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9:00 PM
(@ChrisJester-Young, @dmckee, or @gnibbler might like to comment on this)
but none of them are in this room
Chris used to be pretty active in here. (And typing the full name in a ping always notifies the user if they've ever been in the room, IIRC)
I mean, I don't consider this a criticism of them or any of the previous work they've done
Someone recently said it on MSO better than I can: meta.stackoverflow.com/a/253376/1768232
code golf is 3 years old
I suppose you have a point.
You could make a meta post, if you'd like. This would probably benefit from community discussion.
I would, but I decided to check here first to see if I got the "Oh, they definitely do a lot, I see it because I have 10k (2k on beta) tools"
I don't want to question the moderators like that if I'm the only one who doesn't notice their presence much
9:05 PM
We can't really see much about what mods do either. We're still mortals. :P
that came up as I started writing the meta post.
Heh, yeah, I wrote that a long time ago
I am now a wiser and more experienced Jedi Stack Exchangian :P
@Doorknob That post could be equally interpreted as being directed at the community rather than the actual guys with diamonds. The community is our biggest moderator.
Yep, that too.
9:19 PM
Q: Does P&CG need a new moderator?

durron597P&CG is over 3 years old now. I hope one day it gets out of beta, I have a lot of fun here... even though I mostly pose questions rather than answering them myself. Anyway, I checked the recent posting activity of our moderators, and... it was not great, both in the main site and in meta. @Doork...

@durron597 what?
Wait, what happenned? "Read-only"? seems to be popping up
@Malachi what what?
@TheDoctor Yeah, maintenainence or something.
Checking SS...
@durron597 the Moderator mumbo jumbo
9:21 PM
We'll be performing a read-only load test of the Stack Exchange network for approximately 15 minutes here in a bit.
of course @Doorknob beats me to it.
You don't want to be around @hichris123 then... he's always faster than me :P
@Malachi what about it? What's not clear from my question?
just saying
Did I not get the pretty version because I tagged a user?
The Stack Exchange read-only test is starting now, DNS failover will happen over the next 5 minutes.
9:22 PM
@durron597 Use the "reply" button if you want oneboxes with pings, like this:
1 min ago, by Doorknob
We'll be performing a read-only load test of the Stack Exchange network for approximately 15 minutes here in a bit.
Ah cool
(also highlights the message you're replying to, which is nice)
I love that GraceNote politely ignored the ongoing debate around code-trolling
She seems very professional
@Doorknob Oy.
Hey :P
9:25 PM
@hichris123 For what it's worth I asked in this room before I made that.
Hi @hichris123 abc
@Malachi ... just saying what? I'm not sure what you're referring to
I am putting up a minecraft server tonight. Got teamspeak up already. Anyone want to join? Using Monster modpack from Feed-the-Beast
@Doorknob the fact that some users here think that you need a new moderator. are the current moderators not doing their job?
@Malachi Who is "you" in that sentence?
9:29 PM
I suppose further discussion on that will be needed. (I do wish we have extreme-enthusiast mods like you do on CR though @Malachi :P)
@Doorknob Not always, do you want me to super-ping them for you?
@Rusher you = CodeGolf
@hichris123 Idk; ask @durron597 about that
@Doorknob I would run for Election, but beta sites don't work like that. and I don't know if the wife would like me spending all day with my head in clouds.
I think Doorknob should be a mod
9:30 PM
checks the TL link since I do have access to it
@Malachi You have two answers here. I hereby pronounce you part of the commmunity.
I love writing code.
@Rusher thank you
@Malachi Lol, I'm glad that I have enough free time in middle school to participate on SE often :P
@Malachi Two things, 1) I agree with @TheDoctor, @Doorknob should be a mod. 2) Having a discussion about the pros and cons is not the same as doing it immediately
And like I said, I invite everyone including the current mods to tell me that my perceived lack of activity by the mods is incorrect
@Doorknob don't make me have a star-attack in here....lol I ran out of them in CR Chat already
9:32 PM
@Doorknob, in high school, SE will either ruin your grades or your SE participation
@TheDoctor (and @durron597) Thanks :) I'm still not entirely sure I'd feel good replacing our current mods, since they're all pretty pleasant, but if one of them feels good handing his/her diamond to me I'd gladly oblige
dmckee lounges around on meta. I never see him on the actual main site though.
@Doorknob Also, FYI: SE also sometimes adds more diamonds to the current team. If you get one more, that doesn't necessarily mean you take one away.

Beta Q&A site for developers of open-source hardware and software that is compatible with Arduino

Currently in public beta.

Still in the lead
@durron597 I'm writing up an answer to your meta post right now.
9:33 PM
ChrisJester-Young simply disappeared entirely after Doorknob ninja whacked him.
When was that?
@hichris123 Oh that's nice. :D
ChrisJester-Young just commented on my question
@Rusher he just popped up on that question
@Rusher ... what are you referring to? :P
9:33 PM
It's an imposter!
I have to get back to work though
mniip hasn't been around much either
I almost disappeared myself, but some mod on CR drove me back here.
Where have you been?
9:35 PM
A: Does P&CG need a new moderator?

DoorknobI have a few things that I might be able to weigh in on: The community has gotten drastically better at self-moderation over the past few months or so. I'm not the only one who deletevotes anymore, and we're getting bad things closed much more quickly recently. As @Chris mentioned in that post ...

@Rusher No, really, what are you talking about? :P
I've... pinged someone so you people get more attention to that question ^^.
@hichris123 Thanks! :)
@Doorknob already flagged and downvoted it
Actually, though i'd like to be a mod, i think i would burninate all the and half the
I can't even downvote here. :(
9:38 PM
@Door done
@hichris123 Remember when you promised to participate on CG after I did on ES? :P I'll never forget
I think every single time there has been kill-with-fire question or answer and I've been in this chat, @Doorknob has posted about it here before I even saw it.
@Doorknob Since you asked twice - obviously my statement about you ninja whacking Chris Jester-Young the moment talks come up about you being a new mod was sarcasm
Sorry it wasn't super obvious
@chrisjester-young around? I have a spammy user for you to nuke.
@durron597 all hail @DoorknobChatbot or whatever was it called
9:39 PM
@Rusher Ah, heh, I should have realized that ;P
@Doorknob I'll participate soon enough. ;)
@mniip Haha, I still haven't gotten around to fixing that. Gah, I really should, but... insert generic excuse here
I nominate @ProgrammerDan as mod.
He is a level-headed kind of guy.
DoorknobChatbot for moderator!
ProgrammerDan? Who's that even
This is why my vote goes for Doorknob
9:42 PM
He's a programmer and his name is Dan
If he can't mod, no one can
That was a rhetoric question
Implying that he is not as well-known
On the oher hand, DOORKNOB...
When you write it in all caps I hear "DORK NOB" in my head
...I laughed longer than I admit I should have
Lol, I think someone figured that out before :D
One person thought I was calling the person that I was commenting to a doorknob.
9:47 PM
Don't you hate when you were working for hours on a puzzle with no answers yet, but just 5 minutes before you, someone else answers, and guess what, their code is shorter
As in "This question is off-topic, you doorknob!"
Was it that doorknob impersonator?
I take it nobody was interested in wasting their life playing Minecraft in an hour or so?
Me! me!
I will be homeworking/scouting
9:49 PM
I have re-started my survival server btw :P
I don't have MC
Anyway, it appears I'm getting much more support for this than I expected. I kind of feel like @Undo did during the SO election.
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Exchange Chat, Feb 17 at 23:57, by Undo
I'm surprised (and kinda scared) at how well I'm doing.
... :P I spent 5 minutes trying to find that message
9:50 PM
one more dv on this nonsense
Q: what's wrong with my codes?(I don't know why my template is not correct)

tiandiao123include include using namespace std; template class element { private: basetype *p; int maxlength; int currentlength; public: element(); element(int max); ~element(); void add(basetype t); bool full() const; void erase(); friend ostream

@DigitalTrauma if I could i would vote to delete that right away
I am going to try and add some C# answers to this Site, looks like fun
@Malachi cough look now. :P
Will Doorknob's 9 star post ever leave the transcript?
I don't have enough rep to even see the post anymore
9:53 PM
thanks @mniip
@Malachi i do :)
@Rusher unpins it Now it will
How do you pin messages?
Be an owner of the room. (Or a mod)
I'd pin all of my messages if I could
9:54 PM
They are all very important
Hm... would people go crazy if I made @Rusher room owner? :P
... don't you dare :P
I don't think you want to actually do that
@hichris123 Can I just have a slanty name without any of the other privileges?
I wonder, why does it say "7 more votes remaining" in the deletion dialogue
9:55 PM
Oooh, I've successfully convinced durron to commit to Puzzling. :P Only 7 people left!
yet my vote appears to be the last one before deleted
@mniip You have 7 delete votes left today
@Rusher ... if I do it quick enough. :P
that's somewhat ambiguous
9:56 PM
Slanty name
Not a slanty name
Haha :D
9:56 PM
@Doorknob I just committed to Puzzling
I'm back and I have
A regular name :(
1 min ago, by Doorknob
Oooh, I've successfully convinced durron to commit to Puzzling. :P Only 7 people left!
Wait and now my old messages have regular names too. I feel like I'm in a lower class. I'm bein repressed!
you're faster than me even on my own messages
9:57 PM
@hichris123 can you make me room owner for a sec... need to pin something
@Doorknob how many mods want out? and how many good members are there to take their place?
@TheDoctor ... what do you want to pin?
... I just unpinned that. :P
10:01 PM
It's been pinned all day lol
@Malachi Not sure about the first one, but we've got quite a few users that I'd like to hand a diamond to.
Pinning your own messages is unfair D:
@TheDoctor Because it's been there for long enough.
I want one!!!!!
10:02 PM
@Doorknob not really, stuff only auto-unpins after 14 days, IIRC. :P
@Doorknob a diamond that is
If I had a diamond...
...I could make a diamond shovel
@mniip You could shovel in the morning
@Doorknob I think we should leave it pinned for a week or so. It's fairly important.
10:03 PM
Diamond hoes are swager though
They should use TARDISes in stead of diamonds
What's harder than a diamond? Chuck Norris's roundhouse kick.
@Doorknob I have been thinking about Diamonds a lot. I tried to run for mod on SuperUser but that didn't go so well
From my profile: "real name Chrístõdavõreendiamondhærtmallõupdracœfiredelúnmiancuimhne de Lœngbærrow"
10:05 PM
@m.buettner I've been meaning to say this for a long time: It appears we've reached a consensus (see top voted answer). Now we're going to figure out what to do. Assuming we are going to kill the tag, we're going to need to plan lots of things and make a meta post about this. I've been meaning to discuss this in this room for a little bit now
I guess I even know who starred that message above :|
@mniip who?
@Doorknob I'd love to discuss this with you right now, but I've got an exam tomorrow morning. How about tomorrow around this time?
What?! Killing code-trolling? Nooooooooo
@Doorknob make a chat event! :P
10:06 PM
feel free to accept my answer though ^^
Yeah, I've got lots of stuff to do right now as well actually. Tomorrow now I'll be at tennis lessons though, but I might be able to hop in after
@mniip please make your point in said meta post :P
@mniip yes!!!!
@m.buettner I'll accept it once we've done everything that the post says
Anyway, I'm currently writing an essay which I am going to focus on for a bit, so I'll be back soon
okay fair enough... the logical order to me seemed the other way round: accept consensus, then act on consensus. but whatever.
see you tomorrow
@m.buettner "said"? heh
Let me examine the arguments first
@mniip what's wrong with "said"? as in "aforementioned"? (genuinely asking... non-native speaker and such...)
@m.buettner I had to go to the site to figure what you're even talking about. It wasn't "said" nor "mentioned"
@mniip Ah, I was referring to this post because it seemed this was what the discussion was currently revolving around anyway.
My Dog for Moderator!
10:14 PM
I think I can agree with @m.buettner 's answer though
"killing the tag" and "delete all the things" is abit of exaggerating, hence why I was worried
It is true that besides 3 answers m.buettner listed, code-trolling is quite a crap
It is also true that those 3 can be shifted to other tags
@mniip that's why I think "killing the tag" isn't too far from the truth. "delete all the things" is, though ;)
5 mins ago, by TheDoctor
My Dog for Moderator!
And I went up there, I said, "Shrink, I want to kill. I mean, I wanna, I
Wanna kill. Kill. I wanna, I wanna see, I wanna see blood and gore and
Guts and veins in my teeth. Eat dead burnt bodies. I mean kill, Kill,
KILL, KILL." And I started jumpin up and down yelling, "KILL, KILL," and
He started jumpin up and down with me and we was both jumping up and down
Yelling, "KILL, KILL." And the sargent came over, pinned a medal on me,
Sent me down the hall, said, "You're our boy."
a work of art
I get sawdust in my eyes reading that
10:30 PM
The song sounds better
10:49 PM
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