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12:03 AM
s/journeyman/The Dog/
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1:56 AM
Q: How to provision software across multiple laptops

mrKelleyI've got a bunch of laptops for my classroom and I'm using Ubuntu. I want to be able to add/update/remove software across them as easily as possible and I'm not sure how to go about it. I was thinking of editing the /etc/profile file on each machine to curl pipe sh a script that I would host on...

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4:15 AM
I finally made it home! Yay!
4:57 AM
Q: Solution to integer expression expected

UnknownSo I when I run this code on my mac there are no errors, and it provides me the perfect output. But when I run it on Ubuntu or CentOS i get the following error integer expression expected an input file, #!/bin/bash if [ -f $1 ] ; then sum=0 echo "#Name Surname Weapon...

5:10 AM
Anyone here?
5:23 AM
I am here.
Ubuntu boots to a black screen with a blinking cursor for me :(
Live cd seems to be working :/
The reinstall option is grayed out. Why would that be?
5:45 AM
@Braiam Thanks. Shog remembered to ping me elsewhere too, so all cool. Guess I have a writeup to do tomorrow.
who has been messing with the EOL notice? >:D it changed again :D
@Rinzwind winks
You know that you can see in the message history right?
@Seth yes, but that will not stop me complaining >:D
@Qwertieϟ what is the "reinstall option"?
@Rinzwind The one that doesn't wipe the drive
what is now on the hard disc?
5:52 AM
@Rinzwind 14.04 but it is broken
6:16 AM
@Qwertieϟ how broken? the OS? or the hardware so it seems it is the OS?
@Rinzwind OS, I think I messed up the nvidia drivers
I'm copying the home folder to another drive and I'm going to try to wipe and install
a bit more info would help :-)
did you get the notice where it states it goes into low graph mode?
@Rinzwind ?, I was watching a show when suddenly the video froze. Nothing I did had any effect on the screen so I restarted and then some text quickly flashed on the screen (somthing about "failed") and there was just a black screen with a blinking cursor
I managed to get into safe mode but couldn't fix it
hmmm that sounds more problematic.... are you sure nothing died?
@Rinzwind The hardware seems ok. Its working fine on a live cd
6:34 AM
ok :P seems weird though :+)
mind you: if the hdd is dead the live dvd probably will still work :D But since you are copying already that seems not to be the case :P
6:49 AM
It worked :D
7:42 AM
Q: How to install Ubuntu on Virtual memmory to avoid win 7 to slow down

user285oo6After going through this post How to install Ubuntu in a netbook, but keeping the original win7 installation in storage I want to install the Operating System on Virtual storage and i dont know how to install it . Windows 7 Dual Boot + Virtualization under Ubuntu 10.04? doesn't help me because t...

8:14 AM
Q: Problem Windows 8.1 Ubuntu 14.04 dual boot

user3776671I installed Ubuntu 14.04 on a computer that has Windows 8.1 preinstalled, following the next link http://itsfoss.com/install-ubuntu-1404-dual-boot-mode-windows-8-81-uefi/ Now I can not dual boot. This are the options that my GRUB shows. Ubuntu Ubuntu advanced mode Windows Boot Manager (on /de...

8:45 AM
Q: Understanding %CPU command while running top command

user2809564I am trying to understand what does %CPU means when I run top. I am seeing %CPU for my application as 400 or 500 most of the times. Does anyone knows what does this mean? What number is high number? 19080 david 20 0 27.9g 24g 12m S 400 19.7 382:31.81 paper_client

9:12 AM
@Oli - ^^^^ congrats!! - roll on the next year :)
@fossfreedom Thanks
@fossfreedom I told Oli: "You could light one to celibrate (not(!!) saying to smoke it ;-) )" :D
... almost said "roll-up to the next year" ... but no cigar for such bad puns...
@oli do you need any incentive to keep stopping?
9:27 AM
@Rinzwind I have to occasionally remind myself that I don't want a cigarette... But it's not a craving, it's just a situational thing. I still like the smell of cigarettes.
9:43 AM
Q: TLP tool improve Linux laptop battery

user3776671Hello ladies and gentlemen I want to know if ThinkWiki TLP (a tool to improve laptop battery life on Linux systems) has some disadvanges or it is all advantages. Could it happen that the computer breaks earlier, or something like that, maybe because the fan does not work as well as without TLP t...

10:00 AM
Q: What happens when I upvote a duplicate of comment?

PartoIn many situations I have found questions that are duplicate of other questions. The first thing is to flag them as duplicates. In some situations, I find a 'duplicate of' comment already from another user, in such a case there are two possibles: Upvote the 'duplicate of' comment Flag the ques...

10:57 AM
@Oli Oh you quit? Good luck! I've never tried.
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12:08 PM
@terdon Yeah and I'd heartily recommend it if you smoke. It nothing else the sheer cost of smoking these days makes it quite attractive.
12:27 PM
Can somebody help me to do what is done here ((i.e) run a script before login) exactly but with gdm instead of lightdm?
12:38 PM
Q: windows 7 reinstallation killed grub

Ivan VitiI have been running dual boot windows7/ubuntu. Recently I tried to reinstall windows 7, but I no longer have the option to boot to ubuntu. I followed instructions on how to get it back, but none of them seemed to help. Eventually I tried boot-repair and that still did not help. It gave me the fil...

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2:10 PM
Q: What to do for questions on upgrading from EOL releases

saiarcot895So I came across a question where the OP was trying to upgrade from an EOL release. Under normal circumstances, any (new) questions about an EOL release should be closed, but what about someone trying to get off of an EOL release by upgrading? There's a page in the Ubuntu wiki about upgrading fr...

2:27 PM
Q: Ubuntu and Windows dual boot problem

user3776671I installed Ubuntu 14.04 on a computer that has Windows 8.1 preinstalled, following the next link http://itsfoss.com/install-ubuntu-1404-dual-boot-mode-windows-8-81-uefi/ This are the options that my GRUB shows. Ubuntu Ubuntu advanced mode Windows Boot Manager (on /dev/sda2) System...

Q: Install wifi modem buffalo airstation g54

Py-serI borrowed a wifi modem from a friend - buffalo airstation g54 . I don't know anything about the installation, I just would like to use the wifi. I don't have an installation cd. I have found some guides on the web, but all of them are for windows machines. I am on Linux - Ubuntu. Could you pleas...

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5:31 PM
Q: Deffernt between sda and vda

Supun RathnayakeWhen I use the Ubuntu and cent OS, I see "/dev/sda" and "/dev/vda". So I can't understand what is the different between above two ?

5:43 PM
Is any one on?
Q: No logical volume groups found, LVM stuck at boot

msvalkonI'm running Ubuntu 14.04 (64bit). Long story short, I've compiled a custom kernel and now I'm running into some issues with my encrypted hard drive. When I boot my machine and attempt to start the new kernel, it starts loading and reports: Reading all physical volumes, this may take a while ......

6:48 PM
Q: From when it is possible to answer to a closed question?

Radu RădeanuAs far as I know if a question will be closed and in the same time someone write an answer, then a message will appear to that person telling him that he can't answer anymore and everything what he wrote was in vain. But (now I see first time) it seems that things are not really so:

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8:36 PM
Q: Encrypting drive which has content

oshirowanenI have 2 hard drives 3TB each. The first of these drives is full with very important content. I have encrypted the second 3TB drive using the following technique: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_g-W6hrkNA and have copied the files from the non encrypted first drive to the encrypted second d...

8:46 PM
Wow... the Ubuntu tag blew up on UL today >.>
9:42 PM
@Braiam upvote from me
10:41 PM
Q: Know which partitions are primary and which logical

user3776671I have Windows and Ubuntu installed on the same laptop. How can Iknow which partitions are logical or primary using the Terminal?

11:24 PM
> aking1012 starred aking1012/django-orm-pygi
that's funny :)
11:35 PM
@IonicãBizãu any way to change it back? :P
11:45 PM
@Lucio i was moving around some rankings to handle getting the things i wanted on my frontpage
11:57 PM
hm, I need to stop editing stuff on github online then forgeting to pull...
or is there a way for it to allways use the remote version of a single file - like the readme?

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