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1:43 AM
@KitMenke Anyone can already propose an edit to any question older than 10 minutes. CW makes the rep required to edit without review lower however
@Dribbel Wow I just clicked on your web site link - big face :) Are you on Twitter?
@Dribbel Dude, even I don't have a Beta badge - it's because we never had a private beta
@KitMenke Good to see the spike is towards answers too!
4 hours later…
6:20 AM
@AlexAngas Yep, I'm, you can find me @ZoekDribbel
Goodmorning btw :)
@AlexAngas Didn't the sharepointoverflow (pre stackexchange 2.0) also count for that?
3 hours later…
9:51 AM
hi all!
10:43 AM
hi, you lonely :P
2 hours later…
1:09 PM
when was the redesign done? It looks awesome!
does anyone know how to read all the approval workflows from a site collection?
1:24 PM
@soniiic It went live just a couple days ago on 9/13
I love the metro look :)
Yeah it is pretty awesome
I'm wondering when SharePoint itself will use the metro theme hehe
@KitMenke Morning was 15h ago :)
I guess they want to keep the ribbon
@VedranRasol Haha I guess it is always morning somewhere...
yeah, the ribbon in 2010 is a big step so theming that to metro is a daunting task
1:29 PM
too bad that 'It is always weekend' doesn't apply anywhere
maybe some independent dev could take up the challenge! :)
can someone tell me why workflows that appear in the workflow tasks list, aren't included in the SPWeb.Workflows collection?
@soniiic scope? site vs. list?
yeah it's definitely something to do with scope
the workflows i'm interested in are page approvals
and it looks like I can only access those through SPListItem.Workflows where the listitem is the actual page
@soniiic That's what I was going to suggest after looking at msdn
But I guess that wouldn't be ideal if you want to get all of them
I'd prefer a faster way to gather workflow information rather than visiting each splistitem of the entire collection :/
1:34 PM
Aren't there a couple of internal workflow fields you could query?
Then you could just use the ones that have a running workflow
I guess I could be hacky and use the WorkflowTasks list and use the ForwardLinks property to look up the pages and then access the workflow from that
internal workflow fields? In what way?
One sec, I'm looking for where I saw that
ok thanks very much @ki
How do mentions work on this? lol
Oh weird.. maybe the @ sign is broken???
Normally it suggests a list of users
Oh maybe it is just the column that is added to your list that is the name of your workflow
So my workflow is called... "Workflow"
If it is in error state then it has a value of 3
the list meaning my Pages list?
1:41 PM
Completed is 5
Yeah I'm thinking you could just query your Pages list with CAML
I'm guessing that is an enum somewhere
oh right
It might work in your case since you're only interested in one list?
one list per web
but my document centre has lots of lists
thanks for your help, I'll look in to that workflow column
No problem, maybe someone else will have a better idea :)
BBL, time for meetings
thanks :)
2:40 PM
I have to start testing some LDAP scenario's and determine a "prefered method" to implement it (2010 auth). Does anyone have a preference in how they configure their LDAP connections (UAG, AD FS, FBA, etc)? I will have duplicate accounts in the AD DS and LDAP Store, so it makes lean towards UAG or AD FS so I can merge or filter those accounts prior to SharePoint getting a hold of it. I'm all flush with theory, but not a practical implantation so any real world input is appreciated.
3:00 PM
Oeh, nice. Just found a DocLib with excel-sheets (36mb each) with unlimited versions enabled. It now has 48 versions of one excel sheet, thus eating up 1.8 GB in the ContentDB. And there a more in there with many versions!
3:26 PM
@Dribbel Ouch... I find that happens a lot. :(
Usually we find out when people hit their site collection quotas
@JesusShelby Not sure. o_o
This might be a dumb question, but wouldn't you want to use NTLM?
Or I guess that doesn't work with LDAP?
3:43 PM
@KitMenke We dont have SiteCollection quotas here, and all is in one SiteCollection (which now is 500GB)
@Dribbel Woah!
Why didn't you split it out into multiple site collections?
It was like that when i came here
And all departments have 2 doclibs: Internal Documents and Public Documents
Ohh haha ouch.. sounds like you guys need(ed) some governance.
Every body just opens it in Explorer view and uses that to browse and manage documents (with folder trees larger than <something large>)
SP was implemented a few year ago (2008?) and the guys who did that had no idea, total clueless
As bonus we have loads of unique permissions on subsubsubfolders and items
I badly want some governance, i would like to write one, but I spend too much time fighting fires...
I have my hopes on the 2010 upgrade.... (A migration instead of upgrade)
4:01 PM
Hmm yeah, if anything it probably would help to break those out into site collections to make backups/restores easier
The permissions thing gets ugly quickly too
We have our "team sites" as site collections and it works pretty well
Our biggest site collections (~15 gb) are in their own content DB
We actually just needed to rescue a subsite when it was accidentally deleted
4:22 PM
@KitMenke The problem is it is an external AD DS, but I can only utilize LDAP to get to it. Since it's an external domain, with no trust relationship, we have to pull in the LDAP query and do the authentication on my side. I'm still researching. UAG can use LDAP as an authentication store as well as AD FS. If I use Claims and AD FS I can ensure that both the native AD accounts and the duplicate LDAP accounts are not treated as separate accounts as they can be part of one claim.
If I use UAG to pull in LDAP I think I still need to set up FBA/LDAP on SP to consume it. I'm just in the early stages of research now. I guess I should keep good notes and post about it somewhere.
Ohhh I see... external domain
@JesusShelby Maybe this would be a good post if we get a blog for the site ;)
Oh, and I forgot, I also have the pleasure of ensuring SSO thru SmartCards with this setup. Easy for native AD DS, as for any of my other scenarios Ill have to see.
@KitMenke Maybe, I'm blogless at the moment, so maybe that will be excuse I have to start one :)
Q: Add a blog to the SharePoint SE

AlexIt would be great to have a blog as part of the SP SE site, where the gurus can post articles, FAQs, etc. It could also have a way for users to submit blog articles they've written or found and have the moderators add them to the main blog.

Yeah I haven't really had time to maintain my blog...
3 hours later…
7:54 PM
@KitMenke If community wants a blog community will have a blog... or else :P
8:05 PM
Haha yeah but somebody has to update the blog!
sure. but if 'we' start slowly like 3 or 4 posts per moth maybe it can be done
I think if we had enough interested people willing to post entries we could make it work.
I thought maybe it would be similar to nothingbutsharepoint.com
if you guys start a blog, i'll skin it to look like the main site!
Oo neato
@Jin don't worry about skinning a blog... think about superman t-shirts :P
8:17 PM
@VedranRasol ha. the tshirts have been made already.
but right now they're for the upcoming SharePoint confs. Anders will hand out them out.
but the top users of the site will get them soon too.
Oh nice!
i have to say SharePoint.se is one of my fav designs :)
i actually spent more time on the logo than the site design...
top users? huh. how can I qualify?
@VedranRasol Haha I was just wondering something similar.. "Do moderators count as 'top users'?"
I was just checking reputation leagues...
8:29 PM
Oh thank the SharePoint gods, I'm at least on the first page
WTB: Transfer of StackOverflow rep to SharePoint.SE
users on the first 2 pages on the main site, sorted by rep, all time.
we have done the swag package for many of the graduated SE sites so far. e.g.
Q: Gaming Stack Exchange swag for top users

Jeff AtwoodAs a thank you for being awesome, if you are on page 1 or page 2 of … http://gaming.stackexchange.com/users?tab=reputation&filter=all … we'll be sending you a little care package shortly: Gaming Stack Exchange t-shirt in your size Gaming Stack Exchange die-cut, vinyl sticker...

we'll be making a meta post for the SharePoint.se community in the near future.
Booyah! Looks like @Dribbel might get a T-shirt too ;)
514 is limit right now
8:34 PM
yeah that's a bit low..
so we may wait for a bit for that low bound to be a bit higher
i think we got a bunch new users, and there will be more activities on the site.
Yeah that is pretty exciting
Hopefully we get a lot more good answers as well
now onto my next design... starting with 0 clue, as usual..
What are you designing for now?
in beta we had site stats on the right. they are no longer available or .... ?
@VedranRasol Just available to mods
8:40 PM
@VedranRasol graduated sites don't have sidebar stats anymore. but you still can check it out on stackexchange.com/sites
Bam 5.1k visits a day is pretty nice
20.9 questions per day
I am doing ~5 answers per day. But many newcomer since yesterday... and few good ones :)
Yeah I saw an influx of answers so that is nice
but on other hand quality of questions dropped ....
oeh a sp.se t-shirt, now my life is complete!
8:52 PM
@Dribbel and stickers!
oh i never showed you guys the SPSE stickers..
^ a photoshop mockup, but the real thing will look very similar
it's about 5" long
Off to bed, fiance is calling ;)
you poor thing :)
@Dribbel Uh oh!
@Jin Hmm... I think they should have just been square.. looks kinda... you know... dirty
Maybe thats just me -_-
9:02 PM
Oh right... it is a "key" to something all right
tee hee hee
yeah i'm designing the music and judaism sites now
i know 0 about either one..
Looks like you have some more research to do
it is easy... just put few notes and stars around and you have universal design for both
Haha they both use the same design
Should make the music one look like a sheet of music
And play Beethoven's 9th when you first load the page
9:11 PM
btw have you guys seen the error page image on the sharepoint site?
Ahahahahah no I didn't see that
That is so awesome
Probably the broken icon is the only thing that can beat a LOLcats picture
hm, nice idea for t-shirts 2nd edition :)
@KitMenke btw if I edit answer does question owner receive notification?
I don't think so.. only if they have it tagged as a favorite question
You could leave a comment to notify them
ok. I will put additional comment to be sure

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