen keyboard l...

3:30 AM
I feel like I've been freed from a massive vice now that I've given up on writing anything in R5RS scheme, and writing stuff in Racket
3:48 AM
@aditsu java.util.Arrays$ArrayList cannot be cast to java.util.ArrayList
4:01 AM
@Winny the key to winning every code golf is just to use Pyth
It really is the winning tool
@Winny O is probably the greatest language in the entire universe: o.readthedocs.org (take that aliens!)
@Doorknob Is Snowman register based or do the variables do something different?
@Doorknob And any chance there will be an LLVM compiler for it?
A language with infinite final registers would be interesting.
4:18 AM
@phase No, the variables are just stored in a Variable vars[8].
@phase Not unless someone does it for me because for all I know, that means "let llamas vote maliciously." :P
@Doorknob Low Level Virtual Machine
4:55 AM
Q: Implement CipherSaber

Chris Jester-YoungImplement a CipherSaber encryption program, as described below. Guidelines: The smallest entry, in bytes, wins. However, in a departure from code-golf norms, you are welcome to post interesting entries, even if they aren't serious golf entries. Please do not use any encryption-specific libra...

5:15 AM
@phase Ewwww.
Code that uses ArrayList directly should be refactored to use the List interface instead (which Arrays$ArrayList and ArrayList both implement).
5:33 AM
@ChrisJester-Young I realized that I was casting an array to an ArrayList to iterate through it, so I removed that part.
omg If I include the debug method, it works, but if I remove it, it breaks
Hm, is there a spec for CypherSaber available online?
@Doorknob You are in no position to speak, you dirty little door knob.
5:43 AM
@Optimizer hides :P
Q: Make a Mexican Wave

PyrrhaIn as few bytes as possible, write a program or function that outputs the following: Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz aBcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz abCdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz abcDefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz abcdEfghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz abcdeFghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz abcdefGhijklmnopqrstuvwxyz abcdefgHijklmnopqrstuv...

@Winny What kind of spec do you have in mind?
@phase Are you using .NET 4.6? I mean, you mentioned Java, so I presume not, but had to ask anyway. :-P
@ChrisJester-Young Something more formal like an RFC, but I don't think that kind of document exists.
@Doorknob Yes, that's what our team was fighting last week. A .NET 4.6 Heisenbug. Not disclosing details publicly yet because we need to make sure it's not security-sensitive first.
@Winny Yeah, CipherSaber isn't formal enough for that. But Arcfour does have an Internet-draft, which I linked to.
I noticed there is a definition or specification referenced by Wikipedia, maybe I can find that
In a book
5:52 AM
@ChrisJester-Young Jdk 1.8-51
got arrays in arrays working, only had to rewrite the entire stack i.imgur.com/0QQDBiy.png
user image
^ For all the cat lovers out there
@ChrisJester-Young while you are here.. GIF should auto stop after some number of iterations ..
@Optimizer We don't rewrite the images in any way.
@ChrisJester-Young but its so annoying. and its not that hard to implement it.
6:07 AM
@Optimizer Why don't you post a request on MSE, assuming nobody has already requested such a thing? It'd probably be [status-declined], but at least not by me. ;-)
6:24 AM
Well, take that above gif as living proof. Its auto stop or "You Died"
again and again
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

JohnEFannkuch Fannkuch is a classic benchmark program. The name comes from the German "Pfannkuchen"- pancakes- for the algorithm's resemblance to flipping stacks of pancakes. A Fannkuch sequence of numbers is formed as follows: Take a permutation of {1.....n}, for example: {4,2,1,5,3}. Take the ...

Q: The lost pawn problem

gilad hochThe lost pawn problem After the chess game ended, a surviving pawn was left behind enemy lines. let's help him find the shortest way back home. The original problem describes a nXn "chess" board, and a function f: {1,..,n-1}X{1,..,n}X{-1,0,1} => R+ of weights. the goal is to find the best path ...

A call to PHP’s mt_rand generates only odd numbers http://3v4l.org/dMbat
Well done PHP
6:48 AM
Another amusing bug: bugs.python.org/issue2844
One day that bug will win a popcon, one day...
7:30 AM
@phase just going through the O docs, "ml pushes the speed of light." lol
@Maltysen :D
and then the web server stuff...
totally not working at like all
mostly because I'm not good at Java server stuff
or maybe that was working...
I can do some GET/POST stuff using Spark.
I totally know what spark is and didn't just google it right now ;)
:P It's not your fault everyone on here codes Python.
7:36 AM
including myself
oh rly?
as I said before I did java for android and for midi stuff
then I forgot it
never done anything with Android, since I don't have one
dumb Windows Phones
I swear one day I'm just going to write my own OS, as everything out sucks horribly.
its gonna be a repl for O
@phase Make an OS where no reboots are necessary.
Even the kernel should be updatable without a reboot.
7:40 AM
@Maltysen I'll ad din support for Pyth as well <4
:23013907 Learn to use the "reply" feature in chat, for great justice.
whoaaaa I didn't know about that
@ChrisJester-Young oh cool, never saw that button
to the sandbox!
Any excited for the new season of Rick and Morty?
7:41 AM
@phase :-D
@ChrisJester-Young I wish it was on Netflix :\
oh so it automatically mentions
and puts an arrow
@Maltysen Not just that, but if you mouseover the message, it highlights the message being replied to.
@ChrisJester-Young cool!
@Maltysen No, it puts the arrow, then the mention. C'mon, get it together.
7:42 AM
@Maltysen And yes, you can click on the arrow to get to the context message, even if it's days old.
Possible to reply to a message without clicking on an UI element?
@Winny tags!
@Winny Yes, use :nnnnnnnn where the nnnnnnnn is the message ID.
@Winny you can hover over the message arrow to get the id
7:44 AM
oh neat, maybe I can hack together a userscript because i'm not a fan of mousing
@Winny GreaseMonkey script?
@phase GreaseMonkey is an implementation of userscripts, but by no means the only one.
@phase tampermonkey on chrome, GM compatible
@ChrisJester-Young the test vectors link seems to be broken
well the actual linkk works
but inside
@Winny :23013956 test
thought two would work :\
7:46 AM
@phase No, you can only reply to one message at a time.
@Maltysen I don't understand.
theres a link on the vectors page like "is a binar version of a file given here"
that's broken
@Maltysen Oh, I see it links to the original CipherSaber site, the registration for which has lapsed.
@isaacg @Maltysen is the source to the pyth herokuapp somewhere?
@phase in the repositior
7:48 AM
It's in the github
@phase server.py / index.html /web_docs.txt
@Maltysen If you change ciphersaber.gurus.com to ciphersaber.gurus.org, it will work.
I obviously don't have control of the test vectors page, so I can't fix that. :-(
I'm trying to think of how to an online REPL, but everything involves the JS accessing the Java parser.
ajaxing is fun!
7:54 AM
I could send a ghetto POST request every time the user enters code.
CJam? Surly there is a Java -> Javascript compiler
@phase That's how Pyth does it.
@Winny O
@Winny You mean GWT? :trollface:
Oh-right :D
7:55 AM
But it's probably too slow for a REPL
@isaacg thats actually a good point skulpt.org
make the interpreter completely client side
(BTW, I pronounce GWT as one syllable, rhyming with quit.)
@ChrisJester-Young I say "G-W-T", as that's how you pronounce acronyms.
@ChrisJester-Young 'I'm going to write that app in Gawit!'
@Winny "Gwit". ;-)
@phase I say SQL as ess-queue-ell, but FAQ as fack.
And lol as the first syllable of lollipop.
7:57 AM
@ChrisJester-Young same with the SQL everyone makes fun of me
@isaacg btw, did you see my discussion about the pyth .R command? Not sure if I made any sense
"There are midgets in tuxedos fighting NBA stars in our front yard! This is the best day ever!"
@Winny it was brought up before with the avg string question
@Winny Yeah, I saw it. That one's a bit of a hack, and I'm not completely sure it's ever been used. If you'd like to improve it, just make a pull request.
decimal module has rounding modes
7:59 AM
@Maltysen I think I missed that discussion :c
@isaacg Me neither, I'll toy with it, see what works simplest in that case, and open a pull
Oh just noticed that '4' looking thing also can be used to reply
Yay got my ciphersaber to work!!
@ChrisJester-Young is it returning/taking hex? Cuz right now my functions do byte arrays.
@Maltysen Byte arrays is correct.
(Or, rather, straight binary.)
8:21 AM
@Optimizer Is there an easy way to run a code block without assigning it to a variable in CJam/GolfScript?
@phase I don't know CJam past rosetta code challenges, but 1*
8:34 AM
@phase Do you mean ~, or...?
9:17 AM
@phase how did you get that?
9:34 AM
@phase what @Sp3000 said
9:54 AM
@aditsu casting a list from Arrays.asList() to an ArrayList
10:52 AM
@phase you just did that in java? you can't cast that to ArrayList, you can cast to List or create a new ArrayList with the same elements
I thought it was a problem in cjam
11:04 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Beta DecayTime Traveller's Watch code-golf javascript c pebble Challenge Using the phone GPS, produce a Pebble smartwatch app which displays the time for a stationary observer, the time for yourself and the difference in between the two times. Theory To be completed Winning The score is the sum of t...

^ First Pebble-specific challenge idea posted
^ too late bro
^ sigh Close enough
11:47 AM
I wish .NET regex had an anchor for "beginning of the match"
Q: Sinusoidal text

FatalizeGoal: Write a program or function which prints an input string in a sinusoidal shape. The ASCII sinusoid Here is one period of the sinusoid: ....... ... ... .. .. ...

I think I could patch such an anchor into retina with simple string preprocessing of the regex. If the anchor is present prepend (?=(?<MyAnchor>[\s\S]*)) to the regex, and replace the anchor with (?=\k<MyAnchor>\z).
@Dennis @randomra @Sp3000 added the full explanation for the (almost) loop-free snake extension Retina code
12:03 PM
"Again, .NET's variable-length lookbehinds are matched from right to left, so if we nest lookaheads and lookbehinds, we can let the regex engine traverse the string several times." D:
Nice work though, seriously
how is TIS going?
12:34 PM
I took a peek at images then decides I should probably do multiplier first
have you done the peak detection?
I'll give that another try now
I solved the MIN part sleepsort-style, but then didn't have enough room left to do the same for MAX
12:51 PM
Hmm I don't think sleepsort-style is necessary, but that's amusing :P
1:20 PM
Q: "Write" a simple calculator without writing a single line of code

michaelIt's very easy: Create a program without writing a simple line of code. The code may only consist of existing stackOverflow answers, lowest amount of code wins. Answers may be combined and variable names may be changed, but nothing else. Any language can be used. The Q/A must be named. The p...

2:01 PM
holy moly, 6.9 questions per day
Cancer be happy.
I think this is the maximum we've got ever.
Can we haz graduation pleez?
@MartinBüttner Looks very interesting. I'll have to set aside some time to read your SO post, then your answer. So far, I don't understand a thing... Maybe tonight.
@Optimizer I wish it was similarly easy to assess our current question quality. ;)
2:32 PM
Sites remain in beta for at least 90 days to build up a critical mass of users, questions, and participation
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Martin BüttnerWhen the Okies left Oklahoma and moved to California... code-golf array-manipulation The so-called Will Rogers phenomenon describes a way to tweak statistics by raising the average in two sets when one element is moved between the two (multi)sets. As a simple example, consider the two sets A =...

1 hour later…
3:42 PM
Q: Alphabetic Fannkuch

JohnEFannkuch is a classic benchmark program. The name comes from the German "Pfannkuchen"- pancakes- for the algorithm's resemblance to flipping stacks of pancakes. A Fannkuch sequence of numbers is formed as follows: Take a permutation of {1.....n}, for example: {4,2,1,5,3}. Take the first ele...

4:06 PM
There has to be a shorter solution than codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/53845/31414
@MartinBüttner idea for your "superimposing 7segment digits" challenge (http://meta.codegolf.stackexchange.com/posts/5203/revisions):
Given a set of digits find the largest sum you can create with them if superimposing digits is also allowed. E.g.: `[1,2,6] -> 1&6 + 2 = 8 + 2 = 10`
4:28 PM
@Optimizer Under the new graduation model, what do you think graduation buys us? I'm curious.
+ the graduation cake
Q: Graduation, site closure, and a clearer outlook on the health of SE sites

AnaBack in April of 2010, Joel shared our assumptions about the role of small sites in the newly minted Stack Exchange network: If a site does not have enough activity at the end of 90 days, it will be closed down. Any existing Q&A will be archived and made available for download, but the site...

I am aware of old and new policies both.
thus, the only thing we will get right now after graduation will be the removal of beta sign and ads and stuff
Not a single day passes by when PPCG does not think of graduation.
Just capped for the day.
4:45 PM
@isaacg Congrats! Your Pyth submissions must be really popular. :-)
Thanks! This one in particular was popular:
A: Make the Mexican Wave

isaacgPyth, 12 bytes V+Gt_GXGNrN1 Demonstration. In Pyth, G is the lowercase alphabet. +Gt_G is abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzyxwvutsrqponmlkjihgfedcba, the character that needs to be uppercased in each row. V sets up a for loop over this string, with N as the loop variable. In the body, XGNrN1 is a ...

@isaacg It's a very clever entry. :-)
@isaacg Question about Pyth: does it have a cryptographically secure RNG function? I only ask because if you look at the submissions for my question, the Python one obviously uses os.urandom, but the Pyth one, I have no idea how it's getting its random numbers.
GolfScript at least has a way to "break into Ruby" (which is exactly what I'd use to get cryptographically secure random numbers).
@ChrisJester-Young Pyth's only source of randomness is python's random package, which I don't believe is cryptographically secure
It's mersenne twister based, if I recall correctly.
@isaacg Right, so basically I have to disqualify the Pyth submission, then. (It can stay, but I can't green-tick it.)
Right. Of course, Pyth can embedded native Python code, so it's still doable, just ugly.
4:53 PM
@isaacg Hey, ugly is okay as long as it's the smallest code, right? :-)
2 hours later…
6:54 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

randomraBowl Filled with Water You should write a program or function which receives the volume of a bowl and the volume of the water in it as input and outputs ot returns an ASCII representation of a bowl with water in it with the desired volumes. A bowl has the following structure: \ / \___/ ...

7:14 PM
@ChrisJester-Young How's life as an SE dev treating you?
@AlexA. It's an amazing company to work for. If you're ever job-hunting, you should apply here. :-)
I'm job hunting right now. SE is my dream employer but I'm not qualified for anything that's currently listed. u_u
I'm glad you're enjoying it! I'm very happy for you :D
At Duke TIP, I always wore my mod hat (and I had multiple SE shirts too). So one of my friends nicknamed me "future CEO of Stack Exchange" :P
@Doorknob What is Duke TIP? You would be a great SE CEO!
I'm also super jealous that you have SE swag.
The new SE shirts are amazing
7:23 PM
Do you get SE shirts as mods?
(Or rather SO actually)
No, I got my shirts from being invited to events at their London office (which I think I was because I'm one of the higher rep SO users from the UK)
That sounds awesome. :)
@AlexA. It's a summer-camp-ish thing. It's three weeks long, and you take a single class for the entire three weeks.
I got all of my swag from contests on meta.SE. :P (except for the mod hat)
Sounds like fun. What class did you take?
That's Debatable.
(which is, as the name suggests, a debate class)
7:29 PM
Oh neat!
7:54 PM
@AlexA. No offence to @Doorknob, but if he became SE's CEO, that'd negate one of the great advantages of working at SE, which is to work with Joel Spolsky. ;-)
I know a guy at my last job who'd really love to work for us because of Joel. :-P
@AlexA. Do you want SE swag? I'll ask our team to see if you qualify for any.
@ChrisJester-Young OMGYESIDO
Everyone knows that @Doorknob will be the next Joel.
@AlexA. Well, I've put in a request for you. It's out of my hands now. :-)
Thank you very much, I really appreciate it. :)
I mentioned that you're on page 2 here, not sure if that qualifies or anything.
What are the criteria for selection?
8:08 PM
Swag giveaway? I could use another T-shirt. My SO one is getting a bit worn :(
Or a car
They give out branded cars, right?
@Geobits Only Geo Metros.
If they gave me a car, I wouldn't be very picky about it. Bring on the Metro.
@AlexA. Well, on graduated sites like SO, you can get swag for hitting 100k, 250k, etc.
Moderators can also request swag for people, I hear. Not sure of the exact process.
All mine came from meta contests.
What kind of contests? Wet SO T-shirt contests?
8:16 PM
They were both writing contests. One a haiku, one for winterbash.
I'd find/link if I wasn't on my phone.
Well that's less exciting.
@ChrisJester-Young Really? I didn't know that was a thing.
@AlexA. I don't think you want to see me in a wet shirt ;)
@Doorknob That might be a graduated-site thing though. Again, I'm not clear on what's involved.
@Geobits Your geo bits might be visible.
8:19 PM
Har har har har.
^ soundtrack to my life
Definitely this forever.
Hmm, I think there's a bug with the rep display.
Why do you say that?
8:31 PM
1) I'm pretty sure I have more than 23 rep, and 2) that's a weird way to group binary digits:
@Geobits Why? Octal was in vogue 30 or 40 years ago. ;-)
True... but it's been on break for a while ;)
I think the only things I've ever needed to use octal for are aircraft transponders.
@Geobits Were you tampering with someone's transponder?
No, I worked on them (and other comm/nav equipment) for ten years in the Air Force.
So, well, yes, I was tampering with them.
G.I. Geobits
8:37 PM
Meh. It's a job ;)
What have you been doing since the Air Force?
Fiddling with other transponsters?
Not shaving every day for one.
But no, no more planes for me.
Did they catch you in that washroom ?
I have one of those overly generic titles so nobody knows exactly what I should or shouldn't be doing: Business Systems Analyst :D
@Optimizer They saw his geo bits. It was very embarassing for all involved.
8:39 PM
@Optimizer Nope, never caught :P
@Geobits That's just vague enough to work.
It's more like Office Space than I dared imagine was possible.
So you smash printers and come in on the weekends?
No weekends.
But definitely a printer or two?
8:44 PM
Hmm, not a printer, but we did recently "retire" an old fax machine we found in the closet.
Sadly, there was no soundtrack for it.
That is sad.
@Geobits What got you interested in plane transponding in the Air Force?
@Lembik hi
I don't know if it is acceptable to advertise completely irrelevant questions that are not coding related.. but I noticed this and it seems the sort of think PPCG whizzes are good at solving. math.stackexchange.com/questions/1373679/…
@AlexA. A recruiter that lied to me about the job description, basically. The job was fine, but it most definitely was not "programming", as he told my young self.
8:47 PM
as PPCG >> math.se :)
@Geobits So you were already looking to join the Air Force, but you ended up in a different role than you had wanted?
That's great that you were able to join the Air Force, but unfortunate that you weren't able to program. A friend of mine tried to get into the Air Force but was medically disqualified because, as he put it, he can't hear a mouse fart from across the room.
has anyone seen any parallel programming challenges?
(multi-core programming challenges)
I don't suppose cjam is optimized for multi-core programming :)
8:56 PM
@AlexA. I think it worked out okay, to be honest. The military programmers I met never seemed happy with their jobs. I learned how to troubleshoot electronics, and got to travel more than I would have.
So I just programmed as a hobby instead, until the last few years :)
Anyway, off to conquer the rifts. See you later.
I don't know what that means, but have fun doing it.
9:32 PM
@AlexA. I presume that's a Diablo 3 reference.
Oh, okay. I haven't played any of the Diablo games. :O
10:31 PM
Q: Creasing for Loot

phosgeneIntroduction After a long battle, you have managed to defeat a Sphinx in a contest of riddles. The Sphinx, impressed with your skill, wishes to give you a reward commensurate with your cleverness, and conjures into existence a strip of magical parchment divided into eight boxes, each containing...

1 hour later…
11:48 PM
@MartinBüttner I hope I'm not being over cautious with my comment about the title. Looking at the wikipedia article linked in your sandbox question, the full quote is obviously an insult to the Californians who originally introduced the disparaging term. I'm guessing it could offend either side depending on whether they see the full quote or half of it...
eh, I'll get rid of it... I've known the joke for ages with Germans, a certain German demographic that is quite commonly used for jokes about stupid people and Austrians, but it seemed that the Oklahoma/California version would be the internationally more popular one. But I wasn't aware of any real political background behind the term, so I'll just change it to something else.
(I believe that the German demographic that is the pendant of Okies in the joke isn't really offended by any of the myriad jokes where they appear.)
@trichoplax Weeks later, and the best maze string I've got is still the one found using a variant of orlp's algorithm and starting the search from orlp's string
I think every country has a group that most of their jokes are about. For some of the former colonies it's their former empire. Even on a small scale the little villages have nearby villages to make jokes about. It seems to be an intrinsic part of human groups

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