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7:00 PM
> I don't know what you're doing John Doe. You've still not shown me the code you're trying to use to refresh the form..... I can't help you if you don't just give me the code that isn't working.

I dug around my application and found this code. Maybe on some off chance this will help.
Jesus wept dude.... Just give me your broken ass code already!
Q: Is it possible the person sitting across from me at Starbucks was trying to hack my laptop?

MurvinI was using my laptop at a Starbucks on a table, and a person was using a laptop on the same table across from me, a couple seats to my side. He flicked some plastic thing across the table towards my laptop. What really freaked me out was he then actually flicked it again further to get it right ...

@Malachi dude, your hat is hiding your name
I love how everybody's offering bounties thanks to hats.
I like it too.
7:14 PM
I earned one without trying, so I offered one in return.
@RubberDuck Done!
Paying it forward!
What's done @Edward?
My hat is upside-down.
7:15 PM
That's awesome!
YES! Now it's a proper Tardis
A: Please allow me to wear my hat upside down

EdwardYou don't want that. It would look ridiculous.

7:22 PM
Really does look ridiculous. And it's not even upside-down!
Q: JavaEE 7 with JPA (Hibernate) and JAX-RS (RestEasy)

Martijn Burgerbelow is a working example of code in which you can create car colors and cars using these colors with XML POST messages. And request all cars and colors formatted in XML using a GET message. I am running this on WildFly 8.2. The code is working as expected, I would like to know if there are any ...

@Mat'sMug Let Me Take a Selfie
@SimonAndréForsberg You should see my real face...
Don't make me go get miss Rebecca Black @Malachi.
7:28 PM
Please no
@RubberDuck but first, let me take a selfie
Say, isn't it .... Friday?
7:29 PM
@Malachi Is that you, @Malachi?
reminds me a bit about @Phrancis
> that's so ratchet!
what does that mean?
I was about to say that lol @SimonAndréForsberg
my mom does keep telling me that I am part french canadian
Are you two twins or something?
whatever that means? I think it means part Canadian style Indian or something.....
7:31 PM
BTW like my new shirt-hat? XD
@Phrancis nice
@SimonAndréForsberg yes it is. don't I look just like my zombified self?
@Malachi It means someone needs to finish highschool
CARP, it's permanent now I can't delete it
@RubberDuck LOL
@SimonAndréForsberg Haha, I thought the same
@Malachi Is it me or this that tie übersized?
(Never wearing ties, don't ask me!)
It's just the color: "Enthusiasic red"
7:36 PM
Like your scarf!
@skiwi I am only 4 feet tall so so it is hard to find shirts and ties in my size, I have to improvise.....
lol JK
I didn't tie it well that day. it should be longer, it should go a little past my belt line, to cover up all the "seams"
I have lost about 20 pounds since that picture was taken as well
Damn, skinny too like me (except I have a chubby baby face lol)
I shot a zombie, here is the killcam:
A: Portable CMake script

MorwennMy CMake-fu is a bit rusty - probably as old as this question -, but I still se some things that could be trivially improved: CMake doesn't require else() and endif() to contain the original if() expression anymore. It seems that this restriction disappeared a long time ago, so you can simplify...

@Morwenn You get to mount the antlers on the wall.
@Edward Zombie dear?
I just wanted to use the memes "zombie" and "killcam" at least one more time :3
Since there are not many real zombies left.
There are lots of zombies left.
They're just uber mutated bastards that refuse to go down.
Yeah right. Actually, I knew the one I just answered really well, but I don't think there is much to say.
No CMake experts around and most people using it forget what they did some weeks later and copy-past the shit out of their old CMake scripts.
I have to go. See you later ^^
@Morwenn That's why I posted a bounty instead of an answer!
@Morwenn later
the DMZ is kind of Dead at the moment
7:49 PM
@Morwenn That's exactly what I mean. There's a lot of questions out there where there's just nothing to say.
See ya!
anyone have more experience on Security.Stackexchange than I do? security.stackexchange.com/q/76468/20208 Help me with Tags please
@Edward The script seems fine anyway. All the proper steps are done in the correct way, there are macro to simplify things and everything basically makes sense.
phew, crazy friday, let's read up
About time, been waiting for you since this morning with my question!
I'm hoping determined to get a Pizza hat with this question, so I will post once you are ready!
don't be greedy, and then it will work
and I'm ready now, I'll review anything for your pizzas ;)
8:03 PM
@Phrancis so, is it up yet?
@Malachi @RubberDuck @Mat'sMug @janos Ready... Set... GO! Pizza! ;-)
Q: WB 2014 "Red Shirt" estimation

PhrancisSome fellow code reviewers (hi @Janos!) have been inquiring about a SEDE query to allow to check progress of the Red Shirt "hat" progression. Try it here! Background Red Shirt cast 5 downvotes on posts that are later deleted or closed Limitations There are certain Stack Excha...

Q: WB 2014 "Red Shirt" estimation

PhrancisSome fellow code reviewers (hi @Janos!) have been inquiring about a SEDE query to allow to check progress of the Red Shirt "hat" progression. Try it here! Background Red Shirt cast 5 downvotes on posts that are later deleted or closed Limitations There are certain Stack Excha...

Q: Becoming the greatest tower builder

N3buchadnezzarI am trying to learn how to write proper code in python, and stumbled upon the following problem. Bob is given a set of building blocks b, and a number n of towers to build. Since we are in communist land the towers should have as equal of an height as possible. The catch is that you are ...

couldn't you make something at least a little bit crappy :)
8:09 PM
Nitpicks/short answers are fine too :)
@janos The execution plan is pretty crappy, for sure!
Bonus, I'm not gonna upvote anything, hopefully someone can get a Naruto out of it
I'm pretty sure it won't be me, please upvote ;)
the winner will be a late answer by @200_success, who then can get his Naruto ;)
I'll upvote all I don't accept :)
one more to go!
@Phrancis Don't feel like you need to upvote mine. I can't even spell SQL reliably!
still waiting for other Python users to chime in on this or vote it to oblivion -> codereview.stackexchange.com/a/73845/18427
8:20 PM
One more answer... 17 minutes left!!
I wonder if all 5 answers need to be upvoted, good answers? @Phrancis, @Mat'sMug @janos @Edward
@Phrancis You could put in an answer and earn a Selfie, right?
no idea
not sure if he can
but definitely worth a try
#5 is in!
I was just about to ask if @RubberDuck is around :)
8:23 PM
@Phrancis Happy Winterbash Fest! Enjoy the pizza
Hahaha Thanks to all ;-)
I need an upvote. let's not chance it ;)
Someone napalmed all but one of the answers
Guess it was worth a try
8:25 PM
I think you can't go for Naruto on purpose
Yeah that's probably fair to say
you have to try hard until it "just happens"
My plan for Naruto
oh well.. got your pizza delivered?
Get a really good review ready tomorrow.
8:26 PM
Find an old crusty bad question zombie, write an answer, DON'T TELL ANYONE
Wait until late and then post.
btw how do you save a SEDE query?
I have the edit window open and no button to save it
you successfully run it
Prey that no one upvotes until Sunday afternoon
It just saves itself when you run. Make sure you log in to SEDE
8:27 PM
hah! thanks @Mat'sMug
@Mat'sMug Not yet, I'm guessing it has to wait the full 30 at least, in case an answer becomes deleted
@janos I have to go pick up my daughter from school so I won't be on the search at the moment
no worries, I can do myself ;)
@RubberDuck When you answer any question it pushes it back up on the front page right?
Q: Where do I ask about programming conventions?

EvorlorI try to be a better programmer every day, and a big part of that is learning from people who are more experienced than me. (You are all awesome teachers!) For example, in Java, if I want to know if, in general, I should set a field by passing in an argument when I create it or setting the field...

8:31 PM
@Phrancis Yes.
thanks @Malachi, added the link to my post, mentioning you
lol look at all those Gold Badges for SQL
that just wasn't phrased right
I need to read more books
anyway, bbl
anybody wants some easy rep on SO?
@janos here!
gimme a few minutes, I'm cooking a pizza there, 5 mins
8:37 PM
it will be an easy Java question
yoohoo, congrats @Phrancis !
Thanks to all, big kudos @Malachi @Mat'sMug @Janos @RubberDuck @Edward :D
@Phrancis was that the hello world, phrancis question?
No it's a SEDE question I just posted
@Malachi No gold badge? ;-)
hey no problem
yay checkmark!
8:42 PM
@Vogel612 @all pizza time on SO, if you will:
Q: Cannot create Set from String array

janosI've been staring at the screen the last 5 minutes and can't seem to figure out what I'm doing wrong: class Example { private final Set<String> values; public Example(String... values) { values = new HashSet<String>(Arrays.asList(values)); } } I'm surprised why the String...

well I thought it could naturally get shot down
when I answer Java there, there's always a rush of answers
it's exactly these kind of crappy answers I'm counting on:
A: Cannot create Set from String array

kuriouscoderThe reason is vararg values is an array and it cannot be assigned to HashSet

@Edward change your SELECT statement in SEDE to this:
    Posts.Id AS [Post Link]               -- magic column
  , Posts.OwnerUserId AS [User Link]      -- magic column
  , Posts.Tags AS [Tags]                  -- magic column
  , Posts.CreationDate AS [Creation Date]
  , Posts.ClosedDate AS [Closed Date]
@Vogel612 I could have saved you up for a Naruto, but somebody shot first
@Phrancis What does that do?
@janos ehh fine by me, 50 reps are cool
also I am not really pursuing hats..
30 reps huh :)
8:48 PM
@Edward Adds a column with the actual tags and links, like so!
@Edward SEDE turns these magic columns into hyperlinks
@Vogel612 blasphemy
@RubberDuck I mean they are cool and all... but they shouldn't be the sole reason to do stuff..
there's not really room for 5 answers on this
@Phrancis Hmm. They seemed to have been that way without the modification.
8:50 PM
it's hard to find something crappy enough to get quick answers but not too crappy
@Vogel612 No and they're not, but it is fun. And I'm just playing. Heck, click the "I hate hats" button if that's your scene.
it isn't...
I do like that they encourage some things that wouldn't get done otherwise. Like fixing up old posts.
I didn't count on the comment-answer effect :-/
@RubberDuck and chat-coordinating hot network questions?
8:52 PM
LOL.. yeah @Mat'sMug. There's that. Still not sure how I feel about it. Regardless of the fact that I've been participating in it.
@RubberDuck I think that to the extent it drives useful activity, it's a good thing
Some new people might get one of the copious bounties available at the moment.
Or learn something from one of the frenetically posted answers. :)
lol @RubberDuck point taken..
I do like that these 30 minute answers promote shorter answers. I think a lot of "read only" users think that their answer have to be pages long and get discouraged.
So, in that respect, the 30 minute answers have been a great thing.
Here, yes. Maybe not so much on Stack Overflow...
FGITW is already a problem there. No idea what SE was thinking.
8:59 PM
@RubberDuck just by doing this it wouldn't really get worse.
counting on crap seems to have worked:
A: Cannot create Set from String array

user4379277Use this.values inside a constructor in place of value because the parameter of constructor is string array and you are trying to convert a List to array. this.values = ......

I might steal an accept from a guy who posted a really short, but accurate answer on SO
@Gemtastic That's the spirit!
His answer is accurate, however farm from the optional or complete answer :P
9:00 PM
wonder if deleted answers count for the pizza
So now I finally have enough rep to downvote ^^
..On SO
@Gemtastic only a short way to go for association bonus!
@janos \o/ hooray for crap answers!
@Vogel612 Well, I already have a few of those; I can chat everywhere :P
@Gemtastic miss that "steal a checkmark" hat from LY? ;)
9:03 PM
@Mat'sMug I wasn't around last year
@Edward what I mean is, finally they might be good for something!
@janos I've tossed another crap answer onto the bonfire for you.
Enjoy your pizza. :)
enjoy my gratitude ;)
@Mat'sMug I only found SO in june or so :P
I'll believe the pizza when I see it
I already missed 2 hats I almost got but didn't
9:05 PM
@Edward s/crap/codereviewish/
I've never seen this many bounties up.
Q: aggregation using Python 3 with Tkinter -- not behaving as desired

dproproprowhen I fill the entry 'enter new name, get IQ' with the name of the fighter and click button 'test it out!', i want it to access the IQ field from the BaseCitizen object [that was already aggregated into the Fighter object] and display it. (first fill the first four entries, then click 'create ...

I thought there was a change your avatar hat but it seems I was mistaken
@Vogel612 can you please hold off the urge to purge until the pizza run is over?
9:05 PM
Also, the buggdroid hat won't register :/
10 more minutes....
@janos I can't do all that much anyways ;)...
the question got a downvote. wondering what's wrong with it
@janos some ppl seem to downvote for "trivial question"
9:08 PM
Or they're Red-Shirt wannabees.
in case you were wondering, it's a facepalm from real life (last night)
SO doesn't like , it's well-known...
also I bet some don't really buy it though..
Why does this question have so many upvotes? It's a simple mistake and not a very interesting question. — Jesper 42 secs ago
I'm done for the day. See y'all later.
9:12 PM
thanks @Edward, have a nice evening!
@Mat'sMug and MSE is infested with people from MSO.....
Seriously. I wish they would just go hang out on their own meta.
I've seen so many answers (recent answers) on MSE that act like SO is the only site in the network.
See ya @Edward!
today I noticed that the top hatter on UNIX SE has only 16 hats, the #2 had 7 hats, yet they are far ahead of us in the race. They don't even have a post by Abby. How?
Sheer numbers
what numbers?
9:15 PM
@janos many, many more users
54k questions
I can't see to find the # of users
click to see that site's rankings - it says X users collected Y hats
o i c
they should rank by hats collected per-capita
@Phrancis did you get the pizza soon after 30 minutes were up?
I'm at 36 minutes and still no pizza
9:19 PM
one answer is downvoted, could it be it?
the description doesn't say about that
3 hat lead on Physics
@janos Got it right about when 30 mins was up
I wonder if they're even aware we're in a race.
9:21 PM
I think they are onto me
The pizza hat makes me want pizza >_<
incoming Colorado Avalanche fan's off-topic question
Welcome to Code Review! Please edit your code into your post - otherwise your question will end up on-hold / closed. Please see our help center for all the details. — Mat's Mug 9 secs ago
@janos Perhaps try writing a SEDE question on here?
I see you're enjoying your pizza
looks delicious
you're supposed to wear hats, not eat them!
9:24 PM
I can't pull so many pizza runs, shouldn't be too greedy
I can't even pull a single one >_>
I have no questions
there's still plenty of time for pizza
side-note: it's Saturday (UTC) in less than 3 hours
@janos Well, you could try to write something on SEDE for one of the other hats, kill two birds with one stone
@Gemtastic I had pizza today..
They might as well make it an hour, as I think pizza places no longer try to get it to you in under 30 minutes.
9:26 PM
Currently at a LAN on company cost.
and we ordered 12 large 60x40 pizzas
tall order!
@Jamal yeah that was Mikes', 15 years ago. They went out of business...
@Mat'sMug Never cared for their pizza much. I prefer Dominos
@janos obtw, if I get the checkmark I get instant-edits!
@Jamal and in any case how can you count on a decent pizza delivered in 30 minutes or less
9:28 PM
I mustn't downvote too much to keep it, though.
somebody feels like digging up the meta post?
How's that? Figured it would be easier to review in the full window. — Viperfourfive 29 secs ago
Please VTR, OP complied
and nevermind, the close message already links to it
@Vogel612 congrats!
@Vogel612 you got it mate
and thanks guys for your participation
9:30 PM
@Vogel612 Lucky bastard!
you also got a hat in this one
at least I could deliver on my promise of easy rep on SO
@Vogel612 Grats! That's awesome.
Oh, it's good to be home...
And done with finals
boy.. he wraps all methods with a #region...
Q: Tic-Tac-Toe game using erlang gen_fsm

HazeriderI would like to use erlang to create an online, web-based game. I thought it would make sense to start with something easy, so I chose tic-tac-toe (which seems like a popular choice here). I am implementing users, players and the rules engine as finite state machines using the OTP gen_fsm. The fi...

Q: Read/write to XML using LINQ

ViperfourfiveThis will compile, but I'm thinking that this implementation of read/write is very hard coded and would not be easily adapted to larger situations where large XML documents are being processed or if they are in a different format structure. using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using ...

9:32 PM
@CaptainObvious geez, about time!
> Googles "How does COM Interop Work". Gets 100 results about how to reference a *.dll.
Time to earn me some more hats
Is there a scoreboard like there was last year?
Dec 15 at 13:47, by rolfl
Hats Leaders: Sites -and- Code Review
Ahh, there it is
For the record @syb0rg, I like the hat you're wearing.
Wear that crab with pride.
9:34 PM
</spoon-feed> ;)
I find it fitting lol
hat hunters: on your profile page, with the hats view open, run this in a JavaScript console: $('.wb-earned-here').css('border', '1px solid red')
I'm #16 for hats?! Lets change that
^^ TS
@Mat'sMug RSA
9:35 PM
hey @Marc-Andre! Long time no see!!
how's the hat-hunting going?
ditto, hey @Marc-Andre
@Mat'sMug Yeah I know! Had a lot of work so didn't had much time to hang out here.
@RubberDuck RSA
Hey @janos!
@Mat'sMug Not very good! I'm sitting at 2 hats here and one at SO :(.
There are a few low hanging fruits hats that are easy to get @Marc-Andre !
9:41 PM
quite a few indeed
@Phrancis The first thing I need is time to go hunting :S!
- Change your profile picture (Chameleon)
- Upvote (or do anything else) using Android or iOS device (Bugdroid / Not A Cherry)
- Start a bounty before next Wednesday (Gelt)
- Star 8 different users in chat (Sumo Judge)
@Phrancis Android done (just done it), Sumo done, will start a bounty, and will try to find a new avatar!
@Phrancis ooh so there WAS a update your avatar hat :D
9:45 PM
Also, comment anything on this question to get Hairboat ;-)
Also... So THAT'S why I got that hat XD
@Phrancis Why ?
@Phrancis Are you serious or just trolling?
Just do it, friend. It works! (abby hairboat is Stack Exchange staff and this is kind of an inside joke)
Dead serious!!
Hello and welcome Abby and all to Code Review. Just as a head's up to all, these comments will be regularly monitored, and purged. Have (courteous) fun. — rolfl ♦ yesterday
well, done
9:51 PM
There's nothing like watching an SSIS workflow running, with a glass of company-approved-and-provided wine.
@Mat'sMug My company used to do stuff like that too. Until it got acquired by a much larger company.
@Phrancis you're welcome
How did I score +115 today?
Post a Question from the Android or Apple Device for another hat. you can edit it from a Desktop later as long as it is upvoted
9:54 PM
I scored 25 today. Not bad for a n00b :)
I am at 147
anyone want to vote on some of my posts?
@Gemtastic how many answers posted?
@Mat'sMug Well... 5, but I removed 2
@Malachi getting more and more subtle pimp I see ;)
I don't want to jynx it, but winterbash might just be what pushes me into 10k.
9:57 PM
@Mat'sMug :) just getting the game down, I watch "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" last night, I think that helped a little bit....
winterbash and a bunch of Santas ;)
@Gemtastic 5 good answers are sure to get you somewhere around cap. Post 'em here if they've gone under the radar!
@RubberDuck bout time.....LOL JK! but seriously, hurry up!
@Mat'sMug Oh ,they're on SO
I'm not good enough to comment on other people's code >_>
Well that explains it!
9:58 PM
@Mat'sMug post 5 answers in like 2 hours and you will get a hat
Of course you are. You just don't know yet!
@Malachi What!? 10k in 6 months?? You hurry yourself up..... lol
@Malachi IKR! Got 5 tabs waiting for midnight UTC (joke)
He's not joking ^
I am ;)

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