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Doesn't quite work on my very old Firefox. Anyways, I really have to go. Night!
@tohecz we generate that (fortran) doc in html and pdf and the C and matlab and .NET versions and the code for the C library and the matlab toolbox, all from the same XML file
@tohecz night
12:29 AM
@tohecz (To give feedback:) But works on Firefox 27.0. Your example document you linked above, too, BTW. avid surely knows more exactly, what works in which browser and version and what doesn’t.
1:00 AM
@Speravir it should work in firefox 0.x actually, but you need fonts (different fonts for different versions of firefox)
@DavidCarlisle O ha.
@Speravir up to firefox 3 it used TeX (or mathematica) fonts and had built in knowledge of the tex encodings, but as uniocde math fonts became available they got rid of that and use unicode which makes far more sense in a css context
@DavidCarlisle But one must have a font with math symbols selected it seems as long as there is nothing prescripted by a css.
1:27 AM
@Speravir yes old firefox it had to be tex fonts and it would pop up a banner telling you where to get them, now it can be stix or any other unicode math font. I could use web fonts but not quite ready for that (and many of our clients are not on the web:-)
1:38 AM
@DavidCarlisle And where do I set them up? Simply as font for western script or what then? A special math setting does not exist, at least in FF27 (I do not use these nightly versions).
1:50 AM
Can pgfplots read data that is in scientific notation?
Yes it can
Now I just need to get it from 'This works' to 'This doesn't look totally pants'
Sadly, I think making it look good may involve learning pdfplots, which is scary
@DavidCarlisle Hmm. The test page they offer does show here a perfect grid, tohecz's linked pages did show me maths equations, and iirc you once provided a heavy test page, which I believe looked good here. So seems no need here, but looks a bit like dark matter in firefox, why I do not know which font is actually used.
@Speravir right click on any of the math and select "inspect element" browse down to an mi and see what font it says recent firefox uses mathjax fonts(my FF30 says MathJax_main_italic) on my C09 document I linked to above.
2:34 AM
@DavidCarlisle Aah, the developer tools … Not thought of, since as ordinary user I generally do not need them. Well, nothing with "MathJax" here, but STIX fonts as installed system font. What I said: a bit of dark matter, because I cannot influence this in Firefox settings (not that I must complain about STIX, though).
2:53 AM
@DavidCarlisle I see now, I do not have the latest version installed.
2 hours later…
5:05 AM
@egreg @DavidCarlisle I have found the problem with images being cut/off. It has nothing to do with the images. It turned out I had written few pages before in the same document the following

\samepage{some text ...... }

the above seems to have confused Latex and it lost its way. When I removed the \samepage command, everything became fine and things did not fall off the bottom the pages any more.
3 hours later…
8:29 AM
Good morning! :)
8:39 AM
9:04 AM
@PauloCereda Good Morning
@Johannes_B 'ello! :)
@PauloCereda isn't it night in Brazil?
@Johannes_B 7AM right now. :)
@PauloCereda Now i am confused. Only 3 hours difference?
@Johannes_B Yep, we are in the daylight saving thingy. :)
9:11 AM
@PauloCereda Saving Daylight? But what about Batman?
@Johannes_B Oh my! :) Our Batman probably has imnsonia. :)
9:34 AM
@Nasser why say latex is confused? It is just as I said at the time:
22 hours ago, by David Carlisle
@Nasser latex will do what you tell it to do,
@Nasser samepage is an environment, if you do \samepage you are telling latex to put the rest of the document on the same page.
@PauloCereda I went to see a film with batman in at the weekend.
@DavidCarlisle ooh which one?
@PauloCereda vvv
image upload not working:(
@DavidCarlisle Ah Lego Batman!
1 hour later…
10:52 AM
@PauloCereda So you waited for the bounty before answering! You cheater! ;-)
@egreg To be honest, I forgot about the question. :) I know it's a shame, I don't follow , or I would have to answer! If I don't know the existence of a question, I don't need to answer it, right? :P
@egreg: thankfully I answer that question in time. :) I was wondering if David would try to get that bounty. :)
11:38 AM
Wanna get 800 votes in 2 days? Start your answer with I'm a security engineer at Facebook and this is my fault.
A: How does Facebook disable browser's integrated Developer Tools?

AlfI'm a security engineer at Facebook and this is my fault. We're testing this for some users to see if it can slow down some attacks where users are tricked into pasting (malicious) javascript into the browser console. Just to be clear: trying to block hackers client-side is a bad idea in general...

@tohecz LOL
12:12 PM
@tohecz I'm tempted to try exactly that on a totally different SE site, just to see if it works.
@PauloCereda please also link to the SX answer where plan B originally came from, otherwise people won't understand the joke I'm afraid..
@Christoph Good plan. :)
@Christoph Done, thanks. :)
Yup, there's already one more upvote. Amazing!
12:28 PM
@Christoph Woohoo!
@Christoph It's actually per Tom, not me. :)
@PauloCereda @tohecz Argh, I'll fix that immediately.
@Christoph Great answer by the way, I'll upvote it ASAP. :) I'm out of votes right now. :)
@Christoph I won't upvote yours because I don't vote in that thread, but needed to say that it's cool
@PauloCereda thanks! @tohecz no problem - I'm not really sure if my diagram belongs in an illustration contest anyway
@Christoph Speaking of which, that's a high class diagram.
12:39 PM
It's the fruit of procrastination! I had more important things to do, that's why it turned out that way.
1:10 PM
@Christoph The story of my life :-)
@StephanLehmke LOL
I think we all relate to that somehow. :)
@PauloCereda The trick is to make said fruits into a full-time job :-)
@StephanLehmke no don't! As soon as they're top priority, they won't turn out as good anymore. That's the whole point of procrastination imho.
@StephanLehmke ooh! :)
@Christoph exactly!
1:21 PM
I'm up all night to get TeXy.
@N3buchadnezzar Wazzup
Math and things =)
Oh :)
I've seen a few discussions about forcing placement for figures and tables
eg \figure[htbp] or even worse \figure[H], I can understand why the second one is bad. But why is the first one bad?
With just writing \begin{figure} ... Latex always seems to place my figures at the top of pages, which does not always looks good.
1:39 PM
I'm not a user of TeX or LaTeX yet, but I'm finding I need to create more and more complicated diagrams and excel / powerpoint / whiteboard are simply not cutting it... If I need to make scientific diagrams, what is the best way to get started?
@GorchestopherH Plots of data, or schematic illustrations etc.? Do you want to program your diagrams or do it in a GUI?
@TorbjørnT. I don't imagine any of the GUIs are very mature, so I'm fine with programming it myself.
@GorchestopherH Maybe. In a LaTeX context the most common tools are perhaps pgfplots for plotting data (e.g. tex.stackexchange.com/a/35549/586) and TikZ for generating various other diagrams (or christmas trees). There are other languages for creating graphics such as Asymptote and Metapost, both of which I think can be used together with LaTeX or separately.
1:54 PM
@N3buchadnezzar htbp is fine, it just allows h in addition to the normal one. What people usually do when trying to force figures is [h] which is spectacularly bad (although not as bad in latex2e as it was in 2.09, as 2e warns and then changes it to [ht])
2:15 PM
@N3buchadnezzar I don't understand the popularity of breaking text into multiple blocks by figures. The only use for [H] I've had so far was to make side-to-side figures by:
@tohecz What are the inner figures good for?
@StephanLehmke well, imagine you have in a two-column document a need for figures in the following layout
------   ------
| 1  |   | 2  |
------   ------
|   33333     |
text      text
the only way to do it in LaTeX2e is by putting both F.1 and F.2 into one {figure*}
@tohecz Yea, I meant what happens when you leave out the inner figure environments?
@StephanLehmke well, it can screw up the two seperate captions I need for the figures
I'm not sure tho, maybe it can't
2:31 PM
@tohecz Don't think so, that should be covered by the outer figure*. Inside a figure, you can have as many captions as you want. \caption does the numbering and stuff.
I use couple packages that do things like enforcing the caption placement etc., so I think that {figure}[H] is the way how not to confuse anyone. The only problem I see is that it adds probably an extra space
I'll check, but for that I need my second computer :)
Babel defines different shorthands for hyphens, for example "= "~ or "-

Is it documented somewhere in the manual, which one does what? I am either overlooking it consistently, or …
@Johannes_B try looking for ngerman?
@tohecz I am sorry but, either i am going insane, or i need some vacation very very badly.
@Johannes_B I don't know if it's there and where exactly
3:12 PM
@tohecz all the information i needed was in textdoc ngerman
3:41 PM
can't I close a question as “too localized”? (tex.stackexchange.com/questions/160236)
@canaaerus I voted off-topic with a reason (non reproducible)
@canaaerus No the close reasons got changed (across the network) last year. "Too localised" went.
I see, thanks David
1 hour later…
4:50 PM
Anyone willing to spend a comment on this one? I can't find the right words for it:
Q: Suggestion for LaTeX Development

subham soniI have started using LaTeX for the past two to three months and I find it awesome for typesetting almost everything. Since LaTeX3 is currently under development , I would speak about LaTeX2e. I feel that the way the document is typeset should be modified. I come from the background of Computer Sc...

5:16 PM
@tohecz I could sell him a copy of xmltex
@PaulGessler No one has ever said that about MathML
5:34 PM
@DavidCarlisle Not meaning to start an argument, sorry, I meant that to be a reply to @tohecz
I can see MathML for what it is, but if I needed to use it I'd prefer to write in (La)TeX and translate at the end. I don't know much about it, but from looking at examples there seems to be way too much "overhead" required in the code.
IMO, of course. :)
@PaulGessler :-)
@PaulGessler :)
ad MathML: it's crazy, but it seems to work, to some extent
OTOH, you produce LaTeX documents by hand. Nobody says that ODT has "too much overhead", because nobody ever sees the code
6:12 PM
@DavidCarlisle: do you still keep on getting upvotes from the grandma question? :)
6:48 PM
This one can be closed (just a viewer problem according to OP's last comment):
Q: Latex makes some characters big

Benjamin LindqvistTried out the package for color coding Python code and when I did, the fonts in the entire document suddenly started acting weird. s, a, o and some other letters are typeset larger than others and the whole text just looks weird. Anyone got any ideas? \documentclass{article} \usepackage...

Am delving into `pgfplots`.
May @JosephWright have mercy on my soul
The LaTeX3 presentation video Frank posted on G+ is awesome. :)
7:19 PM
@PauloCereda yes another couple of votes this week:-)
@DavidCarlisle Happening to me as well. :)
@PauloCereda did you like my pstricks/tikz answer?
@DavidCarlisle Which one?
Q: How to automatically generate a stack diagram for a PostScript expression?

The Last ErrorThe following figure shows a PostScript expression and its stack diagrams step by step. Is there any package to generate it out of the box? If there is no such a package, how to generate it automatically for any PostScript expression? I don't want to write my own interpreter for sure. Any meth...

@DavidCarlisle Oh my, that's epic! :)
7:22 PM
@PauloCereda that's the silly thing about reputation for tags, my answer doesn't involve any of the tags (or TeX, really:-)
@DavidCarlisle says the TikZ master. :)
How do I specify I want pgfplots to make a full-page figure? width= \textwidth makes it too tall
Why I have obtained 20 points for a very simple qustion, sigh. The points to sense ratio, makes very little sense.
@N3buchadnezzar Simple questions are often useful to a lot of people.
Well yeah often it is, but not in my case haha.
8:01 PM
Wow, my playlist reached Anoushka Shankar.
@Canageek Did you red my TUGBoat on this?
8:21 PM
World is a strange place. This is not a joke
aha perfect link clipping for the element of surprise
@percusse OMG
@percusse: special guest Mike Oldfield. :)
You can't say no to him
I wouldn't be surprised if it was Noam Chomsky
@JosephWright That is what I'm basing pretty much everything on, yes.
@percusse Yes!
Is what I have so far
Now I need to figure out how to add peaks labels to it.
8:31 PM
@percusse: mention Chomksy, @Alan is here. :)
@Canageek :-)
@PauloCereda Oops, lightning strikes.....zzzzz
@Canageek IR?
@JosephWright Yep
@percusse :)
8:32 PM
@Canageek Looks like upside down
@Canageek I have a template: we use absorbance (linear scale), but the principle is the same
@percusse Transmittance
@percusse if you turn it upside down, it might explode. :)
@Canageek Shall I e-mail a demo?
@JosephWright I would love a copy of that template
@JosephWright Please, my username @gmail.com
@JosephWright I can easily start using absorbance, our instrument actually defaults to that.
@JosephWright Bah logarithmic thingy FTW. :)
8:34 PM
@JosephWright Though, this batch I'd leave as-is or I have to go back, flip them all, resave the CSV, copy them to the other computer via floppy, then copy them to my laptop via USB
@Canageek Sensible :-)
@JosephWright I meant visually. I didn't understand much from the labels. But probably you call something for the inverted plot too.
@Canageek Remember I can see your registered e-mail anyway :-)
It's always the case, stiffness<-->compliance etc.
@JosephWright ooh sneaky sneaky sneaky mod. :)
@percusse Should we call the linear regression squad, sir? :)
8:36 PM
@Canageek Most chemists expect transmittance: I do kinetics so much prefer absorbance. I also work with some physicists so am happy with the x-axis the 'correct' way as well as our 'wrong' way :-)
@JosephWright Oh, right. I think that should be the same one.
@Canageek Yes
@Canageek Mail sent
@JosephWright I will probably wind up overlaying it with Raman data at some point, which makes having one up and one down easier.
What format is it expecting? I'm just using a regex to turn
`( 3.996748e+003, 9.930761e+001 )`
And pasting it into my .tex file >.>
(Except the numbers would be the same; I copied random data lines
@Canageek I sent the data file that the demo uses, didn't I?
@JosephWright Oh! Missed that
8:41 PM
@Canageek We strongly favour reading files with the data in: much easier to work with (no copy-paste business)
@JosephWright Hmmm, so I'll need to figure out how to alter it to take my format, or alter my format into yours. :S
@JosephWright I agree, just need to learn how to do that. Looks pretty simple.
@Canageek Which instrument do you use?
@JosephWright One second..... I just started using it yesterday.
"IR spectra were recorded on a Thermo Nicolet Nexus 670 FTIR spectrometer equipped with a Pike MIRacle attenuated total reflection (ATR) sampling accessory. "
@Canageek Hmm, a machine Hang on, did you say you've got CSVs?
@JosephWright Yep, of the form 7.043725e+002,-4.806817e-004
I can write a regex to change it to another form though
8:47 PM
@Canageek OK, add table/col sep = comma into the \pgfplotsset part
@Canageek pgfplots can read this no problem
The default col sep is whitespace, so you have to set up for CSV
8:58 PM
Package pgfplots Warning: You have an axis with empty range (in direction y). R
eplacing it with a default range and clearing all plots. on input line 59.
Is the file name (ASPh4)(Au(CN)2).CSV causing a problem?
@Canageek Send me the data/tex fiie?
@percusse @PauloCereda I'll whip you into Chomsky normal form.
@JosephWright Oh, wait, I think I know the problem
@Canageek :-) Remove the ymax line
@AlanMunn As long as you can draw it with TikZ, I accept my punishment.
9:05 PM
@percusse I saw your attempt to be a linguist with that vowel chart question...
@JosephWright Ok
! Dimension too large.
<to be read again>
l.59 \end{axis}

? x
@AlanMunn Attempt is unnecessarily strong. I was on a delayed train
@Canageek Also drop the skip first n = 2 option: our data tables have headers
@JosephWright Sent you the updated data and tex file, made sure to use one that is in your mode
@percusse It's ok. I don't mind non-linguists trying to answer linguistics questions anywhere near as much as I hate non-Mac people trying to answer Mac questions.
9:09 PM
@Canageek That's the labels: the height I have set is too big given your data range. Comment them out
@JosephWright Runs, but doesn't fit on the page.
@Canageek Will send something working back :-)
@AlanMunn Where is @PauloCereda when you need him?
@JosephWright Fixed it
9:12 PM
@percusse Great clipping job there!
@AlanMunn :)
Extreme Paint skilzz
@percusse Changing topics completely, how is Turkey doing in the Winter Olympics? :)
@AlanMunn I think they are at home watching it :)
@percusse Well played!
I have a third and a half world country.
9:15 PM
@JosephWright Now if you can help me get the lables working....
@Canageek What do you need to know there?
@JosephWright Why it gives me an error if I uncomment that section....
And what on earth that code does. I should get lunch and set up some reactions, I'll read your manual again when I have time
@AlanMunn On some of the meat products it sometimes says this animal is cut/slaughtered/etc. according to the islamic practice bla bla. Now the government has a multitude times expensive Watergate scandal and trying to block the sites that publishes the phone taps of the prime minister etc. And this popped up recently everywhere.
your internet is cut according to islamic.... .you get the idea
oh and the government claims to be conservative/fundamentalist .... whatever
There are extremely funny stuff but I can't translate them properly
@Canageek My code puts the labels at a height of around 23. As you are plotting in absorbance not milliabs, they are too big relative to the data. In the version I sent to you, I scaled all of the data so the y-axis was in milliabsorbance, which then makes life a lot easier.
@percusse Indeed. Unfortunately, this is not funny (in the larger context). But for a long time (before I moved to our new offices) I had a a fake advertisement on my door "Scissors: the world's most effective computer security tool".
9:19 PM
@Canageek I do quantitative stuff and absorbance is simple 'too big' a unit
@percusse Turkish question: when searching for e.g. file names, does it seem acceptable to stick to 'ASCII' treatment of i/I?
(This seems to be allowed by Unicode)
@JosephWright Google doesn't mind but I don't know in terms of Unicode protocol.
Do you mean the word ordering by initial letter?
@AlanMunn :-) Our IT center's reply today;
- Hi the computer crashed
- Don't use it
@percusse That's brilliant.
@percusse No, I mean if I search for a file containing a capital 'I', but am on say Windows (case-insenitive file system), is it acceptable to convert 'I' to 'i' (ASCII convention)? The rules seem to suggest so as that type of comparison cannot be 'language sensitive' (file systems don't know language).
@JosephWright I feel that the answer is yes. By that I mean if I search for İzmir and type Izmir the windows machines find the file on a Win machine.
@percusse Yes, that's the sort of thing I'm thinking of: thanks
9:25 PM
But I don't know if it is a Windows specific tolerance or a general rule adapted by a contortium
@percusse The rules more-or-less make it optional both ways: for things that don't really have a 'language' you are allowed to do either
@JosephWright But when it comes to ordering it does it correctly as a b c ç d e f g ğ h ı i j k l m n o ö p r s ş t u ü v y z
that was a pain in the ..... for dropdown menus while designing websites etc. back then but now it seems that encoding takes care of it
@percusse That's different: this is language-sensitive
@percusse Unicode has a set of rules for upper/lower/title case, and those do depend on language, but also a rule for situations where 'language' does not apply, and that seems to be fair for looking for files and similar
I'm not even worrying about sort orders!
@JosephWright Aha OK
@JosephWright Yep, tell me that. In Czech, "ch" comes between "h" and "i", not speaking about very complicated rules for sorting which can't be expressed as lexicographic rules
9:31 PM
We are currently working on case changing functions, hence the question
1 hour later…
10:49 PM
@percusse Sir yes sir!
user image
@percusse LOL
11:28 PM
Evening, everyone
I just godd a glass of beer. And:
@tohecz \prg_replicate:nn { 100 } { I ~ will ~ not ~ be ~ buying ~ any ~ more ~ French ~ beer }
@egreg I wonder if \prg_replicate:nn exists only for this purpose :D
@tohecz There's something worse: American Budweiser
@egreg I'm happy that I have never had it
@tohecz It's a pity that they hijacked the name. Have you ever been to České Budějovice?
11:33 PM
@egreg well, of course I have. Not to the brewery tho
@tohecz When I stopped there the restaurant was reserved to some hundred of tourists. :( But I had Budvar in the beautiful square in the town center. :)
btw, you gotta love French Post; they weren't able to deliver me a package this morning (makes sense, there's a doorbell downstairs but there's no bell here). So I can pick it up ... tomorrow afternoon
@egreg excuse me, there's a beautiful something in Budějice? :D
@tohecz Oh, the town square is nice.
@egreg yes, I know. I'm just quoting some Budějičáci (Budějovice's residents) who say that ;)
however, many towns around Budějovice are much cooler: Krumlov, Jindřichův Hradec, Zlatá Koruna, Třeboň, ...
and Temelín of course :)
When @Paulo finally visits us in Europe, you have to come together to Prague, we'll get a car and I'll show you some nice places around :)
@tohecz Of course Český Krumlov is nicer. On that trip (back from Prague), we stopped also in Tábor, where a lady asked us, in perfect Italian, “Che ci fanno turisti di Padova a Tábor?” (What are tourists from Padova doing in Tábor?). She was from there, but had married a dentist living in Padova and recognized the car plate. :)
11:41 PM
@egreg that's so good. I like Tábor. Similarly to Hradec, it's a very nice town for living :) (and there's a very nice scout base with a very sympa landlord)
and funny remark considering that package: I still get ads of amazon.fr for the thing, because obviously amazon.fr doesn't know that I've already got it from amazon.de :)
@tohecz It's nice, isn't it?
@egreg I don't say it's not. But compared to some other main squaers of Czech towns, it doesn't quite stand out
I like the fact that it's large and they managed to kick out the cars (which is not the case e.g. in J. Hradec :-/ )
@tohecz Also in the main square in Plzeň there were piles of cars.
All Škoda, of course. ;-)
@egreg I think it's better now. I remember playing frisbee there, and the square was empty :)
@egreg Škoda is not made in Plzeň ;)
@tohecz Not now, perhaps.
11:54 PM
@egreg well, in Plzeň, it's the trams and the train engines. Cars are made in Mladá Boleslav
Have you ever been to Telč, btw?

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