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8:00 PM
@MadaraUchiha @Mysticial did that last year
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ Aha. Nicely done @Mysticial
Happy @Mysticial day!
Happy @Mysticial day!
lol if it's rep icon, why we @Mysticial -ing?
so we each have to ping @Mysticial 30x?
8:02 PM
@Frosteeze I think we pinged @Mysticial a little more than 30 times XD
right, which is why i think we each have to ping @Mysticial 30x
@Hakase @Mysticial
@myst is a very good game
keep going until @Mysticial is overwhelmed or we get bored
you know @Mysticial will never be overwhelmed
8:05 PM
We don't know it until @Mysticial says something
Just watch Omoide no Marnie (from Ghibli) a bit, and it really is well-animated. @Mysticial
Wondering if I should superping @Mysticial :P
@MadaraUchiha Mod abuse @Mysticial, lol
@Mysticial It's your fault we have DST.
That's why I was late for @Mysticial day. I thought it was in an hour.
The @mystic powers of time continue to confound me.
@Eric it doesn't matter start @Mysticial -in anyway
8:06 PM
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ It does to @Mysticial
we gotta @Mysticial the fuck out of this today
It's sad that @Mysticial is missing @Mysticial Day.
oh @mys god
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ for the next @Mysticial day , change lasts 5 mins to till he replies or something :P @Mysticial
@EroSɘnnin Why next time? why not now? @Mysticial
8:08 PM
Why does @Mysticial Day end?
@Mysticial what'd you do to youtube i can't watch @mys favorite streamers anymore
@Eric because it's called @Mysticial day
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ Then let it be :D @Mysticial
@Eric lies, don't blame @Mysticial
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ But it ends after 5 @Mysticial minutes.
@iKlsR You are a hat. @Mysticial
8:09 PM
@mys uff
@Eric supposedly not. @Mysticial
@iKlsR is a @mystic hat
@Eric that's an earth day in @Mysticial time
@iKlsR you broke it @Mysticial D:
what's your take on this @Mysticial ?
8:09 PM
What did @Mysticial break?
time is @Mysticial
@Eric @Mysticial broke everything too
@Frosteeze @Mysticial broke @Mysticial?
@Mys little pwny~
8:11 PM
Will @mys notify @Mysticial also?
@Eric yep it was pretty @Mysticial
I thought it has to be at least 3 characters long to ping @Mysticial
@GaoWeiwei it should ping @Mysticial
Oh @mys i dont know tht @Mysticial
@GaoWeiwei This was @mys understanding too.
8:12 PM
ok ok, I'll change it all to @mys then
@mys bad
I can't believe I almost @mys sed @Mysticial Day.
sed @Mysticial command not found
@Mysticial , ask @mysti to help this guy.
I have a question for @Mysticial.
If @Mysticial ever shows up @my
8:15 PM
@Mysticial knows full well wat we're doing: chat.stackoverflow.com/transcript/message/22225743#22225743
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ so do we continue @Mysticial ?
Oh @Mysticial god, we love you!
yes until @Mysticial replies here or the day ends UTC time
If anyone sees @Mysticial let me know cause I need him for something..
@StackedCrooked I just saw @Mysticial in Lounge<C++>.
8:16 PM
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ @Mysticial o you!
@Mysticial you hear that? someone needs you!
hey @Mysticial brought us some reinforcement
@райтфолд @Mysticial is there? Thanks!
@Mysticial ^
Dammit I forgot what I was gonna ask @Mysticial
8:17 PM
@Mysticial advertising @Mysticial Maid Cafe in Lounge<C++>
But I guess @Mysticial should be here too.
@райтфолд Nope @Mysticial is @mys sing
Especially given that @Mysticial is in the avatar list.
@StackedCrooked it you @Mysticial enough, you might remember
Oh, @Mysticial. I already forgot about the guy.
8:18 PM
Just say @Mysticial 3 times in front of a mirror and turn around.
@Mysticial ...
@Mysticial !
I heard @Mysticial is really good in calculating digits of the number e.
There needs to be a mathematical constant named after @Mysticial
We'll call it @mys.
@Mysticial is really good at taking the derivative of e to the x
@StackedCrooked and @Mysticial pi.
8:21 PM
I heard @Mysticial had two Seagates and they got broken. I feel sorry for him.
@Mysticial i need a @Mystic sleep
@Mysticial should store all his stuff in SSDs
Ok. Until @Mysticial gets here I'll gonna continue watching my anime.
what are you doing with @mysticial?
8:23 PM
its @Mysticial day :D
March 21. Never forget. @Mysticial
@StackedCrooked @Mysticial must be watching anime too since he's not payin' enough attention to us... I wonder wat animes
But @Mysticial never check the mailbox, whats the point?
To increase @Mysticial 's inbox count.
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ Yeah, it's a total @myst ery
8:25 PM
@Taisho Is this @Mysticial?
@Taisho You didn't ping @Mysticial.
@StackedCrooked how very @Myst erious of him
@Hakase should change @Taisho to participate in @Mysticial day too
Don't break the spirit of @Mysticial day.
8:25 PM
I wonder if I should do a burst @Mysticial pings and then go to bed or just do nothing
@Mystic powers surround him.
always ping @mysti on @Mysticial day
The SE chat will block @mystic spam, so I'd say don't bother.
@Mysticial spam? No!
@mysti sounds like a stripper name
And remember: @Mysticial Day is a week after White Day and a week before Toshinou Kyouko's Birthday, how @mystic al
@mystic wokay
@Frosteeze She got her boob job on a @mysti day in November.
@Frosteeze @Mysti sounds like a water gym leader
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ @Mysticial abuse!
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ Where is @Mysti 's Starmie?
8:28 PM
When I was 15 I had this game called @Myst.
@Eric all for the glory of @Mysti
It was very hard and @myst erious.
We should all be so grateful to live in the land of @Mysticia.
right, the @Mystici, are they like the illuminati?
@StackedCrooked me too, some of those @Myst erious puzzles we impossible w/o outside help imo
8:30 PM
I frequently got stuck. I was so @myst off!
@StackedCrooked to they are those tins in rozen maidens, Rosa @Mysticia s
maybe you @myst something
I'm currently watching Omoide no Marnie, which seems to be about a @Myst erious mansion
@Mys @Myst @Mysti @Mystic @Mystici @Mysticia @Mysticial
@mystici if i put only @m to whom will the ping go to ?
8:32 PM
Many recent anime looks crap compared to this. @Mysticial
Q: Looking for old anime TV channel/network

FurynatorThe network/channel had Digimon on it and some show very similar to that, that's all I remember.

Q: do you know any anime like samuraei girls?

user13352i watched samuraei girls and pretty liked it.i liked the style and being in English.any recommendations?

@EroSɘnnin The @m will not go to anyone. IIRC, you need at least 3 characters for it to be effective. @Mysticial
@PlanetExpressDelivery @Mysticial Really, guys? Can't you at least pretend to care about @Mysticial Day?
@Sakamoto Burn this please. @Mysticial
8:33 PM
ohh .. thts @Mysticial
@EroSɘnnin Read this @Mysticial post so you won't @mys anything.
I trying to find this anime called "The World @Mysticial Only Knows".
But I can't seem to find it.
@Mysticial saves the day yet again
@GaoWeiwei That's for comment, not chat messages @Mysticial
@EroSɘnnin hehe
8:35 PM
@nhahtdh Do they work differently for @Mysticial?
@GaoWeiwei thanks for the @Mysticial post . I had @mys understood the @Mysticial working
@GaoWeiwei In chat, you can ping multiple users @Mysticial
@StackedCrooked @Mysticial owns a the distribution rights, gotta go thru him
@EroSɘnnin I should check. Maybe I made some @Myst akes.
@Sakamoto @Mysticial
8:36 PM
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ Who are you talking about?
@GaoWeiwei Not sure about the difference in the minimum number of characters. @Mysticial
@Sakamoto You should start watching "One @Mysticial".
@StackedCrooked @Mysticial and his @Myst erious stash of rare anime
I'll work on solving this @myst -ery then.
@StackedCrooked Please do .. do not leave out any @myst eries
8:37 PM
We must have @myst some way to ping him more.
Sorry to say, but the guy is a real @Mys ogynist.
@Eric @Mysticial pings on multiple @Mysticial groups?
So um, my schedule says @Mysticial Day isn't for another 1h 22m.
We should probably just keep saying @Mysticial for another 2 hours just to be safe.
The schedule also says @Mysticial day lasts for 5 minutes
8:39 PM
I should rewatch "Ah! @Mys Goddess". It was such a fun series.
@StackedCrooked Yeah, you would get to see details you @myst out on the first time.
O hey, I found my @Mys little pony figurine back.
@Taisho ... I think you @myst the point here.
#post @Mysticial
8:40 PM
@Taisho Oozing @Myst ery
@StackedCrooked Who do you prefer? @Mys Belldandy, @Mys Skuld or Ms Urd?
#say @Mysticial
:D @Mysticial
8:41 PM
@Eric keep going til the @My counter hits 1k or so pls
we're a bit over 200 @Mysticia s atm
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ Do we have a @Mysticial counter?
@GaoWeiwei Hm. I like the kinky @Mys Urd.
What is the number now @Mysticial?
i wonder approx how many @Mysticial pings hv been pinged
@Hakase should just set @Taisho to say @Mysticial every 30 seconds.
8:42 PM
@Eric @Mysticial does i.sstatic.net/QOu15.png
@EroSɘnnin We will never know. It's a ..
@Hakase is @mys sing @Mysticial fun
@StackedCrooked @mys tery
kk well, I must have @myst that link before.
We will persevere for the good of @Mysticial.
@nhahtdh the @Mysticial count is a bit over i.sstatic.net/QOu15.png
@EroSɘnnin Thanks. It was on the tip of @mys tongue, but I just couldn't find the word.
8:43 PM
for the glory of @Mysticial!
@StackedCrooked nice @Mysticial sAVE
@EroSɘnnin not on @mys watch
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ I actually ask for the total number of notifications, but that works anyway @Mysticial
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ @Mys lol
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ so @mystic ally nice
8:45 PM
Notification count = lots * @Mysticial * e * pi
My docter told me I need to wear glasses because I have @Mys opia.
Reading all the sentences with @Mysticial, all of us sounds like some anime characters with their weird sentences ending.
I'm trying to learn about this database @mys ql. But I'm too dumb for that.
Im going to @mys the fun for i have to leave
@nhahtdh 何というのは @Mysticial ?
8:47 PM
its almost a @Mysticial 3 am here
@EroSɘnnin "AM" probably stands for "A @Mysticial"
@Eric woah that was so @Mysticial
@EroSɘnnin They call me "The @Mystic".
[@Mysticial === fun == 2^(1/10)*Ir^(1/10)*e^(1/5*Ipi)/int^4, fun == 2^(1/10)*Ir^(1/10)*e^(2/5*Ipi)/int^4, fun == 2^(1/10)*Ir^(1/10)*e^(3/5*Ipi)/int^4, fun == 2^(1/10)*Ir^(1/10)*e^(4/5*Ipi)/int^4, fun == -2^(1/10)*Ir^(1/10)/int^4, fun == 2^(1/10)*Ir^(1/10)*e^(-4/5*Ipi)/int^4, fun == 2^(1/10)*Ir^(1/10)*e^(-3/5*Ipi)/int^4, fun == 2^(1/10)*Ir^(1/10)*e^(-2/5*Ipi)/int^4, fun == 2^(1/10)*Ir^(1/10)*e^(-1/5*Ipi)/int^4, fun == 2^(1/10)*Ir^(1/10)/int^4]
lol @Mysticial
8:49 PM
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ Is this @Myst thematica?
@Eric @ʞɹɐzǝɹ @nhahtdh @StackedCrooked @Frosteeze @GaoWeiwei and ofcurz @Mysticial .. Goonyt :P
@EroSɘnnin Have a good @Mysticial.
first thing in the morning , I gotta check all the @Mysticial pings and hope @Mysticial replies
@Eric To be published on Acta @Mysticia
Have a @mystic al day guys
8:51 PM
@Eric Oh, it's the Jewish holiday @Mys ukka?
@EroSɘnnin @Mystic night.
@StackedCrooked It @mys ertainly is.
THIS IS @Mysti iiiiii
@mystic ally signing off
ciao @mys
I'm going to @mys him.
Alright, gonna continue watching Assa @mys ation Classroom, now.
8:53 PM
Can @Mysticial or someone ping me twice in one message? I can't find this @Mysticial feature documented anywhere.
It only pings once even if you say @Mysticial @Mysticial.
@Taisho Is she flying? What a @mystic idea.
@Taisho thx for participating. @Mysticial would be proud.
8:56 PM
@StackedCrooked we'll @Mys you too
Did I @mys something? Everyone is so quiet.
I don't think we'll reach 1k @Mysticial. :(
That's a shame I guess we're all outta @Myst erious power
Last @Mysticial from me. Need to start sleeping.
9:01 PM
You can't @mys sleep for one night?
I already @mys sleep for one night. It's 5 am here, now.
@GaoWeiwei we'll @mys you o/
Oh. :/ Well, @mys leep tight.
@Frosteeze has @myst eriously disappeared.
Let's more @Mysticial on the next @Mysticial Day
shall we draw the curtains to @Mysticial day then?
9:03 PM
We should. We will @mys one whole year of pinging him.
And on this day next year, @Mysticial shall be summoned once more.
@JNat you missed @Mysticial day
We need to fix the schedule next time, tho. The site still says "@Mysticial Day in 56 minutes"
@Hakase you missed @Mysticial day too shame on you
I'll fix that @Myst erious problem
@Myst excellent.
@Mysticial so ends @Mysticial day see you next @Mysticial year
9:06 PM
What was the @Mysticial count?
@Mysticial should tell us
@Mysticial plz
Also @iKlsR cuz why not
So 320 total.
@Eric I can't edit this event D:
9:09 PM
lets hope for 1000 next year
What a @myst opportunity. ;P
9:25 PM
No Aldnoah.Zero today?
Dammit, how do I upload a 6 MB image?
@MadaraUchiha i thought episode 11 is out
@Frosteeze Huh
They released it, but didn't update their front page
user image
So yeah! You guys bumped my inbox notifications over 1k. :)
9:36 PM
9:53 PM
we can still @Mysticial for 5 mins when it "starts"
10:41 PM
ditto @Mysticial
@ton.yeung the ending was sad
10:59 PM
user image
Q: Is Nadia voluntarily inspired by Castle in the Sky?

neothoronIt is pretty obvious that Nadia and Castle in the Sky shared a lot of their basic premise: both of them feature a girl who owns a mysterious glowing blue pendant, meets a boy who is interested in flying machines, and is chased both by a small pirate band and a sizeable military power. Other simil...

@Sakamoto "Voluntarily inspired"?
> "You're gonna be inspired by this anime whether you like it or not!"
> "But I don't wanna be inspired by this anime..."
> "Well, too bad!"
11:46 PM
They're both at least in part written by Miyazaki, and they're about as similar as any other two Miyazaki works IMO.
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