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10:00 PM
@Grzenio so, does the answer look satisfactory and up-to-date?
@Ramesh you are a sysadmin? how is it?
I am a student :) doing part time job as sysadmin in the school :)
I came into Linux environment only last August :)
@Ramesh ok, which school? well, you're doing fine. :-)
I am doing my Master's in University of Texas, Arlington. What about you?
@Ramesh Not much to say here. I live in Bombay, currently.
Wow, nice :) Am from chennai :)
10:10 PM
Yes, I am not a programer, I am slowly learning linux. I know it is silly for you guys. I have also more than 500 such data fine to do it in excel. I was plying with the previous scripts you guys gave me, but couldn't prepare the output as I wanted. — Abraham 18 mins ago
@Abraham OK, the fact that you have hundreds of them explains why you don't use a spreadsheet. But please post what you've managed to get so far—and explain the situation. Not to mention, when you posted this question, you left out the markup so it was barely readable—Ramesh kindly edited it in for you. You're asking volunteers to help you with what I assume is part of your job, and it discourages us when we first look at the question, and it doesn't appear that you've made any effort yourself. I realize that's probably not the case, but we only know what we see in the question. — derobert 17 secs ago
PS: If you routinely have to do stuff like this (and, looking at your profile, it appears you do), you probably want to learn a scripting language. Picking up Perl, Python, Ruby, etc. would let you quickly do things like this. — derobert 8 secs ago
I changed that from 'profile' to 'previous questions', since thats much clearer.
@Ramesh ah, ok. IIT?
No. IIT is for super intelligent people :) I did my BTech from SASTRA, Tanjore :)
@Ramesh I think you over-estimate the IITs, but ok.
Choosing people on the basis of some horrible exam isn't exactly a good way to do things.
10:19 PM
Yeah, I agree with you completely :)
@derobert what did you post about that lisp question?
@FaheemMitha I suggested that package, but as you can see in OP's edit it was already installed... so I deleted my comment as obsolete.
10:35 PM
Is there a way to know a command output without actually executing the command?
@Ramesh I'm afraid I don't follow... Let's say you want to know what the output of ls / is... How would you know, without actually listing / ?
yeah exactly. For example, for this question,
If am doing a script like, output=$(cp file1.txt file2.txt)
well, there might be a cp option to do what OP wants. Or maybe a special cp program.
Hmm, I will check more for cp options. Thanks :)
I don't think there is one...
But a different program other than cp is possible
There may even be a shell option to have the shell confirm glob expansions
10:41 PM
I think if we use touch and then cp -i, the OP might be able to achieve what he wants. Is it ok?
@Ramesh well, you'd have to touch a lot of destination files... It'd be easier to write a for loop to just prompt for each one
OP claims it already exists, though. So I'd guess there is some command that does this.
@derobert ok
bring this out of it's misery unix.stackexchange.com/q/120665/41104
@Braiam do what? vote to close?
@FaheemMitha you think it needs to be closed?
10:49 PM
@Ramesh Hmmm, and someone has found that find has an -ok option
yeah, I was checking if there is any other command other than cp which facilitates this option. I am afraid I did not find anything till now.
Q: Prompt for confirmation for every command

MvGI'm writing a pretty ad-hoc install script for some thing. No much control constructs, basically just a list of commands. I'd like the user to confirm each command before it gets executed. Is there a way to let bash do that, without prefixing every command with a shell function name?

Q: The profile page is getting a makeover

Jeremy TThe Big Idea Create a page on the network that summarizes who I am as a developer, and lets me show off the stuff I am most proud of. Some of this information is only available by creating a Careers profile, but we want to open it up to everybody, even if you don’t have one. Background: The Pro...

@derobert, Nice :) I think it can be provided as an answer :)
@Braiam this needs stars
10:55 PM
@Braiam Nah. Let's all upvote it.
@FaheemMitha D:
11:29 PM
Impatience, n: the feeling while you're waiting for Stephane to see your zsh question
I need a cow question to answer!
Q: Origin of "to have a cow"

JimThe phrase "to have a cow" is defined as "to be very worried, upset, or angry about something" in Free Dictionary Online. Other sources also define it to mean to react very strongly and emotionally. While it almost always is a negative response to stressful news or events, I imagine it might be ...

Q: Failed to get canonical path of /cow

ulkaNCSTI am trying to install Ubuntu 12.10 for quite some time, and passing hurdles one by one. Now I am in a situation as follows. I have got a PC and 10 GB HDD which will be totally dedicated to Ubuntu so no option of Wubi and dual boot. I was trying to install from DVD, but it is getting stuck at "...

why are we migrating this? unix.stackexchange.com/review/close/41515
No idea why.
One person clicked close, belongs on SO, so its in the queue
11:46 PM
Man, why does Michael Durrant always ask here before googling? It's really annoying, he's got enough rep to know better
@Braiam how'd the exam go?
@Braiam because it's a programming question
@terdon very ambiguous...
@Braiam is that to me?
@Braiam :(
@Gilles Why? It seems fine here, the reason is a "limitation" of the kernel itself that was answered by showing source code but not by writing code.
@Gilles ok, got an answer here, should we migrate it nevertheless?
@terdon “I am passing a string as parameter when loading my kernel module” → it's a programming question
11:51 PM
hmm, because of the my module?
Nevertheless, the answer is a matter of the kernel source nothing to do with his program
@terdon no
he wants to pass a longer string. He can't do it that way, so he's after another technique. Finding another technique isn't something we could do here.
11:53 PM
@Gilles its a programming question, sort of. But it appears to be in-scope as "UNIX C API and System Interfaces ( within reason )"
If this was a module he had gotten from somewhere else, the buck would stop here.
How would it be different if he were using an existing module? Thee question could be changed to "What is the maximum parameter size that I can pass to a Linux program"?
I presume that "when you are developing some code and find a issue, whatever the cause it goes to SO", I think that's Gilles line of through
@derobert This isn't a “UNIX C API and System Interfaces”
the kernel module interface isn't a system interface?
11:53 PM
@Gilles OK, but the buck did stop there, he was told that it is a limitation of the kernel and he accepted. Presumably he went off to SO to get a solution
a typical system interface is what you observe with strace/truss/...
(or just split the string, WTF, 1024 characters!)
through his scope of the question is intimately related to the kernel: Are module parameters limited to 1024 char strings?
which is kind of generic linux kernel question
@Gilles Well, surely that's how insmod works?
11:56 PM
I've edited the question down to the first part, which is on-topic here and is all that was answered
I left a comment recommending SO for the second part
@derobert how a kernel module gets its parameters isn't a syscall at all (it's inside the kernel!)
What font can I use in Gimp that looks a bit like handwriting?
Well, its a result of one from userspace. And that's where the error message is coming from. But it seems like we actually are arguing over nothing, as you consider the "is 1024 the limit" on-topic
@Gilles comic sans! (runs away)
@terdon looks nothing like handwriting
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