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5:02 PM
@fredley Who in their right mind (or even slightly altered one) would want to be mod of that cesspit?
@fredley IF @Sterno actually accepted the nomination then you know he would have been selected.
@Sterno You?
Please say it's you
A: Time to take a step back from multiple answer criticism

WipqoznThe problem with having multiple answers/solutions in one post is that users aren't able to vote on each individual solution. If you have two solutions to a problem, and one of them doesn't work at all, and the other works perfectly, how do users vote on that? All they can really do is comment sa...

@fredley Clearly not.
I'm such a great meta user in the lifehacks community.
5:03 PM
@Wipqozn I posted comments because I was too lazy to post an answer. Plus, this way a mod can delete them easier.
@Sterno lolol
I was looking for that post of Robert's, which I knew I'd discussed with Mooseman recently, but couldn't find it because the discussion had been deleted :(
Imaginary Sterno: Thank you. As appointed moderator of Lifehacks, my first action is to shut down Lifehacks.
room topic changed to The Bridge: General Arqade chat room, wherein we meanwhile links, verb words, unhack life, and attempt to avoid Friday. [+friday] [+meta-lifehacks] [-context] [-fun] [jin-fanclub] [lazers] [-lifehacks] [--mandatory] [murder] [pedantry+]
@Unionhawk You were too slow
5:07 PM
@fredley [+ghost-reproduction]
@Sterno Yeah, well
@MadMAxJr I wish I was a mod on lifehacks, so I could modabuse @Sterno's mod nomination to acceptance.
@Unionhawk You're just building up your meta post count for a mod run. I get it.
@Unionhawk just isn't a pro Meta Lifehacker like me
5:08 PM
I'm continuing to shoot down bad ideas even if someone else already has
On the other hand, if someone's asking a hypothetical (stupid) question about how to make marks on a piece of paper, it's probably fine if both "use a pencil" and "use a pen" are in the same answer, since they're so closely related. "Put a pin in your finger and write with the blood" would probably be best served as a separate answer, though. — Sterno 1 min ago
Just for good measure
@Sterno, you are my favourite old person
Q: The best practice to save your game in Dying Light

Tuss LászlóThe saving system in Dying Light is very confusing, after leaving the game in a save zone, you can find yourself in the middle of the city inMIDNIGHT after loading that game again.... Is there any 100% practice to save your game?

@Wipqozn top trolling
5:09 PM
Q: Should we ask people with Steam/Steam integrated game issues for their Steam profiles?

0-frame linksThe tf2 trading only shows me a couple items when I have tons Aytimothy asked the OP for his Steam profile to further troubleshoot the issue. Should we ask for "personal" info when trying to fix the issue? Or should we just keep asking the OP to clarify what exactly the problem is. It could be p...

Given that the purpose of questions here is to help everyone, I don't think focusing on a specific user's profile is the way to go. — Sterno 1 min ago
I was just about to post that.
@Frank Sometimes we agree!
@fredley I've never done anything but try to make Lifehacks better!
@Sterno Through the medium of light trolling!
Q: Are Zookas and Riflemen Equivalent?

aronchickIn Boom Beach, I'm trying to figure out the balancing between Zookas and Riflemen. Yes, Zookas are substantially higher in damage, but bear with me: Riflemen stats (level 12): Health: 295 DPS: 71 Size: 1 Zooka stats (level 12): Health: 126 DPS: 228 Size: 2 So, by this logic, in a single ...

@fredley Well. Yeah.
5:16 PM
@Sterno I think on general issues, we're moving in the same direction. It's the implementation of how to go about it that we usually have fun with.
@Frank I think mostly when it comes to what should be opened or closed
But when it comes to "this is just crap in general", we tend to agree
@Sterno At that's rather amicable, at least.
@Batophobia Yes.
I am so totally going to see that in theaters.
Argh. I am having the most frustrating conversation in the BCG chat room.
5:19 PM
Hmm, there's no comics.stackexchange.org yet?
@murgatroid99 Ew. POB and future utility.
I prefer sea lioning to outright trolling.
@MartinSojka I think SFF tend to cover those
That's a loaded topic area.
@Frank wait, what?
5:20 PM
@Frank So the movie version of that episode of Futurama
@Sterno Bridge confirmed full of Lifehacks.SEalions
@murgatroid99 I'm reading your conversation.
@Frank Note that this is a conversation about a 22 comment chain on an answer on the site
@Batophobia The question then is, does Tintin fall under "SciFi" or "Fantasy" ...
@murgatroid99 Is there a link to that? I only have so much context to work off of.
5:22 PM
A: What is the availability of the complete sets Wizards of the Coast is apparently selling?

doppelgreenerWizards of the Coast does not sell complete card sets to either the public or to retail. What you may have heard about was the complete sets offered via Magic the Gathering Online. The deal is: if you have all cards in a set owned in your MTGO account, Wizards of the Coast can ship you the real ...

@MartinSojka If Dora can make it in, I think Tintin has a chance
The answer's revision history is kind of relevant too
@murgatroid99 Why do I think that's Robotsushi?
@murgatroid99 It's always funny when someone argues "that's just your opinion" and then proceeds to use their own opinions as fact.
@OrigamiRobot It's more the fact that he seems incapable of not taking criticism personally
Because of that, nothing is being accomplished
5:23 PM
@Batophobia The movie looks somewhat interesting.... but Sandler... although from the trailer he wasn't being his usual Adam Sandler-y shtick, so, cautiously optimistic...
@TrentHawkins Kevin James is in there
@Batophobia Hmmm. Dora is concievably fantasy, TinTin is just Fiction
Oh, I thinkt hat major road is down to one lane. WEll that's nice.
@Wipqozn Just stay at work, for ever!
5:28 PM
@fredley I'm working from home
@Wipqozn Sounds like you've already completed the process then!
Oh ,looks like ti is two lanes
just a lot of people going in one.
Maybe it's a case of there's just barely enough space for two cars, so most folks aren't risking it
@murgatroid99 It also seems like he doesn't understand that "retail" means a very specific thing.
@OrigamiRobot The original revision used the word "official" to refer to stuff sold/distributed by Wizards. That seems to be what the confusion was about
The first sentence of this answer doesn't make any sense. Vendors do offer complete sets. You can just buy them. They are a retail thing. The second and third paragraphs are totally speculation. The last paragraph is a repeat of diego's answer. — Rainbolt 2 days ago
I'm referring to this comment
5:31 PM
@OrigamiRobot Look at the first revision of the answer
It's mostly boiling down to his definition of the word, "official"
> There are no vendors offering because the official complete set offers are not a retail thing you can just buy.
It still says the word retail
He interpreted "official complete set" as "list of cards in the set" not "complete set as a product"
He said "They are a retail thing." That is simply incorrect.
Either way, it currently seems to be descending into him whining about people criticizing him.
5:34 PM
@Frank and this is the real issue
Meh. Tell him to grow a thicker skin on the Internet. If he keeps whining, ignore him.
Problem solved.
@Frank His response is still on screen. He doesn't accept that it's not personal
@murgatroid99 Yep. He's not worth even arguing with anymore.
And how that got flagged, I have no idea.
@doppelgreener The speculation is "What you may have heard about was [...]"Rainbolt yesterday
@Frank you get to review your own flags?
5:36 PM
@Frank you can see flags on your own messages?
This guy...
@Rapitor No, it won't let me counterflag it.
But I can see it, yes.
You can see them, but not counterflag
Or flag, for that matter
> The Bridge - General Arqade chat room, wherein we meanwhile links, verb words, unhack life, and attempt to avoid Friday.
@Yuuki The reference seems to be eluding me.
5:37 PM
yeah, marked flag invalid
@Frank That got flagged because we're on the Bridge. Also known as Flag Troll Central.
Not sure what you guys are talking about, but pretty sure the solution is more mod abuse.
@Yuuki Ah, yes.
@Yuuki Meh
The Math chat room is Flag Troll West.
5:38 PM
@Wipqozn The solution is always more mod abuse
I'm getting chicken wings for supper, and you can't stop me!
@fredley Especially when you punt our unwanted messages into another active room!
noy for another 3 hours... but my word, it's happening!
@Yuuki No, the Flag Troll is a myth.
@Frank That was only once. And I cleared up the problem with modabuse
5:39 PM
And also the room was not active
@fredley Doesn't make it stop being funny.
By chance alone
@Frank :(
@OrigamiRobot urmom is a myth.
@fredley Hey, at least you didn't put the Bridge into a day long timeout, and forget how to fix it.
5:40 PM
Seriously, stop with the urmom stuff.
@Frank I like how @badp's solution was to make everyone a room owner
@fredley Yeah, that amused me to no end.
So, in the annals of mod abuse, yours isn't so bad.
@Frank Yeah. They're pretty long annals too.
5:43 PM
@Frank ... how did the entire room get banned
@Rapitor They didn't. @badp just put the room into a day long timeout.
Which means the only people who can talk are mods and room owners.

Wherein badp gives up to panic and forgets that the solution to mod abuse is more mod abuse.

Aug 20 '14 at 16:15, 3 minutes total – 46 messages, 11 users, 25 stars

Bookmarked Aug 20 '14 at 16:52 by badp

And he forgot how to fix it.
@OrigamiRobot I'd make a urmom joke in response to this, but you're just too handsome.
wow i had room owner once
5:45 PM
Honestly, truthfully, still the single funniest thing that has happened in The Bridge
@Unionhawk Yes. It certainly amused me.
@Unionhawk No, that was when @GnomeSlice didn't realize that @John was @JohntheGreen onsite
@OrigamiRobot Holy snap that one
I honestly can't decide what was funnier.
I'm leaning towards @badp, though...
@GnomeSlice That's the funniest thing on meta
and @Frank removed me, and I couldn't talk
@OrigamiRobot I dunno there's some funny shit on meta
@GnomeSlice Aww, I can't see that anymore. I regret everything.
@OrigamiRobot ?
Oh right
5:48 PM
@GnomeSlice I like that 3 different close voters have diamonds now.
@GnomeSlice I have no account
Why did you delete your account.
Bad ones
@Wipqozn I don't do it often, but I make it count.
5:48 PM
Good ones, but at what cost?
@GnomeSlice nah, he had solid reasons
The reasons have just lead to regret.
Aug 22 '11 at 1:33, by GnomeSlice ツ
Q: How do I Mash Potatoes?

GnomeSliceWhenever I try to make mashed potatoes, I end up with an excruciatingly sore forehead and a huge mess. And that stuff takes FOREVER to get out of your hair. What am I doing wrong?

@OrigamiRobot wait, when did this happen?
I think he deleted his account before I joined the chatroom actually
It's been a while :o
@murgatroid99 Just over a year ago now
5:49 PM
@GnomeSlice I can't believe you were lecturing us about trolling some shitty ARea 51 proposal, when you trolled actually useful sites.
Like beat up a bike.
@Wipqozn I was actually curious about that.
How do you actually destroy a bike with your bare hands
they're made of metal
@Wipqozn That's how he knew.
@GnomeSlice Why would you want to do that in the first place?
@GnomeSlice and I'm actually curious if I should pay for my ghost dates meal!
2 mins ago, by Origami Robot
5:50 PM
Feb 5 '12 at 22:50, by Wipqozn
@GnomeSlice The other day you got suspended from bikes.se for asking how beat up a bike.
@GnomeSlice And I would like to know who to call if I see something strange in my neighborhood.
@Yuuki And I think it would be useful to know how to defend myself from vengeful ghosts, if they do exist
@Yuuki b tw, I vtc your question for being too broad
I think seasoned advice is my favourite design on any SE site
@murgatroid99 This is actually a good question.
Well, in the scope of paranormal
5:52 PM
Aug 22 '11 at 1:35, by World Engineer
it's not off topic technically

Time Travel Joke

Mar 27 '13 at 17:52, 28 seconds total – 5 messages, 4 users, 0 stars

Bookmarked Mar 27 '13 at 17:53 by Origami Robot

I think this is the funniest thing that's happened in the bridge
Aug 22 '11 at 1:47, by Lazers
Q: why was i banded from chat?

GnomeSlice ツmy gamertag was GnomeSlice and I want to know why I got kicked off of chat? I honestly dont know what I did? Also, stop talking about me behind my back, NickT. ಠ_ಠ

@OrigamiRobot Funnyness: 1/10
5:53 PM
Wow, I used to post a lot of dumb shit
(sigh) I'm being asked to fill out a self assessment form that's very similar to something I filled out 6 months ago because reasons, and I'm kinda questioning why, since there isn't going to be anything really new in it.
I have done nothing since I got up but click around on my computer
Wait, since when can 10ks edit deleted posts?
We're done with mom jokes in here? Bummer.
Can we start doing "Phrasing" jokes?
@Sterno such as?
5:56 PM
@GnomeSlice kerning, but it still works
Archer keeps wanting to bring it back but none of his coworkers let him
@Sterno If I'm allowed to use "Phasing" instead, sure.
@Sterno That reminds me, I should watch season 6
Or "Frazier".
@Yuuki what a stunning development
5:58 PM
@Wipqozn They get a robot.
phrasers, no phrasing
@GnomeSlice doesn't work unless you say it 3 times
method_missing in Ruby is the worst thing to ever happen to a programming language.
@StrixVaria I dunno, PHP was pretty bad too
@StrixVaria did you disqualify eveything that php does?
6:01 PM
@MattGiltaji I considered this against PHP, and determined that this one feature of Ruby is worse than PHP, although Ruby as a whole isn't quite as bad as PHP.
I'm just going to agree here: PHP is the worst thing that has ever happened to a programming language
> PHP is the worst thing that has ever happened to a programming language
inb4 people taking that seriously
method_missing is the method that's called when you try to call a method that doesn't exist, instead of just that being an error.
That way, you can call methods that don't exist and get results and have no idea why anything works.
6:03 PM
@StrixVaria ... Who thought that was a good idea?
@StrixVaria Don't you have to define method_missing for that to happen?
I love this guy
Or does it just happen automatically?
@murgatroid99 Yes, but Rails does that.
So I was reading some rails code and grepping to try to find where a bunch of stuff was defined and it just wasn't.
6:04 PM
I still think there are worse things in PHP
Worse things than masking where entire methods come from or what they do and making it impossible to search for since their names are dynamic?
I believe @StrixVaria is saying it's worse in Ruby because Ruby isn't entirely awful like PHP.
@StrixVaria yes
The less bad the whole is, the more the bad things stand out.
Should I start naming things?
6:05 PM
Yes, please.
I read that fractal of bad design thing but I think I blacked most of it out of my memory.
The ternary operator is left-associative.
@murgatroid99 That's not as bad as methods coming out of nowhere.
Copying a recursive object causes a segmentation fault in the interpreter. Not an exception, and not an error
@murgatroid99 wut?
Oh, I know. Every single HTTP request is processed in a separate forked process rather than using threading.
6:06 PM
$x='2d9'; $x++; echo $x; $x++; echo $x; outputs 2e0\n3
If you compare two strings with ==, both are coerced to doubles if possible
"Hey that's a hexidecimal string! I know what to do with those" "Hey that's scientific notation! I know what to do with that!"
@KevinvanderVelden The first one isn't being treated as hex. it's being treated as a character string
That's worse
@KevinvanderVelden 2d9+1 in hex would be 2da
6:09 PM
@OrigamiRobot ooh right
Have brain surgery, get SE cupcakes. Not a bad trade.
user image
@KevinvanderVelden It's from a perl feature that isn't as dumb, and lets you increment from 1a to 9z
@AshleyNunn Now I want brain surgery!
That's the line I thought it was taking at first
6:10 PM
I like how in my friends group one person starts steam, and then 3 others njoin him
Rainbow cupcakes.
Are those fondant rainbows?
@AshleyNunn SE sent you cupcakes? awesome
Don't crack your teeth on those diamonds
@fredley Yes, and unicorns and TASTY DELCIOUS DIAMONDS OF POWER
empty is a keyword that should be a function. It doesn't always really work, and you can't call anything any capitalization of empty
6:11 PM
@AshleyNunn Eating that many mod diamonds could be interesting
@MattGiltaji My landlord left me the best message ever "someone left something for you in our freezer. Something about unicorn by products?"
Hmmm. I have a mole I'd like extracted from my neck.. Wonder if Stack would send me a cupcake for that...
@AshleyNunn wat
@OrigamiRobot Thats what I said
@AshleyNunn that is awesome. SE never sent me my swag for running for mod on another site :(
6:12 PM
@MattGiltaji Oh really? :( Let me check on that for you
@AshleyNunn Why would something for you be left in their freezer?
@AshleyNunn i didn't know your mod powers extended site-wide
I got swag for being in the top 20 users of RPG.stack not long after it exited beta
They sent me a sticker, a shirt, and a pen
@MattGiltaji I can poke at the right people. What site was it?
@AshleyNunn workplace
6:14 PM
@OrigamiRobot Because I wasnt home and they accepted the cupcakes for me because they are great
@MattGiltaji She's been a mod on two different sites!
i can bring it up with the mods there, i just thought that was a CM only thing
@AshleyNunn Oh, they meant like "Someone left something for you. We put it in our freezer"
So Ashley is a cyborg fueled by cupcakes. What an amazing age we live in.
@MattGiltaji Did you reach primaries?
(I just wanna make sure I have all the right info)
@MattGiltaji No worries, I am asking :)
@MadMAxJr Pretty much
6:16 PM
I read it as "We found something for you in our freezer. We don't know how it got there."
Here are 12 cupcakes. BUT BEWARE.. One of these cupcakes contains A DOWNVOTE.
@AshleyNunn we skipped primaries because there weren't that many candidates, but yeah
@MattGiltaji Alright, awesome, I have poked people, and will report back when I know things
@MadMAxJr at least it's not a close vote (aka a super-downvote)
@MattGiltaji Bwuh? You get swag for running for mod?
6:17 PM
@AshleyNunn thanks so much :D
I don't think it takes five votes to close the cupcake box.
(This is totally news to me)
Hmm. Wonder if the unicorns are cookies or just decorations.
@Frank SOmetimes, yes, there are rules about it, I am trying to determine what they are so that the right people get stuff
@MadMAxJr fondant
Huh. I wonder if I qualify, then, for last years running.
6:18 PM
@Frank i got an email from SE stating so. there was a broken link in said email, so i notified SE about the broken link as well
You totally deserve the snack cakes, but I am a pinch jealous because they look delicious.
@Frank I know they are behind on this stuff, so I will continue my poking
@MattGiltaji okay, so you got the email. that's a good thing to note.
Meh, I'm just stoked I would get free stuff for trying to help the site.
@MattGiltaji You do know that @AshleyNunn is every mod, right? Those accounts are all sockpuppets.
@AshleyNunn yeah i can forward it if it helps any
6:20 PM
@Yuuki But... @Yuuki.. We are ALL @AshleyNunn
@MattGiltaji Nah, I will just tell the appropriate CMs!
@AshleyNunn I'm just imagining you talking to a mirror.
@Yuuki Shhhh don't give away my secret
There are actually many Ashleys, they are merely forks of the original.
@MadMAxJr ... and they have a plan
6:22 PM
@MadMAxJr No no no, every mod is @AshleyNunn. What happens when you win an election is that all your account credentials are changed and passed to @AshleyNunn.
You are also IP-blocked from the Stack Exchange network until you (read: @AshleyNunn) loses modship (on that particular account).
You will also be shadowed by Canadian ninjas to prevent you from logging onto Stack Exchange from any other computer.
So every mod is force-uploaded and merged into the Ashley set? D:
@MadMAxJr Resistance is futile.
... Well.. She did get cupcakes. I might be okay with that.
We are currently mitigating a DDOS hitting our network. We will let you know when this has been resolved.
DDOS notice from panic-bot. Nice.
6:25 PM
@OKAY,PANIC. i guess @AshleyNunn reaching out to her mod-mirrors takes up a lot of bandwidth
Hey Matt, I'm gonna need you to go down into the basement and restart all the Ashleys on rack 7.
If only things were punishable like they were in movies. If you get caught for DDOSing, you should be banished from the Internet forever.
@MadMAxJr o_0 there are only 6 racks
@StrixVaria I'm just imagining ninjas finding your hiding place, and having a, "talk" with you.
@StrixVaria This.
6:28 PM
@StrixVaria or get recruited into some super secret organization
We the keepers of the internet banish you. As per tradition, you may take a selection of cat pictures, games, and other files that can be contained on a single DVD-R. Choose wisely for you may never return.
@MadMAxJr Does all of Wikipedia fit on a DVD-R?
Q: How do hero prices change over time in Heroes of the Storm?

klm123I saw Vikings were introduced with 15 kGold price, now they are 10 kGold. Can one expect further decrease in the price or it happens only when a hero is new? What is the tendency for hero prices changes over time? (Note, I'm Not asking about rumours like "what is Blizzard going to do?", I am ask...

Q: How can I use unlicensed controllers on the PS4?

LiveWireBTGiven that I use a PS4 and already have a few controllers that I want to use with the PS4 instead of buying almost the same controller licensed for the PS4 or void warranties of controllers, what options do I have? Scenarios: Arcade Fightsticks – these are rather big compared to typical gamepa...

@Unionhawk @TimStone Community rewards for Lugh are apparently amazing
Minus media files; just the text.
6:29 PM
DISCONNECT HIS STEAM ACCOUNT. Let us watch this one squirm.
When I bought MK9 or whatever on Steam and it didn't work, I begged Valve to give me a refund because I was terrified if I did a chargeback they'd just ban my whole account.
5%: 20m
15%: 15m
40%: 12.5m
70%: 6m
@Lazers This question and self answer are tweaking my spam senses.
And lastly we remove you from the book of faces. Open the doors and let the exile leave.
@StrixVaria You'd think it'd compress well
@MadMAxJr Well that one seems like a perk.
This page displays the current size of the English Wikipedia (without images) in print volumes, per mathematical calculation. === Assumptions and calculations === This shows 2,773 million words across 4.7 million articles (as of September 2014), implying an average of 590 words per article. Same source shows 22.405 GB (=22,634,427,000 bytes) across 2,773 million words, implying 8.08 bytes/word. ASCII uses 1 byte/character which in turn implies 8.08 characters/word. However, this includes wikimarkup, and 5 char/word plus one for space is standard, so 6 characters/word will be assumed. The...
@Yuuki Hot daaaaamn
@Chippies @SaintWacko mp3 player arrived. It's so TINY and cute
maybe paranormal should close as a dupe of worldbuilding
Q: Can telepathy and telekinesis exist in biological creatures

JamesI would like to create a sentient creature with telepathy and/or telekinesis. Can either (or both) of these concepts exist biologically? If yes, what would the biological mechanism be? Would a specialized organ of some sort be needed and how would it interact with the rest of the body? How ...

Pretty sure I could swallow it.
@OrigamiRobot Which community goal is this?
6:36 PM
The entire Paranormal proposal?
Military intelligence for Crimson State?
@Unionhawk For the war
According to FAE
Or combat bonds?
COmbat bonds
Combat James Bonds
6:37 PM
Apparently community goals, in general, are pretty good
In the beta, the rewards for top contributor were like 400k
I didn't see any talk about them raising, so I just ignored them
I might head over to Lugh
Apparently military intelligence was pretty lucrative
The influence is pretty even right now
What is that one about?
6:39 PM
@OrigamiRobot Smuggle intelligence for the crimson state
Goal is met, but I don't know exactly what that means for the war
Yes, which I assume is cargo?
@OrigamiRobot Yes
How far are we from Lugh?
Like, 100LY at least?
Let me check
103 LY, give or take
Not too bad
6:42 PM
It's 10 jumps minimum
Probably closer to 15 if I had to guess
Which I do, since that online route planner seems to be broken
> We also have a change in the bounty system coming – it’s planned for a minor update so should be with us soon, but bounties cannot be paid off immediately. There will be a cooldown time of a few days before the bounty can be paid off.
I hope that means accidental shot tier bounties will become fines instead
the community event things should be much more common and definitely more spread out. basically all of them lately have been in federation and half are in lugh alone
Q: Skyrim: Im wondering were can I find a Daedric sword. I play xbox

DovahkiinI just want to know were to find a daedric sword, thanks.

Lol, now the FNS Nevermore is a community goal again in reference to the "a capital ship fired on a station" thing
The DDOS attack on our network has been resolved. Let us know if you see any further issues.
That's still hilarious
@AshleyNunn I would advise against that, for multiple reasons. Have you tried it out yet? :)
@Chippies Am working on getting it how I want :D
Plus armor ofc
@AshleyNunn if it was me, I'd have thrown couple of songs on it to see how it sounds asap and then customized it :P
@Chippies I should have done that XD
Right now I am running a program to relabel all my itunes stuff appropriately
then I will load it up

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