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4:12 AM
just wiped out the front page in edits :P
4:43 AM
Yes, lovely. Quite a lot of editing from everyone lately
2 hours later…
7:12 AM
morning all
won't be about for long today - departmental away day... joy
meh, not really, it's just a "this is what happened this year, this is the plan" thing - but it lasts almost all day
7:27 AM
and seems a bit superfluous given my team's to be reduced and split up (with bits going to other departments) before the year's out
meetings have to be done, ya know :p
it's not a meeting, it's an "away day"... they'll be (almost) everyone from our dept. Hmm, you know, I'm not sure how many people actually work in my dept :/ but it'll be upwards of 50
still, they're providing tea, so I'll probably get a decent cuppa or six out of it :9 the tea machine in here's a little scummy
7:45 AM
@DMA57361 ok, but ya'll still get to meet and talk to each other right?
in part, yes, and there's a number of presentations as well
ah, cool. Have a good day, nonetheless :p
I'll certainly try :)
8:11 AM
right, guess I'd better log off this and start walking over, see you all later
2 hours later…
9:43 AM
Q: How is a 1GPBS 64-bit ethernet card different from a 32-bit one?

EveryoneGiven two ethernet cards as follows 1 GBPS 32-bit PCI 1 GPBS 64-bit PCI When both ethernet cards share the same 1GBPS rating, how are the additional 32-bits relevant? EDIT: Attached link to a few I located on ebay

I answered this I think correctly, but the tick went to an answer that didn't address the question
I would say, "lots of nice info, but how does this answer the question?", but I don't feel it is my place to say.
10:16 AM
FYI there is a SU twitter account now
@StackSuper_User, The Stack Exchange network
17 tweets, 0 followers, following 0 users
just so you know, twitter has INSANE restrictions that mean "superuser" cannot appear ANYWHERE in a name or even the description of an account. Think I am making this up? I wish.
@JeffAtwood I recall you tweeting about the name cannot be super user. but the description is totally new to me.
also, I have some hardware I want to give away to a USA based SU user.. (sorry, international shipping is just too much of a pain for stuff that isn't, like, a t-shirt)
1. Core 2 Duo E6600 + mobo + 4 GB + ninja heatsink
2. i7-960 + mobo + 24 GB + direct contact heatpipe heatsink
@JeffAtwood no fair to us folks on the other side of the world :(
atoms are a harsh mistress
anyway, perhaps we can give that to a worthy blog contributor?? DISCUSS AMONGST YOURSELVES and let me know!
US only right?
10:20 AM
yes, for sure.. sorry.. there's no way I can get a giant box of computer equipment shipped internationally without losing my mind
alright, let's see. Probably @nhinkle will get back to you on that, since he's been more involved in the blog stuff ( also ping @Ivo @Studio )
up to you guys! ttyl
poof there he goes
@JeffAtwood :(
@Sathya You got a router though! (Wish I took it up as mine keeps dying now! Going to copy Jeff and get one of those Buffalos!)
@WilliamHilsum yeah, I was in US then.. else I wouldn't have gotten it :(
10:26 AM
@WilliamHilsum but yeah, it sucks :/
Mind you, now I have my new pc, there isn't a lot I could do with it... it would just be greedy me taking those machines... as nice as they would be!
I know that we are partly responsible (all be it StackOverflow.com much more) for Jeff and the team being so successful now, but, it is nice to see him being so generous!
@WilliamHilsum true
10:45 AM
1 hour later…
11:59 AM
Does anyone know where that blog post on what Router Jeff got is? I have been looking for a while on blog.stackoverflow.com and can't find anything :/ Looking through DD-WRT compatible routers and I am going around in circles
bah @Windos beat me to it :p
@WilliamHilsum codinghorror.com/blog/2010/09/… this what you're after?
... and removed it for unknown reasons :-s
because I wanted to make it a reply... and didn't know how lmao
Ah, thanks... I didn't know the blogs were separate... great... more to read!
well, thanks both of you!
12:12 PM
@WilliamHilsum cheers.
and, welcome to Super User chat, @Windos
Why do so many companies have to offer so many products! Or at least not have a good way to see the differences... When I was comparing camcorders and cameras, it was exactly the same problem... just turns you away from a brand with so much confusion
Thanks, thought it about time to pop my head in.
I think @Wil likes your username, @Windos :p
haha, it does confuse a few people on here I notice... usually ends up with an extra "w" in it.
ooh, and there goes a new badge. Anyway, after midnight and better sleep. Cheerio!
12:38 PM
That's not good... Jeffs Router is $64.99, UK price is £69.99 - almost double :/
cheers @Windos
2 hours later…
2:38 PM
Morning everyone.
2:55 PM
:O Very interesting.
3:25 PM
Pretty interesting read indeed. Thanks.
3:36 PM
What do you guys think?
Waiting for a cache refresh, did a post edit after posting the question here...
Q: Could the Ask Question dialog be changed to encourage better questions?

Tom WijsmanI would love to see more useful questions, thus I do not agree with the current answer here. So, I have worked out a more effective "Ask Question" page that solves lots of problems more effective: Ask the user for the right content: An actual question instead of a topics or title. In a Q&...

I'll take a look..
@TomWijsman I don't see the point. Cody nails it.
I did, but again I disagree. You can put it in 90pt all bold, and still they won't see it. All they see are the textbox and post button.
3:56 PM
@Sathya: Any proof on that?
anecdotal evidence
Really, if you hide a title away so that it's less jumps out than the text around it and not provide any clear instructions. How do you guys expect that it would result in good quality?
@Sathya: Where?
I clearly know that we are in Root Access, I wouldn't know it if that title was just small text.
my experiences over the network + few other forums I moderate
Same thing, and I can give numerous other examples.
Well, then you must be able to link to such experience in the network.
Because for the years I have been here, I haven't seen any of the improvements I suggested...
@TomWijsman ? I'm talking about
11 mins ago, by Sathya
I did, but again I disagree. You can put it in 90pt all bold, and still they won't see it. All they see are the textbox and post button.
they == folks who post the ultra bad crap
4:03 PM
@JeffAtwood - If you see this, I have just read - dd-wrt.com/wiki/index.php/Buffalo_WZR-HP-G300NH - Do you get dropouts or any problems on your router? I just recommended this to a client and am a bit worried!
4:43 PM
@JeffAtwood SU's birthday just happened, perhaps the free stuff could be part of a 2nd anniversary contest or something of the like? I'm not really sure how we could decide fairly who gets it. I'll discuss with the other blog editors and moderators and let you know. International shipping is a pain indeed. If the recipient were willing to pay for the shipping, would you even consider sending it overseas?
/cc @KronoS
@nhinkle @JeffAtwood We could even consider software rewards...
I already have a gamebooster program setup for us to use
@KronoS I have a crapton of stuff to do at work, so unfortunately I can't orchestrate this right now. Perhaps this weekend we can have a brief meeting on chat with you, me, @Ivo, and whoever else wants to chime in
@nhinkle ya same here... that sounds like a good idea to me
@KronoS Hello.
hey @Borisyo
4:57 PM
@KronoS Is it okay to put laptop in the fridge?
@Boris_yo o.O uh why?
It burns and beeps, i need immediate cooling.
Will it be okay to leave it in the fridge for 30 minutes?
@Boris_yo I would be concerned about moisture
@KronoS I can leave it on desktop until its temperature is normal and only then put in the fridge.
Would that be fine?
no no... you don't understand... putting it in the fridge can cause moisture to collect on the pc, whether or not it's hot... it's not a good idea really
5:04 PM
@KronoS Thanks.
@KronoS I cannot put it even for 1 minute?
@Boris_yo you can... but don't say I didn't warn you... it's ultimately up to you
hello again all
5:27 PM
@Boris_yo you put it into the fridge, you're going to destroy it
@DMA57361 oh hey, how was the day away!
I've basically lost my entire day today to PowerPoint hell... urgh...
sorry bout that :(
meh, that's what I was expecting tbh - hence me complaining about it this morning
replace PowerPoint with VIsio and you get an idea about my day
A: Could the Ask Question dialog be changed to encourage better questions?

yodaWhile I believe that bad users will be bad users, a lot of the comments here are merely anecdotal and highly prejudiced. It's one thing to say, "Yeah, I've seen this happen a lot online and users hardly read instructions", but to dismiss a suggestion solely because of prior experiences is wrong. ...

5:29 PM
@Sathya heh, fun all round then
@Sathya: Cody has done an excellent work on clarifying my intention, could you consider reading the answer I linked?
5:57 PM
@WilliamHilsum: Broken link here: superuser.com/questions/33373/…
Thanks :/ don't know when/why that happened... I think I just linked it to Wikipedia
Changed, thanks
2 hours later…
8:19 PM
@Gareth Would you mind stopping editing just for a bit to let new questions fill up the home page again? It's great that your editing these older questions, but I would like to see some new ones. Thanks.
@slhck ultimate 5 minute edit war? :P superuser.com/posts/322052/revisions
I edited it like 3 times and it kept saying others were editing it :P
So after 2 years of owning this PC...today is the day.
8:35 PM
@SimonSheehan Good luck!
@WilliamHilsum It's quite the long wait apparently. Seeing the number of "security fixes" made me nervous enough to do it finally :P
I used to not install them because I had a 30GB drive and it was taking up 10GB for just XP updates :P
And then habits carried over
55/96 suddenly
oh, and then I have to get Service Pack 1, and then repeat on a laptop. Good thing it's not a nice day :D
800 data centers gone by 2015. Yikes
8:40 PM
why not cancel updates and just install sp1 - it is a roll up thing, it will install all previous updates
@WilliamHilsum I already downloaded all the packages, and its installed 50. I will do that on my laptop though!
read the whole thing! most are not even being used much
@WilliamHilsum But think of how many servers are going to waste! They better sell them cheap
FYI, personally I prefer to use the network install - less downloading if using it on more than one pc... if you can't find a link/want it, let me know and I will get it for you
Network install? I had no idea such thing existed! But I find theres a VERY slow transfer speed between PC's, for some reason :/
8:43 PM
@SimonSheehan Every government is the same... In England, someone set this up (can only find Google Cache) it was taken seriously by some people! webcache.googleusercontent.com/…
Interesting o.o
@WilliamHilsum Could you send me a link to that? And any idea why network transfer speeds for files are incredibly slow?
Can't help you with speed... apart from guessing.
@WilliamHilsum I feel its some hidden setting or something.. i mean, its 10/100/1000, but goes very slow.
My router is, anyway
However, I really don't know.
Sorry, without knowing/seeing more, I really can't help
@SimonSheehan Short answer: no
8:50 PM
@Gareth Oh, okay. Could I get a long answer too?
if you are only interested in seeing new questions you can go to superuser.com/questions
That's a bit of an inconvenience for me, and other users though.
When people come onto this site, we go to the home page. We see new questions. Right now all I can see are edits. I have a bookmark to reload the page so I can find new questions.
I'm sure there are countless others too
as I said - if you are interested in seeing new questions, just click the questions tab - and refresh that
8:52 PM
But I'm simply asking you to just chill on the edits for a little bit, its not just for me, its for everyone
Q: Do we care about edit flooding? Should we be doing anything?

DMA57361Edit flooding is the term I'm using for when a single user (or small group of users) perform a lot of edits in a small space of time and effectively take over the front page - pushing a lot of new content away. A few minutes ago, the front page was filled end to end with edits by one of our top ...

Your edits are appreciated, but it's stopping a lot of questions from being seen
feel free to write an answer there
I've seen that. I'm asking you one on one, to stop.
8:54 PM
I'm not spending my time writing up some answer on the Meta post. I politely asked you to stop just for a little bit. It isn't really that difficult
if you are only interested in seeing new questions, just click the questions tab! what's so difficult?
the edits don't flood that
I don't want to do that, and not everyone else wants to either.
that's not my problem
It's the inconvenience its causing right now
Yes it is, since your the one making the edits
8:56 PM
Clearly this isn't going to get anywhere, with you.
So I suppose there's really no point.
9:16 PM
@Gareth: Maybe you should stop being difficult and just listen? I've been told about the same thing, and have stopped, because everyone has a point when they say not to edit-spam. What makes you think you're different from anyone else and don't have to follow the generally-accepted way of doing things?
the point being raised is that it's stopping the ability to see new questions. but if you ignore my edits that are being pushed to the front page (not something I can control), you can see changes to questions/answers as old as 54m.
there is also the view designed for seeing new questions: superuser.com/questions
The front page is more important than the questions page.
People will usually visit the font page over the questions page.
I never visit the questions page, and it's probably the same for many others.
I am normally based in China so most people don't complain anyway as I'm editing while you lot sleep ;)
And, actually, you can control it. Stop edit-spamming.
Not everyone is in the same time zone.
I'd be OK if its more substantial, but it's just not enough to warrant all this
9:19 PM
Just because you're sleeping, doesn't mean everyone else does.
Look, if you absolutely have to edit-spam (which you don't, there is no reason to, really), do it on a weekend. Those are the least active days.
I'm leaving chat now. Sorry you guys feel this way, I am genuinely just trying to help the site. If you have any strong views please answer or comment on the meta post: http://meta.superuser.com/questions/3103/do-we-care-about-edit-flooding-should-we-be-doing-anything

Have a nice day.
Yep, we're all sorry you're being difficult.
'ello, @studiohack.
hey @MarkSzymanski what's going on here with Gareth?
He's edit-spamming, and basically refusing to stop.
@studiohack A polite request of mine turned a bit nasty :/
9:22 PM
Basically, he was being an a%&
That's how I would describe it, anyways.
ah. define edit-spamming @SimonSheehan, @MarkSzymanski?
@studiohack: Editing a bunch of old questions at once, therefore filling up the front page with edits of old, inactive questions.
@studiohack The entire home page is filled with insubstantial edits from him, pushing new questions to the side and off the page.
And hiding new questions in the process.
define insubstantial @SimonSheehan?
sorry to be asking you guys to define, just trying to see things from your perspective @MarkSzymanski @SimonSheehan
I do that from time to time @MarkSzymanski @SimonSheehan (editing the page to death)
9:24 PM
No problem, @studiohack!
Well, we've politely asked him to stop, and I've been told not do to this.
And he's gotten snippy about it.
I suggested that if he absolutely needs to do this, he should do so on a weekend.
who told you not to do that? (just curious)
After which he left.
I can't remember, honestly.
yeah, its fine to do it on the weekend
that's fine
9:25 PM
@studiohack I see your edits, but this is just becoming much too frequent for me, and others. Insubstantial I would say like, superuser.com/posts/293498/revisions
And after I suggested doing it on weekends, he left. Saying to comment on a meta post if we need to have any further discussion.
@studiohack Its more the issue that I asked politely, and he turned rather snippy and a tad rude on it
@SimonSheehan I see
thanks for the example... and yes, the Meta question is a good place to post comments and stuff about it, its also fine to chat about it in here
hi again - I've had some tea. just wanted to apologise if I've caused any grief
it is not intended - I will stop editing for a while
just to point out, I know you think the edits are insubstantial - but it's because the revision thingy doesn't show any changes to images
in the example you linked above, I actually reuploaded the image
It's not so much that you have to stop editing, @Gareth. It's just not a good idea to edit a bunch of posts at once. If you need to, just do these things on weekends.
9:28 PM
I've come across a huge number of posts lately with broken images, so I'm trying to move them to i.stack.imgur.com in order to preserve them for the future
those sort of changes don't show up on the edit revisions
I would suggest, as a compromise for now, @Gareth (cc @MarkSzymanski @SimonSheehan) to mass edit on the weekends, and edit a few (5-10) questions every hour or so
so all my recent revisions with 'fix image' are doing just that
I agree, those edits are not necessarily insubstantial
@Gareth As I said, i think most of your edits are worth noting, and are useful to the site, but it just seems to go a bit overboard at times. I have nothing against them.
I am not trying to be a dick and spam the home page whatsoever. I'm just trying to fix all these images because they will, one day, get broken
9:29 PM
that's very helpful, we need work done like that... perhaps @MarkSzymanski and @SimonSheehan can help more with that
which will make the site less useful - I've come across a lot of questions referring to an image that's broken
the problem is, I can't do those without flooding...
but nobody has an answer other than "stop editing"
I don't think anyone ever said that, @Gareth.
We've just said to stop editing so much. And to edit on the weekends if you want to fix a bunch of posts.
@Gareth My only suggestion would be just to limit yourself per hour. I think that would be the most effective for this.
@studiohack Indeed, I do try when I can.
I agree with @SimonSheehan.
I still think there's something missing here though - I really am quick at finding issues in questions, answers, broken images etc - and I've done professional editing before my recent career. Therefore there's a bit of an advantage in my swift editing which is just going to get held back now...
never mind
9:31 PM
Just because you're a professional editor doesn't make this any more right. Everyone else has to follow the same rules.
@Gareth I'll sleep on this and discuss with some of the other mods on this question, perhaps we can find a solution (@MarkSzymanski @SimonSheehan)
@Gareth Might i also suggest you do the new questions first, then the old?
no, I said I was - I wasn't raising that as a point of "I am different!", more as a reason why I make so many edits
@studiohack indeed, I would love to help find a way to resolve this
to be fair, I normally do focus on new questions (if you look over my revision history) - this is just something I've been doing today really, fixing potential broken images
9:32 PM
@Gareth If this is just a one day that your doing it, then I will applaud you for your efforts.
until I stopped (after you guys asked, actually), nearly all the photobucket images were cleared
anyways, I'm over and out for now, laters @MarkSzymanski @SimonSheehan @Gareth - all of your work is appreciated. keep it up! :)
Bye, @studiohack. Take care!
Cya later @studiohack, thanks.
9:33 PM
brb, dinner
now, which one of you downvoted one of my two top answers :P
Someone's downvoting now? :S
Oh dear.
I got two downvotes at the same time right after this conversation started
it's okay. ;-)
have a nice day anyway. see you guys
@Gareth Ill snap you 2 upvotes for it ;)
Have a good day
9:55 PM
@SimonSheehan haha sorry, I had to change the 5200 -> 5400
10:15 PM
@slhck haha, it's all good. Was just funny that 3 people jumped to it ;)
1 hour later…
11:32 PM
@SimonSheehan @Gareth @studiohack FYI, I just asked the following based on the talk here and the meta questions.
Q: Should question and answer edits make a question go to the top?

William HilsumOn Super User today, there was a tiny disagreement in chat about mass editing spamming the front page and to deal with it, and there appears to be two Meta Questions (1 and 2). As lots of previous suggestions regarding third party acceptance and similar matters have been downvoted/disagreed heav...

11:42 PM
@WilliamHilsum Ouch, down voted twice :( I'll shoot in my opinion though.
Well, I thought it was a good idea, I certainly wasn't expecting that to happen so fast!
Indeed, a bit quick. Reading it over now
great, good to bring it up on MSO... @WilliamHilsum
Welcome back @studiohack
hey @SimonSheehan - spamming the page again :P
11:56 PM
@studiohack Lovely. I'm writing up my meta.SU answer right now :P
Meta.SU or Meta.SO? @SimonSheehan :P
I stayed out of it... and honestly, I don't mind either way... but... Personally, I didn't see that much @Gareth's edits, but A few times when I checked, I saw @TomWijsman have many of the old popular answers up!!! It gets a bit annoying when you can't see new questions and all that was added was a tag or something... so, if I had a choice, I would say no edits should be up... I don't really care any different about mass edits!
I think edits should bump, at least some of them...
I agree with you @WilliamHilsum, I think it will come up in my post here

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