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5:00 AM
so fancy tea
the gif of teas
yeah fancy tea that doesn't taste very good
After a few infusions it tastes more-or-less like herbal tea though, at which point I'm fine with it.
@ton.yeung Yep that's what I've started doing
an old russian legend has it that the first steeping has to be discarded because the tea was transported in hell knows what conditions and it's better not to risk drinking the first infusion
but that's coz in soviet russia tea drinks you
I just threw two big leaves off of my balcony-grown mint plant into my tea, and it's nothing special
the plant itself smells nice though
@ton.yeung damn who could have thought it's still actual advice
Also exploding toilets
I threw them away this month
!!google japan app toilet 0000 pin
5:10 AM
mah google-fu is infinite
that way you can accidentally kill even more innocent people, now with toilets!
that game is crazy
never before has trigger discipline been so important
What is watch dogs?
a video game
oh yeah I remember now
was supposed to be cool looking and fun, turned out to be mediocre and mediocre
the MC from that game was in one of the Inori 4komas
5:15 AM
I've seen it here
huh for some reason the two mint leaves that were half-purple are now completely green after being in hot water
I wonder why they turned purple in the first place
the leaves are green until they grow to be about 4-5 cm long, then they start to turn purple from the edges
I think these were spearmint seeds I planted, might be wrong though
small leaves are all green, but the big ones are a little purple
I cut them off and added to tea, so there aren't any on the plants now
and I did crush them
5:45 AM
> I like how Nintendo adds pokemons . Every new game feels like a new world. Imagine if they had kept the original 150 forever.
5:57 AM
Q: Why is Furuya's grandfather called "Professor Boil"?

nhahtdhIn the manga, Darin and later Darin's father (Chief of Zoma) keeps referring to Furuya's grandfather as "Professor Boil". Is there a reason behind his name? Below are some examples: Chapter 10 (Darin): Chapter 31 (Darin's father - Chief of Zoma):

6:21 AM
Morning peoples :)
change your name?
I did, yes, I was Magikaas before :P
That just did not feel right in this chat ^^"
We have a pretty big variety of names here
I see, yes :P
now your name kinda like mine
6:28 AM
Hahaha, yeah xD My name is in yours twice ._.
Checked out Bakumatsu Rock yesterday. Music shoujo from what I can tell, not really my type of anime, will see what others think of it xD
And just skipped Free's sequel
not really a fan of bishounen
I just can't stand to see guy picture whole day,
which is why my profile picture is shinobu and not araragi
Did I mix up genres?
I guess I should have said bishounen, my bad
Aha, I can't edit my message xD
Well, not the one from before you spoke ._.
Eh xD
err..I guess bishounen is not genre,
I can't really tell since I can't speak japanesse
bishounen is suppose to be pretty guy
I guess
Yeah, that is true, so I guess bishounen is to describe a character, shoujo is to describe the assumed target audience
I dont know about Bakumatsu or Free are shoujo or not, but from what I see, there's a lot of guy there, which is not really my type of anime
6:39 AM
Since I assume bishounen characters are meant to attract a shoujo audience, for the most part
Same here
It's about music and adulation of the music 'stars'
From the first few minutes I tried out
Oh yeah and I gave up on Brynhildr, I don't know quite what it is, but it just didn't really seem to interest me much anymore, possibly how they covered up any wounds, while still spewing blood everywhere. Not sure what made me drop it, exactly, but I didn't even really want to finish watching the episode I started up last night. I do like the opening song though xD
But all of that is not as important as "2 days! 2 days! 2 days!" o 3 o
isn't kirito going to be a girl there?
@ShinobuOshino Almost
His character is basically a VERY rare model, that looks very feminine and is thus very wanted in the game
But still a male character
isn't your profile picture kirito?
that's male?
It's 'explained' in the first or second episode most likely. depending on how fast/slow they take the story
No, my pic is Asada Shino (Sinon)
I don't really want to say more to avoid spoilers, though I don't really know how much of a spoiler it could be
They show her in the trailer
I don't recognize that name
she's not in SAO?
6:52 AM
She is, I guess I will just say it, it's pretty much explained in the first episode most likely anyway
She is the main side character this arc
Have you seen the trailer?
no, not yet
main side character? I dont know that type of character exist, :p
Well, I guess she's this arc's MC, since Kirito is the anime's MC
I don't really know how far I can go before going into spoiler territory, since I have already read far ahead of this arc
you know you still can talk about it without spoiling anything
@ShinobuOshino Well, you saying that would give me blanket permission to spoil everything that happens this arc >_> I don't really want to do that, if I can help it
no, please don't do that -_-
6:59 AM
Hahaha, see? xD
Now I know I will not talk about that, but I don't know how far I can go without spoiling things. Since not that much information is known about the arc, to anyone that hasn't read the novel
srsly, internet? no image of a blanket with the word "permission" embroided in it?
@user1306322 What? Really? D:
Closest I could find xD
that doesn't count, it's a silk bedsheet
you don't want a bedsheet permission
bed sheet could happen
bad shit, there I said it
!!weather yogyakarta
@ShinobuOshino Yogyakarta: 26.894C (300.044K), overcast clouds
7:07 AM
@HoiHoi-san it doesn't sounds good
!!weather moscow
@user1306322 Moscow: 19.46C (292.61K), Sky is Clear
@ShinobuOshino hah you also typed # at first
yeah I forgot
I guess it work? no? I tried to change it but HoiHoi-san already reply it
it most definitely doesn't work with #
7:17 AM
oh yeah, she must replied it as soon as I hit enter, I got stumbling finger
most accurate presentation about yandere
I expected the player would jump into the heart with open arms in the end
@ShinobuOshino @MadaraUchiha Is that really NSFW? I didn't think things like violence or gore were NSFW. But I don't really know what the guidelines are regarding these things.
Meh maybe it is. Wiki mentions violence so I guess maybe some places have policies on such things.
@LoganM Violence and gore are usually not things you want to have on your screen at work, as far as I know xD
@LoganM Gore can even come close to NSFL depending on severity
Wow people are way too sensitive with these things. But w/e
7:33 AM
it's just blood
and corpse
If my advisor came into my office at work, I'd be way more scared of him seeing me reading a paper unrelated to my research than I would be of him seeing me looking at a violent image (or pretty much anything else really).
I can't process the importance values of these things
violence < unrelated < research < violence
If my advisor saw e.g. porn on my screen, he'd probably just ignore it and keep talking to me. But if he saw a paper that wasn't related to my work, he'd start asking me all kinds of questions and try to figure out what new brilliant idea I had.
(which was probably something like "let's take a break and read something completely irrelevant to everything I care about").
like this violence maybe
@user1306322 undefined
7:38 AM
ok that worked well
So I guess I should start complaining whenever people post academic papers here from now on.
Because I love complaining and this gives me a great excuse.
We can invent a new term "NSFR" ("not safe for research") for things which are too distracting and likely to get researchers in over their heads
I'm going to popularize this term
By the time I'm done, no one will be able to post anything more intelligent than "Hello my name is Sakamoto and I love cute girls".
Hello my name is Taisho and I love cute girls
Hi Taisho
Hello @Taisho I also love cute girls
My name is Taisho. Please, respect that.
7:42 AM
I respect both your name and love of cute girls
user image
#weather moscow
Wow just looked at Free S2, it looks as horrible as S1.
!!tell :16399004 weather moscow
@user1306322 Moscow: 19.6899C (292.84K), few clouds
7:46 AM
!!weather dublin
@ToshinouKyouko Dublin: 60.2239F (15.68C, 288.83K), scattered clouds
how come he got his in celcius by default
!!weather kaliningrad
@user1306322 Kaliningrad: 17.25C (290.4K), scattered clouds
7:49 AM
If there was somewhere that compiled just the scenes with Gou and removed all the topless males, I might actually watch that. But I just can't make it through 25 minutes of male characters in speedos to get a couple lines by the only good character.
male characters in speedos usually means a pretty fun comedy or not my genre entirely
Yeah I can agree with that
also I just figured out wtf is wrong with my vm eating all of the cpu − it's showing animated gifs within its firefox
@LoganM NSFW = Not Safe For Work
As in, things you wouldn't want people to see on your screen if you were at work
@MadaraUchiha Yes I know
I wouldn't care at all if people saw that on my screen and I'm currently (really always) at work
7:52 AM
I am at work. A character dragging another bloody character and drawing a heard on the ground with its blood, isn't something I want on my work screen
@LoganM I mean normal people @LoganM :P
@MadaraUchiha Then clearly you don't count either :P
@MadaraUchiha are there any normal people here anyway?
@LoganM I never claimed to be.
1 min ago, by Madara Uchiha
I am at work. A character dragging another bloody character and drawing a heard on the ground with its blood, isn't something I want on my work screen
Anyway I don't really care.
desktop wallpaper tbh
7:54 AM
@LoganM Never once is the word "normal" mentioned here.
@MadaraUchiha Yes, but in context you implied that it's NSFW because it's something that you wouldn't want to see at work. If you are not yourself normal, that's denying the antecedent, a classic fallacy.
In any case, I don't really care either way
But my understanding of NSFW is that it's primarily for sexually provocative/explicit images which are likely to cause a problem with various companies' sexual harassment policies and content filters.
If it includes violent images, then that's fine, but that isn't what I understood prior to this.
in my understanding, anything unrelated to work is not safe for it, so you could as well not visit this chat room if you're not in anime industry
@user1306322 This image is not worksafe because it's ugly and no reasonable person would want an ugly image on their computer screen, at work or otherwise. But since I'm not a reasonable person I'm fine with it.
I wasn't ready for such harsh criticism ;−;
8:11 AM
@user1306322 Crying emoticon faces are not worksafe because they could be seen by someone who happens to have a bad day and noticing the face breaks down into tears, at which point you get blamed by HR for causing this emotional outburst and fired. Since no reasonable person would want to get fired, it's not allowed. Luckily I'm not reasonable, so I wouldn't get fired even if I made someone else cry.
y u do dis
@user1306322 That phrase is not worksafe because it's an attempt at English text. If it was seen on the screen of a reasonable person in North Korea who was hacking into this chatroom while at work, he could face severe consequences for being in a room which supports such a barbaric language, including being fired or possibly worse. Since a reasonable person wouldn't want that, we can't have English text in this room. Luckily I'm not reasonable, hence why I don't live in North Korea.
Well I'm lucky my internet is back up and I don''t have to do my 100 days again to get the fanatic badge. Also I noticed that stackexchange ended up doing those new badges which is pretty cool.
Yep new badges. You're pretty well into the gold one IIRC
> You've earned the "Famous Question" badge (Asked a question with 10,000 views) for "How do I set Titanfall in-game language to English (Russian version)?".
my one and only golden badge on arqade
8:21 AM
I am trying to get the fanatic badge on three other sites too. Lol.
I need to go home or else I won't get any sleep tonight. I'll see you guys later.
better set up an automation to do it for you on a stationary pc somewhere with a stable connection
I gotta go now too. See ya. :)
8:55 AM
9:07 AM
in the end Soul Eater Not got 7 instead of 8
out of 10?
9:48 AM
1 hour later…
11:03 AM
@Eric shouldiblamecaching.com
1 hour later…
12:30 PM
@user1306322 It's not blood! it's strawberry jam! blood is never that nor nor does anyone bleed that way!
@user1306322 you've been desensitized!
Back :p
@AsadaShino welcome back d:
user image
hehehe ^^
@Krazer Going to catch up on this when I find the time :P
@Krazer Latest episode I saw was the one where she was introduced, so pls D:
Anyway xD
2 days! 2 days! 2 days!
1:12 PM
@Krazer who is this
i can also only make pizza
@ToshinouKyouko Tina Sprout in Black Bullet
2 hours later…
3:04 PM
( ' 3')
3:22 PM
@ton.yeung I don't know how to deal with this message.
What do you need help with? If you're looking for a specific command, type #help command. For a list of all commands, type #commands. For a list of all help entries, type #help *
@ton.yeung I don't know how to deal with this message.
@ton.yeung I don't know how to deal with this message.
Core commands: about, help, commands, usercommands, (undo), (trust), (ignore), (say), (tell), (reply). <list is incomplete> Dev commands: (learn) Adv commands: (mal), (recommend), (meaning), (thesaurus), (synonym), (timer). <list is incomplete> There are also 0 user-defined commands that you can see if you say #usercommands.
wait what
i thought he was a person :(
@ton.yeung That didn't make much sense. Use the !!/help command to learn more.
4:09 PM
@badp This is lovely. Thank you~
4:58 PM
WELP! Baka Tsuki is down!
5:19 PM
Q: looking for a particular artstyle

JasonI like the megaman/rockman zero and zx series of games mainly for their art style. Its clearly anime/manga but different from anything else I have seen. Does anyone know of an anime/manga series that uses similar art style?

6:04 PM
Q: What's the name of this vehicle in Code Geass?

nekomeido I tried the wiki, but couldn't find any information on this cool-looking walking (hydron?) canon. http://codegeass.wikia.com/wiki/Vehicles

1 hour later…
7:05 PM
@AsadaShino Oh yeah, I was reading this manga and then it got lost in the Great Batoto Follows List Crash of 20XX.
7:42 PM
Is the manga getting a reboot? I hadn't heard that.
All I know is that the manga ended recently
8:05 PM
I successfully got the curious badge on Area 51 discussion zone. I just had to undelete a few self-deleted questions and apparently that brought me into the net positive question range, despite the large number of automatically deleted posts.
Inquisitive seems near-impossible there though, and socratic is just silly. So that's probably the last obtainable one.
8:16 PM
I did say that they might be considering a manga reboot or something like that, but AFAIK nothing is announced and the only thing which is still being produced is the LN.
8:46 PM
@LoganM Is the curious a new badge? I get it without doing anything for a long time.
@ton working on you know what tomorrow, mostly content and hosting
@hwlau Yes, they just created it yesterday
what is "positive question record"?
It's something complicated
link for explanation?
8:50 PM
IIRC you need to satisfy an inequality which is something like (# total questions - # deleted questions - # closed questions - # questions with negative score) / # total questions >= 0.5
The original meta post is this:
Q: Asking days badges

Jon EricsonA couple of months ago, I suggested a set of badges for asking questions. The responses were... mixed. The top answer can be summarized: In practice, all this would do is encourage people to ask yet more stupid, worthless questions and we have quite enough of that as it is. We believe that ...

But apparently some specifications have changed since then.
Your criteria seems extremely easy to satisfy.
It is quite easy on most sites if you aren't spamming or posting junk
yes, that is what I mean
But I think they were worried that on SO people would just ask tons of questions to try to game the badge.
user image
8:53 PM
Doing that a lot just hurts you in the end.
ic, there is a gold badge for 100 questions
which encourage asking more questions
Most sites need more volume of questions, so IMO it's a good addition
I'm quite certain we could handle twice as many questions as we're getting right now without much trouble.
are you sure even after this site grad?
8:56 PM
Yes, I don't think it would be a problem

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