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4:00 PM
So thinking about HM/MH is reminding me that Story of Seasons drops on Tuesday.
Set red tint on UITextField: cursor is blue. Set red tint on UITextView: cursor is red.
cc: @Arperum
Burger with a side of burgers.
@fredley Apple is so very consistent in being inconsistent it's not even funny anymore.
@Yuuki Now I want sushi.
@Yuuki when you remove an owner they retain write access.
4:07 PM
Mar 20 at 14:32, by MadMAxJr
Slider no sliding?
@Unionhawk Really?
I thought when you deownered it removed all privs
Q: How can I learn more spells?

Mad ScientistAfter playing for a bit it is clear that some of the spells I picked are not that great. I'd like to learn some other spells to switch out my bad or redundant spells, but I haven't found out how to learn more spells outside of leveling up. How do I learn more spells as a wizard?

I'm uninstalling Piano Tiles.
@fredley told you
4:13 PM
@fredley because drought
@Unionhawk Wat? It's also below freezing in March.
May is usually when we get to the spring jackets.
"Spring jackets"
I barely remember what below freezing feels like. Also rain
4:19 PM
What does this even mean
@OrigamiRobot Something you wear in spring time. Too warm for a full parka or coat, but too cold to go without.
I don't understand.
@OrigamiRobot It's basically a windbreaker.
My PS4/Bloodborne arrives today. Too bad it's not an Amazon drone dropping it off.
@Wipqozn Oh
Like made of parachute pants
4:24 PM
@Unionhawk We got snow last night.
@AshleyNunn we re getting 10cm tomorrow
Average high for Charlotte in May is 80F/27C
@Wipqozn yuck
Speaking of temperatures, why was it 22F / -5C out this morning here?
4:25 PM
worlds smallest drone
@fredley no way to get to that choppa
I mean, I'm not even in Canada and its below freezing.
@OrigamiRobot That's way too hot
I wonder if the UPS driver will arrive in a black, skull adorned van, exit in brown khaki short full-plate armor and a package signage tool covered in serrated blades, then inform me I must take the Bloodborne box from him.
@Wipqozn I wont tell you about the high 90s of summer then
4:29 PM
@MadMAxJr If he does I want pictures as proof
Win an @NVIDIAGeForce Titan Black in our in-game scavenger hunt from 5PM GMT. http://bit.ly/1FS3BqE RT now! http://t.co/59hIim3D6V
@OrigamiRobot That's just gross. I like it when it's around 10c.
1 single station? That's a pretty big haystack |:
@Wipqozn What is that in easily communicated scales?
@OrigamiRobot 50 f.
4:31 PM
Like 50?
And while I'm taking the bloodborne box from the driver, the PS4 is decending down upon me from not just Amazon's delivery drone, but Amazon's Predator delivery drone.
that's pretty chilly
"Package not delivered: Customer is too weak and feeble. A second delivery attempt will be made on 3/28."
I made @Wipqozn buy a PS4. With mind control powers like that, I'm practically a sorcerer.
I should definitely be mod on Paranormal
@Sterno That was pretty magical.
4:37 PM
Oh, look, EA and Google are hiring again in my city.
"And when they look up to me and ask me to moderate their content, I will tilt my head down and whisper... "No."..."
@AshleyNunn Hiring for any positions you could fill, or just developers?
Also someone is looking for someone to drive hot air balloons.
@AshleyNunn WEll, that sounds awesome.
@Wipqozn Nothing I can do, just lots of dev stuff
4:38 PM
Then Ashley entered the dangerous circuit of underground hot air balloon drift racing.
@MadMAxJr shush don't tell them my dreams
This balloon has the cage lowered 4 inches, has ground FX lighting, and T-58 helicopter jet engine. NOBODY CAN BEAT HER.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Game of the Year right there
@fredley this would get more stars if people joined us in pillars
4:41 PM
They're calling for snow today. Two days ago, it was 80F.
@fredley i feel the need to put that on lifehacks
"how do i acquire night vision without buying goggles"
@MattGiltaji Do it
@fredley That's kinda great, but I'd like to see more research
4:42 PM
Q: I can't afford factory grade nanomachine eyeball injections for night-vision. What can I use from around the house to get a similar effect?
@AshleyNunn That looks like what they're doing
A: Inject your eyes with that glow-in-the-dark juice from rave sticks
@fredley ]Yeah, but I don't want to be a guinea pig :P
What? @Wipqozn bought a PS4?
@OrigamiRobot And Bloodborne
4:43 PM
I did too! They arrive in.... six hours
Alright, more links to job possibilities to await applications when I return from lunching.
(I have got this down to a science....)
@Sterno Go to ringtone folder in backer rewards. It is glorious.
@OrigamiRobot So did @GnomeSlice. Yesterday was PS4 Day.
4:43 PM
Piano Tiles uninstalled.
Stupid consoles with stupid attractive platform exclusives.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I didn't back it (somehow)
@MadMAxJr Darwin will be busy.
Kept sending stupid notifications to try to get me to play.
Man, i might have to get one to stay cool
4:44 PM
@Fluttershy Yesterday was Pillars day
@fredley You are denied the glory of a ringtone of Aloth telling a drunk to go screw his sister.
@fredley i didn't either, but preordering through gmg somehow got me backer rewards
@Yuuki No option to turn those off?
@Yuuki Any game does this -> instauninstall
@fredley I cannot put enough text on the screen to make this go away faster
4:44 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz :(
I don't see a Backer Rewards folder
@MattGiltaji Preordered through Steam D:
@MadMAxJr Ad-block is your friend.
@fredley It was both! P(illar)S4 day!
1 min ago, by fredley
user image
4:44 PM
I might start dark souls to pretend to stay cool
@MadMAxJr Sounds like you need PONIES
@fredley did you get the space pig?
Well, I guess stay isn't the right word
@MattGiltaji Yes
Q: PONIES: Hide unwelcome images in chat

fredleyDon't like it when chat is flooded with ponies? Too lazy to burn them all? You need PONIES: Protect Oneboxed Nasty Images Everywhere Safely. All oneboxed images are displayed with 0.1 opacity until you mouse over them. Get the Chrome Extension Simply download it and drag it into your Extensi...

@Unionhawk DO IT
4:45 PM
No I need less ponies because my head still hurts from the MLP / Gundam crossover fanfic excerpt a friend read aloud to me last night and my head still hurts.
@fredley Yep. Ad-block is still your friend.
@MadMAxJr :(
You don't bring the meaning of friendship and kindness to Char, IT IS NOT DONE
@Frank You adblock ponies?
But I have the cheap $20 version
4:46 PM
@fredley Sure do.
Huh, someone is also looking for a "Plant geek"...as in actual growing plants
Can someone send @fredley to the Android hell? It sounds like he needs some robots screaming at him.
@Unionhawk why not just @OrigamiRobot
@Frank With what rule?
@Frank TIL this
4:46 PM
Or do you just block on a pony-by-pony basis?
@fredley Right-click image, Block image, choose either actual picture, or just the domain it came from.
@AshleyNunn like you water plants all day?
Depending on how much hate you have for the picture.
or is that a fancy way of saying "gardener"
4:47 PM
@MadMAxJr "underground" ?
@MattGiltaji The job ad is very vague.
I have no personal hate of ponies, but some of my friends are cultishly fanatical about its return in like a week or something and they're scaring me.
@AshleyNunn Lol, that made me laugh
> Have you ever bet on the Super Bowl with bitcoin? Thousands Dozens of our end users sure have!
System Adminitraitor
4:48 PM
@Yuuki Not literal, as in illegal, shady, morally grey
There are dozens of us! Dozens!!!
@fredley They're improving - no longer asking for ninjas or whatever
@MadMAxJr I like my idea better.
> We’re a small team, and are looking for someone to contribute at the highest level. Why join us?
> Have you ever bet on the Super Bowl with bitcoin? Thousands of our end users sure have!
but it's canada....
4:49 PM
@MadMAxJr It has been a trying time, waiting nearly a year for its return
There's a list of supposed reasons after that, but... :P
@TimStone snorts
@Sterno It's in the steam folder with the DLC, or you can just go back to eternity.obsidian.net and go to My Products
@MattGiltaji Yep, but trust me, they support ANY sport they think will make money
Because that's the point of a gambling site!
Thinking about making a Shieldbearer of St. Elcga
4:50 PM
@AshleyNunn but why would a canadian sysadmin be interested in american football?
@murgatroid99 I understand this. I think it's a cute show. Sometimes it's even funny. Sometimes the songs are catchy. But there are certain parts of the fandom I would like to build a containment bubble around. Parts of my social circle are of that nature. :<
@MattGiltaji That's just their standard hook on every job ad :P
@AshleyNunn That was an embarrassing phase for the recruitment industry
@fredley It was last month XD
> contribute at the highest level
4:50 PM
@Sterno @fredley @MattGiltaji @Fluttershy NSFW Audio
Read: haven't done much of the work ourselves. You go do it all and we'll pay you nothing.
@LessPop_MoreFizz this the aloth thing again?
@Yuuki mhm, exactly
@MattGiltaji Because CFL is not contributing at the highest level.
@MattGiltaji Yes.
Also, we'll fire you as soon as you're done.
4:51 PM
Especially in this case - I was around for hte first of the sysadmin related woes
@AshleyNunn They misspelled Admin is traitor.
@Yuuki oh no, they'll keep you as long as they can
for little money, shit hours.
Which makes me think of Town of Salem.
@LessPop_MoreFizz lol
Oh, and in a weird twist, Spy is one of the few roles in Town of Salem I haven't gotten yet.
4:52 PM
Alright, now lunch for realsies. DOn't blow up anything while I am gone :)
*Detonates @Wipqozn*
@AshleyNunn too late!
@AshleyNunn I can't help but think that capitalization was intended.
@fredley That is gonna be my tone for something but I am not sure what.
4:53 PM
@Sterno ?
@fredley Making a character
Yesterday, I forget how many games I played, but I got Medium two games in a row, then something else (I forget what), then Medium again.
@Sterno IIRC it's less than BG2
Particularly for spell setup
@OrigamiRobot Yes. @Sterno is to lame.
@Sterno SMDH if you make a Paladin that isn't a Bleak Walker. Maybe a Goldpact Knight.
4:53 PM
@MadMAxJr I get that. A lot of people can be very vocally fanatical about the show, especially when they're new
cc @OrigamiRobot
Yeah, but in D&D I knew my paladin needed a 17 charisma and then as much strength and con as I could roll
@fredley Counterpoint: like 90% of those choices in BG2 were trap choices, whereas all the pillars choices are good.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Haha
@LessPop_MoreFizz I don't like to play a jackass on the first playthrough
4:54 PM
@Wipqozn I hope you hate the game.
@LessPop_MoreFizz i dunno, the companion characters seem to be made of tissue paper, especially alroth
@Sterno Neither one is a jackass though, really.
@Sterno It tells you what the most important stats for your class are
@OrigamiRobot IT's a lot of fun so far
At least, it did on Easy
4:55 PM
@fredley it did for me on normal as well
@fredley Yeah. And I have 4 important stats and a mere 15 points!
@murgatroid99 Speaking of, I really need to put some time aside and catch up.
@Sterno You can drop stats below 10!
@Sterno whoops
I'm caught up on Castle though!
4:55 PM
@Yuuki With the new season starting in 8 days, now's as good a time as any
Con and Dex are the only unimportant stats
and dropping Con sounds bad
@murgatroid99 I dunno, with Story of Seasons coming up soon, I don't think I'll find any time.
@murgatroid99 Though I do have questions. If ponies physically perform the act of bringing out winter and ending winter, this suggests a magically controlled climate, because it is not naturally regulated. Is the rest of their world a lifeless dystopia? Oh god this sounds like a Ponies.SE question.
Bleak walker
@Sterno Drop con, get tanks
4:56 PM
Thanks remover
@GnomeSlice I've got your back
@TimStone lol, you have to find and sell the item to win the Titan...and you have to sell it at a particular station. And you can kill people and steal it. That's gonna be ridiculous.
@Sterno wear heavy armor and you'll be fine
@Rapitor Super boring
4:58 PM
I have to not buy any music for links s month now nectar of ps4
@MadMAxJr How do you race a hot air balloon underground?
@SaintWacko Not literal, as in illegal, shady, morally grey
@MadMAxJr I know :P
10 mins ago, by Yuuki
@MadMAxJr I like my idea better.
4:59 PM
... And that's a big cave.
@OrigamiRobot SO BORING
@MadMAxJr We haven't really seen much of the rest of the world yet. But the Hearths Warming Eve episode seems to indicate that they can live (though not well) even without good control over the weather. And Zecora lives in the Everfree Forest, which has completely natural weather
@MadMAxJr How do you have a hot air balloon underground? That sound difficult.
@Unionhawk The boringest

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