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1:00 PM
@slhck one more thing , if i take snapshots very often, is there any problem to either VM or any other components ?
None I can think of
As long as you have enough space for the snapshots to put :)
Daily should be enough though, no?
@slhck really I dont know because I am new to virtulization . I am a Lv1 sys admin.
so I am asking here.
There is no problem to virtual image and all right ??
I'm no sysadmin either, but just speaking from experience at my previous office we'd back up our dev machines daily with snapshots.
@slhck so no problem right
No, I mean, it depends on what you want. If you really just want to store the data, taking an entire image might be overhead.
Depends on what the server is used for.
1:05 PM
@slhck storage is not an issue here we have 2 TB storage almost and 24GB RAM etc
we have Qco2 Diska images
1:32 PM
LOL @slhck awesome gravatar
@allquixotic @JourneymanGeek made it based on @OliverSalzburg's suggestion :P
I like it. SE should change from Identicons to this.
Isnt an answer like this still "ok" superuser.com/a/753797/98855 when a user searches and lands on the question, but they ARE on a pc not a mac?
I think I started it, but it was totally random, and I wasn't trying to create a trend -- I googled "Windows 8 BSOD", and found a decent-res version of the Windows 8 :( from the BSOD, and changed my gravatar to that
but then the other day I was remarking how Bob prefers :\, I prefer :(, JMG uses ;p a lot, Oliver uses :D a lot, and it all fit together
And everyone knows I'm a penguin, so there you go.
1:36 PM
Bob uses :S more than :\
well, :S is free, so someone can take that if they want
@HackToHell he's a very uncertain fox, isn't he? :P
@Psycogeek Yeah, it's debatable whether this should really be deleted. Primarily, the question is about Excel for Mac, so if you want a Windows solution, you should ask a question for Windows specifically. Or you change the question to be broader.. but that's for the OP to decide.
and JMG is always playful
@slhck It is so twisted when sometimes they tell us they want conical whole answers on the questions, like they should be little mini blogs, then trash a dude who puts it in because it doesnt fit the OS for "just that user"
1:40 PM
Find a reason downvote :-) hell does anybody "find a reason" to upvote . See something good in everything.
@Psycogeek I agree that a lot of people on the network try to pick apart questions or answers any way they can, and sometimes this isn't really helpful... if you spend enough time analyzing something, you're going to be able to find a critique... and almost every question can be VTC'ed for some reason or another... but that doesn't mean we should have no standards, either
@allquixotic You can make it better! Infinite res!
Vector fonts!
@allquixotic Thing is if the downvoters are so expert on what should be there, They could PUT it there.
Q: Remove upvoting on comments under a question, only allow downvoting

usr280492If you don't know an answer, why don't you simply pass-by? No question is stupid. We are all human beings and can have different ideas at times and just because of difference, another idea can't be wrong. If you don't like someone else's idea, just skip it, don't make it dirty using obnoxious c...

a lot of people seem to come here with that opinion of "if you don't like it, leave it alone"
that's the other extreme from the people who pick apart every answer and question, no matter how viable they are overall
@allquixotic Guess who the one upvote for that is :-) Problem is if you dont like it, smart people are just leaving the site.
1:46 PM
we have to land somewhere in the middle
@Psycogeek: on the other hand if we're full of crap, the smart people won't come here in the first place
@JourneymanGeek It is not easier to deal with all the people left who will put up with BS to get an answer to a question. It would be easier if there were thousands more people in specialised feilds who could answer the questions. Many of which are not going to put up with this attempt at "quality control"
holy ridiculous question
Q: Why *not* parse `ls`?

mikeservI consistently see answers quoting this link stating definitively "Don't parse ls!" This bothers me for a couple of reasons: It seems the information in that link has been accepted wholesale with little question, though I can pick out at least a few errors in casual reading. It also seems as if...

@Psycogeek if there were "thousands more people in specialized fields who could answer the questions" on SU, we would basically be where StackOverflow is today. you don't have to imagine a hypothetical world to see how SU would be in your proposed scenario; you can go to stackoverflow.com right now and see all the terrible, low-quality questions that get ignored, or even upvoted. Try and search SO for useful knowledge -- good luck.
a long time ago, SO used to always have great answers for stuff when I googled... nowadays, 80% of the SO answers I see on Google are terrible... many of them questions with no answers; or if there is an answer, it's not helpful
@allquixotic I cannot even imagine how many repeats of the same basic code problems would end up exisiting on that site , as each new user tries to do things with code.
1:56 PM
the problem is that SO got too popular, too fast, and a lot of high-rep users on that site have privileges that are not being used effectively for quality control... for instance, people will read a terrible question, answer it for easy upvotes and rep, then vote to close
pretty much
(though I've occationally answered bad questions cause GOD THE STUPID HURTS)
@allquixotic gonna have to define 'terrible question'
if you mean 'too basic', I've always held the belief that it's impossible to be too basic
everyone needs to start somewhere
Its a good question insofar as my wanting to know how someone loses files on a nondestructive process
@Bob: lacking detail
1:58 PM
@allquixotic But with new layers of stupid users the stupid questions are answered easily by them. it is a tier possibility.
@JourneymanGeek there are some basic concepts that should be covered, though
@JourneymanGeek it can make a good canonical question, if cleaned up and answered as such
there is no such thing as a bad question perhaps, but there are question asked badly
@Bob: like I did with cable/port identification? ;p
1:59 PM
If you try to treat it as a game of "troubleshooting - let's narrow it down!", you aren't going to get far
Q: what does #someDiv mean?

Артём ЦарионовWhen the user puts his mouseover this object i want a message to pop up: onmouseover=" evt.target.setAttribute('opacity', '0.5'); $('#someDiv').show();" onmouseout=" evt.target.setAttribute('opacity','1)'); $('#someDiv').hide();" What exaclty does someDIv mean? Where do I put...

karim thank youi very much but "can you just help me make this work" — Артём Царионов Aug 24 '10 at 23:32
but yanno. $deity SO MUCH STUPID
@allquixotic: Flaying, Salted Barrels WITH LEMON JUICE.
and a hint of pepper and broken glass.
@allquixotic The question itself, about the meaning of the #example selector, or even how jquery selectors work, is decent enough (ignoring how it was asked). The "do my work for me" attitude... not so much
Q: How to send 100,000 emails weekly?

xRobotHow can one send an email to 100,000 users on a weekly basis in PHP? This includes mail to subscribers using the following providers: AOL G-Mail Hotmail Yahoo It is important that all e-mail actually be delivered, to the extent that it is possible. Obviously, just sending the mail conventiona...

2:02 PM
Q: What’s with all the colorful avatars?

kinokijufI noticed that several moderators have just changed their avatars in a similar style: Is there any backstory behind this?

@slhck hehehe
Most ridiculous answer wins.
@slhck Is that permission to post random bs answers? :D
@Bob Be creative. It's only Meta.
aww, I already answered seriously :(
2:06 PM
A: What’s with all the colorful avatars?

BobYou see, SE is planning to restrict avatars to white text over a coloured background in the Microsoft® Windows® 8 Metro® style. While they are trying to get permission for Microsoft® (don't want to be sued for trademark violations!), we're just testing to see what it would look like. Don't worr...

Ok, I'm bad at coming up with ridiculous answers :P
A: What’s with all the colorful avatars?

allquixotichttp://chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/15542695#15542695 ...and yeah... that's basically it. You are a fool for asking such a question. Do you realize what you are getting yourself into?! The magnitude of what you've uncovered... the extent... it is beyond your comprehension. It is ...

Since when could we do spoiler tags?
I'm rather amused so many people noticed
Also, this would have been a neat april fools day prank ;p
I don't consider it a prank; I'm keeping this gravatar
I hope some others do too :D
Heck i want my Hats back, i worked hardly at all, for them.
@allquixotic I was planning to change back tomorrow :P
Or maybe that cat. I like that cat photo.
2:17 PM
@Bob I love that cat gravatar too... cats are cool
I mean me. Its not the same without my fuzz face ;p
@allquixotic A specific one.
@JourneymanGeek well, instead of having an actual screenie of your dog you, you have an emoticon depiction of it, which is more than sufficient :(
@allquixotic: not as cute ;p
2:23 PM
bah, my employer is giving a $225 discount on language packs (purchased software, not their yearly subscription service) from Rosetta Stone, but RS doesn't have Tamil :(
they have Hindi, which won't help me a bit with my coworkers except my boss lol
@allquixotic How much do they normally cost?
@Bob for the purchased sets? it's like $425 or so :/
there are like 5 levels per language and if you buy them individually they are hella expensive (still a lot if you buy them all, but you get a bulk discount)
2:25 PM
@allquixotic Ow.
even my phone is giving me "image not found" for these images :/
not enough bandwidth I guess
2:27 PM
the carnivora order is well-represented here :P
true fact. I keep getting squished by bulldogs trying to lick my face T T
@allquixotic There's a couple of cat pics near the top if you check back when you can see them :P
<3 :D Eurasian lynx
2:38 PM
Eurasian lynxes are "medium" cats (a very rare size) -- females from 18 to 46 lbs, males from 40 to 66 lbs
funnily enough, the lightest classification for female lynxes is roughly my Maine Coon cat's weight :D
@Bob cool
and they aren't even classified as "Felis"
@Bob lens blur :<
@allquixotic they have sideburns o doom ;p
2:41 PM
@JourneymanGeek :D :D :D
and some of them have wispy furs coming off the top of their ears
(pic from CutestPaw.com)
would be awesome to have a domesticated Eurasian lynx -- comparable size to a medium dog, but feline :D
some serious meowage... with such a large cat, you can't ignore them scratching you or meowing for food :D
young kitten would be sized as a normal adult felis cat :P
@allquixotic: eartufts
I used to know a girl who was crazy about them ;p
@JourneymanGeek you have ear tufts?
can't think of any dog that does, and besides, floppy ears are cuter ;p
as far as felidae go...
2:52 PM
fuzzy as a kitten :D
@JourneymanGeek It is like ear mascara
I meant she was crazy about lynxes ;p
not eartufts
@JourneymanGeek lol
I'd prefer a girl who's crazy about linuxes over one crazy about lynxes ;p
@ThatBrazilianGuy I'd prefer a girl at all
3:03 PM
@ThatBrazilianGuy Maybe you can find one crazy about lynx
@allquixotic I prefer my girls without periods. If you know what I mean.
@OliverSalzburg good crazy or bad crazy?
@ThatBrazilianGuy so... crossdressers?
@Bob lol touche
Erm... No wait
3:05 PM
@ThatBrazilianGuy So... post-menopausal women?
or... O_O... pre-pub... no... !!no.
yeah, that one is super exploitable, @ThatBrazilianGuy
I'll just pretend I never said anything.
Not listening. La la la la la la
@Bob stretching fox :D man, Wikimedia has some of the best pics
@allquixotic :D
Now I'm googling cat gifs
3:16 PM
I'm there right now :D
I bet that cat saw a hooman pick up a child
Cat to the rescue
3:32 PM
@ThatBrazilianGuy oh god that is old
3:44 PM
Breaking: FCC votes 3-2 to advance new broadband rules allowing paid deals between providers and content companies. http://wsj.com
Screw your country @allq
@HackToHell saw that coming
between 28 and 45 KB/s (with a capital B) downstream at my desk at work. which of our emoticons best sums up this speed?
I'd say it's @Bob's :\
at home I'm Oliver's :D all the way though, 1 MBps and up
4:06 PM
@HackToHell I do not understnd how this issue is about net "nutrality" it looks more to be an issue of another telecom/Cable Company raping everyone for money? I do not pay anything for youtube, netflix is like cheaper than cable tv, but ISP which is mostly just a damn wire is one of my highest costs. Now these people making literally billions a month from running a wire , want to suck fund out of everyone else too?
It would be just like the phone company to charge me to make a call, and charge the other person to recieve it. For some time with the Cell Phones I would have to PAY to recieve a Spam phone call.
(the phone companies are many of the ISPs)
> 113.9 GiB will be downloaded into archive.
Downloading 106519 archive files using 20 threads...
Begin time: Thu May 15 16:18:02 2014
NetFlix is like $17-22 a month (depending), Cable or DSL connection to get nexflix feed $34-50 (depending) , If the ISp starts charging NetFlix, then netflix goes to $50 + the $50 for the ISP. In the situation with Cable (tv/broadband) they are loosing money to netflix, and lost of it with premium channels costing up to $20 each. We know pretty much what the intended plan is, to screw netflix?
4:25 PM
My country just love to copy everything the USA does, so I'm counting the days for the end of Net Neutrality here. "Marco Civil" and all.
what's Marco Civil translate as?
"Civil mark" doesn't make sense to me
Cheap chinese tester does not fail.
Besides, even if the net neutrality is enforced here, most of the data and servicis comes from or passes thru the USA, so the prices will raise for the final consumer.
@allquixotic Hm. Let me see...
4:26 PM
I wonder if it is still possible to fix RJ45 without 3 LEDs blinking?
@Psycogeek I only pay $7.99/mo for Netflix
@allquixotic frontier, limit, demarcation sign, cornerstone. Something like that.
I pay 9 USD / mo for Netflix.
It costs $0/month for Netflix here.
@CanadianLuke for basic services right? Because i was following (reading) some netflix users, many of them also got other services and so they happily piad some more, as it still is less than the cost of something like basic or standard cable. (when they discount the internet connection they must also have)?
@Bob Meaning you don't have it, or it's somehow free?
@Psycogeek There's no "premium netflix" AFAIK
4:34 PM
> Sorry, Netflix is not available in your country yet.
> Sorry, Hulu, Spotify, Pandora, Last.fm and Google Play Music aren't available in Brazil.
I won (lost?)
@ThatBrazilianGuy Considered moving? :P
I don't know half of those things.
4:35 PM
@Psycogeek I don't know the other services they offered, other than postal-mail of DVDs, which they don't offer in Canada
The music stuff is here at least.
We have deezer, but I won't pay R$ 15/mo for music, sorry. Grooveshark is just fine.
How many pins does RJ45 have?
Why mine has only 4?
!!wiki RJ45
RJ45 may refer to: * RJ45 (telecommunications), a connector once used for modem connections * 8P8C modular connector, a connector used for computer network (Ethernet) cables
@ThatBrazilianGuy You do not have permission to use the command undo
@ThatBrazilianGuy That didn't make much sense. Use the !!/help command to learn more.
4:39 PM
@Boris_yo Eight. But only four are for data send / receive (two for each). Theoretically it can work.
@ThatBrazilianGuy Pycckue!!!!!
@mods the Review reviews here are really dumb, it gave me an audit from a question where I had an answer already, so I knew the answer wasn't from 2 hours ago...lol maybe it was like that on purpose?
@Malachi We can't control that
@Boris_yo did you mean: русский ?
4:41 PM
8 pins are also used for gigabit communication, or 6 pins for PoE
""Meanwhile, Netflix, whose subscription video service now accounts for about 30 percent of all Internet traffic, has also built its own CDN network."" cnet.com/news/… And i have seen people claim they are getting throttled for netflix, but my own connection here has never been throttled for anything (yet) . so adding more lines to direct the data quicker wouldnt be a "nutrality" issue, although it could be a money one.
@CanadianLuke I know that. just figured I would let you guys know.....can you set the frequency of the audits? I have done like thirty-something reviews and been audited twice more than I have been anywhere else.
@CanadianLuke My testing equipment has 8 LEDs
@ThatBrazilianGuy Yes but in plural
As you can see from the link, i am not the only idiot who thinks this has little to do with nutrality, and is probably more about $$$
How to run Java application sandboxed?
4:50 PM
@Boris_yo java [-options] -jar jarfile [args...]
@Malachi Nope, not really. You can suggest on meta.stackexchange.com, but we can't control it on our sites
@Boris_yo For forward compatibility :)
@allquixotic Legal Framework
They think they know everything...
@CanadianLuke Maybe browser can do that?
4:51 PM
@CanadianLuke cool I was just curious
@CanadianLuke that was one of the other services they were paying for Mailed DVDs (ahh now i remember)
or "Brazilian Civil Rights Framework for the Internet"
More like "Brazilian Civil Rights Demarcation/Cornerstone for the Internet"
4:59 PM
@Boris_yo I was referring to the 8 pins lol

This one wants Java
5:20 PM
@allquixotic how's this for an updated avatar?
5:37 PM
@Mokubai not bad, except it's not emoji :P
heh, these days I almost enjoy writing answers on Meta more than on the main site
"YAY, a meta question!" :P
@allquixotic I can't find emoji that vaguely match....
Someone want to work on my display picture, and make it look Metro-like?
@allquixotic ϡ could be the person flying...
@CanadianLuke a silhouette of your face with a blue background :P
posted on May 15, 2014 by LukeB

Sometimes, when you’re remote controlling many machines at once, it can get to be a little annoying going to the top of the screen to find the computer name. One solution is to use a powertoy that adds information to the desktop, such as BGInfo by Microsoft. Pros? It runs once at login and exits. […]

5:47 PM
BTW, I suck at making or editing graphics
i might take a hack at it at home
i have photoshop cc
maybe @Mokubai
6:11 PM
@allquixotic Well, I think that until this fad wears off you people deserve to get Mokubai's evil twin.
Well, evil-er....
6:52 PM
> wears off
@allquixotic Yeah, I'm not evil enough...
Or do you want the evil? It's either that or I need someone with some imagination ...
Wait, when the heck did we get code highlighting!?!?!?
7:14 PM
@Mokubai @JourneymanGeek probably threatened to pee on their lawn at SE HQ if they wouldn't implement it
(and he might've also said he would refuse to stand for mod unless they did it)
there are advantages to being a dog
8:02 PM
anyone here using samsung ssd's?
can someone tell me how these iso files work for firmware update?
is it just like ordinary, bootable linux live discs?
is it all automated?
the firmware update process didn't work through the samsung ssd "magician" software, it spits out errors
so i will have to use these iso files
8:47 PM
"ISO files may be used only via DOS using a bootable CD/DVD. "
It looks like you just burn the ISO as a bootable CD/DVD and boot your PC from that.
The Mac ISOs have pdf instruction files which look fairly generic.
free flags;
Q: What can best solve this issue I'm facing?

RackRillI am an aspiring developer, but as of now I can't manage a specific project. The specific project is porting PCSX2 to Android. I was wondering where I can find people to help me do this, and for no charge of moneys to pay.

9:12 PM
perhaps there should be a badge for a question with 1000+ views(so a popular one) with no upvotes or downvotes so no opinions given on it but popular!! superuser.com/questions/588608/…
Anyhow.. Question..
Does Windows 7 repair installation work from safe mode(when you can't get in via normal mode)?
Repair installation how? From the install disc?
yeah that one though windows 7 is a bit different to XP
I know in windows 7 if you can't get into windows you can't do it
but i'm not sure if you can when you can get into safe mode
Have you had that experience?
I don't ever remember needing to repair from inside Windows, just boot off the disc and run the repair.
hmm.. I think you do that but then it requires you to be able to get in.. I suppose I could give it a shot and see if it requires that
Why would it need you to get in?
9:22 PM
@MichaelFrank can you see an answer here marked 'deleted'?
by me
I wrote about doing a repair installation, somebody corrected me. I recall testing it and it seemed they were right
i'll make a screenshot
@barlop I can't :/
@MichaelFrank i.imgur.com/gNCvBB8.png
can't run it from safe mode or can't from the cd?
@MichaelFrank will this work from a USB flash drive?
@MichaelFrank i see it says "the iso inclusdes a bootable, free version of DOS and the firmware update application" in the pdf for mac
i was not aware that dos can operate on mac computers?
You know, if you add www. or http:// to your URLs in chat it'll link them, yea?
9:38 PM
allow me...
Q: How to repair windows 7 explorer

OmiPenguinOk this is the case. Yesterday I tried to install theme in unfortunately i didnt make the backup of explorer.exe And the tool i used for Theme Installer for Window. That is available across internet and widely used. I always make the backup of the files which are patched. Now whenever I try to s...

hah, so marking an answer doesn't delete it at all, it's there for all to see.. which is fine.. in that instance! 'cos not a lot of people would've known that answer was wrong, and the comments mention that it is wrong.
You can see your own answers you've deleted. I can't see your deleted answers.
... It's the image you pasted a while back.
no http://
oh I see
9:43 PM
with http:// in front of i.imgur.com/gNCvBB8.png
well anyhow.. what did it say when you clicked upgrade and it didn't work?
and does it work from safe mode?
i'll see if i can find a usb stick with win7 on it to test it as well
err apparently i don't have one so can't test
@barlop i can't see your answer
@sammyg yes ok I got that
as far as i know, if you delete your own answer, only you will see that, no one else
yes I got that
ie I agree
9:49 PM
@barlop just want to make sure you got that ;)
you did get that, no? ;)
@sammyg Mods can see everything.
yeah I think we know or can guess that!
If I any non mod can see it then a mod can!
@MichaelFrank yes, i got that
now how about that dos in mac?
a go go go or a no go?
browse to page 4 please
9:54 PM
You're not using DOS inside OS X. You're using the Mac boot menu to boot the DOS live image.
i don't get that... how can you possible run "free dos" on a mac?
hardware is hardware.
It's the same way you can run Windows on a Mac.
oh right... stupid me
it's x86
but then that won't run on powerpc based mac?
lol, Ruby libs have some of the oddest names
@MichaelFrank thanks! i got it now
9:57 PM
@sammyg no you didn't ;-)
@sammyg Which aren't likely to be upgraded to a brand new SSD, right?
@MichaelFrank probably now... unless you are on a constrained budget or something and can't afford a new mac or something :p

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