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12:22 AM
Dear all: How can I edit the second sentence of the question "Jews under Charlemagne" in order to make it smoother and clearer?
@TRiG You showed that here too
@TRiG image not found. :(
@unforgettableid But that one's rehosted to i.stack.imgur.com. (I posted it in another chat room because the "upload" button in this room didn't do anything.)
12:49 AM
one more vote for a vampire hunter hat!
@TRiG When I tried to, it said imgur refused the request.
@TRiG I wonder if you could please point me to a copy of the image which I can actually view? :) You could upload a copy to imgbin.org or any other photo hosting site.
@unforgettableid Direct link to the original image I found. It's not that funny.
@YeZ Via which badge?
@IsaacMoses the raising the dead one. necromancer?
@YeZ Oh, I see
1:21 AM
@TRiG Ah. It made me laugh. Thank you :)
@ablaze: hi :) When I click on your avatar, it says "partner of a first-year rabbinical student". If I may ask: what field did she work in, if any, before she decided to become a rabbi?
@IsaacMoses: How can I get the "Chameleon" Winter Bash hat (the green reptilian one pictured here)?
1:49 AM
@unforgettableid Spoilers
@unforgettableid Hi! She’s worked in and around Jewish life since college (graduated in 2012), but only for a short time in a full-time Jewish Professional™ way. She’s a musician and visual artist, and she gigged around in both ritual, extra-curricular-Jewish, and secular settings. Taught Hebrew school, led kids’ services, all that.
@unforgettableid Her grandfather was and two of her uncles are rabbis, so it’s a little bit of a dynasty thing. Didn’t take her long to figure out she wanted to be a part of it, too.
@IsaacMoses Ah; thank you.
Dear all: Why does the "Fascinating" hat look like a character from Star Trek? (I haven't watched much Star Trek.)
@ablaze Intriguing!
@IsaacMoses Fascinating link! :)
@ablaze Cool. Also, how is it that Burning Man has a managing editor? I would've thought it would have a managing director instead.
2:09 AM
@unforgettableid Oh, we manage all kinds of things. I’m managing editor of the website, social media, and email newsletter.
@ablaze Ah. So you're like a "VP of communications".
@ablaze Or "webmaster".
2:22 AM
Why does "Can G-d ever take on a physical form" have more downvotes than upvotes?
@YeZ you already had mine. Have you gotten it now? (I have a couple questions that are almost Good, which is probably my best shot at that hat. We'll see.)
2:39 AM
@unforgettableid Well, there’s a Director of Comms, but under her, it’s a journalism/publishing model. There’s a Publisher, and I work for him.
@ablaze ah. Interesting how Burning Man (which is not primarily a publishing enterprise) uses publishing job titles for everyone in the communications department. I wonder whether or not other non-publishing organizations do such a thing.
3:06 AM
@MonicaCellio Yeah I got it. And I got the blessings wiki badge, but I don't remember when I recently answered a blessings question.
@YeZ oh, the tag badge -- congrats! It doesn't matter how recently you've answered; when you get enough votes in the tag (and have enough answers, which you do), you get the badge. Your score in the tag is currently 102, so you probably picked up a couple votes today.
@MonicaCellio: Hi! The mug in your avatar: It looks kind of small. Was it intended to depict a full-size coffee mug? :)
@unforgettableid I was limited by the options offered by the avatar-generating web site I used to make it, years ago. I do not have meaningful graphics skills. Truth to tell, if I'd had more control over it that would probably be a can of Coke Zero. :-)
But hey, it's good to get up and walk around every now and then -- take your eyes off the monitor etc. Right? So, refill the caffeine vessel while you're up...
@MonicaCellio Ah :)
@MonicaCellio It is.
[unforgettableid gets up and stretches]
3:22 AM
I don't even remember what site that was, and don't know if it's still out there. That's kind of a bummer because I have no way to make this bigger, now that sites want to make everything bigger... it's got the pixel count it's got, and I can't make it better.
@MonicaCellio Funny how computers can suck a person in.
@unforgettableid indeed.
@MonicaCellio it was for this - votes from yesterday, for some reason tag came much later.
A: Chanuka candles if missed the night

YeZShulchan Aruch O.C. 672:2 ומיהו הני מילי לכתחילה; אבל אם עבר זה הזמן ולא הדליק, מדליק והולך כל הלילה. ואם עבר כל הלילה ולא הדליק, אין לו תשלומין If [the end of sunset] has passed and one didn't light, they should light for the entire night. If the whole night passed and they did not lig...

@MonicaCellio One Wikipedia editor wrote a user script which shows them enwp.org/Wikipedia:Recovering_from_Wikipediholism at the beginning of every hour of editing. The key phrase from that page: "Every hour you spend at Wikipedia is an hour from your life. Do you have something more important to do? Do it first." :)
@YeZ oh, right -- the script that updates tag scores is notorious for being late. Sometimes it takes a few days for the stats to update, and the badge depends on the stats.
3:25 AM
@MonicaCellio It doesn't really matter. Content is king -- not image resolution.
@MonicaCellio one more vote on that for another silver badge!
@unforgettableid nice!
<--- *isn't fishing for votes*
@YeZ Vanity of vanities. Hats and badges are merely illusions; they are not real life.
@YeZ don't you mean bronze? (Nice Answer?)
3:26 AM
@YeZ And there is nothing new under the sun.
Servers crash, servers reboot, the world turns.
@MonicaCellio I think I get enlightened for accepted first to answre +10
@unforgettableid that's my attitude too. I wish that SE weren't going to make the gravatars much bigger on the new design of the profile page, but I'm not going to change to a different one just because of that. This little cartoony face with a coffee mug (or tea mug, more likely) is "me" all over the Internet.
@MonicaCellio espresso mug :)
@YeZ oh, Enlightened -- hadn't noticed that. Nice!
@unforgettableid filled to the brim. :-)
@MonicaCellio Anyway, pixelated is fine -- even artistic.
3:29 AM
@MonicaCellio I'm trying to figure out how to use my new football helmet frisbee for a gravatar (and then give it a football hat!). So far the best I've done is just the helmet.
@YeZ you've done a nice job of combining your hat with your gravatar. (Do remember to take screen shots before the hats get put away, if you want them.)
I want to pull the move b a pulled.
@YeZ yup. I should have taken some screen shots in past years (my unicorn horn last year was fun), but didn't. This year I'll try to do so, just in case I want them later.
@YeZ The "Wayback Machine" can save a copy of your profile page for you. Just visit web.archive.org/save/judaism.stackexchange.com/users/4794/yez -- but try to click that link only once, in order to save a little bit of disk space for the Internet Archive overlords.
@unforgettableid thanks for the tip.
3:34 AM
@MonicaCellio np
@YeZ to view the saved page -- a month, a year, or a decade later -- visit web.archive.org and use the Wayback Machine browsing interface.
4:00 AM
@Shokhet Sorry. I wrote up most of one and then got avalanched with other things. I hope to get it before Chanukah is over, but feel absolutely free to do it instead of me, :)
4:10 AM
@MonicaCellio I only got nice answer. Not sure why.
@YeZ Enlightened might be along a little later. They don't run all the scripts at the same interval.
@HodofHod That's all right. I think I'll wait a day or two to let that Meta MY question settle before asking it here.
@MonicaCellio Yeah, the same happens to me, also
@TRiG Now I see it. Thanks!
4:26 AM
MUWAHAHAHAHA I figured it out.
how come it didn't appear?
@YeZ Changed hats?
I still see the handegg, FWIW
Well it worked on the main site.
@Shokhet how many handeggs do you see?
That's pretty good
@YeZ On your profile, two. In chat, one.
Blame caching
4:29 AM
@Shokhet thus the all caps evil maniacal laughter.
I'm surprised @scimonster hasn't offered a chanuka bounty yet. Or @IsaacMoses. They seem to be our biggest hat chasers here.
(wasn't there a hat for that?)
@YeZ I There is
@YeZ I saw @IsaacMoses wearing his gelt earlier, I think.
@Shokhet I thought so too, but didn't see a bounty from him. Maybe on another site?
Although he had his gelt before Chanuka, IIRC...
I guess SO started chanuka on secular calendar dec. 16.
@YeZ @Scimonster raised the issue on MSE
Who's winning our hat race now?
4:35 AM
I'm doing not bad at #7, considering having only intentionally earned 1 hat.
Ah, my second helmet has arrived!
nighty night. א פריילעכין.
I just earned Chameleon hat on many sites on which I do not have an account.
@YeZ I've got three bounties out there!
Oh chameleon is for changing your profile isn't it. So I changed my global profile. But I didn't even remember I had some of those accounts.
@YeZ Zerizim makdimim
@IsaacMoses I looked at the bounty page, which I forgot shows who asked and not who bountied.
Which I once complained about on meta.
I put up a bounty, but not on MY .....I might just have to.....
4:44 AM
Q: Display user who started a bounty on question in featured tab

YeZThe "featured" question tab shows a list of the questions with bounties with the user who originally asked the question, and the date it was originally asked. I am generally much more interested in who modified it to put the bounty on it, and more importantly when the bounty was added. Could th...

@Shokhet I could move into second by starting a bounty.
OK now good night for real.
@YeZ Gnight!
@YeZ now I see the two helmets, in chat also :)
5:03 AM
I just realized that I have a whole bunch of questions with no answers.....I supposed that's one good thing about hats, right?
Besides for encouraging answers about werewolves :P
Bounty offered
5:38 AM
Because it's now true again, and @IsaacMoses hasn't seen fit to repost:
2 days ago, by Isaac Moses
@Scimonster Ringring ringing. Telephone for me. Hello? Oh, am I two hats past Scimonster now? Wonderful. Thank you. <click>
5:56 AM
@Shokhet Of course I haven't reposted that. I didn't just earn a hat that's a phone.
6:11 AM
@IsaacMoses Selfie? ....I totally missed that.
@Shokhet I don't always talk trash, but when I do, I talk punny trash.
@IsaacMoses You deserve to be pun ished for that one :P
@Shokhet X^P
( my brother's pun )
Also, I don't know if I mentioned this already, but thanks for the bounty, @IsaacMoses! ....this one was actually under consideration for a bounty, tonight, but I thought it was too new for it, so I ended up bountying a different question. Thanks! :) :)
( I started looking at the questions with bounty offered, in search of another hat, and was surprised to see my own question in that list ;-)
.....I think I'm starting to actively hunt for hats, now.
3 hours later…
9:25 AM
@MonicaCellio My own avatar here was originally my X-Face.
@MonicaCellio There you go!
@YeZ Isaac did. I have too little repz. :P
Oh whatever, i did it.
10:17 AM
Got mah געלט!
10:39 AM
It looks like Fascinating, Ma'am and Hairboat are impossible here.
3 hours later…
1:19 PM
Anyone want to give Shalom the first Guru badge?
1:44 PM
@Scimonster thank you! (I particularly appreciate the badges for posts; I do a little happy dance any time I get a Nice/Good Question/Answer badge, and would presumably do a great big happy dance if anything were ever Great. Especially on this site, where I'm so far behind most of the people here in learning, it feels really good to contribute something that people find value in.)
@Scimonster would if I could. :-)
@Scimonster yeah, 10k views + score 25 is rough on smaller sites. We don't have anything close on both of those. (I hadn't realized how high up in the view-count rankings my recent question about immodest dress was! But not close enough to get the views for this...)
@YeZ We've discussed how to handle pesak-seeking questions, and I've advocated different approaches for different situations. Here's one where I edited (presumptuously) and commented instead of voting to close. ...
... The question was blatantly pesak-seeking, and on top of that, almost medical-pesak-seeking. However, a) It's from a user who's been around a while and certainly knows by now that we're not into that, so sending a message to him is probably of only marginal benefit, and b) it already got answers, so if he wants to act on what he reads here, he can already. So, I edited, including "I'm going to talk to my rabbi, but in general" to be extra clear, and also commented, finger-waggingly, ...
... mostly for the benefit of future readers and maintenance of community culture.
2:52 PM
Question for the kehal: I was contacted by an ex-SE user (not Yodeyan) who asked me to help him out with some text questions. He had a bad experience elsewhere on the network and I've been unable to persuade him to come here and ask. [cont]
The questions can generally be answered with basic commentaries -- we're talking about things like "why did God seek to kill Moshe on the return from Midian" (because of the missing b'rit milah), what happened to the third person who was helping Korach (I've seen an answer to that in the midrash), etc. Is there value in my asking these questions here and (sometimes) offering answers, in case there are better answers to be had? Or should I just answer his email?
I guess it boils down to: are these questions too basic, or is this part of the use case for self-answers (to get the info on our site)?
@MonicaCellio The latter, IMO. The questions clearly come from genuine curiosity, and would have been posted here and doubtless received with a warm welcome if you could convince your correspondent to do it. We generally accept and even do very nicely with even the very most basic questions. We know that at least one person has come up with these questions and does not know the famous Midrashim and Rashi comments that you do, so we can be pretty confident that there are others out there.
3:09 PM
@IsaacMoses thanks for the input. Since I can only generally answer the more-basic questions (unless it just happens to trigger some more-advanced thing I learned in passing or just saw or something), I wanted to check my calibration.
@MonicaCellio ... Also, the existence of known "basic" answers doesn't preclude the existence of lesser-known "advanced" answers that we could all benefit from discovering, especially in the realm of parshanut.
@IsaacMoses that's a good point, and I would certainly hope to be able to discover answers that go beyond the basic stuff I know. (I know that sometimes the attitude is "Rashi is clear; why do you think there's more?", but sometimes there is more and you don't know until it comes up.)
3:25 PM
@MonicaCellio In parshanut, I think it's fair, in general, to assume there's always more, but not to assume that there's the particular "more" that you're looking for. I think Rashi would agree with this emphatically, as he states repeatedly that he quotes midrashim selectively to fit his mission of providing "peshat."
3:42 PM
@IsaacMoses very good point. (And I agree about your link.)
4:42 PM
I like how @Scimonster's gelt looks like boxing gloves.
5:30 PM
@IsaacMoses re your edit: good point, and thanks.
Randomly found while browsing: imgur.com/gallery/AiWxeiT.
6:04 PM
@TRiG So skeptical Isaac did some googling to see if this was photoshopped or something. It turns out that not only is this authentic, the menorah in the picture still exists and gets lit every year. yadvashem.org/yv/en/exhibitions/hanukkah/hanukkah_menorah.asp elmsintheyard.blogspot.com/2006/12/…
@IsaacMoses That is impressive.
@TRiG and quite resonant with the symbolism of constancy that the menora provides.
7:07 PM
@Scimonster I figured. The point was more that I didn't come up with it. ;-)
@DoubleAA We should edit out "If yes ..." through the end of this post, right?
@IsaacMoses I'd say so, yes.
@IsaacMoses I would agree. I think you should also leave a comment explaining why you did what you did, and that answers can show up in the answer space, under the question.
And that emails can be put into profile pages.
@Shokhet ... working on it
@IsaacMoses Okay :)
7:24 PM
@Shokhet Done and done.
@MonicaCellio @Shokhet thanks for the ratification
No problem.
I have to run; a good Shabbos and a freilichen Chanuka (and a TZT) to all! :)
@Shokhet (You, too!)^3
Thanks :)
@IsaacMoses ....I can get a Breaking Bad hat if we can make this question a separate question, and I vote to reopen. Do you think it's ethical to edit the question so that it's no longer a duplicate, so I can get a hat?
@IsaacMoses thanks for doing the work.
7:42 PM
Too late. I edited already. :P
I felt that it was OK to do that, because this second question mentioned "Christ" explicitly.
I really have to go now....bye! :)
7:59 PM
@Shokhet "Mitoch shelo lishmah ..."

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