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12:09 AM
@cegaton your answer on the boolean modifier is flagged
@Chebhou meaning?
i though you can cancel that if you edit ?
1:07 AM
And now, this is a Really good answer
A: Aligning a single triangle object's local origin (y axis) to the triangle's normal (non-backface side)

X-27First off, you are way over complicating this. There is no need to use a script to correct the origin's rotation at all. Starting with the tree with the array and curve modifier before it is applied (GCF green in images), instead of separating each tree along the curve, create a second tree (X-2...

Sure :D
Who here thinks I improved his question be completely re-writing it?
That is what he was asking...
1:23 AM
@poor thanks for the edit. :)
@PeterVaro wow, welcome back, its been eons.
@X-27 would be even better with image alt text.
I'm going to suspend that user soon.
He makes no attempt to improve.
Despite being told over and over.
He needs to get married asap.
1:38 AM
@iKlsR dont be too harsh. He gives away a lot of bounties. :)
@iKlsR lol
@David For someone who has been on the site 1+ years, look at the quality of his posts.
@iKlsR we both know. but in stead of suspending him (I do not know what calls for a suspension) I would just try to convince users to DV bad posts.
does SE somewhere say that if you write crummy posts you will be suspended?
@David I've been speaking to him for the better part of 8 months and he still keeps slapping crap without any research. There are situations that call for someone to become more alert, I have contacted him several times via our messaging system and still no change.
As young as someone is or however poor their control of english is, that's just bad. It won't be anything harsh, just maybe stamp a message on his profile so he can read it and burn it into his brain.
@iKlsR understood. and hopefully he will too. (but I kind of doubt it, he does not seam to care about this site, just the answer to his latest problem)
I salvaged that post of his, But please don't suspend him @iKlsR He is one of the two main BGE noobs here that both ask very poor quality questions. (I get most of my rep from answering his questions) Besides. Eventually after he has enough low-voted or no-voted questions SE will stop accepting questions from him.
and since he never answers, his "positive contributions will out waying his negative contributions" will Never happen.
1:53 AM
@X-27 Eventually?
In time SE will stop accepting questions from him. maybe a long time, but in time.
remember this user?
97 questions
He used to spam the site as fast as he could hit the post question button
and now he has stopped altogether.
Some of his questions were good too :P
wait a second...
@iKlsR Did you suspend that user?
@X-27 Nah, more of a threat. I'm a nice guy.
I mean beavoru
one day he just stopped posting questions....
2:04 AM
Lol what?
I don't just go around doing that..
He probably just finished his project
There is nothing wrong with simply asking questions imo, that's what this site is for
But "gimmeh teh codez" questions coming from long time users is different
lol ^^
Very true
@gandalf3 Probably... Do you think He put that disclaimer with his finished project
2:07 AM
made in part by me and the Blender.SE community
I don't mind questions so much that are like, "Why does this happen" but stuff like
But- this gets a little ridiculous... "Do this for me because I can't, and when your done all I want is the Blend"
2:22 AM
I'm going to ban u @gandalf3.
For no reason, just because I can.
That's how @X-27 @NoviceInDisguise and @GiantCowFilms see me.
user image
@GiantCowFilms This is for you soooon. :D ^ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
☑ noob
☑ rekt ☐ not rekt
Yᵒᵘ Oᶰˡʸ Lᶤᵛᵉ Oᶰᶜᵉ
2:39 AM
4 hours later…
6:41 AM
Yay I gave blenderguru his first upvote \o/ :P
4 hours later…
10:52 AM
@gandalf3 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
@iKlsR ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
11:28 AM
@X-27 the MONSTER from BA is here, BGE questions are gone now
11:40 AM
@gandalf3 Where at?
@iKlsR ikr? ;)
right now, I'm working on a LeapMotion + OculusRift DK2 + Python3 + Blender integration
and I'm just at a 97% success -- all I need is to make the rotation of Oculus work in Python and then I'm done :P
2 hours later…
2:09 PM
Q: Why does Blender use so much memory for large textures?

Andrew PriceUsing a single 6K texture at only 227kb in size, spikes the memory usage to a crazy 144mb of memory in Blender. It was brought up in this bug report, but closed. Why can image editors (Photoshop/Gimp/Krita) handle such large images but not Blender? Whats going on, and more importantly, what ca...

@GiantCowFilms what have I said about the popular and famous people getting UVed, there is more proof ^^
@David and he got an instant detailed answer from a blender developer (and a post edit as bonus )
@Chebhou was just looking at the Monster, wow he is off to a big start.
6 answers in two hours
@David did you check his post on the BA ,it is the most detailed BGE doc and toturials
@Chebhou quick glance through, looks useful.
2:36 PM
@iKlsR have a look at this edit (read the edit summary), possible same user. Anonymous and MintyChipp
@David Good catch!
2:49 PM
have someone used the image sequence texture with offset and cyclic options , it seems to have a problem also found a bug report which has been closed but nothing else, any work around ?
I haven't noticed any issues, exactly what is wrong?
if you offset a cyclic (1 to 10) sequence with an offset ( 5) , then at frames (5 to 10 ) it will be looking for sequence number (11 to 15 ) instead of cycling back to (1 to 5)
in a nut shell the offset seems to be applied after the cyclic which is wrong
current_sequence_frame= (current_frame+ offset ) / ( nbr frames in the sequence)
Interesting, I'm not sure how to change that or why it does that :P
i'm working on an answer for the animation loop, and this is bugging me :(
Ah, that is too bad :P I wanted to know how to do it.
3:06 PM
the answer is ready except this part :p
can you find the duplicate of this Question
No, I know there was one . . . I can look again
Found it and CV'd it, I searched for "Follow Active Quads" and it popped right up :D
that's smart, i was looking for mike pan answers actually
@David one UV for you since you are famous around here :P
3:26 PM
@Chebhou are you going to answer this question blender.stackexchange.com/q/27700/2217? You have the right answer. (but he does not need to change the mirror modifier)
3:43 PM
@Chebhou are you upset that I answered the UV mapping question? (@NoviceInDisguise seams to think you may be) If I up set you, then I'm sorry.
@David no, I knew it was a duplicate just wanted the to give him a solution while looking for the duplicate
@NoviceInDisguise thanks a lot for your consideration , it's very kind of you
@David it could be solved either ways rotate the object or change the mirror axis ,you can post an answer
2 hours later…
6:10 PM
@Chebhou NOOOOOOOO.... How am I going to compete with a monster like that???
Speed- is the only way.
6:40 PM
I had a problem getting in the chat room for a while
First the Monster, Now the Guru, I hope this doesn't become a pros only site
Because I'd be out asap
however, If iklsr doesn't suspend him, Our favorite self proclaimed BGE "expert" would fit in with Pros.
Experts, professionals, Both go together.
@X-27 Non-tip: Be the pro
@iKlsR Does this mean that his rep gets evenly distributed among the remaining users?
@gandalf3 it would be easier if iklsr suspend the coming pros
Lol, yah
6:47 PM
NO, I don't mind Andrew Price here, He doesn't use the BGE :-) He actually makes some awesome tutorials. And he could generate the needed attention for the contests to work again.
@gandalf3 Want to play me in GCF's inter planet game

  Inter Planet Game

General discuson for GiantCowFilm's awesome game, the Blend fi...
about those contests why they have stopped ?
Okay.. one game though, I'm kinda busy :P
@Chebhou Not enough interest. Ask NID for a more detailed answer.
7:00 PM
@GiantCowFilms Why are permalinks not allowed by blend-exchange?
e.g. http://blender.stackexchange.com/q/5100/599
@PeterVaro o.O Sounds yummy. Any videos, devlog yada yada?
@David Handled, thanks.
@X-27 hopefully! :D
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
u shan't pass
I have a wand
7:05 PM
hp > lotr
u better old man
hires balrog
balrog hires smaug
@GiantCowFilms You think your smile was good?
@GiantCowFilms I have created an awesome thing to WOW you.
|||||                      |||||                 |||||||||||||||||||||||||                 ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
 |||||                    |||||              ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||              ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
  |||||                  |||||              ||||||                       ||||||                                              ||||||
   |||||                |||||             ||||||                           ||||||                                           ||||||
7:08 PM
Neat hu??
Much pipe
Many wow
Then star it :-) That is what the stars are for....
7:09 PM
It's a barcode :/
Ehh, they will need to click on the permalink...
@David It's not even that good of a question...
@gandalf3 ok, interplanet game's server has reset itself.
Now we try to play?
7:24 PM
@X-27 okay
Nvm... that is bad..
using x 2 and 7 in the corresponding letters does Not work
@gandalf3 Joining
8:01 PM
@GiantCowFilms Should I make your cow sit at the chair or stand on the floor?
Sitting would be funnier...
@Chebhou Thanks... though someone beat you to the answer...
@cegaton you're welcome; it happens : )
Anyone know how to moddel a bale of hey?
seems complicated (i had to google this thing though ) is it the square or or the rounded
@X-27 try a lattice modifier?
8:14 PM
i think particles system or duplication per vertices
@X-27 what shape? boxy, like an x, cone, or like a roll?
like that one
it is got GCF to eat....
@X-27 a basic box with hair particles and some nice texturing...
Kinda like that.
one of the first things I made.
only a box shape...
8:21 PM
@X-27 You know what they say about putting all of your eggs on the same basket? ...
@X-27 very nice!
@X-27 really nice
that was one of the first things I made.. eve before I found the button to switch to the BGE
since then I've forgotten where that button was, and I've been stuck in the BGE ever since....
@X-27 maybe you shouldn't have done that : )
If I could merely find the button to get back to the BI.....
I've heard so much about cycles...
9:11 PM
@X-27 that's big.
ain't it great?

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