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12:00 PM
In the Hindu epic Ramayana, the vanara Vali (, nominative singular of the root वालिन् Valin), also known as Bali (, , , Yuan: Bari, , Lao: Palichan) was king of Kishkindha, a son of Indra and the elder brother of Sugriva. He was killed by Rama, an Avatar of Vishnu. Early life Vali was famous for the boon that he had received, according to which anyone who fought him in single-combat lost half his strength to Vali, thereby making Vali invulnerable to any enemy. Once Ravana called Vali for a fight when Vali was doing his regular Sandhyavandanam. He took Ravana in his tail and took him ar...
we should start explaining in the answers rather than just posting sources
I hate new series
do you have source to old one?
@TheDictator that article is nice.. but unfortunately, it is image which is not letting me to copy it. :(
and I am Lazy to type!!
@Mr_Green thats why i have not updated it as an asnwer... :D
Q: Do Gods die in Hiduism?

Ankit SharmaIn Christianity God dies, similarly in Norse mythology. So is there any story in Hinduism about death of Gods?

It can be worded better.
12:09 PM
God's avatars died like Lord Krishna..
@Mr.Alien IMO, both are called Bali.
i ma still curious for this questions answer...
@Mr_Green not avatar's
one from Kerala another one from Andhra
12:10 PM
@AnkitSharma as far as I know, krishna died
According to Hindu mythology, Adi Parashakti—the Goddess, Devi—is the Supreme Being and recognized as Para Brahman. The Devi Bhagwata Mahapurana suggests that Adi Parashakti is the original creator, observer and destroyer of the whole universe. Today's Scientist call her Supreme Intelligence or Sacred Energy, and she is known commonly around the world simply as God. It is she who created everything which exists in the Universe. Hence Adi Parashakti is Parama Prakriti. Goddess Durga is the original manifested form of Mother Adi-Parashakti.Godess Durga is Adi- Parashakti herself. Durga or...
this is what i got as an asnwer.. but not the ideal one...
@VineetMenon wrong ping?
@VineetMenon you are wrong man
@Mr.Alien updated question. Krisna is avatar of vishnu
@Mr.Alien i agree with u...
12:11 PM
@TheDictator 's source tells correct
haha never took interest in our gods so much
neither me :)
so do i....
@AnkitSharma haha now that is not valid, its and upgraded version and not updated one
@Mr_Green okay.. let it be.. don't accept my edit.
12:12 PM
This Bali and vaali is confusing to me.
@Mr.Alien before Hinduism was in commitment phase, I used to waste my time in 4chan.. now it's SE... GREAT
@TheDictator answer for that trimurti question? Then i have this kind of more then 8 answers :P
@AnkitSharma please.. :D i got one... but i think thats not that much signified..
@VineetMenon I used to waste when I was working, now I hardly answer on the main
@TheDictator others are Surya, krishna, brahma, vishnu. In one beleve trinity is not even trinity and they are 5. And so on.
12:17 PM
@Mr_Green which source? about bali adn rama?
@AnkitSharma which demigods? Chsirtians have demigods?
I think this site wont be that active.. after Indian hours
Q: Why all Pandava married Draupadi?

Mr. AlienWhy did Pandavas i.e Yudhisthira, Bhima, Arjuna, Nakula and Sahadeva married the same woman i.e Draupadi?

@TheDictator yes?
@Mr.Alien there are some gringos who are interested in Hinduism.. I haven't seen them on chat but they were there on main site.
u were not known to the fact?
12:20 PM
@VineetMenon yes, I saw few but not more. I wish people start taking interest
@TheDictator tbh no
@VineetMenon I was typing so was busy
done and added as answer
@Mr.Alien i still remember the scene of B R Chopra's Mahabharat when Yudhisthir tells Kunti that Maa hum aapke lie kuch leke aae hai
2 hours ago, by Mr. Alien
@VineetMenon nope, I watch discovery and nat geo, I hardly watch tv
@Mr.Alien being this edgy..
@TheDictator do you remember anything more? :P
12:25 PM
@Mr.Alien i got that.. even i watch that too.. Right now History with 'Pawn Stars' and many more
@Mr_Green i do... the Vastraharan scene... :D
Q: Do Gods die in Hinduism?

Ankit SharmaIn Christianity God dies, similarly in Norse mythology. So is there any story in Hinduism about death of Gods? P.S. I am not talking about Avatar.

@TheDictator i would love to see that scene from newer mahabharat
@VineetMenon always...
@VineetMenon hahaha... i dont watch that... but i guess its already broadcasted
you guys are spoiled by "you_know_who"
12:27 PM
@TheDictator pawn or pron?
@TheDictator bot
@Mr.Alien thats Pawn Stars :D
Even the one show Kings of Restoration is also quit good one
I'll see budapest movie today
12:32 PM
@VineetMenon Human re-incarnate?
@Mr_Green yup..
they reborn as other life forms or blessed with moksha
@Mr_Green you were something else in your past life adn will be something else in next
@Mr_Green 'reborn' is called incarnation.
@Mr.Alien i have seen them only in avengers
I was confused for a while who was incarnated in Avengers :/
12:34 PM
@Mr_Green I still am. who reincarnated in Avengers?
Souls and Brahman?
why Brahmans?
@VineetMenon dictator had pinged me before instead of Mr. Alien
@Mr_Green because he's God. i guess.
In Hindu monotheism, the concept of God varies from one sect to another. Hinduism (by its nature as a regional rather than a doctrinal religious category) is not exclusively monotheistic, and has been described as spanning a wide range of henotheism, monotheism, polytheism, panentheism, pantheism, pandeism and monism, etc. The philosophical system of Advaita or non-dualism as it developed in the Vedanta school of Hindu philosophy, especially as set out in the Upanishads and popularised by Adi Shankara in the 9th century, would become the basis of mainstream Hinduism as it developed ...
@Mr_Green lolz that was the missping.. :D
I never heard of the above wiki before
@Mr.Alien busy?
@Mr_Green yup, will brb in 2 mins
12:40 PM
@Mr_Green back
I have one css issue
let me know once you visited it.. I will delete the comment
let me check
@VineetMenon We call Lord Shiva "Mrutyunjaya"
that means He can defeat death right?
12:53 PM
nice one
A: Do Gods die in Hinduism?

vedicIn hinduism , everything has cycle of life and death. Universe has a life of 100 brahma years (311 trillion 4o billion human years), Devtas 1 day equals 1 year of humans. So yes everything has age. But for all practical reasons, God's are immortal. Godess Parvati (incarnation of Godess Sati) be...

Very neat answer
Q: What is the science behind wearing red tilak and sandal wood tilak on foreheads?

A runningMindHindus prefer to wear red tilak and sandal wood tilak on foreheads. Is there any specific reason behind this?

1:08 PM
@Mr.Alien if you are still working on it.. then leave it. I thought you might knew some trick.
nah actually am having popcorns and yeur demo is right in front of me
@Mr.Alien pass it on.. :D
i am hungry
I am leaving for today
see you guys on Monday.. (may be)
Happy Weekend!!
1:10 PM
@Mr_Green see you, have a great weekend!
where were you all this time? :D
@Mr_Green actually, I was working on some app. Just got time and came here directly :)
@Mr_Green =cya and will post a solution soon
I'll be online when I get home again!
Hey guys are you all free at the moment?
1:15 PM
eating popcorns, does that count free/?'
@TheDictator wait for a while
Ahhh...lucky guys. Here i am running away from work to read chat summary.
I have a strong feeling that the english of this website will be a disaster
@vedic Just because the gods have a sense of time does not mean they are mortal or that they age. The gods do not in fact age. — Keshav Srinivasan 4 mins ago
@AnkitSharma I am free, for now. But why?
@Mr.Alien I think we really need to define god according to hinduism, is there an existing question about it?
@DroidDev not yet, I think someone posted and got deleted cuz I closed it as too broad
@Mr.Alien if I post it as "What is the definition of god according to hinduism?", will it be too-broad?
I don't think this will be broad in any way. Any other ideas?
1:24 PM
yea exactly it will be, I mean, what we should expect as an answer? Hindus find gods in Rocks, some find on paper, for us, everything is god and hence we pray when something falls from our hands, and we pray before we throw the left over foods so.. I feel it would be vague
Guys, here's a notice, I cannot pin so make sure we star and keep it above other messages
or individual meta discussions for each topic — Shog9 ♦ 3 mins ago
@Mr.Alien as new starred messages keep coming it will go down, you can star in, but it will go down the list eventually. I don't think (or at-least I have not seen) the starring system system work that way
as you can see, there are currently many single starred messages above the two-starred messages in starboard
@Mr.Alien as you can see in this answer, the question is about the gods, but the answerer has included everyone in answer explanation, like devtas and others like Hanuman and Parshuram.
That's why I asked that we need to define what is god
yea thats bad... also shog told me that we should start retagging the questions
@DroidDev I think we preach them equally as god right? personally I feel that it would sound broad to ask such a question..
@Mr.Alien but still, they are not gods. That's why we have different terms for them
should we start a meta over this?
@Mr.Alien ya, I think we should, but what will be the question?
1:32 PM
see this similar one
Q: What is Hinduism?

user3603546I am currently confused between these alternatives: the sum total of all traditions followed in modern day India? the value system of Canakya Pandita, the principal creator of the modern-day India? the value system of Mahatma Gandhi? the value system of emperor Ashoka, whose emblem India still ...

I am at office now. I'll try to draft one, once I get home. If you can do it, please go forward and post it. :)
Sure I can but I would like you to do it as its your idea, if people agree it will be you who will post on the main... I'll wait for your post on meta.. :)
@Mr.Alien ok, thank you for appreciation. I'll do it tonight. :)
Q: According to Ramayana/Mahabharat why Agni (Fire) is different from other pancha bhoota?

HarikrishnanI read from a mythological story that the Fire(Agni Lingam) is entirely different and very important than other pancha bhoota like Water (Appu Lingam), Sky(Akasha Lingam), Air(Vayu Lingam), Land(Prithivi Lingam). Is it completely true? If yes what are the reasons for that?

@DroidDev don't be so formal ;) and sure.
1:38 PM
@Mr.Alien actually it is a habit developed in office and on MSE chat. I don't think of these sentences, they just automatically pop-out from my mind.
yea I like the discipline here :)
I think I will go ahead and rename vishnu and shiv as lord-vishnu and lord-shiv
before the questions increases for these two
or should I keep it as is, am confused
@Mr.Alien I don't think that'll be a good idea. I think we should keep the or different and then create tags like and and so on
ummm so I will rename the lord ganesh tag as ganpati or ganesh
@Mr.Alien ya, that'll be good
done, renamed lord-ganesh to ganesh
1:46 PM
@vedic Hi
About tagging , how about Ganesh: ?
":" at the end
whats that colon for?
@vedic why? Actually I am not able to get the reason behind it.
1:51 PM
it should be ganesha
The name gets closer to actual sanskrit pronunciation
@vedic but we are writing in english. I think it doesn't change anything if we write ":" at the end of a word in english
:) I agree but still its gives better feel
or maybe its just me
its just you ;)
Also, english is evolving language it can always take on 27 th alphabet :D
1:53 PM
but its not bad to suggest/recommend, keep them coming, more suggestions, more better the site will get
@vedic LOL, please try to understand. That would be meaningless to add a colon. It might feel better, because we know the actual meaning. If anyone else comes to site, with no knowledge about Hinduism, he'll be confused with this tag and its meaning.
@DroidDev ... and then that person will end up asking a question regarding colon at end and we will have to explain them. sounds good to me. :)
@vedic and that can continue for n number of new users visiting site everyday, just once it gets to public beta.
for the moment english will have only 26 alphabets. haha
1:58 PM
2:29 PM
I hope am not wrong here
As far as I know, when he won, he was than titled as god of Intelligence.. — Mr. Alien 19 secs ago
you are right, according to ques. answer is wrong
I think so.. yes..
Argh! These things are so confusing..
2:46 PM
@Mr.Alien why do you think this is too broad?
I am not able to get it
3:03 PM
Q: Soil for Durga Maa puja

Afzaal Ahmad ZeeshanLike many other poojas (prayers) of hindus they celebrate Durga Maa pooja by creating an idol for her. But I never understood (even I saw that happen, in many movies, Devdas, Aanand) why is the soil for such holy ritual taken from land of prostitutes? Any divine context for this?

@DroidDev which one? and gosh, the guy is not able to understand my answer ^^
3:19 PM
@Mr.Alien I have linked the question in my message
ok, its this one
Q: What is Hinduism?

user3603546I am currently confused between these alternatives: the sum total of all traditions followed in modern day India? the value system of Canakya Pandita, the principal creator of the modern-day India? the value system of Mahatma Gandhi? the value system of emperor Ashoka, whose emblem India still ...

Sorry I missed the link because visited color is too similar to the normal one, and I commented that as too broad because, it will generate multiple opinion based answers
and its not literally possible for one to define hinduism
@Mr_Green Use JS
yup ok
A: Why did Lord Rama strike from back to kill Vaali

Keshav SrinivasanWe don't need to speculate; we can look at the justification Rama himself gave for his actions: (This is all taken from this translation of the Valmiki Ramayana.) 1) In response to Vali's claim that Rama has no jurisdiction to enforce laws there, since they're not in Ayodhya, Rama says that the ...

^ Upvotes pls.. to the answer
awesome answer
^ Planning to buy this shirt but too expensive :(
I read that as mast*rbate :(
3:26 PM
ohhh I can shop too many clothes in that amt
nice for you :)
no, you got me wrong
I said we can shop too many clothes IN that amount and not OF that amount :)
ahh I see.. my bad
English is a phunny language
3:30 PM
yeah :D
you dont program in php right?
my mind is turning towards spiritual things these days.. specifically from yesterday :)
I do programming in php.. why?
aah ok ok, I thought you don't and yes, I am getting new info whenever someone asks a new question :D
and its kinda fun to know our religion
yeah confusing and I want to know more and more deeply
yea its interesting
3:32 PM
@Mr_Green I second that.
@vedic I didn't get you.
not your fault, I am poor in english.
I second that means he supports what you said, kinda same views
@Mr_Green mine is worse
ohh I see
:) as @Mr.Alien said
3:35 PM
yeah I am sure we will learn many things here if we stick around
I have learned a lot here , its gud people took initiative and have done a wonderful job here
I wish the site makes it to graduation
Karm kare ja phal ki icha na kar ...
^ haha alak niranjan :D
@Mr.Alien I hope same :)
3:40 PM
4:05 PM
Anybody here?
delete the question
why not good? :(
every religion worships statues
no one worships real gods :)
nah there is importance related to Hindus
I had once read it
I don't think so.. :)
4:07 PM
man, all things I read it somewhere
I am also still here
I hope you are wrong :)
lets see
but only in read-only mode :P
me too but if I am getting thoughts I am posting..
finally going home
long day at work
goodbye! see you guys
4:11 PM
@Mr.Alien I think you are right..
have a great weekend
but still lets see.. because sometimes I am countering with surprise answers on this site.
going for dinner.
Q: What is the significance of Murthi pooja (Idol worship)?

Mr_GreenHindus believe in worship of Murthi (statue). What is the reason for this? I am believing that God exist in statue from my childhood but I don't have exact clarification or history behind it.

4:36 PM
@Mr_Green was away for dinner
1 hour later…
5:51 PM
anybody still here?
o/ present sir
I'm also back!
@DroidDev where are you from?
@Mr.Alien I'm from punjab
where are you from?
I suppose you are Indian
6:06 PM
He is Alien
aaah I love punjabi food, and I am from Mumbai
@Mr.Alien amchi mumbai, I've never been there and I also love punjabi food ;)
@Mr.Alien bad joke right?
6:10 PM
@DroidDev I am crazy for punjabi food, and I've being to chandigarh but not to roam, had a flight from there, unfortunately got cancelled and I traveled to Delhi... :(
@Mr_Green no joking, I love it
@Mr.Alien oh, that's sad :(( I love chandigarh. very neat and clean, and beautiful city.
I am living in chandigarh currently
hey good to see you all
@vedic which Gods are you referring to then? There is only one Supreme God, so what mortal "Gods" are you talking about then? – cheenbabes 18 mins ago
yea I saw that, green sign boards everywhere, but whats the funny part, was asking where's the airport and the guy said go right, and his hand was pointing towards left :D
what is the most suitable answer to this comment according to you
@Mr.Alien lol, that's funny indeed :D
6:13 PM
Mr. Alien he probably was left handed :D
happened twice, and I was amazed that wow, show left and point towards right and vice versa.. but good city, just the weather gets bad often
@Mr.Alien Actually that's the weather of whole north India. It is always extreme. Chandigarh is somewhat good from that point of view. It is never too hot or too cold as compared to other regions in north India.
when I was there, it was dusty and cloudy even in summers, ummm it was April I guess...
Ah, thanks I got my answer :)
@Mr.Alien That was just starting of summer. Real summer is now a days. It is dusty because of harvest season and chandigarh is cloudy at-least once a month even when it's not rainy season.
6:21 PM
ohhh I get it now
I wanna come there once
@Mr.Alien you are most welcome mate :)
thanks :)
Q: Definition of God, on-topic/off-topic?

DroidDevThere are many gods in Hinduism and hence many questions would arise about gods of Hinduism. This post intends to decide, that whether we should make or create a canonical question on main site, in which the definition of god will be explained according to Hinduism. The post will contain: Def...

@Mr.Alien Please see ^^ question.
Please provide your input on discussion, I think it has to be done, or there are gonna be comment wars under many posts on main site
@DroidDev Sure, give me few mins, I'll get back to the post
take your time
6:44 PM
I had used "deity" instead of God in one of my questions
6:58 PM
gonna sleep now, goodnight guys
ok bye good night
7:16 PM
Q: Does the Gita have any apocrypha?

James JenkinsThe Abramic religions have Biblical apocrypha sections of the work claimed by some to be authentic but excluded by the main body of the religion. Does the Gita have any similar sections?

Damn I was not able to login from my phone
Nyt everyone
3 hours later…
10:10 PM
Q: Does "day of Brahma" refer to the Trimurtic creator deity or to the supreme Brahman?

senshinIn Hindu cosmology, particularly long periods of time are reckoned in terms of units like "days of Brahma", where one day of Brahma is equal to 4.32 billion "human" years. I always thought that the "Brahma" here was Brahma as in the creator deity of the Trimurti. However, in another answer, it ...

1 hour later…
11:40 PM
Q: Why are temples devoted to Brahma so rare?

senshinIt is well-known that temples devoted to Brahma are extremely rare compared to temples devoted to Vishnu and Shiva (or, indeed, any number of other deities, e.g Murugan, Ganesh, Hanuman, etc.). Question 1: Why is this? I am of course familiar with the standard mythological justification - in one...


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