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12:32 AM
@Mien you watch a ton of movies!
12:58 AM
@hobodave did you ever get your general tso's right?
8 hours later…
8:30 AM
@rfusca Hehe, I try to watch one every day. But sometimes it's hard to do because I also watch a couple of series :)
7 hours later…
3:53 PM
Can somebody with a high enough reputation make and synonymous?
@Ambo100 done
thanks for bringing it to my attention
@rfusca I ended up eating General Tso's every day for a week, and I got it really close. Aaronut's latest recipe updates are very very close, and definitely delicious
@hobodave general tso's is probably my fav chinese idsh
3 hours later…
6:32 PM
Hahaha @ the cannabis question :D
Why was the cannabis question closed? Is marijuana illegal in Argentina?
Food storage questions are on topic, right?
@hobodave or some one else: you can also merg [[substitutions]] and [substitutes]
@Katey possesion is quite legal in Argentina
possession is decriminalized
the rest is illegal
but I got this of a list, and I don't know how accurate it is
Because the list is mistaken in my country
about Argentina: Legal for personal use in small amounts and for consumption in private locations.
That's what I thought, @Mien
But the question itself isn't quite good
two questions in one and the title is the real question, but not fully understandable
however, I don't think that's the reason of the closing
No, but the issue of storing cannabis butter itself is not a bad thing to ask questions about
Yeah, agreed.
Looked in the mod chat room, but don't see them
6:46 PM
Well, I'm sure one of the mods will be here in a few hours or days and they'll explain.
I couldn't find anything in the FAQ about (illegal) drugs
1 hour later…
7:58 PM
it's been edited to a better format.
8:08 PM
Yes I see
and I wouldn't know why it wouldn't be reopen
8:19 PM
@Mien i think it should just avoid the issue and become more useful by asking about herb butters
But is every herb the same?
@KateyΨ the original question was how to store to preserve 'the effect'...the 'effect' isn't really culinary in nature and I'm not sure we want to promote becoming the site for how to store any kind of drug, personally. i've got no issue with asking the question as it is now, but i'd not think we want to promote asking about how to preserve narcotic substances for narcotic usage
@rfusca it was both the effect and just preserving to not become moldy
But I already mentioned that it wasn't a good question
Now, it is acceptable
@Mien culinary wise, i'm pretty sure that storing butter in the freezer whether its got herbs, spices, wild yak, or ground moon rock is the same actually. Its about protecting the butter from freezer odors largely
Yes, but do the herbs really make a difference then?
Was it because of the butter or because of the herbs that there was mold?
8:28 PM
well mold can survive in the freezer, but it don't believe it will actively grow there
hi @tastefive
Didn't realize there was a chat here so just checking it out
hi :)
yup , its active sometimes, just depends on the time of the day
@rfusca I already thought that he meant fridge instead of freezer
@rfusca And where you live ;)
@Mien arg, ya, he did say fridge and then changed to freezer at the end, didn't catch that
8:31 PM
And he should've mentioned how long it was in the fridge/freezer and how he made the butter
But hey, not my question :)
I made lasagna for the first time today
without a recipe :p
i bet his herb was already moldy slightly. That happens quite a bit with herbs if you're not careful
@Mien howd it go?
Lasagna is my specialty
what style did you make
I think it went well, I'll eat it tomorrow
I tasted some leftovers, and together it was nice
I'm not sure about the porportions (how much cheese, tomato sauce, pasta etc)
@TasteFive just normal tomato sauce with meat and cheese sauce
8:34 PM
lasagna is pretty forgiving
I hope so
Cause I have friends coming over
Hmm, I find if you are actually taking the time to make it yourself it is hard to mess up lasagna
But I'll make a nice dessert as well so it won't be a problem :)
but equally so, REALLY good lasagna is hard.
8:35 PM
@TasteFive it took me almost two hours :p
So it will be delicious, right? :D
That is right
@rfusca I'll be glad if it's more than 'just edible'
@TasteFive what is your best style of lasagna?
edible ;) it should be fine ;)
@rfusca Yes, thank you. I first wrote 'eatable' and I corrected the beginning
I like lasagna bolognese.
8:37 PM
I only now the 'normal' kind and verdi
@TasteFive classic
i gotta make a dessert for about 20 people next week.. gotta decide what to do
i think there's pears at the farmer's market
Hmm, do you know what the rest of the meal will look like
@rfusca wouldn't the process of cooking the marijuana into the butter kill any mold? Mold isn't very hearty, I didn't think
maybe a dark chocolate tart with almond crust and sliced honey poached pears....
@TasteFive nope, potluck
would you cook it into the butter?
8:41 PM
@KateyΨ you don't normally cook compound butters
its just a blending thing
@rfusca that sounds good
@TasteFive ya, i think i'll probably give that a shot, its a lot simpler than a fancy cake or something
@rfusca You have to cook cannabis butter
@Mien oh, then I stand corrected
@Mien, I would have never guessed that either
8:43 PM
I've never done it myself, but from reading about it on the internet, the process of melting the butter down and adding the product read as 'cooking' to me. I didn't think that mold could survive particularly strong temperatures
@KateyΨ If you put it on a too hot plate, the 'effect' will be lost; maybe he was afraid of that and the heat was too low?
@Katey might not get hot enough then to kill the mold
It should boil, iirc
@rfusca Sounds good indeed
I've only ever killed mold with bleach, so I don't know
Also it was on my bathroom walls soo...
but if I were to make dessert for a lot of people, I should make a small buffet
8:45 PM
Although for you, 20 people isn't much ;)
@KateyΨ "Put bleach in your butter, problem solved."
Seems like a nice answer to me :D
well i read how to make cannabutter and...wow thats not at all like normal butters...so i retract my statements about generalizing to herb butters
hello @yossarian
@Mien ya, 20 peeps is no issue
that's the real name in English?
or you made it just up?
8:46 PM
its a common name for it on the internet it seems
@rfusca I would have thought it would have been just like any other herb butter as well.
I only know it's a whole lot of work
but I didn't tried it myself
yet :D
you add butter to boiling water and then mix it finely ground cannabis at a simmer
(yes it's legal here)
@rfusca I have to make for 4 or 5 and I'm already panicking :( What to make????
if he followed these directions : cannabis.com/faqs/cannabis_recipes/cannabis_butter_recipe/… , I'm gonna guess he didn't simmer it down long enough and then left it out too long, so he had high moisture and warm heat for several hours
8:49 PM
@rfusca That will do it
I have it easy this weekend, just need to come up with an interesting recipe to blog about.
blog about space cake :-)
ya, i see you started a blog recently?
@rfusca So perhaps you should delete your comment on the question as well?
(just saying, maybe you'll get some response on it)
@TasteFive what's the link?
8:52 PM
Yep, all that is up right now are things I did for a kidsfest event. Really basic stuff
@Mien tastefive.com
@Mien i was abount to...but I was 8 seconds late and Knives already left a comment lol
nice pictures :)
@rfusca Ouch :p
8:54 PM
shrug if anything it points out to others that cannabis butter is insane and not just a normal herbed butter
do we really want to open the door to pot butter, pot brownies, and magic mushroom corn flakes?
No, but it isn't bad either, imho
@hobodave I would say no, but I did just learn somthing
sounds like a good meta topic, but yea that's why I closed it
I think - I'm no expert - that you only bake with pot, and you always have to make cannibutter
So there can't be a lot of question about it, I assume
8:58 PM
@hobodave i vote no personally
I'm surprised a similar question hasn't come up previously
Oh, fun fact
me to
it would seriously undermine our credit with real chefs if they logged on and our top question was about pot brownies
it's the female plant that gets you high, right?
9:00 PM
yea, and I can see something stupid like that exploding
@Mien no clue on that one
there is a whole line of stuff of the male plant, freely available here (tea, bread etc) and it's healthy!
@rfusca I agree
no clue
9:01 PM
the drug aspect of it has little culinary application to it
@rfusca What do you mean with that?
none I'd say
he already has 4 up votes
@Mien nobody is adding this stuff 'for the taste'
Ah, that's correct
does it taste terrible?
9:02 PM
But so are other questions, no?
@hobodave Depends on the recipe, I'd say?
I meant weed
if we got a question on how to mix cociane into sugar...i think there'd be less questions...but people treat pot with kids gloves
I once tasted a pineapple space cake (don't tell my parents) and it was really good
dirt tastes like dirt whether it's baked or fried
@rfusca cocaine isn't legal
9:04 PM
legality is irrelevant
i'm sure it is somewhere
it's a drug, not a food
I don't think it is irrelevant
so is alcohol
it is, this is the internet, there is no law
you are the law
9:04 PM
everyone has different laws depending on their location
there has been much discussion about alcohol and whether or not it was appropriate on the site
I'd say, if you would put in the FAQ that it isn't allowed, fine, I'll shut up
@hobodave how so?
The argument there was primarily whether a "drink" counted as cooking
9:05 PM
It gives flavour, right?
So does weed
so would semen I'd imagine
so would gasoline
there is a cookbook about that
about the seemen
@hobodave ahh i see. I think of it as an ingredient
@TasteFive some were against including cocktails or drink mixing questions, some were for (me)
we ended up for
9:07 PM
@hobodave I can understand that
thats beneficial I think. The right beverage is essential to a good meal.
@rfusca True but you could argue it doesn't affect it preparation just its consumption and enjoyment
how big is the scope of homebrewing?
@TasteFive i drink during prep ;)
@rfusca but lest face it, that is shy we cook in the first place
@rfusca me to.
9:09 PM
I'd rather let the pot butter question pass than questions about cocktails
anyway, regardless of all that. if a drug related question (legalwise or not) ends up as a top question on the site. we'd get skipped over by the vast majority of 'real' chefs that they're trying to bring as experts to the site
ah, this was the link I was searching for: cookingwithcum.com
@rfusca yep
@rfusca Do you think this would be a top question?
there is ZERO chance I'll be clicking on that link
9:11 PM
It's sfw
@rfusca i would have passed, most likely
@Mien yup, 4 votes in like a hour, which is blazing quick for this site
Q: Are questions on alcohol beverages allowed?

CorneliusIs it allowed to ask questions on: wine (eg. does red wine suits to chicken?) vodka (eg. how to make herbal liqueur from vodka?) beer (eg. what kind of beer is best for Beer Can Chicken - I know its not a great example) etc.

Q: Are we about serving, or just cooking/food preparation?

AaronutI think that we've been ignoring the elephant in the room. Underlying all of the current arguments about the inclusion of alcohol- and beverage-related questions (which, IMO, don't seem to be converging on any community consensus) is a question that's really a lot more fundamental: Is the subje...

9:12 PM
there's just also 4 downvotes :)
Couple of early scope discussions re: alcohol.
@rfusca I voted up, because it was -2 and I don't think it deserved that
@Mien my least favorite type of vote :P
ah, sorry
If it was +10, I might delete my vote ;)
i think it should be at 0 and deleted when possible, but, we're a community and its not up to me :)
9:13 PM
you know he loses only -1 rep per down vote, and can't go below 1 right?
but each up vote is +5
hence having 17 rep for a closed question
ya, that always seems insane to me...why upvotes give more than downvotes...i'm sure there's a SO meta about it, but i never looked
@rfusca it's balanced, it's just an easy target for those people with soft hearts that can't bear to see someone with a negative value
@rfusca I think it kind of makes sense, it should be harder to take away reputation
i guess shrug
i don't care enough to argue about it lol
9:16 PM
^ that is the problem
I didn't do it so that artist guy could get some rep
there is probably no perfect way of doing it anyway
@hobodave agreed
I missed something
anyway, I wouldn't have come in and hammer-fist closed it if it hadn't been voted/flagged by others
9:18 PM
ya, should we open a meta about it...that just sounds like a freaking can of worms lol
can a question be deleted?
@TasteFive yes
@TasteFive yes, authors can delete their own questions, and closed questions can be deleted by moderators and high reputation users (10k)
if we've going to have a stance though, @Mien is right and it should end up in the faq
@rfusca yep
9:20 PM
as a general rule closed questions are deleted by moderators some significant period of time after it was closed; I usually wait 4+ weeks
@rfusca I don't think the can of worms is necessarily a bad thing; it's clearly a somewhat contentious topic
besides, we haven't had any meta-drama in a while
I do notice that there are no reopen votes on it
ya'll dont have that many people that can even cast a reopen vote
9:27 PM
just the way I like it mwahahahahaha
photo.se has never had a closed q reopened I believe
@hobodave I'm gonna have nightmares tonight :(
you mean, evil moderator from hell
but seriously open a meta topic if you feel strongly about it Mien, if the site really wants to go that route I can't exactly stop it; just be disappointed
I don't feel strongly about it, but perhaps I will open one :)
If I find the words :p
9:31 PM
if we go that route...i will be opening a sugar+cociane question :)
@Katey does SE have a stance on things that are illegal in some countries and not in others?
I can probably throw together a crystal meth + pop rocks question
now we just need heroin and something..
I'm craving chocolate
i think i'm addicted to cast iron. I own a 8inch, 10inch, 12inch fry pan, a griddle, a grill pan, and a loaf pan. And I still want a pizza pan, muffin pan, dutch oven, and waffle pans
nice collection
9:40 PM
thanks :)
just got the loaf pan, its awesome
i figure if I get something in cast iron...i won't ever have to buy another one lol
@tastefive btw, in regards to citations - they're certainly not required and about the only place they seem to REALLY make a difference is either A. if your citation is from a particularly awesome source or B. its food safety, then a citation counts more it seems
np, i was just wondering cause I have seen it on certain questions. And it just was requested for an answer that I gave. I just wanted to know if it was going to be a general expectation.
what answer?
@hobodave, are you going to post a question on meta? I think the question is ok. I'd have voted to reopen if my vote carried less weight.
That is, it's ok with Knives' edits. And it probably needs a little more detail on how the butter was created.
In my view, it's a specific preparation of butter that's then used in cooking, and that's on topic.
@rfusca the one on egg washes. The answer might need more work other than that but he asked for citations possibly as well. cooking.stackexchange.com/questions/17811/…
9:56 PM
I just made a peach ketchup, it's really, really good.
@yossarian interesting, never did a fruit ketchup before. Did you start from a pre-made ketsup
Nope. It's from scratch. Check the link for the recipe.
@yossarian just looked. I see no tomato base at all
The shiro miso + peaches in ketchup form is awesome. I might use a bit less cider vinegar next time.
9:58 PM
@yossarian whats it good on?
So far? A spoon.
@yossarian I wasn't planning on posting on meta, only responding if someone else did.
I think in any form it should stay closed
I'm serving it with oven fries and a smoked burgers.
9:59 PM
@yossarian what time should i be over?
heck, we have a new user in here that said he would have left if he came here and saw that question on our front page
Ok. I'll ask a question on meta in the next day or so. I think it's a reasonable question.
But you make a decent point.
I think @rfusca's starred post is a great point
I have a friend who makes some really good pot based food and the preparation / approach is interesting. But we wouldn't want there to be a flood of questions. I can see that turning people off.
10:01 PM
But people don't mix cocaine with sugar in order to cook it.
and people don't mix pot in for the taste
People do put pot in to food, and it's a non trivial process.
based on the smell of it, it must taste hideous
People don't put wheat grass in smoothies for taste. Is that off topic? ;o)
10:02 PM
I don't think it should be treated any different than magic mushrooms, cocaine, or opium in the context of our site
technically yes, its health related
@hobodave my guess is it would be about covering its taste with other stronger flavors
Not if you're asking how to fix a recipe that tastes bad because of it. ;)
@yossarian touche
true enough
10:03 PM
Is it off topic if it's about drugs or off topic if it isn't about cooking?
Because there are two distinct classes of question there.
what if it's about drugs AND cooking. Is it still off topic? If it isn't about cooking then of course it's off topic.
if somebody asked what the process would be in order to cook crystal meth into a nice risotto and still keep the effect...is that ok?
primarily the drugs though, I just don't think we need to go down that route. You don't learn how to cook with weed, opium, or coca in any professional culinary course; and likely never will.
@yossarian My guess is that it could be on topic, but what it this site going to be a resource for.
10:07 PM
Y'alls examples are straw men. Outside of pot and mushrooms, people don't use drugs in cooking. The examples of opium, cocaine, and crystal meth aren't relevant to the discussion.
The question "I did the following to my butter, why did it go rancid so fast" seems like a perfectly reasonable question.
of course it does
@hobodave, I stand partially corrected. I feel pretty confident about the other two though. ;o)
until you define "the following" as "put drugs in it"
there's also @Mien's link: cookingwithcum.com
10:09 PM
I disagree. But I don't really care. I'll probably ask a question about it on meta, but I may not bother.
@hobodave, well, that's clearly a perfect [culinary-uses] question.
just because something is on topic, doesn't mean the site should want to be known for it
No. But if it's on topic, it shouldn't be closed.
@rfusca +1
If we thought it was going to be an issue and it's not what we want to be known for, then it should be off topic.
10:11 PM
well clearly I don't think it ever came up in discussion before
I think @yossarian's point is that by default it is on topic
Alright y'all, that's enough pontificating. Time to get the smoker smoking. Talk to y'all later.
i'm posting it meta
@yossarian see ya
10:15 PM
Thanks @rfusca. Keep the question neutral if you can and post an answer if you feel strongly one way or the other.
i did
Q: Should cooking with drugs (legal or illegal) questions be allow?

rfuscaShould cooking with drugs (legal or illegal) questions be allow? I'm just going to leave it simple and at that.

I have to head home, I'll read/respond later
@rfusca and I'd say "on topic", it makes it sound less like we're trying to be someones nanny
gotta run, later
thanks @rfusca
@hobodave see ya
10:17 PM
@hobodave yup, ciao
A: Should cooking with drugs (legal or illegal) questions be on topic?

rfuscaIn my opinion, regardless if they have some vague culinary use (which I'm not inclined to believe - you don't add pot or any drug for the taste or texture) - I don't think its a reputation the site wants. If we're trying to attract reliable, expert chefs and users to the site - this is a far too...

10:33 PM
lol, the cheesedip question just decided where I'm going out to eat for dinner
Q: What is the origin of cheese dip?

guanomeI want to know where cheese dip was invented. Based on this article it was invented in Arkansas. This documentary goes into more detail about it being from Mexico Chiquito, a restaurant in Arkansas.

@rfusca weres that
a local sandwich joint called "stoby's" - great cheese dip :)
where you from?
Ft Worth Texas
very cool, i got family around that area
Oh wow, I missed a lot
10:38 PM
@Mien what today's movie?
None :(
I watched an episode of sons of anarchy and then I chatted too long here, so it was too late for a movie
I did game a bit
@hobodave But I need a nanny :(
@Mien tsk tsk tsk
Yes, I'm terribly sorry :-(
And I don't think I'll watch one tomorrow as well
but Sunday, definately
how the fuck do you write that word? :-/
ah thank you very much!
oh too late :(
and it's too late for me as well
10:52 PM
@Mien you'll have to watch three to make up
good night :)
@rfusca No problem ;)
@rfusca I have a cupcake lesson in about eight hours
I want to be rested :)
that sounds like it should somehow be about your lesbian dreams, but alas I suspect is really is about cupcakes
Nice try :D
but it really is
I hope!
10:54 PM
lol, you should up in an apron and your teacher is in just an apron lol
and you're like 'I wondered why I needed that consent form to bake cupcakes....'
anyway, night!
haha, I'll see what they'll serve me tomorrow ;) night
hmm cheesedip

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