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12:00 AM
There are 1378 unanswered questions (94.5001% answered)
@Hosch250 94.5001%, close enough to 95% now? :P
I think I helped there with a JS zombie yesterday.
Got Revival on it too.
I just put down a zombie kinda too
What's an effective use of ?
12:09 AM
@Quill I think that tag is a candidate for burnination.
@Hosch250 It makes me sad, but to meta I must travel
@Quill Bah, mods should be very active on meta.
Want me to write that for you?
@Hosch250 No thanks, I got it
@Hosch250 It makes me sad caus I love ternaries, I think nearly every answer I've written includes one
12:11 AM
Q: Burnination candidate: [ternary-operator]

QuillCurrently, there's 17 tagged questions for this tag, either being superfluous (use every tag I can) kinda questions, or very complex ternaries replaced a potentially large if-else statement, like Forming a dictionary where all values are only conditionally set Should ternary-operator be burninat...

Interfaces are strange.
@EthanBierlein until you learn them. then you might realize that they're one of the best things there is about programming.
12:20 AM
I think I understand them though.
Now, do you understand what they can be used for?
It's like a "template" for a class, essentially saying what methods a class implements.
Right? Or am I completely wrong?
I take it I'm right.
@Quill A burninate-request without a pun? How is that even possible?
@SimonAndréForsberg hold up
@EthanBierlein technically correct
12:23 AM
@SimonAndréForsberg "Technically"?
Q: tag [ternary-operator] = "burninate" if bad else "keep"

QuillCurrently, there's 17 tagged questions for this tag, either being superfluous (use every tag I can) kinda questions, or very complex ternaries replaced a potentially large if-else statement, like Forming a dictionary where all values are only conditionally set Should ternary-operator be burninat...

Perfect timing
@StackExchange You take waay too long.
@StackExchange @SimonAndréForsberg ;-)
*snerk* I saw that @Quill ;-)
Why are you using the Python ternary? Why not use a ternary that's actually understandable?
12:26 AM
@EthanBierlein because they require non english characters which I don't really want in a title
Good point.
Also that's part of the joke, the tag is bad and the specific usage of the ternary is bad
I edited your post by the way.
@EthanBierlein you didn't specify a clear use case, but yes, that is what an interface is.
@Quill excellent!
Hmm. I'm going to go look up why interfaces are actually useful, and deserve to exist.
bbl. Time to go eat.
12:30 AM
Mods, I'm out of comment flags, but there are a good many more here that should be removed.
@EthanBierlein I can tell you this, that in many languages (Java is one of them), multiple-inheritance is disallowed, but implementations of multiple interfaces is allowed.
A: Simple Java animation with Swing

Anirban Nag 'tintinmj'You get a good review from @syb0rg. I'm going to tell you something that will help you in the long run. If you create any application in Swing in future try to use SwingUtilities.invokeLater() to prevent any unnatural behavior. So the code will be like this public static void main(String[] args)...

Oh, I guess the rest are good.
Shouldn't the title be Tag [ternary-operator] == bad_tag ? "burninate" : "keep"? — Mat's Mug 39 secs ago
4 mins ago, by Quill
Also that's part of the joke, the tag is bad and the specific usage of the ternary is bad
Python has the worst implementation of a ternary
@EthanBierlein I can tell you this: Whenever I am making code more flexible, such as when I made the Server and the stand-alone Client in Cardshifter share a lot of code by extracting an interface and providing two different implementations of that interface (one for the server and one for the client).
12:40 AM
Thanks @Jamal
candidate score 23/40
• reputation 8k
• moderation badges: 6/8
• editing badges: 4/6
• participation badges: 5/6
I have 9k now. Must be taking that from the SEDE.
I don't think so, and either way, SEDE will update before the nomination period ends (right?)
I've just added a suggested for the synonymization as well.
Trouble is, I'll get a gold flag badge on Monday, after SEDE updates.
Q: Using delegates to avoid duplicate creation of resources

James KoI'm writing a PCL that uses an HttpClient to go visit a few sites and extract data from them. My initial code looked like this: public static class Download { public async static Task<byte[]> FromYouTubeAsync(string videoUri) { using (var client = new HttpClient()) { ...

1:00 AM
@SimonAndréForsberg How would you plan to use n-grams in Duga? Afaik n-grams are just a sequence of n tokens/characters. Depending on it being on character or word level. I'm not familiar with how Duga currently works :)
Q: Creating class instances for each site visitor

TestWellI'm writing a web app using forms authentication that shares messages between users. I have a static class called CurrentUser that holds information of the current user. Here's a [shortened] version of my class: public static class CurrentUser { public static Guid ProviderKey { get; set; } ...

For future reference, this sort of question would be better suited for codereview.stackexchange.com . — Tim Biegeleisen 47 secs ago
@Hosch250 I believe the system takes the information as-at-the-start-of-nominations.
1:15 AM
I've been a member on this site for quite a few months now. And tbh I still find the line between reviewable code/none reviewable code very thin.
His code is complete and works for the cases where no pop() is used. He overlooked the pop() usage I believe.
However due to reviewing his question this came to light.
He wouldn't have posted this on SO because he had no idea that it did not work, since he didn't mention anything about broken code in the body.
His focus lied on the O(1) aspect.
@DJanssens it could very well be a case that OP overlooked. if OP has no idea that their code doesn't work in all possible cases, it works to the best of their knowledge. You had to actually review the code to find that bug. Bugs happen.
I believe this was the case for OP
clicks link
I totally forgot the pop is there anyway I could get the new min without reiterating the array again? — toy 3 hours ago
well handled then
now let's hope OP edits their post with a working version
1:19 AM
So should I vote to reopen? Or how should this be done?
it's OP's call
Feel free to edit the working code into this post when you get it to work as intended - we'll get it reopened. Good luck! — Mat's Mug 6 secs ago
if OP edits it, it will automatically enter the reopen queue
ok :)
Sorry to ask ;)
@Quill - question - what inspired you to edit the python stack question's title?
guess: tag in title
1:25 AM
Something wrong?
I am not complaining.... promise ;-)
it was edited after the question was put on hold
3 mins ago, by Mat's Mug
if OP edits it, it will automatically enter the reopen queue
Oh, right, re-open queues, sorry
1:25 AM
^ that's actually if anyone edits it
it's one of those edge-cases where I am not sure what the right thing is to do.
the edit is a good edit, but the result leads to confusion.
As long as OP reads the comments, it could be re-opened soon anyway
your hopes are high! lol
The timing is a bit messed up, and the edit could have been in process when the close happened too.
1:27 AM
@rolfl I think it's best to leave off-topic posts for OP to edit. if it gets reopened and still has a bad title, then the timing is right.
I'm off to bed guys. Have a good day/night!
@Mat'sMug I agree with that, but I don't believe there's a meta, or anything
may be worth putting one through
@DJanssens 'night!
Do you want me to make one @rolfl?
@Quill No, and I don't want to make that question an example either. Your edit is not something I want to point to and say "don't fix titles".
1:31 AM
Sure, okay
I'll stew on this one for a bit.
Of course, if someone else (you included) happens to ask on meta first, that's OK too, but I am not asking you to do it if you don't want
cough I assumed you did not want to post to meta, and then realized that assumption may be flawed.
Welcome to Code Review! I had a draft in progress and then saw your edit. Since I hadn't touched the Instance getter I decided to post it anyway, but WRT your question, the constructor gets called because, well, you're calling it (that's right, new CurrentUser() does exactly that!)... and the only member you're showing is being set in the constructor, so that can't possibly be problematic. Unless... you're not showing us the whole thing. I'm going to vote to put your question on hold until you get your code to work as intended. Please see our help center in the mean time. — Mat's Mug 12 secs ago
I deleted that answer
...and OP deleted their post. that always feels awkward.
@Jamal how was the tag misplaced here? codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/57597/revisions
1:47 AM
Hm? I'm killing off the tag.
ah, ok then
would this be a good excerpt edit then?
> This tag is in the process of being removed from the site. Please avoid using it. The art of properly calling a cat, a cat; naming is often governed by various conventions. Poor naming can make code harder to read, good naming easier.
Go ahead
I'm not sure if I'll have it killed by then. I'll have to see how it'll flood the front page.
I hear if you lock a post, remove the tag, and unlock it will prevent it from being bumped.
1:58 AM
I haven't actually thought of that. Then again, I don't need to do it with just 15 more questions.
2:14 AM
alright I just posted on code review as well codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/95633/…Daniel Newtown 8 secs ago
+50 bounty on SO ^^
Q: Need to convert a complete code of javax.xml.soap.* to webServiceTemplate

Daniel NewtownI asked following question on StackOverflow but did not receive any answer. Someone suggested me to post it here. I am able to send requests to the web service using javax.xml.soap.*, I would like to covert the code to use webServiceTemplate. I am struggling with creating request and result o...

@CaptainObvious Off-topic?
Yeah, so it should stay on SO.
only the first point makes it iffy
> I am struggling with creating request and result objects. (sample Ive found is related to xml not SOAP)
we're not into "converting" code
@NitzanVolman: It doesn't look entirely on-topic. Be sure you've read Code Review's Help Center. — Jamal 18 secs ago
^ upvoted
@NitzanVolman: It doesn't look entirely on-topic. Be sure you've read Code Review's Help Center. — Jamal 31 secs ago
2:23 AM
I'm downvoting, but I'm not sure which close reason would be applicable here.
Maybe the code not written one, or make a custom one.
Does the new code work as expected? — Mat's Mug 7 secs ago
starting with this
I really do love having Duga around. It's like having a wiretap installed on each question.
Agree wholeheartedly ^^
Hey @bazola
@rolfl @Quill I went ahead and posted that meta
@Mat'sMug Thanks, I did start writing but I got called into a meeting
This code snippet has my brain going in circles:
/// <summary>
/// Interface for all expressions (objects
/// that evaluate to a Value).
/// </summary>
public interface IExpression
    Value Evaluate(Dictionary<string, Value> env);

/// <summary>
/// Base class for all Value types (types that
/// evaluate to self)
/// </summary>
public abstract class Value : IExpression
    public Value Evaluate(Dictionary<string, Value> env)
        return this;
@Hosch250 looks like it's intended to do that :)
2:46 AM
@Hosch250 I. Not. Understand.
It looks like it should be mentioned in a review, but I don't know what to say.
where's that?
Q: Abstract syntax tree for simple Lisp-like language interpreter

rookieA week or so ago, I wrote a binary expression calculator with the hope of better understanding how interpreters and compilers work. In the same vein, I've tried to write a lisp like language interpreter in C#. So far, I've only written code to represent the abstract syntax tree, and haven't writt...

Got a bounty I was going to go after.
2:48 AM
@Hosch250 That seems, odd, why anyone would ever want to make something like that.
Why are you making your own language?
Seems they want to understand interpreters and compilers better.
I mean, for learning, I see the point, but otherwise, it still seems strange.
@EthanBierlein tell that to the guys who wrote ANTLR
you know ?
2:52 AM
No, but I've seen some C# code written with it.
I'd like to learn ANTLR at some point though.
woah I just learned something very cool reading that question @Hosch250
[DebuggerDisplay("[Number: Value={Value}]")]
I didn't know about that attribute
I don't know about any attributes but [TestMethod].
It isn't funny.
2:56 AM
Q: Editing closed/on-hold questions

Mat's MugI'm allergic to a number of things: Bad titles ("please review my code"), tags in title Wrong tags being used Typos and grammar issues Is it ok to edit questions for these reasons? When wouldn't it be appropriate to edit a question, and why?

I've seen that one in OnPropertyChanged() that auto-inserts the caller name, but I don't remember the value off-hand, and I've seen [Fact], but I don't know what it is for.
I know how to use them, but I have no idea of how to write them.
Oh, yeah, and [XmlIgnore].
public class SomeAttribute : Attribute
public class Something
So... like inheritance? Sort of?
A: creating custom attribute in C#

Darin DimitrovYou start by writing a class that derives from Attribute: public class MyCustomAttribute: Attribute { public string SomeProperty { get; set; } } Then you could decorate anything (class, method, property, ...) with this attribute: [MyCustom(SomeProperty = "foo bar")] public class Foo { } ...

you need to use reflection to check what types/members are using what attributes, and then what to do with them
otherwise they serve no purpose whatsoever
3:00 AM
So, how would [XmlIgnore] work?
Does it prevent the data from going into the XML file in the first place, or does it remove it after it is added?
an XmlSerializer would use reflection to inspect the members, and skip over any that has that specific attribute
So that was created as part of the XML management section.
And any attributes I create would be used specifically with my code written to handle them.
you can use AttributeUsage attributes to define how your custom attributes can be used
@Hosch250 yes
What happens when I use an improper attribute?
Confusion and no effect?
no build
3:02 AM
attributes are strongly-typed
(unlike Rubberduck's @TestMethod markers)
Back to 95%
@Jamal You're welcome :D
Object result(
                                                         name_as_void ) );
There we go
Q: Eliminating duplication in Python native code function call dispatchers

P i I attempting to merge 3 functions into one, as they contain for the most part the same code. Here are the original functions: extern "C" PyObject *method_noargs_call_handler( PyObject *_self_and_name_tuple, PyObject * ) { try { Tuple self_and_name_tuple( _self_and_name_tuple ); ...

3:40 AM
@Jamal woot woot!
4:10 AM
sup yall
is "interactive" a good tag?
Probably not. Make a meta.
BTW: [tag:interactive] =
why "interactive"?
There is no tag wiki for this tag … yet!

Tag wikis help introduce newcomers to the tag. They contain an overview of the topic defined by the tag, along with guidelines on its usage.

All registered users may propose new tag wikis.

(Note that if you have less than 4000 reputation, your tag wiki will be peer reviewed before it is published.)
4:14 AM
how do i make a meta tag?
Sounds like a terrible tag to me.
ok i removed it
@MotokoKusanagi Just use and
Picking up lots of votes from this still: codereview.stackexchange.com/a/95621/34073
now that i think about it, interactive is kind of pointless for a tag, as 99% of software requires interaction
Want me to make the meta Q for you?
4:16 AM
Q: Raw Text TCP Client v3

Motoko KusanagiAfter studying and considering the reviews for this code, I began working on the code, and came up with this. It has much better error and disconnect detection, and it also resolves addresses: #include <arpa/inet.h> #include <error.h> #include <fcntl.h> #include <netdb.h> #include <signal.h> #in...

if you desire so, something like "software designed to function based on parameters defined by the software user"
@MotokoKusanagi Lots of code in main() there.
Sure that can't be minimized a bit?
oh yes hang on
@MotokoKusanagi No, not a wiki, a burnination request question.
4:18 AM
@Hosch250 what for? if the tag is gone, there's no need to burn anything
I didn't know it was just created now.
Hey guys, you like upvoting, right?
I have something I want you to upvote: codereview.stackexchange.com/tags/conditions/synonyms
it's it was in the "new tags" here
i need to stop giving away all my rep points
i think conditions is pretty arbitrary without context
i know some of my functions are walls of code, but aside from main, they still do a single thing...
i've been drinking... maybe i should shut up?
@Hosch250 so you would split up the main into functions, then?
4:23 AM
No, the functions looked alright, I just thought main() was a bit much.
My main()'s usually have about 5-10 lines starting the chain of execution.
Not always, though.
Sometimes it can't be helped.
main pretty much sums up as input, connect, transaction, exit
plus the two line paragraph that handles interrupts
Q: Storytelling program: Gathers stories from certain popular story websites/formats and reads them aloud

Sentherus ArgentumAudiobooks have made my life easier when I have had something better for my eyes to do, but still have ears open and a mind free to wander. This program is one of my more recent efforts to allow most of the stories written on popular websites to be transformed into a more accessible audio format ...

i also opted out of checking for ready write descriptors because i figured a litle bit of blocking is better than a program that complains too much
4:44 AM
5:16 AM
@Jamal Awesome, then !
monking @all
A: ZK Textbox content containing <html> tag

chillworldNormally you should get values from your composer or viewmodel, and then this problem doesn't exist. If you want to do it in the zul, you can make a parameter in zscript like this : <zscript> <![CDATA[ String a = "<html>"; ]]> </zscript> <textbox value="${a}" /> Here I created a f...

it become time we see more zk questions here
A: Storytelling program: Gathers stories from certain popular story websites/formats and reads them aloud

QuillThis is really cool! There's a few things that could be fixed up: You should have whitespace between each variable in your parameters: def say(message,title='Speak',speech_system='google'): into: def say(message, title='speak', speech_system='google'): home+'\\'+title into: h...

Q: codility fish: Runtime error

LiliannaI am doing codility problems to get familiar with data structures in Python. I coded this fish problem and tested every corner situations. But when I submitted this solution, it gave me a Runtime Error for the case 'extreme_range2: all fish flowing in the same direction'. I can't understand why. ...

Q: Structuring unittest/code reuuse

PatrickCurrently we are trying to implement some unittesting on our services. In the below service an order is created and a audit registration is made about the creation of an order. When writing the two tests (because we think the tests should be seperated to get tests with 1 responsibility) this was ...

@CaptainObvious vtc for broken code
5:50 AM
I think this would be a better fit for Code ReviewTiny Giant 34 secs ago
> function goTo(location)
Q: simplify my jQuery code using function or OOP

Optimum CreativeI have a jquery code that helps me to scroll to specific sections on mouse scroll. To handle mouse scroll events i am using jQuery mousewheel plugin. I need help in simplifying my code My code is function goTo(location) { $('html,body').animate({ scrollTop:...

function goTo(bed)
'night CRitters!
Good night
...At this point, a code review is just what I need :) I tried your suggestion and it solves my needs as well, but would SO allow me to add two correct answers? Technically, both are correct, although one may require "fixing up" before publishing. — miguelarcilla 1 min ago
6:28 AM
Q: How to implement Table join using repository pattern?

Vivekanand V VI am new to repository pattern. If i want to join two tables, where should i implement the logic? I have implemented it as shown below. Is there any better way to achieve the same? This is my User Repository Class public class UserRepository : Repository<UserMaster>, IUserRepository { publi...

6:45 AM
monking @Gemtastic
What's up?
waiting for bug report :)
I see :)
Heading for the long weekend guys. Hope you enjoy yours too.
7:00 AM
@Mehrad Have a nice weekend.
extra hot weekend here. Forecast of 35 degrees
already whole week like that
35 and up, yea
And a deadline next Monday, so overtime. Yay!
Summer finally came here so I'm enjouing the heat while it lasts. Well... Trying to; the office AC keeps reminding me that I live in scandinavia...
"I heard you liked warmth... Would be a shame if... SOMETHING WERE TO HAPPEN TO IT!"
7:25 AM
Q: Verify FIFO Dequeue Algorithm

barak manosI have a FIFO queue of packets, which maintains: Push index Pop index Count I would like to assert my dequeuing algorithm: if (push_index >= (count-i)) pop_index = push_index-(count-i); else pop_index = MAX_NUM_OF_PACKETS+push_index-(count-i); Here is the code that I have used in o...

monking @Vogel612
hey @Vogel612
If your code is working, I think you should ask on Code Reviewtmoreau 13 secs ago
I can't wait until we can flag posts for migration here properly
7:50 AM
@Duga He's actually right.
@Gemtastic I dread the moment SO can flag posts for migration to CR.
8:28 AM
Q: Random value excluding both limits

Lars EbertThe javascript method Math.random() returns a (pseudo-)random float between 0 (inclusive) and 1 (exclusive). In some use cases, I need both limits to be excluded, a random float between 0 (exclusive) and 1 (exclusive). An easy way to do that would be this snippet: do { var random = Math.ra...

@CaptainObvious That's not off topic is it?
@Yann hypothetical & FR I'd say
@Vogel612 (FR?) And that looks like real code to me. It's a small snippet to be sure, but they're asking for critique on a section of their code
It's an edge case.
@Mast Well, with great flagging comes great moderation :P
8:37 AM
Perhaps worthy of it's own meta.
It is just a small snippet. It requires a knowledge of exactly how Math.Random() works, and how it sources entropy, but I still think it's a valid question
@Yann Feature request.
It may be a better fit for Programmers.
Additionally this smells like there was a design mistake somewhere else...
But it's saying "I currently use this technique, is there a better one?"
8:40 AM
in general these three lines lack too much context, IMO
Feedback on this?
@Yann Code Review does not endorse MCVE's! That's SO style. — Mast 11 secs ago
@Mast Oh, doesn't it? I'm prepared to be wrong, but that'd surprise me
The E of MCVE is Example
Example code => off-topic
8:56 AM
@Mast Oh, fair enough, but that seems like a bit of a rules-lawyer kind of thing. Surely stick to the spirit of it, which is "provide the section that you want reviewing, and any context required"
Ahh, meeting. I have to begone, but I'll be back in half an hour or so. I have a feeling this may be resolved in that time though

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