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4:49 AM
This is getting problematic, all questions that were asked the last 24 hours are now closed.
All questions that were asked during the 24 hours before that are either closed or have at least 3 close votes.
@Gilles they could at least check if you maybe have already used meta (on this site and on others) and adjust the mail accordingly. Not that I minded much, it didn't seem all that patronising to me.
3 hours later…
7:43 AM
@overactor last 24 hours: 5 asked, 3 closed gives 60% close rate. 1 dupe, 1 too broad, 1 opinion based.
@ArtOfCode I only see 3 asked
close stats say 5
weird, of the 5 newest questions, 4 are closed
Well one of these counts is wrong :) probably stats, given caching...
@ArtOfCode damn caching
8:04 AM
Meta Data is slow today.
I posted a meta question 10 minutes ago, still not here
how often does it check, every 15 minutes?
Q: Are we getting "Good Subjective, Bad Subjective" right?

overactorQuite a bit of our questions have (at least at some point) been closed as primarily opinion-based. I adapted a query that shows all posts that were closed with that reason, ranked by total votes. At the time of writing, there are 19 questions in there. (Though at least one question, namely How do...

there we are
Q: Meta Open Source doesn't appear on the Android app

MureinikThe android app does show the main Open Source site, but does not display this meta, even when searching for it. Since it's already a public beta site, and since the main site is available, this seems like a bug to me. (Not sure if this should be reported here or at MSE. Since this question is a...

8:31 AM
@curiousdannii I like that edit
that's a good edit
8:43 AM
@overactor Thanks, but the credit goes to you for changing it to a less subjective question!
Hopefully now it can be a bit of an overview question
I realized the title set a subjective tone for the entire question.
9:07 AM
The votes on meta.opensource.stackexchange.com/questions/368/… and the answers look clear to me. Who will change the tags accordingly?
@EricGärtner a mod could add the synonym or someone with the rep requirements can suggest one
who has enough rep?
I made the edit suggestions so they should be in the edit queue
did you retag one question? I think other questions must be retaged, too. And the synonyms msut be created. I ask all users with enough rep to do this.
I retagged them all but I don't have enough rep so they went into the review queue
9:17 AM
I see, thank you
@EricGärtner A mod will do it, we don't have mods yet, wait a couple of weeks
:( That's a rather slow start. We discuss a lot of things on meta and none can be applied because no mods are ready.
The name is still not changed, too, even though the result of the discussion was very clear.
@EricGärtner I have enough reputation overall, but couldn't suggest the synonym, as you need at least 5 votes in the tag, which I don't have :-(
@Mnementh forget about the vote mechanism for tag synonyms, it's not usable except for high-volume tags on SO where all the useful synonyms already exist.
9:26 AM
low volume tags need mods
@EricGärtner What discussion? We've never reached a consensus on a site name change, and SE was against it so we'd have to show a strong, united front to SE
@EricGärtner The top proposals have score 7 and 5 respectively. That's not a consensus, it's practically a tied vote.
@EricGärtner Actually they aren't. The suggestion of open source got more upvotes, but also more downvotes than Free&Open.
9:29 AM
We should give the discussion more visibility, because the longer the site is around, the harder to change the name
Q: Alternative site name brainstorming

curiousdanniiSince there are still many people unsatisfied with the current site name, I thought it would be good to have a centralised place for some brainstorming. If you have any ideas, please post them below! And please vote up and down the options you like/dislike. This is not the place to argue for any...

bump it :)
@EricGärtner Look at Community Building for an example where the change in the site name was quasi-consensual
And they still haven't fixed that hotlinks to the meta site aren't inboxing. The site name broke something.
OK. So there is not enough traffic in both the site and in meta. In fact, usage of the site is going down. Shall we wait until many more people come to this site? Then all of these discussions will long be forgotten.
On that first thread on then-Moderators.SE, everybody who answered was in favor of changing the name, and all the proposals revolved around a single theme.
And even then it took 4 months to enact.
9:34 AM
@Gilles quite something
@EricGärtner Usage going down is normal. There's the euphoria of the early beta, then when it gets down to organic growth, that takes time.
Q: What is the typical growth pattern of a new beta site in the first few weeks?

Brian RushtonI've been involved with matheducators.stackexchange.com and a little bit with expatriates.stackexchange.com. I've noticed that both had very high activity during private beta and then about half as much activity during public beta (which makes sense, because people are trying to get the site goin...

Contributions from the Free Software camp will not come until at least the site name is neutral.
@Gilles I wonder how many times you've had to post that here so far
and I think that's not the normal dwindle after the first enthusiasm
I'm counting 3 so far
9:36 AM
@overactor I post that several times in each beta I participate in
All betas start with the same false expectations
@EricGärtner Do you have an objective reason for that, or are you just complaining because you aren't always getting your way?
beg your pardon?
@EricGärtner I doubt that. Some people will be reserved, but others will be willing to participate even if the name is open source
I think the closed-source software is a bigger obstacle for many, but nothing we can do something useful about (except starting to write an alternative software)
@Mnementh If people are so sectarian as to refuse to participate because the site is called “open source”, we're better off without them
@EricGärtner You've spent considerable energy attacking people who use the term “open source”
Dismissing arguments as sectarian is pretty easy. How about trying to understand the arguments?
attack? where?
9:43 AM
@Gilles Maybe, I'm not sure, they still can be great additions to the community. I would prefer a more inclusive name.
I insist that it is Free Software and Open Source and that there is a difference
@EricGärtner I understand the arguments. Dismissing disagreement as “you don't understand me” is a well-known fallacy whose name I shall not bother to look up.
very good
@EricGärtner Yes, there's a difference. But it's an extremely minor one. It does not matter to the extent that you should exclude anybody who uses the term “open source”.
that's your opinion. To other, the difference is at the core
9:44 AM
Furthermore, different people mean different things by the two terms, and these differences overweight the differences between the terms.
and nobody is excluded for using Open Source
After all, the OSI definition was derived from the DFSG... FS as in Free Software.
that's the linguistic argument
well, we will not agree on this. I just want to bring the topic to your attention
please don't ignore it
@EricGärtner You have my attention. That's the problem. You have too much of my attention.
I pity yo
9:48 AM
Can you both please stop it? I don't want you two start a fight here. Eric has done some irritating stuff the past days, but currently I see him working constructive.
If the difference between FS and OSS is big or small depends on the viewpoint and how important the philosophical standpoints are for you. But I see most people in both camps accepting to be more or less on the same side.
Being on the same side can still include massive discussion about philosophical things involved.
Q: What are the philosophical differences between open source and free/libre software (if they exist at all)?

MnementhIn the answers to this question it was shown, that a few licenses exist, that are only open source but not free software or the other way round. Still, most licenses are both or neither, so the overlap is very big. But the communities around open source are distinctive and both strong, and some ...

1 hour later…
11:18 AM
Q: Please, be civil!

MnementhAn normal constructive discussion in chat at some point escalated and became a personal fight. In my opinion we have place for constructive discussions, even if the participants have strongly differing opinions. We can't accept personal fights. I don't care who escalated first or who said what, I...

11:44 AM
Q: Importance of the difference between open source and free software

MnementhThe fight that was happening earlier in chat, was in parts about the significance of the difference between open source and free software. So what's about that? Practical view: Looking at it from an practical angle, the differences are insignificant. Most licenses that are free software are also...

3 hours later…
2:34 PM
@Zizouz212 afternoon :)
Guten Tag
German folks...
@Zizouz212 Canadian folks :-)
2:45 PM
There was a nice canadian movie, there the protagonists switched to French mid-movie, as they realized the epedemic that was turning humans into ... something was transported by language, and only the english language was infected
Canada must be cool :-)
Pontypool is the name of the movie
Really? Never heard of that...
Regardless, I'm flying through germany in a couple days :)
Wave as you fly over me :-)
Sure. I'm going through Frankfurt
@Zizouz212 Nah, I'm in Potsdam, near Berlin
No clue where that is, but it's somewhere near Berlin, which is in Germany :)
Do you know where Frankfurt is? I have no clue...
2:56 PM
In Germany.
Where you going to?
Berlin is in the northeast, the big red blob in the blue region
Potsdam is at the southwest end of it
We have two Frankfurts, but you probably go to Frankfurt/Main
two Frankfurts?
Oh god...
Frankfurt/Main is the big city in the red region (Hessen) in the southwest
2:59 PM
did you find both?
Where's the other one?
Near Berlin, but more in the east, directly at the border to Poland
That's Frankfurt/Oder
Is that even...
3:00 PM
The additions are the rivers that flow through the cities, the Main and the Oder
You mean two cities with the same name?
I've never heard of that before
Well, the US have New York, that is stolen
I think a lot of other US-cities share a name
Of course Frankfurt am Main is not in the SW since it is north of the Weisswurstäquator
3:01 PM
We in Germany have near Berlin a small village called Philadelphia
I used to live in Kitchener, Ontario
Before it was called Berlin :)
I see the picture :)
I think it is pretty common, you can only come up with so much names
another example: there are multiple cities in the US called Roanoke: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roanoke
I've heard of cities with the same names in other countries, and different states/provinces...
lol, never mind :)
3:08 PM
@ArtOfCode York ;-) Only putting new in front isn't enough for own copyright
True enough. UK had it first @Ziz :P
We've also got London and Paris here in Ontario :)
Yeah, the colonists in america stole names from old europe fopr some time for their cities
maybe because of homesickness
@Zizouz212 The colonists came from europe, maybe they felt better with reusing names they were familiar with
3:14 PM
I like how it went with New York
Probably... At least Canada has a few decent names: Toronto, Ottawa, Niagara...
I know it was New Amsterdam before, but it's New York now
Which are mostly aboriginal
@overactor Proof that Canadians/Brits are better than the americans :)
I'm afraid I'm more likely to lump Canadians up with Americans than with Brits.
depends on what we're talking about though.
@overactor If we talk about politics, I have the impression that you can lump Britain with the US and Canada with europe
Nice, Wikipedia has already the new pictures from Pluto
Pluto (minor-planet designation: 134340 Pluto) is a dwarf planet in the Kuiper belt and the first trans-Neptunian object to be discovered. It is the largest and second-most massive known dwarf planet in the Solar System and the ninth-largest and tenth-most-massive known object directly orbiting the Sun. It is the largest known trans-Neptunian object by volume but is less massive than Eris, a dwarf planet in the scattered disc. Like other Kuiper belt objects, Pluto is primarily made of ice and rock and is relatively small—about one-sixth the mass of the Moon and one-third its volume. It has ...
Not that ...
3:28 PM
Yar, I've now got more rep here than on SO...
@Zizouz212 grats
lol, but I don't know if that's so much of a good thing
I hit that 500 rep ago...
4:03 PM
Q: Can we change the off-topic reason text?

ArtOfCodeThe main off topic reason (the generic one that every site has) currently reads this on this site: This question does not appear to be about open source software, within the scope defined in the help center. Two questions: Why does it read this in the first place? As far as I can tell, th...

Q: Can we change the off-topic reason text?

ArtOfCodeThe main off topic reason (the generic one that every site has) currently reads this on this site: This question does not appear to be about open source software, within the scope defined in the help center. Two questions: Why does it read this in the first place? As far as I can tell, th...

4:49 PM
A couple guidelines on chatroom behaviour: meta.opensource.stackexchange.com/questions/377/please-be-civil
Q: How is photographic licensing off-topic?

Zizouz212How is Google able to relicense their photos on Google Streetview, which may contain copyrighted content? There's the question: It's +2/-1 and the answer is 0/-1 According to this, we allow questions on copyright. We also allow many questions on licensing. I struggle to understand how a quest...

5:18 PM
@Zizouz212 I'm thinking it's opinion based because it depends who you ask. Some might say yes, because it enables all those things you mentioned. Some might say no, actually the goals were different.
Really? No references from organizations?
An excellent advertisement:
A: Community Promotion Ads

Zizouz212Downvote... Doesn't matter. I'm having fun, and no one can take that away :D I'm just going to say a couple things: Hand drawn on my computer (using an application I'm writing right now) It will appeal to at least 365 people, and approximately 44 239 people know about the love for unicorns. It...

Will definitely succeed in promoting the site :D
Yep, I saw that :)
I wrote that thing (my final project) the night before my exam
Afternoon @HDE226868
@ArtOfCode Afternoon.
5:38 PM
Hello :)
@HDE226868 Do you like my new ad?
@Zizouz212 Not really. It's the most colorful, though. :-)
lol :)
I didn't downvote, though. I'm still figuring out what to do about it.
lol, I'm not stopping you from downvoting
But I don't mind an up vote :D
You've got mine
6:35 PM
1 hour later…
7:43 PM
Q: Would major FLOSS announcements be on topic?

kdopenTo scope this question, I stress the word major in the title. If we want this site to be the first resort for people looking for general information about open/free projects and content creation, it occurs to me that a major attractor would be to act as a kind of 'Bulletin Board' for some major ...

7:59 PM
Now that ^ is interesting. Weigh in with opinions people, please - I'd like to see what everyone thinks.
Arr, it's a tricky one
I convinced myself while writing my answer
Chat is the place to do it, if you want to do it at all, I think
Yeah, I read yours... It's an interesting post
Meta might be more suited to it... we could have a tag on meta, heavily regulated by mods and top users, but even then it's a bit iffy
In fact, I might add that to my answer
8:25 PM
Who wants to ask question 300?
lol, let me guess that you're beating everyone to it?
I'm out of questions...
I'm also out of questions, I just noted we have 299 currently
Let's start thinking up a few on the Open Knowledge side
go ahead
I still don't get what Open Knowledge is about really, so that's your job Ziz
8:36 PM
Alright sure :D

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