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12:00 AM
10 rep away from 200 :( Didn't want to say before time is up as I didn't want a pitty one! I just don't have it in me any more!!!
Also, hello @JourneymanGeek
@studiohack: edits should bump optionally with sufficient rep ;p
@JourneymanGeek I like the sound of that.. could you expand on that idea?
@SimonSheehan: on one of the metas?
That is what I originally wanted to say... but... when I was trying to write out why/how etc. I just felt it didn't need it!
12:06 AM
A: Should question and answer edits make a question go to the top?

studiohackI propose that ♦ moderators could have a "no-bump" editing mode privilege, something that they could tick on and off, depending on the substantiality of the edit. This doesn't really solve the problem for most users though. Perhaps we could have the same privilege achieved after so many edits,...

@JourneymanGeek No, just right here.
posted an answer to @WilliamHilsum's MSO post
the idea would be mods, and users of sufficient rep could have a checkbox for "do not bump this up", quite simply. i vaguely recall the psi corps already has that power.
@Studiohack thanks... going to update my question a bit as well...
@studiohack replied to you
A: Do we care about edit flooding? Should we be doing anything?

Simon SheehanBased on this post and some events this afternoon, me and Gareth were able to chat about this issue to some extent. The biggest issue was that some of the edits appear to be insubstantial, and useless, from our view. What I did not realize, was that Gareth was re-uploading all the broken images...

12:11 AM
reading @SimonSheehan
wonder if I should cross-post my MSO proposal to MSU
i suppose that also makes microedits more viable (though, admittedly, i've been passing those over. some spelling mistakes BOTHER me, but not enough to edit a single letter, when that means bumping it over to the top ;p)
I only correct little spelling mistakes on new questions
good point @SimonSheehan, on the Copy Editor badge idea...
12:13 AM
@studiohack thanks. We only have 14 users with it, so its not like we'd have 500 people with that option
the no bump privilege would be a powerful one though, so only users that I would trust not to abuse the power...like replacing stuff with spam, because bumping promotes accountability
@studiohack indeed, it would have to be handed out carefully. But looking at the list of people, they are all pretty dedicated members, who usually uphold these things. Perhaps it could be put into a list so moderators can check it over.
@studiohack: hence it being moderator, or very high rep only.
@JourneymanGeek, @SimonSheehan exactly.
though, gareth would find it useful, and he's relatively low rep.
12:17 AM
Indeed. He enjoys editing though, because its his job outside of here
Going to leave my question unchanged.. been sitting in front of the screen for 10 minutes trying to rephrase it... not going well! but @Studiohack - I replied saying I disagree :( sorry... I just think everyone should get that ability :/
@WilliamHilsum I replied to your reply
that's fine @WilliamHilsum, we can agree to disagree :)
@SimonSheehan: but 'granted' powers, outside moddiness, isn't very SE like.
psi corps is a slight exception, but they're employees, and used to bootstrap smaller sites
Indeed, granting powers isn't normal here.
@JourneymanGeek I modified my answer slightly
12:21 AM
loves calling them the psi corps. its even funnier cause i know the reference quite well
@studiohack hehe... I really like my suggestion... but, I don't really feel strongly either way... I like friendly debates rather than everyone getting angry! Feels good to get your points across!
also, i think hidden edits might not count for badges. Its a 'penalty' in the sense...
or what you said, since they got teh badges already ;p
@Studiohack - correct me if I am wrong, but, I don't think we really even disagree! We both think the same... it is a good addition, the only real difference of opinion is when to trust someone and to give them the ability?
Welcome to the editing debate @slhck ;)
@WilliamHilsum true, you're right...
12:27 AM
@SimonSheehan Just to clarify it's not my job, it's something I used to do :) I work in tech
Ah okay, thanks @Gareth :)
@Gareth I would like to apologize to you though, as my accusations were a bit unfounded without looking deeper into what you were doing.
it's okay - I guess a flaw in the revision diff mechanism
and also it's not necessarily obvious - some of the images were truly broken (I was doing all sorts of stuff behind the scenes to find them - caches, digging around), but others aren't broken TODAY
but could be in the future... 6 month expiration, people pulling them etc
at least on i.stack.imgur they are safe
Yeah, that's a good idea
12:30 AM
the only issue is they tend to be older posts (2010 or earlier) - most people these days do use the uploader built into the editor
so editing them goes back to this whole bumping thing :)
1:07 AM
Anyone know if this is a programming question? superuser.com/questions/318988/…
no, not really
polipo is a proxy software that's often used with tor
its esoteric, but very much on topic
1:29 AM
@JourneymanGeek jesus
See the link on his profile?
For his site
I went to it, Trojan.
... its obviously bad ;p
No kidding, but i tried anyway. Are we able to alert moderators to that?
i didn't click on that of course
i've flagged his one answer since it's not an answer anyway
1:32 AM
i checked his profile cause there was no link (well, or content) and smelled a rat ;p
looks like trying to build up a 'reputable' account before slipping some spam in somewhere in the future
Are we able to alert the moderators to this account?
it's a good point - not in an easy way I guess
would it be a good feature to be able to report accounts?
That would be good. Perhaps I shall go propose it at Meta.SO
I often come across accounts with 5 spam posts - it'd be nice to just be able to flag that account rather than each post
5? why 5? argh, so tired - I mean a lot ;)
1:35 AM
I'll actually do that. Give me a few minutes to write up a post.
and would save mods time and give them flags ;p
heading back to Beijing this weekend. 1 thing I am going to miss from the USA: breakfast! it's awesome. 1 thing I am not going to miss: the general cost of things out here
posted on ask a superuser mod.
@Gareth: porrige with various yummy but unidentifiable things? ;p
or is that a singapore-chinese thing?
yeah lots of that sort of stuff in beijing
and dry buns
1:37 AM
the steamed ones?
not a fan unless they have a decent filling
I mostly come across the bland empty ones
i've had the red bean ones (i miss those... haven't had em in years). Some people swear by the pork ones but i'm veggie ;p
used to be veggie until I went to China :D
if they have a filling, they are good. but nowhere near as good as the breakfasts I've been having here
lol. been veggie my whole life. not planning on changing that ;p
Q: Reporting Users

Simon SheehanWhile looking through the Questions today, an odd answer was spotted, that wasn't even an answer. Taking a look at the users profile, we found it to be a little suspicious, and then realized the website this user had listed on their profile actually led to a trojan. The said user was Website Guru...

1:39 AM
.. there's buns without filling?
that sounds vile. those white buns are tasteless for most part
exactly :) I always end up grabbing some syrup or honey or something so it doesn't taste so much like cardboard. the MIL things I'm weird ;)
Feel free to comment on my proposal, or tell me anything to add onto it
it feels really obvious to me, like it should have been implemented a while ago
are we potentially missing a downside to it?
1:45 AM
I'm not sure, I suppose we'll find out
comes up quite often. here's a recent one: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/101538/…
Thanks for the edit @Gareth.
I do think mine is different though, and those have yet to be answered.
Aw, it got a downvote :(
2:23 AM
This is how I think people post bad questions, what do you guys think?
A one time how to ask page is easily clicked away, and after (more than) a week forgotten.
Thought of sharing the above pictures, they are fun but I wonder if they make a point clear... :)
2 hours later…
4:49 AM
@TomWijsman that's a plausible explanation
is SU down?
We apologize for any inconvenience, but an unexpected error occurred while you were browsing our site.

It’s not you, it’s us. This is our fault.
damn right!
heh, you caught it in midst of a deploy @Gareth
ah. hopefully it went well, otherwise I'll catch it in the midst of a rollback :)
also, btw - regd having to spam flag 5 times - just leave one flag with links to others ( or names even) and we'll take care of it
ok that's cool. to be honest, I normally use the 'comment' bit in flagging for spam as opposed to the spam option anyway. sometimes it's not so obvious why it's spam without adding some details
I did have a meta about it a while ago but it seemed to die: meta.superuser.com/questions/2446/…
5:06 AM
@Gareth well the spam flag option is intended to be used for obvious spam because is it sorta automated
yeah sure :) like "You should use ipconfig/renew . then u can go 2 buyviagranow.com only $50!!"
@Gareth hahah :P
2 hours later…
6:52 AM
morning all
7:24 AM
morn @Dma @jou
8:11 AM
Evening chaps
@Windos hello
1 hour later…
9:35 AM
@TomWijsman I think that's exactly it. You should make a funny video of it.
@SimonSheehan Somehow I manage to always slip through this debate.
9:47 AM
@WilliamHilsum, you beat me to it!
hehe :P
Now this was just weird last night...
haha, what the!
a drunk friend with a computer :/
I also had the weirdest PC problem yesterday. Client called me, computer wouldn't turn on. So I opened the case, checked PSU, checked cables, everything okay, turns out the power switch had fallen into the case, somewhere behind the hard drive. That's what happens when you push it too hard!
10:00 AM
@slhck Or just a bad case - I have had that a few times!
Sometimes very hard/annoying to fix as, if it happens once, it can happen again
Yep, now I'm prepared :P @WilliamHilsum
@WilliamHilsum lolwut
I need to get that site I registered online... Got so many half done projects here :/
that is a good picture for that!
10:31 AM
@slhck: eh, i've seen that happen before, and those switches are pretty easy to remove. I'd be tempted to epoxy it in place if it happens to a 'proper' system ...
@JourneymanGeek I was thinking about that too.. sounds like a plan for the next time
or hot glue, AKA "reversible heat activated adhesive" ;p
damn, i want to ask random what a "south side riot" is superuser.com/posts/8248/revisions ;p
@JourneymanGeek Ping him :p
lol, its not really important enough to >_>
11:29 AM
Q: How can I remove a watermark from an image?

PacerierI need to take away the annoying watermark at the center of this image: Does anyone know how would I would go about doing it? (I do have Photoshop if it's required, though I hardly use it.)

not sure this is a good one / what do people think? Someone trying to delete a copyright/pay/watermark thing
fwiw, I don't like it, but it's fine in terms of fair use
@slhck "fair use" doesn't permit removing a watermark (that's put there to stop you using the image without buying the license to) so you can then use the image for whatever you like thou, do is?
@DMA57361 I know, that statement was a bit.. simplified
did you possibly mean "the SE T&C" instead of fair use? in the same way we don't care about NDA's etc?
11:39 AM
no, no, I wasn't initially thinking about any of our policies.. now that you mention it, I'd probably close the Q :/
because I'm more on the "pro SE not getting a reputation for helping people get around restrictions" side of things
indeed, that was my thought entirely
Im just a bit shocked that someone with over 1k is asking
well that particular user
@WilliamHilsum well, it's him
12:12 PM
him ;p
o0, he's local to me >_>
@slhck: LOTS of questions... i do hope he's actually learning
107 Questions, 2 Answers, 171 Votes Cast :/
and a good number of those questions are closed
12:27 PM
My edit flood gets bumped of the front page quite fast, seems I need to continue edit flooding but doing that in the newest questions. :)
Already improved the top 160 questions, it seems.
Don't rename duplicate questions to have the exact same title @TomWijsman since the reason they're around is for variant keywords. Suggest a merge if you find a need.
@random: Saw your edits, I know now...
Might be interesting to download the data dump at a later point and write a program to do some kind of cross-matching on the titles to get out the really exact duplicates.
On the other hand, that would also result in the kind of title where the exact problem hasn't been specified properly; so it's a win-win situation if it works...
Usually happens when people fill the title with junk words
12:45 PM
@TomWijsman Boo, that's what I used to do all the time :P
Should've scheduled some more tabs in my browser, given that I went through it so fast.
Fun thing is that I didn't get a captcha until I started answering questions...
A new version of Process Explorer which better graphs, GPU and Memory monitoring; interesting...
And it can be used to shutdown services as well, bye bye services.msc. :D
@random Why did you migrate the ringtone question? afaik we didn't have a single one on SU, it was on-topic, and Apple.SE has a rather popular one anyway
Was on the basis of being all Apple centric. Plus that question on AskDifferent was rather sparse
Got to love net start webclient && robocopy \\live.sysinternals.com\Tools \Program Files\Sysinternals
This one is more interesting:
First part is a Replay in StarCraft II on Low settings, second part is a Replay in StarCraft II on Ultra settings. :)
Given that the deticated memory is so high, my card isn't really able to support Ultra.
Because when there is a bit more action in the game which needs more memory, it will probably run out of memory...
Or introduce slowness to get rid of some of the memory.
1:07 PM
Isn't GPU memory primarily consumed by textures, models, etc? They tend to be loaded at the start of a level (or whatever) then stay pretty static. Lots of activity is more likely to bog down the CPU, isn't it?
1:20 PM
Oh, apparently, the GPU thing scales...
@DMA57361: Dunno, I would think there is also a lot GPU going on, like GPU calculations for particles. Involves matrices and what not...
ah yes, good point; more things on screen will definitely bog the GPU down too
Hmm, 1024 MB maximum.
I wonder what the difference between dedicated and committed would be in the sense of GPU...
2 hours later…
3:44 PM
After being away for a week and not running daily...today was pretty brutal for running.
Anyone familiar with IRSSI configuration?
Oh...figured it out
Or not ..hmm
Fresh config time
2 hours later…
5:56 PM
@DMA57361: @Sathya: How do I best go to contact Robert? I would like to suggest merging Area 51 proposals to solve a small public problem: area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/4296/personal-productivity
I think he is in the teacher's room, but I can't get there.
6:09 PM
@tom just email him
Robert Cartaino ♦, Palm Bay, FL
7.2k 3 13 36
@nhinkle: Thanks.
@TomWijsman .. or create a new A51 discussion
@Sathya: We had three discussions already with kind of an agreement, perhaps Robert could present us with an actual merge proposal and vote or just make it happen.
Robert also sure knows what it takes for communities to be merged given his blog post about about the merging season, so I belief just sending him a warning will do good for the Personal Productivity community.
6:28 PM
well, best would be to email him then I guess
6:48 PM
Send a full screen of text his way...
2 hours later…
8:27 PM
@nhinkle: Is there a room for the mail you just send us?
8:54 PM
Q: Ideas for celebrating Super User's 2nd anniversary

Simon SheehanSuper User's 2nd birthday is coming up in about a week, on August 18th (next Thursday). It has been discussed among community coordinators and other moderators, and we'd like to do something similar to last year's Super User Contest. We'd appreciate your input on what we can do to make another aw...

1 hour later…
10:23 PM
Guys... I've made a fairly interesting query:
Hmm, need to filter the closed questions out, but you get the point... :)
By the way:
1 hour later…
11:55 PM
who would like to give me the privilege to VTC on MSO? ;)

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