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12:00 PM
Ah true, path coverage was the hot topic of our Software Testing class last year
You heard about the Ariane 5 desaster? The software in question was proven to work for the Ariane 4. But the higher thrust of the Ariane 5 meant that a certain function could experience integer overflow, which wasn't caught (as it couldn't happen on the Ariane 4), resulting in explosive loss of the unit. Funny thing is that this functionality was actually the result of a workaround necessary on the Ariane 4 that could have been done without on the successor in the first place... BOOM. ;)
But... why was it not tested with the Ariane 5's data?
That reminds me of that satellite that was lost because someone wrote +i instead of +1. From what I have been said, it was old Fortran, and when a variable hadn't been previously declared, it was initiaized with garbage.
" Despite the extent of the explosion, investigators were able to locate and extract information on the memory contents of the internal computer systems and in conjunction with later tests, they were able to reproducibly determine the cause of the failure. "
Hardcore stuff
12:07 PM
@Morwenn: Or the legendary failure of NASA to correctly handle metric vs. imperial...
@DevSolar That one is priceless!
@skiwi: "While the Inertial Reference System could not be tested by "Black Box" methods directly without an actual flight, it would have been possible to simulate the launch by supplying the processor with appropriate input. This would have detected the fault, but this type of test was not performed. Instead, the SRI was replaced by a simulator which fed correct values to the main onboard computer during the pre-flight testing. "
I.e., budget.
I'm sure rebuilding the whole thing cost more ultimately ;)
If they only had known up front
thank you Santa
You've earned the "c#" badge. See your profile.
hello i have a question about c++
12:10 PM
@Morwenn: I've got this in lowercase here on my desk. A software written for international data processing. Including full internal Unicode capability. But a certain piece of software assumed that 1 character = 8 bit...
if i set *this = Constructor(); inside a overloaded constructor before the code, will i get problems
....leading to an exception in the Unicode converter when fed a partial UTF-8 sequence.
@DevSolar That's awfuk.
@Hellovart: You don't set this, ever.
yes you do, if you're validating
12:12 PM
@Hellovart I don't think that this is available in the constructor initialization list anyway.
yes it is
You're right, there are actually obvious uses to it.
@Hellovart: You're validating what?
im not validating anything, i just thought if i set the current object to the constructor i would save code
@Hellovart: Erm... sorry but parse error. What, exactly, are you trying to do?
12:16 PM
Okay, i have a no arg constructor that has some default assignments, then i have an overloaded constructor with those same assignments and more
if i just set *this = Constructor() can i save code
Do you use C++11?
Don't assign to this. You can list Constructor() in the initializer list IIRC. (BIG grain of salt... personally I'd not do this but list the initializers seperately.)
12:18 PM
Q: Follow-up: http://codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/46807/timer-utilizing-stdfuture

Dieter LückingThe previous code is now: #include <chrono> #include <functional> #include <future> #include <iostream> #include <list> #include <mutex> #include <thread> // PeriodicFunction // ============================================================================= namespace Detail { /// A functor to i...

Can delegated constructors solve your problem?
Then this is probably what you should use.
No problem :)
12:22 PM
Sometimes the curiosity of programmers scares me. "What happens if I push this button?" :-)
@DevSolar How would it scare you?
it gets scary when it's a red button inside a transparent plastic box ;)
@skiwi: You know the type of question on StackOverflow? "If I do this, I get strange results. Why?" -- "You're invoking Undefined Behaviour, all bets are off." -- "But why do I get those results when I do it?" -- "DON'T do it!"
Several rounds later, you do explain why, on a certain platform using a certain compiler, this result might be what happens (just to end the discussion), and they tromp off with a big "thank you" and you get that sinking feeling that you will one day come across some code that relies on exactly this behaviour. Usually when facing a situation where this assumption does not hold...
@DevSolar My own assumption: If the user seems to be a veteran SO user, it will hopefully be alright, if he's not: Be prepared for anything.
Even vanilla code can hold big surprises. Like the day when I found (through a code refactoring that stopped working correctly for hard-to-find reasons) that va_arg and references are a volatile mixture...
12:31 PM
Great, the only way my unit test could show a failure, is by infinite execution
void foo( std::string & parmN, ... ) { /* evaluation of va_arg does not work as expected */ } -- surprise.... (can you tell why?)
Any takers?
@DevSolar Is that full code?
Does it compile? ( jest....)
I didn't know ... was possible without denoting a type
@DevSolar Dumb ways to die?
12:38 PM
@DevSolar Because old variadic functions are evil. Use variadic templates instead.
@skiwi: ... is the way that e.g. printf() handles variable-length parameter lists.
Or tinker something with the preprocessor, macro dispatch and variadic macros.
@Morwenn: Yes they are evil. But it was what the code in question used. I just shuffled the parameters around so they would make more sense, and ended up with a reference as last named parameter. Which gave some really funny results.
@DevSolar I suppose it has to do with the size of a reference.
12:41 PM
Solution is, common implementations of va_arg take the address of the last named parameter (via &) to get a pointer into the function's stack frame. In the case of a reference, what you get is a pointer to the referenced variable, which is well outside the stack frame. So anything you get pulled from there via va_arg will not be a parameter of the current function. ;)
As a technical PM of mine once said, "every bug is obvious once you found it". But I can tell you, the results I got in the debugger had me really confused for some time...
These variadic functions should really be avoided.
What is the symptom of the problem? A compile error, an intermittent runtime error, or abend of the program?
Inconsistent Behaviour.
Are compile-warnings available that identify it?
IB, exactly. It compiles fine, but whatever you pull through va_arg will basically be random. I don't know if any compilers warn about it; the one I used at the time didn't. (Testing...)
12:44 PM
Language design fault......
Yep. C legacy.
This is sneeky what I hav ejust encountered...
Not legacy problem.... current problem.
C includes a good share of the common C++ problems.
public void add(final Card card) {

public void addAll(final Collection<Card> cards) {
Can anyone spot the error? ;)
12:46 PM
Nope, legacy. These variadic functions are superseded by variadic templates :o
Nope, no warning with g++ -Wall -Wextra.
^^^^ not a legacy problem.
legacy is legacy..... dealing with legacy is a fact of life.
@Morwenn: Sorry, edited.
12:46 PM
Not handling legacy issues in the current version is a current-version problem.
Yep, but what I meant is that such code shouldn't be written in modern C++.
@skiwi no clue..
18 secs ago, by Morwenn
Yep, but what I meant is that such code shouldn't be written in modern C++.
^^^ bad attitude to have.....
If the feature is available, then it can be used..... unless discouraged.
@skiwi Does it extends Queue?
@palacsint Nope, the code I just posted here is part of the Deck class. BTW.nice_reviews
12:49 PM
Is Card a final class?
Then, the collection might contain nulls
@Vogel612 A little hint: See what the add method checks, and see what the addAll method checks
@palacsint Yep, pesky little bugs
         public void addAll(final Collection<Card> cards) {

     should be:

        public void addAll(final Collection<? extends Card> cards) {
Sometimes, you don't know how to solve the problem with the old tool, but you know how to replace the old tool by a new one to safely solve the problem.
@rolfl given Card is an abstract class you don't need that.
12:50 PM
@rolfl I know about it, but still need to learn how to deal with them, showing that single piece of code might have learnedit me though
Currently you cannot use a Collection<MonsterCard>
@Morwenn: But I agree with him, this is a simple case to check for, and a construct that cannot be used correctly.
While MonsterCard implements Card, so it is a Card
soo Card is an interface now?
It's always been
meh. mine is an abstract class..
12:53 PM
I know
prefer not having to care about getName() anymore ;)
I think the Hand class deserves a get(int) method though
Because currently there's no way to get detailed information of a card without actually playing it, which... would not be nice
The UI would need to have this info
@konijn Yep, sorry misworded that last sentence there :p
And then it also makes sense to implement Iterable<Card>
Yes, I always wanted to iterate my card when an inside straight didn't work out... (/duck)
1:04 PM
poor you...
not the slightest clue, and trying to make sarcastic comments.
@ben Monking
bought a sammich from a vending machine today
Updated chart ..... fixed a bug.... data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/query/183696/…
Still hard to describe what it means.
Good Morning everyone
thanks for your votes yesterday, I missed rep cap by 10 points!!! which is awesome
1:15 PM
@Vogel612: Actually I have a clue, and I don't try to make sarcastic comments, I make them all day, clue or not. ;-)
and I showed someone a new way to look at XML files!!!
@Dev darnit..
@Vogel612: s/darn/habb/
Hmpf, why does Iterable not provide a default implementation of stream and parallelStream :(
Good question...... qhy was it put on Collection and List, instead of on Iterable?
1:17 PM
@Malachi: Must... resist... sarcastic... comment... newwaytolookatXMLfilesfromveryfaraway?
@rolfl I'm quite annoyed by it at the moment
I got a `Hand` (internally `List<Card>`), which nicely implements `Iterable<Card>`, such that you can use enhanced for loops on it. The `Iterable<Card>` gives a default implementation for ` spliterator()`.
However to get a `Stream<Card>` I need to do something ugly as `StreamSupport.stream(hand.spliterator())`
While something being Iterable<T> implies to me that you can also obtain a Stream<T> from it
@Mat'sMug monking
Code Golf just stole our idea :o
Idea of getting a blog stolen from your local Stack Exchange nemesis, Code Review ;) <- Nice..
1:24 PM
downvote into oblivion!
they must have spies on CR, like we do on CG
Time to check their main chatroom.
They have one ?

 The Nineteenth Byte

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+1 just to get the battlefield into the blogosphere ;) — retailcoder 13 secs ago
hey @Doorknob!
1:30 PM
Lol >:D
Go away ... ;-)
Greetings, evil nemesis
Right, but 2hr meeting .... again. BBL
Okay, gtg because school. This war is not over!!!! :-P
wait a minute, I just noticed something... are community ads available for beta sites?
Q: Let's make an ad for our site! (And now vote for our newly posted ads!)

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let's steal that from them!
1:47 PM
hello @ProgramFOX!
Morning @ProgramFOX
Morning (afternoon) @Vogel612
TTQW, Cya Guys
1:58 PM
@Mat'sMug please pin this. or pin the meta post when it comes. I will try to figure something out for us and make it in GIMP or trial Photoshop or something.
@Malachi we'll definitely pin the meta post when it comes ;)
I want to come up with something, too - and where's @kleinfreund!!!
Hopefully we'll have more entries than PCG on our Community Ads meta-post :p
"CodeReview.SE: bashing your linked list implementations since 2011."
"CodeReview.SE: why on Earth did you do this? o_O"
Rep-Whore incoming
A: Improve HTML structure?

Malachiyour Table is not declared correctly in the markup. This: <div id="body-main-bottom"> <Table><tr /><td /></Table> </div> Should look like this <div id="body-main-bottom"> <table> <tr> <td></td> <td></td> </tr> </table> </div> your self ...

^^ sorry, 1 bullet per answer ;)
man I didn't even get on my computer last night to start my calculator. I think it is going to be a console type calculator, I really want to try and implement that functionality where you can type in the expression
@Mat'sMug thanks @Mat'sMug
2:06 PM
@Malachi I mean, I had already upvoted it, that upvote was Santa's ;)
@Mat'sMug lol I knew what you mean
more whoring
A: Am I using BEM correctly?

MalachiSomething minor that irritates me and may or may not irritate others, is your lack of newlines inside your p tags. Within these tags you can multi line and it won't be translated to your browser output. <p> Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Laboriosam, sunt hic ...

this one has a lot of views and a lot of good answers, codereview.stackexchange.com/a/45413/18427
hmm one new answer on that last one since I napalm'd it ;)
I disagree with putting an <img> inside of an <h1> totally doesn't look correct to me
but I have to get BTW.Work now and write a Dictionary and hope it fixes my problem. and I need to start some music, too quiet in here
BTW.Normal 30 Rep to take @tokland for the last spot on Row 6 codereview.stackexchange.com/…
and then 60 Rep before I overtake @Corbin :)
845 rep before I take @Syb0rg
sorry one last thing, 1 vote short of nice question badge
Q: Another way to run reports on a SpiceWorks SQLite database using a linked server in SSMS?

MalachiI created a linked server in SSMS so that I could run reports on a SpiceWorks SQLite database. there are a few quirks in the whole system. These simple queries are becoming some of the most expensive queries on my reporting SQL Server, I kind of know why, is there a way that I can do this diffe...

2:23 PM
lol everything you've posted so far, I had already BTDT ;)
2:34 PM
hello @ProgramFOX
Hello @BenVlodgi
oh , are we whoring our answers out now?
only our reputation is on the line ;)
Context : codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/47352/… <- How does the Semaphore(3) know about the other tasks ?
@Mat'sMug BTDT?
with a dictionary can I call contains on either the value or the key, or does it have to be the key?
> These tasks can process 1 to 100 jobs simultaneously ~ jimjim
I'm out
2:48 PM
Q: Binary search use in simple guessing game

petrichorI'm making a simple guessing game in C. Basically what I need is some help double-checking my work, more specifically a verification that the my binary search in my case statements look okay. The goal is to have an initial guess of 50, then work off that. If "L" is selected, the search goes from ...

Q: Java 8 Echo Server with CompletableFuture

opiethehokieI recently wrote a simple echo server in Java 7 using the NIO APIs so it was asynchronous and non-blocking. Then I decided, as a learning experience, to redo it with Java 8 hoping to use a more functional style and not have nested callbacks. I'm struggling to understand how to use the new Complet...

3:05 PM
^^^ nice
@Vogel612 I've got to read that
It's awesome..
Bot reaction / programming for dummies.
Relatively long, though still have time for it
@Malachi IDictionary.Contains: Determines whether the IDictionary contains an element with the specified key. ;)
Dictionary<TKey,TValue>.ContainsValue: Determines whether the Dictionary<TKey, TValue> contains a specific value.
@Mat'sMug that is what I read too.
@Mat'sMug I didn't see that though
that makes it much easier on me. I have some fun coding ahead of me on this one....lol
3:41 PM
Hmm, is a performance impact issue an Enhancement or a Bug? (In Issue tracker terms)
define "performance impact issue"?
@Mat'sMug lol
Well in Java 8 there's a spliterator() implementation, and I should've overriden that one for a better one, the default implementation still works though
@Mat'sMug this is the interface, but there are two methods, 1.) ContainsKey 2.) ContainsValue
these two methods are not on the IDictionary interface... msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/…
3:44 PM
dang it, @tokland just overtook me again
either way I am coming for you @Corbin, you better answer some stuff
they're on the IDictionary<TKey, TValue> interface :) msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/s4ys34ea(v=vs.110).aspx
I am not going to be using the IDictionary, I am going to use a Dictionary. at least that is what I think anyway.....lol
I just need the Dictionary Type I think. I should be getting to that soon here, but I am creating a Powerpoint presentation for the Legal Department to Showcase another Project that I am lead Developer on.
Those people making AI bots at Riot have one of the best jobs ever.
Q: Is there a "prettier" way of forming this query, or a more efficient way of joining the tables?

Matthew JohnsonYesterday I posted a question involving multiple nested queries. The queries pulled information from the database and created a directory listing of all employees. There are two many-to-many relationships involving 5 tables. For each employee they can have multiple job titles and multiple depa...

@Vogel612 that's great, I love LoL
> On a related note, Annie Bot will now Flash-stun-Tibbers. Wear the appropriate undergarments.
4:00 PM
I might've been overexcited with my Hand class:
It's all based on the fact that Hand offers a get(int index), which in term asks for it to be Iterable, and in turn it would be best to also have stream() available.
4:20 PM
Q: Project Euler Problem 11: Largest product in a grid

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Q: Python - Making line by line replacements using values from multiple arrays

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Q: Sort function to sort item numbers separated by colon

sk0093aBelow is my code. This is a function that will be applied as a sorting method to a grid based data set. The data in the column to be sorted can be stuff like: 123456, 123456:123444, and 12345:12359:139943. So far, I have tested it and it works, but I want to know in which situations might it not ...

@Malachi That's not going to happen ;)
@syb0rg: This can be napalm'd now. ;-)
Q: Binary search use in simple guessing game

petrichorI'm making a simple guessing game in C. Basically what I need is some help double-checking my work, more specifically a verification that the my binary search in my case statements look okay. The goal is to have an initial guess of 50, then work off that. If "L" is selected, the search goes from ...

4:38 PM
@syb0rg Challenge Accepted...lol jk
@Jamal I'm working on a cleanup answer :)
One sec.
still one vote away from Nice Question
Q: Another way to run reports on a SpiceWorks SQLite database using a linked server in SSMS?

MalachiI created a linked server in SSMS so that I could run reports on a SpiceWorks SQLite database. there are a few quirks in the whole system. These simple queries are becoming some of the most expensive queries on my reporting SQL Server, I kind of know why, is there a way that I can do this diffe...

Alrighty, not much to clean up, but there was a little:
A: Binary search use in simple guessing game

syb0rgI'm late to the game, but here are a few notes that I didn't see mentioned: I already went over this in the comments, but when you said that you have a "C99 function implementation error", that is because you haven't set you compiler standard support to C99. With GCC, you can do this with --st...

@BenVlodgi Welcome to the C world :)
Annnnnd... napalmed.
Napalmed is a new hot thing?
Q: Recursive function for listing directories

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Q: Looping through an Excel document in C#

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4:45 PM
BTW.Work with me
5:13 PM
That C question is going to go hot!
Does anyone happen to know how to make an unit test that ensures that all lines in a method throw an exception?
@Malachi unfortunately, posts become resilient to multiple bullets from the same gun
@syb0rg thanks!
woah so many answers on it.. perfect for a napalming
@skiwi unless the method has 1 line, that doesn't quite make sense...
@Mat'sMug Perhaps...
@Mat'sMug Have you napalmed this yet?
Q: Binary search use in simple guessing game

petrichorI'm making a simple guessing game in C. Basically what I need is some help double-checking my work, more specifically a verification that the my binary search in my case statements look okay. The goal is to have an initial guess of 50, then work off that. If "L" is selected, the search goes from ...

5:23 PM
My TCG will never become finished like this
Q: how to create a vector, implementing sorting methods

johncan anyone help me with this exercise. create a menu in c++ with welcome to this program, press 1 for...press 2. inside menu implement a creation of a vector, adding an element in this vector and implementing the sorting methods(Bubble Sort, Insertion Sort, Selection Sort, Quick Sort, Merge Sort...

@BenVlodgi @Mat'sMug said the same thing....lol
So, I fixed the Segfault from yesterday... kinda:
Q: Writing improper number of frames PortAudio?

syb0rgRunning my program, I appear to not be writing the correct amount of frames according to the index. $ ./test Now recording!! Please speak into the microphone. index = 0 Writing to: test.flac audio.h: #include <stdint.h> #include <string.h> typedef struct { uint32_t duration; uint16...

5:35 PM
@Vogel612 Consider that your Hand also is a Collection<Card>, it will open up new places! Hint: Consider extending AbstractCollection<Card>
@syb0rg congrats!
@BenVlodgi jingle jingle
@BenVlodgi you are 25 rep away>??
@Malachi that's totally what I meant to say ;)
Anyone here remember win a flow chart which way yes and no are supposed to go?
I'm thinking it is

5:51 PM
I wouldn|t care...
but i gotta install Knoppix..
and I'm not in the mood to flash my only usb-stick with more than 3GB Capacity..
meh... Why did my cousin catch a fucking rootkit.
Q: jQuery for image swapping and some JS for text swapping

user3267289I am designing a website for a company that manages buildings/real estate. I did not have much use for a CSS library like Bootstrap or Foundation, except on one page of the website. This page contains a list of selected buildings. When a user clicks on the name of a building, the building's in...

Q: More efficient way to make a Tweeter status in a string of just words

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6:11 PM
@Malachi x.x. You'll probably catch me (if you already haven't since writing that). Haven't been answering much lately :p
@Corbin I am doing my best to catch as many as I can before we graduate! I wanna make sure that I stay on the first page! :)
I still need 48 Rep so far to catch you @Corbin
if you want to help you could vote on
A: Is there a "prettier" way of forming this query, or a more efficient way of joining the tables?

Malachiin your while statement you are listing all sorts of information inside of one list item tag, I am not so sure this is intentional, it looks like it is going to be really messy. I think you should look into creating sub-lists there especially for the multiple Department names and Job Names. you...

Q: Another way to run reports on a SpiceWorks SQLite database using a linked server in SSMS?

MalachiI created a linked server in SSMS so that I could run reports on a SpiceWorks SQLite database. there are a few quirks in the whole system. These simple queries are becoming some of the most expensive queries on my reporting SQL Server, I kind of know why, is there a way that I can do this diffe...

♪♫♪ Pimpin Ain't Easy ♫♪♫
Refactoring time
its funny because pimps carry ammo
Now I'm torn on if I should vote on those or not. Haha :D. Luckily as long as I stay in like the top 10%, I don't care much about rep.
I used to feel a compulsion to accrue rep. Now I'm just lazy.
We're not the same site as we were 6 months ago, it looks like people do vote (at least a little), even without pimpin'.. got 2 votes in 30 minutes on an unpimped answer.
6:27 PM
Hmmm, I am getting stuck at 11.9 K forever, of course paying 200 in bounties does not help ;)
The upshot is that I will probably award a bounty to myself ;)
@konijn unfortunately that's not something the system allows - if it's not awarded to someone else, ....the 200pts are burned!
Ah ah ah, had I known , I would not have answered, now people wlll be even less inclined to write a review
Thanks so much. I have confidence in your answer. I will try it soon. — user1477388 29 secs ago
And now there is a valuable comment on my review, so I dare not delete..
Lest you all convince me of pimping, I'm going to call for a third upvote for this new user before I post my answer:
6:31 PM
applied ;)
Q: Reading text from 2 files. Java

user2956514So I've got this 2 simple files writen in notpad. The content of the first one, called besede.txt is: To je vsebina datoteke z besedami. V njej so razlicne besede ki imajo lahko pomen ali pa tudi ne. The content of the second one, called skrivno.txt is: 4 3 19 2 3 2 4 3 I wrote a program (in J...

oops, now he's got 4 5!
@StackExchange could use some Jamalization
@Jamal beat me to it!
public class meow ...wtf
How can I create code blocks within intendation without breaking anything?
6:41 PM
{ }
, rinse & repeat
I meant in answers on SO to be sure we're on the right track
I'm doing the space vs tab now
Ctrl + K
But I need a horizontal rule to actually allow me to do something liek that
6:43 PM
@Mat'sMug It looks like I've left a typo in the first sentence. You can correct that. ;-)
I have a little problem in my answer formatting...
A: Reading text from 2 files

skiwiThere are quite some things you can improve here, this list may not cover everything that could be improved though: Adhere to the Java naming conventions. Classes are named in PascalCase for example, so it would be public class Meow. On other places it seems fine. Use proper indentation everywh...

Could anyone guide me how to fix it?
I cannot seem to get the numbered list and code blocks combined
@Jamal done. reworded the references part where he explains what the numbers mean
You had tabs there, tabs no work
use 8 spaces
Ah, thanks @konijn
6:47 PM
SE hates tabs (and fun).
Geen probleem ;)
I also see you have intended the could be rewritten as
4 spaces
otherwise the recounting happens
AFAIK 1 Space is enough to prevent recounting, but it's been a while..
Ah so there's the two fixes detailed ;)
And I didn't even intend to answer a question... But it just happened.
@Vogel612 That won't be the easiest thing to create
I don't think I'll do it in my base implementation..
@skiwi it's boring without a nemesis, and I feel like some AI would be harder...
Actually, integrating it in the system should be fairly easy.
If a View gets all input and output done via it, then a network connection could also be a view... Though might need some more work
Culprit might be that you need to be able to accept multiple views
Or i just put it on a JBoss or sth and manage the Instances of Game correctly...
Or perhaps better, use a pattern to combine two views into one
6:55 PM
Message Queue..
Not familiar with JBoss here, apart form that I know what it is
well Apache should do too..
not gonna save player-stats or anythign..
too much work
<-- BBIAB... Food.
Just ran across some code in my production environment that I thought you guys would appreciate.
Yay, my Hand is reworked.
I added in some comments. lolol
public class InsertEventThread extends Thread {

private static final Logger LOGGER = Logger.getLogger(InsertEventThread.class);

private InventoryEventActivity inventoryEventActivity;
public InsertEventThread(InventoryEventActivity inventoryEventActivity)
this.inventoryEventActivity = inventoryEventActivity;

* TODO: This is so, so, SO bad. You start the Thread IN ITS OWN CONSTRUCTOR.
* What were you thinking here? I would refactor it, but I don't have time to
6:58 PM
yay Pizza
just.... wat....
@JeffGohlke Hehe, priceless.

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