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12:31 AM
BTW guys, I really like the chatroom description :D
@GiantCowFilms You're welcome.
1:24 AM
@Cerberus Exhortation means taking the garden out.
How we few are!
 *   Yet small as was their hunted band
 *   still fell and fearless was each hand,
 *   and strong deeds they wrought yet oft,
 *   and loved the woods, whose ways more soft
 *   them seemed than thralls of that black throne
 *   to live and languish in halls of stone.
 *        "The Lay of Leithian", Canto II, lines 135-40
 *      [p.162 of _The Lays of Beleriand_]
You don't see comments like that on code very often :D
Every file in the perl src has that sort of comment at the top of it. It tells you what the file is there for. This is very important in code.

 * '...for the Entwives desired order, and plenty, and peace (by which they
 *  meant that things should remain where they had set them).' --Treebeard
 *      [p.476 of _The Lord of the Rings_, III/iv: "Treebeard"]
 * 'Didst thou think that the eyes of the White Tower were blind?  Nay,
 *  I have seen more than thou knowest, Grey Fool.'  --Denethor
Of course, it is always a metaphor.
So you have to understand the metaphor to understand the code.
The one in locale.c is especially lovely, don’t you think?
2 hours later…
3:54 AM
look at the pretty town!
2 hours later…
6:16 AM
All the faith he had had had had no effect on the outcome of his life
Does that make sense?
@GeorgePompidou That looks like where vampires live
3 hours later…
8:51 AM
@EnglishMaster All the faith [he had had] [had had] no effect . . .
@JohanLarsson So what is progmatic?
Pragmatic programming?
a bit lame but I kind of like it
also not much used when googling
@Robusto also some% mathematics & automation perhaps
That line is a little blurrier.
so eco-friendly
9:33 AM
I mix it up with drinking tea at work sometimes.
Often I forget to add tea and drink just hot water without noticing.
2 hours later…
11:47 AM
@JohanLarsson This might be just me but the first association I made was with dogmatic.
not sure what dogmatic means exactly but it has a negative ring
Dogmatic means "pertaining to automata that look like dogs".
For example, this image is dogmatic.
but what does pertain & automata mean?
Pertain is when you take something and divide it by tain.
Automata is a kind of beer.
@JohanLarsson It does, that's why I mentioned it. It means someone who is stuck on their opinions which are usually not supported by facts.
More or less.
11:54 AM
Mar 27 at 17:47, by Johan Larsson
Opinions are like assholes — facts.
Hence the saying, stop facting like an asshole.
@RegDwigнt Isn't that farting?
You can stop farting, too. It is a free world.
I try. I try.
11:57 AM
@Mitch oh my God, here came an S, eh?
But... but... but...
I was right in the middle of creating a site!
Ah, finally!
It was in day 49 of public beta.....
You need to find another time waster now :)
I have one. "Job" is the name.
I hope your "job" didn't interfere with your Tamagotchi obligations?
Who of you won the Internet?
(I did!)
12:04 PM
I won one yesterday.
Then we are even.
We won eight in total, so I'm fine with winning just one.
At first I thought the trick was to let Questions go to zero, then close-vote.
But the effect of Questions on Answers was too great.
So the best strategy was give priority to Questions first, then Answers, then Quality.
And users don't matter.
The morale of SE: ignore your users.
Ignoring sounds like a lot of work. Especially ignoring someone I don't even care about.
Such as...
12:15 PM
@RegDwigнt eh?
@Cerberus There was a strategy?
They spent a lot of work on that tamagucci thing just to have it run for 2 days.
There's no point telling me "it's no point" is technically grammatical if noöne ever says it (although it's started popping up in books during the last 50 years)
@Mitch look up the difference between it's and its in a dictionary of your choice. Duh.
A: "There's no point" vs. "it's no point"

RegDwigнtThere's no point in asking "why" when it comes to language. It is completely pointless, and there is no answer other than "just because". There is no intrinsic reason whatsoever for us to say "there's no point" and not "it is no point", or "it's raining" and not "there's raining" — no reason ot...

12:38 PM
@RegDwigнt I've gotten to 'aardvark', is it there?
Yes, it is between the aard and the vark.
oops, I skipped AA'A.
I skipped English 10'1.
Your 'accent is then surprisingly good
Yes, before using an accent I always read the instrooctions.
12:44 PM
Your puddle of liver is showing.
room topic changed to English Language & Usage: Horton Wears a Ham! (no tags)
1:12 PM
@RegDwigнt No, that will never do. You shouldn't just change things to be changing them. Didn't your mother teach you nuthin?
Yes and no.
@RegDwigнt Speaking of robots, there is a company across the road from us doing robot research. Yesterday they tested a walking humanoid robot in their parking lot and I watched as this creepy thing walked around and, eventually, fell down and couldn't get up.
room topic changed to English Language & Usage: Horton teach you nuthin (no tags)
@Robusto sounds like a robot alright.
room topic changed to English Language & Usage: Yes and no (no tags)
I've never quite understood the point of the "research" part, though.
1:15 PM
@RegDwigнt Not ready for SkyNet just yet.
Like, are they spending their days wondering "mkay, will or will not this dumb soup can fall over again?"
Pretty much.
The thing is, a truck had to follow it around with a generator to keep the thing powered. Imagine if the Terminator needed a truck like that? Sarah Conner, breathe easy!
Well, according to Salvation, that's pretty much what actually happens: they incorporate Terminators into trucks.
And then they incorporate a couple tricycles into that.
It's a yo dawg kind of trend. Very trendy then.
After that, according to the original Terminator, they will discover a magical thing called "nucular nrg", and so the truck will be able to be replaced with a breast battery cell. But that's future talk. Your neighbors are definitely nowhere there yet.
Please remind me where in our Help Center it talks about why resource requests are poor questions.
It does?
1:27 PM
Hence my question.
I only vaguely remember there being some meta discussions.
Well, request.
There's always that generic "Q&A is hard, let's go shopping" explanation on the SE blog.
“What’s the best book on Engrish Glamour?” gets caught under POB.
Q: English learning for competition

Aditya PaiI need some resources for preparation of NTSE stage 2 examination(India).i need to build up on my vocabulary and practice a bit of reading comprehension. I have a month left for preparation. What resource(app or website or book) should I use?

The idea is, you want us to give you the best book, you first tell us who the hell you are, what your budget is, which languages you already speak, and how often in a row you can spell "English" correctly.
That kind of thing.
Otherwise I tell you, read Alice in Wonderland, but someone else says read Dan Brown he's da best.
1:30 PM
I bet he wouldn’t like it if we told him to stop talking to East Indians. :)
Me poisonal hell, that.
It is because of you people that the site gains bad reputation — Aditya Pai 1 hour ago
No, it is because of you people that the site gains bad reputation. — RegDwigнt ♦ 1 min ago
Will someone please inform the subcontinent that chains of "thank you" messages are poor Skype etiquette.
Dear subcontinent, we herewith inform you of the above. Thank you.
You had it right up to the ending.
1:34 PM
Thank you.
Also, if I have learned anything in my lifetime, it's that people who wear a lot of cologne should not be allowed in an office situation. Thank you.
It should be illegal not to discriminate against colognialists.
The problem is with the English language, as always.
1:40 PM
Why does it say "wear" perfume? People are tempted into taking that literally.
And so you can't breathe anymore.
Hire sniffing dogs.
I'm not following. You mean the dogs will do the breathing for me?
No, they will stand at the door and guard. No one who fails the smell test will be allowed to reproduce.
Ah. Yes. That makes more scents.
1:43 PM
Carrion should smell as sweet.
I see you're channeling number 5.
@RegDwigнt renowned author Dan Brown
@Mitch with emphasis on NO.
How come these futile requests are inevitably Asian not African or European, let alone American or Australian?
And yes, I intentionally left out Penguinvania.
Because there's way more people in Asia than in Europe, America and Australia combined.
And Africa is way too preoccupied with spam and beheadings.
1:49 PM
@RegDwigнt You think those two are connected?
It is likely
@tchrist I am too busy not thinking today. Ask again tomorrow.
So, why is it Brittish English and not English English?
It is called Great Britain, not England now, maybe that is why
could be :)
2:07 PM
These terms have, or perhaps had, been historically interchangeable.
A History of the English-Speaking Peoples:
* The Birth of Britain
* The New World
* The Age of Revolution
* The Great Democracies
* The Greater Wiretapping
That’s why the sequel didn’t get published till 2006.
A History of the Greater-Speaking Peoples:
* The Birth of Great Britain
* The Great New World
* The Great Age of Revolution
* The Great Democracies
* The Greater Wiretapping for the Greater Good and Goods
2:55 PM
Hi guys
Hey. did you get your outspoken badge yet?
If not you have to speak out.
Yeah, I'll get it soon enough. Thank you all for starring the message :)
@Mitch I know.
@Mitch I have the outspoken badge in ELL chat though. I talk there a lot :)
@arrowfar You have 'Talkative'. 'Outspoken' seems weirdly difficult.
3:06 PM
@Mitch Yes it is. I agree.
I think it's more about the variety of people starring. So I could star you all day but that won't (I don't think) get you any closer to 'outspoken'
Hey, did you celebrate nowruz?
> Q. I'm am working with Netbeans 6.1 and JBoss 4.2.2. Everythings works fine but I have a problem : when i modify a JSP File, save it and refresh the WebBrowser (Firefox) the modifications are not displayed, i have to rebuild and redeploy my project to see the modifications appear. A. Tomcat is much more closely integrated with NetBeans than JBoss. That is why you don't have to redeploy your app to Tomcat to see changes in JSP files.
Ah, the Web.
Netbeans isn't updating JBoss? Use Tomcat!
@Mitch No, it is a Persian new year. I am from Pakistan :)
Here we celebrate new year new year. It is the same.
Or Islamic new year for instance.
3:15 PM
When is the Islamic new year?
The Hijri New Year, also known as Islamic New Year (Arabic: رأس السنة الهجرية‎ Raʼs as-Sanah al-Hijrīyah) is the day that marks the beginning of a new Islamic calendar year, and is the day on which the year count is incremented. The first day of the year is observed on the first day of Muharram, the first month in the Islamic calendar. The first Islamic year beginning in 622 AD during which the emigration of Muhammad from Mecca to Medina, known as the Hijra. While some Islamic organizations prefer determining the new month (and hence the new year) by local sightings of the moon, most Islami...
@arrowfar Tmr is Good Friday. Maybe Jesus will speak to me tonight in my dreams.
@JasperLoy Okay, good :)
We get tomorrow afternoon off at $job as paid time off. It has been a long time since I’ve seen that.
Good Friday is a public holiday here in Antarctica.
If it is only half day off, it ain't good.
3:21 PM
Where is Antarctickitica again? Is that by Penguinvania or by Whitebearia?
The last time I painted Easter eggs was in elementary school.
Alimentary schools go through a lot of eggs.
We call it primary, secondary and junior college here instead of elementary, middle and high school.
The breakdown is also a bit different.
This varies by speaker, context, location, and institution.
Formal documents by educators typically use terms like primary for K–6 and secondary for 7–12.
@JasperLoy one of the 5k temporary residents there (Antarctica)?
3:26 PM
However, no school is called the Eastview Primary School, only Eastview Elementary.
@NoviceInDisguise No, merely a prevarication.
@NoviceInDisguise My actual location is a secret.
There are people spying on me.
Needless to say, this is not my real name.
One guy over at another chat place thinks he has my address, lol. So easy to mis-fill a form
@JasperLoy Of course not :D
@NoviceInDisguise He doesn’t want the invisibly nonexistent government apparatchiks to know that he’s really Banff Boy, so during this time of trouble and unrest has chosen to call himself by the moniker of his neighbouring town so they don’t look for him there in the fall when the weather’s good. After all, we all remember what happened to Linda Hunt in A Year of Living Dangerously.
3:32 PM
Got it :D
A: Which is correct to write

Andy SemyonovThe use of 'was' is correct, plan is a singular noun. Best wishes for your sermon. God bless you.

We're turning into Fecebook for Christians?
Jeebitz webbed.
Why would you use were in such an instance?!
Because Christian.
Becuz u dumm.
3:34 PM
@tchrist I think you mean a lot of eggs go through them.
I left a prayer request in the Christian room.
@Mitch That’s a singular notion.
I left something else in a different room.
I think I should leave one in the Islam room as well.
not because it is a christian. Most good christian ministers have at least 4 year degrees
3:34 PM
Citation needed.
@NoviceInDisguise Just as most evil ones have sex year degrees.
I am a good Christian minister, and all I have is this T-shirt.
They aren't christians
@RegDwigнt Eh?
All Christians are Christians.
I forgot. Is @RegDwigнt a Christian?
3:35 PM
@RegDwigнt yes, however not everyone who says they are a christian actually is
@tchrist Someone replaced rosin with vaseline for wiping on the trapeze handles, and the finale with 'no net' ended in tragedy.
The movie was about the circus right?
@NoviceInDisguise yes, however not everyone you say is not a Christian actually isn't.
I am not one to judge if they are or are not, that is between them and God
@NoviceInDisguise Sorry but there are many different definitions of Christian.
@tchrist if you have more than one Gi tract, maybe they should try out for the circus?
3:37 PM
A religion is not some ephemeral ideal; it is the sum of the people associating themselves with it.
sadly that is the case, people get way to strict about things and split up over minor disagreements
@NoviceInDisguise There are also many different definitions of God.
If terrists say they practice X, then X is a religion of terror and not peace.
@JasperLoy That is one big can of worms . . .
@NoviceInDisguise The world is full of worms.
3:38 PM
Yep, you and I are prime examples
@NoviceInDisguise Are you speaking ex cathedra there, Your Holiness? Fides, Spes, et Caritas. —†christ
@JasperLoy I am the strictest Orthodox Christian in this room, and possibly all SE rooms right now.
@arrowfar Sure, but I heard (contrary to expectations that there is a non-trivial amount of people in Pakistan that do nowruz (in addition to Islamic things)
@NoviceInDisguise Have I seen you in chat before?
Yes, he used to go by the name "nohat".
3:39 PM
@tchrist My statement there was not supposed to be taken completely literally, as even though all signs point to no, they are not, it is still possible.
@JasperLoy Know then thyself, presume not God to scan: The proper study of mankind is man.
@RegDwigнt nope
@NoviceInDisguise please google for "wikipedia", then search for "joke". I'll wait.
@RegDwigнt Nohat has no hat.
Hence the "in disguise" part.
He now wears a hat and thinks we won't recognize him.
3:40 PM
By the way, I am Jasper's sister.
I actually had an image with all 20+ hats I got in WinterBash on it before April 1
I am using his account just for now.
By the way, I use Jasper's account at all other times.
I like using your account @RegDwigнt better
@tchrist I always get really anxious when they then say "And the greatest of these is ..." because I'm never sure which one it is. I try to eliminate hope but then that's a lot like faith. and then charity sounds nice, but wouldn't it be more philosophical to say they're all equal? and then where does love come in?
3:41 PM
Everyone likes using my account. That's why it has so many reps.
@NoviceInDisguise ELU is a religion?
I am using Jasper's account.
I am going to use Jasper's account now.
@Mitch pardon me, I'm not sure what you meant there?
@RegDwigнt post "I am using Jasper's account"
using his account
@JasperLoy Whoa dude, sharing account passwords is uncool!
3:43 PM
@NoviceInDisguise It was a question, and the answer is yes. Endless Love for Unicorns is a religion.
Yep, anything can be a religion
@NoviceInDisguise done.
I am using your account, too.
Post it though
No you arent
Room owners can edit
Yes I am.
or something like that
@RegDwigнt THen post a unique message
3:45 PM
@NoviceInDisguise YOu said something like 'religions get really uptight on small unimportant differences'. ELU questions are about really uptight small unimportant differences. I'd spell it out further for you, but I'm sure there's a spelling dictionary around that would work.
@Mitch Secrets shared are secrets bared.
There you have a unique message.
@Mitch I said "sadly that is the case, people get way to strict about things and split up over minor disagreements"
It has the unique ID 20882418. No other unique message has that unique ID.
3:45 PM
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Exchange Chat, Mar 28 at 1:10, by tchrist
If you let the culture ferment long enough, you can get drunk on it.
Mar 7 '11 at 18:26, by RegDwight
I bet you can't
@Mitch Yeah, of course. A few, yes.
@NoviceInDisguise therefore ELU = religion. done. Where's my cookie?
@RegDwigнt That was an edit . . .
3:46 PM
@NoviceInDisguise That's not unique
It is a unique message posted using your account.
Now give me the fat dollars.
OK. THat's never been done before
Nope, you edited a message with a certain ID, which remains the same
Yes. It remains unique!
3:47 PM
you need to post a NEW message
how about that?
No you need to post a new message.
I dunno, you started it, so I thought them's the rules.
one that won't make you sick
@NoviceInDisguise Your disguise wears thin, grasshopper.
3:48 PM
@RegDwigнt They are indeed fat these days relative to the euro.
You said you could use our accounts @RegDwigнt
You can't
@NoviceInDisguise I've not checked the news for three weeks.
@NoviceInDisguise I can use your account.
This room has a lot of conversation but is very boring.
I can also use your car and your relatives.
@RegDwigнt Do it then
3:49 PM
@NoviceInDisguise @RegDwigнt your hijacking of this other account is annoying. quit using that guy's account/
You keep saying you can, but not proving it :P
That was offensive.
@JasperLoy step up to the plate. say something interesting
Well you asked for just that.
I don't understand this guy.
Whooshity doodah whoostity ey, my oh my what a whooshity day.
@RegDwigнt ?
3:50 PM
@NoviceInDisguise ugh. your lame attempts at sounding like somone different are... lame
ooh, @RegDwigнt flagged!!
not me for once, lol
wtf 7 flags
@NoviceInDisguise Y tu mamá también!
Using has many meanings, therefore NOT offensive.
3:50 PM
@Mitch I'm not trying to sound like anybody, I was trying to make the point that @RegDwigнt actually can't use my account. And so far, he hasn't proven he can
I can use your mum to help me make a cake.
@tchrist flagged
i don't think the verb "use" would be most appropriate there
@NoviceInDisguise and so far, I don't see why I should prove anything to you.
@Mitch s/l//r
3:51 PM
@JasperLoy just mentioning it is bad enough
I can use your mum to wash my socks.
@RegDwigнt can mods actually get banned thru flagging?
@RegDwigнt Fine, but don't get so darned excited :P
I mean, there's no such thing as a free breakfast.
I am not excited one bit.
I am actually quite bored.
3:51 PM
looks for the rubbish bin
Is @RegDwigнt banned?
If you want me to prove stuff for you, bring on the fat dollars. We discussed.
@NoviceInDisguise You're very clever in avoiding the third person for yourself ... I mean Reg... or whoever
TBH I don't like this chat, CYA
I am myself, and myself is me
3:52 PM
@JasperLoy yes, I am banned. I can now only post in this trashcan here, but not other rooms.
@RegDwigнt It's free after you pay for it.
Oh good. No kicking necessary.
@RegDwigнt I hope he does not complain about you to the staff.
Why would you hope that?
@RegDwigнt But anyway you should just resign as mod and spend more time with your wife to make babies.
3:53 PM
@NoviceInDisguise Reg, just stop it, you're not convincing anyone.
Oh I see. Today's the International Tell Reg What To Do Day.
"Prove it", "stop it", "make babies". What now?
I said I was going to commute anyway.
lol, you really still think I am @RegDwigнt?
@NoviceInDisguise I hope you are not offended by them, they are like that you know. Of course, I am not like that.
Qué se queje como le dé la puta gana: por ese camino nunca consiguió el perro su comida.
@RegDwigнt Nice. So we can do what we always do just celebrate it with cake made by JLo and your mom.
3:54 PM
@NoviceInDisguise No, but I do.
You are dreadfully wrong, oh well
@Mitch y tu JLo tampoco.
@NoviceInDisguise no, I am.
Exactly, you are dreadfully wrong
No, I am dreadfully wrong.
anyone gonna watch the joke of a political debate on UK TV tonight?
3:55 PM
Eram quod es, eris quod $sum.
I never watch CCTV.
I'm going to cut out the middle man and just joke
So three logicians walk in to a bar...
I have to say @RegDwigнt, you are the least moderator like person to have earned the moderator diamond
Someone got arrested in Antarctica for insulting Jesus.
@Mitch Unlucky Pierre.
3:56 PM
and all three saw 'ow'.
@NoviceInDisguise ENOIDEA
A young teenage boy, no less.
@NoviceInDisguise you are only in a position to say that after talking to every single moderator out there, which you have not.
@JasperLoy Antarctica?!
@JasperLoy That which I tell you three times is true.
3:57 PM
Still, thank you for the compliment.
@NoviceInDisguise He's warmed up to the...wait...you almost had me, talking about yourself like that.
@Jez Antarctica is where I live for the purposes of this chat.
actually i'd be interested in who the Antarctica police force are
Ok, that is true @RegDwigнt, but none even come close to you.
@Jez Nazi Penguins.
3:57 PM
I don't think I'll find any competition for you any time soon
@JasperLoy oh. so not Antarctica.
@Jez They are very strict. They arrest you for everything.
Narowed it down one continent
@JasperLoy Cheese and Christ! what was the punishment? Stand outside for 5 minutes?
@NoviceInDisguise I know I know I'm awesome. Thank you. Enough already.
3:58 PM
yeah, the UK's getting like that. what about speed cameras on roads? we have them everywhere, most motorists have speeding points and fines
@RegDwigнt let's see . . . is there a way to flag moderators for review . . .
@Jez I heard that the only punishment they have is that they are denied visiting the bar
@NoviceInDisguise Are you angry with Reg? If you are, talk to me.
@NoviceInDisguise yes, and you just used it.
3:59 PM
@tchrist that was one
It was declined.
@tchrist They have a good uniform for it. considers making a musical
@NoviceInDisguise I hope you are not offended by Reg. I apologise on his behalf to you.
@NoviceInDisguise The Community consensus is that this is Reg’s room and that you are full of hot air.
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