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2:05 AM
Adobe thinks that the way to run a good business is to jump on whatever new tech is around. I'm sure the amount of money you spent making those dumb mobile apps that require me to buy and iphone and get off my chair could have been spent making your UIs and support responsive.... also really... why can't I just do all that stuff with photos from my dslr anyway..... urg
2:26 AM
14 hours later…
4:49 PM
NO FAIR!!! I had mine in first!!!!
A: How to set the current scale to 1?

X-27You can do this by selecting the object that you want to apply the scale to, press Ctrl + A and select Scale

(Life isn't fair)
5:06 PM
@iKlsR I would of made the synonym for 3d view and viewport go the other way. 3D view is a much more common term then viewport; plus viewport is slightly ambiguous (does that refer just to the 3d view, or all the views?)
@David There is only one viewport afaik, the 3d viewport
Besides we've had viewport since day 1
333 questions vs 6
it should not be 333 vs 6, but rather what is the better and more common name.
viewport has had nearly 2 years, 3d-view 5 and a half days
@iKlsR why do you like the "port" part?
People will always create new tags rather than search for the proper one
it is called the "3D View" in blender, and the manual.
3d view is the shortened form
5:11 PM
@iKlsR hence why we should go with the most comoom name, 3d-view.
A viewport is a polygon viewing region in computer graphics. In computer graphics theory, there are two region-like notions of relevance when rendering some objects to an image. In textbook terminology, the world coordinate window is the area of interest (meaning what the user wants to visualize) in some application-specific coordinates, e.g. miles, centimeters etc. (The word window as used here should not be confused with the GUI window, i.e. the notion used in window managers. Rather it is an analogy with how a window limits what one can see outside a room.) In contrast, the viewport is an area...
I always personally use viewport.
from en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Blender_3D:_Noob_to_Pro/3D_View_Windows "Aside from its header, the remainder of a 3D View window is its viewport"
It's a trivial issue at most, I really don't see this as a problem
technically the terms are the same, I just think 3d-view is a better and more common name.
5:14 PM
So 3d view includes the menus as well?
I'm sure most of these questions also involve the header
@NoviceInDisguise the definition of a viewport (from wikipedia) "is polygon viewing region" beaning the actual space for looking at 3d models.
I know . . . that is how I use it, I reference the menus separately. What about 3D view?
@iKlsR whetever, they both are there. it is good enough. (I will type 3d then press tab and enter)
@David You are right, I haven't looked at the tag in a while. IIRC it was supposed to include the view only but over time menu questions got included I guess. It's interchangeable but as per the official definition, let's go with the broader one.
5:22 PM
@NoviceInDisguise "3D View" is blender's name for that region, viewport and all
As someone who is all for general/broad tags I should retire.
So 3D view is the broad term, and viewport is specific to just the viewing part. Makes sense.
@iKlsR LOL
@NoviceInDisguise it appers that way
@iKlsR PS what about that knife-tool tag?
5:23 PM
@David grrr
I'm not going to let that die, we will have that tag...
Wasn't this raised on meta?
Whatever the consensus was there use that.
Elections will probably start tomorrow.
@iKlsR it was, and the meta thinks more specific tags are a good thing.
Then go for it
Whatever the community wants
@iKlsR Cool!
5:26 PM
@iKlsR will do, but only if it does not get synonymised with modeling.
5:44 PM
noone had told kaito yet :)
tssssk !
6:25 PM
How can I make blender render directly to something like this usbwine.com ?
7:00 PM
view count matters. Here is the highest voted post on the site.
@David Yup!
My highest voted answer has over 1000 views
my highest voted network questions has nearly 4k views
@GiantCowFilms that's it?
that's better
@David I was wondering if you could review my moderator questons
I have a feeling that just one "bad" one could doom the fate of the rest of 'em
I'm still writing them... figured if I got a lead I'd come up with some good ones
@GiantCowFilms how do you propose I do that?
7:07 PM
I can post them here if you like
post them here, that is fine with me
These questions have been broken up into several categories, each designed to see how the candidate performs in that area.

##Teacher of the rules
A few of these ask for examples, plesae provide links. In the case a question is deleted add a screen shot since lower rep users can vote and would like to see.

Can you show us one or more examples of you helping a new user learn the ropes? The best exampels are users who later went on to become high-rep users?

What is one example of where your pointed out an error in a power users actions such as close voting, denying edits or misinforming ne
That my progress so far
going to add quite a few more over the next few days
BTW, use your local markdown viewer for full effect
they seam good to me. I'm not sure how important the last 4 are though.
(if you were to ask me, I would score well :)
May 27 at 1:10, by GiantCowFilms
There is a reason I want you to run ;D
@GiantCowFilms dont need to, I now can see markdown in my head
7:09 PM
@David me to XD
@David I'll remove them
on the "Have you ever stood your ground" one. LOL just scroll up in the chat and read what iKlsR and I were discussing. (the tag is now 3d-view)
generally if there are to many not important questions, the candidates begin to lump and muddle hte answers
@David Save them... your tag discussions will look very good
I'm sure you'll be able to answer all these questions with ease...
@GiantCowFilms you make this sound like I need to prep for a presidential debate.
@David haha yeah:)
@zeffii are you going to run?
7:14 PM
GiantCowAide is merely doing his best...
most people who vote won't give a flying -cupcake-
much better
@zeffii I disagree
doesn't matter
People aren't entirely ignorant or stupid...
there reality on one side, and we would like reality to be on the other side
7:15 PM
the way I see it, being a mod really is not that different. SE has a great privileges system.
sometimes our perceptions correspond closely to objective reality
other times, boy...are we off the mark
you 2 lost me already.
I might run yeah
why not
i seem to have the time
(I thought you would)
I guessed two
7:16 PM
@GiantCowFilms you guessed, I knew
but in the end, i just want it to continue as it is
no nazis
@zeffii ?
@zeffii but with two more active mods
exactly @david
spread out hopefully more evenly over timezones
anyone have thought on this post blender.stackexchange.com/q/5322/2217?
7:18 PM
That should be a question, duh... what times do you expect to be able to help
I'd give someone priority if they were the only one around at that time
I dont think we should allow it. It is just a collection of links
Its well viewed and well liked
we have a collection of resources for blender, that should be the only place for stuff like this
modeling, a great skill is to be able to model from non blueprint :)
@zeffii +1
7:20 PM
or from found objects you can hold in your hand
then you are ready for anything
I'm currently modeling something off photo reference
@zeffii often, I started another new project from some cool object I found
@zeffii I would get out my ruler and caliper if I had the physical thing
heheh yep.
nothing beats real measurements
7:21 PM
I even bought a kinect for scaning
Didn't work to well though
yeah, it's still a bit primitive
It worked very well except that the software was too slow...
photometry is surprisingly successful
Yes.. I didn't like 123D catch, but I think photoscan is better
7:23 PM
well... it has to crunch a truck load of calculations
@zeffii true... I need a better computer :O
a true solution would be the combination of light+sound+photography
sound?? O.o
and multiple frequencies to get info about the surface properties, like reflection ..absorption
@zeffii If I could have gotten the kinect to work with a laptop I'd have built a rig out of PVC to hold my camera... then I could project the photos
@zeffii Wow
that would be cool
7:25 PM
it makes sense no?
Yes it does make sense
the perfect scan
i'm probably quoting from some research
dream dreams dreams
can't remember exactly where i read it
sorry i missed the elections :O
7:32 PM
still on!
cya laters
hey radish
@GiantCowFilms how do i vote?
@zeffii hey Zeffi, hows your weekend?
good! but ate too much curry. it furts where it shouldn't
why does curry have to be so hot ?!
blender SE elections: zimoun.net
( i too have no idea what's going on)
@zeffii ouch, i heard honey helps.
hows your weekend @RadishoftheOpera
seen anything crazy?
7:40 PM
@zeffii saw a whale get milked by a plumber.
<jk> nothing exiting.
saw Kung Fury
it's mental
@RadishoftheOpera voting will be very obvious. It has not started yet, and will take a few weeks.
@David thanks, how to make a game look like i was rendered freestyle?
8:01 PM
@RadishoftheOpera do you mean make the bge look like freestyle? Filter 2D and custom glsl shaders.
do you know where i can find a copy of the custom shaders? i cant write one.
8:54 PM
@RadishoftheOpera nope. neither can I write one.
1 hour later…
10:15 PM
@iKlsR is there any reason to keep this question blender.stackexchange.com/q/31643/2217?
10:33 PM
@David Gone
See this is why I need you guys, I'm just one mad dank memer
11:26 PM
@iKlsR you'd also have no one to yell at for being idiots...
did he make that picture or is that from a video game?
@zeffii we should develop a sound scanning device for 3D

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