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1:00 PM
@GraceNote Who's Netherlands?
@FallenAngelEyes That "stigma" comment just reminds me of that German report on Gamescom
Also you're not using EST right now, but EDT. Erroneous Dumb Time.
@ArdaXi Short cuts are way way more common than hair going down you're entire back, for women at least, that I've seen.
@ArdaXi The Netherlands
@FallenAngelEyes Not among my generation at any rate.
@GraceNote "The Netherlands" isn't a he.
1:00 PM
@badp I see your "European Union" and raise you a "Guadeloupe" (UTC-4 all year round, part of the EU).
@ArdaXi Is too
Jun 2 at 15:33, by Matthew Read
dutch is the place, holland is the race, the netherlands is what you call it when it floods. right?
@GraceNote Is not.
@ArdaXi I don't know anyone else as young as you though here
@FallenAngelEyes I do.
1:01 PM
Okay, see my Stack Overflow Gravatar?
So I'm going off of what I see in general for women like university-age (and mostly older)
@GraceNote I can see it, yes.
That is the R-9DH Grace Note.
@ArdaXi I know, hence why I've qualified this with "that I've seen"
The what?
1:02 PM
A ship from R-Type Final, from which I derived the name of my computer, from which I derived my display name
The Grace Note is a thaaaaang
@FallenAngelEyes I hardly ever see girls with short hair.
@GraceNote My computer's is named after a character from Maria-sama ga Miteru
Point is, take the extrapolation of that image, then consider the canon of world history, and realize why I'm saying The Netherlands is a tsundere guy.
This is Netherlands:
1:03 PM
My laptop is called tom
@GraceNote That is the weirdest sentence ever.
It is a simpler place here.
@badp What's it like in a country 50m below sea level?
@ArdaXi The young girls I see tend to have longer hair, now that I think about it, yeah. But lots of women here have very, very short hair.
1:04 PM
@ThomasMcDonald Black and white and beepy.
(I imagine the Bit Trip Beat reference isn't really going anywhere)
@ThomasMcDonald My b/f and I figured out that if the dikes were to break, the water would come up to the floor below us, so we'd still kind of be safe!
@badp I got it!
also grats on 10k!
now I have an essay to finish on document similarity, anyone care to help me find 1000 words to add to it?
1:05 PM
but otherwise NL is rainy and cloudy and windy and bicicly.
@ThomasMcDonald Markov chains!!
@badp Whom? I know @sjohnston got it yesterday.
@FallenAngelEyes Yours.
@ArdaXi I could try to fetch a picture if you'd prefer
awkward moment in my presentation when I couldn't explain how a multi-dimensional vector would work for more than 3 dimensions
1:06 PM
@GraceNote That might help.
@ThomasMcDonald Do you need words or space? If it's space, futz with the font! :D
@badp But I don't have 10k yet :o
Not here at least.
I just said if the maths works for 2 and 3 dimensions, then theoretically it should work for many dimensions.
10.1k network wide reputation, 2 golden, 29 silvers, 60 bronzes.
Chat is precisely where you have 10k reputation.
1:07 PM
@badp Ooooh, I didn't realize that
You can see deleted rooms and act on chat flags and stuff now.
oh in todays fun news
If views keep trickling in for my Dead Island VSync question, I may get my first Famous Question badge!
@badp I've only now realized that while the reputation is aggregated, the badges appear not to be. That's...odd.
1:08 PM
@badp Oh wow, cool! Where do you get notifications for chat flags?
my referee approved my uni application at 6:15 this morning
Netherlands is on the left, that's Belgium on the right
@GraceNote Ahahahaha
@TimStone Oh... that must've changed? I dunno. That's odd indeed
Just random fan artwork, first piece I could find of The Netherlands
1:08 PM
@FallenAngelEyes in another corner of your avatar (different from the one where you get the reply counter)
@badp Aaah okay, thanks.
@GraceNote Wow.
In here the bubble's blue, but colours changes from site skin to site skin
@badp Wrong.
@ThomasMcDonald Why was a sports official involved in your university application process? Also, hooray!
1:09 PM
You can't see deleted rooms unless you're a mod.
@ArdaXi Make sense now?
@ArdaXi Perhaps you haven't enabled the option to list them
Well, no.
@TimStone meeh.
1:09 PM
@badp They return a 404 error for me.
"show frozen/deleted rooms"
then that's changed. weird.
Oh, frozen.
I can see frozen.
let me try on chat.MSO
so yeah, waiting for some acknowledgements and offers. hopefully.
@GraceNote Not really "random", that's the Axis Powers Hetalia characters for those countries. :)
1:10 PM
I can see deleted rooms on chat.MSO
I have 10k rep and no mod status
@MartinSojka The fan artwork is a random piece, is what I meant
You're a mod.
you must be doing it wrong @Arda.
@badp On chat, mod is global.
I'm well aware what the source is, that's why I called it fan artwork
1:10 PM
@ArdaXi Not on MSO.
@ArdaXi Not on chat.MSO
Well, all I know is I can't see deleted rooms.
Also not on chat.SO
anyone can view transcripts of deleted rooms though
1:11 PM
@badp So many rooms!
The glory of these things is to hold off on it until it is asked explicitly, otherwise just to keep on with the strange and incomprehensible hints and truths
@GraceNote I know.
@ArdaXi Of course you'd know, you're the victim of it half the time
@GraceNote Well then.
It is a shame I have the whole theme of using game characters, otherwise Belarus would be an excellent avatar for the History site.
1:24 PM
@FallenAngelEyes I like the alternate gamer response.
@Powerlord Yus :D
I think it'd be funny to create an MMO where characters can only be level 0-2.
but then level up skills instead.
and watch people boast about their "level 2 <class>"
@Powerlord You'd like to talk with Raph Koster about Ultima Online, I think. :)
1:31 PM
well there are skill-based MMOs
Fallen Earth did that as well I believe
and The Secret World is also going classless, just skill-based
Q: Shot rotation for WoW Beast Master Hunter

RedDragon23I want to know which shot rotations are good for a Beast Master Hunter in World of Warcraft. If it matters, I'm level 80 and I play in a non PvP server, so I want the shot rotation for dungeons basically.

@FallenAngelEyes Game master response:
1:48 PM
Q: What is the general release day for games in the Asian region?

jwaddellRelease day for retail games in the various regions usually follows the same pattern: Tuesdays in the US Thursdays in Australia Fridays in Europe Is there a regular release day for retail games in the Asian region? If so, what is it?

What do you guys think of this question?
Also damn, this guy's voice is amazing.
@Mana Likely too broad. "Asian region" includes everything from Turkey and Isreal through the Middle East, India, China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Philippines ... and a ton of places with vastly different cultures and customs inbetween.
@MartinSojka nods
@MartinSojka agreed
And closed.
You know, it's a lot easier to kill a timer when I actually save the pointer to the timer to a variable.
At least I finally realized the implications of the debugging things I saw yesterday.
Combined with the display that told me 0/0 votes had been cast.
Essentially, the vote thought there were no people present and was canceling the vote on start, but because I hadn't saved the timer reference, it couldn't stop the timer.
So, the timer finished and tried to end the vote again...
2:05 PM
A free game about kerning Huh, this is really neat.
BOOM! 95/100!
I managed 100/100 twice so far
100/100. YEAH!
I don't like trauma, it's weird.
Amusingly enough, most of that stuff in the URL doesn't actually matter.
Far as I can tell anyways. Maybe it does.
Hey, it does. It determines the name you get. But why can't I be "Alexander K. Biggs The Great Esquire II"?!?
2:15 PM
Q: Merge [famicom] → [nes] or leave them separate?

CyberSkullI was wondering if we should make famicom a synonym of nes. I ask this because essentially the hardware is identical, the major difference being that the plastic cartridges are keyed differently so one won't fit in the other. As an aside, I should point out that famicom-disk-system is a hardware...

Oh man, I had the weirdest dream last night. I flew over to Europe, rented a car and a refrigerator, came back to Toronto(naturally, with the car and refrigerator), and managed to lose both of them within the space of an hour.
Then I spent the rest of my dream sobbing and trying to find my fridge.
@Mana lmao
"Kaspersky has detected malicious software"...THE TYPING OF THE DEAD HAD A TROJAN DOWNLOADER IN IT?!
I don't feel like doing anything today
2:38 PM
Why does video editing have to be so difficult?
@RonanForman Because each second is something like 30-60 images.
But codecs!
@RonanForman So, now you have to decompress the video before you edit it.
Why are there so many! I can't even open the video
What editor do you use?
It's very hard to edit files that are compressed. The standard for every format I've seen is to decompress the file, then edit it, then compress it again.
I don't edit videos, but I've heard Sony Vegas is pretty good.
2:41 PM
It's .mp4 at the moment, nothing will open it.
VLC should be able to do at least basic transcoding
No editors.
You can use VLC to transcode (= convert) the .mp4 in something the video editor you want to use accepts
can VLC play the movie?
The conversion interface is at Media → Convert/Save.
Checking out Frozen Synapse now
@RonanForman If VLC fails, try mencoder.
2:47 PM
I don't think I'd do very well in a tournament...
though I guess I should finish the tutorial and play a bit before I make a sound judgement, but yeah...
@FallenAngelEyes Neither would I, but it's still fun. :)
I'm looking at different editors at the moment.
Ooh, it sounds like the SourceMod devs got advanced notice that the Source engine is ditching sv_master_legacy_mode in today's update.
@RonanForman I have Corel Videostudio Pro x3, and it works pretty well for me. Encodes fine to 1080p50, which is really all I need. :D
... though you have to jump through a few hoops to make it do that, and to make it use the codec of your choice.
@MartinSojka I'd rather not have to pay, but that's surprisingly cheap.
3:00 PM
Speaking of which, SourceMod 1.4 is apparently going to be pushed out in a few weeks.
"Menu no-vote buttons" <-- Hopefully these appear at the top of the menu.
@RonanForman ... it's the previous version of the software, that's why. :) Upgrade to the current one costs just $39.99 directly from their site though. If you want free, VirtualDub or VirtualDubMod for the final check and encoding, and something like AviSynth with a ton of plugins to put video and audio streams together works fine too.
Screw it, I'll just upload it to youtube and edit it there.
Also, I saw this morning that the GameCube-less Wii is finally making its way to North America, bundled with New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Except that it costs the same price as the existing Wii bundles.
GameCube-less wii?
Are there wii's with Game Cube's?
They have Gamecube controller and memory card ports on the side, and play the games.
3:13 PM
Here's the thing, Nintendo did a cost-cutting measure on it, yet it costs the same price as the previous New Super Mario Bros. Wii bundle did.
(except the console is Black not Red)
No, wait, I'm sorry. The new bundle doesn't include Wii Sports Resort.
That's better?
Actually, I was wrong, the old version cost $200, then $170. So, technically $150 is cheaper, but in doing so, you lose one of the games bundled with the system, plus support for GameCube games and controllers (which are useable in certain multiplayer games like Mario Kart Wii and Super Smash Bros. Brawl)
3:34 PM
like a shark
@BrettWhiteΨ You rang?
just 650 more words...
@RavenDreamer Nevermore.
> I want to get these posters designed and put up here pronto!
@RavenDreamer lurching
3:37 PM
@BrettWhite When you said what what did you want?
Q: Would you be interested in printable Gaming.SE posters, to give out and/or put in your local gaming store?

Brett White ΨAdding to the long list of things to Get Done, here's another idea that FallenAngelEyes brought up and discussed with us in the Bridge yesterday. Basically, would you all be interested in a printable PDF poster that advertises Gaming.SE, for placement in your local gaming stores (or coffee shops...

@BrettWhiteΨ No, I mean, I have sharks. Like a shark. timely arrival
@RavenDreamer You you mean he'd like a shark?
@RonanForman I mean he was lurking like a shark, when suddenly
Shark Dreamer?
@RavenDreamer throws a Pokeball
3:39 PM
Check the gravatar.
I got sharks coming out my, well.
Just popping into chat to prove that I still exist and am not a mythical creature. It's a courtesy Bigfoot has denied us for DECADES.
@Powerlord Give nickname to @RavenDreamer?
it's been a crazy busy few weeks
Why does no-one ever answer my questions?
@BrettWhiteΨ Glad to hear you're still chewing bubblegum and kicking ass, even from the shadows!
@BrettWhiteΨ Were you the one who sent me a shirt? If so, thanks. I got it last weekend.
3:45 PM
@RavenDreamer I might have been? I've sent out a bunch of stuff recently. Either way, I will take the credit
Take all the credit!
Oh blah, one of the things I wanted to fix here I don't have the files to fix.
@BrettWhiteΨ You know what else you can take some credit for? This:
Q: Gaming promotional posters

Ronan FormanAs addressed in this question I have made some posters for anyone to print out and advertise the site. Please feel free to use them as you please. Please don't post suggestions here, ask me personally in chat.

Chat kill!
@RonanForman I really like your designs but I am loathe to print them off myself because of the massive amount of black ink it would use :/
@FallenAngelEyes Yeah, they should be sold in the merch store.
3:48 PM
Q: Minecraft Pregenerate World

Fox32I want to create a new world on our Minecraft server. But creating a new world cause massiv lag while exploring the world on our server. Is there a way to pre generate the chunks (with the default map generator) in a specific radius around the spawn? Looking for a bukkit plugin or tool I can u...

@RonanForman Yay! Love it, great!
If there were white bg options, I'd be more likely to print off a few at home.
@RonanForman We should start some sort of meme or contest, or photo sharing thing, of the sites out "in the wild" (wild meaning gaming stores/locations)
@BrettWhiteΨ I don't mind making some for other sites, but someone else would need to design them.
@FallenAngelEyes Do you want me to send you the photoshop files, you could change the bits you want yourself.
I don't mind doing it, but you know what you want.
@RonanForman I'd feel weird mucking about with someone else's art
3:56 PM
Do you want a plain white background or do you just want the stripes lighter?
I wouldn't object to plain white. Ink is expensive. >_>
Okay sure, which one(s)?
I will get back to you on that, as I don't even have a store to hang them up in anymore. My local gaming store closed. :(
Cracked.com's 5 reasons it's still not cool to admit you're a gamer I have to admit it does make a few salient points here
Though it's over a year old so the link to the 360 best selling title's bit is a bit out of date
4:12 PM
@BrettWhite Does stackexchange print their own shirts or are they made elsewhere?
@BrettWhiteΨ Two Questions for you:
1) Has SE looked into sponsoring/distributing swag at Barcraft events?
@BrettWhite Answer all the questions!
@RonanForman I think we have a Guy that makes everything, so elsewhere
@LessPop_MoreFizz Have not, but I would, what are more info place for me to learn about it huh?
@BrettWhiteΨ There's one in Midtown this Sunday.
@BrettWhiteΨ reddit.com/r/barcraft seems to be the major clearinghouse for info atm.
@BrettWhiteΨ So that means he can print posters... please
4:25 PM
And I know that a Blizzard CM helps run the LA ones, so if we have someone that can make overtures over there, that would be pretty huge as well.
ooh more fancy github
@BrettWhiteΨ reddit.com/r/BarCraft/comments/kkm1n/… this is the next NYC one, thus Sunday on 33rd and 5th, if you wanted to duck out of ComicCon and check out the scene (I suspect I probably will.)
2) Is there sufficient gaming/scifi.se swag around to do a contest of a 'find StackExchange at ComicCon, answer an unanswered question this weekend, Get Stuff' variety?
@LessPop_MoreFizz stuff = posters?
@Ronan up to 24k homes without power in Derbyshire today
fire at a substation, yay
4:30 PM
@RonanForman Posters would work well if they are handy and printed and such.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I can't do that but apparently SE know some printers.
@RonanForman Yeah, but I am talking about for an event that is in three days
Maybe not then.
4:58 PM
@Raven or @Grace are you about? I'm wondering if this Sivir guide is still relevant, last update being v1.0.0.112.

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