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12:09 AM
@KarlBielefeldt @balancedmama We have a standard comment that we've crafted for new users who post "non-answers". It saves the trouble of crafting a new one each time, and they're by far the most common type of moderator action that appears.
12:45 AM
@Beofett Any other standard comments to be aware of?
3 hours later…
4:04 AM
@balancedmama yes, I did :)
@Beofett - I can't believe SE has no boot camp for new mods.
4:16 AM
@DVK They kind of do. They have a bunch of links they send out, but each site has their own little quirks.
3 hours later…
7:38 AM
@Beofett Thanks. I remember that convo, but needed to favorite it so it was easy to find or learn to hot-key it or something. Hadn't gotten round to it yet - especially if activity is gonig to remain high, shortcuts will be important.
@KarlBielefeldt Okay.
8:03 AM
@KarlBielefeldt @balancedmama - you are going to develop a certain "feel" for this, on when to act alone and when to get four-eye approval. Also, for other topics, it's often useful to lean back for a few hours (or even days) before acting.
@balancedmama I've used a typing assistant to help me with standard phrases. It's a little piece of software that watches what I type. E.g. if I type .welcome then the assistant replaces that with the welcome blurb from the meta post (because I've set up my assistant to replace that hotword with that blurb). If you type a lot of standard phrases, such software could help you - or confuse you, if you don't like it.
5 hours later…
1:17 PM
@KarlBielefeldt That's the only one I am aware of.
I removed the CW status from our recent popular question.
2:09 PM
@TorbenGundtofte-Bruun about attracting new people (a follow-up idea to meta.parenting.stackexchange.com/questions/617/…): how about we purposefully work on a question and answers to make sure the question gets on the hot-network list?
@Dariusz sounds like a good idea - it clearly works. The trick is: what do we have to do to a question to push it into that list of "hot network questions"? What are the actual metrics that are used? How can we make more questions meet those metrics to get them published?
A: How are "Hot" Questions Selected?

Jeff AtwoodWhat formula should be used to determine "hot" questions? Based on my analysis of the above and the comments so far, here's the second version of what I have implemented so far. This might suck. I don't know: (log(Qviews)*4) + ((Qanswers * Qscore)/5) + sum(Ascores) --------------------...

I believe that translates as: vote early, vote often, and post lots of answers as quickly as possible?
1 hour later…
3:36 PM
Ugh. I have now gone through and removed the CW status of all 30 answers. I didn't realize that removing CW from the question wouldn't do that, too.
Q: Allow "Remove Wiki" on a question to cascade down to answers

BeofettWe recently had a question appear on the "Hot Network Questions" list, and it attracted a lot of attention to our site. We are very grateful for the views, and the influx of new users (many of whom appear interested in sticking around, which is just fantastic for a beta site that needs more part...

2 hours later…
5:23 PM
Curious. I have never asked a question on SO, so I don't know how they work really despite answering hundreds. Do I get reminded at some point to accept an answer?
I have one I would be okay with accepting on my question here, but also would rather leave it open for a while
but will probably forget if there's no action on it for a long time, as I'm a forgetful type!
FWIW, @Beofett, I think the hot question list you're referring to is meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/60756/… actually
@Joe Good catch!
6:23 PM
Ooo I got another one on the Hot Questions list. So far, nowhere near the response the other one received, though.
It's only been a short while, i'm sure it will grow
I think the hot questions list also tends to push things up more
ie, as more people go to it and vote/answer on it, it gets higher and higher on the list
and thus more people getting to it, etc.
as long as that happens faster than the denominator pulling it back down
I suspect that the title of the previous "hot question" was part of the reason it drew so much attention. "parents undermining my relationship" seems to be more likely to push some buttons with a lot of people. Although I may be projecting there... we'll see shortly how my question does by comparison :)
That's possible, although yours is sufficiently a) hot buttony ("tattletale", "teacher being mean to kid", etc.) and b) likely to generate disagreement (it's easy to see several sides to the issue), that I think it'll move on up
Parenting really is a good site for the hot questions
Questions on math.se or whatever are interesting to view, but how many of us can actually answer them
More 'broad' sites, like parenting or cooking or whatnot, will have more relevance to 'everyone'
Very true. There was a hot question on math.se that I thought was very interesting (how do you fairly divide something into three parts using informal measuring), but I had nowhere near the background to answer, or even to find other content to participate in
7:19 PM
Oh, yes, the cake question. That's a fun one - I have a background in economics so I understand it, but not the background in math to actually answer.
I have the background in... liking cake :)
Haha, yes!
as I have only two children (and don't plan on more), fortunately the easy two-person works for my family :)
7:35 PM
@Joe Regarding downvoting answers advocating spanking... by way of example, I did not downvote this answer. But I DID downvote this one. They're both good examples of my view on the subject, I think.
Understood - the way I read your answer was that you advocated it as a general tactic, but that may have been reading things into your answer
As long as that's clear I agree completely :)
I'll look at my phrasing and see if I can tighten it up
That's an ironic(?) user name for that second one
Some food habits probably do originate in childhood, fwiw; in particular, feeding a wide spice palate as an infant causes children to be able to eat (and enjoy) a wider spice palate as they get older (India is a great example of this). By adulthood it's very possible to intentionally overcome this, but many people do not make the effort.
Not really the food habits relevant to the post though :)
I've made a few edits to clarify downvoting vs. not voting at all
@Joe I absolutely agree that exposing a child to a wide range of foods as an infant would seem beneficial to building a flexible palate as an adult. I really wanted to try baby led weaning with our son, but it was too much for my wife.
The issue I had with that part of the answer was the claim that young children who are picky eaters usually grow up to continue that trend as an adult.
I guess we did baby led weaning, without knowing the term
7:44 PM
My cousin ate perhaps 5 things for years... from about 5 to 10 years of age. Maybe older
I don't know the technical element
She's now one of the most adventurous eaters I know.
but for both of our kids, we gave very aggressive foods from ~4-5 months
more for the second since we were a bit more cautious with our first
but my 10 month old has been eating an adult diet for ... 4 months?
still breastfeeds, but that's more for the benefits from breastfeeding
I was so excited when my 6 month old son started eating salsa and chips at the Mexican restaurant...
My first ate indian food with us at around 10 months
7:46 PM
but now he eats chicken nuggets, hot dogs, grilled cheese, and pizza, and that's about it. :(
They both eat whatever we have, and that's it
We can't go out to eat Indian (one of my favorites) because my wife is concerned my son won't have "anything to eat".
we have the above certainly sometimes
and he certainly enjoys them :)
but we also have pretty much whatever
We're lucky that both of ours are really good eaters
My son actually seems to like most foods he tries... the problem is getting him to try them in the first place
and large size for their age (h/w is average but h and w separately are in the high percentiles)
7:47 PM
He'll say "I don't like that" without even tasting it. Every. Single. Time.
so if they skip a meal, it's not a big deal, and we really don't have to pay much attention to quantity
Of course, my son will eat just about anything at daycare.
I only care about quantity if there is dessert
That means it's a learned social response ;)
I'm pretty much the same way.
And yes, it is absolutely learned.
For me, we mostly don't worry about it if he doesn't try something
he has to sit there and be bored, but
Hunger usually wins out
7:48 PM
My wife has some anxiety issues. They've translated over to feeding habits for my son.
My sister had something that worked well for her (now-7 year old)
I managed to get to the "if you don't try it, you don't eat" point once. Then my wife started serving him whatever he asked for, and it was all over.
Some TV show had something she referred to (not sure which): "Good dinosaurs try everything once, just one bite."
We've been seeing improvements lately, though.
That worked for her child, who was initially a picky eater
7:50 PM
Heh my son is a sucker for anything dinosaur related.
She used it effectively at dim sum with us, which was interesting
Fortunately, we seem to be past the real resistance to "try just one bite". He'll still say "no thanks, I don't like x", but he'll give in almost immediately when we tell him he has to try a bite
(Since dim sum has a lot of opportunities to try things)
... dim sum... /drool
That's good
7:51 PM
I would kill for good dim sum.
My parents didn't expose me to very much variety as a kid, so I'm trying really hard to make up for that
admittedly, we lived in southern new mexico, where the options were good mexican, bad chinese, or fast food
or pizza hut
Apparently I was the weird kid who asked for vegetables... possibly because my mother is a real bad cook :P
jeez, the chat slow-downer is really on me today
Hahaha... My first asks still
We did a lot of steamed veggies for him early on
my second moved faster both due to being 2nd and because he didn't like cereal
so he much more quickly went to whole meals
I live in central PA, where the options are bad mexican, bad chinese, fast food, or diner food where everything is a "starch fest"
but my first really loves broccoli which was nice
Ah, i've driven through that... totally understandable :)
I live in the chicago area, so quite a few more options :)
7:53 PM
I was born in Evanston. Much of my family still lives there.
Pizza (real Chicago pizza) and hot dogs (with the appropriate toppings) are my comfort foods... along with Chinese food.
Ahh, mmm
I'm an oak parker
Sheesh, 9 second delay on that one?? I'm very curious what's up with chat today
I'm chatting a lot, but not THAT much
too fast of a typer I guess :)
I'm not seeing any lag on my end, so either I'm too slow a typist, or its a network thing
No, ti's the warning messags
you can do that in 8 seconds (retry) (...)
Rate limiter to keep people from spamming the chat
I assume mods don't get them
7:57 PM
Let's see
there. I got it the third time
Perhaps it's partially based on rep, as on meta.so it doesn't seem as bad, though I don't chat this much there usually
okay, you're just too fast :P
ah, interesting
It's almost certainly over a long period of time quantitative
the #s goes up
oh well
2 hours later…
10:16 PM
@DVK What do you mean no boot camp? I'm doing finger push-ups right now!
Wow - there has been a lot more chat than usual too. Between @Joe and @DVK thinks are a little more interesting here.
10:36 PM
Haha... wait for my work to pick back up and i'll be entirely gone i'm sure ;)
just had a really long project that meant a lot of hours mostly finish, so feeling a bit more free to chat :)

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