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5:56 AM
@IsaacMoses Is the answer insufficiently satisfactory for you to accept it and move on?
@msh210 Yes. I don't get why anyone would care at all about the distance in time between those two particular milestones. The context in the linked book may help establish that.
13 hours later…
7:09 PM
@IsaacMoses The linked text does say why we're interested. It should be edited in. However, it also (as paraphrased in the answer) goes through Jewish and non-Jewish rulers on separate lists, not specifying whether all of the one group preceded all of the other or there was interweaving. (And I don't know Shof'tim enough to know that, alas.) so the answer may be wrong in saying the end point of that period was " the end of the time of Bnei Amon" as claimed on the answer.
2 hours later…
9:24 PM
@msh210 Why do some questions have a light brown background?
9:41 PM
@MosheP. do you mean on the main page, or on the questions themselves? Do you have an example?
@MonicaCellio On the main page. For example the following appears with a light brown background:
Q: What is the opinion of Chofetz Haim on speech of Joseph about his brothers

user4577Can you please quote how Chofetz Haim defined "diba ra" that Joseph said about his brothers.Since it was not true, was it real "motzi shem ra"? If not, why? Joseph thought that he was saying the truth, but objectively it was not truth. What is halachic definition of his seech?

@MosheP. ah. I think that's the "favorite tags" highlighting. Stack Exchange highlights questions that are tagged with any tag you've marked as a "favorite" (over on the right side of the page, near the top). The trick is that the engine wants everybody to have at least one favorite, so we all get (I guess because it's the one with the most questions; not sure). In other words, it happens to everybody. :-)
If it bugs you you can go into the "add favorite tag" box and type in something like "none", which will highlight any questions that are tagged "none", which is none of them. :-) I think that's the workaround; this is from memory.
9:56 PM
Q: What do "favorite tags" and "ignored tags" do?

gu What are favorite tags and ignored tags? How do they work? What are tag subscriptions? What are interesting tags? On Stack Overflow, the content of the main page question list appears to be influenced by favorite and ignored tags. How does that work? For more information, see "How do I find...

@MonicaCellio Yes, indeed. I do that, actually. My favorite tag is .
@msh210 oh thanks; I was just searching for that.
A: Please let users opt out of the "frequented tag" system

sthIn case this is only enabled for users that don't have any favorite/ignored tags set, you could simply add the ksghkksldjfhlkasd tag to your favorite list to disable the feature. I don't know if the system works that way, but it would be reasonable to not override manually set favorites by autom...

@msh210 oh, right! It's not that is the most common; rather, if you answer enough questions on a tag (and get enough votes on them) it auto-highlights, and halacha is so common that most people with a bunch of (upvoted) answers get there.
@MosheP. ^^^ I'm guessing you just crossed the threshold for "has enough rep from the halacha tag" for the system to decide it's interesting for you. Congrats!
@MonicaCellio Thanks. It does not bug me, I just couldn't see a pattern between the highlighted questions and the non-high lighted questions. But now I understand.
@MonicaCellio Is it rep from the tag, or visits of its questions' pages, or...?
10:04 PM
@MonicaCellio Actually I set parshanut-torah-comment as my favourite tag.
@msh210 Although it is not my only area of interest.
@MosheP. I remember being very confused when it happened to me too.
@msh210 I suspect it's rep from the tag, because that data is already being kept so it would be easy, versus visits/tag which AFAIK isn't tracked. But... waves hands
@MosheP. good choice. You're allowed to have any number of favorites, by the way. You don't have to pick just one.
@MonicaCellio Yes, I know.

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