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12:01 AM
@RobertHarvey edited ash's answer to not be crappy because his edit was as pleasantly childish as could be.
What is it with people on Stack Overflow and Programmers. Are they so anarchistic by nature that they don't think twice about subverting a system rule? It's a rule, so therefore it must be there so that I can subvert it?
@MichaelT Instead of buying a Commodore 64 from Ebay, you can give a newbie an Arduino and have them blink lights in the C language. C is still small enough where you can hold the whole language in your head (well, C89 or C99 anyway).
And they've learned a skill they can transfer.
The Arduino is small enough where you can understand the whole thing, if you want to. It's practically a complete introductory course in electronics and microprocessor design.
12:48 AM
@RobertHarvey This was in '06... so, not quite yet... Though back in the '70s, my father did a reasonable small business making custom hardware for the Apple ][.
3:00 AM
Oh, that's not going to cause any confusion...
4:40 AM
guy gets more rep than I do a month and hasn't been seen in 3 months
damnit haha
5:25 AM
@RobertHarvey Yes. This is precisely accurate. They're programmers remember; SO is trying to herd cats.
5:58 AM
I gotta say if that's the sort of thing you're thinking about optimizing you're going about it all wrong. This is an ultra tiny micro-optimization; that is you're going to get barely any benefit from whichever (chances are most likely the compiler optimizes these both to the exact same number of ops and memory usage) - I'd listen to mattnz, the implied part of b) is that you already know where to look and how to approach it otherwise you probably oughtn't be doing it. Even still - Step 1: PROFILE! So you find optimizations worth doing, because the one's you're looking at aren't. — Jimmy Hoffa 1 min ago
that guy is really trying to optimize in the wrong way. If the application has performance problems - they aren't in your variable access approach unless you're doing something very creative.
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8:14 AM
Q: What is the Goal of "Hot Network Questions"?

jmacThere has been a tug-of-war in the hot-questions list. Community members like JonW seem to be unhappy with the traffic that it brings to their site: 'But we want to encourage people to post, that's the whole point of the HQ list!' I hear you cry. I disagree. We want to encourage people to th...

Very well reasoned, very well stated, definitely not taken as a slight. — Tim Post 2 hours ago
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11:19 AM
Hi there! I am looking for a small set of delimiter separated values files, something resembling the well-known Northwind database would be a best fit! Does anyone has a hint?
5 hours later…
3:55 PM
@user40989 why don't you just export Northwind as csv?
@gnat working on a "certificates" close reason because that one seems to be getting some occasional heat of "why is it closed"
@MichaelT " We have chosen to close your question merely because we don't like it. Now move along please. "
@GlenH7 Thats actually going to be part of the answer.
Don't forget the "please" part. It's important to be polite.
Not in those words but rather something along the lines of "much of the community believes that certificates are worthless and a waste of time, with the only value being added to the third rate company that prints the paper your certificate is printed on"
3:58 PM
"... As such, they are trying to help you by not helping you get the certificate."
And btw, congrats on 20k.
@MichaelT Thanks! on the 20k. Most of it kicked in while I was on vacation. And I suspect some kind soul rolled through some of my answers and upvoted them to push me into 20k territory.
(and I made it on to the front page of all time users by rep!)
@MichaelT Time to chase after RH & Karl...
@MichaelT Sounds like my career college dimploma, which was printed on that weird psuedo "aged" paper from like the dollar store
4:00 PM
You could flame-bait your Q&A by stating that licenses are worthless too. :-P
@GlenH7 I'd only get an upvote from @JimmyHoffa then.
@AshleyNunn real parchment paper is nice to hold & look at. The faux stuff ... not so much.
@MichaelT I'd up vote just to help push it on to the collider ...
@GlenH7 This was, for all intents and purposes, just normal paper
4:03 PM
@MichaelT you're reading my mind, I feel like meta reference on these is badly needed
They could have at least splurged on gone with cardstock, right?
@GlenH7 Meta doesn't get collided.
@MichaelT You missed my "yes, I know" comment. Sorry
didn't cast my vote on reopened question only because I am out of CVs (really bad day today, yesterday I finished with 6 or 8 votes unused). I even drafted a custom close comment "This question is off-topic because it is [about] issues to be addressed by Microsoft support" - with [about] auto-expanding as usual...
Q: How can I write a good custom close message?

MichaelTWe only have so many canned, built in, close reasons. There are so many other reasons to close something at times - giving a better message than trying to shoehorn the reason to close something into too broad or primarily opinion. Custom close messages have the significant advantage when it com...

@gnat I'm out too... yesterday was very closey.
4:08 PM
@gnat link? I have a few spare still.
The MTA certificate question?
This question is off-topic because it is about issues to be addressed by Microsoft support — gnat 30 secs ago
It's in the queue now. OT | Career & Education as the reason
if you put my draft into custom close message, I'll remove my comment to avoid duplication. DRY and such... :)
@gnat too late, sorry
4:13 PM
Does anyone know how I can see who VTC'd and VTR'd a question that doesn't have an edit history? Timeline doesn't show who, just shows when. this is the question
Do I just need to edit the question to force the history?
4:24 PM
@GlenH7 no need
get to other question edit history then substitute question id with one you need
I do that frequently, works like a charm
@gnat cool trick! that's what I was looking for.
@GlenH7 use this as example: http://programmers.stackexchange.com/posts/227937/revisions -> http://programmers.stackexchange.com/posts/<insert id here>/revisions
I ended up editing the question because I dislike how the link was laid out, but I'll keep the edit history trick in mind for the future.
@GlenH7 oh when there's a reason for edit, it is a much better "solution" than messing with URLs :)
I tend to only go after the gratuitous stuff with my edits, like getting rid of "thanks!" and things like that. I probably would have left the link alone, but I really wanted to know which mod had reopened it.
4:29 PM
@GlenH7 c'mon, how did you not VTC that "What language should I use to create my product in?" answering to rep-whore is one thing, but you can still VTC after answering :P
@JimmyHoffa conflict of interest? :-)
I focused more on the question in the title than the question posed at the end. It's a meh question either way.
in The Water Cooler, 10 mins ago, by CMW
Without noticing I actually delete-voted a question that only had one answer, mine, and it was an accepted one, too. Then I was confused where some of my rep suddenly left for
it could be worse :)
@gnat I could do that, but maybe there is a well-known, easier alternative. (Laziness)
Q: Why do certification questions keep getting closed?

MichaelTWhenever I look at certification questions on the front page or in tags, they seem to be closed. Why is this?

4:35 PM
Proofing and additional points are welcome.
@GlenH7 Nope, nothing wrong at all with VTC a Q you answered. I've done it many times, you answer to share info and rep-whore, that's a completely fine use of SE, but should still VTC the Q because it's only going to attract people argueing etc anyway
"shed" said with a midwestern slur sounds dangerously close to NSFW language.
@JimmyHoffa it picked up a language rec as a comment, so I put a VTC on it.
The Northern Cities Vowel Shift (or simply Northern Cities Shift) is a chain shift in the sounds of some vowels in the dialect region of American English known as the Inland North. Geography The name of the shift comes from the region where it occurs, a broad swath of the United States along the Great Lakes, beginning some west of Albany and extending west through Utica, Syracuse, Rochester, Buffalo, Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago, Madison, and north to Green Bay. William Labov, a linguist at the University of Pennsylvania, believes that the trend may have started in the early 19th centur...
The one's that aren't bad. — Jimmy Hoffa 26 secs ago
4:37 PM
Is there any hope for this question? Or should I put a VTC on it to get rid of it. The earlier meta rant garnered it 7 downvotes, and I don't think it can recover.
@GlenH7 The meta migration and back cleared my cv on it - I can't recast it.
And I still don't think its a good question.
World re-opened it. I wasn't sure if that was just a courtesy after getting kicked back from meta or what the case was.
@GlenH7 I VTC'ed as unclear
I'd be strongly tempted to ask a mod to reclose it, and then ask one of us to cast a sympathy reopen vote on it to kick it in the queue to see if it can make it as open.
4:41 PM
(ChrisF tossed a faq-proposed tag on the certificate question)
@MichaelT getting a little love from the mods.... :-) I'll put a flag on the secure DB question after I get back.
Oh... how does this get 3 reopen votes?!
Q: Which are the "Good Parts" of JavaScript

aochagaviaSome days ago I read "JavaScript, The Good Parts" from Crockford, and at the end I felt like the language has very few good parts. I know which elements of the language must be avoided, so it is very clear to me what are the bad parts. However, I just cannot identify too many good ones. That is ...

@MichaelT whoops, sorry!
It's the only common C-style language that is used for that set of purposes? It allows lambda functions, and for smaller scripts (which are a lot of what it's used for), it can get stuff done with relatively little boilerplate in just getting stuff set up? — Panzercrisis 6 mins ago
Wise of him to write that as a comment and not an answer, it doesn't really make much sense and seems unaware of the book the question referenced
I officially give up on google maps. Since they upgraded, it just doesn't hardly work; like at all.
Total piece of shit. Back to Bing maps - which luckily always worked very well
4:51 PM
I have the opposite problem, Bing maps doesn't help me much with my public transit needs, whereas google maps works precisely how I want.
OSM is looking to do routing in the not distant future or something of that nature.
@AshleyNunn The previous version I stuck with because it just seemed easier, but since they upgraded it, everytime I try and zoom in the map disappears or does weird shit
(we're looking forward to that - it will cut down the licensing costs for us)
@GlenH7 too broad. After editing out "idiot" part I relaxed and pondered for a while how I could answer it. Stopped at third or fourth "nuance" each deserving a dedicated question
roads get misaligned with the map, it hardly seems to work at all
really really surprising coming from google
4:54 PM
@MichaelT there could be sort of conspiracy to blindly challenge stuff Oded closes unilaterally
@JimmyHoffa I don't often look at the actual map, now that I think about it, I usually just use the list of directions to know where my stops arew
@gnat I'm thinking so. I'm out of close votes, otherwise I'd cast another one on that question.
5:12 PM
@AshleyNunn I always look at the map. I hate blind directions without knowing the relative cardinality of a place
@JimmyHoffa I rarely go anywhere new, so I suspect that has a lot to do with it. :)
And my brain is entirely landmark based.
@AshleyNunn it's interesting how geography effects this stuff - in Denver there's a large mountain range running perfectly north-south just west of us that's visible from anywhere in the area; people who grow up here use cardinal directions for everything because we live with a veritable compass hand on the horizon
There's a lot of interesting stuff about how people perceive direction and location etc, there's some language (I don't recall where) where just to greet people you have to know which cardinal direction you're facing because the greeting differs
so the people who speak it always know which way they're facing/going at all times since it's built into the language in a variety of ways
@JimmyHoffa I get turned around near Madison because the roads twist and with only a few exceptions, I don't know what runs N/S. Up hear (Eau Claire) I can orient myself to the N/S and E/W roads fairly well - fewer curvy country roads.
94 from milwaukee to chicago is another fun road
its an even interstate so technically it runs E/W but I think you'd find that the road disagrees between MKE and CHI
5:22 PM
@JimmyHoffa Guugu Yimithirr
(I expect you to remember that for next time)
@MichaelT Pittsburgh was interesting to me for this reason - all of the roads are very windy because the terrain is extremely hilly and the city so old that many of the roads were horse trails 150+ years ago so they just go everywhere. But in spite of that I managed to maintain my cardinality the vast majority of the time; the important point was maintaining that focal point in my head like in Denver I have the mountains, in Pittsburgh I always knew where I was/which way I was going because
I maintained in my head where I was relative to the tiny 1-2 square mile downtown
SF was trivial for NS/EW though it was more a 'NW/SE' because of the peninsula orientation.
Madison, on the other hand... it switches from ithsmus orientation to cardinal (and lake tangent)
5:44 PM
@MichaelT yeah, I'll totally remember Google Smithers; got it.
@JimmyHoffa Actually, its "Sapier Whorf New York Times" that gets you there
On the other hand... a very non-windy city:
Manhattanhenge — sometimes referred to as the Manhattan Solstice — is a circumstance which occurs twice a year, during which the setting sun aligns with the east–west streets of the main street grid in the borough of Manhattan in New York City. The neologism is derived from Stonehenge, where the sun aligns with the stones on the solstices with a similarly dramatic effect. The word was popularized in 2002 by Neil deGrasse Tyson, an astrophysicist at the American Museum of Natural History. The term applies to those streets that follow the Commissioners' Plan of 1811, which are ...
Apparently, this has gotten some attention since then
5:48 PM
Q: Is money the root of 'all' evil or 'some' evil?

user12979I remember reading a Hebrew version of the Bible with English translation *right to left) many years ago and I am sure the English directly translated to 'some evil' rather than 'all evil'. Can anyone confirm this?

pretty effective trolling I guess
On the scale of trolling, thats a very well crafted question.
6:05 PM
@RobertHarvey Your answer on that Q wasn't deleteworthy, I think you just needed to rebalance the rhetoric in the wording you used a touch
that said, @RobertHarvey I think maybe you spend enough time around SE you're perspective on what passes for programming throughout the industry might be a touch skewed; people around SE are the top 10-20% of programmers to begin with
Did you get the last comment I posted?
Nope, the whole thing was canned
My last comment was that I thought that encouraging someone to be a blub might not be the most responsible position to take. :)
Rep capped on one not-much-better-than-average answer.
In other news, can we pile on some close votes here? I'm sick of this shit.
Q: Pros and cons of not making app config object easily accessible across application

amphibientI am working with a home grown server application written in Java. We don't use an application server platform or a framework that would offer access to some high level bootstrapped application context and objects of global importance within it (such as configuration). The way it is designed i...

6:09 PM
@RobertHarvey ah- that's actually a very fair point.
@ThomasOwens Failing a close, can we just get a comments nuke? I'm done with him, and will delete my answer shortly.
[sigh] Thanks.
I just don't get these kinds of questions. In the end, he's going to have to follow the advice of his architect anyway, or find another job.
It's one thing to try to understand a decision. But using the Internet to pick a fight with your architect?
6:29 PM
@ThomasOwens Worked for someone on Yannis' team. (if only I could find that Q now...)
A: How do I take responsibility for my code when colleague makes unnecessary improvements without notice?

Yannis RizosYou and most of the answerers approach this as a communication issue between two colleagues, but I don't really think it is. What you describe sounds more like a horribly broken code review process than anything else. First, you mention that your colleague is second in command and it's expected...

^--- I swear I remember it being that (note the your colleague reminds me of.... me) but the asker doesn't appear to have any relation to PHP or greece. Could be a ruse, who knows.
6:45 PM
A: Proxy to redirect DNS during development

Jimmy HoffaThis is the classic purpose of using a hosts file. It's a very simple to edit file wherein you can put manual overrides for domain names to force them to resolve to some given IP. Here's a simple tutorial on how to edit your windows hosts file: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/27350/beginner-geek-...

^-- rep whoring stupid easy answer with more detail than even remotely necessary
7:05 PM
@JimmyHoffa enjoy your points
Q: Can someone recommend how to tackle this scenario?

user3255421I am doing a site for an Interior Designer which happens to be my wife, I am neither a web designer nor a programmer, It is simply a hobby for me. The site is almost complete except for this scenario, She has few e-packages that she want to sell, depending on which package clients purchase they w...

^-- spam?
Maybe not, but pondering editing the link out.
@JimmyHoffa I already did. :-)
Ah ok. I'm never sure and the poster seems pretty genuine...
@MichaelT - did you know that at 20k you can immediately VTD questions with a -5 score?
@JimmyHoffa I think the question is legit, but the link doesn't do anything to help the question. Therefore it goes.
7:14 PM
Also VTC'd as OT | off-site rec. since they just want a library to link with.
@GlenH7 same.
though the guy is also totally lacking research..
Easy suggested edit reviews in the queue. Sam is getting ready to Ars a question.
Link? I'll throw down a protection
@ThomasOwens beat you to it.
Q: What to do when you are faced with programming task that you have never done?

aleczandruI started my career as a .NET developer 3 months ago and after a long training plan on diverse technologies, patterns and concepts the developers who were supervising me have decided that I am ready to join one of the many projects the company handles. I am very excited to finally be able to sta...

7:17 PM
@GlenH7 whoa wait - you can protect now? Dang.
I'm thinking some of the comments need to go too
Doesn't SO have a "welcome Redditors" banner? I wish we had one for Ars.
@JimmyHoffa that kicked in at 15k on questions older than 2 days
@ThomasOwens You should totally make a request for this on MSO. Or even for a mod tool that let's mods input source-URL-regexps and place a picture
how much do you guys usually work for an hour
7:19 PM
@Ethan 40 - 90 minutes; depends upon the task and day. :-)
@Ethan 5 nickels and a button, but the coffee's free and they provided a free spider monkey as a friend
I have a friend who normally helps me with some stuff
@Ethan you're probably in the wrong place
@Ethan 35-45.
I need help with some web design stuff, like 15 minutes worth of time
7:20 PM
@Ethan And sorry, but Welcome to The Whiteboard where snark is welcome.
or less
5 minutes
We're the dirty real-world industry devs in the trenches.
@Ethan between friends, that's normally just for beer or pizza.
We curse and sometimes bite
its for a college application
7:20 PM
Realizing your age (per your profile), I'd go for pizza
It will likely be more involved than you realize. What appears simple often takes a fair amount of jiggering
Also, comment cleanup on that question complete as far as I can tell.
@Ethan you solved 400+ Project Eulers?
@Ethan like css to format a page? That's not really what people here do.
7:21 PM
@ThomasOwens TY
in what language? and you bastard...
@GlenH7 no my friend nick does the programing
I work out the math usually
hes the one
who normally helps me
@Ethan ahh, if you prefer working it out in math, just go solve your problems in Haskell
@JimmyHoffa you are .... relentless...
It's like Math, but on a computer, and scares people; which is fun.
@GlenH7 I am spectacular. You know it's true.
7:23 PM
most the newer ones require less stuff though
@Ethan spit out your troubles; we answer questions helping people with programming problems on this site all the time
i havn't been on in a while
Alright I created a free site with google* and the formatting looks good on my end
but when I load it on a desktop at my school library everything looks out of wack
this is probably very vague
does the school library use an old internet explorer?
@Ethan nah, it's probably browser differences; any web developer deals with that stuff constantly.
doesn't sound vague or weird at all
@Ethan I'd suggest buying him pizza / lunch / whatever. Cash for something that small between friends can be more effort than it's worth. Unless he's hurting for cash and you're not, in which case give him $20 if it's less than 1/2 hour or $40 for the full hour.
7:26 PM
oh nick does it for free, I know him
@GlenH7 He's asking for our help
I was asking how much for you guys lol
look like that on your end?
i mean as you scroll down, is the spacing messed up?
> On October 31st 2013 at 7:00 PST both I and MIT undergraduate Nick W. collaboratively ranked #1 in the United States.
^-- that's genuinely impressive
@Ethan You probably want a web designer, not developer. I doubt you need a great one so it's probably a little cheaper.
Good on ya at 18
The site looks great on my end in current chrome
7:28 PM
@Ethan not symmetrical in latest firefox (my browser) and the Weak DT link doesn't show up either
But those are minor nits, IMO
@GlenH7 f12 -> any javascript errors reporting?
@GlenH7 how would I fix that?
@Ethan usually you figure out which HTML elements aren't laying out correctly in the given browser (you can install firefox and see it broken there apparently) and then you try and twiddle the styling to make them layout correctly or google the style decorations you used on those elements to find out if they are browser-specific or firefox has browser-specific ones.
alright thanks
7:31 PM
@Ethan I skimmed the page source and the table structure looks odd. Too many rows perhaps?
not sure
here wait
@Ethan I think there's ur issue right there. That div doesn't have a fixed-width on the styling; but on chrome it happens to line up correctly as 466x421 so I'd go through that div and the others and fix their widths in the style to 466x421
1 more thing
and when I say the others, I refer to the other sections
just need one div (the main container one highlighted there) for each section to have a fixed width/height
(or at least fixed height)
lol I feel like an idiot I don't know what I'm doing 1 sec
here jimmy I got like $30 I made from tutoring, do you have like some kind of remote administration software you could use to help me out for like 10 minutes?
I can't align some stuff properly in html and it wont let me rename my first page*
7:38 PM
@Ethan promise to start learning Haskell and he'll probably do it for free.
@GlenH7 would have to wait till college apps are over gota do a bunch of stuff lol
@Ethan Bah. Applications, schmapplications.
@GlenH7 Yep.
@Ethan I just spent a few minutes messing around with sites. Within sites, it looks like you need to navigate to the page you want to edit and then edit the title there. That should update the link.
It should also expose the table structure that you placed your work / research stuff under.
7:52 PM
As an alternative, just create new pages under the main page and copy the content over as appropriate. Then delete off the old pages. Delete Page appears under "More" for the actions.
Is it ego surfing to look up your name through google patent search?
what do you mean?
@GlenH7 i'm trying to delete the previous page
@Ethan I suspect that creating a new page & deleting the old will be the easiest way through your issues. I didn't see a way to directly edit the HTML within sites
@gnat incoming collider! WOoo!
Q: Experienced programmers having bugs

user26697I read that having no bugs at all is almost impossible. Well, I started working at a company 3 months ago as a developer, writing scripts in a new language that I wasn't familiar with. The framework that I need to improve, fix bugs and add feature to is really messy: too much of a redundant code...

@JimmyHoffa BAM!
8:04 PM
Aww... but it was such good collider bait...
That thing was begging for like 15 more me-too answers, that easily could have hit the 2-page mark!
(I really do feel bad for that guy, what a terrible horrible no-good situation)
@JimmyHoffa And I do say again: BAM!
@JimmyHoffa - you wanna try for a reversal badge with the secure DB question?
What's the reversal badge?
Maybe that's too much effort now that I think about it.
8:10 PM
The original posts are all deleted. I call 10k conspiracy.
hah, if anybody can get +20 on that question I would love to see it. The question doesn't make a shits bit of sense. I could just go spend a couple hours gathering resources on securing databases of various sorts comparing and detailing how and why they work but even then, +20? Unlikely, furthermore it would be a heap of good info nobody would ever see.
Reversal badges are mostly handed out on meta.stackoverflow.com Someone posts a really bad idea, and someone else posts a really good answer rebuttal.
@psr go read the edit history. I didn't see the comments, but I suspect they were funny
Even if he distilled his question into a form that actually was constructed and made sense, it would be wayyyy too broad asking for a whole book which is what I would have to write to even scratch his question
@GlenH7 to what?
That would be a way get a reversal badge - edit horrible question into good one, then answer it. This is more horrible into fairly bad though.
@psr I was holding off on putting a mod flag on the question to see if anyone wanted to take a stab at a reversal on that one. Too much effort though, so I've flagged it begging for it to receive a swift death.
@psr Yeah exactly, though I could just piggy back and completely rewrite his question, make it something about schema designs for authentication and authorization in the database, at which point I get to just go pick apart my other really large Auth answer
@JimmyHoffa And cross link, for quality rep-whoring.
@JimmyHoffa we could even drop it on reddit for grins....
8:18 PM
A: API Authentication, One time token VS Dynamic tokens

Jimmy HoffaI really like the first approach in general. it's simple to understand and implement it's secure (to my knowledge) it's a not uncommon approach which I've seen used in the past One thing I don't see mentioned about the first that you should keep in mind, the timestamp used to hash the token n...

3 lousy votes. I need to answer more populist questions.
@JimmyHoffa on that IE credit card question...
Thanks @MichaelT, I will take a look at the document you linked to. Unfortunately, this is a huge existing legacy system. Replacing it with something else is way above my pay grade. Nevertheless, I will read what you have suggested and look for ways to make sure our solution is as secure as possible. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. I appreciate it! — Eric W. Greene 9 hours ago
Makes me shiver (and not just from the cold)
@MichaelT Yeah, as soon as someone starts talking about an embedded IE inside their application I presume it's ultra-legacy running probably even an old com control for IE5 or some shit in their app which is about as secure as a portapotty.
@JimmyHoffa Meh. The last part of your answer was pure nonces.
8:23 PM
Puns get stars. It's like a mathematical rule, an isomorphism of sorts.
@psr Are you suggesting that we can use Jimmy's word choice for cryptographic purposes?
@MichaelT has rep been easier since cracking 10k do you think?
I wonder if there's a mental barrier there in what visitors see.
@JimmyHoffa Its the accrued interest that makes it easier. The random drive by upvotes. And it always seems like the last 1k takes the longest.
OTOH I just realized something, I think everyone who's got significant rep doesn't use an identicon...
I wonder if there's a mental barrier around that; a pleasant picture drawing eyes and subsequently votes...
The identicon does help. It makes you stand out from the user1234
8:27 PM
Eye catching does help. People recognize Eric or Jon's icon and upvote it on principle..
nah, the idea doesn't stand up
@JimmyHoffa you mean the funny gravatar shapes? Or the user##### handles?
Not everyone but you will note that the more you invest in your identity the easier it is to invest more time into the reputation.
most rep of all time page is fairly split between pictures and identicons
8:28 PM
@JimmyHoffa I think there's something about clearing 10k that starts to pick up additional votes. I don't think my answer quality has changed that much but I tend to see more upvotes on my answers.
@MichaelT See and that's why I've stuck with the identicon all this time
Is the exception to the user##### rule
@GlenH7 Yeah I've actually noticed him as "that user#### who really knows his shit"
@JimmyHoffa Hit the second page, fills out with mostly faces.
8:30 PM
aye... perhaps I should make a break from my beloved identicon for rep-whoring
For me, I don't have a face, but I do have a pleasant and strongly contrasting color icon.
aye I don't even think it's the actual picture, it just makes you stand out
Maybe I'll just use eric lippert's picture
You can quickly scan down the side in chat and see if I said anything because of the contrast.
just for like a day... see how much rep I accrue
Don't even have to read the text.
8:31 PM
@JimmyHoffa no one recognizes his face; just his name.
I think you'd need a week to get a better sample.
A day can be too variable.
@GlenH7 is that true? Now I feel all abnormal and stuff - I recognize his face from having seen it online so much
@MichaelT but it's eric lippert
@GlenH7 I see the face, double check the name.
I think most geeks in the space are known more by their name than be their face. Even with Lippert
8:32 PM
@JimmyHoffa every time I see our meh question hit collider/sidebar, I feel an irresistible urge to lemming-vote a similar SO question - one that's easy to answer and hard to close, with decent amount of answers...
Q: Strange behaviour of Enum.GetName

Hossein Narimani RadI have an enum like this: public enum MyEnum { Character = 'C', Number = 'N', } Then I'm doing something like this: char myChar = 'C'; var value = Enum.GetName(typeof(MyEnum), myChar); //throw exception on .NET 3.5 or less This code is OK in projects with .NET 4 but throws exception...

Better yet, fuck all that - I'll go straight to the top. My new identicon:
in The Water Cooler, Jan 29 at 17:25, by gnat
@Chad that's for sure. Thing is though their questions on top lower the pressure at smaller sites, by rebalancing the moderation load to where it's stronger... much stronger
@JimmyHoffa You'd look too much like gnat.
@MichaelT wait wait a minute...
@MichaelT he stole my glasses!!!
8:33 PM
@gnat...are you...Bill Gates??
@JimmyHoffa no, he is me
@JimmyHoffa BG does have a lot of time on his hands since retirement and big Steve moving on. It's not like running a charity could take up all of gnat's time

The secret identity of [redacted]

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oh speaking of which, brilliant stuff with the potable work down in Africa.
8:35 PM
@GlenH7 he had a non-digital name, ammoQ
@ammoQ: I guess my experience has been different. Quite inefficient surely....? — gbn Oct 29 '10 at 17:27
@GlenH7 He just picked up more work as he's stepping down from MS chairman to be a more active advisor of the new CEO
(or so is my understanding of the recent news I heard)
@gnat oo I do recall seeing that name about...
@gnat good find
on to more important subjects -- @JimmyHoffa I picked up a bottle of famous grouse the other day. Fairly tasty, especially for the price.
@GlenH7 it was easy, given that I recall the fact about name. I just went to the profile->comments, skipped to the first page, with really old ones and picked the name from the @-reply I quoted :)
@GlenH7 Make me jealous... yeah for the price it is very hard to beat, especially if you like peat.
8:42 PM
@JimmyHoffa If I had an easy way to get a bottle of Islay Storm to you, I would. Same price as Grouse but a lot more peat.
Found another house-lable bottle at TJ's. The font on the label hints of Macallan's distillery and that distinctive script.
Haven't opened up that bottle yet though
@GlenH7 hrmm I'll have a look if it's the same price
right down the street from me is a sams club sized liquor store
I think I paid ~$27 each
I'll try to remember to look up the name of the 2nd bottle when I head home today
8:45 PM
totalbeverage.net <-- right down the street from me
and no islay storm online...
@JimmyHoffa May be some special deal TJs cut, I don't know. Their seasonal / holiday beer was brewed by unibroue
@GlenH7 Wow, now that's awesome getting unibroue to do something special for you!
Unibroue is probably my favorite brewery
$5 for a ~20oz bottle at 9% abv, iirc. Tons of flavors all over the place as you'd expect with a unibroue brew
bought one as a "try it" and before I saw the brewery on the cork. Went back and bought 5 more.
they got me covered year round with awesome belgians of varied sorts, and make my absolute favorite summer beer:
If you never had it, grab a pack when the weather warms up, it's not a lambic rather a good blonde (basically their blanche de chambly) brewed with apple as well - still very beery not like a lindemans or anything
@GlenH7 I'm jealous, I've had (and enjoyed) every brew they make, though apparently not that one...
8:52 PM
@JimmyHoffa Every beer of theirs that I have tried I have enjoyed.
La fin du monde is probably my favorite of theirs. Trois Pistols is tasty too
... please wait while maven downloads the internet...
@GlenH7 if you like that style, have you had many of the belgians from belgium? Duvel? Kwak? Chimay? Delerium Tremens?
@MichaelT next up
> ...please wait while java compiles the internet
@JimmyHoffa Duvel and Chimay, yes. But not Kwak or Delerium Tremens.
to build something with maven it downlaods everything... or it seems like it does... all of the plugins, all of the dependancies for all of the plugins... etc...
9:01 PM
@GlenH7 Duvel is one of my favorite beers, they occasionally make a seasonal version (Duvel means devil and they've also had Lucifer and some other play on it) but otherwise it's just a one beer joint that makes a killer beer. Kwak is very good, delereium tremens and gulden draak are well regarded good beers but they have a funk in their flavor I don't prefer. Something akin to a soapy taste in some belgians I find offputting
Boulevard brewery makes some good very belgian styled beers
to anyone wondering about how lemming voting works, and why it doesn't make sense to cut only negative-score answers for hotness score, here's the classical recent example. I spot a slippery meh answer, carefully study it and the question, find out what exactly worried me, add an carefully worded comment explaining the issue, vote down... BAM! next thing I see is all my hard work trashed by a drive-by upvote. You know, I don't even blame the voter, they follow the system and the system stinks
question is about comment in the beginning of the source file, right after copyright message - this has nothing to do with comments in the narrower scopes — gnat 1 hour ago
downvote and comment... how is that supposed to work in the hot questions? I mean, I've seen it sometimes work in the regular questions and I think I understand the "mechanics" - as you wrote, "the user knows what's wrong with their answer, and doesn't make the same mistake again" - indeed. But in high traffic questions these seem to simply sink under heaps of sympathy upvotes and supportive comments — gnat Jan 2 '13 at 17:53
9:23 PM
welcome lemmings...
A: Good idea to put bug numbers in a comment in the beginning of the source file?

Fiammetta Castaldiany bug information directly associated to a piece of code, become irrelevant when the integrity of the whole change is modified by a successive fix. It used to be common to add info in the function summary, when we had to rely on external tools (say javadocs) to create release notes from the cod...

at scores in descending order 36, 11, 8, 7, 5, 5, 3 and lower, how many popular answers does this question have?
> TL;DR When votes of 20... 30... 100 users clearly indicate that only one or two answers are popular, it does not make sense to pretend that other answers are popular too.
9:40 PM
Paint the bug numbers on the bikeshed.
10:01 PM
this looks a fairly strong point: "The questions should have popular appeal, but they should still be something even experts are not embarrassed to have as a showcase for their site." Per my experience, this is a tricky balance — gnat 7 hours ago
10:57 PM
600 rep to go.. I inch nearer..slightly..
Before you achieve unicorn nirvana?
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