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5:00 PM
@TimStone No, last week was the boringest
@fredley Too late, beat you to it
This did have the titan thing
@SaintWacko :(
Whereas last week literally just had "mac version whee"
5:00 PM
Somebody star hole game for me that looks cute
@fredley THANK YOU I TRY
@Unionhawk But that news was already leaked earlier this week
@murgatroid99 Also in a society largely dominated by independent/cooperative Matriarchies, given the levels of technology present as depicted in the cartoon, it should be fairly likely that the educated citizens should be progressing for a more progressive form of representative government. I suspect the show is propaganda to keep the Matriarchy in place and that off-camera we are shielded from seeing those who question the status-quo.
@OrigamiRobot Yes this is true
5:01 PM
I have too many stupid questions about cartoon pony society.
@MadMAxJr The fact is, though, that most criticisms of monarchy and dictatorship as a system of rule fall apart when the monarchs are both benevolent and immortal.
@MadMAxJr It's entirely possible that given benovolent rule, they don't want representative government.
They state that friendship is magic. Does that mean friendship is /mandatory/ and magically enforced?
Most (read: all) pushes for representative government come from people who are being oppressed by non-representative government.
@MadMAxJr I don't see how that follows.
5:03 PM
@MadMAxJr No, it means that there is literal magic in friendship
Okay, I'll concede on that one.
If fireballs are magic in D&D, does that mean your house always has to be on fire?
@Yuuki Depending on your DM, that could be /yes/.
I'm pretty sure the politics in my little pony are designed so that four year old girls can understand them
That's a fun problem we have over at RPG.SE. Read-as-Written vs. Read-as-Intended.
5:04 PM
@Yuuki just the roof
@Yuuki What kind of bizarro world do you live in where your house isn't on fire?
@KevinvanderVelden Plane of Water.
@Yuuki aah that makes sense. I'll allow it
@Yuuki ooh, burrrrrrn
@Yuuki This seems like one of those questions you don't ask for clarification because as soon as you do the answer will be "yes"
@Rapitor i feel this was posted a while ago
Logic is selectively applied in D&D...
@MattGiltaji probably, and probably by me. still funny, and it gets updated
@Rapitor fair enough :D
Dammit brain, stop thinking about pastel colored pony politics. I wonder if they have a soviet pony nation elsewhere that built on the fundamentals of communism.
5:08 PM
Q: Papa's freezeria - poster stacking

CrazyPythonIn papa's freezeria (and other games like papa's burgeria etc.) there are posters which boost waiting score for e.g. medium sized cups. I wonder if you buy two posters if it still improves the score.

@MadMAxJr That's almost literally what the next episode is about
Are the politics really that complicated
Think about the target audience
Children can pretty much grasp the concept of a king or queen and that's about it
@GnomeSlice bronies seem complex
Oh yes, it's for four year old children, sure, but I'm taking the time to absurdly apply more complex thinking to it for my own personal amusement.
I mean, it's not actually soviets, but it's a town based on enforced equality, which is kind of similar, and was immediately compared to communism
5:11 PM
I can see a Stalinist pony. "Magic is for the people, not for the indvidual."
@GnomeSlice Children can enjoy the plot of a show without understanding all of the underlying details
@MadMAxJr In a sense, it's more Equalists, than Communists, but those are pretty similar
I'm pretty sure it's meant to be taken at face value
My very first act in Pillars of Eternity was stealing my party member's armor
YOU can wear the shitty padded armor, random mercenary!
@Sterno Nice
5:12 PM
My second act was equipping my space pig
@Sterno And what does that do?
@MadMAxJr I have no idea
@MadMAxJr look awesome
@Sterno nowt
I hope he goes for the eyes.
5:13 PM
Q: Does my miniature giant space piglet do anything?

fredleyI pre-ordered the game, and as a result have a miniature giant space piglet. Does it do anything at all?

Or the testes
It just follows you around.. Will foes target it in combat?
@MadMAxJr nope
doesn't get hit by aoe neither
Oh good, you won't experience my sadness from Fallout when I got Dogmeat.
Bleurgh. That feeling when you get a fry that seems like it got all the salt in the batch.
5:14 PM
Does it cry if you die
my wife is jealous of it, but now wants me to get her a real life pig
@GnomeSlice no, it paws at your corpse and laughs
I doubt the pig would cry. But if you had seven of them fully grown, they could devour your corpse, bones and all.
@Sterno what class did you end up going as?
@MattGiltaji Paladin
A dirty, stinking, armor-stealing paladin
5:17 PM
Is he emo?
The paladin in sanctuaryrpg is super angsty
Great, now I want to play more pillars of eternity, I COULD BE MAKING GAMES INSTEAD D:
@KevinvanderVelden Nope. No games to be made for at least a few weeks
It would appear so
@Sterno This is why I can't play party-based games.
@Sterno Don't forget to grab The Disappointer!
5:19 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz where is that?
We should do atWar for one of these bridge game nights
Cc @RedRiderX
3 hours ago, by Lazers
Q: Minecraft - windows keyboard corrdinates help

TeranceToppaltyHi im 12 but im mature for my age I have a windows keyboard where the Fn Key is replaced by the windows sign how di I get corrdinates up please?

Not to be a rules stickler, but we do need to delete this person's account.
@GnomeSlice Ah yeah.
@MattGiltaji Southwest corner of the very first map; in the tent near the campfire. You need to be in search mode, and I think have at least one point of Mechanics.
@Frank or yearban
@Frank Yeah, has to go through Admins though, so I'll escalate and they'll do they thing.
@LessPop_MoreFizz ah, i had no mechanics, will pick it up next toon
They have a special process for COPPA violations or some such.
@MattGiltaji Possibly perception works too? Dunno.
@MattGiltaji That one's...tricky. Those under 13 can't have an account. I think some exception is made, sometimes, but I have no idea what or where that is.
Nope. No exception is made. I don't think
5:21 PM
Also, her latest comment needs removal on the same grounds.
@fredley At least it isn't a perfume / cologne.
That kid put her email in a comment
@Powerlord This must be tied in with Zoolander 2 somehow
It must be
Or, was her latest comment. Isn't anymore.
@GnomeSlice So mature for her age.
5:22 PM
@fredley I was talking about the Burger King scents thing
@Powerlord wat
@Yuuki hey, i installed some crapware plugin/applet when i was 12 and didn't know any better
@LessPop_MoreFizz Your answer that friendly fire doesn't happen in the yellow circle was very helpful. I can now use Fan of Flames with my Mages from the back without killing the rest of my party, and that spell is by far the most powerful I have right now
How do we flag such a comment? "Hey, uh, user is under twelve, has given out their email address"?
@MattGiltaji She just revealed that she's female and gave out her email address on the Internet.
5:23 PM
Or just let it get deleted. That works too.
It's time for "Little girl or FBI agent" game show music
@MadScientist Yeah, it's a delightful trick when you can get the positioning right to pull it off.
@MadScientist i was going by if the friendly's icons went from circle to target
HamStare @MadMAxJr cc @fredley
What the heck is a hamstare?
5:25 PM
@MadMAxJr So, which one am I?
HamStare @MadMAxJr
@MadMAxJr ಠ_ಠ
Is that the little pig from Gravity Falls staring at you?
That ^
The face
HamAtari @fredley
I hate you apple
I'm pretty sure doing that causes a reverse reaction or no reaction
HamStare @fredley
Nope, no reaction
@GnomeSlice for duck shake
5:26 PM
HamStare @gnomeslice
@Unionhawk I turned off the ability for others to control my account when I became diamond
HamStare @GnomeSlice
It doesn't work
We've been over this
You idiot
dammit i think i've been trolled
I used hamstare to annoy frank after he blocked me for a while
5:27 PM
49 secs ago, by fredley
@Unionhawk I turned off the ability for others to control my account when I became diamond
Good stuff
@GnomeSlice Forget that, she had her home address in her public profile.
HamStar used to work for a short while too, but I disabled that one too
Yikes @LessPop_MoreFizz
@LessPop_MoreFizz Jeez...
5:27 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz :S
Maybe it was a troll account?
@LessPop_MoreFizz you nuked that, right?
@MattGiltaji Yes. And I did it before I told the lot of you that it was there.
@MadMAxJr I made a script a long time ago called PaperStare which a certain user harassed me into disabling only for that user to make their own version.
@orgyrambo what? When did that happen
5:29 PM
Robots don't discriminate. They hate all humans equally.
And then SE disabled the ability to do such things in the same way (you can't ping yourself)
Jesus crusty
@orgyrambo is the best typo I think I've ever seen.
@GnomeSlice ... I refuse to believe that's autocorrect.
i'm going to run out of stars before @gnome gets off the bus
5:30 PM
It's okay, I printed more gold star stickers.
I'm almost gleam
@Yuuki Doesn't matter, still hilarious
i hope @GnomeSlice finds as much enjoyment out of this as we do.
he also must be proud to own the starwall.
Autocorrected @Gnome best @Gnome
I think his autocorrect is a paranormal issue and should be discussed on paranormal.SE
5:32 PM
Quite tempted to modabuse @OrigamiRobot into @OrgyRambo now
It's trying to escape containment. You even killed it and it got out.
This user is now officially an SCP.
I managed not to burst out laughing by repeatedly telling myself that it would be hard to explain to my boss how "Jesus crusty" was the funniest thing I'd ever read.
posted on March 27, 2015 by user106551

THIS IS NOT A QUESTION IT IS AN ANSWER FROM MY FIST QUESTION Thank you to those who helped me but I have found a solution to my problem this is how I did it: I went onto options then clicked chat settings after that I clicked Reduced Debug Info then turned it on

5:34 PM
Thank you lasers.
Thank you.
@Powerlord They only offer U-Verse here and they're /mad/ they can't legally call it high-speed internet now.
Well, I lied, if you get AT&T Gigapower, make sure to buy the more expensive plan.
Ugh FB king garbage man just picked NG Csn in the middle of the driveway and I think my brunch big if rough truck
@GnomeSlice ...
5:36 PM
Unless you want them scanning your web traffic to layer ads on random sites, send you junk email, and junk postal mail.
My fjords are cold okay
Close sniff
damnit @GnomeSlice, my co-workers are staring at me because i'm cracking up so much.
Are you wearing globes?
@Powerlord The second they add a single ad to a https page you know they are doing a MitM and they can also read every single password/bank account detail you send.
@Arperum They basically even say they do MitM.
5:38 PM
@Powerlord Why even bother with Https at that point?
@Arperum Unless they somehow have certificates for every website ever, they probably can't do that
And they don't
@murgatroid99 Lenovo bundled some addware that made this possible for some time (they installed an extra root certificate on the delivered laptop.
@Arperum That's not the same thing
Unless ATT has hardware access to your computer, they can't do that
@murgatroid99 True, but how many people notice that the https indicator is giving them a warning?
3 mins ago, by Arperum
@Powerlord The second they add a single ad to a https page you know they are doing a MitM and they can also read every single password/bank account detail you send.
5:41 PM
Q: What is the deal with Providence?

Shadow Z.At the begining of Risk of Rain, Providence (final boss) shows up and causes your ship to crash (leading to the rest of the game). Once you get to the UES Contact Light again, and fight your way through it, you find and battle Providence. But, when you win, he says: You... monster... Why do...

@Arperum It would be a major security violation if they did that
Like, illegal
Submissions are encouraged:
@murgatroid99 Yup. Wouldn't surprise me if they did though.
A: The Memes of Arqade and its Chat

fredleyMeme: GnomeSlice getting into trouble with Autocomplete Originator: GnomeSlice Cultural Height: ? Background: Back to wang Jesus crusty @orgyrambo what? When did that happen

@Arperum An entire company is not going to commit felony hacking just to sell better ads
5:42 PM
@fredley I find this interesting with the juxtaposition of "Nobody finds anything GnomeSlice posts interesting. :/"
@murgatroid99 Uhm... Lenovo defended the adware they bundled. And that adware was also made by a legit company, so yup, it happens.
@Arperum There's a difference between intercepting traffic on the computer that originates it and intercepting it at your company
@murgatroid99 I certainly hope they won't, but it wouldn't surprise me if they did.
@Arperum I don't think you understand how much trouble they could get into by doing that
5:45 PM
@fredley did not know I could edit others' posts
I'm not saying that "they're not evil enough to do that", though that claim is pretty extreme. I'm saying that it wouldn't be worth it to do that
We'll see, if they get caught doing it, I'm going all "I told you so" over you.
@Arperum If they do it, it will be really obvious, so they will be caught.
And if they sign those certificates as a certificate authority, they would probably be sued for so much money that they would disintegrate
Ooo! Ooo! Ooo! Are we disintegrating AT&T?
5:49 PM
@Unionhawk Party like it's 1982!
As a certificate authority, signing a certificate for an entity that does not own the domain it's a certificate for is a breach of contract with whoever signed their certificate. Doing that a million times over is insane
That Risk of Rain question is speculative. It isn't stated anywhere why Providence does what he do.
Man, I remember Risk of Rain
And being terrible
That said, I wish I could play Risk of Rain again. :( One of their updates completely borked the game. I can't even launch it now.
Is that what I have to look forward to in Dark Souls?
5:50 PM
@Unionhawk Worse.
But much better.
A stark realization of how bad at video games I am?
@GnomeSlice Oh fuck
Risk of Rain was much easier than Dark Souls.
Well I'm boned then
@Unionhawk I'll teach you an exploit that lets you never run out of humanity so you can always summon people to help you
5:52 PM
@GnomeSlice Repeatedly killing rats?
Risk of Rain is fun as a group.
No, an animation cancel that lets you use a firekeeper soul without using it up
And it can be edited with a server variable to have /way/ more than four players.
s/exploit/glitch (semantics, you see)
by extension, gives you infinite free healing, but that's lame
5:53 PM
There are enough things to exploit naturally, like enemy reaction distance and wander radius
Yes, but never having to be hollow is nice.
I prefer my people to not look like beef jerky
@GnomeSlice Everyone loves beef jerky
Also my asshole darkwraith doesn't need to worry about having to use humanity if I die anywhere.
Although he doesn't die much any more, especially outside of invasions.
Well, I never actually beat the game, so there may be a good argument for glitched free humanity
It's also a way to heal for free as a summon/invader.
Provided you have a few seconds to execute it.
5:57 PM
That's dirty.
Yeah a bit
I don't really need to heal as my invader most of the time.
Unless I end up invading somebody in NG+ in which case I basically never win anyway
I don't ever summon help, and hate being invaded, so I just never go human.
You stink
Dragon Tooth e'erday.
In DS2, I never go hollow because I always have a life saving ring on
5:59 PM
Your face + the floor.
@GnomeSlice Nah. I just didn't like the idea of my progress being reset by a hacking jerk.
@murgatroid99 Yeah I hate when I forget to fix the one I'm wearing and then have to either summon or use a humanity
@Fluttershy I've seen like one hacker ever.
Also, managing to pull off a parry with the Dragon Tooth is an experience like none other.
Guy sucked ass and I beat the piss out of him but his HP never went down
@GnomeSlice One is one too many to risk.
6:00 PM
@GnomeSlice I have 4, I think (I'm in NG++), so I just rotate whenever I die
You can get 4 per play I think
as long as the guy in the chair lets you talk to him
also including the soul protection one
@GnomeSlice I only talked to him in one playthrough. Usually I don't keep whatever relevant stat high enough
@murgatroid99 yeah me neither
My friend told me to get the shit then go back and respec
but fuck that
I usually just kill him
6:02 PM
I mostly rushed through my second and third playthroughs for achievements
There are sorceries and miracles that you can only buy from the ghost in the castle on NG++
Also if you attack the guy in the wheelchair it's really funny to see him rolling around after you trying to get up stairs and shit.
I haven't beaten any of the souls games in more than just NG
Well, you could also do a ton of PVP covenant stuff, but that's a pain
@GnomeSlice Weakness: left leg. Weakness: right leg.
Q: Can I disable QTE on The Witcher 2 and get the Madman achievement?

SerhiiI'm playing on dark to get the Madman achievement but hate QTE's. If I disable QTE on the options will I get the achievement?

The only achievements I still need in DS2 are Moonlight Greatsword and Lucatiel
6:09 PM
A Cat Walks Through a Panoramic Photo & Becomes a Hilarious Many-Legged Cat-Centipede Creature http://laughingsquid.com/a-cat-walks-through-a-panoramic-photo-and-becomes-a-hilarious-many-legged-cat-centipede-creature/ http://t.co/wIqiZccrX6
First thing I thought of
@murgatroid99 that video is both terrifying and awesome
6:20 PM
@Yuuki it's nothing?
It's longcat for me
I see longcat too
there it is
took a longer time to load i guess.
@Rapitor he changed the link
@murgatroid99 cyriak ftw xD youtube.com/watch?v=CBBvXth-O_g
6:26 PM
Q: Can't open upgrades menu in MvM

aman207I was playing on the Rottenburg map and after losing a couple waves, I tried to open the upgrade menu and couldn't. I would walk up to it and nothing appeared. This happened to me a couple times and both times the only way to fix it was leaving the game. I've tried to join spectate and then cli...

Q: How am I supposed to beat the level (x-2)*(1-1/(1+t))

BatophobiaSine Rider has done a great job teaching how to beat levels up until this point. I don't see a level identifier anywhere on the screen, so the best I can offer is the starting function- (x-2)*(1-1/(1+t)) a link to the specific puzzle: sineridergame.com/SineRider.html?p=QXUNEy=(x-2)*(1-1%2F(1%2Bt...

This sucks. One day after Coda died the paperwork for his chip arrived...
@Arperum Jeez, this month...
@Yuuki Did I mention that the papers for Pixels chip still hasn't arrived (and he was chipped 15/01, (Coda was chipped end of Februari)
6:48 PM
Weird. My router seems to be throttling my wired connection at 9.5 Mbps, but wireless is 17
Q: Does Super Saiyan benefit melee?

MasterMasticI have a pure melee saiyan. Does transforming to super saiyan benefit me at all? e.g. will it make me my basic attacks hit harder? take less damage? be faster in attack or movement? I couldn't observe anything, unless maybe speed; I think I fly faster but I'm not entirely sure.

@Sterno Maybe you have a 10Mbps Ethernet NIC on one side of the connection
@Arperum :( hug
@Arperum That's odd, I'd check in wit the paper-giving people.
@AshleyNunn I went to the vet and have to send them a mail, and then they'll go poke the people from the chip company thing.
6:52 PM
@Arperum It sucks that it is complicated
@murgatroid99 You are correct. Boo
@Sterno which side is it on?
Actually, either side would be a pain. PC side would require replacing the motherboard, and router side would require replacing the router
Q: Activating another country's key on Steam in United States, any problems?

wmoore132I just bought a game from Greenmangaming and got a Steam key. However, when I went to activate it on Steam it said I activated the UK version of the game. I live in the US and want to know if there will be any problems playing it and which version of the game will be installed.


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