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12:16 AM
congratulations for the new site :)
12:29 AM
@Mujahidمجاهد Thank you and welcome!
1:29 AM
@SRahulBose I find it strange that you criticized some of the other answers as rants, then begged for upvotes so you could answer your own questions, then proceeded to write the biggest rant yourself. I don't want to say it's straight out trolling, but please don't do that again.
2:26 AM
Alright. Private Beta mode = On :D
3:01 AM
@RBK Are you a hindu yourself?
Day 1 and learning already. ^_^
2 hours later…
5:31 AM
ahhh...i am late to the party :(
2 hours later…
7:10 AM
@AnkitSharma So am I. I guess the beta started at night in India and hence automatically Indians were left behind. :(
@all, we need a suuuper logo for this site. Is it allowed during beta phase?
7:48 AM
@VineetMenon no its not allowed yet.
WE need to graduate first.
7:59 AM
It'll take a while to customize the site guys. Let's focus on the questions first. Get some good content out!
awesome.. we're now private beta :)
and just finished my first answer..
8:18 AM
1 hour later…
9:32 AM
@AnkitSharma kk. Anyway, customization and stylization can wait.. :)
@VineetMenon first need to work on quality and quantity. Obviously quality first.
@AnkitSharma true.
There's going to ba a barrage of realy useless question on the site.. we all should act as moderators to stop those.
Yup for sure
Meta time
Q: How much of Ayurveda is accepted here?

Ankit SharmaAs of now, we don't have Ayurveda.SE yet. And many time its proposal got failed. But know Hinduism is live and Vedas are part of it. Now my concern is that is Ayurveda completely acceptable or is it partially acceptable? Or up-to what extent?

yeah! +1 for Ayurveda.
@VineetMenon i have proposed Ayurveda over Area51 twice and got failed.
9:46 AM
why? because of low turnouts?
we really need to be active for a couple of months..
because lack of followers.
This time someone copied my idea

Proposed Q&A site for anyone who is interested in learning about the Holy Medical Science Ayurveda

Currently in definition.

but also not exceeding.
The Hinduism site is turning into a mess I think. Someone said Hinduism allows use of drugs, alcohols!! I hope no body takes such answer seriously!
@jabahar don't judge soon.
Use your powers....down-vote to hell.
9:49 AM
@jabahar haha.
it's bound to happen.. and I expected to see such question after Quora
@AnkitSharma why the hell 'holy'?
yeah, i just feel what if someone from other religion or from our religion sees this and says "Hey, cool. Hinduism allows drugs and alcohols. Let's drink!"
people shouldn't try to sound esoteric or lunatic while discussing science
@jabahar implying you haven't heard about hippies.
the primary reason for ISCKON's populrity was hippy culture
yeah but there are no such hippies in our culture na
and it shouldn't turn into one
someone asked a question regarding charvak outlook... just guess what will happen if someone thinks it to be real !
@jabahar don't you know the latest fad in Indian young men about everything western? drinking, smoking weed, live-in etc.
@VineetMenon because answer is not accurate. Bhang is not drugs.
9:55 AM
@jabahar I don't see a problem with that.. It's our history and we shouldn't shirk it off..
@AnkitSharma only because it's not addictive.
@VineetMenon because its natural and doesn't even harm that much.
yeah... materialistic living to it's best ! You live only once.. so lets eat, smoke, drink... i don't have any agenda against this, but just that don't like when people say in favor of this without a complete knowledge
take bhang for example..
an answer says bhang is allowed in Hinduism, what a novice will understand?
@jabahar fair enough.. neither do I.
i will go with other existing answer.
I can't say the answer is wrong, because bhang is actually allowed in Hinduism, but in what context and when?
10:00 AM
that's what happens when you take rituals to it's logical extreme..
without proper understanding of the inner philosophical underlining..
Some sadhus and ascetics use it for their spiritual practice, but does it mean everyone should use it!
yeah, right... that's what i am sayaing
so how can it be made that the user who answers will provide proper reference and context for such claims?
How is Bhang not drugs though?
Allowed or disallowed is a separate matter altogether
Bhang () is a preparation from the leaves and flowers (buds) of the female cannabis plant, consumed as a beverage in the Indian subcontinent. Indian Sub-continent Bhang has been used as an intoxicant for centuries in the Indian sub-continent. Bhang in India and Nepal is distributed during some Hindu festivals like Holi, and consuming bhang at such occasions is a standard practice. It is also available as Bhang goli (pill) which is just freshly ground cannabis with water. Apart from this, sweetened bhang golis are also widely available. These are not considered a drug, but a traditiona...
because you will not find it in any drugs store :D
Neither will you find weed at a drug store. Nor any opiates.
bhang is not considered a drug, but a traditional sleeping aid and appetizer. Bhang is also part of many ayurvedic medicinal preparations.
10:04 AM
@jabahar hahahahha....gud one
Let's talk about the technical difference Ankit
Valium is subscribed as pain medication
Doesn't make it less of a drug
But Bhang powder is available at ayurvedic dispensaries.
They allow people to get high at Divya pharmacy? :O
@AdityaSomani not addictive. unlike marijuana or cocaine.
10:06 AM
yup....not all but few. Even mentioned in wiki.
If it is made from cannabis indica
and is literally leaves just mashed together
how is it not addictive
its used in some ayurvedic process just like morphine etc used in modern medicine
Plus caffeine is addictive, nicotine is addictive and still legal
and morphine is a drug
@AdityaSomani does it being from the same genus as marijuana make it have same properties?
No, cannabis and bhang are the same thing
10:07 AM
@AdityaSomani that was the very purpose of this SE site.. to gather sources about Hinduism..
the same thing
not the same genus
just like marijuna used sometimes, but they shouldn't be consumed daily i think
it's too difficult to discuss someone about Hinduism..
That's fine, but as you mentioned, classifying bhang as not a drug
because it may be used to relieve pain
or in some hindu festivals
is the same as saying that marijuana
should not be classified as a drug
@AdityaSomani It seems you were right..
10:09 AM
because people enjoy using it or it can also be used to relieve pain.
there's something called Bhand addiction.
i believe this can be taken in the wrong sense as jabahar mentioned
people can be addictive to anything but is bhang addictive or not can't be judge by few. Is there any scientific proof?
Indeed, people can be addicted to most addictive substances
If there any, i will be happy to know
10:11 AM
let me ask something, any one of us have taken bhang or not?
i have maybe once
@AnkitSharma as in addicted to shagging.. but that's not bad.. is it? :P
but it's been a long long time
not yet......not even planned yet
@jabahar nope
10:11 AM
@AnkitSharma my point is
If you were to compare it to marijuana
It's just another form of marijuana
or ganja for that matter
@AdityaSomani but definitely not cocaine or other powdered stuffs
seems like we are some rookies who have not used drugs talking about addiction level of drugs :D
@VineetMenon that's what i am saying
a mild preparation of marijuana made from young leaves and stems of the Indian hemp plant, Cannabis sativa, drunk with milk or water as a fermented brew or smoked for its hallucinogenic effects.
Bhang is atleast natural and even Weed/ganja allowed in some countries and its not criminal.
10:13 AM
@VineetMenon Sure, it's not as bad, but still doesn't make it not a drug
@AnkitSharma Weed is natural too
@jabahar ther's a name to it.. armchair philosophers. :P
It's not a discussion about whether it's natural or acceptable or not
It's a discussion about what it is
yup i know and weed or bhang is not as harmfull as cocaine or meth.
That's all my point is
Acceptable or not is decided by an individual. But saying that I don't do weed but I do bhang because bhang is not a drug and weed is. That's incorrect IMO.
@AdityaSomani the point of discussion was about the question about drug in Hinduism...
10:15 AM
Indeed. Indeed. Cocaine and Meth. Not even the same level as the others
Can you post a link to the question Vineet.
@VineetMenon ahh... you got me
I wan't to say which puran in Hinduism say to take drug?
Q: Are drugs allowed in Hinduism?

Afzaal Ahmad ZeeshanIn India, people do drugs and take alcohol. This can be interpreted as there being no law in India to stop them from drinking and doing drugs. But is taking alcohol really allowed in Hinduism, or did people forget that it was forbidden by the teachings?

yea, this is the question i was talking about
btw, is this dude 'Afzaa Zeeshan' a muslim?
see, the op is from other religion and the answer he accepted is actually faulty.
10:18 AM
another jem,
@VineetMenon is there any problem with that question?
I think we need chatroom Feed for our main site and meta questions.
@AnkitSharma actually, rigveda has references to a drink named 'soma'.. but unfortunately no one knows for sure if it's a alcoholic drink or not.
@jabahar I absolutely agree. I am not against telling the truth but basing a religion's beliefs based on a country is wrong.
India and Hindu are separate entities.
Hindu's exist in Indonesia as well. I believe they are welcome on this site as much as anyone else.
@AnkitSharma for me it's too vague a question moreover, he probably has answered it in the question itself...
@AdityaSomani my only problem with the asnwer is that, it says bhang is drug but in hinduism bhang is not treeted as drugs. I am not saying any scietific things here.
10:21 AM
anyway, I have flagged it.
@AnkitSharma Okay, I understand that sure. Sorry for the misinterpretation earlier.
@AnkitSharma RBK's answer seems to be Okay
@VineetMenon that's why it has upvotes
@AdityaSomani i like Hinduism but i know it have flaws. I am even against few things from Garuda puran which is obviously part of Hinduism.
10:28 AM
Garuda purana is scary as shit man..
I remeber a Tamil movie by the name Anniyan, if you know that..
Every religion has some flaws. but whatever flaws there are only man made
I feel a religion is like an open journal
@VineetMenon Anniyan...don't know. I know Aparichit , is they same?
People come and write their stories about their followings of it
It's your decision to reprimand what is write and wrong and interpret it correctly
Mahabharat for instance
@AnkitSharma yeah, Aparachit was the hindi translation.
10:31 AM
you won't believe so many flaws and misconception there are in the things people commonly believe. but as they have got accepted as the truth convincing people is diffcult
Whatever could have gone wrong has gone wrong in that book. Hence it is used as an example of Adharma.
Even Hinduism is conflicting. Specially garud pura sayings conflicts with Ramayana believes.
ahh atlast
I was not able to chat from about one hour in this room. due to some error.
@Mr_Green welcome
Thanks :)
10:33 AM
yeah, i was actually saying about wrong beliefs in Hinduism
I desperately want to see answer of MANDARA question.
I will say kuritiyaan.
@Mr_Green a gentle remainder that you can do whatever you want except shitposting.
@AnkitSharma what the hell is that?
and MANDARA? Ramayana wali?
Q: What is the story of Hiranyakashipu's son Mandara?

Keshav SrinivasanIn the Anushasana Parva of the Mahabharata, in the course of recounting the boons that Shiva has bestowed upon various people, there is a description of a certain son of the demon Hiranyakashipu by the name of Mandara: He who was the foremost of all [of Hiranyakashipu's] sons and who was cele...

I mean कुरितियाँ
I wish I knew or had read histroy :)
@AnkitSharma gaaaaaa! never heard of this story... let's wait for the answers..
10:40 AM
Now i think my Hinduism knowledge is pretty much lacking.
Another meta
Q: What should be our chatroom name?

Ankit SharmaCurrently our chatroom name is Hinduism. Are we going to stick with it or what to change it? Note:- Fell free to add your chatroom name suggestion as answers.

Hinduism is such a broad and vast field that knowing everything about it by studying or learning is hardly possible, at least for us modern guys
Our chat room should name as "Pushpak"
how is it?
@Mr_Green add it as an answer to the meta question....
Submit it as an answer and we can decide by voting
10:46 AM
@Mr_Green lets see.
I need few option before voting ;)
@AnkitSharma breaking bad fan?
yup np
yup die heart fan
die hard*
And this is my fav place over all SE
10:48 AM
me too
Next is ofcourse "Game of Thrones"
bloody, but I like it :)
how many of you guys are students and from where all?
I'm a working dude from mumbai.
working from Hyd
Fan of Chess.com
i left job and became a monk. Now i left monkhood and will seach for a job :)
@jabahar lol'd. we all are something like that.. running behind random things.. :)
@Mr_Green report karo close karne ke liye..
@jabahar btw, are you serious?
10:54 AM
@VineetMenon why you said mumbai. I miss mumbai :(
yeah, i am serious. I ran behind finding out who the hell god is and after years of practice and spiritual activity found out that God is Nothing.
Working in Bnaglore.
@AnkitSharma haha..
@jabahar inb4, you should have listened to your parents. :P
One vote left to close. Our first closed question :D
yeah but my parents could not exactly tell who god is
10:57 AM
@jabahar dude.. I'm curious about your story.. carry on.
@VineetMenon how should I report?
By flagging?
@Mr_Green yup. flagging or close. say it's duplicate
@Mr_Green currently we don't have dedicated mods, so close vote is more fine.
@VineetMenon to be frank i do have a story, but may be later. i was obsessed about finding out about God, life, etc. and from childhood had wondered here and there looking for answers.
11:01 AM
Because community mods can't be free for us all the time.
@jabahar i though you were joking.
@jabahar good. sometime later then... But do share your experience with us.. It would be enlightening
nah... it's real. you won't believe how much troubled i was by certain questions. I don't know much about Hinduism in terms of culture and customs but i am aware about most of the core practices and philosophy of hinduism
why no one is closing that post?
need only ONE close vote yaar
@Mr_Green there're no mods.
@Mr_Green, you can close it, proqbably.
I did give my close vote
11:06 AM
before your vote, how much was the count? I thought yours will be 5th vote
But if you have flagged it then community mod can review it but how soon....can't say.
Mine vote was forth ;)
before my vote, the count was One
mine was two
and other two was contributed from this room, I presume
I was the one who requested for CV!!
16 mins ago, by Mr_Green
ohhh.......know i know what cv-pls means
I am week in short terms.
that muslim dude has a Hindu gf, I guess.
Haha.. burn!!
it is not gf.. it seems as his BROTHER
visit his profile man.. hehe
11:11 AM
@Mr_Green why would you say that?
@Mr_Green wait..
I think there is something about inter-cast marriage in garuda purana.
@AnkitSharma did you read it?
@Mr_Green what? I cannot find anything interesting
@Mr_Green no but listen too it.

After funnel in my hometime. Pandit read Garuda purana for few days.
funnel means yagna?
11:14 AM
I think we are being racisit here. So we should welcome all relgion people here and don't make derogatory comments.
@Mr_Green oops , i mean Funeral.
ohh I am sorry for your loss.
@AnkitSharma was i being offensive? i don't think so..
oops you closed Ganga Jamuna so soon! Anyway, I was typing an answer to it. It's not exactly the duplicate. There is a certain esoteric meaning of taking dip or bathing in Ganga and Jamnua, not just only Ganga.
11:16 AM
@VineetMenon you weren't
BTW, aren't these bordering pseudoscience?
the answers especially.
@Mr_Green its my mom's dad and they have suffered a lot before it. So it's not that bad.
@VineetMenon yeah kind of science
@VineetMenon post the question link separately in chat, so that we can reads its title before clicking on it. It saves time.
separately like? I did that..
11:18 AM
yeah pseudo science... i am worried the site will contain many such answers without a proper basis for it
pasted the link after an enter. on a new line
shift + enter?
or just enter?
@VineetMenon no. Paste it in new message.
Not new line.
let me also experiment .. hinduism.stackexchange.com/a/123/38
11:20 AM
Q: Why do brides wear Mangal Sutar?

Afzaal Ahmad ZeeshanAfter marriage, female has to wear mangal sutar, what is the context behind that? Is it obligatory?

@Mr_Green yeah how you do it?
@Mr_Green how did you do that?
There is a share link to each post.. click on it to get the correct link
ohh k
i had used that share link but did not happen?
11:21 AM
STAHP Spamming!!
A: Why do brides wear Mangal Sutar?

Awal GargSign It is a unique sign that a lady is married. Similar to the red powder she uses in her scalp (maang). It is uniques because mangal-sutras are different in looks. It would be very difficult to find two mangal-sutras exactly the same. It's Holy It was first seen in history with God Shiva and...

@jabahar khush ho gaye?
yup.. . so the share link must have to be without any other text :D
@jabahar YUP
Even same apply for image sharing.
11:23 AM
@VineetMenon haha
won't happen with the text
@jabahar yes
who is the owner here?
no mod yet
elections are due..
probably after beta is over
but still there must be some owner for this room right?
ahh just checked.. there's none
@Mr_Green room owner get decided by system
Randomly....mostly active user.
11:28 AM
Q: Why don't men wear a mangal-sutra?

Awal GargIn Hinduism, brides wear Mangal Sutra. They use a divine red powder to colour thier scalp (the name of which is Sindoor). They are all symbols of love etc. Why not then men wear such things?

Then I will be active :D
hwo about this one?
feminist crap.
Too much too handle.
@Mr_Green Anyways after election, mods will have the same power in chatroom. So being chatroom owner doesn't do anything much. Rather then italic name.
11:32 AM
Then I want Italic name :)
not sure whether I could do that as I am being busy with work these days
I am also should be busy in work ;)
Ahh......that guys profile look like a encyclopedia.
Whoever become owner. Please remember to add question feeds.
starred to make it highlight
I know this because i am a owner of a dead room

 Indian Movies

Where we do usual chit-chat and sometime discuss on Indian mov...
I want to reopen it but don't have active participater anymore for that room.
12:36 PM
Q: How many loks are there?

Mr_GreenI know very less about it that Hindus believe that there are different loks (worlds). For example par lok (heaven) paathal lok(underworld) Bhu lok (Earth) I want to know exactly how many loks(or worlds) are there? and who lives there? I just know that people (us) live on Bhulok. I heard onc...

Come on guys.. everyone is idle
don't you guys want a site for Hinduism?
Please atleast comment or upvote or downvote
show some activity
It seems we have very less professionals on this site. We should call more when this site turns to public
1:32 PM
jokerdino has made a change to the feeds posted into this room
@AnkitSharma Done.
@jokerdino thanx.
It's going to post all new questions as chat messages. I can switch it to ticker if necessary.
Q: Ganga Jamuna in Hinduism

Afzaal Ahmad ZeeshanHindus in India take shower in Ganga Jamuna as a holy ritual to purify themself. What is the religious background for the Ganga Jamuna?

Q: Will Someone Explain How Karma Works Exactly?

XarcellJust as the questions asks, how does Karma work exactly? I've heard tales if your bad, your re-incarnated as a bug or something. I'm sure there is more to it than this and can someone clear it up for me please.

Q: How Do The Vedas Describe The Above & Below?

XarcellI've heard many uneducated tales of the vedas concept of a heaven & hell, but not in the sense that there is a good & bad place that souls reside. More that planes of existence of higher & lower power/beings that are above & below the earth. Can someone clear this up for me?

Q: How many loks are there?

Mr_GreenI know very less about it that Hindus believe that there are different loks (worlds). For example par lok (heaven) paathal lok(underworld) Bhu lok (Earth) I want to know exactly how many loks(or worlds) are there? and who lives there? I just know that people (us) live on Bhulok. I heard onc...

Q: Other religions and Hinduism

san1646There are some claims that ancient Hindu scriptures have mentioned about Jesus Christ or Prophet Muhammad. Link 1 Link 2 I would like to know what is the stand of Hindu experts on these claims. Does the Hindu consensus accept that Bhavishya Purana had 'predicted' about Prophet Muhammad?

1:47 PM
@jokerdino i think ticker is better for this time.
2:04 PM
Because curretly we are going to get too much question per day till stability.
@StackExchange After reading this question, i want to know do we really have experts?
We don't and we need.
@jokerdino looks like a meta time to me.
2 hours later…
3:43 PM
Q: Does the concept of Evil Spirits occur in Hinduism?

James JenkinsSome of the western religions have evil spirits like devils and demons. Does the concept or belief in evil spirits occur in Hinduism?

@StackExchange answered. Hell yeah!
@AnkitSharma I have answered to that as well.
4:21 PM
Q: Samudra Manthan and the role of Alcohol - Suras, Asuras and Varuni

ShisaThe relationship between Samudra Manthan and alcohol came up in a comment thread to another question, with one commenter stating that alcohol was forbidden in Hinduism because Daanavs drank alcohol and lost the chance at the amrit (nectar of immortality). I tried to follow up on this thread myse...

4:59 PM
Q: How Is Evolution Portrayed?

XarcellIn Hinduism, is there a concept of evolution? If so, how it it portrayed? I seen a YouTube video that I am unable to find again that says that the Vedic text says that beings evolve from most complex being to the simplest being(backwards from scientific conception), but also states that conscious...

Q: Why do we perform pradakshinam (circumambulation) clockwise?

senshinWhen circumambulating a temple or an idol (i.e. perform pradakshinam), we do so clockwise. Now, it's obvious that we need to have everybody circumambulating in the same direction, or else people would run into each other. But why do we specifically do so in a clockwise direction? Is there a scrip...

5:26 PM
Q: Basis of the caste system

san1646I understand there is a caste system on the basis of occupation. What is the reason for having such a classification system? Has the original concept kept the same or it has evolved over time (if at all) ?

5:40 PM
Q: What is the significance of swastik, 卐?

BlueFlameThe swastik symbol is used in many ceremonies, yagya etc. What is the significance of this? Also what is the correct direction for this? this or it's mirror image?

Friends, just wish to clarify that I wrote an answer to the best of my abilities. I had spent a lot of time preparing it. My only hope was that I contribute what I can to Stack Exchange. I agree the bold etc was uncalled for. I am not very familiar with SE conventions, but did take some time to gather the links from wiki etc so that people can check what i say by clicking on the links. I did my best. I can assure all of you my intention was never to rant etc. All the best :)
Bye :)
5:58 PM
Q: What is the importance of Tulsi plant(Holy basil)?

A runningMindTulsi plant have significant role in Hinduism and it's rituals. It is considered as a Holy plant and in front of every Hindu houses there will be a Tulsi plant. Why is it considered as a holy plant? Where is the root of the holy plant in the text?

6:40 PM
@SRahulBose don't worry that much......i think after edit it looks pretty good. Little busy, wil read it later to decide if its up-votable or not.
Q: What is the science behind wearing red tilak and sandal wood tilak on foreheads?

A runningMindHindus prefer to wear red tilak and sandal wood tilak on foreheads. Is there any specific reason behind this?

7:26 PM
So every body sleeping :|
7:40 PM
Q: Does a couple needs to purify themselves after copulation?

Afzaal Ahmad ZeeshanIn Islam and Christianity, it is obligatory for a couple to take a shower to purify themselves (not together in order to keep them away :D of course; just joking). I have never heard of such a thing from any of my Hindu friends. Are there any teachings related to this? I have been reading other ...

8:02 PM
Q: What does Hinduism say about third-gendered people?

Ankit SharmaRecently, gay rights have been a very hot topic, and some politicians say that they are un-natural and against Hindutva. But how? I mean I don't rember any Veda or religious book saying anything against a third gender. And even the Mahabharata has a transgender character. Is there anything in the...

Hhahhahaha....so our logo is Hi ;D
2 hours later…
9:46 PM
Q: Who is Govindaraja and how is he related to Venkateshwara?

Keshav SrinivasanTirupati is most commonly associated with the world-renowned Tirumala Venkateshwara Temple. But there is another Vishnu temple in Tirupati, the Govindaraja Swami Temple. (This isn't the only Govindaraja temple; there's also one in Chidambaram.) As I understand it, the story of the temple goes ...

Q: Who believes that the Buddha is an avatar of Vishnu?

senshinSome Hindus believe that the Buddha is one of the Dasavatara; others replace him with Balarama. Which groups of Hindus believe that the Buddha was one of the avatars? I vaguely remember reading that this is divided roughly along north-south geographic lines, with people living in the north (loo...

@AnkitSharma 'tis a very friendly logo
@Shog9 hehehehhe

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