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8:02 PM
You might post on codereview.stackexchange.com and if you can provide a download for the source code, someone may go through it with you. — Tony Hinkle 12 secs ago
Anyone knows how Duga works?
@IsmaelMiguel Go look at her repo: github.com/Zomis/Duga
(I don't know)
@IsmaelMiguel @SimonAndréForsberg does
@EthanBierlein I read it, still no idea.
@Mat'sMug He isn't here now
@IsmaelMiguel It links in to the stack exchange API, and retrieves all comments made on stack overflow every minute. It runs each comment through a filter, and redirects them to here, programmers, and some other sites, if they are relevant.
8:10 PM
@rolfl And it can answer?
It also links in to the stack's Chat API (actually, it just drives the web-page/socket), and posts links in to the chat rooms. It does not post anything back to the main sites.
The Stack API allows that, though, if you want.
@Mat'sMug how does he know how Duga works?
I am out of stars again....even with my double portion I still run out of stars :'(
@Malachi uh, because he wrote it?
@Malachi there's no double portion for anyone...
@Mat'sMug I forgot my Sarcasm/Joke tags....oops
@rolfl What I was asking is if it answers back to me
8:13 PM
@Mat'sMug I thought RO's got double?
@Malachi in your dreams, pal :p
@IsmaelMiguel Not yet, I think. I do believe that @SimonAndréForsberg is implementing that though.
Duga is a "regular" chat account, but is controlled by Simon, who also has his regular @SimonAndréForsberg account.
occasionally Simon likes to make duga talk back by logging in as that account
it's also a tool, not a toy
and that ^^^^
8:14 PM
Well, maybe one day the bot can answer to basic messages
One day.
@rolfl eh, he doesn't even need to login as @Duga for that. I can't be bothered to look for it, but he posted a screenshot of his chat screen. he's got [send][upload...][duga] buttons :)
@IsmaelMiguel Duga's most visible purpose/use is monitoring the comments.
it aslo does other things, including monitoring a number of github accounts.
I hope it doesn't monitor mine
Simon was working on a chat-based API for listing and mofifying which github systems it tracks.
8:16 PM
It is a barely-moving space
Stop trying to turn me into a mod
as a result it does talk back... to simon.
You won't get my soul
@rolfl Looking at it now
8:20 PM
Jeroen out
See ya
@JeroenVannevel glad you didn't get stabbed coming out of the airplane! :)
Jun 22 at 20:49, by Jeroen Vannevel
According to my mom, I'm going to get stabbed as soon as I get off the plane
@JeroenVannevel I'll just take that as an official: "nomination declined" then
@IsmaelMiguel If you mention "code review" in the comments on SO, she will follow you.
Also, Simon is implementing a feature where you can ping @Duga with a certain format of message, and she will respond with details.
Mostly interacting with GitHub now.
That seems a ton of work
8:25 PM
Probably is.
scratch the probably.. stack chat "API" is a mess
I'm going driving now, BBL.
@Vogel612 That wouldn't be a sentence, then. You'd have to replace it.
point taken :D
Q: Templated Tokenizer Functions

ncalmbeblpaicr0011I wanted to be able to tokenize a few different containers so I created a generic way to do it. I originally wrote this in Visual Studio 2012, but I had to modify it to get it to compile on Ideone. Here are my generic tokenizer functions: #include <algorithm> #include <iterator> #include <string>...

@Vogel612 yeah, declined. But I appreciate your support though!
8:42 PM
I noticed that we slipped to 94% answered again.
@Donald.McLean that's been a little while ;)
Jun 2 at 2:18, by Jamal
88% to 96% to 94%. We may be nearing 93%.
Q: Pre interview task

LiverpoolCoderI was asked before an interview to create a console application that will work out the score of a word for the board game scrabble. It worked fine but the feedback I received said: "there were no comments at all, some strange logic and uses exceptions to handle bad input. In summary the Develope...

@CaptainObvious of....
Q: Applicative permutation in Haskell

sindikatI want to understand Haskell better by trying to stretch possibilities of Functor, Applicative, and Monad as much as possible and study how they behave. So in Learn You a Haskell there's an exercise to generate all possible moves for a knight from a given position on chessboard: moveKnight :: Kn...

9:06 PM
@Vogel612 I didn't realize we were similar ages.
@Hosch250 I just yesterday submitted my application for university... I think I am younger than you are (but I'm not sure)
Nope, I'm not yet 20.
it's kind of hard to assess around here and the network anyways
We finish HS when we are 18 here, but my birthday is in such a time of year that I'm at the young end and graduated a few months before I was 18.
I went straight into college, and hate it.
HS was fun, and intensive. College is boring, and intensive.
3 years ago I was in a similar situation... I went to do on-the-job training..
in hindsight it seems to have been the right choice
9:11 PM
Glad you made it.
BTW, three more answers, and I'm getting a discussion badge too.
I'm writing one right now.
I'll be sure to edit then :)
which reminds me, I'm miles away from silver...
and I'm not even half through with the gold badge in my language of choice
I'm almost halfway to silver for C# (.4 answer wise, slightly under, vote wise).
9:30 PM
@Hosch250 I think I got something similar.
77/100, 17/20
A: How do comparative reviews ...compare to the rest of CR questions?

Hosch250We have had comparative review debates several times in The 2nd Monitor since I joined around last November (November 2014, for ease of future readers' reference). There are also a few other questions on meta about comparative reviews and their limits, including this. I think now would be a goo...

so @Mast ... go run for mod :)
@Vogel612 Say what?
154/100, 18/20
I'm whopping you by score, but I got a lot of it on a popular answer.
I took the liberty to move the duped message @Hosch250 :)
9:33 PM
People here are the opposite of dumb, and probably know about both techniques. Regulars perhaps, but someone just coming from SO...
@Vogel612 OK.
@Vogel612 NP. I didn't mean to post it twice.
@Mast Many people on SO aren't dumb either.
@Hosch250 I'm not so sure about that. The regulars there aren't. But there are freaking many people there.
The amount of garbage there which luckily gets destroyed is enormous.
Well, that doesn't mean a regular won't see the question and post a good answer.
True, but that's ambiguous in your statement.
@Vogel612 If you're serious about that by the way, you know where to find the nomination thread.
But I think there are more experienced people around who should do it.
So, @Mast, what is the point?
9:38 PM
I'm not quite sure elections are only for "winning"
You want me to remove that sentence because some people are dumb?
My point was it seems ambiguous to me. Feel free to disagree :)
Hiya @Snowhawk04
check out this outstanding answer by a new member, showing me up at my own game
A: Scoring a Scrabble Word

guntanisSome function could be more short. In this function the else between the ifs statements is redundant. private int GetMultiplier() { if (this.Length <= 4) return 1; else if (this.Length <= 6) return 2; else if (t...

9:49 PM
@Malachi That's assuming negative numbers will not happen.
I think it's good practice to always have an else
@Mast we assume that when you put in a word that you won't have negative amount of letters in it
Q: Is Race Condition being acomplished?

affanBajwaMy aim is to simulate a race condition by making 10 pizzas and serving to 20 different students using threads Is the code below in race condition: public class NewDiningHall { static int pizzaNum; static int studentID; public void makePizza(){ pizzaNum++; } static class PizzaServe exte...

That's true. Perhaps there are other guidelines for C# than for C++.
And I've been known to violate that rule as well.
@CaptainObvious VTC.
that scrabble game is missing the scoring for letters: B and X
@CaptainObvious this isn't unclear it is broken people, right?
having an else or an else if after the if exits just hurts readability and causes unneeded indentation to appear in the code.
9:56 PM
back home, trying to catch up a bit. will reply to some things.
@EthanBierlein once a minute
@Vogel612 That would make you around my age, I'm about a month off doing that
@Malachi The initial statement is wrong.
@Mast mine or OPs?
@Malachi OP
That's now how you should test for race conditions.
@Malachi What's wrong with a dictionary and a for loop?
9:58 PM
@GarethRees I would love to do it sometime (even though it wasn't the challenge I voted for). June wasn't a very good month for me, personally. And there are still some challenges that I have implemented but not posted for review. I hope the challenges will take a break again so that I can catch up with them :)
@Quill asserting that I do it right after HS..
There is a theoretical possibility of having every time the same output.
@Quill I thought about that, but I don't know the performance of switch vs. dictionary/loop
and it is quitting time
10:00 PM
2 away from 9k!
If only I had an answer I could accept.
Thanks, guys!
Now I just need to get to 10k before the privileges are raised!
I should try to, eh?
@Vogel612 Just about 2-3 days work.
You could get it before the nomination period ends.
one, If I go for it hard
@Hosch250 won't returning Letters.Count, if it is empty cause an error, or would it automatically return 0 and not null? if it returns null you should turn the type to a Int?
maybe I'd even get a mortarboard then
10:03 PM
@Malachi I don't think so.
var v = "";
var c = v.ToCharArray();
That prints 0.
The only potential issue, AFAIK, is if Letters isn't initialized.
@Malachi See you.
I am always a ping away. I have ChatSEy
and the Stack App
@Hosch250 Do you know when privileges will be raised?
@SirPython after the elections I think
10:05 PM
@SirPython Pops said after the elections.
Darn. I thought I had more time.
@rolfl @DJanssens / anyone interested: I think @Duga could become a bit "smarter" on the filtering if I implemented NGrams in her, any thoughts on that?
@SimonAndréForsberg Sure, go for it!
I have so much to learn still...
@SimonAndréForsberg You could always make Duga and Duga2 (with NGrams) post in their own room to check for reliability. A week's worth should give valuable insight in this matter.
@Vogel612 it wasn't too complicated though to figure it out. the hardest part is really retrieving the fkey.
@Donald.McLean yes but we are very close to 95%. I got @Duga to inform about the percentage at 00:00 UTC
10:16 PM
Closer to 94% "(94.4842%)"
@Hosch250 only problem is: I don't have much time for it :)
That is a problem.
@Mast I need to learn more about how N-Grams work though
@SimonAndréForsberg Seems to be working great: github.com/Loki-Astari/ThorsSQL
@LokiAstari Nice! There is a slight bug though I believe, see github.com/Zomis/CodeReview-Shield/issues/2
I should hopefully be able to fix that within a few days. probably not tomorrow unfortunately
10:22 PM
All software has bugs. Still good work. Love it :-)
hehe, ain't that the truth
At least now I am aware of it, and have a clue about how to fix it
@SimonAndréForsberg I answered two questions in the last two days - one a zombie.
@Donald.McLean awesome!
WTF, out of stars!? Today!? Now!!?
I've been slaughtering C# zombies, but I don't know MVC or ASP.NET or a bunch of other topics.
So, I'm a bit stuck on most of the remaining 77 - haven't examined them all.
@Hosch250 asp.net isn't really hard, you should consider learning it
10:26 PM
I should.
World Building is 100% answered, with 4.9 answers per question. That's just crazy.
Some questions there I could seriously answer better than any other answers.
We just need some generous folks with like 100k to spare on bounties and we could wrap most of these up
I just don't because I think it's silly.
@Quill 100k? Are you serious?
We don't have anyone with 100k.
10:28 PM
Unfortunately that ^^
@Quill When I get 20k, I'm going to give bounties on a few questions.
@Donald.McLean then again, judging by the questions, World Building is a crazy site.
Compare it with PPCG. Also a crazy site.
@SimonAndréForsberg n-grams are only really useful if you have a 'corpus' against which you can create a baseline of "what's expected".
I am not sure how easy that would be to procure
@Quill I can add to that, but it's 3 bounties at any one time
@rolfl my idea was to have @Duga start using n-grams so that it can learn some patterns of the comments, and in a sense learn what people are trying to say, instead of just what they purely write. Because "This question might be better on Programmers / Code Review" can be written in so many different ways.
Q: Implement min stack in python

toyI was asked to implement min stack in an interview and this is what I came up quickly. The get_min has to be O(1). To me I think this is O(1) but I just want to make sure that I was correct. import sys class Stack: def __init__(self): self.array = [] self.min_num = sys.max...

I was being unrealistically humorous
10:38 PM
Morning lads...
believe it or not I just used a do-while loop :)
Morning, @Mehrad.
So it's programming interview day in my office, and they're doing fizzbuzz in the next room
and a few things @Mat'sMug suggested
@Quill getting hired or hiring?
@Mehrad hiring
10:40 PM
Either a HUGE firework, a bomb, or something just went off fairly close.
@Hosch250 Canada day :)
Nah, 4th of July.
Independence day.
@Mehrad He's close, but not that close to canada.
Supposing we systematically went through every single zombie and either bountied, answered, or referred to the relevant answerer, would it be best to order by score or creation date?
I don't know.
I've seen some bounties fail because either the code is too perfect or nobody knows enough to answer.
10:45 PM
@Mehrad I use those quite often. They are really not that bad. You just need to know when to use them, that's all. They're excellent for "do this at least once"-situations.
@Quill Please tell me they succeed.
Haven't found out yet, it was Q1 out of 5 though
@SimonAndréForsberg believe it or not I have never (literally never) used them in my almost a century of development career. Just simply the need didn't arise :) and all of a sudden this piece of code was screaming do-while :D
And totally agree. do-while has it's own place...
11:14 PM
Hello, @EthanBierlein.
Hello, @SirPython.
This doesn't work for me. After the requester replaces the shelveset, the reviewer gets an error when trying to open the code review. It states that the shelveset can't be found or I don't have permission. — nthpixel 9 secs ago

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