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2:00 PM
@Morwenn flag for migration...
Q: Fare Chart in HTML

UtkarshI am a beginner and I have made a Fare Chart in HTML. I'm pretty sure it will look horrible to any developer out there, but hey, that's why I've posted it. I'd like a general review of this. I'm especially concerned about the quality and enhancements of this form. What should I do to add attract...

@Morwenn community mods can migrate questions to other sites.. AFAIR the migration with fixed flaggable paths is only available for graduated sites, though. This means you probably need to flag for community mod attention and specify Migration to SO on request by OP as reason.
Well that's what I just did. But I think that the "does not contain working code" actually implies a migration to SO whatsoever.
@Malachi its fine to chose another answer. His was the most upvoted. I was addressing you entire program. If you want to learn from your mistakes though, and not listen to advice from others then you don't have to post code here. there is nothing wrong with posting bad code, or learning from your mistakes. but ignoring advice because you want to learn it the hard way seems counter-intuitive.
@Malachi I'm glad you're looking into enums, because I have been harping on you to use them from the get-go
2:13 PM
So many people in chat :)
@Malachi I get the feeling you havent actually ran any of the code that I've posted. if you were to actually copy-pasta it, you can see how simple and effective it is
@syb0rg hum. 22. but about 10 actively writing..
@Vogel612 YOU'RE actively writing
2:15 PM
@skiwi Which is why I say again (sorry, but really...) that I'm not so sure you need all those generics
@Morwenn of course it implies a migration, but the story is, that the question style is a completely different..
@Vogel612 You didn't count how many of them are reading ! Even if they don't write ;)
@Marc-Andre You can try to do that..
@JesusChrist I didn't know you reviewed code. But perhaps you're looking for this?
Eheheh just trying to be funny! It's not because people are not writing that they are not participating ( IMHO)
2:16 PM
yep, constantly on the watch
Ditto ^^
@Malachi in my next review, which would you rather have, Me review your entire code, or just point out one wrong thing.

This is in no way a slander against Mat'sMug, his review was good. but honestly... do you not want me to tell you the truth, which is use enums and OO design where appropriate. Which yes... is something you are learning by trial and error.. good! but I feel like you ignore most of what I say
Wow, my sockpuppet's question is popular!
Q: Chat bot for posting recent answers

rob0tI am the half-robot side of syb0rg that will be posting the recent answers of Code Review to the CR Answers chatroom. Here is the list of review suggestions I would like, in order of preference: Efficiency (with API requests, speed of login and posting answers, etc.) Security issues Best pract...

A: 'Canonical' questions to help address common issues

Mat's MugThis thought occurred to me as well, after writing this exception-centric answer, this SOLID tutorial and this comment-centric answer. I completely agree with @svick's comment: This sounds like a good idea to me. If we go forward with this, such questions should probably be marked as communi...

@syb0rg your sockpuppet is earning a [badge:good-question] (silver!)!
@Mat'sMug @Corbin I would be very much in favor of having a community wiki of those common problems/answers
2:27 PM
I think by doing that, CR is putting the "wiki" in "community wiki" - best usage of CW across SE, I find
How should this be handled? One question per "flaw"?
The job looks like writing a common denominator for style guides for some languages.
I'm just 2 rep ahead of ChrisW right now
@Nobody At least one answer per flaw. A quite long and detailed answer.
One question can contain multiple flaws, IMO - but not too many.
I think one flaw per question makes linking easier
2:34 PM
I was thinking one answer per flaw
should we Post the questions as something like
Title: C# Exception throwing

review this code =>

throw new Exception();
(And link to answers)
then have a community wiki answer
@BenVlodgi That's very little code. We should provide some context for that. A real working small program where that line is used.
2:35 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg... indeed
@Mat'sMug I totally agree with this statement.
@SimonAndréForsberg I wasn't about to make a problem program though :D
@SimonAndréForsberg: Couldn't that be too distracting from the real problem?
and in that case.. that is actually nearly all you need to know
or should we make an actual wiki for these answers?
@Mat'sMug: One answer per flaw might have problems where there are several good answers and you want to link only one
2:36 PM
@Nobody then link to the question ;)
the point is: you mean a specific answer
That said, there are already great CW on SO that can be linked to (e.g. the one about operators overloading in C++, except it's not a CW and sbi is earning tons of rep thanks to it).
you can't refer to that
Wow someone post a bounty on one of my question on meta SO!
Haha, rep is a strange beast of meta.
2:40 PM
@Nobody for example, a question would have naming issues, and bad comments. The question would be CW, therefore all answers would be auto-CW; one answer would address the naming (in a generic, wiki way), another would address the bad comments (also in a generic, wiki way); then the question could be edited to add bad exception handling, and an answer could be added to address bad exception handling (...in a generic, wiki way).
and then when you come across a post with bad comments, you can link to the generic bad comments answer, and have a review that's more focused on the OP's other code issues, while still addressing the bad comments issue.
@Mat'sMug: I feel the issues should be handled seperately to reduce coupling but thats just my opinion (obviously)
Q: Optimizing ugly string parser

dgratI wrote a cstring parser. It has to work with a relatively wide amount of arguments (usually 3 or 4, but maybe in future with a different amount), which are separated by an "," or ";". My wish is to make at least Function 1 less static and save some code. However, I don't really want to use dynam...

@Nobody one issue per question would harm the answers per question metric, while one issue per answer would give it a boost!
2:50 PM
@Mat'sMug: Noone prevents multiple answers from existing ^^
@rolfl that one was the By The Way BTW (Normal.BTW)
multiple canonical answers? ...
well thats not what I said but even that would be possible
there is not always just one right way
it depends on the circumstances
@Nobody If there is only a question with a one-liner, then the question quality would drop significantly.
2:53 PM
@BenVlodgi sure attack me while I am not in the room.......lol.. but seriously I do read your code. it is just a little intimidating to me, as I am still learning, but I do read your answers through, and do take those things to heart. I think you are a good programmer from what I have seen, and so I don't dismiss any of what you say, I do realize the looping thing and the bracket thing is a difference in style. the rest is stuff that I haven't learned yet.......
@BenVlodgi so what you think is me bucking you, is more or less me trying to make sense of it all so that I understand what is going on with the code and idea behind it.
@SimonAndréForsberg: I was not talking about one-liner questions
you can fill it with rich background
but it should not introduce other flaws
that would make it ambiguous
anyway Work.BTW
@Malachi srry, its why I @ you, so you get it eventually :)
I know you're learning, and I do forget how some of these things can be intimidating... I've been coding for many many years and some things feel literally second nature. I'm glad you are learning, and I hope I can continue to help.
Q: Implement strtod parsing

ChrisWIn this comment the OP wrote, I am a newbie so i would like to know how would i parse the negetive numbers/arguments ? In this answer @200_success showed an implementation using the strtod function. The following is my implementation of the strtod function: A valid floating point numbe...

@SimonAndréForsberg Unless I can get this working, I will look into other ways to get it working without that much generics:
Q: Using generics restricts me to using a specific type while I want to use all possible subclasses of that type

skiwiI have the following code, which ended up this way due to other constraints: public interface Action { } public interface Result { } public interface Player<A extends Action, R extends Result, P extends Player<A, R, P>> { } public interface Game<A extends Action, R extends Result, P extends P...

3:04 PM
@skiwi What about this? public class RPSGame extends AbstractGame<RPSGesture, RPSResult, RPSPlayer<RPSPlayer>> { }
@SimonAndréForsberg RPSPlayer (the inner one) cannot have a raw type
oh dear...
@Malachi would like to change that... make BTW the enumeration class, an thus have BTW.Normal and BTW.Work
feels more intuitive for me
@SimonAndréForsberg Yep, go try to add infinite recursion there
That is why generics can get messed up
@skiwi What about including the details about who made the move within the Action / RPSGesture class?
3:11 PM
I can check that aswell
Also this code is so bad that even @BoristheSpider is lost
@skiwi who's that??
some celeb on SO?
public interface Action {
    Player getWho();
class RPSGesture {
    RPSPlayer getWho() {  ... } // Covariant return types being used here!
He answers generics quite a lot of time @Vogel612 In all honesty, not even close to @JonSkeet
So @SimonAndréForsberg, you are proposing to get rid of most covariance return types in the method signatures, but try to inroduce them in the return types?
2 more rep to max out SO today... Let's find some unaccepted answer in one of my questions
@skiwi maybe I should give him some work to do with my generic ConstraintViolation Processor, which (should) via reflection compares two fields...
gotta love Class<T extends Comparable>
@skiwi Huh? Get rid of covariant return types? No, I'm saying that you should use them.
3:15 PM
The whole covariant method parameter types introduce generic problems
covariant return types solve problems
As I see it so far
Does my example code above help you?
I'll try to get a better example @SimonAndréForsberg
I cannot fully test it now
Still at work
But have access to my code
3:17 PM
Yay for not having much responsibilities/deadlines
@Vogel612 I approve this message
I'm still trying to come up with an usecase
I can haz [badge:nice-question]?
Q: Expression template to compute the Euclidean distance

MorwennI was writing some geometry-related code again and had a closer look at my function supposed to compute the Euclidean distance between two points (N-dimensional points by the way, hence the N template parameter). Here is a simplified version: template<std::size_t N, typename T> auto distance(con...

I just tried to ping someone in chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/13448/holy-mother-of-loops and I was the only one there
3:25 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg Jesus never worries about power outages, because Jesus Saves
@Nobody Or at least upvote the accepted answer, it's great :p
Aw, thank you :3
@rolfl it's a toss up on this question yours answer is ahead of mine by my vote right now
Do you mean with covariance return methods @SimonAndréForsberg that you do like return (SomeCast)this;?
@Malachi: Your answer could explain a little more instead of just stating
3:31 PM
not any more....lol whoever voted should read the comments. not sure if it is the version of SQL Server that I am using or the way that I am Querying the SQLite Database
@Morwenn: Do you know how many edits it takes to make an answer community wiki? I believe your accepted answer is one edit short of it ^^
@skiwi I mean that you override a method and use a more specific return type than the original
@SimonAndréForsberg Yeah I see
@Nobody Yes, I realized it. That guy updated his post like 5 times before I could even finish to read it.
I did not want to the reverse of that for method parameters, but it seems like I need to do it
or well it is not the reverse, it is the same actually
For using it inside a method, coming from a generic interface, you also need to downcast them
Else you end up in generic recursion.
So instead of public void onPostAction(final RPSHumanPlayer target, final RPSGesture gesture, final RPSResult result) {, you get...
public void onPostAction(final Player<RPSGesture, RPSResult> superTarget, final RPSGesture gesture, final RPSResult result) {
    RPSHumanPlayer target = (RPSHumanPlayer)superTarget;
    if (this.equals(target)) {
        System.out.println("I played " + gesture + " and the result was a " + result);
    //TODO decouple view
@SimonAndréForsberg Do you see what I mean now?
3:39 PM
@Nobody I added some explanation to the answer
A: Another way to run reports on a SpiceWorks SQLite database using a linked server in SSMS?

MalachiI was able to remove the second query and merge it with the first one like this, I don't know why I didn't try it like this to begin with, probably because I wanted to tread lightly on this shaky bridge. I still don't have a solid way of passing variables to the OPENQUERY, but that is a questio...

good :)
however, you had my vote anyway ^^
@SimonAndréForsberg The only thing I think is ugly is the typecast, but I see no other way to get rid of it
@Mat'sMug How is your own chat bot coming along?
@skiwi I would use onPostAction(RPSAction action) where RPSAction has get methods for player, result and gesture.
@Nobody there was plenty that I left out, even on the question. didn't take to long to type up though.
anyway BTW.Work
3:40 PM
@syb0rg all I have is working API calls... I need to look into a websockets bot implementation to see how I could login and post what I fetched from the API.
@skiwi If you go with RPSAction, your Player type can be Player<T> without the need for any more detailed generics than that
or well, possibly with Action also...
@SimonAndréForsberg That would not be in line with how the program is structured at the moment... So canot really just change it
@skiwi are you coding in Java?
Yes, I think typecasts are fine
@skiwi Then at least consider it for the future :)
is it a version that I can get my hands on? I would like to play with your code when You have a working version.
later when I am at home though
3:42 PM
@Malachi Yes
I need to fix one problem in the Scanner, and decouple some of the 'view' functionality
got my screens for my computer, actual computer won't be here for at least another two weeks. they ship it on the 25th
@skiwi wait, what are you coding? I thought it was a RPS game?
@Malachi i take you ordered on the same day??
@Vogel612 yeah.
@Vogel612 I also ordered a laptop for the wife, and that won't get shipped until the 27th
well when I ordered my new PC everything was brought on the same day...
but we also got some printer ink
3:44 PM
but the postman forgot the Screen and 2.1 Sound system at first...
@Vogel612 I customized the PC a little bit.
@Malachi It is an RPS game yes
me 2 ...
but they just sent it together..,.
was kinda funny, when I told the postman: "there should be another 2 items" and he had to come back 20 minutes later when he had found them...
Please enter your gesture:
The AI played PAPER and the result was a WIN
I played ROCK and the result was a LOSS
I think that my wife said I got the speakers too.. that will be cool for a while. when I am coding on my laptop I can hook them up and listen to my trap or glitch hop or Dubstep and annoy my wife and kids. my Son loves my music though
3:46 PM
@all What do you think?
Q: Common coding issues - C#

Mat's Mug This question is intended to be used for linking to common issues, as discussed on meta. Feel free to modify this post, it's Community Wiki! When modifying this question, one should add a specific and common coding issue, and address it in a new, general-purpose answer that reviewers can ...

@skiwi why not one message?
(created )
@Vogel612 Because they are individual messages
@Mat'sMug why is that question not CW??
@Mat'sMug shouldn't that be a Meta question?
3:47 PM
Currently the AI knows about the result of both the player and the AI
And so does the player
In a later stage if there's ever a GUI it doesn't matter anyway
@Vogel612 interesting, I meant to make it CW
for about the third time now BTW.BTW.Work
@Malachi didn't occur to me that we'd want to have them on the meta site...
@Malachi forget it.. I tried too, but I can't..
I'll flag for "migration"
3:48 PM
can we try to find other useless meanings for BTW?
@Vogel612 I can't see if someone is sneaking up behind me anymore, new office space
Why? you wanna add more elements to teh enum?
Q: Common coding issues - C#

Mat's Mug This question is intended to be used for linking to common issues, as discussed on meta. Feel free to modify this post, it's Community Wiki! When modifying this question, one should add a specific and common coding issue, and address it in a new, general-purpose answer that reviewers can ...

@Malachi haaha
@StackExchange slow.. waaay too slow
@Vogel612: Are there only two elements? Then it is basically a boolean
3:50 PM
@Nobody well that's a bit harder to reflect word-wise
The problem is that when I fail to enter a message in time, the program steals the console input, so I can never ever enter it in time again.
and noone knows which is which..
BTW btw
by the woods
3:51 PM
also you could in fact have bool?..
@Mat'sMug thanks.
born to win
@Mat'sMug: you mean "buy the woods"
this will make a nice answer to the meme-question
BTW: browsing the web
well I got to go
see you
it appears only a moderator can wikify a question..
wow my first off-topic question!
3:56 PM
A: What's a Zombie? And what are the many other memes of Code Review?

Vogel612Meme: BTW Originator: [attributed to] Malachi, Mat's Mug and Others Cultural Height: The 2nd Monitor Background: The many ways of backronymizing btw led to the introduction of the BTW enum: public enum BTW{ Normal, Work, Woods, Win, Web } This list does not claim completen...

@Vogel612 - backronym is cute, and that reminds me of 'retronym', also a cute word....
A retronym is a type of neologism that provides a new name for something to differentiate the original from a more recent form or version. Advances in technology are often responsible for retronym coinage. For example, the term "acoustic guitar" was coined at the advent of electric guitars, Examples Sometimes retronyms serve to differentiate two similarly named people, as with U.S. President George Bush, who, after his son George W. Bush was elected president in 2000, was typically referred to as "George Bush, Sr.", "George H. W. Bush", "H. W.", or "Bush 41" (as he was the 41s...
@rolfl I really like that word now too..
Yay I know what I am doing wrong, but TTQW now
Why the friggin hell did they have Exception Declaration in Java.. gotta hate throws....
Thinking again, the post(s) do somewhat belong on the main site, if they're shaped as every other Q&A on the main site...
4:17 PM
  PID       %CPU    Size     Res    Res     Res     Res    Shared    Faults  Command
             Used      KB     Set    Text    Data     Lib    KB     Min   Maj
    49278  3111.5 78474432 20011264      64 73571712       0 1542848      0      0 java
That is some multi-threaded Java for you ;-)
Only got another hour or so to go.
well I'll just grab a coffee and get the ClassLevelAnnotation CrossFieldConstraint Validator running... even though I have not the slightest clue.. in the next max. 1.5 hrs..
<-- I should add sound to that...
Just say ..... (Howard Dean)
Q: Scala DRY-ness problem with Immutable Domain Model

jhegedusLet's consider the following simple domain model: case class TagTest (i:Int,nodes:mutable.Set[NodeTest]=mutable.Set[NodeTest]()){ def addNode(n:NodeTest)={nodes+=n;n.tags+=this} def removeNode(n:NodeTest)={nodes-=n;n.tags-=this} } case class NodeTest(i:Int,tags:mutable.Set[TagTest]=mutable...

4:36 PM
Hey, back home
Darn, I can only ask 6 questions within 24 hours on SO -.- Great
Rep Cap, Star Cap, Vote Cap, and now a Q cap?
I wonder..... is there an A cap?
I don't know :o
I still do not understand why they cannot show upfront you cannot ask a question now... Would save me the burden of typign the whole question and then figuring it out.
@rolfl You happen to know anything about FutureTask?
Mind if I ask you the question then?
@skiwi That is a good question for MSO.
4:51 PM
Thanks I'll post it there soonish
@rolfl I'm pretty sure it already been ask
@Marc-Andre I can't find it via the (broken) search functionality there
Wait I'll try myself!
to search?
4:53 PM
@rolfl I have a doAction() method that eventually calls the scanner.next() (waiting until user input), and I have this:
default public A doActionWithTimeout(final Executor executor, final int period, final TimeUnit unit) {
    FutureTask<A> futureTask = new FutureTask<>(this::doAction);
    try {
        return futureTask.get(period, unit);
    } catch (InterruptedException ex) {
        return doActionBackup();
    } catch (ExecutionException ex) {
        throw new IllegalStateException(ex);
    } catch (TimeoutException ex) {
Does it make sense? I want to kill the doAction() after 10 seconds... Haven't used FutureTask ever before.
A: The Complete Rate-Limiting Guide

Lance RobertsRate Limit Rationale Comments Voting 5 seconds 5 comment flags/day 30 comment upvotes/day no limit for ♦ mods timer resets Deleting (treated like voting) 5 seconds no limit for ♦ mods timer resets Creating 15 seconds 5 seconds for ♦ mods timer resets Editing 5 seconds; comme...

11 more upvotes on my SQL Answers and I will have an SQL Badge!
Q: Please warn about exceeding 50 question limit prior to asking a new question

TomIt's a shame to type out an entire question, press post and then: Sorry, you are only allowed to ask 50 questions in a 30 day period Could you put some sort of notice on the page itself before submitting it to let you know the question won't be going through? Or perhaps tell me how many qu...

Thanks for finding @Marc-Andre
Saved me a duplicate post
No problem I was sure to have read something like that!
4:57 PM
So, I have decided to keep this here as it doesn't seem to be fitting for Meta, but have instead made it CW:
Q: Common coding issues - C#

Mat's Mug This question is intended to be used for linking to common issues, as discussed on meta. Feel free to modify this post, it's Community Wiki! When modifying this question, one should add a specific and common coding issue, and address it in a new, general-purpose answer that reviewers can ...

@Jamal saw that - I agree. I have also put in an excerpt for the new tag:
> Questions under this tag regroup common code issues that are often encountered in code that is posted for review. Use this tag for Community Wiki questions that aim at providing general-purpose, one-size-fits-all answers to these common issues, so that reviewers can link to them when reviewing real code.
Also, it helps avoid the mistake made on the Meta question about Python: if we keep it here, we get syntax-highlighting. However, I'm not quite sure what to do with that one on Meta. I might just have to migrate it here.
@skiwi - that code looks OK, but I worry that you are only considering half the problem.
FutureTask.cancel does not necessarily cancel the FutureTask.
@Jamal the only thing that really bothered me was that I sort of had to put a tag in the title...
@Mat'sMug That's not a huge deal. For these, it'll help more with separating them by language.
5:03 PM
@Mat'sMug Well why not come up with a real title about what the code does and add an header explaning what is the goal of the question (well the header is alredy there ...)
@rolfl What I in reality want it simply have something for which I can say, after 10 seconds you have no right to execute anymore, and then the method should stop executing (with an exception or anything), it seems quite hard to implement such basic thing.
Yes, it is hard to implement that.
What you have a is a good way to start a task, and to trigger a timeout.
That's not the problem.
The problem is that the task, if it is already running, is hard to kill.
@Marc-Andre thought about that, but at the same time I wanted a title that also says what the post is for (...thinking again, the tag does that)
calling cancel() is a 'suggestion'
The running task has to check to see whether it has been cancelled and respond if it was.
Setting the FutureTask to call Thread.interrupt() when cancel is called means that you have to be even more careful.
@Mat'sMug Well the question is still under the same rules of quality as any other questions. It should lead by example, not be an exception because of his status.
5:06 PM
interrupted threads do not get interrupted.....
@Marc-Andre that's true
They have a flag set on them, and certain operations check that flag.... and, only if you do one of those operations will you actually trigger the interrupt.
I'm sorry @rolfl but I need to have dinner now... I'm also wondering how I can kill a scanner.next()... (Over the other issues you mention)
You possibly can't
Q: CLIPS and Java... "communication" problems

Gioce90I'm doing a CLIPS expert system, with which you interact via the GUI in Java. I have create this project, you found here: https://github.com/gioce90/SCUBA_Diving_ExpertSystem My expert system involves planning scuba diving (I'm creating for academic purposes, I love SCUBA, and so...). While cr...

5:08 PM
Then I have an issue.
@skiwi what if I ran an async task that executed a SELECT statement on a database, that ran for 12 whole seconds? I'd just kill the SQL client? (and actually review the schema and rework indexes and something's fishy with that SELECT, but still)
It's simpler to let it run in the background and return whenever it does - the task can cancel itself when it can
or I'm making stuff up?
That's close enough.
@Mat'sMug Are you reaching for 2x Taxonomist?
heck, why not?
What, on the tag?
5:20 PM
@rolfl I am trying to impress you as a programmer!
A: Return the top 5 of each kind of record

MalachiOn your final and completed code, there is no reason to create a variable for a number that doesn't change. So this: WHERE [DistinctTop].[RowRank] <= @TopCount Should become this: WHERE [DistinctTop].[RowRank] <= 5 The less variables and things that are created on the database the better, ...

@Malachi my eyes exploded when I saw the last part at the bottom!
Yeah, BOLD is a turn off...
It's also a comment, not an answer
@Malachi you like if-else chains?
if (depth == 0)
    if (wasDeep)
        nBody.Add(new VBlock(nextBlock.ToArray()));
        nextBlock = null;
    else if (Utils.GetNodeType(line).GetType() == typeof(VProperty))
        nBody.Add(new VProperty(line));
        nextBlock = new List<string>();
    if (nextBlock == null)
        throw new MalformedVMFException();
I always forget to else-if
I missed one
looks less intimidating as else-if =\
5:32 PM
@rolfl @Mat'sMug Fixed the Caps should I remove the comment altogether?
@BenVlodgi is this an answer somewhere?
@Malachi naw, just code I'm writing...don't worry, will be posted for review
@BenVlodgi I double like code to review. makes me wish I was single again....
@Malachi althought I'm putting in extra brackets because I know people are going to point that out, and I don't want to hear it
become single... then CR all day
and cry at night
@BenVlodgi what is the V stuff all about?
I'm parsing a VMF into a tree structure
5:35 PM
@BenVlodgi I don't think you can write the outside if statement without using brackets.
so its just an indicator
you can... if it is just one line
@BenVlodgi I thought at first it was VB code then I saw SemiColons
I'm not about that life
I just have to get this thing working before I can post it for review =\
@BenVlodgi you have multiple if statements nested inside that if statement, I think you have to have brackets surrounding the nested statements that you want considered part of outside if statement
@BenVlodgi I love my Family, wouldn't give them up for anything
@Malachi oh its THAT kind of not single
5:38 PM
BTW.normal I am going BTW.work
maybe it should be btw is lowercase
@BenVlodgi yeah, you could be me in about 7 years
but Back To Work uppercase
@Malachi scary thoughts man
@skiwi - have a laugh at my expense.... I have this fancy code I wrote this morning: pastebin.ca/2668202 But, it ran for 2 hours, processed an input file with 125million lines of data. and output all the data, except for the last 3 or so lines.
@BenVlodgi it's the same Enumeration, right?
5:40 PM
@Malachi you dont need the nested brackets... it works, well the code I posted works is what I mean
not sure what you mean with with enumeration :P
Did it in 32 threads, concurrently, great..... but, if you don't shut down a thread pool, it never stops.... and if you don't subit the last chunk of data, it never ends... and you don't get to see the last of your data, and the open file never flushes to disk, and you can't get it out.
@rolfl wow... pastebin is blocked at my work... but not pastebin.ca
@BenVlodgi you are right, if there was another piece of code inside the if statement, then you would have to use brackets, but the nested if statement is one piece so as long as the scope isn't broken it will follow that one until it is finished, and then exit the outside if statement
@Malachi exactly ;)
@BenVlodgi BTW Enumeration right now it holds Work and Normal until we find more things that match the acronym
anyway BTW.Work
5:44 PM
@Mat'sMug does the main question HAVE to be a question?.... couldn't it instead be a table of contents of the answers or something.
I realize this makes that whole thread completely off-topic.. but it make it more of a wiki
@BenVlodgi that's the meta-discussion @svick is referring to ;)
@Matt's Mug I think this discussion belongs in meta, so I deleted my comment before I noticed your response. I'm going to explain my opinion there. — svick 33 mins ago
(in response to)
@svick I wanted to make this post a somewhat examplary question (granted, title is bad from that point of view), keeping it on-topic for the main site. Having the "reviewed" code in the question gives a bit of context to the answers. — Mat's Mug 39 mins ago
I guess that makes sense if the answers need any context. but there are some general rules that dont really require that
I'm back, time to read up
@Mat'sMug If I tell you that you have 10 seconds (possibly 9 for safety reasons) to execute your AI code in... And you go over that time limit, then you have a problem if you were doing something critical in that time, that's how I see it.

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