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4:00 PM
Ima go have me a nice watch of rugby.
Or I dunno, even snooker will do. Way more risk with every single ball.
Handegg just hit the super-collider.
I must take four days off now.
Snooker is what young couples do in the dark.
Snooker? I barely know her
4:01 PM
Cheap British humour.
more effective than any expensive non-British humour
This could easily be Red Baronned:
Q: Revolutionary is to revolution as reactionary is to _____

user3025492I'm trying to think of a noun meaning "the process sought to be undertaken by one who is reactionary."

I don’t think its answer is very good.
@MattЭллен that's why every second Monty Python sketch is in German or French.
Or even been sworn at >8(
@tchrist - Do you think multiple people could redbaron at once?
4:03 PM
@RegDwigнt wouldn't be funny if it weren't Brits doing it
I mean on the same question..
@MattЭллен you assume it is funny.
@RegDwigнt I assume it's funnier
A little-known fact about Monty Python is that their awful stuff is little-known.
4:05 PM
Also, even their best stuff is only funny if you're a bloke. I mean, chap.
That's your opinion.
Unlike Blackadder, say.
@skullpatrol no, that is my fact.
A fact is a fact.
As a matter of fact.
Factually speaking.
Mar 23 '11 at 13:35, by Robusto
The fact is, when someone begins a sentence with "the fact is," that sentence will probably contain not a single provable fact.
That's why my sentences only end in facts.
Is that a fact?
4:09 PM
did you already mention that Handegg is a place in Switzerland?
I will sometimes sprinkle one over the middle for an additional fee.
May 4 '12 at 9:46, by RegDwight ΒВBẞ8
@MattЭллен You know, it's only 34km from Petting to Fucking, but a whopping 656km from Fucking to Wedding.
These three places not enough to cover all... (pun intended, watch my pun, pun ahead, I'm witty)... BASES!
I have an opinion.
Basically it's that pie is pretty good.
That's about it.
Ah...the memories :-)
Buy, buy Miss American Pie.
I had chicken and mushroom pie yesterday. it was pretty good
4:11 PM
I think it's a pretty popular opinion, but is not, in fact, a definitive fact.
@RegDwigнt but handegg doesn't have bases. that's baseball.
@MattЭллен you mean handball.
@MattЭллен that sounds like a pizza hat. but with chicken and mushrooms
Handegg is a short game
@RegDwigнt I mean batball
4:12 PM
@MattЭллен You are the opposite of batball.
Congratulations to Revd Libby Lane on becoming the first woman bishop in the Church. An historic appointment and important day for equality.
Look, Cameron says an historic too.
An historic.
@RegDwigнt I have no response to that
No he doesn't say it. He lets some slave in a cellar mistype it for his twits.
Never mind the linguistic mess that is the rest of his message.
4:13 PM
Cf. slave, cellar.
@RegDwigнt Most likely. Twat.
How far is it from tits to twat?
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 and it's only 0 km from Fucking to their brewery.
Can I get 1 vote on this please: english.stackexchange.com/a/215414/20739 then I will delete it once I get the hat.
@skullpatrol seventit miles, plus some tits and pieces.
4:15 PM
Done @Ste
Thanking you!
np pal
Yeah PAL is np alright. Now, NTSC is more like p.
P != NP.
but you can get a converter
Sounds like a con job.
4:19 PM
Everything is a con nowadays.
@RegDwigнt That beer isn't brewed in Fucking
It's fucking brewed?
no, it isn't Fucking brewed, that's what I'm telling you.
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 I've had enough Wikipedia for today, so forgive me for not checking.
@RegDwigнt That's like the only thing WP says about the beer
it's made in Germany
4:21 PM
Yes, just like Coca-Cola. So what.
Well? They shouldn't be fucking while brewing then.
Why not combine the useful with the pleasant? Why not do a needful?
I would have been banned long time ago in the math room.
I've downvoted like 10+ things today. And yesterday. And the day before that. Where the hell is my crab hat?
4:25 PM
Puritans @Mitch
Better than purisins.
Put things in quotes.
better than purines
You are such an "idiot", I really "hate" you a "lot".
Yup, works!
'fuck' that 'shit'
Fornicate that feces.
4:26 PM
21 secs ago, by skullpatrol
I'm too lazy for quotes.
Even LaTeX is a hassle :(
How's that an even?
"Hassle" is LaTeX's first name.
LaTeX even hassles the Hoff.
anyone know what fascinating hat comes from?
@Ste or @tchrist might.
I would have known last year.
This year, I'm on hiatus.
3 hours ago, by Ste
Blue spock is for upvoting an answer that is accepted and has a score of at least 5.
4:30 PM
Wait. You get a hat for someone else's work?
What's with the Spock theme this year in hats.
although I don't think we need to differentiate between blue spock and gold spock. gold spock is obviously tuvok
Theme? It's just two hats I thought.
But I've not been paying attention.
three star trek hats in total: red shirt, spock and tuvok
Oh right. Red shirt.
Well, if they have blue and gold, they better have red as well, no?
4:32 PM
Star Trek sucks.
I have no strong feelings one way or the other.
Warp engines defy relativity.
there's only one episode of star trek
@skullpatrol how else you gonna sci-fi?
For that matter, how else we gonna survive in 20000 years?
something happens, their shields go down because they lose power or something, they get power back.. episode is over
4:33 PM
Nah. Sometimes there's the crappiest fight in TV history.
can't believe my answer about buddies doesn't have 1000 upvotes
can you even get 1000 upvotes?
you mean would the system allow it?
of course
So anyway, back to my original question: do I really get a Spock hat just for casting an upvote on someone else's shit?
@skullpatrol It's warping the space-time continuum. Obviously.
try it out!
4:35 PM
@RegDwigнt yes
What the actual what.
@RegDwigнt Tuvok is the same way, only the question has to be really popular already.
@RegDwigнt No. You went to the trouble of clicking. Once.
What the hel is the Tuvok hat?
@Mitch fascinating, ma'am
The vulcan from the far south.
4:38 PM
@RegDwigнt, @MattЭллен - I should get a eureka for working that out for you!
@Mitch perhaps so
@Ste Eureka!
Was that what you wanted?
@MattЭллен define "really popular". 10k views or what?
@Mitch Exactly!
@RegDwigнt yes. 10k views and score of 40
vote it up and you get a hat
4:43 PM
@MattЭллен Yeah right. And they expect me to not have noticed and voted on one of those, how?
2 hours ago, by Hugo
Fascinating, Ma'am is earned by upvoting a question satisfying certain requirements (note, accepted answer is not a prerequisite):

score of at least 25
and 10K views
oh, score of at least 25
@MattЭллен wait, a question?
I just upvoted someone's accepted answer.
@RegDwigнt yes
Oh crap.
But I must go now anyway.
CU around.
Hat u l8r
4:50 PM
I just woke up from my nap.
welcome back
"A word for “intimate friends” without any kind of romance?" :D
omg so much hat collusion
@nneonneo It has been happening for years.
5:05 PM
Can I get in on it? :D
You're better off working on your PhD.
RIght, gang. Off for dinner in Versailles. Yeah, look at me.......
It's 14 days to the new year here.
@Ste Ooh la la. And I mean that to sting.
Which reminds me. There should be a midwinter holiday. You have a hundred holidays in Nov/Dec, but then nothing at all happens for months after. Something in say mid/late Feb. Where lots of eating happens, and people come together to damn the cold long hard winter which hasn't let up and may not let up until April.
5:21 PM
@Mitch We have one in Ontario, the third monday in Feb - "Family Day"
But we don't have one in June, which is when it'd be really nice to have
@Ste Don’t see why not.
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 You don't need one in June because June itself is a celebration.
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 Do you get a day off?
@Mitch yes
@Mitch A celebration that isn't a stat holiday
Nice. Is it all Canada or just Ontario?
Next question -very- important...life plans are in the balance. Are there any provinces in Canada that are livable by sane human beings?
5:49 PM
@Mitch Why would they be not livable?
A: The word to know when you don’t know how to feel?

tchristThe perfect word for this comes from today’s slang. In the current vernacular, you would say that he felt meh. It’s recent slang that per Urban Dictionary means Indifference; to be used when one simply does not care. For example, from an article on “Five Ways Not to Feel Meh” on Karousing...

Hat-vote, please :) I still need one more upvote on the question and two more upvotes on my answer to it to get Red Baron:
It’s not for rep: I’m capped.
This one, though, I feel meh about:
A: Does the word 'incrementation' exist?

tchristAlthough the word incrementation has been seen in print, it occurs only incredibly rarely according to this Google N-gram: To control for verb use instead of noun use, I’ve put an in front of the singular noun and of after the plural one. As you see, there is a frequency difference of 3 to 4 ...

This doesn’t seem like a bad answer to me:
A: Etymology of orchard

tchristNo, you are almost certainly mistaken about any overt borrowing from German Obstgarten to produce English orchard. You are struggling too hard to look for an added -r-, when in fact, it was already present in Latin (h)ort-(us) right from the get-go. There were also cognate Gothic words star...

@JasperLoy so so cold. Canadians stand in front of a fridge to warm up.
@Mitch Stat holidays are a per-province thing. e.g. Quebec has one in June.
@Mitch We got less snow so far than, say, Buffalo
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 I don't want to imply any disparagement of Buffalonians... but they're stupid too.
@Mitch Also the weather is a small price to pay for not having Republicans in congress.
6:02 PM
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 Hm...probably celebrating the appearance of the sun the one day that year.
@Mitch No, it's celebrating the one time they beat the English, or something like that.
The weather is not a factor to me at all, considering the shithole I am in now.
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 Touche. But you got your own bag of problems there.
@Mitch okay so it's a formerly religious holiday, Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day. But now it's vaguely nationalistic.
By the way, if people ask, please say I live in Antarctica. My location will be kept a secret from now...
6:04 PM
@JasperLoy because the transcript doesn't exist?
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 Well, at least we can make it not too obvious, lol.
@JasperLoy You don't live there?
@JasperLoy Just set your location in your profile to a real country, or plausible place, and nobody won't believe you.
Yeah, like North Korea, lol.
What part of Antarctica do you live in? The big city? rural? suburban? The mountains? The hill country?
6:07 PM
So did you watch it @JasperLoy?
@skullpatrol I will watch it later, thanks.
I believe in it strongly.
Anyone going away for vacation soon?
@JasperLoy March! can't wait
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 Where are you going?
6:09 PM
In the Caribbean. Very exotic.
It's barely exotic at all, which is why I like it.
I live in Aruba
You can drink the water.
In the mountains
I'm glad you're visiting.
6:11 PM
Here you can drink the tap water too.
We should go for drinks
I won't be here when you're coming.
Whenever that is.
But make sure you try the chocolate
@JasperLoy See, that's all you have to do.
I've thoroughly convinced everyone that I've heard of Aruba.
convince = con
As in con-artist
All you're pizza hats are belong too us!
the entire ELU chatroom collectively rolls its eyes as another unknown makes the same old joke as their first chat message as everyone before them
6:29 PM
No, we're rolling our eyes at your your/you're error ;)
6:57 PM
Just need one more upvote on this question for a hat:
A: The word to know when you don’t know how to feel?

tchristThe perfect word for this comes from today’s slang. In the current vernacular, you would say that he felt meh. It’s recent slang that per Urban Dictionary means Indifference; to be used when one simply does not care. For example, from an article on “Five Ways Not to Feel Meh” on Karousing...

This one still needs two for a hat though:
A: Does English really have triphthongs?

tchristEDIT: I waited ten hours for other answers to appear, then presented my own findings. I do not pretend that mine is the only possible answer, and would like to hear what others have to say in their own answers. The English word playa is pronounced /ˈplaɪ.ə/ in English with two syllables, with ...

I have spare votes if anybody needs ’em.
7:19 PM
Is the preference to include the meat behind a link not followed on ELU as it is on Other stack exchange sites?
@Mr.Mindor What do you mean by other sites? Is there a question somewhere that discusses the norm?
in general on other stackexchanges, if you include a link in an answer it is expected that you at lease summarize what you linked to. (to mitigate net rot)
@tchrist done and half way done
@Mr.Mindor always include the text behind the link (for link rot) and the link and description itself (for mitigating plagiarism)
earlier I edited an answer to include a definition, it was accepted, then a minute later another edited the same answer to just link to the online dictionary.
@Mitch Thanks. That's what I thought. Just wanted to double check
link to answer you're talking about?
7:34 PM
A: A word for "intimate friends" without any kind of romance?

DeepakPlatonic is the usual choice to describe this. E.g. "They look intimate but they're merely platonic friends."

yeah, just add back in the text (and keep the link)
will do so. Thanks again.
8:08 PM
woo! sportsmanship badge and werewolf hunter hat!
@Mitch tanks
8:23 PM
why are so many people in ELU programmers
does anyone have an answer that makes a shred of sense?
Why don't you go to the ocean and ask the fish why they are in the water? How many English teachers spend their time on the internet?
what are you talking about? why on earth would I do that?
and I do not know how many English teachers spend their time on the internet. probably a good amount given that most people have internet these days.
Look at the environment.
8:32 PM
yo, guys, how do americans pronounce "Schadenfreude"?
IPA or any recordings would be appreciated ^_^
I can make a recording for you.
that'd be great! :D
@GeorgePompidou because SE is the spawn of SO
@clinch you can look up the IPA in a dictionary
now there's a reasonable answer. so did most of the initial wave of people on ELU find out about it/come here from SO?
@GeorgePompidou I assume so. I don't know for sure. I think most SE sites are populated by programmers
or at least, mostly programmer
I found out about it while at SO
8:35 PM
ah, i'm dumb. I just looked it up on wiktionary and there's IPA and a recording, lol
:D yay!
@MattЭллен thanks!
no probs
gets sad and puts away his recording equipment
rofl, aww
feel free to record it, i'll listen to it :3
8:37 PM
@GeorgePompidou I think there's a website you can add a recording of your pronunciation of words to...
is the German stackexchange decent for people who are just learning German?
that's where i checked and english doesn't have a pronunciation for that word
@GeorgePompidou yup
or is it like the English one where you get shot in the face if you don't have tchrist's advanced vocabulary
I don't go there
8:38 PM
I'll have to take a look at it and become active ^.^
not too familiar with the english SE, i just signed up
You can fall way short of @tchrist and still have an extremely highfalutin' vocabulary.
tchrist knows a word for everything about which nobody cares.
Well, I wouldn't put it like that.
Neither would I.
8:40 PM
in a pirate voice and nor would I
har har har har
we should consider Pirate English too in addition to Am and Br
they talk completely differently.
actually, pirate alert. not sure where you got troll. I even wrote the words "in a pirate voice"
dat tag
8:44 PM
you both just made my day!
nay, my winter!
clicks around pirate questions happily
why do you keep redacting what you say?
8:54 PM
Sorry cerb
Don't worry.
When someone questions my backbone I take it as a challenge
Yes, that one too
Ok, I'm sorry. @MattЭллен
in any case, I just wanted to bring to everyone's attention that I have actually stopped being mean. I'm off to town to do my tasks for today; have a nice afternoon.
9:01 PM
Thanks for apologising
but also, you upset George
@GeorgePompidou See you George.
But if tchrist complains, don't say I didn't warn you.
The Chinese remark at the end set me off
Yes, I was offended by that too
I can't see the thing you mean
9:12 PM
I've deleted that
@GeorgePompidou racist or ableist language is not cool
Thanks @Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 for speaking up :-)
@skullpatrol same to you
He is on my ignore list.
The End
Sadly that is only useful if everyone ignores him all the time
People will eventually
I'm not gonna let him spoil my Christmas :-)
9:32 PM
german is really ableist
and any attempts to fix that ends up in unreadable german :3
because Reasons(R)
this is a Kafka novel. I'm living in a Kafka novel.
everyone except me is completely blind to others being violent toward me.
@Matt it is true that if one is Chinese, one is less likely to be able to pronounce "playa". this is a fact and I was not intending to be racist. now this guy is threatening to hunt me down and I am scared.
this is insane! I need answers.
you need to understand that generalising based on someone's nationality is not acceptable. You need to understand that the very word "retard" in English is not an acceptable word in this chatroom
@skullpatrol please don't threaten people
@GeorgePompidou I think you can feel safe that skull patrol did not mean physically
@GeorgePompidou There's nothing inherently difficult about playa for Chinese speakers, excepting maybe the L
I didn't say they can't pronounce it. but rather that they probably wouldn't know how without prior experience with English. this is just true.
I also think I'm being picked on right now.
but you know what? hey. now I know what's allowed and what's not allowed. I will no longer say anything about people of a particular country, regardless how true.
9:48 PM
Bullets are not new as a typographic term.
A: What is the origin of the phrase "bullet points"?

tchristThe bullet is not new, nor is its name. It has been used by typographers long before the general public caught hold of it. You asked about the origin of the bullet for this purpose. It turns out that the bullet has been used since time immemorial: merely look at Trajan’s Column or Gutenberg’s B...

@GeorgePompidou please don't threaten people
I think you are taking sides Matt.
And apparently I need to enlist pole-dancers to actually upvote my thong.
@GeorgePompidou I have already asked the same of skull patrol
yes, after I brought it to your attention. anything to call me out on what I say is completely unprompted.
9:50 PM
@MattЭллен Consider this a complaint.
Wait, I know what I need.
@GeorgePompidou that's not true.
I need a PICTURE of a pole-dancer wearing a triple-thong!
Image search!
look. can I expect people to stop picking on me and threatening me if I stop saying purposely hateful things?
I assumed that to be true before but it was proven false.
9:53 PM
it's all I want.
Thanks pal.
Mental health 101.
I knew you’d love ’em.
@GeorgePompidou it has not been proven false. you said something hateful, i.e. linking Chinese people to the word retard.
that is hateful.
I did no such thing!
there was absolutely no logical link. this is false.
9:54 PM
I'm not going to repost what you said
I know what I said.
and if you do, you will know I made no implication that Chinese people are as a people associated with retardation.
@tchrist there is a song on youtube called "The thong song"
that's not just on YouTube. it's a popular 90s song by Sisqo
I need but one more upvote for a hat on any 2 of these 3: here, here, or here. In return, I’ll provide you with either a quid-pro-quo or a stunning thong pic.
Your choice. :)
9:56 PM
Thank you.
tchrist for a pic of you in your thong, I'll give you every upvote I have for four years. I'll even sign a contract.
Easily done.
Ok, you asked for it, Toyota:

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