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12:21 AM
@Anar I'm not going to keep arguing with you about this. The facts are that it was an inadequate question that didn't meet the quality standards of the site. The FAQ / help center exists precisely so that users can go and discover what these standards are if they find themselves in this situation. If we spent all our time hand-holding new users and treating them with kid gloves, explaining every single time what they did that failed to conform, we'd never get anything else done. If you feel this user was treated unfairly, stop complaining here; take it to metaAaron Bertrand 8 mins ago
12:44 AM
Q: Oracle: Does it have an enum? Docs say yes. People say no

Christian BongiornoLet's start with this link straight from oracle: enum syntax doc Super clearly supports enum. It's from their website. It gives detailed syntax and an example. Yet, I am using 11g developer edition and it gives a 00904 invalid identifier code: CREATE TABLE Gender ( name ENUM ('FEMALE', 'MA...

I ranted. I have had beer
@FreshPrinceOfSO I thought about you when I read about that the other day!
Not in a sexual way though.
@Phil you're obviously not drunk enough
8 hours later…
9:00 AM
@Phil closed as dupe of this
Q: Where to start with Oracle?

Jack DouglasThis question only needs one answer: a list of great resources for getting started with Oracle, including Database Administration, PL/SQL and SQL. You may find your question has been closed as a duplicate of this one, if so, please don't be offended: we are trying to be as helpful as we can wit...

An experiment ^^^^^
if this works well, we can roll it out for other RDBMSs, if not we can pull the plug
2 hours later…
11:30 AM
@JackDouglas I like :-)
11:47 AM
@swasheck Sorry for the late reply, we started rewatching 24, season 1.. it took a while ;-) about TF 1117: If you are running a SQL Server that needs multiple files to solve SGAM or PFS contention AND you might be at risk that on occasion you run out of tempdb space AND you have autogrow configured, that would be a case where 1117 might be needed.
@swasheck The reason is, If you need 16 files just for the purpose of solving your PFS contention, it would be devastating if all files become full, and then only the first file would grow.. All of a sudden, you would only have one file, and therefore 1/16th of your PFS allocation capacity... With 1117 turned on, all 16 files will grow at once. One caveat. 1117 is server wide. I shouldn't have to be a problem, as long as you know this..
3 hours later…
2:40 PM
Does this mean we'll have a "What have you tried??!!!!!one11!!?" generic answer? :D
3:11 PM
Interesting Oracle question:
Q: Oracle is not using a unique index when querying for unique values

fejesjocoI have a table with 200K rows in my test database (few hundred millions in production). A table has an nvarchar2(50) string identifier with a unique index on it (it's not the PK). Some identifiers are very similar, like 'aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa@10' and 'aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa@20'. If I want to query m...

@ypercube very odd
@JackDouglas I voted to be migrated
I think there is something he is not telling us
XXXX_DEV looks like he is obfuscating the plan
@JackDouglas Something to do with the index?
I wonder if his SQL is more complex and he's selectively cut'n'pasting into a 'plan' for us
3:33 PM
I want to see it reproduced on sqlfiddle
My first thought was an NCHAR problem
3:51 PM
@Phil should we ask for his NLS_LANG and server character set?
Could also be histograms
But i want a reproducible test case i can mess with. It's hard when you don't have access yourself ;)
@Phil can't see how for a unique scan
that'd only affect estimated cardinalities right?
I'm guessing this will end up closed too localized and no reproducible test case will appear
4:15 PM
Even for the full scans the cardinalities look wrong: why have they doubled from 1867 to 3734? The number of rows in the table has remained constant? Which one is correct (they should match the actual number of rows in the table) — Jack Douglas 7 secs ago
4:43 PM
slaps head
@JackDouglas Perhaps it is an optimizer issue. Highly unbalanced index - that the optimizer chooses to avoid?
@ypercube he's updated the Q now
yes, reading. It's beyond me, far beyond.
5:06 PM
me too :)
the unique scan should be cardinality 1, period.
I can't think of anything that should affect that
5:40 PM
You always toot you horn ... Thanks for the up-vote? But you list does seem to be more complete! I think most people do not know how to use Google. — CRAFTY DBA 5 mins ago
6:10 PM
Thomas must be missing database work... dba.stackexchange.com/a/56138/2374
4 hours later…
9:52 PM
@JackDouglas next time you doubt me I'll think twice :P (Check the answer)
10:17 PM
@MarkStorey-Smith awesome - what time are you coming through?
1 hour later…
11:43 PM
@SimonRigharts That would give just the current user, and I was expecting to use JOIN just very unfamiliar with how to utilize that?

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