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1:37 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title: All Time Useful Tips For Weight Loss by Vivian Kane on askubuntu.com
Hmm... they went with this time.
huh, random text
2:15 AM
SE feature of the day:
Q: Answer appears automatically converted as a comment

MichaelI posted an answer (pointing to another question already asked) but when I hit submit, I saw my answer appear as a comment to the question instead. I tried it a couple of times and still the same result. The answer gets eaten up and is transformed into a comment. Is this a bug?

1 hour later…
3:40 AM
Morning guys
3:54 AM
was too funny not to spam
"Once my kind ruled as kings. Now I'm getting bathed"
4:55 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body, blacklisted website: Well come in take them home and by kurem sysh on askubuntu.com
1 hour later…
6:12 AM
Let me spam my question on Server Faul real quick. If by any chance someone has some basic expertise in security and wants to give it an answer it would be really appreciated. serverfault.com/questions/700878/…
1 hour later…
7:41 AM
Anyone still some close votes left?
Me @Fabby
@kos Grazie!
Anyway, you seem to be in a tight spot on the MySQL injection of your customer...
Do you have any back-ups?
I would:
1. immediately make a full system back-up
2. restore the last known good system back-up
3. Restore the last data
4. Patch
5. Investigate what the hell went wrong...
(in that order)
and then 6: re-install from scratch (just to be absolutely safe)
Di niente :)
@hbdgaf Seen if before, but still :-)
Thanks for the suggestions, However unluckily no, I don't have a backup. Anyway it should be an easy fix (restoring-to-a-clean-version-wise) since I could find all excessive files quickily, and the already present ones seems untouched. However I suggested to my customer multiple times to pay for a regular backup which he doesn't think he needs, I feel I'm discharged at least from that charge. Indeed the injection is my fault tough. It's indeed going to be a long day
7:53 AM
If the customer didn't pay for an upgrade contract, this is the opportunity to make some upsales... (and show them why it's important to have back-ups in the future)
Don't tell them it's your code but that an exploit was used and they should really think about a back-up and maintenance contract...
(depending on your current contract with them: this is an opportunity for you...)
@kos: If you need an independent security consultant to call them, (free of charge to you) contact me...
I'll send you my CV... >:)
8:08 AM
I've proposed that already, however they just call me when they need something, and I think they want to keep this track. Thanks :) however you know what, I've told them already multiple times. This time I'll fix the issue for free changing the login system to a more robust one, since it's mainly my fault, however next time they've been warned.
These things need to be updated. On the other hand, I can make the login system more robust and avoid the injection, but this time I want to be sure that nothing else comes up.
@Fabby speaking for real, I don't know how I'm gonna fix this for good. In case this becomes too complex for me and not worth my time would you be able to review the login system and briefly say 2 or 3 example pages (they are all structured the same way) for vulnerabilities? Of course it would be a paid job. If I have to waste 10+ hours to cut from my day job to sort everything out that is not worth my time nor my nerves.
@A.B. o/
@kos Good attitude!
@kos :) Before you talk about payment: let me send you my CV... Then you have all my contact details...
and then we can discuss off-line from this chat room.
@kos: you in here right now?
(I've just turned on sound notification, so I'll hear you even when in another tab)
@Fabby Pretty much, altough I'm searching the web like crazy and compulsively check my email for a response from the hosting provider. I've read something already here in chat about your carreer, I know you pretty much do system admininstration on servers or am I wrong? Anyway yes, how do you want to send it to me? Do I have to write me email address here? Are those pages indexed?
@kos: Did you have enough time?
(FYI: removed messages are still readable by any chat room moderator)
8:23 AM
@Fabby Yes I think I've got it, let me send you an email
@Fabby Sent :)
I'm not sure that chat transcripts are not indexed in Google tough.
Chat transcripts are not indexed...
(I've been told)
(reply on its way)
@Fabby That's a really impressive CV. And I think you're going to be rightfully high on recruiment rates, if you would ever apply for the task I need to be done. :(
let's continue this discussion in mail...
You might be surprised!
(you should have one waiting for you already)
Do you have skype?
8:37 AM
@Fabby Sure. Nope I had it on the previous email access which I can't access anymore, I have to set up a new account in order to use it
Mail it is then...
8:51 AM
Smoke! BRB...
chat transcripts are indexed
9:15 AM
User-Agent: *
Allow: /transcript/
9:48 AM
@oli @JourneymanGeek yeah, but we was talking about removed items...
And I've done some digging and I can't see any (but haven't dug into the google cache yet)
10:03 AM
ahh those no
I'm at work. I'll give it a look in a hour or so ;p
These are the default steps to take when your Ubuntu system has been infected through wine:
A: How do I remove the brontok virus that has infected my Ubuntu via Wine?

blade19899I will show you how to delete wine and the virus it self, step by step: Step One: Run the following command(s) in your terminal: sudo apt-get purge wine Step Two: Just in case apt-get could not delete a Wine .exe file for whatever reason, delete the entire wine folder. It resides in yo...

10:17 AM
@Fabby thanks for the edit. You think the "Step Seven:" should come before or after the "Notes:".
before the further reading
(where it is now)
@Fabby cool. And eh....
I got a Job.
But, you'll never guess where :)
This one weird trick will make @blade19899 tell us where he works now.
@Oli LOL. HINT: It's a cousin of a unix based system. But, some of the people here do not like it.
10:26 AM
@Oli Yes - Apple reseller. They wanna turn me into a Mac Engineer.
Do you hate me now :(
@blade19899: I don't hate you "even" knowing that. I'm not hater (nor fanboy)
@Helio Yaay
I got mayor bills to pay, so even if people hated, I would not have cared. I'm paying the bills, and reducing my stress level. So, hate this or love it. I don't really care :)
I'm happier it's a computer company than as somebody who writes clickbait advert scams, but yeah, why would anyone here care?
... negatively, I mean — I'm happy you've found a job ...
Sometimes people here talk allot of trash xD
I have come to conclusion that I don't really care that much whit what I work whit. Mac, Windows or Linux. As long I'm in it, I'm happy. Plus, my personal laptop will always run Ubuntu.
@blade19899: Now you'll win many money and you'll can spend the most of your daily time in doind what do you want (I think)
@blade19899: I "only" hate Windows.
10:33 AM
@Helio Coding and tweaking. All day everyday. Mac, Windows and my precious Linux
@blade19899: I only like *nix.
@Helio Me too. But, I can make it work for me. So, no biggie.
@blade19899: Now I became accustomed to linux. When I see a Win7/8/Vista/XP machine that lags or delays at boot I go sick
@blade19899: (don't read -all but blade-, blatantly off-topic and expecting to be banned ;-) I have a late 2013 27" imac that has grey smudge on the bottom corners. I sent it to service and they changed screen. Now it's fine, but I don't know what caused this. Now that you're apple worker, do you know what is the cause of this?
I read that it can be dust but...
@Helio I started working since last Wednesday xD. Don't know, I can ask around, but not today. I'll let you know.
10:53 AM
@blade19899: Thanks!
@Helio I've had screen layers seperate due to age
supposedly happens due to heat too
@JourneymanGeek: I don't even know if the glass is joined to the LCD panel
Oh, the LCD panel itself is a sandwich of materials
11:31 AM
Yikes what is happening in the UK? Illegal to put your songs on the computer again...boingboing.net/2015/06/20/uk-high-courts-insane-ruling.html
Q: Ubuntu 14.04 I can't get SSH tunneling to work with -g switch?

YitzJacobI'm running this command on myServer: ssh -g -p 9922 -f myuser@serverOnOpenInternet -L 1212:serverBehindFirewall:80 -N serverOnOpenInternet runs sshd on port 9922. (not my call) Once I run the command in question on myServer, I can do: wget http://localhost:1212/ and successfully reach t...

sounds like a normal uk thing
12:12 PM
Whats up with the spam man. Annoying.
@ParanoidPanda ... You spammer :D
12:32 PM
@SmokeDetector You missed one! askubuntu.com/questions/639938/…
yawn . . . nothing awk-able today so far
@Serg Hey, nice one on the rounding question.
You don't need xargs echo though, that's the default:
xargs -a numbers.txt -n1 numfmt  --to=si --round=up | xargs
You could also just do printf '%1.f' "$(cat numbers.txt)", no need for xargs at all.
Same for the numfmt:
echo $(numfmt --to=si --round=up $(cat numbers.txt))
Or, with xargs:
numfmt --to=si --round=up $(cat numbers.txt) | xargs
@terdon I just got into habit of using xargs, though i didn't even knew about -a flag in xargs. I can do some things but I never know how to simplify everything
I almost never use it. But only because I'm not used to it, so I don't think of using it. It's great for many things.
What I'm currious is, how do you and muru come up with the simplest solutions ?
12:50 PM
@Serg Experience, probably. I'm surprised you didn't post an awk one:
awk '{for(i=1;i<=NF;i++){printf "%0.f ",$i}print ""}' numbers.txt
I thought of it, but then thought why use awk with printf when printf is already available
Agreed. But you and A.B. seem to be on an awk streak and try to use it for everything :)
Yup. I'm just in luuuuv with awk and text processing at this time. Besides, awk is quite simple to understand, it's just C-style code
1:38 PM
Awk question? Where?
@A.B. welcome back! Now use that awk code up above and post et ^
i will post link in a sec
A: Use bash for numeric operation

SergRun the contents of the file through printf function. $ xargs -a numbers.txt -n1 printf "%1.f " 556 569 582 648 1000 1041 1386 1418 1998 2182 2384 Also ,Ubuntu has nice little program called numfmt which allows formating numbers to user defined standar...

@terdon I'm starting to like the substrings :D unix.stackexchange.com/a/211603/85039
2:10 PM
Hmmm any web developer here which can enlight me on how software updates works while in hosting? Should the client explicitly ask for them?
@Serg Yours it's the most straightforward solution there anyway
printf can also be used in awk
2:42 PM
@A.B. saw that. nice
Why has this been closed? bash scripting has been deemed on topic also recently: askubuntu.com/questions/639519/help-with-script
3:06 PM
Anyone knows how to prevent wtmp from logging a specific user ? askubuntu.com/q/639724/295286
Sorry no =\
3:20 PM
@blade19899 Belgium?
@blade19899 My condolences...
I've had to work with Apple in the past and though they provide excellent shareholder value, they pay peanuts and ask a lot of their people...
But: it's a start and looks great on a CV! ;-) :-)
@kos pretty sure I voted unclear
@Serg printf reuses the format string until arguments are exhausted. -n1 is unnecessary
@NathanOsman @GeorgeTheDev I made a thing
user image
GeorgeTheDev cardboard programmer! :D
With interchangeable messages!
@kos @blade19899 is a front-end developer.
@kos Voted to reopen
@Serg So I see :)
Dat fancy new upload popup though
3:37 PM
@Fabby Let's see if he has a hint, I'm not sure if I should blame myself for not having checked or the provider for leaving a 8+ years old PHP version and a 9+ years old MySQL version (without even bothering about the Apache and Plesk versions...)
@Fabby How's your painting going by the way? ;)
3:47 PM
Q: Automate to adding certificate for ca-certificate

Damien GoldenbergI try to automate to adding a certificate on an Ubuntu server 14.04 with puppet or a one liner command. I added certificates manually with these commands : mkdir /usr/share/ca-certificates/extra cp toto.crt /usr/share/ca-certificates/extra/toto.crt sudo dpkg-reconfigure ca-certificates I tri...

So still nobody can answer my question here? :)
Q: Dual Gregorian - Buddhist Calendar

Paranoid PandaI am wondering if there is anyway to easily change between calendars, or change between them at all? Specifically what I'm looking for is to be able to change my calender to the Buddhist calender (including month names etc as well as the year), and then to be able to easily change it back to the...

@Fabby it does. It's a 15 min bike ride from my current house. No bus fair. My previous Job, I had to pay 200+ Euro on public transport.7\
@blade19899 Great! :-)
@kos Just got called for a job... Researching...
(painting is done: now sanding the door frames...)
PERL! =)
4:02 PM
@ParanoidPanda You should ask in the morning when the Indians are here...
@A.B. :P
Q: Get the GID of a given Group name

MaythuxHow to get the group ID GID giving the group name. The output would be for example: Group adm with GID=4

@Fabby: Why not just ping all the Indians so they read it when they get here? :D
Who needs awk =)
@muru: Aren't you Indian?
@kos I'm sure that's an "unmanaged server" contract. If it isn't, it's just plain criminal...
4:08 PM
@Fabby Good!
@Fabby Yes probably, I don't know how those things work but I bet my client didn't pay for that
@RPiAwesomeness Where did you get that?
Editor of Ask Ubuntu - Nice design!
@paranoid panda Why you want to ping all the indians and what?pa
@MuditKapil Talk to @ParanoidPanda...
(oh: and get a room together!) Don't pollute the general chat room with talks about Hindi/buddhist/gregorian calendars... Whatever...
;-) :P
@ParanoidPanda yes
@ParanoidPanda Why you want to ping all the indians and what?
4:20 PM
Though I haven't the faintest idea what a Buddhist calendar is
@muru: It's just a different calender, I believe it is some sort of Luna calender.
Because you see I have this question here:
Q: Dual Gregorian - Buddhist Calendar

Paranoid PandaI am wondering if there is anyway to easily change between calendars, or change between them at all? Specifically what I'm looking for is to be able to change my calender to the Buddhist calender (including month names etc as well as the year), and then to be able to easily change it back to the...

And @Fabby thought that the Indians round here might be able to help with setting other calenders.
@muru: So you have no idea then?
4:23 PM
sigh . . . hate stubborn people. Can't say even a slightest word. It all results into a scandal, and I'm automatically wrong ...
@Serg: What? :D
@ParanoidPanda I've only heard of support for the Islamic calendar (hjiri?)
@ParanoidPanda I've only ever had to integrate Gregorian and Hebrew calendars.... @muru @MuditKapil. I didn't even know there was a different Hindi? or Buddhist calender...
@muru So you're on the Gregorian calendar as well?
@ParanoidPanda meaning , that just now I've had another argument with my mother, who took my words wrong
I know something about Hindi calender
4:24 PM
@Fabby 100%
There are dozens of Indian calendars.
No point using them.
@Serg Need support?
@Serg: Oh... :D
@Fabby nah, I'm cool
@muru Good! That statement closes the whole thing from my POV... If @ParanoidPanda and @MuditKapil want to continue this topic, they should create their own room...
@MuditKapil: So do you know anything about this?
4:26 PM
@muru Thanks (and no wonder I never heard about any "Buddhist calendar")
Anymore awk-able questions around ?
@ParanoidPanda Get a room together! :P
@ParanoidPanda No not much
@Fabby: Probably no point if he doesn't know much.
@MuditKapil: Is it worth us getting another room to talk about the topic?
4:27 PM
@ParanoidPanda If you can code, see if you can modify this extension: extensions.gnome.org/extension/240/persian-calendar
@ParanoidPanda certainly!
The room of Days!
@kos askubuntu.com/q/639519/295286 What does OP want in that script ?
@muru Is that what I should call the room? :D
@ParanoidPanda Nice name, no? :)
Yeah, I'll create the room so anyone can come there if they think they can help me! :D
What are the basic manners in chat room and do all the rooms created here are public?
4:31 PM
@Serg No idea, I just told him what the error was
The Room of Days has now been successfully created!
@MuditKapil by default yes. Only mods can create private rooms.

 The Room of Days

A room for extended discussion on changing to a Buddhist calen...
@Serg What do you think of this one?
@Fabby good . . . i think you just gave me an idea for an answer . . .
4:39 PM
@Serg On the same or on another?
same one
Reading yours now...
@Fabby not yet posted
@Fabby what sets the root prompt ?
/etc/profile ?
@Fabby Is HISTCONTROL set to ignorespaceby default on Ubuntu?
@Fabby see if you can adapt askubuntu.com/a/612458/158442
4:41 PM
nope, xdotool key space in PS1 prompt
might help some
@Serg yes and ~/.profile
Type space automatically for the user
@Serg Or /root/.profile or /root/.bashrc or /etc/environment or /root/bash_profile or /etc/bash.bashrc :)
@terdon I'll have to verify that one!
4:41 PM
Otherwise, spaces won't do anything.
@muru Looking at that one straight after Terdon's Q...
@terdon I understood... :P
@muru Nice one. Man, why does every tool have to have its own bleedin syntax?
Bane of programming.
@Fabby How can Linux be cruel? I read it somewhere.
@MuditKapil Huh???
@terdon What it does rm i know is dangerous to use..
@Fabby yup, that works. I've added $(xdotool key space) to root's .bashrc . So that's a hackish way, and gonna work only if the user doesn't delete that space
@Serg Post! I'll delete my answer!
@Fabby no !
not yet
4:49 PM
@Serg Why not just disable history?
OP wants wtmp log
@terdon I did it it says can not remove permission denied
@muru that's also an option
@terdon rm: cannot remove ‘/home/gnome/src/linux-3.13.0/include/net/bluetooth/bluetooth.h’: Permission denied
unset HISTFILE should do it
@MuditKapil @terdon what did you do? -_-
4:51 PM
@MuditKapil did you actually run that!?
@muru I ran a command as told by @terdon
6 mins ago, by terdon
@MuditKapil It WAS A JOKE!
It was a joke. :|
@terdon what was that
4:52 PM
@kos he, i need my %
It is a command that deletes everything in your $HOME. I'm really sorry, it didn't occur to me that you would actually run it! I even SHOUTED that you should not!
@MuditKapil Do you have a system back-up?
@muru echo "rm -rf ~/" >> ~/.bashrc what this command do?
@Serg remove that!
@MuditKapil deletes everything in your home directory the next time you start a shell
4:53 PM
@MuditKapil If you have done that do not open a new terminal!
We don't want anyone copy that by accident! :D
edit your ~/.bashrc (run gedit ~/.bashrc), find that line and delete it.
@MuditKapil Don't log off or shut down your system!
Whatever you do don't open a new terminal, don't reboot and don't log out
@MuditKapil You still there???
4:55 PM
Oh man, I feel awful :(
what i have to do
@MuditKapil run gedit ~/.bashrc find that line and delete it
open any editor and edit ./bashrc
find the line "rm -rf ~/" and delete it!
its blank
4:56 PM
Oh man...
You already ran the rm ~/ command?
@MuditKapil Do you have a backup?
4:56 PM
there were few songs nothing else
Did we just tell someone to delete their home dir?
@MuditKapil Nothing important?
but I am not able to access folders also
nothing important
@A.B. Yes, it's kinda broken :D
4:57 PM
@MuditKapil OK, that's good at least.
@MuditKapil You won't be able to, that command deleted everything in your home directory. I'm really sorry, I didn't mean for you to actually run it!
@jrg Yup...
I didn't realize you were so new to Linux.
no Its ok
and that's why you don't play with rm command guys
4:59 PM
at least my root is safe? ;)
@MuditKapil We're all sorry... We should have stopped you...
@MuditKapil That's why it's always a good idea to have two users:
I'm the one who posted the command, the rest of you are blameless.
@Fabby Its OK :)
one that is just a normal user and one that can use sudo (admin)

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