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2:00 PM
Nintendo president? Never heard of him until yesterday
I heard he designed Earthbound, which I've never played or seen, but am told it's a good game
@DavidZ The girl down the road from me was on her third abortion when I got here.
@0celo7 besides what I really should write is $dx \otimes dx$ but nobody aint got no time for that.
He also figured out how to code Pokemon better so they could fit Johto and Kanto onto the same cartridge for GSC.
@Hippalectryon any time ;)
@gonenc Well I have another question that didn't get answered earlier today :P
2:02 PM
@gonenc smh, you 3rd world people are so nonrigorous
@ACuriousMind is a shining beacon of rigor.
4 hours ago, by Hippalectryon
Quick question : I've just started reading on SR, and was wondering : in 3D geometry, if we know all the pairwise distances between all the points of a set then we know how they are organized, modulo any rotation of the whole set around the origin. If likewise we know all the pairwise spacetime intervals between events of a set, they will be determined modulo ... ?
4 hours ago, by Hippalectryon
Asked another way, what is the practical equivalent of the rotation of an event in spacetime ?
@Hippalectryon Lorentz trafo.
@0celo7 that's why we are physicist and have people like einstein schrödinger etc. non-rigour wins over some poor stuff like $dx \otimes dx$
And additionally, are there other transformations of events than rotations that preserve intervals ?
@0celo7 Ugh I guess I also have to start reading on Lorentz Geometry :D
@gonenc I'll take Witten over those schmucks any day of the week
@Hippalectryon No.
2:05 PM
@Hippalectryon you should really
The Lorentz group contains the 3-dimensional rotation group.
Eh, I misspoke. There is the Poincare group.
Which is just Lorentz + translations IIRC.
Yes, the Poincare group is the semidirect product of the Lorentz group and the translation group.
@0celo7 think every time you do sth in GR or SR or QM or even CM, newton was after all a 3rd world guy
@gonenc Newton was alright.
He didn't have the tools to be rigorous.
2:07 PM
He made his math tools
@0celo7 bullshit he made the tools to be rigorous.
(After Leibniz, of course, but let's not get into details)
@gonenc No.
@0celo7 d'awww... Maybe I'm a small candle of rigour ;)
2:08 PM
Calculus was not rigorous until the 1800s.
@ACuriousMind Compared to @gonenc, you're Sirius. He's a damn black hole of rigor.
Now let me figure out this factor of 2!
@0celo7 only because I've written $(d\tau)^2$! :D
which btw even Carroll does!
@gonenc Carroll is a scumbag.
He's a many worlds zealot.
@gonenc Carroll who ?
Sean Carroll
Sean Carroll.
2:10 PM
Shawn Carroll
@0celo7 out →
I was thinking Lewis Carroll ? wut ? :P
@gonenc you and your damn ASCII arrows
@0celo7 Carroll's book on GR is a wonderful guide to learning it. Based on that alone, I like the guy
@JimsBond I'm only being half serious.
I need to do this exercise!!!
Stop distracting me
2:12 PM
@0celo7 →↑←↓ do you have any problem with my arrows?
@gonenc What did I say my answer for the first part of exercise was?
@0celo7 dunno
19 hours ago, by 0celo7
$\Delta\tau=\sqrt{1+2\Phi-R_1^2\sin^2\theta\omega^2}\Delta t$
Yeah no clue where that 2 came from :P
I'll have to double check my work at home.
Might be a typo in SE for all I know.
@0celo7 :D good to know
btw do you store all of your solutions?
2:16 PM
No, but I did that one at school so it was in a school folder.
@0celo7 so you do store all of your school exercises?
@0celo7 what does Sirius Black have to do with this? :D
@ACuriousMind nerrrrrrrrrd
@gonenc I mean I did it in class, probably during physics, psychology, government or calculus
@0celo7 Yes, problem?
@ACuriousMind sirius as in the star sirius, be sirius now you didn't really think that it was the sirius from black family
2:18 PM
-------------------------> there's the door
@ACuriousMind Channel that nerd into making me the greatest battlemage Vvardenfell has ever seen.
@gonenc I have to say it took me a few moments to think of the star
Gah, geopy is annoying
I'm not an astro person
I want to topple kings and slay daedra! (And fly, I hear that is possible.)
@KyleKanos who?
2:19 PM
@ACuriousMind That was the intent...
@JimsBond It's a python library
@ACuriousMind I'm not even a physicist and I thought of it right away
@0celo7 It's called levitation :P
@ACuriousMind me neither I just googled sirius to understand the relationship to a black hole
@ACuriousMind potato potato
2:20 PM
@0celo7 you are not a what
Which non-Americans know of "potato potato"?
1) @KyleKanos Okay, makes sense. 2) It's super sad the rest of you don't know Sirius is a star off the top of your heads
@gonenc physicist
@0celo7 what the heck that means?
@JimsBond It's a bright star, right?
2:21 PM
are you one of the applied maths guys?
I know potatoes, but I gather this is not about the foodstuff
@0celo7 yes
@gonenc I a m n o t a p h y s i c i s t.
I'm trying to make a map with all the locations users accessed the site and need Lat+Long to do it. Geopy is a great tool, but you can only use it so much before they (Google) get mad and give you access denied errors
@gonenc Nuclear engineer in a few years.
2:22 PM
@JimsBond I know of both Siriuses
Though @ChrisWhite has said I'll be an applied physicist.
Or was it @JimsBond?
(But I wasn't paying attention to the conversation when it was stated)
@0celo7 not I
@0celo7 Didn't know
Speaking of that, I should update my profile!
2:23 PM
@KyleKanos That's why you weren't included with "the rest of you"
you sure?
@0celo7 As an informal turn of speech, it can be used to show that two or more parties are talking about basically the same thing but not in same exact terms, or not quite agreeing on the specifics.
@ACuriousMind Lol, you've never heard "potato" pronounced two different ways in quick succession?
you are speaking in caps, after all
2:23 PM
I should choose a new profile picture, I've been aflame for a while now
@ACuriousMind Nice try Alicia
@0celo7 uh, no?
@ACuriousMind the former one was better I guess
@JimsBond Oh, I was assuming they were two separate statements
@ACuriousMind @gonenc gave a good explanation
2:24 PM
@KyleKanos My bad
for the reference
Q: Correct, clear, concise way to use "potato-potato" in writing

o.v."You say tomato, I say tomato" and the song from the beginning. As an informal turn of speech, it can be used to show that two or more parties are talking about basically the same thing but not in same exact terms, or not quite agreeing on the specifics. Yet written down as tomato-tomato or pot...

As an informal turn of speech, it can be used to show that two or more parties are talking about basically the same thing but not in same exact terms, or not quite agreeing on the specifics.
poh-tay-toe vs puh-tah-toe
@0celo7 how old are you btw?
I say puh-tay-toe
2:26 PM
@gonenc nah, I'm not recycling pictures, there's more I can be!
@gonenc According to @KyleKanos, I'm a zygote. According to the calendar, ~17.75
The only proper way to say potatoes
@0celo7 I'm pretty sure I've denied that claim at least one other time
@KyleKanos I can't hear you!
^ me
@0celo7 right, zygotes don't have ears
@0celo7 why not physics?
2:28 PM
@gonenc I'll be working in nuclear fusion.
I'm glad I found my Gorillaz cds
Theory just isn't for me.
@KyleKanos Sounds like some shitty white rap group from the 80s.
Gorillaz are an English virtual band created in 1998 by Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett. The band consists of four animated members: 2D (lead vocals, keyboard), Murdoc Niccals (bass guitar), Noodle (guitar, keyboard, and backing vocals) and Russel Hobbs (drums and percussion). These members are completely fictional and are not personas of any "real life" musicians involved in the project. Their fictional universe is explored through the band's website and music videos, as well as a number of other media, such as short cartoons. The music is a collaboration between various musicians, with Albarn...
@ACuriousMind I'm down for an avatar change.
2:30 PM
@0celo7 ↑
Who the heck would turn McKees Rock into Mc Kees Rock!?
@gonenc Stupid mathematician. 1+1=10
@JimsBond that is correct in base 2
@JimsBond that's a programmer's answer
nah the problem is that he maths guy didn't specify the base that he is working
which is utterly non-rigorous according to @0celo7
2:33 PM
Er, 1+1=11
@gonenc Exactly! Thus, not one unique solution
Stupid mathematician
@KyleKanos who or what is McKees Rock?
1+1=a window
@ACuriousMind It's a town in Pennsylvania. The data separated McAnything into Mc Anything for whatever reason.
@JimsBond there are 10 types of people in this world, the ones who know binary, the ones who doesn't, and the ones who taught this joke was in binary.
2:35 PM
Yay trinary!
@JimsBond you can even generalize it to base $n \in \mathbb N$
@gonenc What about $n=\infty$?
@gonenc It stops being funny at $n>4$
Isn't that ternary?
@ACuriousMind potato-tomato
2:37 PM
@KyleKanos what about it? you should read the statement more carefully :D :P
@gonenc You corrected it after I made my statement
@KyleKanos I know that is what one of my maths teacher always do
having corrected a typo he asks where the goddamn mistake is :D
@JimsBond tomato-potato
@ACuriousMind soup
tomato-tow mater
2:39 PM
My HS calc teacher made mistakes on purpose to make sure the class was paying attention.
He stopped after a few weeks because I kept calling them out before anyone else had a chance to absorb it.
I probably disappointed him a lot because I always aced his tests and rarely turned in any homework, so I ended up with like a B in the course.
3:35 PM
What does b ask exactly ? The way it's asked it looks like it just wants us to repeat the text
good question
And the book only gives answers to odd numbered exercises, i.e. not this one
What class is this for?
No class. I've just started to read Spacetime Physics by Wheeler because why not :P
use the same units as part a
put the time in minutes, seconds, years, meters, and kilometers
other than that, I can't guess what they want
3:41 PM
For instance, 4h 6m is 246 minutes
or $\approx4.42\times10^{12}$ light meters
@dmckee Re: this comment Thanks!
4:17 PM
@gonenc Anything you say lacks rigor.
@gonenc Can I call myself a mathematician if I get a math minor?
I should make Einstein my avatar.
@0celo7 The cat or the dude?
@ACuriousMind yes
>implying they are separate entities
Oh goodie, the LoC found MTW!!
@ACuriousMind Give it a moment to update ;)
@ACuriousMind I came up with this for a battlemage class: Dunmer, Magic, Intelligence, Strength. Major: Destr., Long Blade, Block, Rest., Alter. Minor: Armorer, Enchant, Alchemy, Myst., Heavy Armor. Lady Stone.
I'm not comfortable doing Atronach. No magicka regneration is scary.
4:37 PM
@0celo7 Be aware that you don't have continuous magicka regen, anyway
Only when you sleep
@0celo7 Don't take Myst.
@ACuriousMind Don't I need it for soul gems?
@0celo7 ?
What should I take in place of that?
You can cast every spell regardless of your level in the skill, it might just be expensive
4:38 PM
You'll create an enchantment with soul trap, anyway
What should I take in place of that?
@0celo7 Uh...*something*? Lockpicking perhaps
The UESP wiki says Altmer is very difficult for beginners because of the racial weaknesses.
That's not a minigame anymore
So I should do a Breton?
4:39 PM
It's just your skill against the lock
@0celo7 Yeah, probably
What's your opinion on the various armors?
Also I've read I should go with Willpower.
@0celo7 Uh...no preference, I think I went with light or medium mostly
Heavy is...too heavy if you don't have high strength :P
@0celo7 It's been ages that I played it...right Will and Int determine Magicka pool
In Skyrim, choosing light or heavy was pretty much aesthetics. I assume it's different in Morrowind?
It's really protection vs. weight
@ACuriousMind Maybe, I don't have the game with me.
@ACuriousMind It is in Skyrim too, but the armor cap was easy to hit with either.
4:54 PM
@ACuriousMind Closer investigation shows that a male Breton has 10 more strength than an Altmer. Breton is definitely the way to go it seems.
10 less endurance on the other hand...
and no destruction bonus...
Well, as long as the German army will be capable of invading and preventing the assets from being stolen by someone, it's OK with me.
Oh Lumo...
If Obama's universal healthcare weren't dysfunctional, all these Krugmen and Stiglitzes would already own a comfy bed in a psychiatric asylum.
someone's being naughty here
@LucasKauffman Most likely @ACuriousMind. He's always doing crazy stuff.
@all What does my avatar look like?
@0celo7 grey
Like, completely grey
@ACuriousMind Same on my screen.
Any clue why?
5:13 PM
@0celo7 Perhaps you have a new found interest in abstract art ?
5:25 PM
Does it matter who's naughty or nice @LucasKauffman?
@skillpatrol You always want the naughty ones ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
They're more fun
Aren't they?
Btw way so grey?
@skillpatrol SE being el stupid
Check my profile page
It should update to that in a bit
@0celo7 That's a particularly fat ocelot.
@Gaurav That's all fur!
He's not fat at all...stop bullying him
5:32 PM
Yah, Gaurav...you, you, cyberbully!!!
@skillpatrol :)
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Do you think Jeb Bush [the former Florida governor] is going to file his statement? I don’t know what’s going on. I just heard it today that he hasn’t filed. I assume he would have been filed. His should be simple, you know, in comparison to mine. I have so many companies and corporations. I wonder if the history books will remember Trump if he doesn't win.
What's up with all of you using Asian emoticons ? Don't you know it's a corruption of our evolved tradition of tilting our head while expressing emotion ?
Why am I still gray??
5:45 PM
@0celo7 Whose is the italicised statement ?
Interview with the Donald.
@0celo7 I think only Americans are capable of glorifying a next Berlusconi in the name of conservatism.
6:15 PM
Ukranie has also got oligarch president. But they did that after anti-oligarch revolution, led by the oligarchs (American and Ukranian).
Oligarchs also became the leaders of the Ukranian regions, even before Porochenko was elected president.
I wonder, what is the problem to keep politicians, their puppets, on the front side, youtube.com/watch?v=rsL6mKxtOlQ?
Yes! Chat avatar updated!
Chat is empty today...
7:23 PM
"Today my physicist{...}"...someone call the police, they're holding one of us as their personal physicist!
@ACuriousMind "one of us"
Excluding those of us who matter to the world at large, I see :P
A: The Nambu-Goto action how do we know the Hamilton's principal applies?

0celo7The action principle holds by assumption. It is assumed that all equations of motion follow from this principle with the appropriate action. By introducing an auxiliary tensor field $h_{\alpha\beta}$, one may write down the so-called Polyakov action $$S_\mathrm{Poly}=-\frac{T}{2}\int_\Sigma \m...

@ACuriousMind Regarding my last sentence, how would you say they are equivalent? They are equivalent on-shell, right?
I'm not entirely clear on exactly how equivalent actions with auxiliary fields are.
@0celo7 Yes, they are equivalent upon use of the equation of motion for the auxiliary field
@ACuriousMind I could have said that...is there a way using less words?
"on-shell", as you did
You like my new picture?
I think you should change yours too!
7:31 PM
@0celo7 It's very cute :)
@0celo7 I will. Soon...
He was a dead cat yesterday.
He's been hunting various household items and wearing himself out.
7:45 PM
@ACuriousMind Do you like either of these answers: physics.stackexchange.com/questions/193851/…?
I think the first one is what I thought when reading that passage originally.
7:59 PM
@0celo7 I think they're both correct
@ACuriousMind So the vev of any vector is zero by Lorentz invariance?
In equilibrium field theory, I believe so
8:32 PM
smh, why is "illegal" the go-to word for policies people don't like?
8:47 PM
Q: Higher-Dimensional Metrics in (Hyper)-Spherical Coordinates

HDE 226868I want to compute the components of the Riemann curvature tensor (for a case similar to the Schwarzschild solution) in 4 + 1 dimensions, but I want to use a higher-dimensional analogue of spherical coordinates. I first want to investigate a metric for the Euclidean case, i.e. "flat" space-time wi...

"too old to migrate"
Why is that a thing?
Q: Disable migration for questions older than 60 days

Shog9This has come up a few times now: migrating old questions causes problems. The most popular solution to this to date has been to reset votes on migrated posts. This is do-able, but frankly it feels like treating a symptom, and doing so in a way that penalizes folks who answer what are by all ap...

@0celo7 What cutoff?
It says so in the title?
60 days
@0celo7 Saw it, refrained from snarking on it.
Ignore that...
8:59 PM
This user's answers just...baffle me
@ACuriousMind Besides Atronach, what do you recommend for a beginner?
@ACuriousMind YES
lemme find one...
A: How many independent components does a rank three totally symmetric tensor have in $n$ dimensions?

diracpaulSECTION A : The linearly independent elements of a Totally Symmetric Tensor $\;T_{i_{1}i_{2}\cdots i_{p-1}i_{p}}\;$(important for the interpretation of Quark Theory of Baryons in Particle Physics) \begin{equation*} \bbox[#FFFF88,8px] {\boldsymbol{3}\boldsymbol{\otimes}\boldsymbol{3}\boldsymbol...

That's my question and I refuse to read that whole thing!
@0celo7 Hmm...I forget which star signs there are, but if you want to play a mage, take the other magicka multiplier
You need a large pool
I want to play a battlemage, i.e. use magic and sword equally.
Apprentice? 50% weak to magic...
Hmm...if you don't want more magicka, the lover is kinda nice
The 1min paralysis is one guaranteed kill, essentially
9:12 PM
Atronach just scares me!
No magicka regen at all?
@0celo7 again, you only regenerate when you sleep, anyway
I feel like that'd be really hard to use unless you know the ins and outs of alchemy already.
But yeah, for a beginner atronach probably isn't the thing
@ACuriousMind idk how he manages to type such crazy long answers...
@0celo7 I think he types them up in his own LaTex beforehand
9:15 PM
I meant just the mental endurance of doing 4x4 matrix computations by hand...
I get bored with 3x3 matrices already, and I don't find it particularly enlightening watching him do all these computations.
Did you ever get your random matrix code to work?
@0celo7 Yes, I can now compute the expectation value of a Polyakov loop
Now I just have to run that code for a few temperatures and lattice sizes and the project is done
Yeah, well I calculated some Euler characteristics explicitly: physics.stackexchange.com/questions/192320/…
I think I win...
@0celo7 What?
9:21 PM
Q: How to express speed (of one participant, with respect to members of an inertial system) in terms of intervals?

user12262Considering two members of an inertial system(1) (participants $P$ and $Q$ who were and remained separate and at rest to each other, in a flat region), and participant $A$ who moved from $P$ to $Q$: Is it possible to express the average speed of $A$ wrt. $P$ and $Q$ through values of intervals?...

o fortuna plays in background
He's back!!!11!1
@ACuriousMind I was looking for an excuse to point out I answered another question today.
20K here I come!
Unsurprisingly, I'm not sure whether that question doesn't make sense, but in any case, I don't understand it.
@0celo7 I was just about to comment on that...what has taken hold of you to make that happen? ;)
There might be some form of bias going on here where we expect it not to make sense from the get-go, so of course we can't make sense out of it.
@0celo7 it might be genetic pal!
but regardless your cat is so goddamn cute :)
9:26 PM
^^uncropped and orig. resolution
@0celo7 how old is he
Little over a year
Damn, he might be 1.5 already
@0celo7 I'm more a dog person since I'm allergic to cats but hey he's so f*cking cute! :D
I have a dog too.
@0celo7 You perhaps missed Einstein's half-birthday!?!!?
9:28 PM
He's irrelevant compared to the cat.
Although he's pretty adorable too.
↑ this one is mine :)
@ACuriousMind The first one was super easy. For the second one, I felt the urge to prove to myself that I could do it.
(It is an exercise in a book that I'm semi-reading.)
@ACuriousMind Perfect for an "unclear" vote in my mind.
I want him to define "speed" as a sanity check.
uh-oh 1 vote remaining!
@0celo7 A number, measured by participant $A$, who beforehand has synchronized his clock (a duration, not a time measurement device) with participant $C$, who has in turn passed $B$ and $J$ but not $\mathscr{R}$, when he passes $K$...I forgot where I was going with this...
@0celo7 wait you have both a cat and a dog??
@ACuriousMind A number? You're telling me it can be complex, quaternionic, or Grassmann? You obviously are ignorant
9:35 PM
@0celo7 Touché
@ACuriousMind Otherwise a very good impression :D
@gonenc Yes.
I shall find a picture.
If you have doubts, compare the couch to the one in the Einstein-BLT picture.
@0celo7 that one looks fatter that the cat :P
@0celo7 BLT?
He's skin and bones...
You can feel his little doggie ribs
He's just fluffy
@0celo7 really he doesn't look that way, at least in that photo
@gonenc At home I will look for a picture of him when he has had his hair cut
9:42 PM
@0celo7 how do they get along?
ie your cat and dog
@gonenc Cat likes dog, dog is bored of cat's existence , used to be best buds
@0celo7 is the dog also ca. 1 year old?
It doesn't help that Einstein thinks he's a lion and jumps on the dog from various heights.
Rarely any fights.
@0celo7 what's the dogs name? dirac?
We usually call him dog
But his name is Kobi
9:47 PM
lol there is a movie called "The Divergent Series"
I don't think it is about divergent series though
There is a movie called "How to cure Vampirism: Tips and Tricks by ACM"
It's a work in progress
@0celo7 Is that a picture of your physics-reading cat?
Wow, Im a weird ass green today
brb train
@StanShunpike Yes
@0celo7 Why would I want to cure it?
@StanShunpike At least it's not fully neon
@ACuriousMind yeah i dont think i have had this one. Come to think of it, they rarely repeat if at all except for the grey one that comes back
10:05 PM
@ACuriousMind Weakness to fire, no health and stamina regen in sun
Maybe that's why you think it's so hot...
@StanShunpike yes
Lolol the cat who reads Wald.

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