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12:24 AM
I'm hesitating, either I go with bits for connect4, will be a bit hard, and I don't appreciate too much those bit hacks, either with a matrix whole rows are vertical columns in the game
1:05 AM
1:41 AM
@crl Now I understand where you were coming from. Not sure why that question was tagged C++, apart from bool. The rest is real C.
@crl The reason for the 0 prefix is so that it can be distinquished from symbolic identifiers (variables and functions and such). Otherwise you would have things like xFEEDBEEF and b1001, which are now legal identifiers. This would be seriously bad.
2:37 AM
> (in Sweden) To avoid confusion and further mistakes, the Julian calendar was restored in 1712 by adding an extra leap day, thus giving that year the only 30th of February in history. That date corresponded to February 29 in the Julian calendar and to March 11 in the Gregorian calendar.
3:02 AM
This explains @JohanLarsson.
4:01 AM
@Mitch - good question on French! I didn't know you spoke it. I was surprised by the answer as well. I dislike "est-ce que" because it sounds so formal. Huh. I hardly ever heard it at home growing up.
4:21 AM
@tchrist - I saw something on the transcript. I hope you know that you can ping me if you ever want a medical opinion. I'm a generalist, but a pretty damn good one (or so I am told; it's hard to be proud when you know how much you don't know.) BTW, if it isn't obvious, this is medica.
@cornbreadninja麵包忍者 I’m getting dumped on. Ware the blitz.
@tchrist Bluuugh.
@tchrist ^
Aye, it creeps East.
So it does. Big one.
I dunno if it's sucking up moisture from the Gulf or what, but west of the Divide they’re getting a lot less.
Well, well.
4:40 AM
Coincidence? I think not.
Wind chills are currently 5 to 15 below. It’s blowing everything all over.
7 hours later…
11:24 AM
posted on February 22, 2015 by sgdi

I am feeling ever so cold There’s nothing to do I’ve been told But sit here and wait Till twenty past eight When something quite warm will unfold

3 hours later…
2:23 PM
@tchrist: Snowed in, or digging out?
Well, I haven't done anything this morning. The path I shovelled last night is next to invisible.
It's still snowing.
Time to curl up by the computer.
I don't think we've had much more than a foot, at least in the grass. My deck has more, but I don't know if that's from drifting or because it stuck there first or what. I do know there is a glaze of ice beneath everything.
BTW, I finished watching that film, backing up when I didn't understand something. It's a pretty good movie, all in all.
It was blowing a lot last night, and I think I have something of a snow trap. It blew up against the back door higher than normal for that amount of snow.
People are out walking their (big) dogs.
I guess they must have plowed the sidewalk in the open space behind me.
My toy Siberian tiger is hiding underneath some deck furniture hoping birds will come underneath looking for seed. He had to make his own way there though, because I haven't shovelled yet. I wouldn't exactly say he leaves footprints. More like an alligator trail, since he his shorter than the snow.
It’s 8 degrees.
It's snowing lightly but consistently. Supposedly 5–8" more today yet.
2:40 PM
We got about three inches. A trifle, really, but any amount is felt as a lash on raw skin.
> You can now read 73.1% of all real Spanish text
Yours sticks around, too.
I'm not sure this will go away this time before the next wave hit Wednesday. That's unusual here.
We will have a sunny warm day on Tuesday, or so they say, but only 45, not 60 like last week when the hot 80mph winds melted the foot we'd gotten the previous weekend like somebody took a blow-dryer to it.
I forget the exact set of criteria governing residential plowing. I think it has to be double-digit inches of snow (or maybe more than 20") with temperatures that don’t get above freezing for a week. Something like that.
@anongoodnurse 1) I speak as much as anybody who took it in high school. 2) Nobody in English actually says /aj dount nou/ even in articulated speech, so I wouldn't expect it of French either, but maybe they have different standards, or this is a proxy for Hollande's mumbling 3) I forgot you were a native/bilingual speaker. Quebecois?
posted on February 22, 2015 by sgdi

Trying singing this one out aloud By making a noise you’ll be proud You will not be scared Your voice will be shared With a very appreciative crowd

Our average daily high in January is 47 and our average daily high in February is 48. So it usually gets above freezing. usclimatedata.com/climate/boulder/colorado/united-states/…
This is much more snow than we normally get in February. Long-term average is only a foot for the month.
Oh now it is snowing seriouslier.
I have a friend who lives way up in the foothills SW of Denver (in the town of Evergreen), not at their NW edge like I do here in Boulder. The storm was supposed to be worse for the SW than the NW this time. I should ask him how he's doing today.
I’ve been protecting questions with lots of view or lots of answers, especially if they have lots of deleted stuff. In some cases I've found questions with 3, 5, even seven things deleted that still aren't protected.
You can find candidates starting with this SEDE query, tweaking the parameters.
I’ve gotten most of them now.
2:56 PM
@tchrist Deleted stuff?
Well, the SEDE query can't show me that; I have to look myself.
I mean deleted answers.
Ah. I thought you meant things deleted from the question itself.
Oh, no, you can't really tell that. Although the query does show you the size of the OP.
For example, I don't think we need any more low-scoring answers to add to the 33 answers this OP already has:
Q: What's the English equivalent of "Drilling one's head"?

AdnanIn Arabic (Specifically, north-western Levantine), there's a saying that goes like He drilled my head about/with that lunch meeting (بخشلي راسي باجتماع الغدا) Which means something along the lines of He kept insisting on/talking about/remind me of/bringing up that lunch meeting It can...

Oh weird. SEDE changed its UI overnight.
Yesterday each column had a sort arrow on it.
Which was really useful.
Él ha elegido el número seiscientos sesenta y seis.
That's gone today. I wonder why.
The really high-voted and especially really highly-viewed posts tend to have already gotten the treatment, especially the latter.
@Robusto ¿Quién es este él de que hablas?
3:06 PM
El diablo.
Ay, ése.
Which tends to be pejorative used for humans. Not sure why. Oh, like that guy.
I don't know how to say "naturally" or "of course" to reinforce the obviousness of an answer.
I mean as a pronoun ése, not the determiner ese.
Desde luego means "of course".
@tchrist The Germans do it too. Der?
There’s a long German word @Cerberus likes to use there. I forget which one just right now.
English discourse particles are common in the Spanish of bilinguals when they speak Spanish in the United States. There have been studies of this.
3:09 PM
Anyway, the Germans say der? meaning "Oh, that one?"
Dos pueden jugar ese juego.
Oh der that way. I was thinking dort, da and going "But where would der fit into those?" D'oh.
@Robusto Jugar is a unique verb morphologically.
It is the only verb in the entire language that acts like an o > ue stem-changer but starts from u. Plus is it 1st conjugation, which has far fewer oddities of that sort than the others.
Natuerlich? Uebrigens?
@Mitch The first one I would have remembered.
@Mitch I was talking about Spanish, not German.
3:14 PM
Das soll selbstverständlich werden.
@tchrist What is it about?
Something like offensichtlich.
Offensichtlich is a word...
Or did you mean overzichtelijk? That is Dutch.
I don't think German has ij.
what does it mean?
3:16 PM
I just remember it was a very long word for "duh". :)
Offensichtlich would qualify.
It means "obviously" . . .
@Mitch That is the problem. It's hard to translate. "Easy to get an overview of" would be a translation...
@Robusto That's different.
Er ging langsam die Straße entlang und hatte ganz offensichtlich Schmerzen.
@Robusto Have they taught you yet that jugar is for games and tocar for musical instruments?
@tchrist Then it was something else.
3:18 PM
@tchrist No, but I know both verbs as discrete entities.
@Cerberus Yes, I think it was something else. I don't remember it, and I don't have the data dump of the chat messages to run proper regex searches on just your messages. Like show me the longest words you've said.
You could also try offenkundig.
@Robusto Tocar has quite a few idiomatic meanings, not necessarily obvious. "No me toques" is of course don't touch me, but "Me toca a mí" means that it's my turn. And "Tengo una tía que toca la guitarra" literally means that I've got an aunt who plays the guitar but figuratively is a refrain equivalent to asking about the price of tea in China.
3:21 PM
Cerb has used the Dutch more than the German version
@tchrist Oh, good one.
@tchrist What genres does your aunt play? Classical? Flamenco? Late 19th c? Moderne
@Mitch What does his aunt have to do with the price of tea in China?
¿Qué hace su tía tocando la guitarra tiene que ver con el precio del té en China?
She should stop touching the guitar and play it.
She plays it in a very touching manner.
3:23 PM
She's playing a game with the guitar
room topic changed to English Language & Usage: ¿Qué hace su tía tocando la guitarra tiene que ver con el precio del té en China? (no tags)
What's the point of having tags in the room topic?
@Cerb I think it began with M.
@Mitch Ni puta idea.
@Mitch In case you want discussions on certain topics to be searchable, I think.
As much as the price of your aunt in China.
@Mitch Y tu mamá también.
@Robusto I question the utility and labor to implement that.
@Mitch Don't tell me about it. I didn't create that mechanism.
@tchrist ta ma de niu bi.
@Robusto Offensichtlich, bouricot.
Your mother's awesome.
Only a German would ask this question:
Q: "Relevant to" vs. "relevant for"

adolf garlic Is there a rule to decide which is better: relevant to or relevant for? One is accusative and one dative but that doesn't really help me.

3:28 PM
Hey, just because he calls himself adolf . . .
No, accusative and dative.
Those don't apply to English prepositions.
Nor for that matter to English pronouns.
At least, not morphologically any longer.
Offensichtlich hilft es ihm
For "of course", besides pues claro and desde luego, they also often use por supuesto. But claro is also just "right" or "sure".
@Cerberus does Dutch '...lijk' rhyme with English '...like' or 'leek'
@tchrist is here anything approaching 'duh'? (a semiarticulate gesture simulating stupidity)
@tchrist Ha, I didn't even notice that this was a question I myself answered.
I don't remember every question I've answered, especially not after three years have intervened.
3:39 PM
@Robusto I'm pleasantly surprised in that situation when it turns out that I agree with myself years later.
Occasionally I will search for something on SO and find, to my surprise, that I answered that question and it is the accepted answer. I've not only forgotten I answered the question, but I couldn't remember, off the top of my head, the solution I found. Google has ruined my memory for tech stuff. It's too easy to Google as a first line of defense.
Like 'these other answers seem to be helpful but this one really is getting to the right point... oh ha ha that's me'
@Robusto Google will become the OS to our individual minds.
At about the same time the facebook becomes our window manager.
@Mitch In Spain, they often use "mouth sounds" for things like that. Then again, some people use them so often it drives you crazy, injecting these funny little front-of-the-mouth "tsks" or "phts" or "pssts" every few words. It may be more of a chick thing.
It’s like people honking their horns in Italy. You just get used to it as "normal", when in fact, it isn't.
@tchrist pfft.
You've probably seen the language log sequence of posts about sex differences between um and uh
The injective one simulated by "tsk" is the most common.
3:44 PM
@tchrist Normal in Italy.
You get tired of it.
I hate the name Language Log. It sounds like a candy bar given out by cheapskates on Halloween.
"Here, kid, have a Language Log!"
@Robusto Like kid removable tattoos
Or pennies for Unicef.
Or apples!
3:45 PM
@Robusto I never thought about that before. Thanks. LL dead to me now
Man, I used to hate people who gave out apples.
mealy apples. ugh
Yeah, they were always shitty apples, too.
@Mitch Apple mêlées.
apple sauce
for halloween. double ugh
3:47 PM
An apple has no os.
@Robusto too heavy. also, really embarassing to ask for. "Can I have candy? oh and your money?"
@tchrist BSD Unix
every time I learn about quantum mechanics, it never resolves to one thing or another.
Haha, my Duolingo app just informed me that I haven't done something since January 31, 1969. I wonder what non-programmers would make of such a pronouncement.
@Mitch os as in mouth or bone.
@Robusto TZ adjustment on epoch=0.
@tchrist That's the problem with scripted speech like on TV, it removes all the things that actual people say.
@tchrist That's what non-programmers would make of it?
I know what it means.
3:51 PM
Non-programmers are invisible to me.
@Robusto wow. you really have a lot to catch up with
He sentido al bebé. OK, now that's just creepy.
So tanto is "so much"; what means "too much"?
@Robusto tonto?
@Robusto demasiado
It doesn’t inflect.
Ah, right. Demasiado. I actually knew that, but forgot it.
I'm already forgetting stuff. Gotta keep current.
3:54 PM
well yeah, you haven't used duolingo in years. It's a surprise you can speak at all.
Well, it doesn’t inflect as an adverb; as an adjective, it does.
Además is besides; todo lo demás is all the rest of an abstract "it", todos los demás and todas las demás are all the rest of some concrete things.
Mi esposa y yo lo sabíamos, pero los demás no tenían la menor idea.
So los demás kinda like "the others" like los otros but more like "the rest" than just "the others".
It can be "the remaining ...".
@tchrist Is that really "sah BI a mos", not "sah bya mos"?
@tchrist ¿*Y los demás es silencio*?
@Mitch Of course: ía is the imperfect marker.
@Robusto That would be lo demás.
The rest is silence.
I'm quoting Shakespeare.
4:06 PM
No lo reconocí castellanizado.
4:18 PM
@Robusto Salir perseguido por un oso
@Mitch Sí, es normal aquí.

 La tertulia

General discussion for spanish.stackexchange.com
The last message^ was posted 33 days ago.
A nice quiet place for you guys to practice ;-)
4:34 PM
Quiet? Quiet. Lo demás es silencio.
strange, I'm getting more and more of these "Aw nap" browser crashes :(
Delete votes, anybody?
A: Idiom for someone "not from this world"?

janes bModern day liberal would suffice.

@tchrist voté
@infinitesimal It's telling you to take a nap?
4:51 PM
@Mitch Oops "Aw nap" I meant "Aw Snap"
@tchrist Not upvotes?
@infinitesimal Offensichtlich!
Claro que si!
Bien entendu!
5:12 PM
Hi Mitch. My condition went downhill in mid-Dec. I am unsure why.
Trying to figure out why this year seems to have made it even worse.
So you see, somehow I try to make it better, but it gets worse.
It's very painful.
Day after day, year after year...
Sometimes things have explanations, sometimes not. Sometimes you have a pain in your arm because you slammed it in a door. Sometimes, the pain just appears.
Could be arthritis. Could be repetitive stress injury. Could be osteomyelitis. Could be some other cause that no one has any idea about yet. Probably not voodoo
You can see a doctor and maybe they can help, or maybe not. You can avoid the doctor and hope that it heals itself; sometimes it does, sometimes not.
@ABeautifulMind You can... oh... you left. I had winning lottery numbers to give out. OK then, forget it.
Nowadays doctors know a lot more. But psychiatry is difficult.
5:32 PM
I heard that neuroscience recently discovered that the brain is orders of magnitude more complex than the models they have been using in the last 10 years.
5:46 PM
> In As You Like It, Shakespeare has Rosalind liken herself to a coney when she’s speaking to Orlando “like a saucy lackey, and under that habit play the knave with him”:

Orlando. Where dwell you, pretty youth?

Rosalind. With this shepherdess, my sister; here in the skirts of the forest, like fringe upon a petticoat.

Orlando. Are you native of this place?

Rosalind. As the coney that you see dwell where she is kindled.

Orlando. Your accent is something finer than you could purchase in so removed a dwelling.
Paying funny money for honeyed coney used to be punny but now it’s only phony.
Well, that or coneyed honey, take your pick.
As you like it. :)
The new text above added to the coney-fuggling question:
A: Coney and rabbit: what’s the difference?

tchristOf Leporids and Country Matters Rabbit or hare, and familiarly bunny, are now the common words for the critters once commonly called coney. The OED reports that coney is now in “more or less familiar use with game-keepers, poachers, game-dealers and cooks”. J.R.R. Tolkien alluded to this in Th...

I'll take the money.
And your tricks for free?
I want my MTV.
A cunning craftsman, that Bill.
6:02 PM
@tchrist how is your dabbling in computational linguistics coming along?
Don’t do it on the job anymore.
linguistics has this tag if you're interested
6:21 PM
"You can see a doctor and maybe they can help [...]" (quoted from above). What's the rule for 'they' here?
6:49 PM
@tchrist A mondegreen?
7:35 PM
@Mitch I am back.
Hi @cornbreadninja麵包忍者
I didn't mean to break the chat room.
@ABeautifulMind Hi!
@cornbreadninja麵包忍者 My mental problems worsened recently. =(
I'm sorry to hear that :(
@cornbreadninja麵包忍者 What's this pic about?
@ABeautifulMind A man is 'painting' with LEGO in stop-motion.
7:47 PM
@cornbreadninja麵包忍者 Unintended consequences.
8:05 PM
Intended hypotheses
8:37 PM
Alleged chat room members.
9:33 PM
@Mitch Neither. It is a diphthong but different from the one in like.
Lower-class people might pronounce it somewhat like like, though.
And in premodern Dutch and in some dialects/accents, it is like leek.
Foreigners cannot properly say lijk.
Nor can they say luik or leuk.
Those are all words.
9:57 PM
I deny their wordhood. I don't think they should be allowed in any language.
We'll have to set up a taxation disincentive, like for gas.
10:20 PM
@Mitch Those sounds are every foreigner's horror.
They're all quite common.
10:44 PM
@Cerberus moprosaically, I'm trying to figure out how to pronounce it in English (which is not going to be identical to Dutto
@Mitch Quoi?
moprosaically -> more prosaically
Dutto -> Dutch
stupid typing

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