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12:39 AM
Anonymous: Facebook's going down on November 5, why do I have the feeling that it will only be offline for like an hour or so?
1:18 AM
@TomWijsman : sigh damned attention whores
and thats what it really is about ;p
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6:39 AM
morning all
Posted by Robert Cartaino on August 9th, 2011

You might know Chris better as “Grace Note,” the moderator extraordinaire on our Gaming Stack Exchange.

I appointed Chris to a pro tem moderator position nearly a year ago. I wasn’t an avid user of Gaming SE, but I was continually amazed how often Chris’s name kept popping up in our moderator chat room. Chris was quickly becoming The Person to quote when you needed a clear, compelling explanation of how this community-management stuff should work. Even in our meta community, Chris was earning a ridiculous amount of rep in a short period of time. You should read some of his posts because it’s really good stuff. …

7:08 AM
Argh, when will they hire me!!! Mind you, not sure what I could actually do... but I am sure I would be good at whatever they want! :P
hi Sathya, hi wiliam
good afternoon
Hey Wiliam meta-stackoverlow I just saw this
It looks cool though, "meta means murder" actually googled it thinking it means somerthing...ha ha
well the message is gone now unfortunately
7:28 AM
Don't take it personally if you get downvoted, it just means people disagree... Look at my profile there, I have plenty of downvoted suggestions!
wonders what the clippy-rules!!! button is about
hahha, just a tag @JourneymanGeek
@munish: generally text is more efficient. IMO. I don't usually even use images in my answers >_>
hi @munish
But @journeyman, buddy see this also....the question is similar to mine ...i mean the same point but the presentation of the question is much better than me to get some positive votes
7:35 AM
and the example he used
I like his way of explanation
it makes more sense for 'physical' actions than, say for coding
hmm...you are right but still think its applicable here also....may be opinions differ...nevermind :)
7:55 AM
@munish sorry the 2 are not comparable.
you're asking:
Stack Overflow - give me /allow others to create video tutorials.
> should Stack Overflow or other sites allow video tutorials?
the other question is about having features which allow for easy embedding of media. Like oneboxing of videos/previews.
gasp what happened to our starred messages?
still there
heh, wait a sec
good ol' ctrl-r
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9:52 AM
\o/ 3k.
@tombull89 congrats, you get to join the closers :)
congrats @tombull89! :)
10:13 AM
woo. Now, @tombull89 you will get flamed.
lol who upvoted this crap superuser.com/questions/55703/…
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12:08 PM
@DMA57361, @Sathya but I don't wanna clos...wait. AWESOME.
@tombull89: REVEL IN THE POWER!
2 hours later…
2:04 PM
Why is it that ddr2 is more expensive than ddr3?
100 dollar spread for older technology?! I don't get it.
Something very annoying - trying to do my accounts in Excel 2010 running in a VM, for some reason, hitting enter skips two lines :/ Anyone know a quick answer as it is driving me mad!?
@wil whoa that's weird.
2:22 PM
@KronoS Thats some bizzare prices :S
@KronoS Yeah :/
Ok, it is something wrong with VMWare Workstation, unity and excel... it doesn't happen out of unity mode
I only just realized Boot camp is really a dual-boot...neat.
Makes me want a Mac more
Purchasing office 2010 for $10 now though..
@KronoS: lower supply i suppose
@SimonSheehan: kind of. its dual boot + drivers + enabling windows xp to run off an efi partition
Oh neat.
Wow, its Office 2010 Professional Plus
For $11.
from school?
2:37 PM
Holy, thats really good price
... its a steal ;p
@JourneymanGeek My mom's work is giving it to all employees at that price :D
i think i usually get H&S, and its something like 115 sgd (though, for 3 licences)
Yeah, I had that one before, and payed like $100 for it D:
i need to get a copy at some point ;p
naw, i can get it cheaper, locally. waiting to see if my school has MSDNAA
nice ;p
Haha, yeah, im happy.
@JourneymanGeek My school won't provide us with anything, but you can ask the teachers for certain things I think...
@KronoS demand/supply conundrum
one module mentions we need software off msdnaa. just need to check how to get an accound
also, we have almost no student-centered tech support. the campus has ONE it guy
Ouch. We have one IT guy who drinks coffee all day
2:48 PM
@SimonSheehan that.... sounds like me
@Sathya Haha. But you'd help if we needed you ;)
@SimonSheehan hahaha, true that
ours might be busy
"might" being the key word :p
but then again, the school's idea of secure wireless access, is wep, and the password on the notice board
the secret of looking busy, is to be almost never seen ;p
2:51 PM
@JourneymanGeek Mine refuses to give us any wireless access. YOU MIGHT HACK US.
@SimonSheehan: eh, in ours.. its cheaper than wired access ;p
@JourneymanGeek It's like when I got booted off the network for using linux :(
see. mine just blocks anything ending with .com thats not a tld, and .exe
Because downloading linux packages could infect the network D:
other than that.. they don't really bother
2:56 PM
doesn't sound too bad though
eh, they mainly do business/management courses
so not likely they would need to worry so much
Yeah, makes sense.
and their admin is inefficent ;p
Be right back, i require a reboot!
And I am now on 2010 stuff
3:25 PM
@JourneymanGeek You should take over for the admin ;)
4:02 PM
So after 2 years of not updating Windows...today is the day
And i'm praying it doesn't mess anything up
@WilliamHilsum you around?
just about
@WilliamHilsum I have a few questions for ya... let me know when you're ready
im just trying to fix the digitizer on my mums phone... not having much luck... but, yeah, ask away!
so I'm looking to upgrade the swtiches at the office I'm managing... but didn't know what Jumbo Frames were..
found this:
In computer networking, jumbo frames are Ethernet frames with more than 1500 bytes of payload. Conventionally, jumbo frames can carry up to 9000 bytes of payload, but variations exist and some care must be taken when using the term. Many Gigabit Ethernet switches and Gigabit Ethernet network interface cards support jumbo frames, but all Fast Ethernet switches and Fast Ethernet network interface cards support only standard-sized frames. Most national research and education networks (such as Internet2/NLR, ESnet, GÉANT, and AARNet) support jumbo frames, but most commercial Internet service ...
but not exactly sure what it equates to...
4:06 PM
basically... faster speeds under some circumstances as each packet can be larger
what's the payload mean? and would jumbo frames really make a difference in a small office setting?
I think that is about it... probably better off asking on SF though...
I highly doubt it unless they are very intensive network users
@WilliamHilsum I was thinking about it... but not sure...
@WilliamHilsum they'll be using a sql server database that accesses thier med records... on site...
and also images as well
so maybe, but definately not like a major corporation
basically trying to decide between the two
wow, personally, never heard of the brand...
give me about 10 minutes and I will have a proper compare between the two for you
@KronoS sorry to pick on you but... d-e-f-i-n-i-t-e-l-y.com
(and there's newegg business? o_0 )
4:16 PM
Bugger... reseated all internal connections - screen still not responding :( Can't do reset as it is all touchscreen (KC 910 - unless someone knows different)... Type to go phone hunting for a new one for her!!! Why is it always my responsibility!
@Sathya lol sorry... that's what I get for typing fast
@Sathya yes
wow... both are beasts of switches!
How many machines/servers do they have... please say a little more about the network
... I always find it easy to help others, but need reassurance when it is for myself, e.g. why I was asking similar questions yesterday!
what happened with random and kcotreau?
the new guy that got like 15000 in 2 months!
he got upset over few invalid flags.
what's an invalid flag?
like question too subjective that kind of thing?
4:32 PM
no, when you flag a question Mods can deem it as valid or invalid
Q: Flagging a question for moderator review

Jason BakerSuppose I want to have someone with moderator abilities review a question. What would be the best way to flag this? Is there already some standard way to do this that I don't know about? Return to FAQ index

Q: What is flag weight?

CoolBeansFlag weight can be viewed in user profiles. What is flag weight? Who can view my flag weight? When can I view my own flag weight? What are the possible values of flag weight? Why is my flag weight not an integer? What are the benefits of a high flag weight? Return to FAQ index

Q: What is with these invalid flags?

KCotreauTwo of my recent flags were marked as invalid, but I have no idea why. The first one was a duplicate post, only 4 questions below, and was not only closed, but deleted. I flagged it as "Dual post, probably better on another site." Apparently, they agreed, but still invalid? The newer one was cle...

heh bloody hell 14 downvotes! looks interesting
Did KCotreau leave or something?
hi guys
heya @slhck, hows it going?
pretty fine, how 'bout you? @SimonSheehan
and yes, he did leave (see his profile)
4:39 PM
@WilliamHilsum about 17 right now
will be adding about 8 more
@slhck Good good, checking out the new MS office here... And its unfortunate he left
I currently have 2 16 port switches that are full
heh, yeah you should have a thicker skin online
that's all I can say
Indeed, I understand what your getting at
anybody else having trouble opening Gmail?
4:43 PM
Ill check
oh no, seems to be local.. Chrome doesn't open, Safari does
Error 202 (net::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID): Unknown error.
@slhck Yeah, works with Firefox
> Warning: We believe that your account was recently accessed from: Turkey ( Show details and preferences |Ignore
that was unexpected
4:45 PM
that doesn't sound good! @ThomasMcDonald
Uh oh
oh wait, 1 August. I might have been in Fuerteventura then.
oh well, Chrome restart fixed it @SimonSheehan :P
@Thomas what browser/webinterface/application?
All my access are from Canada, thankfully
4:47 PM
@barlop GMail
ah. bbl, groceries
plus it was only Atom feed access
cya later @slhck
oh, don't have it on my other account that should have been accessed though
hmm, i'm a lookalike to one of the people here a particularly brilliant one, I won't say who. Shame I can't cause any trouble though.. if it was a business I might be able to walk to the manager's office and pick up a $200,000 annual cheque ;-)
4:51 PM
logmein resuce doesn't support chrome and only firefox 3.6?
well, if it was a physical business, and if I was a bad guy!
doh different name
not anybody here in this chat don't worry!
5:09 PM
@barlop lol, and I thought.. because I'm the only one here with a personal avatar
@KronoS Sorry, phone call after phone call and getting distracted...
@WilliamHilsum it's all good... what do you think about logmein rescue?
employer is willing to pay for it
right... Unless all computers are right next to each other, whilst what you are doing is good, you may want to look at having proper sockets in walls, then a comms cabinet that has patch panels, one per floor/section, and using less powerful switches... what you showed was great, but, personally, I think overkill for a small network
@WilliamHilsum we're already using patch panels
I have never used it... personally, I use a combination of Microsoft Management programs, and netsupport
5:12 PM
what about them are overkill?
they are bloody powerful! Personally, for a network with under 50 machines, I would go unmanaged...
look, if you had millions to spare and everything, I would get them without thinking twice, but, also... there is electricity costs and other things that you may not think about, and, they look like proper enterprise switches (core etc.) I mean... they have uplink ports on them!
I am sure they will work perfectly... but... for the amount of machines you have, so would a much cheaper solution
sorry... don't mean to sound so negative! I just hate seeing people spend money when a lesser solution would do the same - again - not saying they are not good, or will not work!
@WilliamHilsum I don't think you're being negative... ultimately I'll decide, but I do value your professional opinion
@WilliamHilsum my only prob is that 24 is too few ports
need a USA <> British version of this - shesnotfromyorkshire.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/… !!!
that is why I would get a few lesser powerful 8/16 port switches
@WilliamHilsum that's what I already have... two 16 port ones
I'd rather just get a rack mountable one that can handle them all and be rid of the smaller ones that look tacky
@WilliamHilsum heh. I miss the "fair enough" though!
5:19 PM
@KronoS What ones do you already have?
@WilliamHilsum something like this but older
You like that brand then!?
... I don't think they look bad at all, I would get another one of those... one second...
@WilliamHilsum they've done me good... I didn't purchase them... they were already in place when I came on
@slhck :/ I'm sure that's possibly my 2nd most used phrase on here, after "indeed"
@DMA57361 I have to admit, that's one of the reasons why I mentioned it :D
5:23 PM
hehehe, I'm not entirely sure what the "non-British" translation is :P
On the phone now, but @Kronos - williamhilsum.com/kronos.htm something like that should keep the network nice and fast
Well, for me personally it has a bit of a negative connotation, but that might just be stupid :P @DMA57361
Well, back now!
up to quite a big network, then, upgrade the core switch to one similar to what you posted (that is what they are meant for)... anyway, brb
@slhck I was still scouting out the Macs today, did you see the new Mini's? store.apple.com/ca/browse/home/shop_mac/family/mac_mini/…
MUCH more powerful from the last one
5:27 PM
@SimonSheehan Oh, looks nice! I always thought they were a bit expensive, but those look pretty decent
@slhck oh dear :/ it's not meant to be negative... oh well, cultural differences ftw!
@slhck When I looked at them a month ago, they were still Core 2 Duo's. This is a BIG step up
you can get an i7 now!
@DMA57361 Oh, no, don't take offense, I know it's a completely personal thing!
@slhck Actually it's a dual core i7. Slightly disappoint, but the i5 is still at a good price
@slhck hehe, no worries, it's just not one of those things I've bothered thinking about before :)
5:31 PM
@SimonSheehan Yep, also given that monitors are quite cheap these days
@DMA57361 Like you said, cultural differences :P
@slhck Indeed. Then again, the base iMac comes with a monitor and 4GB RAM....Apple doesn't make your decisions easy :P. And then there's parents to convince!
@WilliamHilsum is that a separation of servers, and then workstations?
and my other question is that I currently have 10/100 switches but thought that upgrading to 10/100/1000 would be better
I just realized that the link I sent you was to a gigabit switch :) It's the same brand that I have, but slower in speed (mine is)
windows IRC clients are slowly killing me - these x-chat ports sucks D:
@WilliamHilsum this is a really good answer on what jumbo frames are and why/whynot to implement them:
A: Upgrading to Gigabit Network - Enabling Jumbo Frames

jj33First, it might be best to explain what jumbo frame ethernet is. Ethernet is a layer 2 networking technology and its Protocol Data Unit (PDU) is a frame. For reference, an L3PDU (IP layer) is a packet, and an L4PDU (tcp/udp) is a segment. An ethernet frame (there are several types of ethernet ...

oh and it looks like Jeff made a post as well:
5:46 PM
off the phone, sorry about that... so busy tonight, all of a sudden :/
@WilliamHilsum no prob
looks good... I learnt a few things! Thanks
@KronoS Yeah - basically using one switch as the uplink switch
@WilliamHilsum so here's where I'm at... although there no need for the jumbo frames for the database access there is the issue of a imaging server that would be transfering data over the whole network
:/ not sure what to do honestly
the doctors have complained about the speed of the connection to the imaging server...
(though that has been off-site mainly and would be way more variables to consider)
yes - but... if every image is a few megs, do you really need to save one second :/
@WilliamHilsum ur right... don't need jumbo frame
thought I may look into it for my home network :P
@WilliamHilsum so why would this one be overkill?
6:01 PM
For a start, actually after looking, I wouldn't get that one... To be honest, whilst a good price for what you are getting, I would seriously not consider getting anything less than GB equipment... It just feels like throwing money away... but I could be wrong
however, to be honest - yeah, good price for that many ports
@WilliamHilsum that is gigabit
or am i reading it wrong?
You may want to check/find out the max utilization for it as well - want to check it isn't something silly like 1x1GB for the whole switch... e.g. full (100Mb/200Mb full duplex)
oh wait it's not!
good catch
48 x 10/100Mbps Auto Negotiation, Auto-MDIX Fast Ethernet ports
2 x 10/100/1000Mbps Auto Negotiation, Auto MDIX Gigabit ports
2 x Mini GBIC ports for optional Mini-GBIC modules
brb, 10-20 minutes, have to pick brother up from the station
@WilliamHilsum that's fine... still looking and researching
6:04 PM
Hi people :D Is it ok to install 64-bit Ubuntu instead of 32-bit? Anyone any experience?
@BloodPhilia Uh... ya... I did it a while back... and didn't have probs...
why are you asking?
@KronoS Because 32-bit is recommended
just wondering why
Does flash and such work already?
@BloodPhilia Do you have a 64bit processor?
And stable?
@SimonSheehan Yes Simon :P Of course I have
If you have a 64bit processor, install 64bit. You can use i686 packages still.
It's just like running Windows x64
6:06 PM
@SimonSheehan Ye, but I heard rumours that 32 bit emu is shit on Ubuntu
Like Wine won't even run?
Just asking you guys for any experiences you have!
@BloodPhilia I've never had a single issue with flash or WINE.
@SimonSheehan K thanks! Just going to try my luck at 64-bit then!
Haha, okay! Good luck with it
But why does Canonical recommend 32 bit?
Is 64 bit driver support just as good as 32-bit?
@BloodPhilia Where does it say that?
6:08 PM
@SimonSheehan On the download page
let me look..
Yeah it recommends it for me too, probably just does by default since the majority of Ubuntu users are end-users who run on x86.
@SimonSheehan there
Hmmm there's this: neweggbusiness.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16833122147 with 10% off @WilliamHilsum
6:10 PM
either that or it detected your browser was x86 and then recommended it
@BloodPhilia it's recommended for the idiots that don't know what they're doing and don't realize that 64bit requires a 64bit processor
@KronoS Lolololol
Ah well, the 64-bit iso is @ 80% ;D
Gonna try Outlook 2010..
6:11 PM
@SimonSheehan What for?
@BloodPhilia I got it with Office 2010 pro, so i figured it may as well try it!
@SimonSheehan I used it for ages!
@BloodPhilia Any good?
And it works quite nice, but I switched to Gmail
And I found webmail to be much more convenient
Well, it's a must if you use Exchange services/shared calendars etc.
Well I could setup hotmail with exchange
6:15 PM
Oooo and a $100 dollar rebate! @WilliamHilsum
brings it down to 386 for a full gb 48 port switch
oo nice price.
I'm off for some lasagne! Thanks for the advice guys! :D
Tasty, enjoy it!
@SimonSheehan no I think I'm going to go with the one above
it comes out to be 386 with the rebate
and it's full 10/100/1000 switch for all ports
@KronoS Link to it?
6:20 PM
and does support jumbo frame, (which I won't use right away)
10 mins ago, by KronoS
Hmmm there's this: http://www.neweggbusiness.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16833122147 with 10% off @WilliamHilsum
and actually get 10% off too
so it's actually 343
there should be a warning when a comment is deleted.
a notification at least
Welcome back @WilliamHilsum
6:25 PM
who's the lunatic that invented the FOR command in NT's command prompt?
6:50 PM
For isn't bad!
What's wrong - need any help?
7:06 PM
posted on August 10, 2011 by Alison Sperling

This Stack Overflow DevDays will be the best conference you’ll attend in 2011.  You’ll come away with in-depth knowledge of all the latest programming awesome like: Node.js, HTML5, CSS3, CoffeeScript, Cassandra, Hadoop, F#, UI design, Scalability and Performance.  Register today to ensure you won’t miss out on seeing these speakers and more! San Francisco, October [...]

7:45 PM
Does anybody know if it is possible to add something in a PowerShell profile which will make CTRL + BackSpace/Delete remove one word at a time backwards/forwards?
I have this ability in the other shells I use, so I get annoyed when I instinctively try to do the same in PS.
@WilliamHilsum well, not really a problem I have with it, but why does the help say (set) Specifies a set of one or more files. Wildcards may be used.. When it can take strings too. Doesn't have to be files.
and I mean without quotes
help files are not the easiest - There are some very good examples if you google it... There is one site 10-15+ years old I like visiting... can't think off the top of my head :/
@barlop You can do almost everything with FOR /F
8:00 PM
oh i probably know the one you mean
with benny pederson
hmm.. that google didn't turn up much
That's the site!
i should use it.. i guess i've been more of a traditionalist just use the built in help.. though it has been enough more or less.
what if you want to enable delayed expansion (e.g. !var! ) and set variables properly(not locally) in a batch file?
and you're on the default /v:off
the only way i've found, is to do setlocal enabledelayedexpansion then you do your !var! then endlocal. Then create the variable..
Yes, that is how you do that. I cannot see what the problem is.
well it just seems silly that to get enabledelayedexpansion, you have to at the same time setlocal, thus all environment variables created don't exist outside the batch file. just a stupid design
But how does that apply when you are setting variables, unless they contain variables in their definitions?
You want persistent envars which stay defined after the batch script has executed, but you do not want them permanently defined?
8:12 PM
persistent and permanent sound like the same thing to me
Well, I mean that they stay after the batch file ends, until you close the command prompt
Permanently defined, so that they are there the next time you open a new command prompt, or reboot the machine.
oh good point
I just meant persistent
And you want to define them using other variables?
I suppose after the endlocal would work.. I just think it's a silly design
Yes, but you cannot use delayed expansion.
Unless you open CMD with /V:ON
8:16 PM
you can without /v:on , you can inside a batch by starting it with setlocal enabledelayedexpansion
I know, but then your variables are local, and not persistent. I thought that was what you were trying to do?
right I want them persistent
looks like the endlocal won't help me either 'cos after that, the variables don't persist
the only way I see of doing it
Yes they do.
Posted by Alex Miller on August 10th, 2011

Joining Jeff and Joel this week is Michael Natkin, from our Cooking.SE site.  Michael is especially interesting because he is a computer programmer, but he doesn’t answer questions at Stack Overflow, only on the Cooking site (he’s our first guest to do so!) – he also writes over at Herbivoracious (which he started back in 2007).

Their discussion includes:

Michael is a vegetarian “foodie” (even though he really hates that word) – he and Joel commiserate over the oddities of being a vegetarian trying to eat out …

That's what SetLocal and EndLocal are for.
8:19 PM
well, suppose I say set a=!var! and I do it within the setlocal and endlocal
I have to do it there because it's setlocal enabledelayedexpansion
but then I can't get a to persist
and if after the endlocal I set another variable to equal a it won't get it
I can't even echo %a% outside the local
Because SetLocal makes them local.
yeah that's the problem
The only way you can do it is by starting cmd with /v:on
so if somebody is using /v:off because that's the default
then there's no way
other than.. outputting the variable contents to a file and reading it from the file after the endlocal
all because of a stupid design
I use TCC anyway, but I guess you are trying to make portable scripts.
8:23 PM
yeah, though more a theoretical problem
just working out the language.. i'm only writing for myself. but good to know the limitations
is TCC commercial?
it's aka 4NT right?
8:36 PM
Posted by Joel Spolsky on August 10th, 2011

I get an email like Arik‘s every day or two. He wrote:

The problem I see is that Careers 2.0 give advantage to developers with high Stack Overflow statistics (which I guess was the point, showing that you know stuff).

Unfortunately, SO succeeded so well, that practically no good question remained unanswered. Thus, gaining a respectful reputation in SO is practically impossible these days. Which gives an unfair advantage to veteran SO users.

First of all, whoa… have you seen the Stack Overflow homepage lately? We’re getting about 4,000—four thousand!—questions a day. There are puh-LENTY of opportunities to find a question to answer. …

8:52 PM
@barlop Yes
TCC/LE is free, but no 64-bit version, which is a pain for me
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